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it might interest you to see the delirious basis of the new coalition in the rada

Today published the text of the coalition agreement 5 Ukrainian parties held in the Verkhovna Rada. Some excerpts from this document (googlepedia): ***** I. REFORM of the system of NATIONAL SECURITY AND DEFENSE We will increase the defense capability of … Continue reading

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it would be a real stretch to call this “non-lethal”

Pindostan gave Ukraine the system to fight with mortar calculations, Nov 22 2014 00:23 Ukraine passed three light sensors, designed to detect and suppress manometric calculations. And this is only the first batch of such equipment, told reporters the … Continue reading

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this is good news, and one hopes it will be implemented asap, because people are already dying of hunger & cold

Russia wants to allow its banks to work in the area of the ATO Ukrainian media. Nov 21 2014 For the first time since the military and humanitarian crisis in the Donbass, officials in the Russian Federation suggested to introduce … Continue reading

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ha ha – lissitzky not dead yet

I don’t have to engage in complicated polemics with Nazis. My purposes are satisfactorily met by confronting my enemies with their own hypocrisy: Ukraine has proved, and is continuing to prove, that Jews are very happy to work with Nazis … Continue reading

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what biden said, in the end

Poroshenko to nominate Yatsenyuk as Prime Minister ITAR-TASS, Nov 21 2014 20:19 UTC+3 KIEV – Yatseniuk will be proposed by the ruling coalition to the position of Prime Minister of Ukraine. On Friday on Ukrainian TV reported Poroshenko. He said: … Continue reading

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yats is convinced that the entire western world should supply ukraine free because it is fighting the good fight against communism, or whatever

Ukraine tossed with payment providers coal from South Africa DNR News, Nov 21 2014 English supplier of coal from South Africa Steel Mont Trading said that Ukraine had not paid him. Of the more than $50m company “Ukrinterenergo” left to … Continue reading

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muster the old brain cells for this

How to restore the Donbass? Der Spiegel Andrey Polunin, Info Defense (Crimea, ed. Alexei Chaly), Nov 21 2014 Der Spiegel has published a secret report on the economic situation in the new Russia. On Tuesday, Nov 18, Der Spiegel published … Continue reading

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