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i should say this is probable, because zakh has paralysed the militia, and there’s no indication that a coup against him is in the works

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For convenience, I shall henceforth refer to the failed State of Ukraine simply as “404” – RB

20.10.14 Message from Dmitry Zygourakis.

“Novorossia is under threat of destruction. Today, we had a contact person from the Ministry of Defense of 404, who supports our struggle. There was a long conversation. 404 plans to continue fighting immediately after the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of the VII convocation on Oct 26. Already formed three armoured strike groups (‘fists’) aimed at Donetsk, located at Avdiivka, Peske and Debaltsevo. The blow will be given only upon Donetsk. The purpose of 404 is to capture a significant portion of Donetsk by means of a swift kick in three directions. If Russia did not have time to respond and help Novorossia, such a shock a large number of armoured vehicles will scatter and eliminate disparate Militias in 2-3 days. 404 made a bid for surprise and meanness unilaterally ceasing “truce”. Today’s fierce artillery shelling of Donetsk, as well as the work of the enemy sabotage groups, are proof. Without Donetsk, existence of Novorossia is impossible. And the Army of Novorossia will never, under any conditions, fire at residential areas of Donetsk, as do the punitive troops of 404, thus our fighters will be limited in the set of tools of destruction of 404 guards, if they are located in residential areas of Donetsk, therefore if 404 troops will be able to occupy Donetsk, Novorossia will remain with very little chance to survive. The situation is hard to hide, so I won’t. Please spread the information as widely as possible, to liberals and representatives of the “peace party” that the media failed to silence, and can make their voices heard at the top.”

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October 21, 2014 at 6:48 am

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i wonder how a western electorate would react if a deadbeat like zakh were somehow arbitrarily imposed upon them

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PM DND: the Ukrainian government does not adhere to the ceasefire
ITAR-TASS, Oct 20 2014 19:22

PM DND believes that Ukrainian authorities disregard the Truce. Zakharchenko told the correspondent of TASS:

I believe that if the shelling of the city of Donetsk continue, and the Ukrainian government says the armistice, it is blatantly lying. No truce Ukrainian authorities do not even imagine. Today, as a result of the shelling of the city was so strong, I think they all felt. Data for the dead and injured are being clarified. They will be three hours.

He stressed that the fires in the city, caused by incessant shelling continues.

PM DND denied notice of termination of the Truce

Zakharchenko has denied media reports about the end of the Truce. Commenting on media reports that he made this statement, he said:

I never said that. I understand that someone using my name has a page in social networks and makes statements on my behalf that do not have nothing to do with me.

The Commission finds out with what the Ukrainian security forces shoot on Donetsk factory of chemical products

The shelling of Donetsk today hit the Donetsk state plant of chemical products, Zakharchenko said. According to him, the special Committee finds out with what the Ukrainian security forces shoot on the plant. “I won’t speak for the Commission. As long as they will not say what it was, I have no comment,” he said, not answering the question of whether the Ukrainian security forces fired on the city with ballistic missile complex “Tochka-U”. However, he confirmed that the hit was on the territory of the plant.

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what mortar hits look like (donetsk yesterday)

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now we’re getting some real misery from the damn things strelkov says on the forum

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Screenshot from 2014-10-21 06:52:41

I’ll reprint what that says so you can follow the links if you want – RB

first misery from journally…))

Strelkov proposed Zakharchenko to remove George Cross and accused him of “personal enrichment”
That the Prime Minister of DPR talked about Girkin behind his back

Strelkov accused the head of DND in the quest for “personal enrichment”

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i know my core readership delights in seeing the jewish hand behind everything, so this will amuse them, though it’s totally exaggerated (it is just not true that all the nat guard death squads are commanded by jewish officers!)

