look at these wonderful ‘ceasefire lines’ and tell me how each side can withdraw 15 km at all points

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Buffer zone agreed on in Ukrainian peace talks
Yuras Karmanau, AP, Sep 19 2014

de8d76d12e5b4058befb3d74c3666b60-de8d76d12e5b4058befb3d74c3666b60-0Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov, former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma and OSCE envoy Heidi Tagliavini. Photo: Sergei Grits/AP

MINSK, Belarus — Participants in Ukrainian peace talks agreed early Saturday to create a buffer zone to separate government troops and pro-Russian militants and withdraw foreign fighters and heavy weapons from the area of conflict in eastern Ukraine. The deal reached by representatives of Ukraine, Russia, the Moscow-backed rebels and the OSCE marked an effort to add substance to a ceasefire agreement that was signed on Sep 5 but has been frequently broken by clashes. The new deal signed after hours of talks that dragged late into the night envisages setting up a buffer zone that would be 30 km wide. They said after the talks that dragged into the night and ended early Saturday in the Belarusian capital Minsk that all heavy weapons should be withdrawn from that zone. The negotiators also reached agreement on the withdrawal of all foreign fighters and mercenaries, a diplomatic reference to Russians fighting alongside the rebels. Ukraine and the West have accused Russia of fueling the insurgency in the mostly Russian-speaking Donetsk and Luhansk provinces in eastern Ukraine with weapons and soldiers. Moscow has denied that, saying that Russians who joined the mutiny did so as private citizens. Pressed to comment about the agreement on the withdrawal of foreign fighters, Russian Ambassador to Ukraine, Mikhail Zurabov, who represented Moscow in the talks, said:

Those whom we call mercenaries are present on both sides.

He said that the OSCE should control the pullout of foreign fighters. Heidi Tagliavini, an OSCE envoy at the talks, said that the group’s monitors will be deployed to the buffer zone to monitor the deal. The negotiators have left aside the most controversial issue: the future status of the rebel regions. The Ukrainian parliament this week passed a law giving a broad autonomy to the areas controlled by the rebels, including the power to hold local elections and form their own police force. Alexander Zakharchenko, the leader of rebels in Donetsk, said that Ukraine and the rebels have various interpretation of the law and the talks should continue. In Donetsk, the largest rebel-held city in east Ukraine, the separatists held a city-wide cleanup day Friday, sending prisoners out to help remove the debris that has piled up after months of shelling. Throughout the cease-fire, periods of peace have been interrupted by intermittent gunfire. The same was true Friday, when the Donetsk city council said in a statement that one person was killed by shelling during the night. Col Andrei Lysenko, a spokesman for the National Security and Defense Council, told journalists in Kiev that two servicemen were killed in the past day during the fighting. The streets were quiet Friday as the rebels called for a cleanup. In one school that was shelled in late August, four Ukrainian prisoners guarded by armed rebels were sweeping up debris.

Strelkov on the Minsk Memorandum 2.0
Colonel Cassad, Sep 20 2014 10:39

In fact, come true, “what has long been talked about by the Bolsheviks.” Ukri overcame panic, reformed, prepared for new fights and clearly demonstrate that they agree on only one scenario: the complete capitulation of Russia regarding Novorossia. “Brilliant success of the peacekeepers,” grouping Surkov-Lavrov-Zurabov again bring the President to the same choice that was a month ago: either decisive war (now with even greater losses and expenses), or shameful capitulation (hereinafter, the Crimea and the “Milosevich script.”) For the sake of it and stopped fighting. It remains only to ask the question: how long will Surkov be able to blatantly deceive Putin, passing off their “virtual success” as real achievements? (oh, come on, this is a ridiculous myth, that Surkov is hoodwinking Putin. You think Putin is deaf, blind and stupid? – RB) ? And how long the President is confident in Surkov and to remain under his control? In his time the deposed Napoleon said at St Helena (close to the text): “if I had hung Talleyrand and Fouché, I would now ruled France!” And this was a great statesman, who was also confident that easily “beat” mischief in their environment. Who says that “everything is bad”? It will be bad only if the President will make a suicidal step, accepting the conditions of the party of treason as “the only solution.” And the last steps and rhetoric any rag-tag (starting from the buffoon of irica) suggests that it isn’t going to be possible to surrender Novorossia. The only bad thing is that the new policy still trying to hold the “old hands,” that is, through people who have already demonstrated their incompatibility with it. Accordingly, the results are no good, and instead of brilliant success, continuous losses and ridiculous antics around a variety of “open secrets” (which the whole world knows, but the immediate actors evidently do not).

