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Ukrainian law-enforcers use ballistic missiles, CNN reports
RIA Novosti (Russian), Jul 29 2014

WASHINGTON – Ukrainian law-enforcers used short-range ballistic missiles in the fighting in the East, the channel CNN said Tuesday, citing three sources in Usaian intelligence. According to the channel, the authorities have used for the past two days missiles with 454 kg warhead and a range of 80 km. This is the most devastating weapon which has been used in the conflict so far, according to CNN. The channel’s sources don’t know where the missiles fell and what damage they caused. One of the intelligence officials said that Usaia is unlikely to show satellite images confirming the launch of such missiles, “because they’re the good guys”. Another representative intelligence called the launch an escalation of the conflict. But Ukraine has the right to defend themselves,” he added.

Lugansk militia said they found fragments of a ballistic missile
RIA Novosti (Russian), Jul 30 2014

MOSCOW – Militia in Lugansk region found fragments of a not fully exploded warhead from a ballistic missiles, the military commandant of Lugansk Sergei Grachev informed RIA Novosti on Wednesday by telephone. The speaker of the information centre of the Council of national security and defense of Ukraine Andrei Lysenko stated that the security forces do not use ballistic missiles, “because they are very powerful.” Grachev, answering the question, did the Ukrainian army use ballistic missiles against militias, said:

I was there today, at the location where this warhead lies. It’s not exploded in full, only the cluster, but the warhead itself is intact. It’s big, slightly shorter than my height, although I’m 188cm (6’2″) tall.


By logical opinion of blogger several short range ballistic missiles Kiev junta could firing toward territory of Russia, but they were destroyed…

The Wind of Armageddon
Lucius Vorren, Jul 30 02:42

Chronology of today’s events, Jul 29:

Lavrov makes a statement that he has no intention to talk to Jackass. After this CNN reports launch of missiles by the Ukrainian military. The main point of this report is that Russia was not the target of these launches. After this there was a conversation between Lavrov and Jackass (initiated by the State Dept). After this a joint statement about immediate ceasefire is made by Jackass and the Foreign Minister of Ukraine. This is probably a CONDITION PUT FORWARD BY MOSCOW, which has to be complied with in order to prevent Moscow’s military action against the Ukrainian armed forces. Russia shot Ukrainian missiles down repeating the story with Israeli missiles launched at Syria. It looks like Russia has really got some unique quality equipment, and it is the second time during the recent 12 months, when it has demonstrated what it is capable of. And this scared the shit out of Usaia. According to CNN three missiles were launched, but they did not hit any targets … Russia shot the missiles down, and the Usaians realized that it will not take long before the military operation starts. No matter what our “5th and 6th columns” say about us “being dragged into a war,” it is Russia’s direct involvement despite all the warning and sanctions, which Usaia fears most of all. This is because if it happens, everyone will realize that the emperor has no clothes! Usaia will then only provide moral and diplomatic support to their “ally.” No other support will be provided. They won’t even give them some money. The Junta will be left alone with Russia, who will be free of any restrictions, from any economic or any other restricting factors. Ukies stopped caring about restrictions themselves: “We are brothers no longer.” This will be the end, not for Ukraine, but for the Usaian hegemony. This is the scenario which the Washington gang, who caused all this mess, is desperately trying to stop. I think that once again, the military operation which is ready to start will be stopped. This is the goal which the US State Dept statement is looking to achieve. On the background of Jackass’s statement about readiness to cease-fire and start negotiations, Russian army crossing the border will be regarded as a deceitful assault. However the conflict has moved to a new stage:– Novorossian militia has been recognized as a party to the negotiations by the US Sec State. We will see, what comes next.

Update 1: Looking at the comments I understand that some explanations are required. Last year an Israeli ship in the Mediterranean launched missiles at Syria. Russia shot them down. After this incident all conversations about US and its allies military operation in Syria were stopped. According to the information from CNN, Ukrainian military launched at least THREE Tochka-U’s targeting objects in the East of Ukraine. CNN statement was released specially for Russia> it was not about launches. It was about Ukies not targeting Russia, but targeting Donbass. I think Russia took this into account. However a missile flying in the direction of our border carrying unidentified charge in the warhead (with this said I have to note that Tochka-U is capable of delivering tactical nuclear charges) – this … this is fucking beyond permissible. Junta is insane. Russia WAS BOUND to shoot the missiles down, and this is what it did. An adequate reaction had to follow this, ie a strike on Ukraine and then a military operation and etc. This is because it is impossible to tolerate a monkey with a grenade at your threshold any longer. This was the red line. Junta stepped over it without blinking, and they probably weren’t even realizing what they were doing. Just a couple of hours ago Jackass stopped Russian army invasion into the Ukrainian territory.

Update 2: If the missiles were launched with the permission of the Masters, if the trajectory was showing that they were flying into Russia … if the USA giving such an order to their slave servants were ready to take responsibility for the consequences to the very end – we would already have Armageddon today. Explanations were provided to Moscow. Judging by the fact that they even had to use CNN to help with this, we can say that Moscow was preparing and expecting the worst case scenario, and it was ready to strike back. I would like to remind that at the Caribbean crisis times Moscow and Washington used television to transmit urgent messages to the opponent. There was even a story, which was told by one of the participants in those events, when every minute mattered, and he was stuck in the elevator with the text of the statement in Ostankino, and had to pass the sheets with the text through the slits between the elevator doors…


MH17 crash: leaked tape proven FAKE by audio analysis (with english subtitles)

Shortly after the crash of MH17, the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) released a video on YouTube, claiming it was intercepted calls between Eastern rebels discussing how the plane was shot down. However, a technical analysis of the sound in the video proves the recording is manufactured, hence being fake! The analysis shows multiple flaws such as merges, background noise coming and going, the endings of the words being cut off and many other things.