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Why Russia is losing Novorossia
Institute of High Communitarianism (sic – RB), Oct 4 2014


Militia volunteers Novorossia: final exclusion of Ukraine from Russia was launched in Dec 2013. The first step was the elimination of the legal authorities in Kiev with the interference of the Russian leadership and management transfer directly to the Jewish oligarchs – the Zionists. The second stage included the organisation of the civil war on the territory of Ukraine. The third stage envisages the creation in Ukraine of a puppet state hostile to Russia under the control of Usaia/NATO. The authorities in the Russian Federation, including the President and the secret service, are derived from the Jewish oligarchy, who took control of the Russian state as a result of the coup d’etat in 1991/93, The Russian oligarchy, in turn, is part of the worldwide Jewish oligarchy, whose power tool today is Usaia. Accordingly, all actions of Usaia against Russia, including the civil war in Ukraine, are conducted with the participation of the Russian leadership. The idea of the independent actions of the Russian authorities, which arose during the Crimean events, is wrong. Seeing the impossibility of stopping the Patriotic enthusiasm of the Russian society, the Zionists allowed Russia to annex the Crimea, in order:

  1. to incite hatred in Ukraine against Russia, and thus to unite the Ukrainian people around the illegitimate oligarchic power in Kiev (if prior to the annexation of the Crimea, 5% of the Ukrainian population was configured against Russia, after accession it was 80%).
  2. to raise the authority of the President of Russia, and thus to unite the Russian people around the main guarantor of Jewish oligarchs in power.

By uniting and consolidating the Russian and Ukrainian peoples against one another, the Zionists paved the way for the civil war in Ukraine. The next step was the mass murder in Odessa, committed by the Jewish executioners of Kolomoisky (Ukrainian Jews, trained in the army of Israel; they will be the backbone of the punitive battalions, formed by the oligarchs). The purpose of the atrocities in Odessa was to provoke the Russians to defend themselves; at the same time, Ukraine directs the flow of volunteers from Russia.

At the same time, Jewish agents in the secret service were involved in the organization of the Russian resistance in the Donbass: Khodakovsky (SBU), Beszler (FSB), Kositsyn (FSB) and others, whose task was first to lead the resistance, then to block its activity and after opponents of Jewish power in the face of Ukrainian nationalists and the Russian militia will destroy each other, to “merge” the liberation movement (scheme: creation of Patriotic and public organizations – identifying activists – neutralization). For two months these people were intercepting the military cargo bound for the centers of resistance, drawing people to themselves, setting up ambushes against subordinate militias and planning failed operations of the type of the capture Donetsk airport (more than 70 victims, mostly volunteers from Russia, including a group of Spetsnaz GRU) and the June attack on border crossing at Marinovka.

The scenario of a civil war in Ukraine is based on the Russian Civil War of 1918-1920, organized by international Jewry through the controlled governments of Great Britain and France. According to this scheme, the destruction of Russia and the active destruction of the Russian population was carried out through simultaneous support of both of the two sides (red and white), so as for as long as possible not to give either one of them the chance to win or to lose. Help for the white army from the “allies” was only to the extent that it could continue fighting, but was not sufficient to achieve victory. Today these functions in relation to the volunteer army of Novorossia are performed by Russia, or rather, her Jewish power apparatus. Therefore, military assistance is provided only to the extent that:

  • the militia of Novorossia was not destroyed immediately, but was able to destroy as many activists of Euromaidan – Jewish opponents of the oligarchic regime of Ukraine, and it would have lost a significant part of the personnel;
  • tightening the conflict, to create a sense of mutual hatred between Russians and Ukrainians as the ground for the creation on the territory of Ukraine hostile Russia (in fact, NATO pushed Ukraine into this war).

Currently, the critical mass of Kiev Euromaidan activists grind in battles with the militia. The next step of the Zionists was to be a liquidation group in Slavyansk and the subsequent unwinding of the flywheel war without the leader of the militia I I Strelkov and other uncontrolled SBU and FSB commanders. The escape of the militia from Slavyansk foiled these plans. Now the “drain” of Novorossia will be achieved either by physical removal of Strelkov (as we are informed), or by discrediting him, continuing the line of the Jewish provocateurs Evgeni Guilbaud (sp?) and Sergei Kurginyan about the “mercenaries” of Strelkov, about “practicing them private oligarchic interests”, and so somehow the resistance leaders will be faced with a choice: either they will be removed from the control of the Republic, or Russia will stop military supplies. We cannot guarantee to tell you which version of the “plum” will be used.

