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oh my dear, we’re so concerned for stability, feel for us

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You see, this is the resort to subjectivity again, which I mention in the next post. By the way, I have opened up the list of mechanics who constructed this propaganda whizz-bird, so that you can see a little bit more clearly what’s inside – RB

Concerned for stability, Saudi Arabia tightens curbs on dissent
Sami Aboudi, Angus McDowall, Rania The Camel, and last but not least your friendly Jewish overlord, Mark Heinrich, Reuters, Apr 15 2014

DUBAI/RIYADH – Saudi Arabia, rattled by regional turmoil that has destabilized the Middle East, is intensifying a crackdown on domestic dissent, raising fears that a more open space for public debate that emerged in recent years is under threat. Sunni Islamists, Shi’ite Muslims, liberal reformers, atheists and human rights advocates have all been targeted through a series of arrests and new laws in what one activist has described as an “undeclared state of emergency.” Social media and what analysts describe as King Abdullah’s efforts to foster a more open atmosphere since the turn of the century, have given Saudis greater scope than ever before to criticize the authorities and discuss topics once seen as taboo. However, since the 2011 Arab uprisings, the world’s #1 oil exporter (never forget that – RB) has taken a far harsher line against many forms of dissent, jailing liberal reformers and religious critics on charges ranging from sedition to jeopardizing state security. Riyadh’s long-ruling dynasty remains firmly in control of the country, where only small-scale demonstrations to push for the release of jailed Sunni militants or liberal activists or by Shi’ites in the Eastern Province occur from time to time. But it believes it is under attack as never before, say analysts with close ties to the kingdom’s elite, and sees Syria’s civil war and Egypt’s political crisis as posing a domestic threat as well as a foreign policy challenge. Responding to these perceived threats, Saudi Arabia has passed a set of laws that ban citizens (they aren’t ‘citizens’, they’re subjects – RB) from fighting abroad, donating money to any faction in Syria or sympathizing with militant ideologies (banned from sympathising, we legislate upon how you are permitted to feel, that’s a very Jewish way of looking at it. By the way, you can see here why I object to the almost meaningless word ‘militant’, because here its ambiguity and broadness is capitalised upon, applying it by implication of context to “Sunni Islamists, Shi’ite Muslims, liberal reformers, atheists and human rights advocates” – RB). Meanwhile, a new law defines terrorist crimes as any act that “disturbs public order, shakes the security of society, or subjects its national unity to danger, or obstructs the primary system of rule or harms the reputation of the state.” A rights campaigner who asked not to be identified said:

There is a clear lowering of the ceiling of liberties, a rise in security repression and an increase in legislation of laws that can be used to criminalize political activists (see, we can have it both ways with our variously fascist client states, we can ‘chide’ them while actually encouraging them to run phoenix program type mass murder campaigns on the quiet – RB).

The kingdom says it does not have political prisoners and does not practice torture, while top officials have defended monitoring of activists as necessary to maintain social stability. A senior Interior Ministry official interviewed by Reuters in February (we don’t even bother to mention that he asked to retain his anonymity – RB) said:

We don’t want things to influence our unity. So if something is going to make our society unstable or disunite our society, we will pay a lot of attention to it.

The new laws have made it easier for the government to punish Saudis for any expressions of criticism or dissent, not only in public gatherings and traditional media, but also on social media. In doing so, it appears to be reacting to both regional political turbulence and the surge of public debate unleashed by Twitter and YouTube. Political parties are banned in the kingdom, as are protests. Labor unions are illegal, the press is tightly controlled and criticism of the royal family can lead to prison. However, King Abdullah has encouraged reforms aimed at making Saudi society more open to outside influences and encouraged the local press to push harder for change, according to local newspaper editors cited by US diplomats in cables released by WikiLeaks (how very convenient – RB). At the same time, social media has allowed Saudis to push the boundaries of public debate, opening the way for widespread criticism of specific officials and policies in ways that would have been unimaginable a decade ago. Now, the government has introduced a series of regulations requiring licensing of news websites and threatening punitive imprisonment for dissent on social media. Earlier this month, three young men from prominent Saudi families were detained for posting online films complaining about living standards and criticizing the royal family, said an activist who spoke with relatives. The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists has ranked Saudi Arabia among the world’s 10 most censored countries, together with Syria, Eritrea and North Korea.

