anything to keep the sheeple dependent on some great leader

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I think this is a deliberate mistake, referencing an identical story of August 25. In other words, they have “accidentally” misread the date on the story as Oct 25 instead of Aug 25. As it happens, we know this is false because we have the unuterrably tedious Strelkov visiting a hospital in Moscow today – RB

A source in Novorossia: Igor Strelkov recalled from vacation, Oct 25 2014

Teamwork “DNR Information Portal” – According to unconfirmed information, the former commander of the People’s Militia of Donbass and Defense Minister Igor Strelkov returned from a short leave in the Russian Federation. “He returned empty-handed. He is now a special mission. He will coordinate the counter-attack forces and militia LDNR as a military adviser. At present there is a joint special militia forces,” said a source in Novorossia.

Oct 25 Message from Dmitry Steshin

  • Intensified drones over the block-posts and positions in the key for the onset of places. Opponent provokes attacks of the militia to break through the fire system. Despite the loss, is “reconnaissance”. A week ago, Rota with armored vehicles tried to pass between the positions of the militia in Gorlovka and Yenakievo. Felt weak spots, spotted emplacements, was checked by the interaction of the two garrisons, their response to the change in the operational environment, controlled frequency, which is the radio.
  • Exploration militia constantly reports on the movement of vehicles under Donetsk. According to preliminary data, for the establishment of a planned 4 directions – from Debaltsevo, Peske, Avdiivka and Volnovakha. The task will take Donetsk in the ring, cutting off from the outside world, and to capture part of the city, making it unsuitable for life. As in Sarajevo or the Syrian city of Homs. Calm under Donetsk can be explained only by the spare ammunition before large-scale bombardment. Of course, the response. For example, the militia intensified sharply under Mariupol, in the farthest corner of the theater of war: to draw away forces preparing to attack. Under the Donetsk on the new “dangerous” areas are built defensive positions, forces militia in full combat readiness.
  • Well here in the coming days and look scared if the junta alarmedly rhetoric and activation “Voentorg”. Or the decision on the offensive within the line Usaia, not depends on what he wants or not wants Kiev junta.
  • On the network today went a strange rumor that Strelkov allegedly withdrawn from vacation and will coordinate the actions of the armed forces LDNR. As no evidence from Strelkov yet, then seriously consider this information while difficult, especially as soon after the resignation of Strelkov have already been rumors that he will take this position.

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kolomoisky – so unutterably evil that film-makers cannot leave him alone

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weird scenes inside the goldmine

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Briefly about the important
Colonel Cassad, Oct 25 2014 12:39


1. For the boilers: is currently 100% confirmed the existence of the boiler to the West of Lugansk, but the boilers under Amvrosiyivka and Zhdanovka which have long been drawn on maps, are virtually absent at the moment. There are some articles on the boiler under Djakovo; there is information that it continues to exist, but is shifted to the border, and not as it is usually drawn directly in the area of Djakovo. The information from there, sadly enough, suggests that the boiler under Djakovo is reminiscent of the famous Schrödinger cat in a box with cyanide. Whether it is alive or dead is unclear. In the near future we will try to clarify. This very same map to which we have all become accustomed, in fact, very clearly shows what is happening at the front, according to the opinion of a number of commanders of Novorossia, it largely coincides with the situation, who draw on postcards, without unnecessary and secret details of course.

2. The attack of NAF forces in the area of Schastye with the aim of encirclement of the enemy located there develops shaky, or rolls. Considering the fact that in the depths of the building the enemy has at least 2 heavy BTGs and about 30-40 artillery systems and the MRLS, then even the current attempts to narrow down the corridor to Novoaidar do not allow to solve the key problems that occur. The junta fears to draw all its forces into the battles of Schastye and Slavyanoserbsk, because there is a known risk of forces of NAF and workers of “Voentorg” in northern LNR “near zero” with access to the rear group holding the front of Luhansk-Slavyanoserbsk. As serious forces to repel a possible attack from the north at junta on the border are none (the idiotic “walls” and “ditches”, upon which the leaders of the junta still insist, nothing else are not except wasting money), then the small armored fist located north of Schastye serves as an operational reserve for relief of possible problems at Schastye, and in case ofattack in the north LNR parts from the NAF and workers of the “Voentorg”, although if it will happen, the existing forces of the junta are unlikely to be enough to deflect the simultaneous threats on a broad front to the north of Lugansk and a new front which may occur in the area of Starobelsk and Kupyansk. In general, the junta here has long since turned to strategic defense; their offensive in Lugansk now has not enough power, plus the main reinforcement now come under the Donetsk and partially under Mariupol.