After the militia leadership moved from Slavyansk to Donetsk, the Kremlin began to change tactics. The successful actions of the militia forces did not allow the Zionists to eliminate the Russian uprising in the South-East, but on the other hand, the threat of total loss of trust in Russian society does not allow Moscow leadership to strangle Novorossia by blocking military supplies (the slogan of the Patriotic opposition, “We shall never forgive the surrender of Novorossia” has received wide support in society). Most likely, the conditions of the impossibility of direct elimination of Russian resistance, will attempt to lead and to stifle in his arms, as was done in the Crimea, where national leaders such as Chaly were ousted by Russian officials, resulting in the Peninsula being brought under the control of the Russian oligarchy, and hope at the beginning of the rebirth of Crimea did not materialize. You need to be ready for any provocation. Before they left Slavyansk, we held that in the case of the retreat of the militia to the Russian border, the Russian troops would block and shoot at them, and then Moscow would proclaim that it had prevented an attack by the Ukrainian army upon Russian territory. We also studied another option for those who came in the beginning, to bring them together with the commanders of the Russian territory with the purpose of getting into another region of Ukraine (Kharkov, Odessa) to organize a new hotbed of resistance. In this case, the elimination of the main witnesses of the operation “Novorossia” will occur naturally. At the moment the militia, not controlled by the secret services of Russia and Ukraine, is the last deterrent to a major war. When the militia will be brought under control, the Zionists will go on to prepare a full-scale conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with the organization of sabotage and murder on Russian territory, allegedly committed by “Ukrainian nationalists”, and information pumped into Russian society regarding “Ukrainian terrorism”.

“Khazaria”: The population of the former Ukraine should not exceed 5 million, which will speak Hebrew
Institute of High Communitarianism (sic – RB), Oct 4 2014


The leader of the “Great Ukraine”, Igor Berkut: the Population should not exceed 5 million, the rest should be disposed of. Igor Berkut talked about what the plans of the current “independent” government build about the future. In his video interview (below – RB) for one of the local TV people’s choice calls Ukrainian service of the current authorities and explains who manages the inhabitants of the former Ukraine.

Hope that for your work, the state will arrange your life in vain. Today, the country belongs to a narrow circle of people (billionaires and multi-millionaires) who are either in power or in control of it… Who today live badly? Those who could not fit into the service of this state. And the rest complain of my worthless life, because the owners of our country are not obliged to care about the 14 million seniors, children, families and persons with disabilities.

The leader of the “great Ukraine” reminded research Berlin Policy Institute:

In particular, to ensure that the existing system was included in the balance in Ukraine over enough 4 and 5 million people. All excess must be disposed of. And everyone else should pay for their right for life on their territory. And to any poor teachers and doctors who are constantly hungry, did not need to do the following. First, push them over the edge of society, and, secondly, to do so until retirement, they did not survive.

All this terrible manner consistent with the information of the deputies of the Ukrainian Party of regions that second language on former Ukraine will become Hebrew is the native language of its current “owners” of Waltzman-Poroshenko and Kolomoisky. The law on bilingualism is prepared in the bowels of the machine “President Hillary Clinton”. According to this law, from the next academic year in schools will be introduced compulsory study of Hebrew in the early grades. This is assumed at first to invite Israel to 2,000 teachers, providing their families with decent housing. Tatiana B, “a well-known Ukrainian politician, asking not to reveal her last name, says:

About this insult to my country the law is not the first day they say whisper in the Verkhovna Rada. Supposedly to disperse its Poroshenko went because even the leaders of those who got it most after the victory of the Maidan, refused to vote for this law. Now go deep undercover consultation with future MPs who allegedly without the consent of this law will not be in the new Parliament. And the most ardent “patriots” such as Yarosh, Lyashko, Turchynov, Yatsenyuk among the first to have signed the consent to adopt this law no later than February of the following year.