Oleg Lyashko & his gang again kidnap a mayor and film themselves doing it

Oleg Lyashko with the help of his henchmen, on Monday seized of the head of administration of the city Stakhanov. Crazy radical accuses Yuri Borisov support army of Novorossia. The mayor Stakhanov was on vacation in Kiev. Lyashko with his fighters included in special punitive battalions “Shakhtersk” and “Azov”, came to him. Capture wished to prevent the wife of the mayor, but was hit and pushed away. The woman was screaming and crying for help, but witnesses, which were many, did not intervene. This illegal operation was filmed by the operator to the camera. Lyashko was screaming all the time that Stakhanov there is no water and electricity. Borisov responded that this is all there is, and about the referendum, he just went to vote for a free life. “Stakhanov not dead no one, gas and electricity,” tried to answer the mayor. As inform mass-media of Ukraine, Borisov was taken to the interior Ministry for questioning. Oleg Lyashko, who is a member of many famous for its sharp shares. He also, according to him, hates Russia. Recently, he forced the Secretary of the city Council Slavyansk, to resign.


Igor Kolomoisky, citizen of Israel by advice of his masters added whores to his fascists gangs?


Picture above is shot from video of a mourning ceremony for dead members of “battalion Aidar”, one of many fascists gangs. This “battalion”, as many others were created by Igor Kolomoisky, citizen of Israel and his assistants, as unit of his private army. This video there about dozen of coffins with bodies of Aidar gangsters we can see, is first evidence that they suffer big losses. In the video you can hear the hysterical screams of someone from commanders, who made a speech. He utters nonsense that we hear in Hollywood action movies about undying heroes. He says fascist slogans and singing national anthem of failed state Ukraine. Here is the entire thing:

But my attention was drawn to the girl seen in the 1.26 of the video. She has a strange emblem on her shirt, made in the colors of the flag of Ukraine. In the yellow and blue colors of the flag of Ukraine painted figure of a girl on the shirt. Girl reclining in a candid pose, such a position of girls, we see in erotic magazines. Also there are inscriptions around the image girls, but it is impossible to understand. What can engage this girl in the fascist battalion Aidar is unclear. There is only a guess that she serves sexually to the members of this gang. I want to remind you that the sexual services of mercenaries in Syria, Saudi imams invented as “sexual Jihad.” Perhaps something similar is used informally for mercenaries fighting against the Ukrainian people. Muslim girls were brainwashed by lies of Paradise, Ukrainian girls probably brainwashed by a “revolutionary necessity.” Obviously, the criminals from USrael use the same scenario for all countries, adding to it the elements that have proven themselves well. Masters of mercenaries satisfy their basic needs, especially food, sex and money, involving this way unscrupulous criminals to their squads. As in Syria, as well as Ukraine, the emergence of such whores in the units has not reduced the number of rapes of civilians. Because, for gang members, sexual violence is a way to demonstrate their impunity and power over the people in the occupied territories. Very sorry if Ukrainian girls sexually service to fascist gangs like Aidar. Those who invented it will be punished for this crime too.



At least five civilians have been killed, 23 wounded over the past 24 hours as the Ukrainian Army continued shelling the city of Horlivka in Donetsk Region, the 5 Kanal television station reported Wednesday. “Five people died and 23 were injured in Horlivka during the past 24 hours due to shelling,” the channel said citing the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. On Monday, the ongoing confrontation between Kiev forces and the militia in the eastern Ukrainian city claimed lives of 17 people, including three children. Shelling destroyed a local school and hit the grounds of a hospital, damaging several maternity ward buildings. On Monday, a three-day mourning period was declared in Horlivka due to the tragic events. According to the latest UN report, the conflict between pro-Kiev forces and independence supporters in eastern Ukraine has claimed the lives of 1,129 civilians since mid-April, with another 3,442 injured.



Kiev is acting in violation of a UNSCR by not halting its military actions near the MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday. “UNSCR 2166 demands this, and we insist on it to be strictly observed, especially its provision concerning the cessation of hostilities in the crash zone. This demand is being blatantly violated by Ukrainian troops with the connivance of some of Kiev’s backers, so international experts are unable to start their work,” Lavrov said. Speaking to Tajik diplomats during his visit to Dushanbe, Lavrov reiterated that the crash must be investigated in the most objective and independent manner possible. Usaia accused Russia of refusing to cooperate with the international investigation into the crash, while placing the blame on independence forces in eastern Ukraine.



One Ukrainian serviceman has been killed and 11 others wounded over the past 24 hours in Kiev’s military operation in the country’s east, spokesman for Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council Andrei Lysenko said on Wednesday. “Eleven servicemen have been wounded. They have been taken to hospitals and are receiving necessary medical aid,” Lysenko said. The spokesman said the Ukrainian army’s checkpoints and positions had been shelled 25 times over the past 24 hours in the east Ukrainian Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Director of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Military and Medical Department Vitali Andronati earlier told journalists that a total of 1,236 Ukrainian servicemen had been wounded since the start of Kiev’s military operation in the country’s east in mid-April.



Russia’s Social Security Minister Olga Zabralova said on Wednesday that 1,074 refugees from Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk regions have arrived in the Moscow region over the past week. The region has 10,633 displaced persons from Ukraine, including 2,838 children. Zabralova said 381 people, including 157 children, are staying in nine temporary refugee centers. All the other refugees are staying with their relatives; in holiday-making homes and in families of local people who have agreed to shelter them. The minister said another temporary refugee center in the Moscow region is ready to receive refugees from Ukraine. The minister added there were 142 pregnant women among the refugees, and that 14 babies had already been born to refugee families. More than 9,600 Ukrainian refugees have applied for temporary asylum in the Moscow region. The Russian government has cut the deadline for considering refugees’ applications from three months to three days.



