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Kiev in U-turn over claim that ‘Russian tanks, artillery and 1,200 fighters’ had been deployed in Eastern Ukraine as evidence fails to materialise
Will Stewart, Damien Gayle, Daily Mail (UK), Aug 20 2014

Muddled security officials in Ukraine were last night forced to deny a huge Russian military convoy had been deployed in the eastern rebel-run city of Lugansk. The strong rebuttal suggested an earlier claim about an invasion by Vladimir Putin’s troops amounted to a crude propaganda move by the pro-Western Kiev government, or deep confusion in its own ranks. The original allegation of a Russian column arriving in Lugansk came from Lt-Gen Igor Voronchenko, head of the Ukrainian Anti Terrorist Operation (ATO) in the city, and was backed by military analyst Dmitry Tymchuk. The general was quoted saying in an assertion calculated to alarm the West:

There are tanks, Grad artillery, APCs, accompanied by about 1,200 men dressed in the army uniform of Russian Federation.

Yet there was no confirmation on Wednesday from NATO or other Western sources which was widely reported inside Ukraine. The claim was also contradicted closer to home by Kiev’s National Security and Defence Council spokesman Andriy Lysenko, who dismissed it as ‘strange’. He said:

Intelligence is not confirming the existence of this column.

Later after checking it, he stated:

Rebels who are fighting in Lugansk do have military hardware and Grad artillery but they did not get it yesterday. They had it for a while.

Vorochenko and a chorus of social media sources had indicated a recent move. Vorochenko said:

We can confirm this information. This army column got to Ukraine about three days ago.

Russia has repeatedly denied supplying heavy arms and fighters to pro-Moscow separatists fighting in Lugansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine. Rebel spokesman Kostyantyn Knyrik dismissed the reports as ‘pure bluff’ and ‘lies’. He said:

There is no Russian column, and there never was. It is not the first time that the Ukrainian side makes such statements, and not the first time it is a miss. They seem to be passionate about these columns.

Kiev is understood to have received ‘advice’ from Western spin doctors and ‘PR specialists’, while Moscow also pays attention to an ‘information war’. Ukraine yesterday claimed to have taken control of a large area of Lugansk, another indication that there was no new Russian military presence. There is speculation Ukraine will hype up its military achievements ahead of a weekend when it will mark its Independence Day. Lysenko today said government forces are now controlling ‘significant parts’ of the eastern city. Lugansk has been without electricity, running water or phone connections for 18 days due to the fighting. A separate 280-truck Russian ‘aid’ convoy is still stalled at the border amid fears in Kiev that it has a military purpose. Russia and Ukraine said yesterday their presidents would meet together with top Euian officials in Minsk on Monday to discuss their confrontation over Ukraine. The meeting will put Putin and Poroshenko in the same room for the first time since a passing encounter in France in June, though Ukrainian officials were at pains to say no face-to-face meeting between the two men was planned. Nonetheless, with a Ukrainian military offensive making inroads against pro-Russian separatist forces in eastern Ukraine, Reuters reports that Ukrainian officials were upbeat that the meeting could be a diplomatic opportunity. Valery Chaly, Poroshenko’s top foreign policy aide, said:

Today a clear diplomatic roadmap is taking shape. We can come up with new approaches that will allow us to talk about a move from war to peace.

But that hope could turn sour if claims that separatists have had significant reinforcements courtesy of Russia. Messages posted on to Twitter appeared to back up the claims. One read:

Column from Russian Federation entered the town with Russian army. It came from the East of Lugansk. At first we thought it was Ukrainian army. It was going for 2 hours, with white ribbons on the arms, without flags.

Another said:

All is bad! Welcome humanitarian aid from Russia, newest T-72, Grads and other presents.

A further Tweet read:

At about 2 pm on the street called ’30th anniversary of the Victory’ there was spotted a column of military hardware – tanks and infantry armoured vehicles.

Anastasiya Stanko, a journalist with, reported:

I have information from the administration of Lugansk that a column of Russia military hardware entered the city, at least 150 vehicles, including tanks, Grad artillery and infantry armoured vehicles, also about 1,200 soldiers. All are dressed in Russian army uniform but without chevrons. At the moment they are at the 30th anniversary of war victory street in Lugansk. There is information that this column crossed the border about three days ago and got to Lugansk via Severnyi Donets.

The equipment came from the same vicinity as where the stalled humanitarian convoy was based near the Russian-Ukraine border in Rostov region, she said. Voronchenko linked the men and hardware to an announcement last week from separatist ‘prime minister’ in Donetsk, Aleksandr Zakharchenko, that he had obtained 150 pieces of military hardware ‘infantry fighting vehicles and armoured personnel carriers’ from Russia. He also boasted the rebels had been boosted by 1,200 fighters ‘who have received four months training in the Russian Federation.’ Russia dismissed this report but Mr Voronchenko said the new force in Lugansk ‘is exactly what that Russian creature Zakharchenko spoke about.’ Yesterday, the Mail’s correspondent in Russia reported movements of heavy military hardware in Rostov, the Russian region which borders Ukraine, in previous days. Tanks were seen carried West towards the frontier on trucks which later returned empty. Ukrainian military analyst Dmitry Tymchuk said:

Unfortunately, we can confirm the fact that the column of Russian military equipment broke through to Lugansk to back up the local militants. This development came yesterday, though some Russian military hardware had arrived earlier. According to our data, a few dozen units of military equipment broke through into the neighbourhood of Lugansk, up to 40 of them are heavy armoured vehicles. Part of this column entered the city. ‘How the column of vehicles could have broken through the blockade line, considering the fact that Lugansk is being blocked by a circle of checkpoints and fortified strong points of ATO forces, we currently cannot say.