Islamists from the kingdom’s conservative Sunni majority are the main focus of government unease, most clearly via a decree that branded the MB a terrorist organization, but also with moves against specific figures seen as a threat. Wajdi al-Ghazzawi, the Saudi host of Wajd television station based in Cairo, was convicted last year of “harming the nation’s image” with programming that was “liable to impact on public security.” But the authorities have also targeted those who appear to deviate from orthodox Sunni belief, by making atheism a “terrorist” offence and imposing harsh sentences for people it said have blasphemed on social media. Government officials have also used harsh language about liberals, as the Islamic Affairs Minister Sheikh Saleh bin Abd’ul-Aziz al-Sheikh did in comments to the London pan-Arab paper al-Hayat this month. He described “Western liberal trends, Islamist movement trends and non-Islamist ones threatening the country.” In October, authorities detained columnist Tareq al-Mubarak for several days after he published an opinion piece criticizing the driving ban and other restrictions on women. One Saudi official said privately that Mubarak had “crossed a line by trying to organize dissent.” A group of activists imprisoned over the past year after founding the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association angered the government by publicizing their demands for a constitutional monarchy and accusations about senior figures. Mohammed Fahd al-Qahtani and Abdullah Hamid were sentenced to 10 and 11 years in jail on charges that included sedition and giving inaccurate information to foreign media. A relative of one of them said they were now on hunger strike, which the government denied was happening. The activist (you remember, the first of the two unnamed sources around which all this pseudo-solicitous shit is built – RB) said:

The tightening is … on all political activists demanding reform and popular participation in the political decision making process.

He said ACPRA was the most daring Saudi group in demanding reforms. Even Riyadh’s annual book fair did not escape. Publishers said authorities ordered the withdrawal of more than 400 titles from the display, including works by prominent authors like Plastelinan poet Mahmoud Darwish and Iraqi poets Bader Shaker al-Sayyab and Abd’el-Wahhab al-Bayati. Amplifying Saudi worries ( look mama, more subjectivity on display – RB) about Syria and Egypt, the kingdom’s rulers feel surrounded by chaos. Iraq is still torn by sectarian violence, while political turmoil casts a shadow over two of the kingdom’s other neighbors, Yemen and Bahrain. Mustafa Alani, a security analyst with close ties to the Interior Ministry (and he didn’t mind us using his name, because everyone interviewed ‘formally’ gets a handsome fee – RB):

The authorities believe they are in control inside Saudi Arabia, more or less, but they are not sure about the outside impact on Saudi Arabia in the near future. They fear the return of possibly hundreds of hardened militants who have fought in Syria’s civil war, remembering attacks from 2003-06 launched by radical Islamists who had taken part in the insurgency in Iraq.

Gregory Gause of the Doha Brookings (Saban – RB) Institution, said:

I think the worry about Syria is more reflected in the recent bit of legislation that mandate prison terms for Saudis who join fights abroad. I think that’s a direct response to the increasing flow back from Syria into Saudi Arabia. But of course that’s a movie we’ve seen before from Afghanistan, from Iraq (it’s not a movie, scum – RB). Saudi leaders also fear (see how they do this, over and over – RB) that domestic expressions of support for the MB could complicate their policy in Egypt, their most important Arab ally against Iran.

Such concerns have given added weight to domestic criticism over a lack of jobs, housing shortages and government corruption, as well as social debates as to whether the kingdom is moving too quickly towards adopting Western values. But Ibrahim al-Mugaitib, head of the local Human Rights First Society, said security steps were not the answer to dissidents. He told Reuters:

We need more than harshness and roughness as we have noticed recently in the sentencing. Instead, the government should regard criticism as constructive, and I hope they will push reforms at a faster pace. We need more understanding for where people are coming from.

Great way to end it, meaningless liberal US slang with a hippie undertone for Sam Power to have a little giggle over – RB)

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yet, yet more absolute clowns

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Britain says Russia has pushed Ukraine to the brink
Reuters, Apr 15 2014

Apparently, the curious remark about ‘oligarchisation’ in the middle of this is a reference to wealthy Kremlin-backed businessmen buying up strategic assets abroad. Wealthy Russian-Jewish businessmen, ie oligarchs, are welcome to buy up the rest of Britain, starting in true Jewish crowd-pleasing fashion with its football clubs and newspapers, as long as they aren’t “Kremlin-backed” but are instead backed by the same global wave of judeonazism that backs everything else – RB