People’s republics militias were fighting government troops to seize the outskirts of Shakhtyorsk, a city in eastern Ukraine, on Wednesday morning, Novorossiya news agency reported, quoting armed forces of the DPR. Ukrainian government artillery had responded by setting an ammunition depot in the city on fire, the agency added. One eyewitness report spoke of casualties among militia fighters. Separatist sources claimed success already in their advance. “Militia fighters have taken control of Shakhtyorsk, and the National Guard, with armored vehicles, is hiding in thick foliage,” DPR representatives said, adding they had put a tank, an artillery system and a truck out of action.


Situation in LPR

On Jul 28, the Ukrainian army bombed a Retirement Home on Geologicheskaya Street, in the South-East of Lugansk. Five helpless old people, who weren’t even able to walk, were killed. At the checkpoint in Rovenki (small town) 1 person was killed 3 were wounded as a result of firing from the Ukrainian army side. The region is facing a grave humanitarian catastrophe. Drains, supply of food products are in a bad condition. At the end of the week the first free canteen for the poor and lower-income families will be opened. The situation with electric power supply is very critical. Only one station is working. The republic urgently needs diesel generators 15 – 17 KW, three-phase, voltage: 220 / 380V. Then small enterprises and shops will be able to continue working and supply the city. On Jul 29, main fights were near the village Makarovo, where the forces of LPR again attacked the enemy’s positions, as a result Ukrainian army suffered serious losses, but remained on its positions. In the area of Alchevsk Junta’s troops shelled the village Karpaty presumably from mortars, according to the reports there are no casualties among the locals. Ukrainian troops attacked from howitzers the checkpoint in the area of Djakovo in Lugansk, one soldier is killed and three were injured. In Lugansk, Ukrainian saboteurs have acted again, they attacked from the outskirts of Mirnyi block in the direction of Stepnoi and Olkhovskiy blocks, there are no data on any losses of life and destruction at the moment. Kiev authorities announced the creation of a humanitarian corridor, which is under constant fire. Civilians have called it a “corridor of death.” Nearly 34,000 people had fled Ukraine as refugees, where 12,400 are children. The head of LPR Valery Bolotov in his evening’s statement called on Russia to enter peacekeeping forces to stop the deaths of civilians.


Going to the Boeing Crash site

The leadership of the DPR has denied reports alleging the self-proclaimed authorities refuse to collaborate with the OSCE. DPR said in a press release:

The DPR has for a long time and effectively collaborated with the OSCE mission. In this contact with the OSCE, DPR provided a number of conditions for the organization to investigate the disaster of the Malaysian Boeing. The OSCE plays a crucial role in the informal consultations with Kiev on the ceasefire.

Andrey Purgin, the vice-PM of DPR, has stated DPR forces are ready to stop all the firing and allow OSCE observers to work here, But he calls OSCE to pay attention to the war activities of Ukrainian authorities promised to ceasefire many times, however continuing to kill own people with heavy artillery.


EU and the US impose new sanctions against Russia because of Ukraine. But the real effect of these measures will come back to the west…



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once again the great nimmo dares to say the unsayable and reveal the fraud behind the islamic movements

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Hamas and Israel share the same policy: eternal war, with civilians in the crossfire
Kurt Nimmo, Infowars, July 30 2014

Earlier this week the comedian Joan Rivers defended the Israeli invasion of Gaza. During the TMZ interview Rivers said the death rate in Gaza is to be expected and is legitimate because the Plastelinans initiated the violence. But who started what and why? On Jun 24, a credible and highly respected Plastelinan pollster commissioned by AIPAC front group WINEP conducted a survey revealing a solid majority of Plastelinans reject violence and prefer a nonviolent “popular resistance against the occupation,” including demonstrations, strikes, marches, and mass refusals to cooperate with the Israeli state. 70% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “Hamas should maintain a ceasefire with Israel in both Gaza and the West Bank.”The poll also showed widespread disapproval of Hamas. Plastelinans are concerned about official corruption and nearly 90% want the Plastelinan Authority to “send officials and security officers to Gaza to take over administration there.” Hamas received a meager 15% approval rating in the poll. A large majority prefer either Mahmoud Abbas or other leaders affiliated with Fatah, the largest faction of the PLO. They uniformly reject the rule of Hamas leaders Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Mashal. It is in the interest of the Israeli state to maintain the status quo, of war with Hamas, the indiscriminate bombing of civilians, the rising outrage of the international community, instead of dealing with the preferred representative of the Plastelinans, the PLO. Hamas began as an Islamic charity association founded by Ahmed Yassin in the 1970s, and the organization was used by the Israelis to counter the rise of Yassir Arafat’s PLO. The precursor to Hamas was encouraged by then Prime Minister Golda Meir and, according to the Israeli weekly Koteret Rashit (Oct 1987), Plastelinan Islamic organizations were “supported and encouraged by the Israeli military authority” in charge of the civilian administration of the West Bank and Gaza. “They were authorized to receive money payments from abroad,” most notably from Saudi Arabia (the monarchy would later halt payments and denounce Hamas as a tool of the Israeli government). Former Usaian ambassador to Saudi Arabia Charles Freeman wrote in his book, Devil’s Game: How Usaia Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam:

Israel started Hamas. It was a project of Shin Bet, which had a feeling that they could use it to hem in the PLO.