Military activity on the ground has been high in recent days in Rostov region in areas close to the border where the West claims Russia has station large forces. NATO warned last week about the threat of a Russian invasion into eastern Ukraine. Now it looks like such a possibility could overshadow any hopes of defusing the worst crisis to engulf Europe since the Cold War. At Monday’s planned talks in Minsk, Putin will be accompanied by Belarussian leader Alexander Lukashenko and Kazkahstan’s Nursultan Nazarbayev. Their countries are members of the Russia-led Customs Union which the Western-backed Kiev leadership spurned in favour of EU integration when it seized power in February. A statement from Poroshenko’s administration said the meeting would discuss issues related to implementing the landmark association agreement Kiev signed with the EU, energy security and ‘stabilising the situation in Ukraine.’ Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said only that the leaders ‘will discuss relations between Ukraine and the Customs Union and there will be a number of bilateral meetings.’ The Minsk meeting will form part of a hectic round of diplomatic meetings for Poroshenko in the next two weeks around Ukraine’s Independence Day celebrations on Sunday, when he hopes to be able to celebrate battlefield successes against the separatists. He will host a key visit to Kiev by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday when he will expect her to voice strong support for his policies to crush the separatist rebellions. Separately, Poroshenko’s website said he had accepted an invitation by Euia to visit Brussels on Aug 30 and would attend also a summit of NATO in Wales in early September when he may meet Obama, his aides said. Chaly said:

We can not say for certain yet, but I think that it would be correct if a meeting between the presidents of Ukraine and Usaia took place at this summit.

We already know the Kiev junta is full of shit. But there won’t be another ‘revolution’ in Kiev unless the big Jew wants one, and he doesn’t. What there will be, in all probability, is a hard-core Nazi dictatorship, because there is no shortage of bastards to run it and enforce it, and the big Jew will be quite happy with that – RB

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so ISIS (which just happens to be a giant pseudo-gang run by saudi intelligence and the CIA) is worse than AQ, which (supposedly) destroyed half of new york’s financial heartland, what a degree of dumbed-downness this assumes in the sheeple, quite fantastic

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Hagel: ISIL ‘beyond anything that we’ve seen’
Jeremy Herb, Politico, Aug 21 2014

ISIL is “beyond anything that we’ve seen” and poses a greater terrorism threat than AQ, Sec Def Hagel said Thursday. Hagel said in a news conference one day after Obama lashed out at the group:

ISIL is as sophisticated and well-funded as any group that we have seen. They’re beyond just a terrorist group. They marry ideology, sophistication of strategic and tactical military prowess, they are tremendously well-funded. This is beyond anything that we’ve seen. So we must prepare for everything. And the only way you do that is take a cold, steely, hard look at it and get ready.

Hagel and JCoS Dempsey promised Thursday that the Usaian role in eliminating ISIL will remain limited but described the group as a long-term threat that cannot be eradicated through airstrikes alone. ISIL’s momentum has been disrupted by the roughly 90 airstrikes the Usaian military has already undertaken, which stopped the group’s advances toward Erbil and helped Iraqi and Kurdish forces retake the Mosul Dam, Dempsey said. But he warned that the group has been slowed, not stopped, saying:

This is an organization that has an apocalyptic, end-of-days strategic vision, and which will eventually have to be defeated. It will ultimately have to be addressed on both sides of essentially, at this point, a nonexistent border. That will come when we have a coalition in the region that takes on the task of defeating ISIS over time. ISIS will only truly be defeated when it’s rejected by the 20 million disenfranchised Sunnis that happen to reside between Damascus and Baghdad.

Hagel dodged questions about whether the Usaian military will need to attack parts of Syria. Despite the grim picture Hagel and Dempsey painted, they said the Usaian military can be only one element of the solution and called for military and diplomatic help from other countries. Indeed, Obama has repeatedly said that Usaian combat troops will not be returning to Iraq, although the number of Usaian troops advising and providing security at Usaian facilities has steadily increased. Pentagon officials have said they are considering sending an additional 300 troops to Iraq for security, which would bring the total number to roughly 1,000. ISIL released a video Tuesday depicting the beheading of Usaian journalist James Foley and threatening to kill more Usaian hostages. They had demanded $132.5m for Foley’s release, AP reported Thursday. In a statement from Martha’s Vineyard earlier this week, Obama condemned Foley’s killing, saying “the entire world is appalled” and calling for “a common effort to extract this cancer, so that it does not spread.” Obama said:

When people harm Usaians, anywhere, we do what’s necessary to see that justice is done. And we act against ISIL, standing alongside others.

Jackass Kerry said in a statement Wednesday:

ISIL and the wickedness it represents must be destroyed.

Later Wednesday, the Obama administration disclosed that Usaian special ops attempted earlier this summer to rescue Foley and other hostages believed to be held in Syria by ISIL. But the mission failed when the hostages were not there. Thursday, Hagel and Dempsey described the unsuccessful mission as “flawless” and said it was not an intelligence failure. Hagel said:

Intelligence doesn’t come wrapped in a package with a bow. It is a mosaic of many pictures, of many factors. But the underlying objective was to do everything we could, as the president has said, to rescue these hostages, knowing that their lives were in danger.

Defense hawks have said the killing of Foley should motivate the Obama administration to outline a more robust strategy in Iraq. Walnuts McCain and Lindsey Graham on Wednesday urged Obama to go after ISIL in Syria as well as Iraq. The Two Amigos said in a statement:

We must get beyond half-measures, tactical responses, and defensive actions. We need to develop a comprehensive strategy, political, economic, and military, to go on the offensive against ISIS, both in Iraq and Syria.

Democrats on Capitol Hill have generally backed Obama’s decision to use airstrikes against ISIL. But many lawmakers have warned about “mission creep” and an escalation of the Usaian role in Iraq. Hagel said Thursday that Obama would not let that happen. He said:

This is not about mission creep. The president has made it very clear that he will not allow that.