LONDON – Russia has deliberately pushed Ukraine “to the brink” in recent days and increased the risk of violent confrontation there, British Foreign Secretary William Hague will say on Tuesday in a speech in London. Hague’s comments, released in advance by his office, come after Russia declared Ukraine to be on the verge of civil war and as Kiev said an “anti-terrorist operation” against pro-Moscow separatists was under way. According to the extracts, he will say something like this, and as all politicians do, he will say it three times: first, he will say what he’s going to say, then he will actually say it, then he will repeat what he’s just said, to make it absolutely clear, because what I tell you three times must be true:

Russia’s behavior has laid bare the danger of the creation of concentrations of Russian economic, political and media power that subvert democratic institutions, particularly in South-Eastern Europe. Britain is ready to support other European countries which are vulnerable to the pressure of creeping oligarchisation. In recent days Russia has deliberately pushed Ukraine to the brink, and created a still greater risk of violent confrontation. Russia’s actions in Ukraine will strengthen the unity, relevance and common purpose of NATO and bolster the case for increased defense spending among allies whose defense outlay has slipped below its guideline levels.

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rasmussen does his usual thing, for what must be nearly the last time before he retires to his private bahama or whatever

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NATO chief accuses Russia of deep involvement in east Ukraine
Adrian Croft, Reuters, Apr 15 2014

LUXEMBOURG – Russia is deeply involved in the crisis in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Moscow separatists have seized control of a number of government buildings, NATO Sec-Gen Rasmussen said on Tuesday. The remarks from the head of the western military alliance underline rising tensions with Moscow, which says it is not involved in the armed pro-Russian protests in eastern Ukraine. Asked if he had seen evidence of Russian involvement in events in eastern Ukraine, Rasmussen told reporters:

We never…comment on intelligence, but I think from what is visible, it is very clear that Russia’s hand is deeply engaged in this.

Rasmussen, in Luxembourg for talks with EU defense ministers, as usual bloviated at some length before the cameras:

We call upon Russia to de-escalate the crisis, to pull back its troops from Ukraine’s borders, to stop destabilizing the situation in Ukraine, and to make it clear that it doesn’t support the violent actions of pro-Russian separatists. Russia should stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution (over the decades, even a Black Panther slogan can be quietly turned around 180 degrees, to serve as a motto for imperialism – RB)

Military action by NATO, which is focused on protecting its own 28 members from Poland to Canada, is not on the agenda (of course not, just like in Syria – RB). Rasmussen said NATO was not discussing military involvement in non-NATO member Ukraine and wanted to strengthen the defenses of eastern European allies nervous about Russia’s intentions (resort to subjectivity, ie ‘nervous’, cf ‘worry’, ‘apprehensive’, ‘fretful’, ‘restive’ etc. This is a quintessentially Jewish tactic, though adrian mole or whatever his name is is presumably one of AP’s token goys – RB). Rasmussen said later:

Whether to send military supplies to Ukraine would be a decision for NATO member governments, rather than NATO itself, to make. Military equipment is possessed by individual nations, by individual allies, and not by NATO. NATO is not engaged in that. So that is based on bilateral agreements between Ukraine and individual allies (this is a message to Saudi or anyone: if you wanna send a couple billion bucks worth of bangs, go right ahead, though obviously we couldn’t recommend or request such a thing – RB).

An adviser to Jackass Kerry said in Berlin on Monday that the US was considering supplying arms to Ukraine. White House spokesman Jay Carney said later however that the US was not “actively considering” lethal aid for Ukraine, but was reviewing the kinds of assistance it could provide. NATO ambassadors are expected on Wednesday to discuss options put forward by military planners for reinforcing the defenses of eastern allies through exercises and temporary deployments of planes and ships sent by other allies. Rasmussen declined to comment in detail on what reinforcement measures NATO might take but said some suggested measures could be implemented immediately while others could be decided on at a later stage taking account of how the Ukraine situation develops. In his talks with EU defense ministers, Rasmussen said he would call for stronger cooperation between NATO and the EU, proposing that the military rapid reaction forces that both organizations maintain should train and exercise together more often.

Here is the press release from NATO – RB:

Sec-Gen says Ukraine crisis amplifies need to boost defence cooperation
NATO, Apr 15 2014

Sec-Gen Rasmussen said today that the Ukraine crisis has amplified the need to strengthen cooperation between NATO, the European Union and with close partners. He said, arriving for EU Defence Ministers talks in Luxembourg:

We need to train and exercise more together, for instance the NATO Response Force and the EU Battlegroups, so that we stand ready for whatever the future may bring.