Minsk Memorandum 2.0
Colonel Cassad, Sep 20 2014 08:55


In Minsk signed another Memorandum on Ukraine. It remains unclear who Kuchma represents; he obviously acts as a diplomatic cutout. Contents of the Minsk Memorandum:

  1. Termination of the use of weapons is considered to be common.
  2. Stop military units and formations of the parties on the line of contact as at Sep 19.
  3. Ban on use of all types of weapons and the conduct of offensive operations.
  4. Within days of the adoption of this Memorandum allotment weapons with a caliber of more than 100 mm from the contact line at a distance of not less than 15 km on each side, including settlements, which gives the opportunity to create a zone of termination of the use of weapons of a width not less than 30 km of the security zone. To take on the line of contact of the sides of the artillery system caliber of more than 100 mm to remove their maximum range.
  5. The ban on the deployment of heavy weapons and heavy equipment in the area limited settlements (settlements identified in the text of the document, but Kuchma did not name them).
  6. Ban on the installation of new mine-explosive engineering obstacles at the border of the security zone, obligations on termination of a previously installed mine barriers in the security zone.
  7. The ban since the adoption of this Memorandum of flying combat aircraft and foreign aircraft except apparatus of the OSCE over the security zone.
  8. Deployment in the area of termination of the use of weapons monitoring mission of the OSCE in the group of observers from the organization within days of the adoption of this Memorandum. This area can be divided into sectors, the number of edges which agree in preparation for the work of the monitoring group of the OSCE observation mission.
  9. The withdrawal of all foreign armed forces, military equipment, as well as militants and mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine to the OSCE monitoring.

It is not difficult to notice the continuing persistent attempts of Russia to freeze the conflict and will shy away from direct confrontation with the West, amid all of new sanctions and those explicit threats from the West sound. Since the question of the status of DND and LNR at the meeting were not discussed, the diplomatic line of contact gradually leads to the creation of the first sort site of uncertain status, the fate of which will continue trading. In more detail, in the evening.

The Ukrainian authorities and militias agreed on nine parameters truce
RIA Novosti, Sep 20 2014 04:38

MINSK – Kiev authorities and Eastern militias have agreed on a general ceasefire, the creation of a security zone on the current line of contact, withdrawal of heavy weapons from this zone and settlements and deploy a monitoring mission of the OSCE. The parties are in Minsk talks brokered by Russia and the OSCE.On Sep 5, the parties agreed to a truce and a series of questions about the status of the region (Minsk Protocol), and on Sep 19 was developed to implement the Memorandum of nine points. The text of the Memorandum was read after negotiations, the Ukrainian representative, the second President Leonid Kuchma. Contents of the Minsk Memorandum (as above – RB):

  1. Termination of the use of weapons is considered to be common.
  2. Stop military units and formations of the parties on the line of contact as at Sep 19.
  3. Ban on use of all types of weapons and the conduct of offensive operations.
  4. Within days of the adoption of this Memorandum allotment weapons with a caliber of more than 100 mm from the contact line at a distance of not less than 15 km on each side, including settlements, which gives the opportunity to create a zone of termination of the use of weapons of a width not less than 30 km of the security zone. To take on the line of contact of the sides of the artillery system caliber of more than 100 mm to remove their maximum range.
  5. The ban on the deployment of heavy weapons and heavy equipment in the area limited settlements (settlements identified in the text of the document, but Kuchma did not name them).
  6. Ban on the installation of new mine-explosive engineering obstacles at the border of the security zone, obligations on termination of a previously installed mine barriers in the security zone.
  7. The ban since the adoption of this Memorandum of flying combat aircraft and foreign aircraft except apparatus of the OSCE over the security zone.
  8. Deployment in the area of termination of the use of weapons monitoring mission of the OSCE in the group of observers from the organization within days of the adoption of this Memorandum. This area can be divided into sectors, the number of edges which agree in preparation for the work of the monitoring group of the OSCE observation mission.
  9. The withdrawal of all foreign armed forces, military equipment, as well as militants and mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine to the OSCE monitoring.