The government of Menachem Begin licensed the Islamic Association in 1978 over the objections of many Plastelinans, including the Commissioner of the Muslim Waqf in the Gaza Strip, Rafat Abu Shaban. Hamas evolved from the intelligence asset the Muslim Brotherhood and was officially established during the 1987 Intifada against Israeli occupation. It opposed the Oslo Accords, the first face-to-face agreement between the Israeli state and the PLO brokered by Usaia, and called for killing Israeli civilians. At the time, “70% of Plastelinans condemned attacks on Israeli civilians” and “Yassin did everything in his power to undermine the Oslo accords,” writes Hassane Zerouky, a journalist for the French daily L’Humanité. According to an unnamed Usaian government official:

The thinking on the part of some of the right-wing Israeli establishment was that Hamas and the other groups, if they gained control, would refuse to have anything to do with the peace process and would torpedo any agreements put in place.

Tony Cordesman of CSIS told Richard Sale of UPI in 2001:

Israel aided Hamas directly. The Israelis wanted to use it as a counterbalance to the PLO.

A former CIA official told Sale:

Hamas was a direct attempt to divide and dilute support for a strong, secular PLO by using a competing religious alternative.

Hamas and Israel share the same policy: eternal war, with civilians caught in the crossfire. The will of the Plastelinan people, as echoed in the above survey, will be ignored so long as the Israeli state continues to dominate the propaganda war and exact its political influence on the Usaian government. Hysterical rants by Joan Rivers and other pro-Israeli celebrities, rants that amount to apologia in favor of mass murder and war crimes, will dominate the news cycle so long as the establishment media, acting as the propaganda arm for the Israeli state and the military-industrial complex, is permitted to operate as the purveyor of truth.

Talking of civilians, here’s one:

Digital front line: How Israel is shutting down Gaza’s Twitter voices, Jul 30 2014

Israel’s destruction of Gaza’s only power plant may claim another, possibly unexpected, victim: Gaza’s powerful online voice. Live-tweeting IDF’s bombardment of her home on Jul 29 made 16 year old Farah Baker (@Farah_Gazan) one of Gaza’s most powerful online voices. Over 70,000 twitter users followed her in three days. But for 24 hours she was silent online, without even power to charge her phone. Her plaintive fears and emotions during an Israeli attack struck a powerful chord with Twitter users around the world.

Between attacks, Baker uploaded videos and sounds of the bombardment.

Baker’s poignant insight into the situation on the ground captivated the internet, attracting the attention of Usaian news channel NBC, who interviewed the Plastelinan teenager. She described the night of the bombing as the most terrifying in her life. However, Baker’s running commentary was cut short Tuesday after the IDF knocked out Gaza’s only power station and electricity in over 20,000 homes.

The IDF’s incursion into Gaza has had a serious effect on the region’s crumbling infrastructure. Following strikes on 13 feeder lines and Gaza’s main electric power plant, at least 90% of the electricity is out, resulting in regular blackouts for the region’s 1.8 million-strong population, an official from a local power supplier told al-Jazeera. Israel intensified its bombardment of Gaza on Monday following the deaths of 10 Israeli soldiers in cross-border attacks. The Plastelinan Health Ministry reports that the death toll in Gaza has now reached over 1,200, with tens of thousands displaced by Israel’s ongoing Operation Protective Edge.

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this is the scenario i have in mind

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… ITAR-TASS is reporting that Kiev has cut a deal with the Dutch to allow them to mount a 700-member armed investigation force of military and non-military specialists, and allow them free rein to move through Ukraine. The Ukrainians don’t even need to send a sniper to deliberately shoot at the investigators on-site. Just the fact that 700 angry and armed Australians and Netherlanders marching into a war zone from the enemy side will inevitably provoke a violent response from the rebels. As soon as blood hits the ground, an ‘outraged’ NATO will come charging in, and total war will erupt. It’s pretty clear now why Poroshenko didn’t stick to the ceasefire. Who needs a false flag operation when you have such compliant pawns to sacrifice …

What is odd about this is that ITAR-TASS insists that Poroshenko’s Jul 28 Rada speech only spoke of an unarmed mission:

Multinational police mission to MH17 crash in Ukraine to be allowed to use weapons
ITAR-TASS, Jul 30 2014

KIEV – A multinational police mission to the crash site of Malaysian MH17 in eastern Ukraine will be allowed to have and use weapons, the Ukrainskaya Pravda newspaper said on Tuesday citing an agreement between Ukraine and the Netherlands. The Dutch-led mission will be formed from military and non-military personnel from the Netherlands and Australia. The mission, according to the document, will have not more than 700 armed personnel and will enjoy the freedom of movement across Ukraine to reach areas related to the crash probe. Members of the mission will have the right to use weapons in self-defence purposes. On Jul 28, Pres Poroshenko urged the parliament to approve at its extraordinary session on Jul 31 the deployment of an international unarmed (sic – RB) police mission on the Malaysian Boeing crash site. He said:

A transparent international investigation into the Boeing 777 tragedy is a common priority for Ukraine, Australia and the Netherlands.

Ukraine preparing to receive 700 armed personnel of mission to secure MH-17 crash site
ITAR-TASS, Jul 29 2014

KIEV – The international mission to secure the MH-17 crash site in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk region will be allowed to carry and use arms, the Ukrainskaya Pravda newspaper reports with reference to the text of a proposed agreement between Ukraine and the Netherlands. Of the 298 people killed in the Malaysia Airlines Boeing crash, 193 were Dutch. Pres Poroshenko will propose the agreement to the national parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, at its extraordinary session on Jul 31. The document says:

The Dutch-led mission will be formed from military and civilian personnel of the Netherlands and Australia. The mission will comprise no more than 700 armed personnel. It will have freedom of movement in the Ukrainian territory to the sites of the investigation of the airliner crash. The mission personnel will be allowed to carry arms and use them for self-defence in their operations.