He discussed the crisis in Ukraine with the EU defence ministers and expressed his deep concern over the continued violence by small groups of separatists and Russia’s continued military pressure on Ukraine’s border. He said:

I call on Russia to de-escalate the crisis, to pull back its troops from Ukraine’s borders, to stop de-stabilizing the situation in Ukraine, and make clear that it doesn’t support the violent actions of pro-Russian separatists. Russia should stop being part of the problem, and start being part of the solution.

He informed the EU ministers about what measures NATO has already taken and will take to further strengthen collective defence at sea, in the air and on land, saying:

These measures will follow three tracks; re-enforced defence plans, enhanced exercises and appropriate deployments.

He will also hold talks with Prime Minister Xavier Bettel of Luxembourg and Marc Angel, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee of the Luxembourg Parliament, while in the Grand Duchy.

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isn’t it wonderful the way this insane warmonger runs around pontificating about US imperatives, and obama pretends to ignore him?

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That’s how the dems are always muzzled in office, by a muscular GOPster continually accusing them of being pansies and cowards, just in case otherwise an epidemic of administrative socialism might break out – RB

Walnuts McCain mocks EU’s Russia sanctions
AP, Apr 15 2014

TALLINN, Estonia – walnuts McCain has dismissed the EU’s sanctions on Russia following the crisis in Ukraine as “almost a joke” during a tour of the Baltic countries. Speaking in Estonia on Tuesday, McCain said the EU’s sanctions against Russian individuals were “minimal.” He also called for “strong, tough USAian leadership” to shape the West’s response to Russia’s actions in the Ukraine crisis. Walnuts and some nonentity of a so-called ‘senator’ named John Hoeven are visiting Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania this week. The US Embassy in Tallinn said the two Congress critturs were “traveling in their capacity as members of the Senate to assess the security situation and explore ways that the US could offer assistance and assurance to NATO members.”

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it’s interesting that lobe hasn’t put his own name behind this essentially credulous, naive reading of bandar’s behaviour

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Saudi Intel Chief Prince Bandar Is Out, But Is He Really Out?
(well, yes, according to this, despite the intriguing rhetorical question promised in the headline. So there – RB)
Thomas Lippman, Lobelog, Apr 15 2014

If you should start to wonder who this guest author may be, he is a former WaPo middle east bureau chief who more than 40 years ago ‘covered the Vietnam war’ as Saigon correspondent for the newspaper of record. He must have been barely out of Talmud Torah, but every good boy deserves favour. That sure filled you with confidence, didn’t it? – RB

It might be a mistake to jump to conclusions about the removal of Prince Bandar bin Sultan from his post as chief of Saudi Arabian intelligence. When it comes to senior jobs held by the royals, the KSA’s decision-making process is entirely opaque and there is no way to know at this point whether the flamboyant former ambassador to the US was pushed out or bailed out. A terse announcement by the official Saudi Press Agency on Tuesday said King Abdullah relieved Bandar of his duties “upon his request.” That’s what the SPA almost always says. Sometimes it’s true, sometimes not, but the people involved in such high-level decisions never explain them to the outside world. In Bandar’s case it might even be true. At the age of 65 he is relatively youthful among senior Saudi princes, but he has nursed various ailments for years and recently was absent from his post for months, reportedly recuperating in Morocco after surgery in the US. The standard narrative about Bandar for some time has been that he fell from the king’s favor because he failed to carry out his most urgent mission: to bring about the ouster of Assad, an outcome to which King Abdullah is committed. Bandar, who for years was a powerhouse in Washington, was unable to forge a common strategy on Syria with the US, which is seeking the same outcome. He was unable to unite the disparate Syrian rebel groups or curb the influence among them of radical Jihadis (That is the core of the lie, of course, because it is essential to the global Jewish war effort at this stage to maintain the desperate fiction of the ‘moderate Jihadis’ – RB). And on a visit to Moscow last summer, of which no details were ever made public, he apparently failed to persuade Putin to back off from his support of Assad. In February, Bandar was relieved of responsibility for Syria, replaced by Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the powerful minister of interior, who had made the rounds in Washington a few weeks earlier. Whether Mohammed can salvage the operation in Syria, where the military trend has clearly been in the government’s favor lately, remains open to doubt, despite assertions from the Saudis and the US that they got back on the same page when Obama visited Riyadh last month. Iran’s Fars News Agency, reporting that Bandar had been “sacked,” appended to its article a photograph of Bandar crossed out by a big red X. The Fars article said:

In September, 17 Saudi princes in a letter to King Abdullah protested at Bandar Bin Sultan’s failure in coaxing the US into a war on Syria to topple Assad’s government.