3. In the district of Dnipropetrovsk are the remnants of the Ukrainian aviation. There were a few MiG-29 and su-25, as well as attack helicopters Mi-24. Aviation works maneuvers on a super-low altitudes, strikes on ground targets. Since last summer a large part of the capable Ukrainian aviation and helicopter fleet suffered huge losses; by autumn, the sky was cleared of junta aircraft and helicopters, but they are apparently trying to collect from the remnants of the material part of a strong group of aircraft and helicopters, which will be able to solve any problems associated with blow by moving columns of NAF and “Voentorg”, as well as key military and civilian infrastructure. The effectiveness of all these activities is unlikely to be significant, but this threat is unwise to ignore.

4. The tank base storage in Artemovsk has been evacuated. More than 200 small technicals still in operational order have already been put into operational units, the rest is dragged to the rear and to the Kharkov plant for decommissioning. The general state of technology from this base is extremely poor and most of the units are in need of serious repair, and a large number of components. There is also information that recovery Kharkiv Malyshev plant-used-used supplies from Yaroslavl plant included in the “Gas” Russian oligarch Deripaska. (Так же есть информация, что для восстановительных работ на Харьковском заводе имени Малышева то-ли использовались, то-ли используются поставки с Ярославского завода входящего в группу “Газ” российского олигарха Дерипаски.)

5. More information from the occupied territories. Opened even the most ancient stocks. According to information from Dnepropetrovsk, appeared on the market cigarettes “Phillip Morris”, 1976 edition, which was bought during the time of the USSR for the currency. Reveal their supposedly needs mopping, and in fact, just throw on the market at bargain prices. Someone has this sickly gesheft. Who claim that those old cigarettes better, natural tobacco. Local business trying to integrate into the infrastructure punitive action. One example, “businessman” who came in the 90’s before the war went on “Mitsubishi Lancer” shaggy year (мохнатого года выпуска) and started to help punishers, so after a couple months, bought a jeep “Toyota Prado”. War is war, and gesheft on schedule. Even in Dnepropetrovsk, the man was beaten on the street compasses with the question “What are you, healthy and not on ATO?” Is now in hospital. The city hanging around people with guns, Nat Guards riding in cars with stripes, again the other day, one of the taxi drivers decided indignantly to poignant one such machine that cut and a little accident did not cause. Nat Guards turned braked insolent and strong it broke, a sort of Стоп-Хам по бандеровски.

6. The intensity of the attacks on the front line in DNR for the last day was pretty low. Parties are firing occasionally from positions on the line Volnovaha – Avdiivka. The shells fall, naturally, in the city and its suburbs. Yesterday have not suffered serious losses on the line of contact between the parties, in Donetsk airport as well without changes. The troops of the junta at Avdiivka, Krasnogorovka and Debaltsevo prepared for the attack and wait for the starter’s gun. NAF in turn strengthen defensive positions. Recently spoke with the commander of the battalion with the Callsign “Friend”, who holds the position in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk and in the airport area, in which case the start of an attack will take the brunt of superior enemy forces. To kick the opponent mentally prepared, morale is very high, but the lack of the material and the overall superiority of the enemy in forces, produces the well-known risks, as a 100% guarantee of holding no (as I’ve already indicated, the north-western ‘Kiev’ section of the city has been evacuated, so I think the expectation is that the 404 will overrun the airport and at least enter that part of the city too – RB).

7. Most of the border DND and LNR have been formally placed under the control of the local border services of the national republics, which are actually and formally subordinated to the Cossacks. In principle it’s a good solution: in general, the Cossacks on the front lines show low stability in the defense against mechanized compounds of the enemy, so when the rotation when the Cossacks holding the boundary and the rear communications, and combat-ready part of the NAF keep the main front is more logical than the situation when the Cossacks tried plugging the gaps in the front line with generally low results.

8. In DND for the last few days the crime situation has improved. Some people recovered their cars which had been hijacked by the “wild militias,” and the commandant of Dokuchayevsk, who had received complaints from residents that he was a bandit and shielded marauders, has been replaced. Of course this is only the beginning, but the efforts of the military police DNR, commanded by the “Nose”, can’t be disappointed. On the other hand , there are frequent complaints that near the airport there are looters robbing houses in the area of systematic shelling. When the military police receive information that there is activity by marauders, these homes are demolished by artillery. This sounds like the end of the story. But no: then residents again reported that the marauders return to the ruins and take away the metal and surviving things. In general, no end of work. Just intensified the work of the military police LNR. I think that with the current intensity of work at the beginning of winter we can expect significant improvements in the front line.