Minsk Protocol
Signed Sep 5, Minsk Protocol was broader in scope: in addition to statements about the truce he assumed the exchange of prisoners and a number of political arrangements, in particular the commitment of Ukraine to adopt the law on the special status of some areas of Donbass. The parameters of the truce were not marked. The agreement contains an agreement to provide immediate bilateral cessation of the use of weapons (1), to ensure the supervision of the OSCE over the observance of the armistice (2), and the Russian-Ukrainian border (4). Kuchma at the end of the Minsk negotiations: the parties will continue the exchange of prisoners. It is assumed immediate release of all hostages and illegally detained persons (5), the output of “illegal armed formations, military equipment, as well as militants and mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine” (10) and the adoption of the law on the inadmissibility of the prosecution and punishment of persons in connection with the events in the East of the country (6). The document envisages the launch of the national dialogue (7), decentralization of power, including the adoption in Ukraine of the law on the special status of certain regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions (3), and in the Donbass early local elections (9). The parties also agreed to take the necessary measures to improve the humanitarian situation in the Donbass (8) and to adopt a program of economic revival of the region (11). Last, the Protocol gives participants a security guarantee (12).

The law on the special status
The Ukrainian Parliament on Sep 16 adopted the law on the special status of some areas of Donbass, which assumes that local authorities will be able to negotiate with the Central government agreements on economic, social and cultural development, the heads of the Prosecutor’s office and courts be appointed taking into account the opinion of local authorities, creates a voluntary national police, are guaranteed the freedom to use any language and encouraged cross-border cooperation with Russia. In addition, there will be introduced a special economic regime, aimed at restoring the industry, infrastructure and housing, attracting investment and creating new jobs. The Cabinet ordered to take the target state program for development of areas with special status, the fiscal costs of their support cannot be reduced even in the case of sequestration. It is supposed to be here on Dec 7 election of deputies and heads of municipalities whose powers cannot be stopped prematurely. In addition, declared amnesty to the participants of the events on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions”. The law will be valid for three years, but the Advisor of the President of Ukraine Igor Grynov said that it may be cancelled within six months “if a clean bill of health.”

Meanwhile in Donetsk, welcome to your ceasefire:

Donetsk Explosion
El Murid, Sep 20 2014 11:55

In Donetsk blown warehouses state plant of chemical products manufacturing of industrial explosives. It is reported that the strike two missiles during unloading humanitarian convoy in Donetsk. (It is not written anywhere that the convoy was in that place. While the coincidence time only. The place is unclear.) According to preliminary information exploded 12 tons of RDX, destroyed a Playground warehouses with the surrounding buildings. PS. It is reported that the explosion was a double.

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oh here we are, the russian emergency UNSC meeting, one big fucking media spash that made, so big i nearly missed it altogether

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Russia critical of MH17 inquiry, wants bigger UN role
Michelle Nichols, Reuters, Sep 19 2014

UNITED NATIONS – Russia on Friday criticized an international investigation into the downing of a Malaysia Airlines plane in Ukraine, saying it can be transparent only with more UN involvement, even though the world body found the inquiry met international standards. The UNSC met at the request of Russia to discuss a preliminary Dutch Safety Board report that said flight MH17 crashed due to a “large number of high-energy objects” penetrating the fuselage. The conclusion supported a theory that the plane had been shot down by a ground-based missile. Russia’s UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin told the 15-member council:

The preliminary report of the DSB (Dutch Safety Board) is not very informative and doesn’t contain convincing information about the circumstances of the crash.

He said Moscow believed a transparent and objective investigation could be carried out only “with the help and participation in the investigation of the UN,” suggesting that a UN envoy and assistance mission should be considered. The jetliner crashed in Ukraine in pro-Russian rebel-held territory on Jul 17. Ukraine and Western countries accuse the rebels of shooting it down with a Russian-made missile. Russia has rejected accusations it supplied the rebels with SA-11 Buk anti-aircraft missile systems. Usaian Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power told the council:

Russia made clear its real intention is not to learn about the investigation, but to discredit it. Russia is fighting in Ukraine. Russia has provided artillery and surface-to-air missiles to separatists in Ukraine. It has trained separatists on those surface-to-air missiles. It has moved troops into Ukraine. Russia has no standing to offer advice on this investigation.

Churkin rejected accusations that Russia was attempting to disparage the investigation. He told reporters on his way into the council that such claims were “unwarranted and provocative.” UN political affairs chief Jeffrey Feltman (another fucking ZOG supremo – RB) briefed the UNSC on the preliminary results of the Dutch-led inquiry. He said, referring to international standards for such inquiries:

The UN is confident that the Dutch-led international investigation has been conducted in accordance with Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation.

On Jul 21, the UNSC adopted a UNSCR that demanded armed rebel groups allow “safe, secure, full and unrestricted access” to the crash site and that those responsible “be held to account and that all states cooperate fully with efforts to establish accountability.” Although a small number of Malaysian inspectors and Dutch body recovery experts reached the site, fighting between the rebels and Ukrainian forces kept Dutch crash investigators away. Feltman said:

The Sep 5 ceasefire in eastern Ukraine is largely holding, but conditions are still not conducive for investigators to have full and unfettered access to the site. The Sec-Gen once again calls on all those with influence on the situation to exert it immediately so as to create a propitious security environment for investigators.