Could be, but Fars and other Iranian news organs regularly report unsupported nonsense about Saudi Arabia if they think it makes the Saudis look bad (not like you, whose unsupported nonsense is incomparably more important to the Jewish war effort – RB). Bandar apparently retains at least for now his position as head of Saudi Arabia’s National Security Council, although his responsibilities in that post have always been murky (that is the lamest explanation for a blatant contradiction that I have seen so far this morning – RB). Even if Bandar is in the king’s doghouse, this latest development does not necessarily mean that he is permanently excluded from the inner circles of power (phony balance of doubts, to make article sound more well-reasoned than in reality it is – RB). After all, he was appointed to the intelligence job in 2012 after the king dismissed his predecessor, Prince Muqrin bin Abd’ul-Aziz. Muqrin not only survived that apparent display of kingly displeasure, he recently was elevated to the position of deputy crown prince, putting him second in the line of succession after Abdullah. Even Prince Talal bin Abd’ul-Aziz, a half-brother of Abdullah who distanced himself from the royal family decades ago by supporting Nasser and other Arab nationalists, was politically rehabilitated by King Abdullah a few years ago (these further meaningless comparisons and considerations serve no explanatory purpose whatever, but simply disguise the author’s determination to convince his readers that nothing the Sauds do makes any sense anyway – RB). As of now, only two things are knowable with certainty (and both of these are lies – RB) about this latest move: Bandar is out as intelligence chief, and has been succeeded by an obscure deputy, Yousef al-Adrisi, who has stayed so far out of the public eye that a Google search turned up little beyond Wednesday’s announcement. The Saudi Foreign Ministry issued a statement last year saying he had been promoted to the rank of “general staff” upon the recommendation of Prince Bandar. He may be well known in the CIA and other foreign intelligence agencies, but his public profile is the polar opposite of Bandar’s. It will likely be many months before it becomes possible to assess his performance or to know the degree to which, as a non-royal, he has genuine authority over intelligence operations.

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i’m going to add a couple more major disinfo atrocity bullshit stories, then i’m going to go and barf in the dunny

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Saudi Arabia: reported poison gas use by Syria is challenge to world
Reuters, Apr 15 2014

RIYADH – Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal on Tuesday said the “grave news” that Assad’s forces had carried out two poison gas attacks last week was a challenge to “international will.” Rebels and the Syrian government have blamed each other for the alleged poison gas attacks on Friday and Saturday on rebel-held Kfar Zeita village in the central province of Hama. Both sides said chlorine gas had been used. Prince Saud said at a news conference in Riyadh:

These continuous violations by the Damascus regime require the international community to take firm action against the continuous defiance of international, Arab and Islamic will. The reported gas attacks posd a clear challenge to the UNSC decision to dismantle Assad’s chemical arsenal.

Saudi Arabia is a leading backer of rebels fighting against Assad, who is a close ally of the kingdom’s main rival Shi’ite power Iran. It has supplied rebels with training, weapons and cash and worked to mobilize international support for them. Asked about the possibility of supplying anti-aircraft weapons to the rebels, Prince Saud said that it was necessary to change the balance of military power on the ground in Syria but did not give further details. He said instead:

The only way the regime would listen to calls for peace is if he (Assad) is forced to agree that we cannot reach a military solution for his desire to quell the revolution.

Chlorine gas, a deadly agent widely used in WW1, has industrial uses and is not on a list of chemical weapons that Assad declared to the global chemical weapons watchdog last year for destruction. Hamish de Bretton-Gordon (there’s a good, british regimental name for you! – RB) of SecureBio, a UK-based ‘consultancy’ firm, said:

Chlorine was not part of the declared stockpile but chlorine is a chemical weapon under the chemical weapon convention. While chlorine gas was readily available in Syria, the attacks consisted of chlorine containers being dropped from helicopters. As far as I am aware, the opposition does not have helicopters (english-style urbane irony, obviously having a franco-scottish name doesn’t inhibit internalisation of this slimy english trait – RB).

