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the original lost riddim (give ya brain a rest, etc)

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August 28, 2014 at 7:35 pm

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miscellaneous: voice of sevastopol, etc

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9-40, Militia DND say they have reached the outskirts of Mariupol. The headquarters of the militia DND told Interfax:

We are in Novoazovsk. It is under our control. We went directly to Mariupol. I think that the liberation of the city is a matter of a few days. We are all ready for this. All the Kiev forces have run from the city.

11-40, Receives information that the bridges are mined in Mariupol. It is reported that in the area of Post-Bridge and another nearby bridge in the area, there is strange activity of the Ukrainian military, unloading boxes and crawling near piles.



10-55, last night in the area Starobeshevo (South-East DND) fell tactical missile “Tochka-U”, leaving a crater six-meter depth. This is stated in the report of the headquarters of the militia. According to defenders of Donbass, yesterday the Ukrainian authorities have made 10 starts tactical missiles “Tochka-U”, of which only two missiles reached the battlefield. “There is evidence places move tactical systems, but is not yet clarified district run,” stated in the message. Launches “Tochka-U” inside Yenakievo was made from near the village of Pokrovskoye. The position of the Ukrainian complexes Point-We were just South of the village (in the direction of Debaltsevo). For Aug 27 was recorded at least 4 launches.


09-00, Tanks DND entrenched in the Western suburbs of Novoazovsk.



05-48. The city Novoazovsk, in fact, was occupied without a fight. City soldiers ukranie, began to leave the day before (Tuesday Aug 26) when under fire hit the Northern and Western suburbs.



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August 28, 2014 at 12:22 pm

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video of recaptured saur-mogila

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August 28, 2014 at 11:59 am

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kristina who runs truth from ukraine is one very sharp person, look at this

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A pic with Russian soldiers was used to create the Azov battalion banner for National Guard of Ukraine:


- Truth from Ukraine

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August 28, 2014 at 11:52 am

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i don’t see any difference from yesterday here, except he’s added a sortie towards mariupol

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If you look closely, there’s a bit of action around Novy Svet (3), but I’m not sure what it is – RB


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August 28, 2014 at 11:10 am

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cassad medley

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Trip to Yalta
Colonel Cassad, Aug 28 2014 16:27

Invited to participate in the media event in Yalta. Is the conference where presentations will be given Glaziev and Delyagin, but what is most interesting, the event is expected to feature Boroday, Mozgovoi and … drums with great fanfare … Strelkov. Actually, given that the trip from here to Yalta takes less than an hour, there is no reason not to go. So if Strelkov is there I shall try to get a photo and post it, for those who still doubt. Well, plus there expected arrival of various experts in Ukraine, including some well-known bloggers, so some may be able to do some interviews. Some there will be wondering, who the hell would have guessed a month and a half ago that we, as representatives of the Crimean electronic press, would be invited to attend the “Infoforum” on security issues in the modern Internet. Such rare events were discouraged by state bureaucratic officialdom and various pundits in the spirit “Do you know how dangerous the Internet is?” I hope this time there will be more fun. However the topic of Russia, Ukraine and Novorossia something there is initially more alive, so you can see where the yacht of ideological officialdom now tends sailing in this matter, as well as to listen to those who are familiar with the real, not the television picture of the war in the Donbass. So tomorrow expect news from Yalta.

Something amusing: the junta officially announced in the person of his representative, that the Russian invasion of Ukraine didn’t happen after all. The problem for the junta is that it makes absolutely no difference whether there are or not. There are troops, there are no troops. It doesn’t matter. Today they say no, tomorrow will be saying they’re there again. To prove it is impossible. Especially when things at the front is going so badly and the junta beat all of Ivanovo. However a bit of tar add to, the junta yesterday more than 350 deadweight losses, but the losses in these battles there were up to 40 non-refundable. Just remember that there is war and our people are getting themselves killed in it, helping with their blood and their lives to forge our common victory in the Novorossia. Remember those who never returned from the battle. Also remember those that died in Donetsk during the bombardment, as the junta crashes but continues to vent its anger on the civilian population of Novorossia, savaging Donetsk with missiles and shells. Hopefully, its will and its power to kill civilians won’t last much longer.

They’re not saying the Russian paratroopers didn’t happen, though:

The Russian authorities denied reports about the Russian invasion
Radio Svoboda (RFE/RL entity – RB), Aug 26 2014

The Council of national security and defence of Ukraine (NSDC) refuted reports of Russian military invasion of the Ukraine. Speaking in the program “Freedom of speech” on ICTV channel, the representative of the national security and defense Council Andrei Lysenko said that he had recently communicated with the border guards and the military, and Russian tanks and troops in the Donetsk region had not been seen. Thus, according to Lysenko, provides information about the appearance of the column of about 100 pieces of military equipment in the area Gukovo, Rostov region; it is being monitored. Earlier on Tuesday, the Russian journalist Roman Baccala reported with reference to the border guards and soldiers of the volunteer forces of the invasion of the Russian regular troops to Ukraine from town in the direction of Novoazovsk. As posted by Baccala Facebook, soldiers, supported by about 30 tanks dug in the territory of Donetsk region is 8 kM and took control of the six border villages; exhibited roadblocks, the Russian military does not hide insignia. On Monday reported the defeat of the Russian troops of the column of Russian military equipment, which tried to make a breakthrough on the same side of the border.