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here’s another lovely piece of jewish ass-licking from baron reuters’ minions: “israel is widely believed to be the Middle East’s only nuclear power” – widely believed because the entire western world trembles before israel’s refusal to allow the thing to be established as a fact

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Believe it or not, western media zombies are supposed to feel proud when they hear this on their network news (that being the main function of wire service reports, to be repeated by networks as fact). The zombie is supposed to feel proud by proxy in the fact that Israel is above the law, the very same law (or pseudo-law) that supposedly obliges Syria to come clean about a supposed nuclear program that doesn’t exist and never did exist, but was a media artefact created by the same fucking Israelis, bombing empty factories in the Syrian desert and dictating to the zombie media that they were nuclear plants. The whole challenge of the world news part of this blog is to read the zombie news items and understand, hopefully thanks to my emphatic headlines, that it is all bullshit, and that if you should happen to know someone who works in the mainstream mass media, you can take it from me that no matter how posh and sincere and admirable he or she seems, the essence of all such careers is that you agree at the outset to collaborate in selling the unwashed masses one big, continuous lie, and you develop some acting skills to sell it ‘sincerely’. And if you should be so unfortunate as to be married to one of these creeps, my advice is, stop believing him or her, and get the fuck out – RB

Russia fails to remove Syria nuclear probe from IAEA agenda
Fredrik Dahl, Reuters, Sep 19 2014

VIENNA – Western states defeated a Russian proposal on Friday to remove Syria’s alleged past nuclear activities from the agenda of meetings of the IAEA, diplomats said. But in a vote that highlighted how polarizing the global political debate has become, China supported Russia’s initiative, while only about half of the nations on the IAEA board, 17 out of 35, voted against. Western diplomats argued that Damascus should be kept under pressure to cooperate with the IAEA’s long-stalled inquiry, even though this has hardly advanced in the last three years as the country descended into bloodshed. Usaian envoy Laura Kennedy told the meeting ahead of the vote that the Russian proposal if adopted “would threaten the credibility” of the IAEA’s board of governors. Apart from China, Venezuela was the only other country which backed Russia, while most other countries abstained. One representative was absent from the vote, a diplomat said. The Syrian case has been on the agenda of the IAEA board’s quarterly meetings over the last six years, and Washington believes it should remain in the “focus of the agency,” Kennedy said. The IAEA has long sought to visit a Syrian desert site where Usaian Israeli intelligence reports say a North Korean-designed reactor was being constructed to make plutonium for nuclear bombs, before Israel bombed it in 2007. Syria has said the eastern site at Deir al-Zor was a conventional military base, but the IAEA concluded in 2011 it was “very likely” to have been a reactor that should have been declared to anti-proliferation inspectors. IAEA inspectors examined Deir al-Zor in mid-2008, but Syrian authorities have barred them access since. In Feb 2013, opposition sources in eastern Syria said rebels had captured the destroyed site near the Euphrates River. The IAEA has also been requesting information about three other sites that may have been linked to Deir al-Zor. IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano (another fucking certified ZOG stooge – RB) said on Monday the agency remained “unable to provide any assessment concerning the nature, or operational status” of those locations. He told the board:

I urge Syria to cooperate fully with the agency in connection with all unresolved issues.

Diplomats said Russia had circulated a proposed decision by the board asking Amano not to include the issue in the agenda of future meetings, without elaborating. In 2011, Russia and China also voted against a proposal by the IAEA to report the issue of Syria’s alleged covert atomic work to the UNSC. Western and Israeli ‘security experts’ in early 2013 said they suspected that Syria may have tonnes of unenriched uranium in storage. Even if Syria did have such a stockpile of material that can be used to fuel research reactors it would not be usable for nuclear weapons in its present form. Israel’s IAEA envoy, Merav Zafary-Odiz, told the board:

The whereabouts of the nuclear fuel, which was supposed to be introduced to the nuclear reactor that Syria built … is just one example to the many open questions that remain in relation to the Syrian file.

Israel is widely believed to be the Middle East’s only nuclear power.