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this is gloomy petrovsky’s boss, the moscow stooge kononov, demonstrating their typical propensity to talk shit

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I shall specify what I regard as ‘shit’ about this, because there are so many ways you could arrive at that judgment. But my point is that it is utopian nonsense. Just like his boss Zakharchenko, he keeps saying; “All Donetsk oblast is belong to us.” This is just throwing fairy dust in the eyes of the public. I think that within a week Donetsk city will be either engulfed in street-to-street infantry battles or fully occupied by 404 troops, and that Kononov knows it. Under full occupation, the DNR will be nothing but an illegal, underground “terrorist” movement, as it is currently in eg Kramatorsk or Slavyansk – RB

What does “truce”
Colonel Cassad, Oct 25 2014 10:34


Today, the Ministry of defence DNR confirmed the existing threat of the offensive of the junta in Donetsk, what personally said the Minister of defence Kononov. The Ministry of defense has intelligence which confirms the readiness of the AFU to begin a massive offensive against Donetsk after the elections to the Parliament. In an interview with REGNUM news Agency, Minister of defence Vladimir Kononov said:

If you do analytical calculations, then Yes, because there was an accumulation of equipment and manpower of the enemy’s strategic directions. It was repeatedly reported to my intelligence. Army DND is preparing to repel a possible attack by enemy troops. We are ready to meet the enemy face to face. I have repeatedly stated. Kramatorsk, Konstantinovka, Druzhkovka, Mariupol, Volnovaha, Krasnyi Lyman, is an integral part of DND. This is our administrative boundaries. We are trying at the moment to peacefully resolve the issue of taking control of the entire territory of the former Donetsk region. When this happens and how it happens, the show is history. Will common sense Ukrainian politicians, with no sacrifice in vain the bright heads of his sons, or it is completely absent, is another question.

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there is something about the name ‘andré goodfriend’ that suggests third-generation jewish immigrants

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Usaian diplomat criticizes Hungarian PM’s Russia policies
Krizstina Than, Reuters, Oct 24 2014

BUDAPEST – Hungary should back Euian sanctions against Russia and not talk about granting autonomy for ethnic Hungarians living in Ukraine at this time of instability, a Usaian diplomat said in Budapest on Friday. Usaian Chargé d’Affaires André Goodfriend criticized some of PM Viktor Orban’s policies towards Russia such as support for the South Stream gas pipeline and granting Russia a contract to expand Hungary’s Paks nuclear plant in a process that he said lacked transparency. This week, Usaia said six Hungarians, either public servants or people with government connections, had been banned from entering Usaia because of alleged corruption. Budapest has asked Usaia to present the evidence for the allegations. Goodfriend told a news conference on Friday that the ban was not based upon Hungarian policies, but was related to specific action taken by the individuals, whom he declined to name. He said Hungary, once an example for others after its peaceful transition to liberal democracy after 1989, was rapidly becoming a place where the rule of law has weakened and civil society has come under attack. Orban’s government has clashed several times with Usaia & Euia over reforms that critics said harmed some foreign investors and weakened the system of checks and balances in the former communist country. Goodfriend said that Usaia had discussed several issues with Budapest regarding its relations with Russia. He said:

Given Russia’s role in the Ukraine crisis, Budapest should stand firm with Euia, with Euian sanctions, and they need to understand the sensitivities on the ethnic nationalism question. Particularly with calls for autonomy among Hungarian ethnic nationals in Ukraine, this is not the time to have that discussion. This is not the time for Hungary to break with its Euian partners, to criticize so publicly the approach that the partners have taken and which Hungary agreed to.

Orban, reelected in a landslide win in April, called for autonomy for about 200,000 ethnic Hungarians in western Ukraine earlier this year. Hungary, along with some other eastern European countries, has criticized Euia’s economic sanctions against Russia. Heavily reliant on gas from Russia, Budapest is also strongly promoting the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline. Euia has yet to rule on whether the $40b project complies with Euian law. Hungary argues that South Stream would boost its energy security by providing an alternative supply route. Goodfriend said that Usaia could not agree with Hungary’s policy to diversify the routes for its gas purchases, instead of diversifying its sources. He said:

We disagree with that approach, because we think that diversifying sources is what’s important. South Stream would provide gas from the same source that already provides gas to Hungary, ie Russia.