It’s all about getting rid of Assad & Hezbollah, really. As slave of Israel, Usaia is required to move heaven and earth to accomplish this. After all, we owe the Jews everything, don’t we? They invented good & evil, urban civilisation, and money too – RB:

Sec Def: ISIS Is An ‘Imminent Threat To Every Interest We Have’
Brett LoGiurato, Business Insider, Aug 21 2014

Sec Def Hagel warned of the threat posed by militants from ISIS (or ISIL), calling the group an “imminent threat to every interest we have.” Hagel said at a joint press briefing with JCoS Dempsey:

They are as sophisticated and well-funded as any group that we have seen. They’re beyond just a terrorist group. This is beyond anything we’ve seen. We must prepare for everything.

Hagel and Dempsey’s briefing addressed the ongoing Usaian military campaign to aid Iraqi and Kurdish forces against ISIS militants in Iraq, as well as the group’s brutal murder of Usaian journalist James Foley and the failed attempt by Usaian forces to rescue him and other hostages. The Usaian campaign in Iraq, Hagel said, remains limited in scope, and he said Obama has been clear about not allowing so-called “mission creep” with Usaian forces. But he said a long-term strategy is being pursued against ISIS, because the threat has clearly been established. Both he and Dempsey said ISIS must also be defeated in Syria as well as Iraq. Dempsey said it would be possible to “contain” ISIS, but not without going after the group in Syria. Dempsey said:

This is an organization that has an apocalyptic end-of-days strategic vision that will eventually have to be defeated. Can they be defeated without addressing that part of the organization that resides in Syria? The answer is no.

When asked whether Usaia would consider expanding the Usaian mission into Syria, Hagel said:

We continue to explore all options.

Both Hagel and Dempsey said Usaian airstrikes against ISIS have blunted the militants’ advances. Dempsey said that Usaia has conducted nearly 90 airstrikes thus far. But Hagel said he expected ISIS will regroup and launch a new offensive in Iraq soon. The Obama administration has clearly stiffened its rhetoric against ISIS over the past few weeks, as the group has made gains in Iraq and after the brutal murder of Foley. In a statement on Foley’s death Wednesday, Jackass Kerry said the group would be “crushed.” Obama compared the group on Wednesday to a “cancer” that “has no place in the 21st century.” Obama said in a statement from Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday:

Usaia will continue to do what we must do to protect our sheeple. We will be vigilant and we will be relentless.

Sheeple-FamilyA typical Sheeple Family

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my understanding is that every time the state dept criticises israel, congress rushes to send israel some more money, so in fact, these criticisms are good news for israel, which likes money and doesn’t care about criticism

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Usaia accuses Israel of targeting relatives of kidnapped and murdered Plastelinan 16-year-old
AFP, Aug 21 2014

Usaia on Wednesday charged Israel had targeted members of a Plastelinan family whose teenaged son was kidnapped and killed in July along with two cousins, who are Usaian citizens. Tensions between Plastelinans and Israelis in annexed occupied east Jayloomia plunged to a new low on Jul 2 when 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khder was snatched from an east Jayloomia street and later found burned alive. Israeli police arrested six alleged Jewish extremists as suspects and on Jul 17 charged three, freeing the others. The death of the Plastelinan teen, thought likely in retaliation for the abduction and killing of three Israeli students in late June, sparked rioting and helped unleash the conflict under way in Gaza between Israel and Hamas. Three days after his death, on Jul 5, Usaia slammed Israel’s arrest of a 15-year-old cousin, Tarek Abu Khder, 15, a Usaian citizen. He was beaten in detention and has since been freed and returned to Florida. On Jul 28, another cousin of Abu Khder, also a Usaian citizen, was arrested in Israel as well, the State Dept said Wednesday. Deputy Spokeswoman Marie Harf identified him as “Mohammed Abou Khdeir,” which would mean his name is the same as his murdered cousin’s. Harf said:

We can confirm that Mohammed Abu Khdeir, a US citizen, was arrested on Jul 28. The Usaian consulate general in Jayloomia is providing consular assistance. A consular official visited him on Aug 14. The consulate is also in contact with his family and his lawyer. We are concerned that the Usaian consulate general in Jayloomia was not notified of his arrest by the government of Israel. We are also concerned about the fact that members of the Khdeir family appeared to be singled out for arrest by the Israeli authorities.

Usaia accuses Israel Police of targeting slain Plastelinan boy’s family
Nir Hasson, Haaretz, Aug 21 2014

The Usaian State Dept on Wednesday accused Israel of having “singled out” for arrest members of the family of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, the Plastelinan boy who was burned alive last month by Israeli Jews. The statement followed the arrest of a Usaian citizen resident in East Jayloomia who is a relative of the slain boy. The Usaian citizen, also named Mohammed Abu Khdeir, was detained by Jayloomia police in a major crackdown in East Jayloomia meant to subdue the riots that erupted in the eastside’s Plastelinan neighborhoods after the murder of 16-year-old Abu Khdeir. The murdered boy’s relative and namesake, who is 19, was born in Usaia but lives and works in Jayloomia. His arrest was extended to the end of September and no indictment has been served as yet. His brother was arrested along with him. State Dept spokeswoman Marie Harf criticized Israel for failing to report the arrest to the Usaian Consulate in Jayloomia, as is the usual procedure with arrests of Usaian citizens. She also contended that members of the Abu Khdeir family have been “marked” for arrest by the police. She said:

We are concerned that the Usaian consulate general in Jayloomia was not notified of his arrest by the government of Israel. We are also concerned about the fact that members of the Khdeir family appeared to be singled out for arrest by the Israeli authorities.

The Abu Khdeir family, based in East Jayloomia’s Shoafat area, supports this claim. According to their count, from the day of the murder until now, no fewer than 35 young members of the family have been arrested, 21 of whom are still under arrest. Walid Abu Khdeir, uncle of the slain boy, said:

From the entire village they arrested perhaps six or seven people from other families, all the rest from our family. Today it’s enough for you to have the name Abu Khdeir, and they arrest you.