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this is the same gimmick we had in england: the deception is obvious, these guys are trained television performers

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It may be worth recalling how gangsta rap got started in Usaia. It was just average drivel until it was commodified, promoted and sold by Jewish music entrepreneurs like Rick Rubin (Def Jam Records, 1984-). The idea of turning gangsta rap artists into media artefact pseudo-terrorists is a good one; why have messy real terrorists when you can have virtual ones, who don’t even exist except as recording accounts? By the way, Dr Dre makes more money selling own-brand sneakers than he ever did doing rap, at least the way the record companies manage it – RB

From gangsta rapper to Islamist militant
Marc Young, Yahoo ‘News’, Sep 19 2014

fac64cd0-3f79-11e4-8597-8db6abcd25b7_20050620_zaa_d20_004I’m a serious dickhead, see me scowl (Promo photo, obviously)

As war in Syria and Iraq attracts a growing number of Muslim extremists from Europe, intelligence officials in Germany believe a former gangsta rapper has joined the inner circle of Islamists fighting there. Denis Cuspert was once a modestly successful member of Germany’s hip-hop scene going by the stage name Deso Dogg. Now he calls himself Abu Talha the German and is a top propagandist for the so-called Islamic State (IS) caliphate, which is blamed for several wartime atrocities. His ascent into the upper IS ranks is raising concerns that such “homegrown” Islamists could embolden Muslim extremists in Germany or that they might one day return themselves to target the country for terrorism. Elke Altmüller, a spokeswoman for Germany’s Verfassungsschutz domestic intelligence agency, told Yahoo ‘News':

Cuspert won’t come back, because there’s an arrest warrant waiting for him. But there’s a danger he could incite others.

And as the cross-border conflict in Syria and Iraq continues to rage, it is luring hundreds of would-be Jihadis from Europe, including radicalized converts like the ex-rapper. Although the German authorities have said they see no indications an attack is imminent, they are attempting to track fighters returning from the war zone. Currently, there are an estimated 400 Muslim extremists from Germany in Syria, either directly engaging in fighting or otherwise supporting the Islamists. Altmüller said roughly 10 percent of them were German converts to Islam. According to intelligence reports, some 40 have been killed in the conflict. That was almost the fate of the 38-year-old Cuspert after he was seriously injured in an airstrike by Syrian forces in Sep 2013. But he survived, and being wounded apparently helped him win respect among the extremists. He eventually swore allegiance in an online video this spring to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who has since declared himself caliph of the repressive Islamic State. Born to a German mother and Ghanaian father, Cuspert grew up in a gritty Berlin neighborhood and got involved in petty crime and gangs while aspiring to become a rap star. He enjoyed some success, even touring in Germany with Usaian rapper DMX. His lyrics in his song “Who’s Afraid of the Black Man” document his early disillusionment and violent tendencies:

Doing time in my skin like Tookie Williams in San Quentin
No identity, where will this end?
In a white world full of hate and illusion
The last option was only violence and emotion.

But he never managed to make it big rapping, and after a car accident he started to look to radical Islam for direction in life. Over the past four years, he abandoned his music career to become an Islamist poster boy in the German-speaking world, posting videos that encourage Muslims to join the caliphate’s holy war. He said in one recent propaganda video:

I was a sinner, I lived in sin before I turned to Islam, surrounded by music, drugs, alcohol and women.

Another scene shows Cuspert hitting the head of a corpse with a rock at the site of a suspected IS massacre east of the Syrian city of Homs. The Islamists clearly see the former rapper’s potential in recruiting others in Germany, which has a thriving Salafi scene promulgating an especially dogmatic form of Sunni Islam. The Islamists clearly see the former rapper’s potential in recruiting others in Germany. After two policemen were stabbed during a Salafi protest in the city of Bonn in May 2012, Cuspert used his rap skills to glorify the attacker as “the German lion Murat K.” in a poem. And despite renouncing his musical background, he regularly composes Nashids in praise of Jihad. According to the German authorities, the man behind the only deadly Islamist attack in Germany, Arid Uka, watched a video of a Nashid by Cuspert before he shot dead two Usaian servicemen at Frankfurt Airport in 2011. Uka’s Facebook account was also linked with Cuspert’s profile on the social media website. Two other prominent German converts to Islam, Pierre Vogel and Sven Lau, have chosen to remain in Germany, but they also actively encourage the spread of their Islamist ideology. Altmüller told Yahoo ‘News':

Vogel and Lau went on tour in Germany in 2014 to promote their cause. They might not directly tell people to go to Syria, but it’s at those kinds of events where young men are approached by others. Converts to radical Islam are often especially fervent and fundamentalist. It doesn’t necessarily mean they would be involved in an attack, but they help create the conditions for one.