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what a wonderful example of the grotesquely paternalistic attitude that usaia inherited from britain regarding its colonies

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Usaia paying to upgrade TV sports coverage in Afghanistan, including for dead-goat-bashing matches
Josh Hicks, WaPo, Oct 24 2014

Many Usaian taxpayers probably know that they’re subsidizing Afghanistan’s government operations and development efforts, but it may surprise them to learn that they’re paying for the war-torn nation to enter the modern era of televised sports coverage. Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction John Sopko issued a letter to Jackass Kerry this month questioning a $3.6m contract to supply three television-production trucks for Afghan TV networks. According to the contract, the vehicles are for “live sporting events, such as Buzkashi, Soccer, Cricket and other sports.” Buzkashi is a fierce game in which teams of horse-mounted players compete to bash a dead goat toward their respective goals, sort of like polo, but with a dead goat instead of a ball. The TV-production trucks arrived in Afghanistan in July, more than two years behind schedule. But Sopko said none of the vehicles have been placed into service, and one was still covered with shipping material as of last month. Additionally, two of the trucks cost more than three times the amount listed in the original 2011 contract, which was amended to Sep 2013. Sopko said:

If this information is accurate, it suggests that something is seriously wrong with the way this contract was managed.

He added that the State Dept should consider cancelling the contract if such a move is still possible under the terms of the agreement. The original contract called for five trucks at a cost of $6m. It was amended in 2013 to include fewer vehicles. Sopko asked the State Dept to provide all documents related to the department’s contract-modification decision. He also asked the agency to explain the reason for the price increases, why the contractor was not able to meet the delivery schedule, and when the trucks are expected to finally be used. The State Dept negotiated with the inspector general’s office to reply by Nov 12. The agency did not immediately respond for a request for comment on Friday afternoon.

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for several years i have been saying that israel will dump usaia (which will then suffer sudden financial collapse, believe me)

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Usaia reportedly denies Ya’alon request to meet with Kerry, Biden
Times of Israel, Oct 24 2014

A request by Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon to meet with Vice Pres ‘Joe’ Biden, Sec State Jackass Kerry and National Security Adviser Susan Rice during his visit to Washington this week was denied by the Obama administration, according to Usaian officials quoted in the Hebrew media. According to a report in Ynet, the officials said the administration was settling scores with Ya’alon for statements he made in January in which he called Jackass “obsessive” and “messianic” about Israeli-Plastelinan peace talks, which came to an abrupt halt in April. Ya’alon also privately derided Jackass’ security proposals for an Israeli pullout from the West Bank. The Usaian administration is deeply at odds with Israel, and Israel is now paying the price, commentator Ben Caspit said on Israel’s Channel 10 news Friday night, also citing as a source of anger Netanyahu’s invoking of “Usaian values” to rebuff Usaian criticism of Israeli building in East Jayloomia, and noting the general friction between the two countries over settlements. We are almost lepers in Washington, said Caspit. Not wanting to harm defense ties with Israel, Ya’alon’s meeting with Sec Def ‘Chuck’ Hagel was allowed to proceed as planned, according to the officials cited in the report. Ya’alon met with Hagel on Tuesday, during which he said he voiced Israel’s concerns about the direction of talks between the P5+1 and Iran on its nuclear program. The two also spoke about the conflicts in Iraq and Syria. Before his trip, Ya’alon sought to smooth over another war of words between some Usraeli officials that erupted last week when Israeli ministers attacked Jackass for remarks ostensibly linking the rise of extremist Islam to the Israeli-Plastelinan conflict. Jackass spoke at an event marking the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha at the State Dept, where he said it was “imperative” to restart stalled Israeli-Plastelinan talks, since the conflict was helping ISIS recruit new members. Economy Minister Naftali Bennett indicated Jackass was using an anti-Semitic canard, while Communications Minister Gilad Erdan said the secretary showed very little understanding of the region. Following the remarks, Ya’alon stressed the importance of the Usrael relationship, saying before he flew to Usaia for a series of meetings:

Relations between Usrael are based on shared interests and values, and we can’t let this disagreement or that cast a shadow on them. Usaia assists Israel in a wide range of fields, including of course security, and we must remember this and thank Usaia and its leaders for this. There are intimate relationships between the two countries’ security establishments, unprecedented in their scope and in their importance for Israel’s security, and between me and my friend Sec Def ‘Chuck’ Hagel there are close relations.