In an incident captured on video that caused outrage in Usaia, Tariq Abu Khdeir, the boy’s 15-year-old cousin and a Usaian citizen who was visiting the family when the murder occurred, was beaten to a pulp and arrested by Border Police during the stone-throwing protests. Attorney Leah Tsemel, who is representing the Usaian citizen Mohammed Abu Khdeir and additional detainees from the Abu Khdeir family, concurs with the State Dept’s accusation, saying:

The police are tough with everyone, but especially with the Abu Khdeirs. They were arrested three weeks after the rioting, after the area had calmed down, and they are insisting on leaving them under arrest for no reason. One of my clients, for example, is a doctor who was seen in the area of the rioting, not masked and not throwing stones, but administering first aid to the wounded, and he’s still under arrest.

The attorney now wants to organize the detainees from the family for a collective request to the State Prosecutor’s Office to consider leniency or a cancellation of the indictments, similar to the policy adopted towards the Jewish rightists who demonstrated against the Gaza disengagement plan, and who received a group pardon after the prosecutor took the stressful situation into account. Jayloomia police rejected claims that the family is being harassed. A police official said:

We arrest and investigate everyone who displays disorderly conduct, in order to bring him to trial, without any connection to his name or that of his family. What can we do if a significant percentage of those who rioted in Shoafat are from the Abu Khdeir family?

Regarding complaints about the failure to report to the Usaian Consulate, police said the only detainee named Abu Khdeir on the date of arrest is not registered as a Usaian citizen, and did not say he was one during questioning.

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another day, another kot-ivanov map, another cumulative novorossiya post

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There’s hardly anything new in it that I can see, but I have to note that this is out of date already in that Stanitsa Luganska (north-east corner) has been re-occupied by junta troops, and we’re now seeing a counter-attack to try to recapture it. So the map is wrong to show Stanitsa Luganska as inside LPR territory at this point. There’s also this huge effort by both sides to gain and control Ilovaisk, in the south (16). You can see the convergence of national Guard battalions “Azov” and “Dnepr” (battalion “Shakhtersk” is also there now), versus Motorola, Oplot and Vostok – RB



Reports from militia spokesman Prokhorov:

Ukro. mass media claimed that the loss of the Ukrainian side during the assault on Ilovaisk, in the total two days of battle, comprised: 20% loss of the battalion Dnipr, a bunch of soldiers from the battalion Shakhtersk, many from Battalion Donbass and 7 wounded from Azov. Nonsense! more, much more! As for loss and composition of the Ukrainian group: consider the fact that the militia announces the defeat of the Ukrainian units, while the total losses of the Ukrainians do not exceed 20-30%. Well then, the fight of David against Goliath. Ukrainian army piles strength in helter-skelter, and they are all new subdivisions, which often incorporate unrelated units into new teams.

On Aug 21, Ilovaisk, Ukrainian army attacked by “Grad”. At Krasny Partisan (near Gorlovka), militias drove the Ukrainian army out of the city. By the way, Igor Beszler returned to Gorlovka literally the day before yesterday. Now his men are storming Rozovka (near Zhdanovka), which is still occupied by the Ukrainian army. In Novoazovsk (occupied South DPR) partisans covered 2 ukro checkpoints staffed by territorial battalions from mortars. Many wounded, then relocated quietly. A lot of firepower has been expended on the Ukrainian army in Amvrosievka. Also, again bombed the position of the Ukrainian military in Luzhkov and border Vasiliki (just south of Amvrosievka), and the roadblock occupants in Blagodatnoye. And this fire environment expands: we shelled also the position of the Ukrainian army in Solnitsevo (Telmanovo district DND), some distance south of Amvrosievka. Also, from Amvrosievka Ukrainian army carried out the attack on Shakhtersk, Snizhne and Krasny Luch, and is now at Ilovaisk.

Now there are 17th tank, 51st and 93rd Mech Brigade, the remains of Krivbass, Dnipr, battalion Pravy Sektor, Shakhtersk and Azov, 23rd battalion Скиф (Zaporozhye), 26th and the rear side 25th artillery brigade, consolidated border detachment, Marines, Department of the Interior Ministry, SBU and the State guard. As well as the rear. (I can’t claim to have made this intelligible – RB)

LPR army confirmed they had captured Georgievka and Krasny Yar. But they still have not gained control over the road between Lutugino and Krasny Luch, on which the enemy had advanced a few miles. Slavianoserbsk is ours, and as it turned out we took territory for some distance beyond it. Stanitsa Luganskaya is not busy; there were a lot of Nazis. (I don’t know what they mean, but in any case it’s occupied by the Nazis now – RB) On the outskirts of Vesela Gora controlled by the militia.

Screenshot from 2014-08-21 18:46:25Vesela Gora

Stanitsa Luganskaya we continue to bomb, the militia continues to attack. Krasny Yar likely we took. Krashevatoye is ours, Novosvetlovka continues fights there. Roskishne, militia progresses from there towards Lutugino. There are also reports that the militia took Stakhanov and Bryanka and that repelled the attack on Vesela Tarasovka. But this information has yet to be confirmed.

Screenshot from 2014-08-21 18:35:56Vesela Tarasovka

Summary of the militias Novorossia
strelkov_info, Aug 21 2014 12:37 MSK

Summary from headquarters army of the South-East during the night of Aug 21: the battle for Ilovaisk, a breakthrough of the enemy between Lutugino and Krasny Luch, the SBU is preparing provocations.