According to the information of the Kiev policy, Kolomoisky has long been nurtured plan in Ukraine “alternate aerodrome” for Israel in case in the middle East will go full-scale war. As now the real master of Ukraine with nominal Poroshenko, he equips the new “promised land” for the Israelis, traditionally cared most about the children:

This is very ambitious person prepares for the second Exodus, the second great migration of the Jews, taking the role as the second Moses.

The indigenous population of the former Ukraine according to the plan Kolomoisky should be significantly reduced and serve as indentured servants of the chosen people. For this he and his private army strongly heats the civil war in Ukraine. Meanwhile, to throw the blame solely on Kolomoisky alone would be wrong. As we have already noted, a coup in the former Ukraine was performed by direct funding, information coverage and organization of a number of Jewish politicians, Zionist organizations, banks and law enforcement agencies of Israel, Usaia and Euia and even brought them to the list. The ideological justification of the destruction of the indigenous population as has already been announced. So the Times of Israel published an article, according to which in Mar 2014 in the failed middle Eastern state recognized European “Jews” – Ashkenazi Khazars, which gave them a “legal right” to talk about “the return of the territories of Ukraine”. The article referred to the words of the Prime Minister of Israel, stating:

The Jews can live in any area of her stay as a sovereign nation… We decided that it would be the Black sea coast, where we lived with indigenous people for over 2,000 years.

The Times of Israel believes:

All who wished to return people will take back as citizens without any conditions, especially if they will take part in the promised massive military assistance, including soldiers, weapons and construction of new bases. If the first party relocation goes well, and other settlers from the West Bank of the Jordan river will be asked to move to Ukraine… after Ukraine with the help of this support will restore control over all its territory, the current Autonomous Republic of Crimea will again become Autonomous Jewish education.

And “reduced copy of the medieval Khazar Empire (and the Peninsula was once, too, so called), will be in Yiddish called “Khazaria”. This largely explains the fact that the Jews provoke a civil war between the Russians not only on the territory of the “New Khazaria”, set crazed “svidomij” on “Colorado”, but in the Russian media and the Internet, where Zionist agents every day constantly speaks about some “Ukrainian fascism”. And this does not only Board member of the Russian Jewish Congress Vladimir Solovyov, head of the Institute of the Middle East” Satanovsky, religious fanatic and outright Nazi Avigdor Eskin and other “right-wing Zionists” (which everyone knew), but “the Left”. In particular, the notorious Communist Darya Mitina with obvious satisfaction, showing pictures of dead and wounded soldiers of the former Ukraine, but flatly refuses to discuss the personality of the leaders of the occupation of the Khazar junta. That cannot be regarded otherwise as deliberately provoking the enmity between the separated single people of former Ukraine and Russia.

We already reported about the part in fighting the Israeli military on both sides. In particular, reported on the PR course with the ‘Battalion Aliya’, despite the fact that the leadership of the Right Sector as he passed training in the IDF, what they themselves openly stated in a television interview. The IDF soldiers were involved in the massacre on “Euromaidan”, where they were personally invited by the chief Rabbi of Kiev, Moshe-Reuven Asman, but cooked toxic and incendiary mixture for mass murder during the “Odessa Katyn”. It should be noted that the result could not stand even the Jewish community of Odessa, which next week will send the appeal to the headquarters of the World Jewish Congress in New York with a call to disarm and disband the Right Sector. About this stated one of the leaders of the Jewish community of Odessa Michael Mayman. That tells what actually triggers and controls the carnage on the former Ukraine. Meanwhile, the organizers of mass terror in a hurry and for the last week of the Khazar media announced the creation of two “Jewish battalions”. The first of them began the formation of the Kiev Jewish punitive battalion Matalan” where you want to type “Jews”, citizens of the former Ukraine and Israel, to continue the destruction of the Russian Novorossia. In support of him trying to enter the “Chechen-Jewish humanitarian battalion “Beni Kryka”, in which war seems to have local “Ukrainian” Chechens (knowingly descendants of Khazar clans as “strike force Judaism taught in Classical Jewish state Academy Maimonides”?)