Vogel and Lau have both had run-ins with the law over the years. Lau was even briefly arrested at the beginning of the year for allegedly sponsoring terrorist activities, but was released for lack of evidence. Neither was available immediately for comment. Vogel is a burly ex-boxer who officially renounces violence in the name of Islam, but he has often drawn scrutiny from the German authorities for his virulent rhetoric at Salafi rallies. He also publicly praised Cuspert back in 2010 for abandoning his music career, and appeared interested in whether prominent Muslim rappers in Germany could be encouraged to help proselytize their fans. Prof Mouhanad Khorchide, a reformist Islamic theologian at the University of Münster, told Yahoo ‘News':

Pierre Vogel preaches in German. He uses language that appeals to younger people. The ideology being conveyed is dangerous. I regularly receive death threats from Salafis.

Vogel’s contemporary, Lau, caused widespread outrage in Germany earlier this month after he organized patrols through the center of the city of Wuppertal by radical Muslims wearing orange warning vests emblazoned with “Sharia Police” on their backs. Handing out flyers demanding the introduction of Sharia, Lau’s troop reportedly tried to discourage young people from entering nightclubs and gambling halls. The calculated provocation worked, sparking stern responses from several German officials, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, who told German TV channel Sat1:

That is absolutely out of order. Nobody is allowed to skulk into the role of the police. The state has a monopoly on the use of force.

Merkel’s interior minister, Thomas de Maizière, also made clear the government’s displeasure, telling Bild over the weekend:

The Sharia will not be tolerated on German soil.

Khorchide dismissed Lau’s Sharia Police as a PR stunt, but warned of the growing influence of the Islamists using people like ex-rapper Cuspert. The theologian said:

The Islamic State gives the losers of German society, those already susceptible to Islamist ideas, the chance to feel strong. Anyone coming back from the war in Syria will be traumatized and full of hatred. (well, yes, but I don’t see what this has to do with theology – RB.)

But as the rise of the repressive IS regime in Syria and Iraq emboldens extremists in Germany, it is also raising tensions with the country’s mainstream Muslim community. Following six suspected arson attacks on mosques last month, moderate Muslim leaders have scheduled a demonstration for today against violence in the Middle East and intolerance in Germany. Aiman Mazyek, the chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, recently told Berlin-‘s Tagesspiegel:

We are all afraid of violence, hatred and fanaticism. We have to confront this together.

Here’s a thought-provoking item about the father of the Ukian rapper/terrorist/false flag bogeyman bullshit artist. It looks like the father is part of the same game as the son, viz, playing the pseudo villain in fabricated terror spectacles orchestrated by the western secret services and using otherwise unemployed Islamic deadbeats – RB

Father of ‘Jihadi John’ suspect extradited, admits terrorism charges in New York
Philip Sherwell, Telegraph (UK), Sep 19 2014

The father of a former London music rapper who was identified as a “Jihadi John” suspect in the Islamic State beheading videos has pleaded guilty in New York to terrorism charges related to AQ’s bombings of Usaian embassies in Africa. Adel Abd’ul-Bary, 54, who was sent to Usaia from Ukia in 2012 after a 14-year fight against extradition, wiped tears from his eyes as he admitted three charges in an unexpected plea deal with federal prosecutors. Bary, an Egyptian who was Osama bin Laden’s spokesman in London in the 1990s, had previously faced life imprisonment on murder charges for 224 people killed in the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. His son Abd’el-Majed Abd’el-Bary has posted a series of photographs on social media, including one showing him holding a severed head, since he left the family’s home in Maida Vale to join the Islamic State terror faction. The 23-year-old emerged as a leading suspect in the mission to identify the London-accented “Jihadi John” who has appeared in the gruesome propaganda videos of the decapitations of two Usaian journalists and a British aid worker. But although he shares several physical attributes with the killer, some voice recognition experts have since said they believe it is not him. He moved to London as a toddler after his father, an Islamic radical who has since been sentenced to death in absentia in Cairo, was given political asylum. Before joining ISIL, he made music videos as a rapper and wrote lyrics praising his father. He said in one video:

Give me the pride and the honor like my father!
I swear the day they came and took my dad,
I could have killed a cop or two.

In the hearing for the older Bary, prosecutors said have now reached a deal to accept three guilty pleas on lesser charges which carry a 25-year sentence. With the time already served in custody in Britain, he could be released in about 10 more years under the agreement on the three counts, which included threatening to kill, injure or destroy property by means of an explosive and conspiring to murder Usaian citizens. But in an unusual development, Usaian District Judge Lewis Kaplan declined immediately to accept the deal, saying that he was concerned that the prosecution was willing to drop more than 200 murder charges. The judge gave the government and defence lawyers a week to submit letters explaining why he should accept the deal. He said:

Oy vey! This is not kosher, at least not from the ZOG POV! You can well appreciate why I have questions in my mind.