During the night of Aug 20/21, the situation did not change much. The main efforts of the militia focused on establishing full control over significant operational district: Georgievka, Krashevatoye, Novosvetlovka. In Donetsk, the main fighting continued in the area of Ilovaisk. The enemy, reordering troops and entering into battle additional allowance is included punitive battalions of Nat Guards “Azov” and “Dnepr”, the total number up to 500 people, conquered the western quarters of the city. Forces of militia continued heroically to keep the eastern part of Ilovaisk. By morning on the western outskirts enemy remained occupied a small portion of the punishers and battalion Donbass, the rest of Ilovaisk was captured by militia. The militia attacked the enemy positions to the north of Ilovaisk. In Lugansk, the enemy forces battalion tactical group with the support of 24 tanks partially captured Malonikolevka and took control of the stretch of road between Krasny Luch and Lutugino. Forces militia was in active combat operations against the Nazis in the areas of Saur-Mogila and the settlements of Saurovka and Taranyi. Artillery of militia fired on the positions of the batteries of self-propelled artillery installations in Amvrosievka. Destroyed three SAU “MSTA” and a “Ural” ammunition truck. Just in the course of warfare from Aug 20 to 21, destroyed two tanks, five armoured fighting vehicles, up to five guns of different calibers, up to four vehicles. Enemy manpower loss amounted to 85 people killed and wounded. Exploration has concluded from areas of fighting the enemy the most trained special operations forces. According to reports, the SBU plans to attract them to commit false flag terrorist acts on the territory of Ukraine during the events dedicated to Independence Day. In the future it is planned to place the responsibility for their execution on the Novorossiyan army. Among the most likely places to commit terrorist acts: Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov.

ab2042aec9655608c729b78ee4e0757aFighting immediately south of Lugansk. Georgievka is near the centre

Message from the militia
strelkov_info, Aug 21 2014 11:14 MSK

The successful holding of SnH RU MO DPR special operations, captured the head of intelligence 8 AK AFU Colonel Bezyazbykov and company commander in-depth exploration 54th OR Brigade captain Mandashchi. Ukro Razvedcheki still in the psychological and moral shock of knowing that the militia DND is effective Spetsnaz. From the militia no losses.

Military report of Novorossia at Aug 20 2014

In the DPR, fighting going in the south from present borders of republic. The Ukies are transferring reinforcement to town Ilovaisk, particularly, fascist battalion “Azov” (only the 2nd platoon of this mercenary battalion took part in the second storming of the town) and battalion “Shakhtersk” and also units of Ukrainian Army (of the 17th tank and the 93rd mobile brigades). Ukie airplanes appeared in the area to the west of city Shakhtersk in the morning. They hoped to bomb the “Grads” of the DPR, which have been shelling the Kiev junta units advancing to Ilovaisk. By the time the aircraft appeared, the missile launchers “Grad” have already relocated. Our forces are also shelling Saur-Mogila and the enemy’s positions at village Amvrosiyevka. The positions of the enemy at villages Luzhki, Petrovkoye, Kutynikovo and near Amvrosiyevka itself were subjected to artillery and mortar strikes. Fire exchanges near the village of Blagodatnoye are still going on. The positions of the enemy at town Debaltsevo and at the town-satellite of Gorlovka, Mayorskiy, were also subjected to artillery strike. In the LPR, the fighting is going in the east, north of the city Lugansk. Near town Slavyanoserbsk, village Sabovka, the Vergunka bypass, town Stanitsa Luganskaya and village Vesela Gora.


Ilovaisk Update, Aug 21: Fighting continues at Ilovaisk. The battalion Donbass reported losses 6 BMP, 12 personnel who participated in the storming of Ilovaisk. Today punitive battalions “Azov”, “Dnepr” and “Shakhtersk” are outside of the city.


Map of hostilities in Novorossiya, Aug 20 (in Russian)


Ukraine is preparing to defend on line Slavyansk-Mariupol
Sergei Vladimirov,, Aug 21 2014

According to “PB”, the leadership of the Ukrainian army is pessimistic about the prospects of the ATO. Already, generals close to the Defense Minister Valeri Geletye prepare plans for the autumn-winter campaign and a possible retreat from the Donetsk and Lugansk areas. The Defense Ministry believes that the main task of the Ukrainian army in case of retreat should be pinning on line Slavyansk – Mariupol and not on the assumption of any breakthrough by militias DPR in Kharkov and Zaporozhye Oblasts. To this end at the moment the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine started the creation of two fortified areas: “Slavyansk – Kramatorsk – Druzhkovka – Konstantinovka – Donetsk” and “Mariupol”. It is assumed that “Slavyansk – Kramatorsk – Druzhkovka – Konstantinovka – Donetsk” will prevent the militia of the DPR from organising an attack on Kharkov, and “Mariupol” will prevent an attack on Kiev. The Defense Ministry of Ukraine does not consider Dnipropetrovsk direction as feasible for an attack of militia of DPR. In these fortifications created defensive infrastructure, there contracted military units and military equipment, enhanced defense, a reliable system of air transport on the basis of Kramatorsk and Mariupol airfields. The leadership of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense in case of deviation plans during the autumn-winter campaign to focus its efforts on the defense of these two fortifications.

Colonel Cassad comments:

This is possible in the medium term. the junta offensive upon Donetsk and Lugansk is obviously choking, the junta’s attempt to cut off the DPR from the LPR has failed, their attempt to secure the border has failed, and though the balance of power has remained in favor of the junta, obviously the alignment of this ratio is in favor of the militia. Oh, and huge losses in men and materiel. Thus, complex reasons have already forced the leadership of the military junta to think about defense. Here the problem is that because the junta had come, taking advantage of the superiority in forces and not paying attention to the flanks, had wedged himself in order of battle, the militia then going in for counter-attack, these salients will inevitably become boilers, as we have seen during the battles for South Boiler, Miusinsk and Krasny Luch. With increasing strength of the militia, the current configuration of the front gives the possibility not only for unhindered advance where the junta has no troops, as happened with the breakthrough of the DPR to Uspenka, but also to attack, the numerous protrusions and salients that, given the low quality of the junta infantry, are fraught with new lesions. Naturally, seeing the current trend in the development of hostilities, the junta has growing understanding that this summer will not end the war, and ahead is an autumn and very likely a winter campaign, which is best seen not in an open field with intercepted communications, but in defense of well-appointed positions based on large settlements. In the case of eventual failure around Donetsk, the junta will sooner or later start to apply pressure, from the south on Donetsk, and from the north of Lugansk. Thus the described line from Slavyansk-Mariupol, so to say that option in reserve, as the political leadership of the junta still not lose hope to achieve success in August, but from a military point of view, it is already unlikely. Now, no joke, already on Aug 21. The general offensive to destroy Novorossiya began on Jul 1. Yes, they have been busy with several important cities and part of the territory of DPR, but they have incurred huge losses in men and equipment, and none of the strategic objectives have been achieved. And this is despite the fact that the junta repeatedly exceeded the strength of the militia of people and technology, not to mention aviation. However, the militia of DPR & LPR successfully conduct strategic defensive operations against the regular army and in the last 3 to 4 days increasingly moves to counter-attack.