Poroshenko wants parliament to approve police mission to MH17 crash site
ITAR-TASS, Jul 28 2014

KIEV – Ukraine’s president today urged the parliament to approve the deployment of an international unarmed (sic – RB) police mission on the site of the Malaysian Boeing plane crash. Pres Poroshenko said:

A transparent international investigation into the Boeing 777 tragedy is a common priority for Ukraine, Australia and the Netherlands.

The parliament will discuss the issue at an extraordinary session on Jul 31.

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there’s a remarkable lack of international wire stories about the west bank currently, but mcclatchy likes to be the maverick

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West Bank Plastelinans, Israeli Arabs protest as Gaza campaign intensifies
Daniella Cheslow (Jewish, obviously – RB), McClatchy, Jul 29 2014

RAMALLAH — Three weeks into Israel’s bombing campaign of the Gaza Strip, West Bank Plastelinans and Israeli Arabs are beginning to display the kind of fury and cohesion that Israel hasn’t seen since the so-called second intifada, a five-year-long grind of violence notorious for suicide bombings and brutal crackdowns. In the West Bank, the Ramallah municipality has papered billboards with signs that read, “We are all Gaza.” A large screen hanging on a building downtown shows a nonstop montage of children suffering in the coastal enclave. Last week, 10,000 Plastelinans marched on an Israeli checkpoint at Qalandiya in the West Bank, hurling firebombs and burning tires. Arab citizens of Israel have staged demonstrations in Nazareth, Haifa, Umm el-Fahem and Sakhnin. They’ve declared a general strike. Groups of Arab demonstrators have clashed repeatedly with police in east Jayloomia and the Old City, leading to hundreds of arrests. At the beginning of the Israel-Gaza escalation, Mahmoud Abbas tried to tamp down tensions. After three Israeli teens disappeared in the West Bank in mid-June, Abbas offered full cooperation to the Israeli security forces who made sweeping arrests in the West Bank. Once the teens’ bodies were discovered outside Hebron and Hamas began firing rockets into Israel, Abbas urged a diplomatic solution to the crisis and asked Hamas:

What are you trying to achieve by sending rockets?

But last week, with the death toll in Gaza mounting daily, and the overwhelming percentage of the dead civilians, Abbas swung to Hamas’ position. In a speech in Ramallah on Jul 22, he adopted Hamas’ demands for a cease-fire, including ending the seven-year Israeli and Egyptian blockade of Gaza, releasing prisoners who’d been rearrested after being freed in exchange for Gilad Shalit and expanding fishing rights. Abbas said:

No one in the world will live in safety and stability while the children of Gaza, Jayloomia, the West Bank and Plastelinan children everywhere do not live in safety and stability.

Two days later, at least 10,000 Plastelinans took to the streets in Ramallah. One of the organizers, Mohamad Rabah, said he was inspired to see so many countrymen marching alongside him. At age 28, he’s never been to Gaza or Jayloomia. Rabah, who works with young people in Ramallah, said:

I was proud that all the people got united. I felt we are connected with Gaza again.

While many of the people who were marching chanted peacefully, Plastelinans who reached Qalandiya hurled stones and firebombs at the concrete checkpoint where Israel controls entry to Jayloomia. A representative of the Israeli army said people in the crowd fired at Israeli soldiers (of course – RB), who ‘retaliated’ with live fire and killed at least one protester. The next day, thousands took to the streets again, and eight people were reported killed in clashes with Israeli forces and a shooting by a Jewish settler. Ramallah isn’t the only flashpoint for Plastelinans to rail against the Israeli operation. Plastelinans took to the streets in east Jayloomia, Hebron, Nablus and in Arab towns in Israel, including Nazareth, Umm el-Fahem and the mixed city of Haifa. Mohammad Barakeh, the general secretary of Hadash, a Jewish-Arab socialist party, said the Israeli police arrested his two sons on Jul 21 in a 20,000-person protest in Nazareth. A week later, one remained in custody along with eight other detainees. Barakeh said:

Plastelinans in Israel, about 20% of the population, are in an impossible situation. We are citizens of Israel, and we want to be equal citizens, but as part of that equality, the state needs to understand the Plastelinan people are our people, and we identify with their pain.

Besides marching in the streets, Arab citizens of Israel are collecting clothing and medication to send to Gaza, Barakeh said. They’re also volunteering to visit wounded children from Gaza who are undergoing treatment in Israeli hospitals. Barakeh said he and other leaders of the Arab community in Israel met regularly with Abbas to keep updated. In their most recent meeting, Abbas told them about efforts for a cease-fire, he said. Barakeh dismissed the question of whether protests in Israel signify a third intifada against Israeli rule, a reference that recalls a period of violence that began in 1987 and ended with the Oslo accords in 1993, along with the 2000 to 2005 violence that was sparked when Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount (al-Aqsa compound with hundreds of armed police – RB). Israeli police aggressively repressed the Plastelinan riots that followed, but the violence didn’t end until 2005, after Abbas was elected to head the PA. Abbas, sworn to nonviolence, agreed to a truce that year with Sharon, who by then had become the prime minister. Barakeh said:

Stop with this ‘third intifada.’ This is a protest against a criminal war. If the war ends, the protest will end.