Russia’s Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case on the fact of genocide of the Russian-speaking population”, but only against one of the military, only the former Ukrainian Defense Minister B Galatey, chief of the General Staff B Myshchenko, commander of the 25th brigade O Mikasa and commanders of the 93rd brigade, who deliberately violated the Convention of 1948 “On the prevention of the Crime of Genocide”, and punishment. According to a representative of the Investigative Committee, they “gave orders towards the complete destruction of the national group of Russian-speaking people living on the territory of the LDNR.” Killing more than 3,000 civilians, even 5,000 were injured. Destroyed 500 homes, IDPs in Russia more than 300,000 residents of Donbass. According to the Criminal code of the Russian Federation, the article for genocide provides for punishment of imprisonment from 12 to 20 years, or life imprisonment or the death penalty. However, it is not clear how many Russians will destroy the former Ukraine that were named and were punished accordingly not only the performers, but the real organizers of the crimes that have no statute of limitation, when built plans to leave alive only 5 million “Hebrew speakers”?


Raw Transcript

a large number of people in Ukraine does not recognize these reforms in their aims for their own good in our opinion is due to the fact that the people due to the inertia of his thinking by continuing to identify Ukraine today with the Soviet Ukraine in terms of social obligations to the people you need to understand that Karina Soviet Ukraine today that it’s a different country or to transfer the amount of experience when the state in exchange for the labor of people satisfied with their life is not worth the fact that today our country is starting a group billionaire multimillionaire and they are in power or controls you is an integral part and has nothing starting with the fact that if you can grow a 88 year in the USSR there was written that Ukraine national state our Constitution there is no such thing why the owners of our country should take social obligations to support millions people who do not bring them a profit or not is for them a source of no or Yes they are protection or not is for them a source of pleasure let’s see who lives badly all these people who could not enroll in the service by the owner of the state everyone who is today the staff, the owners of the state is very good complain not only defending the existing system starts and nefarious political purposes the names of the adjacent territory of the other and ending with the start of the stars of the theatre and cinema and stage, no one complained, however, if you were injured at life here is not knowing what she was until the singer she is divine singer but I would like to suggest that anyone who does not fit into the service of the owners of the country complaining about his miserable than life but why should the owners of our country will be taken care of and 14 million pensioners any of the children on the street some large will not say when our country Victor plant in the folder infrastructure blocks are mining and processing plant them refineries career step has got several hundred diagram of our country along with this incident fate along with that they went and population but not a single student when neither the owner of the country did not claim the population, they didn’t ask him and today the main task of this fact to quickly and most importantly effectively as cheaply as possible to get rid of all this March n 27 bodies from all that is in the review of socialist countries review of dying why are we talking quickly and effectively because first of all these people who require a social relationship with the state, they will lose resources daily sells I have repeatedly said that rested still not looking there teachers, doctors almost every day here wants secondly they are all in the future again don’t look for pensioners to get rid of them you need to do first to buy and reduce overseas the sum of the second to ensure that their social pension savings this is not all that there was a calculation of the registry office they primarily did not survive referring of course when the tax on the experience of the most developed economies and quality of life 10 15 20 years higher than our and the third is select the country because according to the German political Institute Berlin apologize to their existing system was included in the balance of Ukraine under the current regime under the current decision-door apartments regions Viktor Yanukovych’s decision mode when you feel like the owner of the country in Ukraine reconciliation enough four to five million just should not be disposed of with why millions of Ukrainians think that the owners of strategies should they care let’s think on the contrary that these people today have to pay for their right to live in their territory now this question is more appropriate and we can see that the owners of the country gradually raise the cost of living but their site why they will reduce utility costs when all available power all water race and the son, and everything belongs to them, why should not lose profit if someone cannot pay cannot pay is not and it is from this point of view all the reforms which are and will be conducted in Ukraine are effective and properly because they aimed at current to the owners of the state and that the state could make more profit and to compete for the wealth of what kind of a vague Hungary and Romania and in the meantime to compete with Russia and Britain, Germany and the United States that is our owner our country and throw you would be the richest people of a planet or all of these senses why rural schools, rural clinics that sustainable why that is why the police which took place 8 balls.