Earlier this year, Ya’alon was quoted calling Jackass “inexplicably obsessive” and “messianic” in his efforts to coax Israelis and Plastelinans into a peace agreement. Yedioth Ahronot quoted him saying at the time:

Jackass has nothing to teach me about the conflict with the Plastelinans. The only thing that can “save” us is for Jackass to win a Nobel Prize and leave us alone.

Those comments sparked a mini diplomatic crisis between Jayloomia and Washington, with the State Dept calling the comments “offensive and inappropriate” and Ya’alon issuing an apology. Relations between Washington and Jayloomia, which (supposedly) counts Usaia as its most important ally, have hit regular road bumps over the last several years and the administrations have aired differences over peace talks, settlement building, Iran’s nuclear program and other issues.

Usaian officials tried to cancel Ya’alon meeting with Sam Power
Yitzhak Benhorin, Ynet, Oct 24 2014

WASHINGTON – Senior Usaian officials who refused Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon’s request to meet with key administration figures had also intended to foil his meeting with UN ambassador Samantha Power. Usaian officials told AP on Friday that the objections to the planned meeting between Ya’alon and Power arrived too late to the UN ambassador’s office to avert the appointment. But he received little respite from the sour reception, as Power emphasized her grievance with settlement construction beyond the Green Line. The White House and State Depnt declined to comment on internal deliberations about who Ya’alon should see. White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters:

I can’t speak to any meetings that didn’t occur.

Ya’alon arrived on Tuesday to meet Sec Def ‘Chuck’ Hagel and Usaian intelligence officials. At the State Dept, spokeswoman Jen Psaki noted that Ya’alon’s meeting with Hagel was “a natural, standard procedure.” Earlier on Friday, Ynet revealed that the Obama administration refused Ya’alon’s request to meet with other top officials, including Vice Pres ‘Joe’ Biden, Sec State Jackass Kerry, and the National Security Advisor Susan Rice. The defense ministry did not issue an official response. Sources close to Ya’alon said:

The aim of the trip was to meet with Hagel and the top security echelon in Usaia, and that happened. These meetings proved once again the strength of the ties between the defense establishments and between Ya’alon and Hagel.

The rejection was diplomatic blowback from Ya’alon’s remarks on Jackass, which were first revealed by Yedioth Ahronot in the spring. Ya’alon had called Jackass “messianic and obsessive” behind closed doors, adding:

The only thing that can “save” us is for Jackass to win a Nobel Prize and leave us alone.

Ya’alon also infuriated officials in Washington with comments accusing the administration of being weak on Iran and by questioning the Usaian commitment to Israel’s security. That followed reports that Ya’alon had criticized Jackass for being unrealistic and naive in trying to forge an Israeli-Plastelinan peace deal.

Usaian officials: Israel defense chief denied meetings
Matt Lee, AP, Oct 24 2014

WASHINGTON — Still miffed over negative comments that Israel’s defense minister made about Jackass Kerry’s Mideast peace efforts and nuclear negotiations with Iran, the Obama administration this week refused his requests to meet several top national security aides, Usaian officials said Friday. While Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon did see Sec Def ‘Chuck’ Hagel and Usaian Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, the officials said the White House and State Dept rejected Israeli proposals for meetings with Vice Pres ‘Joe’ Biden, national security adviser Susan Rice and Jackass himself on his five-day trip to Usaia. The administration had sought to stop Ya’alon from seeing Power, but the objections were made too late to cancel the meeting, according to the officials. The snubs were first reported by several Israeli media outlets. Ya’alon met with Hagel at the Pentagon on Tuesday. Jackass was out of the country until late Wednesday, but the officials said pointedly that a meeting with him could have been arranged before Ya’alon departs Usaia. The White House and State Dept declined to comment on internal deliberations about who Ya’alon should see. White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters:

I can’t speak to any meetings that didn’t occur.

At the State Dept, spokeswoman Jen Psaki noted that Ya’alon’s meeting with Hagel was “a natural, standard procedure.” Visiting Israeli defense ministers, including Ya’alon’s immediate predecessor Ehud Barak, have in the past been granted meetings with senior Usaian officials other than their direct counterparts. This week’s refusals come amid increasingly strained Usrael relations, particularly over criticism of Jjackass by several members of Netanyahu’s cabinet, including Ya’alon. Earlier this year, Ya’alon infuriated officials in Washington with comments accusing the administration of being weak on Iran and questioning the Usaian commitment to Israel’s security. That followed reports that Ya’alon had criticized Jackass for being unrealistic and naive in trying to forge an Israeli-Plastelinan peace deal.

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