Motorola & his boys have captured a ukro tank:


The effects of the fighting in Miusinsk


Stanitsa Luganska after shelling


Ukrainian army shelled the village near Donetsk poisonous missiles:

Ukrainian army shelled the village Dmitrovka near Donetsk with cassette rockets stuffed with poisonous substances. On the streets of the settlement remained, scattered fragments of shells that you can carefully consider. At first glance, the rocket doesn’t look dangerous, but if it opens up, and exited the foam and small needles. The militias involved in the clearance of these weapons, said that when in contact with skin toxic substances, which the projectile is filled with, is the strongest poison. Presumably the principle of the cassettes is as follows: in the flasks is a poisonous substance, enveloping the needle. During the explosion, they stick in the body, causing a fatal injury. Locals believe that the Ukrainian military want to destroy them, and the cities where they lived, to erase from the face of the earth. Severe water supply situation that has developed in Donetsk and the surrounding area after the destruction of the pumping station, now gradually improving. Is the repair of the pipeline, residents of Central cities water have already given, but full recovery is too early to say. Powerful artillery barrage on Aug 17 subjected Donetsk of the Ukrainian army, was mainly intended to completely leave the city without water. Ukrainian military issued shells destroyed the small reservoir and the intake in the village Yasinovataya that nourish the compressor station.


Novorossiya militia rush to get oxygen canisters out of building


Mad girl reporter in the middle of Ilovaisk free-fire zone :lol:


More from Ilovaisk


Lugansk after shelling


In Lugansk there is an acute shortage of food


3 civilians killed in Makiivka (18+)


Makiivka: ground-to-air missile wreckage, dunno whose


Khartsyzsk and Gornoye – fire after fire


Donetsk on the morning of Aug 21, Kiev district, station square


More shelling in Donetsk


Aug 21 2014, state Novorossia: Watch how children of Novorossia meet their Happy Birthdays now.
This 3 years boy haven’t sweets or enough food even at his Birthday. Great thanks to the Kiev junta, EU, USrael.



Aug 20 2014, city Donetsk, DPR: Lack of water in the city Donetsk, due to damage to water systems of Donetsk by Kiev junta, the citizen collect water in local natural springs. Kiev junta troops destroy the life support systems and civilian infrastructure in each city of Donetsk and Lugansk republics. In particular, in Donetsk, in many areas there is no water, electricity and gas, Ukrainian fascists shell maintenance crews. Authorities of the two republics as much as they can repair damaged life support systems, but their strength is not enough. As a result, people are forced to draw water from such sources as the city springs. In the video you can see the line of people to urban spring that fills the lake at the park. This water needs further treatment, but for the thirsty people, it’s better than nothing. This video was recorded today, Aug 20.


Aug 20 2014, town Sukhodolsk, LPR: Forces of Kiev junta partially destroyed cafe in the town Sukhodolsk, yesterday afternoon. Yesterday, Aug 19, Kiev junta forces shelled cafe “Atlanta”, one from many cafes in the town Sukhodolsk. Part of cafe became ruins, cafe was closed as many others, so no casualties. Town Sukhodolsk located near border with Russia, about 50 km to south-east from city Lugansk. In the picture shot from video, ruins of one of cafe’s rooms.


Aug 20 2014, city Lugansk, LPR: News about shoot down of 1 jet and 2 helicopters of Kiev junta confirmed by LPR official. Today, Aug 20, Vladimir Inogorodsky, spokesperson of Staff of LPR said in interview to Life News channel about successful shoot down of Kiev junta aircraft. By his words today in the village Georgievka, outskirt of city Lugansk was fight against Kiev junta forces. Kiev junta used few Su-25 and 2 Mi-24. One Su-25 was shot down and exploded in the air, according to eyewitnesses. Su-25 exploded over the village Novosvetlovka, pilot ejected and went over this village occupied by the enemy. According to eyewitnesses, mercenaries Kiev junta in the Novosvetlovka village, closed the locals in the village church and keep them there. The church was mined by Kiev junta mercenaries. One of the downed helicopters MI-24 fell to the ground and crashed, the second Mi-24 flew to the territory occupied by the troops of the Kiev junta and made an emergency landing there. Vladimir Inogorodsky, spokesperson of Staff of LPR in the picture. We waiting videos from place of crash. Video of interview:


Aug 20 2014, failed state Ukraine: On an official YouTube channel of Kiev junta appeared video with official permission for abuse, torture and execution of prisoners of war. On the official YouTube channel for the highlights of the so-called ATO of Kiev junta was published video about abuse prisoners of war by Kiev junta soldiers. Video called “Were ordered don’t capture alive: end for vatniks.” The fascists called as “vatniks” all people with anti-fascist views. This is the official state-run channel of Kiev junta on YouTube about the news in the area of ATO (former eastern Ukraine). This is official permission for abuse, torture and execution of prisoners of war. Remember the video how Novorossia forces treat prisoners from Ukrainian army. Remember how Russia treats Ukrainian army soldiers who fled to Russian territory. The locals are bullied by Ukrainian fascists who say that they are militia. The Nazis are trying to drown them, insult them, threaten to kill them on the spot or on the side of the road. Ukrainian fascists argue that grabbed militiamen are mercenaries who came from Russia and that is reason why fascists will kill them. Especially cynical it sounds on the background the humane treatment of of Russia with Ukrainian soldiers. Video:


I still don’t know what this damn thing in Lugansk that blew up on Tuesday (Aug 19) was, but it’s horrific:

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pepe escobar downplays iran’s proposal to resuscitate nabucco

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Energy ballet: Iran, Russia and Pipelineistan
Pepe Escobar,, Aug 19 2014

A fascinating nuclear/energy ballet involving Iran, Russia, Usaia & Euia is bound to determine much of what happens next in the new great game in Eurasia. Let’s start with what’s going on with the Iranian nuclear dossier. Iranian Foreign Ministry legal adviser Jamshid Momtaz has been forced to clarify that the interim nuclear deal signed by Iran and the P5+1 on Nov 2013 is not an international treaty, yet. As we stand, the gap between the P5+1 and Iran remains very wide. Essentially, the gap that really matters is between Washington and Tehran. And that, unfortunately, translates as a few more months for the vast sabotage brigade, from US neocons and assorted warmongers to Israel and the House of Saud, to force the deal to collapse. One of Washington’s sabotage mantras is “breakout capability,” a dodgy concept which boils down to total centrifuge capacity/capability to produce enough enriched uranium for a single nuclear bomb. This implies an arbitrary limit on Iran’s capacity to enrich uranium. The other sabotage mantra forces Iran to shut down the whole of its uranium enrichment program, and on top of it negotiate on its missiles. That’s preposterous; missiles are part of conventional armed forces. Washington in this instance is changing the subject to missiles that might carry the nuclear warheads that Iran does not have. So they should also be banned. Moscow and Beijing see “breakout capability” for what it is: a manufactured issue. While Washington says it wants a deal, Moscow and Beijing do want a deal, stressing it can be respected via strict monitoring. Khamenei has established his red line on the record, so there should be no misunderstanding:; the final nuclear deal must preserve Tehran’s legitimate right to enrich uranium on an industrial scale as part of a long-term energy policy. This is what Iranian negotiators have been saying from the beginning. So shutting down uranium enrichment is a non-starter.

Sanction me baby one more time
Uranium enrichment, predictably, is the key to the riddle. As it stands, Tehran now has more than 19,000 installed enrichment centrifuges. Washington wants it reduced to a few thousand. Needless to add, Israel, which has over 200 (over 400 – RB) nuclear warheads and the missiles to bomb Iran, the whole thing acquired through espionage and illegal arms deals, presses for zero enrichment. In parallel undercurrents, we still have the usual USraeli “experts” predicting that Iran can produce a bomb in two to three months while blasting Tehran for “roadblocks” defending its “illicit” nuclear program. At least US National Security Adviser Susan Rice has momentarily shut up. Another key contention point is the Arak heavy-water research reactor. Washington wants it scrapped or converted into a light-water plant. Tehran refuses, arguing the reactor would only produce isotopes for medicine and agriculture. And then there’s the sanctions hysteria. The UN and Usaia have been surfing a sanction tidal wave since 2006. Tehran initially wanted those heavy sanctions which amount to economic war lifted as soon as possible; then it settled for a progressive approach. Obama might be able to lift some sanctions, but a Usaian Congress remote-controlled by Tel Aviv will try to keep others for eternity. Here, with plenty of caveats, is a somewhat detailed defense of a good deal compared to what may lead towards an apocalyptic road to war. Assuming there is a deal, a crucial point is how long it will last. Washington wants it to be two decades. Tehran wants five years, and then it should be treated like any other signatory to the 189-nation NPT, which allows non-nuclear weapons states to develop nuclear energy for civilian purposes. For an enlightened Iranian perspective, see here. It’s a tragicomedy, really. Washington plays The Great Pretender, faking it full-time that Israel is not a nuclear-armed power while trying to convince the whole planet that Israel is entitled to amass as many weapons as it wants, while Iran is not allowed to even have conventional means to defend itself. Not to mention that nuclear-armed Israel has threatened and invaded virtually all of its neighbors, while Iran has invaded nothing.

Dance to the energy ballet
As harsh as they really are, sanctions did not force Tehran to kneel and submit. Khamenei has repeatedly said he’s not optimistic about a nuclear deal. What he really wants, much more than a deal, is an improved economy. Now, with the sanctions cracking after the initial Geneva agreement, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Enter turbo-charged Russia-Iran negotiations. They include a power deal worth up to $10b, including new thermal and hydroelectric plants and a transmission network. And of course the oil-for-goods swap according to which Russia may buy 500kb/d of Iranian oil. Details are to be finalized in early September. No wonder Washington is fuming: this deal should propel Iran’s oil exports over 1Mb/d, something that was initially agreed upon in Geneva. With Russia now also under Usaian & Euian sanctions, predictably Tehran had to start openly courting Europe as the ideal alternative source of natural gas. I have been writing about this for years now. Europe is desperate to diversify from Gazprom. Iran has all it takes to sell gas to Europe transiting especially via Turkey. Yet there are so many political and logistical roadblocks, starting with the necessity of a final nuclear deal, which this is an extremely long-term scenario at best. The energy ballet involving Iran, Russia, Euia & Usaia is worthy of a geopolitical neo-Stravinsky. Tehran is careful not to antagonize Moscow, the largest supplier of natural gas to Europe. But Tehran also knows that with Usaia-Iran possibly entering a détente, Euia will go for broke to seduce and invest in Iran. Iranian Deputy Oil Minister for International and Trade Affairs Ali Majedi definitely has seen which way the wind is blowing. He is already talking about three different routes Tehran could use for its energy exports to the West. According to the BP Statistical Review of World Energy, Iran’s proven natural gas reserves are at a whopping 33.6 trillion cu m, while Russia’s are at 32.9 trillion cu m. Talk about two powerhouses. The problem is Iran is way behind Russia in investment and production. A few years ago, in Tehran, energy experts measured it for me at $200b needed to upgrade the industry and invest in domestic transport and export infrastructure. So, realistically, Russia will remain the key gas supplier to Euia in the foreseeable future, predominating over the strategic value of Iranian and Central Asian gas. And that includes the fact that plenty of Euian nations, despite non-stop political shenanigans in Brussels, support the construction of the Russia-favored South Stream pipeline. Tehran, though, is now in the game, already attracting a host of prospective, powerful foreign investors from Europe and Asia. A recent international oil, gas, refining and petrochemicals exhibition in Tehran attracted no less than 600 foreign companies from 32 countries.