For the people of Gaza, the protests in the West Bank, east Jayloomia and Israel are heartening. Abeer Ayyoub, a journalist from Gaza, said she got phone calls and messages from friends outside the strip, and she draws strength from seeing protests in Qalandiya or Nazareth. Ayyoub said she doubted that Plastelinan protests would end the Israeli operation in Gaza. She hoped that Israeli anti-war protesters could force their government to stop firing. (really? – RB). So far, protests in Israel have met a stiff response. Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said that since the murder of Plastelinan teenager Muhammad Abu Khdeir on Jul 2, 375 residents of east Jayloomia had been arrested, accused of disturbing the public order. 135 indictments have been issued. Nationwide, nearly 1,000 people have been arrested on suspicion of such disturbances, almost all of them Arabs, Samri said. ‘Security expert’ Eitan Shamir (‘security expert’? – RB) said:

I don’t worry that Arab citizens of Israel will become a significant security threat, because deep in their hearts, they know they live here. If there’s a cease-fire soon between Israel and Hamas, the area will calm down within two weeks. If there’s an escalation, then we really stand in a deterioration scenario. There could be a third intifada.

Border police thwarted a car bomb Sunday morning near the West Bank settlement of Beitar Illit, showing a hint of the kind of violence that might unfold in a third uprising. Nabil Shaath, an adviser to Abbas, said:

Something has to change. We have submitted to this life of occupation and negotiation too long. We disarmed ourselves totally, and the Israelis did not use that as a sign of seriousness of making peace.

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i don’t think the final sentence of this bodes well for the professionalism of the proposed body

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Global Task Force Created After Plane Shot Down
AP, Jul 29 2014

MONTREAL — The UN agency that governs civil aviation said Tuesday it is creating a task force aimed at improving security measures after the shoot-down of a MH17 over eastern Ukraine. In an emergency meeting in Montreal, top officials from four international organizations discussed risks to civilian aviation in conflict zones. The head of the International Civil Aviation Organization, the UN agency, said there is a pressing need for information and intelligence that can potentially affect the safety of passengers and crew members. Countries, which have sovereignty over their airspace, have been reminded of their responsibility to address any potential risks to civil aviation, Raymond Benjamin said. ICAO is convening a high-level safety meeting with its 191 member states in Feb 2015. The International Air Transport Association, which represents airlines; the Civil Air Navigation Services Organization; and the Airports Council International also participated in Tuesday’s meeting. IATA Dir-Gen Tony Tyler said:

This incident has identified a gap in the system that needs to be addressed. It has to be the government of that country that takes responsibility. If that country cannot declare its air space to be safe, then it should say so, and airlines will know that the air space is closed and they won’t fly over it. In the case of MH17, airlines were told that flights that traverse Ukraine above 32,000 feet would not be at risk. We now know how wrong that guidance was.

MH17 was destroyed on Jul 17 by a sophisticated surface-to-air missile as the plane cruised at an altitude of 33,000 feet (10 km) above rebel-held battlefields in eastern Ukraine. Tyler said MH17 has demonstrated that powerful and sophisticated anti-aircraft weaponry is in the hands of non-state entities. (In other words, he prejudged the issue of responsibility, which is supposed to be the subject of an expert panel yet to be convened – RB)

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it just shows: when the nyt put their minds to it, they can turn out really first class journalism

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Enmity and Civilian Toll Rise in Ukraine While Attention Is Diverted
Sabrina Tavernise, Noah Sneider, David Herszenhorn, NYT, Jul 28 2014

DONETSK/KIEV — One was a retired cook. Another installed alarms in cars. Another was a cleaner in a grocery store who had gone out to buy ground beef to make her son meatball soup. With international attention focused on the tragedy of MH17, the deaths of these three civilians, some of the roughly 800 who have been killed in the battle over eastern Ukraine, have gone virtually unnoticed by the outside world. The Ukrainian military’s advances to reclaim territory from rebel control have come at a steep human cost. According to a UNHCR count released on Monday, 799 civilians have been killed since mid-April, when Ukraine began to battle insurgents here, and at least 2,155 have been wounded. The killings have left the population in eastern Ukraine embittered toward Ukraine’s pro-Western government, and are helping to spur recruitment for the pro-Russian militias. In time, even if the Ukrainian military routs the rebels and retakes the east, the civilian deaths are likely to leave deep resentments here, and could complicate reconciliation efforts for decades. The rising toll of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the first open hostilities in Europe in 15 years, is a direct consequence of the nature of the war here. Much of the fighting takes the form of low-tech airstrikes and artillery fired at a distance from ageing weaponry, tactics that can inflict significant harm on civilians. In comparison, 330 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed, the UNHCR said. There are no estimates for rebels. In a report released on Thursday, HRW documented four instances of the use of unguided Grad rockets, which killed at least 16 civilians in and around Donetsk in nine days. While both rebels and Ukrainian forces use the rockets, descendants of WW2-era weapons, the investigation “strongly indicates that Ukrainian government forces were responsible” for the four attacks. Ole Solvang, senior emergencies researcher at HRW, said:

Using these kinds of weapons in populated areas is a violation of the laws of war. International allies of the Ukrainian government, Usaia, Euia, should condemn this use and urge the government to stop.

Ukraine’s military strongly denies responsibility for any attacks that have caused civilian deaths. Vladislav Seleznyov, a military spokesman, did not comment on the report itself, but he said that soldiers were under orders not to harm civilians. He said:

We are prohibited from using artillery in residential areas. Yes, we have these weapons, but we never use them in civilian areas. No way.