Sean Buckley, a federal prosecutor, said that the government had offered the plea deal to Bary as he was not alleged to be directly involved in the bombings. He said that Bary was primarily accused of circulating AQ’s claims of responsibility for the attacks to the news media while serving as a spokesman for bin Laden and his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri. Bary, who was due to go on trial in November, was extradited after his long legal battle at the same time as Abu Hamza, the fiery London preacher convicted of terrorism charges in New York earlier this year. His supporters said that he was a respected human rights lawyer who was prosecuted for his Islamic beliefs in Egypt. But the Egyptian authorities accused him of involvement in terrorism.

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sanger, you’re an idiot for even writing about this moronic suggestion

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Usaia Hopes Face-Saving Plan Offers a Path to a Nuclear Pact With Iran
David Sanger, NYT, Sep 19 2014

Over the years, Usaia has shown considerable ingenuity in its effort to slow Iran’s production of nuclear fuel: It has used sabotage, cyber-attacks and creative economic sanctions. Now, mixing face-saving diplomacy and innovative technology, negotiators are attempting a new approach, suggesting that the Iranians call in a plumber. The idea is to convince the Iranians to take away many of the pipes that connect their nuclear centrifuges, the giant machines that are connected together in a maze that allows uranium fuel to move from one machine to another, getting enriched along the way. That way, the Iranians could claim they have not given in to Western demands that they eliminate all but a token number of their 19,000 machines, in which Iran has invested billions of dollars and tremendous national pride. And if the plumbing is removed, experts at Usaia’s national nuclear laboratories have told the Obama administration, Usaia and its allies could accurately claim that they have extended the time Iran would need to produce enough fuel for a bomb and given the West time to react. That is one of the few ideas that may offer a glimmer of hope in closed-door negotiations in New York this weekend, before the arrival of Obama and Rouhani for the annual opening of the UNGA. A year ago, when greater progress seemed in the offing, it appeared likely that the two men would move on from the first phone call between the two nations’ leaders in three decades to the first meeting in person. No one is betting on that now. The most a senior Obama administration official would allow on Thursday night, briefing reporters, was:

We’re open to it.

The time would seem ripe, with Usaia and Iran finding themselves uncomfortably on the same side in the fight against the extremists of the Islamic State, and just two months away from an ostensibly final deadline to strike a nuclear accord. Yet the atmosphere is sour, with the Usaians saying they have no intention of “coordinating” action with Iran against the Islamic State, and the Iranians saying they want to solve the nuclear issues first, which the Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, said this week was “complicated enough.” In fact, it has gotten more complicated. Tentative agreements on issues negotiated at great length in Vienna through July, when talks were extended, suddenly seem back on the table. The global nuclear inspectors at the IAEA report stonewalling by Iran on details of the “possible military dimensions” of past research, while, within the country, the IRGC push back against Zarif. Another participant in the negotiations said:

There’s a bit of a sense of desperation about coming up with ways to break the logjams, on the nuclear talks and the larger relationship, because if we don’t figure this out in the next few months, it is not clear the opportunity is going to come again.

The Iranians are clearly doing far better in public diplomacy in New York than are Usaia or its allies vassals. Zarif, who is Usaian-educated, media-savvy and often humorous, has already given interviews to NPR, parried (sic – RB) with members of the CFR in an on-the-record meeting, and made Iran’s case in background briefings. While he has taken many pokes at Obama for being slow to confront the Islamic State, he has also mocked the conspiracy theorists in Tehran who claim the Sunni group was invented by the CIA. By contrast, the Obama administration has rarely allowed its negotiating counterparts to Zarif to go on the record. After the first full day of talks, the officials spoke to reporters only on background, meaning their names could not be used. They complain that Zarif talks a good game, but has offered few meaningful cuts in the centrifuges. Both sides are clearly worried, because if they cannot win agreement on the main issue over the next 10 days or so, over how much fuel-production ability Iran will be allowed to maintain, and how long an agreement to limit its production abilities will last, it is hard to imagine how the complex details of a final accord can be resolved in the remaining time. Which is where the plumbing comes in. Disconnecting the pipes is one of several ideas that have emerged from the conversations between Obama’s negotiating team and the Energy Dept’s national laboratories, which develop and maintain the Usaian arsenal of nuclear weapons. But the proposal is not without flaws. Robert Einhorn, a former member of the negotiating team who is now at the Brookings Institution, said:

To be credible, it would have to keep the Iranians from restoring operations for a considerable period of time.