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let us not fall into the weakness of abandoning our push for total control of every single human thought, word and deed throughout the globe (rasmussen may never actually have said this verbatim)

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Gruesome Syrian ‘Torture’ photos shown to UNSC
BBC, Apr 15 2014

_74263261_021926706-1Araud on the left, making surreptitious v-signs with his fingers to camouflage his boredom as Crane drones on – RB

Graphic photographs of prisoners allegedly tortured by Syrian government forces have been shown to members of the UNSC. The images, reportedly smuggled out by a defector, appear to show evidence of abuse, including beatings, strangulation and long-term starvation. The photos were first released in January in a report commissioned by Qatar, which backs Syria’s opposition. The Syrian government has dismissed the report, saying it has no credibility (meaningless balance – RB). The meeting was called by France, which wants the International Criminal Court to investigate crimes against humanity. Russia has the power to veto that. Security Council members fell silent as the images were shown on Tuesday, said France’s UN ambassador, Gerard Araud (did they fall down and queue up to suck his dick too, Lord BBC Haw-haw?- RB). Samantha Power, US ambassador to the UN, said:

The gruesome images of corpses bearing marks of starvation, strangulation and beatings… indicate that the Assad regime has carried out systematic, widespread and industrial killing. Nobody who sees these images will ever be the same (Bullshit – RB).

_74263263_021926700-2if the above looks to you like anything but a very amateurish piece of photoshop ‘art’,
then you can’t have even looked at what photoshop does – RB

The report, by three former war crimes prosecutors, is based on the evidence of a defected military police photographer, referred to only as Caesar. He, along with others, reportedly smuggled about 55,000 digital images of some 11,000 dead detainees out of Syria. He said his job had been to take photographs of corpses, both to allow a death certificate to be produced and to confirm that execution orders had been carried out. He did not claim to have witnessed killings or torture himself. The photographs in the report cover the period from the start of the uprising in Mar 2011 until August last year. All but one of the bodies shown are male. Some had no eyes, and some showed signs of electrocution. Syria’s Justice Ministry dismissed the photos and accompanying report as “lacking objectiveness and professionalism”, according to AP. But one of the authors of the report, former Sierra Leone Special Court prosecutor David Crane, said the photographs and the witness himself were “credible and sustainable in a court of law” (that I can well believe, since nowadays the new global Nazis, which is to say the Jews, can create puppet international courts without the slightest fear of exposure – RB). While Caesar’s photos would appear to offer evidence of war crimes by the Syrian government, both Araud and Crane said that crimes had also been committed by opposition forces (more meaningless balance, I mean, which is the west actually paying and arming? – RB). More than 150,000 people have been killed since the conflict began, with millions forced to flee their homes (hypocritical crocodile tears over their own victims has always been an irritating feature of the british ruling class; the Jews will never waste time with this phony self-mortification – RB)

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i do realise that most people refuse to believe that this is anything but proof that saudi is dissociating from the syrian jihadis, or that bandar doesn’t run them, but most people are stupid, cowardly, conformist and credulous

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My headline is unusually categorical about most people, but this is because the first thing that happened this morning was that I started reading what looked like a very promising Australian (I think) blogger called Brandon Martinez, then gave up in disgust when he started peddling anti-Russian and anti-Soviet atrocity propaganda derived directly from the same Nazi assholes he has just finished exonerating from the holocaust. Now I don’t mind the second of these efforts (holocaust revisionism), but at this particular time I have no tolerance for anti-soviet assholes. Even if you incline to the arguably far-fetched theory that ‘the Jews’ orchestrated both world wars, the first to create communism and the second to destroy it again, that’s no reason why I should eat your catholic capitalist nazi shit, martinez – RB

Bandar replaced as Saudi intelligence chief
DEBKAfile, Apr 15 2014

Saudi intelligence director Prince Bandar bin Sultan has been replaced “at his own request,” according to the official news agency, by his deputy, Yousef al-Idrissi.