But the military’s campaign against the rebels has increased the likelihood of civilian casualties given how deeply the rebels have embedded into the civilian population. (In most cases, the rebels come directly from the ‘civilian population’ – RB). As Ukrainian troops inched toward Donetsk and Lugansk in recent weeks, two regional capitals with a combined population of 1.5 million, residents feared the worst, looking to what happened in Slovyansk, a small city to the north that the military took by pounding rebel positions and flattening the neighborhoods where the rebels were. (Actually, no, they took it by poundung the civilian population as such; ‘rebel positions’ were not targeted at all – RB). Those fears were soon realized. One of the main rebel bases in Lugansk is in a military recruitment office next to the main bus station (no, a recruitment office is just a recruitment office, not a ‘rebel base’ – RB), and it drew intense shelling, leaving power lines scattered like string over the shrapnel-torn pavement. And in Donetsk, where Ukrainian troops have pressed forward from the north and west for weeks, the Marinka, Petrovsky and Kuibyshevsky neighborhoods have come under heavy rocket fire. The barrages against all three areas, according to HRW, originated from positions held by the Ukrainian military. Seleznyov said he could not comment on specific events. On Jul 21 in Kuibyshevsky, in a leafy area near a dental office and a library, Sergei Yakshin, the man with the alarm business, was walking to his car. He never made it. A rocket exploded nearby, killing him and another man instantly. A short walk away, a different rocket hit Valentina Surmai, a pensioner who worked at a local grocery store to support her blind husband. The cook, Alla Vasyutina, bled to death in her kitchen after a piece of shrapnel penetrated the wall of her house. Surmai’s son Sergei, standing in his underwear, his eyes red, said:

She wanted to make us soup. I told her, “Mom, don’t go out.”

He barely recognized her body in the morgue. Half her face and her left side were gone. Her death enraged him. He said:

If they give me a gun, I’m ready to go fight. After this, it’s either us or them. There’s no choice now. We have to go to the end.

A friend of Valentina Surmai, Alexandra Rud, said she, like her friend, hated the rebels (this is an oblique claim that her friend Valentina would have blamed the rebels for her own death, and as such, unprovable – RB), but she blamed the government for Surmai’s death. As artillery boomed in the distance, she said, her voice shrill:

I want to shout to the whole world, “Stop it! Get out! Leave us alone!”

The violence has rearranged habits and daily routines. Konstantin, a morgue worker in Lugansk, said he and his wife now sleep on a mattress stuffed into a small underground space in a garage used for repairing cars. Teatime chatter was about what survival supplies to put in their cellars, which now double as bomb shelters. Anatoli Leonidovich, the head doctor at the Lugansk morgue, said that after a particularly vicious battle two weeks ago, he received 15 bodies, all but one twisted and torn, consistent with artillery wounds. The next day, he was still getting calls. Speaking into a Soviet-era telephone (? – RB), he said:

Who are you looking for? Is he civilian or a rebel? Ah yes, I have him. Sklyarov Vladimir, year of birth 1973.

Rebels collect the bodies of their comrades and do their own paperwork, he said. Establishing responsibility for civilian deaths has been difficult. The shelling in Lugansk, for example, touched off ferocious arguments. Supporters of the government in Kiev accuse the rebels, while those who favor Russia blame the Ukrainian forces. Boris Besarab, a bespectacled security guard in a Lugansk neighborhood called Peaceful that was hit on Jul 14, had been explaining why he believed that the angle of impact meant that rebels had fired the shell. A stout woman with fiery red lipstick glared at him before stalking away, fuming:

Idiot! Take your glasses off! This is why Ukraine is going to hell!

The local disputes mirror those on a larger scale, with Russia and Ukraine blaming one another for attacks that kill civilians. Civilian deaths have been at the heart of Russia’s narrative against Kiev, though rarely mentioned is the fact that rebels cause them too. In one case, Ukraine claimed that Russia carried out an airstrike on an apartment block in the city of Snizhne, suggesting that a plane traveled from across the border, more than 12 miles to the south. But the angle of the 10 holes punched by the bombs and the direction of the damage indicated that the bomber was flying from west to east. Some residents suggested that the target might have been a rebel base just a quarter of a mile away. War is as much about perception as reality, and in some ways truth is powerless against what people want to believe. Most people interviewed at attack sites accused the Ukrainian forces, a pattern that bodes ill for Ukraine’s government as it tries to put the country back together again. Pointing to 14 Lenin Street in Snizhne, where at least 11 civilians were killed, Viktoria Iotova yelled before starting to cry:

Look, there’s your Poroshenko! Who will answer for these human lives?

Piles of personal items were strewn through the streets around her. A sewing machine lay between a teacup and an old Samsung laptop. One wall of a corner apartment remained intact, shielded from the blast wave. It told of life before the bombs: potted plants on a shelf, a red teakettle atop the cupboard and a neatly ordered spice rack with two rows of six jars apiece. There, amid the debris, a 4-year-old boy, Bogdan Yasterbov, was trapped. As a yellow crane lifted concrete blocks from the wreckage, local residents sat in shock, and the blue-eyed Bogdan screamed. It took hours before anyone heard him. Then, as a cellphone video shows, red-faced rescue workers noticed him and yelled: “Children! Be quiet!” Men began digging. Bogdan came into view, face down in a pocket of space under the rubble. He was carried out and laid on a stretcher, limbs limp. His bright blond hair was darkened by the dust. Bogdan survived, but his mother, Daria, did not.

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the fact that all this is intended to provoke russia, does not mean russia shouldn’t allow itself to be provoked, because usaia may have miscalculated what that would mean

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Obama: This is not a new Cold War with Russia
CNBC, Jul 29 2014

Obama announced new economic sanctions against key sectors of the Russian economy on Tuesday but denied that Usaia is in a new Cold War with Russia. The President announced that his administration had authorized the blockage of exports of specific goods and technologies that benefit Russia’s energy sector, and increased sanctions on Russian banks and defense companies. Obama also said that he authorized the suspension of credit that encourages exports to Russia and financing for development projects in the country. Obama said the new sanctions will increase the pressure on “the cronies and companies that are supporting Russia’s illegal actions in Ukraine.” Explaining the newest sanctions, Obama cited Moscow’s continued arming and encouraging of Ukrainian separatists, intelligence that indicates forces inside Russia have launched artillery strikes into Ukraine, and the continued increase of Russian military along the border. Obama said:

Today Russia is once again isolating itself from the international community, setting back decades of genuine progress. And it doesn’t have to come to this. It didn’t have to come to this. It does not have to be this way.