It is far from clear that those suspicious of the deal, in Congress and in Israel, would buy it. And there is considerable opposition within the Iranian establishment, including the military. Ayatollah Khamenei gave a speech in the summer calling with great specificity for an eventual 10-fold increase in the country’s enrichment capacity. Clearly, Zarif cannot go home with a deal that seems to violate the course that the ayatollah wants to set. Einhorn said:

Unless the Iranians are talking about reducing their currently operational enrichment capability by around a half, it is not very impressive. (well, that’s just your tough luck then, isn’t it, Mr ZOG? – RB)

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more on the euronazi joint force (we had a brief note from reuters on this yesterday)

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Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania form joint military unit
Reuters, Sep 19 2014

WARSAW – Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania launched a joint military force on Friday that Polish Pres Komorowski said could start its first exercises in the tense region in the next year. The three countries and other states in the area have been on high alert since Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region in March, and Western powers accused Moscow of sending troops to back rebels in eastern Ukraine. Polish defense officials said the new joint unit could take part in peacekeeping operations, or form the basis of a NATO battle group if one was needed in the future. Komorowski said after the three countries’ defense ministers signed an agreement setting up the unit:

I hope that it will be possible to hold first exercises in one year. This is part of a wider plan … to support Ukraine, among others, in the area of modernization.

NATO has already approved wide-ranging plans to boost its defenses in eastern Europe, aiming to reassure allies nervous about Russia’s military ambitions. Moscow has denied it is arming pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine. The unit will be headquartered in the eastern Polish city of Lublin, not far from the border with Ukraine. The size of the unit was still being worked out, Polish defense ministry spokeswoman Anna Klis said. It would be fully operational within 24 months, she added.

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UNSC happy to be just a jackass forum with typical vacuous jackass comments

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Usaia says Iran can play helpful role in turning back the Islamic State
Anne Gearan, WaPo, Sep 19 2014

UNITED NATIONS – The UNSC condemned Islamic State militants Friday as Jackass Kerry invited Iran to play a helpful role in arresting the group’s momentum in Iraq and Syria. The 15-member council urged the world to expand support for the new Iraqi government, which sent a representative to the unusual special session devoted to the sudden rise of militants that have laid claim to large areas of Iraq and Syria. Quoth Jackass:

There is a role for nearly every country in the world, including Iran.

Although Usaia worked to exclude Iran from a French diplomatic meeting about IS on Monday, Usaia is trying to encourage the Shi’ite powerbroker to apply its influence in Iraq and Syria. Iran’s Pres Rouhani dismissed Usaian efforts against the militants earlier this week, and rejected an offer of limited common cause. Usaia and Iran, estranged for more than three decades, find themselves uncomfortably on the same side against the Sunni militants. Iran has military forces on the ground in Iraq, backing the same Shi’ite-led government that Washington supports. Iran is also backing Syria’s Pres Assad in his fight against both the militants and the Usaia-backed rebels trying to force him from power. Jackass chaired the session a day after Congress approved the Obama administration’s request to expand the training and arming of Syrian rebel forces. Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Aragchi thanked Jackass for convening the unusual session. Speaking in English, unlike most other Middle Eastern diplomats represented, Aragchi said:

IS is chief among the threats that ravage Iraq and Syria and cast gloom over the Middle East horizons. The Islamic Republic of Iran is the only country in the region that is both capable of and has shown unqualified determination to help the Iraq government. We were there with advisers and equipment before any other help arrived on the scene.

The White House military strategy against IS seeks to use Syrian rebels and Iraqi forces as a ground army, while Usaia and other nations its vassals attack from the air with missiles and bombs. France joined the ongoing Usaian airstrike campaign in Iraq on Friday, the first nation in a growing military and diplomatic coalition to do so. Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari appealed for military and financial support as his country takes on the militants. Iraq inaugurated a new Shi’ite-headed government this month that has pledged to share power with Sunnis and Kurds. The previous government, which systematically sidelined Sunnis, is blamed for fanning Sunni anger that allowed the Islamic State to flourish and seize territory. Jaafari said:

This major threat should be removed not only from Iraq, but from any other country.

The council statement expressed “deep outrage” at the campaign of killings and terror waged by the IS, an AQ offshoot now disowned by the older terror franchise. Some of the group’s actions may constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity, the council statement said. Jackass called the IS unique in its brutality, and invoked the videotaped beheadings of two Usaians and a Ukian in recent weeks. The killings have galvanized Usaian public opinion to confront the militants, at least through airstrikes. Jackass said:

ISIL simply poses a threat to the people of Iraq and Syria and the broader Middle East. And if left unchecked, these terrorists certainly would pose a growing threat beyond the region because they have already promised it.

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