The winning flag
Colonel Cassad, Aug 28 2014 12:31

BwGk9pVCQAALD3YA pleasure to come to Sevastopol and get to the arrival of the flag of the DNR over Saur-Mogila. Beauty.

Colonel Cassad, Aug 28 2014, 2:26


Today I will be in Sevastopol. Rostov generally show failed, only a few took a walk along the promenade where they are building a large bridge over the river (river Chorna – RB). Basically had to travel around the city. The city is large and spacious, but as warned readers tube pretty tight. When came for shoes in the “Golden Babylon”, I was identified by one of the readers on the street. That’s glory. Colleagues of course, troll about it all day. In the near future will establish a more extensive material flow. Achieved agreements important for us in Novorossia, and on days of our work in Novorossia will acquire a new quality, what would be the appropriate announcement. From an organizational point of view, the trip to Rostov turned out to be very productive. Plus got a little souvenir from under Izvarino. “Kassad” in recent days made a huge leap, topping a million visits per day, leaving at the same level as the “Mouthpiece of Totalitarian Propaganda” and “Voice of Sevastopol”. This is primarily thanks to our sharing of Cassad TV and Military Marker, which are gaining increasing popularity. And this despite the fact that the site is now essentially is in beta and will soon change both in terms of design and in terms of structure. Today or at least tomorrow I announce the photo gallery, there will be pictures associated with war in the Donbass. A lot of work, so the resource itself is ready, but just don’t have time to pour a proper number of photos for the start. The main obstacle in our work (besides money), this lack of man-hours: a lot of tasks, few people.

About us:
a) – junta again exposes us – we are sponsoring terrorists in the Donbass in the order of the FSB
b) more detailed (with pictures) proceedings of our criminal activity, the Voice of Sevastopol this turns out to be an extremist organization. SBU Hello!
c) Usaian financial analyst asks the question, who is lying in terms of coverage of the war in the Donbass, Colonel Cassad or the famous magazine Jane’s Defence Weekly? So to say, master of international horizons.

I don’t need sockpuppets to send in comments and drug references, where the zealots of Kurginyan are trying to expose me. They are doing this since 2011 and on the analysis of these stupid things I no longer spend my personal time. All you need is to write about a sect of Kurginyan, I can write when it’s going to be interesting. It’s still about what to spend their time parsing those stupid things about me write Bandera, especially as Novorossia that the zealots that Bandera fight for its destruction, so their systematic gossiping about my humble person, which is understandable, but entirely harmless, as it usually happens with Internet bortolami with green and yellow and placating sofas. We hear the sounds of approval in text that in gently loved me, not in the sweet roar of praise, and in the wild cries of the tormented. In terms of usefulness to Novorossia, there are a lot more interesting things to do than fight with fools. So once again the reminder, don’t I post links to the zealots, no need to send me a PM or email. Clean and hygiene information. All issues related to humanitarian aid or publications on “the Voice of Sevastopol” as usual send on

Moments of war
Colonel Cassad, Aug 27 2014 22:45


Tomorrow I will fly in Sevastopol, so the review will be tomorrow as you arrive and get to the house.


The fronts of the new Russia in the dynamics.

Volunteers from the Caucasus patrolling.

Fighting in Ilovaisk. Video from the junta.

Militia in the school from which punitive in the video above were expelled.

Tank of the DND in the area Gai – Novoazovsk.

Mass desertion from punitive action.

The junta drives on the front fresh raw meat.

The situation at the front.




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slightly over the top with the flags, here

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500 Ukrainian soldiers surrendered to the army of the South-East
Max, Voice of Sevastopol, Aug 28 2014 11:21


From sources in the army of the South-East there are reports that about 500 of the Ukrainian military surrendered. The defeat of the Ukrainian hordes at Ilovaisk, Elenovka and Starobeshevo slammed the pot and made resistance useless, reports Agency from Ilovaisk. Moreover, the absence of the reserves requested from Kiev dramatically undermined the desire of the soldiers to fight for foreign interests. The Agency reports that formed the operational vacuum does not give the Nazis the ability to hold the whole cities and regions. Today, the militia entered Novoazovsk, and on the road leading to Donetsk through Telmanova and Starobeshevo, already there was not one Ukrainian soldier.
At the same time the DND headquarters reported taking under its complete control over the boundaries of the former Donetsk region with Russia. The headquarters told RIA Novosti:

Following several days of offensive to the south of Donetsk region, including along the border with Russia, we have taken control of the entire border. We control all three checkpoints on the border: Marinovka, Novoazovsk and Uspenka.

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