Usaian sanctions will have “an even bigger bite” for Russia because of their coordination with Euian sanctions, the president said, adding that Russia’s economy has already suffered at the hands of Western sanctions. Obama said:

We have made it clear that if Russia continues on its current path, the cost on Russia will continue to grow. And today is a reminder that Usaia means what it says.

In response to a question from the press pool, Obama emphasized that the sanctions do not represent a new Cold War, but are instead specifically tied to Moscow’s actions in Ukraine. Earlier Tuesday, Obama wrote to Putin to inform him directly that the Usaian government had ‘determined’ that Russia violated the intermediate-range nuclear treaty, according to White House spokesman Josh Earnest, who told reporters at a briefing:

That is an indication that this is a matter that merits the serious attention of the leaders of both Usaia and Russia.

Earnest declined to provide details on how Russia violated the treaty. Usaia also slapped sanctions on VTB, the Bank of Moscow, the Russian Agriculture Bank and the United Shipbuilding Corp over Moscow’s support for separatists in eastern Ukraine, the Treasury Dept said. That expands the list of Russian banks subject to Usaian sanctions to almost all the largest banks with state ownership of over 50%, except for Sberbank. The sanctions on the three banks prohibit Usaian citizens or companies from dealing with debt carrying maturities longer than 90 days, or with new equity. The sanctions on the shipbuilding company, based on St Petersburg, freeze any assets it may hold in Usaia and prohibit all Usaian transactions with it.

Usaia & Euia Ready New Russsian Sanctions as Fighting Rages
Margaret Talev, Gregory Viscusi, Brian Wingfield, Bloomberg ‘News’, Jul 29 2014

Usaia & Euia are nearing tougher sanctions against Russia for its role in the fighting that continues to rage in eastern Ukraine. The sanctions target “key” Russian industries, energy, defense and finance, and are being imposed in the face of Vladimir Putin “doubling down” in support of rebels battling Ukrainian troops, Usaian Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken said yesterday. Euia is preparing to announce a list of the Russian president’s “cronies” subject to asset freezes and travel bans after reaching an agreement yesterday. At least 10 soldiers and 22 civilians died in violence in the past day. Ex-NATO SACEUR Stavridis said today on Bloomberg TV Surveillance:

Putin continues to isolate himself in the court of world opinion. The sanctions look stronger than they did three, four weeks ago. They’re moving in the right direction.

Usaia and its allies are seeking to squeeze Putin amid months of pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine’s easternmost Donetsk and Lugansk regions and this month’s Malaysian jet disaster. Up to now, Euian governments that depend on Russia for trade and about one-third of their energy supplies haven’t gone as far as Usaia in hitting Russia’s $2t economy. The sanctions were agreed on yesterday during a video and phone conference between Obama, Merkel, Hollande, Cameron and Renzi. Russia hasn’t effectively pressured the separatists to negotiate and hasn’t taken the “concrete steps” asked of it to control Ukraine’s border, Hollande said in a statement. The names of Euia’s latest targets, approved by diplomats from the 28-nation bloc at a meeting in Brussels, will be published late tomorrow, an official said. While sanctions already in place are squeezing Russia’s economy, they haven’t forced a political change, according to Blinken, who said the nation has extended support for the rebels in eastern Ukraine since the Jul 17 downing of Flight MH17. Usaia also ‘found’ Russia violated a Cold War-era arms treaty on making, possessing or testing a type of cruise missile, an Obama administration official said. The IMF cut its forecast for Russia’s 2014 economic growth last week to 0.2% from 1.3%, citing capital flight fueled by the Ukraine conflict. Russia is this year’s worst performer among the world’s 20 biggest stock markets as the dollar-denominated RTS Index dropped 15.9%. The benchmark Micex Index rose 1% today in Moscow, its first advance in three sessions. Russia canceled its second ruble bond auction in a row today, with the Finance Ministry citing “unfavorable market conditions.”

Russia is backing the eastern Ukrainian insurgents with artillery fire during fighting near the two nations’ border, Ukrainian Defense Ministry spokesman Andrei Lysenko said today in televised remarks. The ministry says Russia is massing troops on its border, supplying the separatists with weapons and other equipment and firing from within its territory. Russia denies involvement in Ukraine’s crisis, in which the pro-Kremlin insurgents have been driven out of their strongholds in recent weeks, and repeated calls yesterday for a cease-fire. A key Usaian and Euian demand is unfettered access to the Malaysian plane crash site. The jet was probably downed by a missile fired by the pro-Russian rebels, Usaian officials have said. The OSCE said today via Twitter that “intensive planning” is underway to access the area, which Ukraine’s Defense Ministry says is still controlled by armed insurgents. A team of Dutch forensic workers was unable to reach the site today because of fighting along the route, the Dutch ANP news service reported, citing a spokeswoman for Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg, who heads the mission. The lack of access paves the way for more sanctions. Usaia will probably deny Russia access to oil-production equipment for use in the Arctic and deep waters, and add more banks and energy companies to a list of those banned from Usaian financing, New York-based Eurasia Group said in a report. Robert Kahn, a former Treasury official now at the CFR, said the Obama administration may match the EU’s sanctions list and prohibit additional financial activities such as foreign exchange or commodities trading with certain Russian companies. Kahn said by phone:

You will see a significant and long-term decline in the Russian economy from these sanctions.

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