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full video of the recent russian press conference at PACE, with english subtitles

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Actually, I think this video contains the whole thing twice, ie it gives the whole press conference, then starts again from scratch:

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lobro, it’s that woman again

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Ukraine troops land in eastern town, then pull back to base
Gabriela Baczynska, Reuters, Apr 15 2014

KRAMATORSK – Ukrainian airborne troops landed in a town in the east of the country on Tuesday apparently at the start of a crackdown to root out pro-Russian separatists, but they pulled back into base after meeting a hostile reception from local civilians. The town of Kramatorsk is one of 10 localities in Ukraine’s Russian-speaking east where separatist rebellions have broken out. The move suggested Ukraine’s authorities were going ahead with a plan for a broad military crackdown to end the unrest which began 10 days ago. Separately, the state security service announced a similar operation was under way in the town of Slaviansk, about 20 km away, where pro-Russia militants are occupying state buildings to push their demands for referendums on the status of Ukraine’s eastern regions. In Slaviansk, a Reuters correspondent said there was no sign of forces loyal to Kiev. A Ukrainian airforce plane flew over the town but there was no apparent readiness to try to take control of state buildings occupied by pro-Russia militants. Local media reported that Ukrainian troops elsewhere in the region were re-asserting control over traffic on main roads in an effort to restore Kiev’s authority. The troops disembarked at Kramatorsk from two military helicopters after an air force plane made what appeared to be an unsuccessful attempt to land at the airfield where separatists and their sympathisers had set up barricades at the entrance gates.

Pro-Russian militants in the town itself have, like their comrades in other localities, targeted police headquarters and state security offices for occupation, apparently since they offer a ready source of weapons (? – RB). This correspondent heard several shots fired from inside the air base as a crowd of separatist sympathisers moved towards the gates after the troops landed, but these appeared to be warning shots. The crowd of several hundred, who were almost exclusively supporters of the pro-Russian insurgency, appeared to be all civilians and no weapons were visible. There were no clashes and Ukrainian authorities did not report any casualties, in contrast with Russia where media, without citing sources, reported a death toll of at least four. The capture of the airfield at Kramatorsk was welcome news for Ukraine’s new leaders after a string of setbacks as the separatists seized control of official buildings with impunity. In Kiev, Turchinov savoured a triumph, announcing the airfield had been “liberated.” But, on the ground in Kramatorsk, a Ukrainian general who said he was the commander of the “anti-terrorist” operation had a hostile reception as he sought to reason with the crowd. The officer, Gennady Krutov, said:

We have information that there is shooting going on in here. I came here to clarify that. There is an anti-terrorist operation going on in here. I am here to protect you. I address you as citizens of our common country.

The crowd shouted: “Hands off the Donbass!” As talks grew heated, the crowd numbering several hundred jostled the general, who at one point lost his hat in the commotion. With night falling, he and his men withdrew into the air base. Locals, some of them holding the Russian flag, had set up barricades of sand and tyres outside the gates to the airport and prior to the troops landing some of them appeared to be preparing petrol bombs.

Now let’s see if we can get any closer to reality than that:

Russian Spring ‏@diablo3xnews
@RT_russian reports 4 dead, 2 injured in #Краматорск #Kramatorsk #Ukraine airport shooting. 2 Army helicopters, Massive tanks, 500 soldiers.

Alec Luhn ‏@ASLuhn
Hands off Donbass! Locals chant, crowded around government commander

Alec Luhn ‏@ASLuhn
Are we terrorists!? Locals yell at anti-terrorist operation commander

Armed gangs of Kiev junta opened fire at an airport near Kramatorsk, people’s militia fighters from Donetsk republic army have 2 wounded report agency RIA-Novosti .

“Representatives of the Ukrainian army APCs drove to the military airfield between Kramatorsk and Slavyansk. They entered into negotiations with the self-defense forces that controlled airfield. Suddenly the shooting started. Among the militia are wounded, perhaps killed. The remaining militia blocked the entrances to Kramatorsk and ready to repel attacks,” was quoted as saying one of the self defense forces.”

RT ‏@RT_com
MORE: Angry Kramatorsk locals w/Russian flag & molotovs, Kiev troops & masked militia now hold airfield (via @ASLuhn)

Self-defense forces: the attackers in Kramatorsk were dressed like “Right Sector” ppl, some spoke foreign languages

“19:19 Self-defense forces of Ukraine’s Lugansk region have stopped a column of armored vehicles approaching the regional center, regional council deputy Yuriy Khokhlov told Interfax on the telephone.

19:16 Shots are being fired at the airdrome near the city of Kramatorsk and one fighter plane has been shot down, witnesses report from the scene, TASS reports.”

Below: Ukrainian troops plus armor arriving at Kramatorsk


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April 15, 2014 at 7:00 pm

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