большое количество людей в украине не признает эти реформы в свои направлено для их же блага по нашему мнению происходит из за того что люди в силу инерционности своего мышления продолжая отождествлять украина сегодняшних с украиной советской в части социальных обязательств перед народом нужно понять что карина советская украина сегодня что это разные страны или переносить то количестве опыт когда государство в обмен на труд людей устраивает ли их жизни не стоит дело в том что сегодня наша страна принадлежит пуском группу миллиардер мультимиллионер причем все они находятся у власти либо контролирует у вас является составной частью и не имеет никакого отношения начиная с того что если можно вырастить 88 го года у ссср там было написано что украина в общенародном государства наша конституция такого нет с какой стати собственники нашей страной должны брать на себя социальные обязательства по содержанию миллионов людей которые не приносят им прибыли либо не является для них источником нет нет либо они являются их да охраны либо не является для них источником удовольствие посмотрите кто сегодня живет плохо все эти люди которые не могли записаться в обслугу владельцем государства все кто является сегодня обслуга владельцы государства очень хорошими жалуются мало того всячески отстаивать существующий строй начинается и гнусных политолог целями фамилиями прилегающей территории другой и заканчивая старт звезды театра и кино и эстрады никто не жаловался однако если повреждалась на жизнь вот это не зная что она пока певица она божественное певицы но я еще раз хочу подсказать что все кто не вписался в обслугу владельцев страны жаловаться на свою несчастную чем жизнь но с какой стати владельцы нашей страны будут заботиться а 14 миллионов пенсионеров о каких то детях по ул какие то многодетных произойдет ли вообще не говорю когда наша страна витя завода в папку инфраструктурных объектов блоков это горно обогатительный комбинат им нефтеперегонных заводов карьера шаг досталось нескольких сот схеме нашей стране вместе с этим по казус судьбой вместе с этим им досталось и населением но ни один ученик когда ни один владелец страны не претендовало населения они его не просили и сегодня основная задача с этим тому чтобы быстро и самое главное эффективно как можно дешевле избавиться от всего это марта н 27 тел от всего того что находится в обзоре соцстран обзоре умирания почему мы говорим быстро и эффективно потому что прежде всего все эти м люди которые требуют к себе в социальном отношении со стороны государства они проиграют ресурсы ежедневно продает ресурсы я неоднократно говорили что отдыхал все таки не ищите там учителям врачей почти каждый день здесь хотят во вторых они все в будущем опять же не ищи пенсионеры чтобы избавиться от них нужно что сделать первое чтобы купить и снизит за границу сумма второе добиться того чтобы их социальное пенсионных накоплений этом не все что там было расчет загсов они до этого прежде всего не доживали ссылаясь конечно при этом налог на опыт наиболее развитых странах и уровень жизни на 10 15 20 лет выше чем наши и в третьих это выберите страны потому что то по оценке немецкого политического института берлинском прошу прощения для того чтобы их существующая система вошла в равновесии украине при существующем режиме при существующем решение двери квартир регионами виктора федоровича решений режим когда почувствует владельца страны в украине сверка достаточно четырех до пяти миллионов всего лишь не должно быть утилизировать с какой стати миллионы украинцев думаю что владельцы стратегии должны они заботятся давайте подумаем наоборот что это люди сегодня должны платить за свое право жить на их территории так вот такая постановка вопроса является более правильно и мы видим что владельцы страны постепенно подымаю стоимость жизни но их территории с какой стати они будут снижать коммунальные расходы когда все имеющиеся мощности все водоканала гонка а сын и все принадлежит им почему не должны терять прибыль если кто то не может платить не можешь платить не пользуется и он с этой точки зрения все реформы которая проводятся и будут проводиться украине являются эффективными и правильно потому что они направлены на тока чтобы владельцы государства а это и государства могли получать большую прибыль и соревноваться по богатству из какой нибудь там невнятный венгрии и румынии а пока соревноваться с россией и великобританией германией и сша то есть наши владелец нашей страны и бросают вы бы за самым богатым людям планеты или во всех этих смыслах зачем нужны сельские школы сельским поликлиники что устойчивом почему то есть зачем нужны полиции которая состоялась 8 мячей.

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two points to consider overnight

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1. The situation which began in the last days became more and more aggravated in Novorossia, according to Gloomy and Strelkov, indicating a possible last phase before the onset of the APU. Attacks on Donetsk ceased to be in the nature of terror, and more similar to the zeroing before clearing the way for the advancing columns. Today are collected three strike groups, the deployment of which repeats the summer scenario, prepared operational encirclement of Donetsk through the interception of the road Shakhtersk-Snezhne-Krasny Luch and the road to the border, as well as the tactical encirclement of the city of Makiivka. For this purpose are collected in each grouping up to 10,000 people, about 300-400 units of armored vehicles, a large number of artillery and mortars of calibres of more than 100 mm.

2. Zakharchenko announced the termination of the armistice
Colonel Cassad, Oct 20 2014 20:27

Hours ago ukry struck in the area of the old terminal, then our artillery attacked the positions of ukrepov in the area of the Peske. After today’s firing of rockets at Donetsk, the truce even formal, should be considered terminated

So fire on Donetsk of convinced even the most quiet and stubborn supporters of the “Minsk peace, no peace, no, not really.” All this happens against the background of the growing threat of the offensive of the junta in Donetsk. Systematic shelling of the city from all available artillery and missile systems, permanent tank attack at Donetsk airport, the accumulation of forces in the area of Avdiivka, Krasnogorovka and Debaltsevo; all of this suggests that the junta is preparing to attack, which is very likely to start in October (including according to senior military officials in Novorossia). Moreover, when the current correlation of forces and logistical means to reflect the occurrence of the Armed forces of the new Russia without the help of “Voentorg” will be very hard. However, there was a meeting of the major commanders of Novorossia, where Plotnitsky, Mozgovoi and Kozitsyn announced the creation of a unified command for the LNR. Promises to come to Kiev are attached. Apparently, Russia’s refusal to make concessions in Milan may change the situation in the Donbass.

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lots of clips of that tochka-u (note, as with previous one, tochka was preceded by a smaller explosion at same target point)

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Donetsk attacked by rocket “Tochka-U”, thundered a powerful explosion over the town, and the black smoke, Oct 20 2014 14:24

The Ukrainian army struck Donetsk rocket “Tochka-U”. Blast wave was felt by the inhabitants of all parts of the city. Many took a flyer out of the windows, opened the windows and doors. Also the consequences of the explosion touched all the famous stadium “Donbass arena” – came off the top mounting racks inclined facade system. The glass facade of the stadium must now be removed. Deputy PM DND Andrei Purgin said:

The rocket fell in Voroshilovskiy district, somewhere near Panfilova street and Rosa Luxemburg. Currently on the scene left the emergency services. According to preliminary data, the explosion took place near the building of the cancer hospital. At the time of the explosion I was at a pre-election meeting with voters for the movement “Donetsk Republic”. In the auditorium which hosted the conversation, the blast wave shattered glass. Four people received stab wounds. There was a little panic, but now the situation is normalized.

Earlier it was reported that in the center of Donetsk explosion occurred, resulting in several districts shock wave glass was broken and crumbling plaster. While data on victims are not reported. Militias in response caused by the positions of the Ukrainian troops shot from MLRS "Grad". Tochka-U is a tactical missile system which uses a ballistic missile with a range of 120 km and more, which are able to carry a nuclear warhead. The complex is intended for destruction of ground reconnaissance strike complexes, control facilities of various sorts, and aircraft and helicopter parks, reserve troops, stores of ammunition, fuel and other material resources.

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