We got it all covered
Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Majid Takht Ravanchi, part of the nuclear negotiating team, has been positively ecstatic lately. He said:

Naturally, Iran and Europe could have much better cooperation on the economy, trade, and energy. We believe there is much room for improvement.

But it was Iran’s Deputy Oil Minister Ali Mejidi who went a colossal step further, resuscitating the moribund Nabucco pipeline:

With Nabucco, Iran can provide Europe with gas. We are the best alternative to Russia.

Nabucco, a Pipelineistan saga I have followed in detail, was all about a pipeline to Europe via Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria filled with sometimes Azerbaijani, sometimes Iraqi gas, before it spectacularly floundered for lack of investment. Does that mean Iran is picking an energy war with Russia? Not really. Nabucco is a major, expensive “if”, and extremely long-term. South Stream, although momentarily stalled, is ready to go. What happened in the shadows is that Washington let it be known to Tehran that if the $10b Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline was dropped, the sanctions would be somewhat relaxed, and Iran could have the go-ahead to revive Nabucco, a Usaia-supported European obsession and formerly fierce rival of South Stream. Yet talk is cheap. As it stands, there is a larger probability of Iran-Iraq-Syria finding financing within the next two to three years than Nabucco. In parallel, as much as the Usaian & Euian sanctions on Russia are strengthening Iran in the nuclear talks, especially towards the Europeans, this does not mean Tehran will overplay the Russia card. As much as Iranian negotiators are relishing the new plot twist, the overall Iranian policy is in fact closer bilateral ties with Moscow to crack those sanctions on Iran for good. And if Washington decides to keep the sanctions forever, Plan B is at hand: even closer Iranian cooperation with both Russia and China. Not accidently, Iranian President Rouhani has dismissed any alarm about Iran-Russia relations, saying:

Strong political ties in bilateral, regional and international domains, along with vast economic relations between the two countries, set the stage for the promotion of peace and stability.

This includes everything from the Bank of China’s parallel system to pay for Iranian energy to Iran-Russia barter deals. In many overlapping ways, the Iranian nuclear dossier now is like a hall of mirrors. It reflects an unstated Washington dream: unfettered access for Usaian corporations to a virgin market of 77 million, including a well-educated young urban population, plus an energy bonanza for Usaian Big Oil. But in the hall of mirrors there’s also the Iranian projection, as in fulfilling its destiny as the top geopolitical power in Southwest Asia, the ultimate crossroads between East and West. So in a sense the Supreme Leader has it all covered. If Rouhani shines and there is a final nuclear deal, the economic scenario will vastly improve, especially via massive European investment. If Washington scotches the deal over pressure from the usual lobbies, Tehran can always say it exercised all of its “heroic flexibility” and move on, as in closer and closer integration with both Russia and China.

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who is the other guy? well, let me start by stating the obvious: he’s jewish

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Who is Steven Sotloff, the other Usaian journalist being held by ISIL?
Dylan Stableford, Yahoo News, Aug 20 2014

The family of Steven Sotloff, believed to be the person who appears at the end of an ISIL video showing the beheading of fellow Usaian journalist James Foley, is asking the White House to do everything it can to free him. Sotloff, seen with his head shaved and wearing an orange jumpsuit similar to Foley’s, is dragged into the frame by a masked militant, who demands President Barack Obama end military airstrikes against ISIL. The unidentified militant says:

The life of this Usaian citizen, Obama, depends on your next decision.

In a Facebook message posted on Wednesday, Frank Castle, the boyfriend of Sotloff’s sister, asked supporters to sign a petition calling for his release. Castle wrote:

MY GF Lauren Sotloff’s brother Steven Sotloff was taken hostage by ISIS on Aug 4 2013 & up to this point it has been all under wraps. People please not only sign the following petition, but PLEASE SHARE soo the more the better. Thank you in advance & pray for his safe return home.

Lauren Sotloff did not immediately return a Facebook message seeking comment. Steven Sotloff, a freelance journalist from Miami whose work had appeared in Time magazine, and the Christian Science Monitor, went missing in Aleppo, near the Syrian-Turkish border. Sotloff’s last published piece appears to be a Jul 2013 column about Egypt (“Opposing Morsi but Defending Democratic Legitimacy“) for World Affairs magazine:

As I stumbled over the sandals and the men sleeping next to them at the Raba’a al-Adawiyya mosque in Nasser City, where the Muslim Brotherhood is holding its daily rallies, the beards and headscarves blended into a blurry monochrome pastel. But as I looked closer into a sea of Egyptians that Moses would have been hard pressed to part, one man’s tresses caught my attention. A cross between Don King’s stand-at-attention locks and Julius Erving’s flapping waves, they drew me in like a siren call.

His last piece for Time (“Libya’s New Crisis: A Wave of Assassinations Targeting Its Top Cops“) was published in late 2012. A friend, Ann Marlowe, tweeted:

According to his LinkedIn profile, Sotloff is a graduate of the University of Central Florida. His Twitter bio says he was last based in Libya. His most recent tweet, on Aug 3 2013, is about the Miami Heat.

A few days before, Sotloff tweeted that he had been pepper-sprayed by police in southern Turkey.

On July 27, 2013, Sotloff posted on his Facebook page a photo of himself posing with two children in front of a car adorned with Libyan flags (and a New York Yankees decal, placed upside-down).


He used Instagram far less frequently. In Dec 2012, he posted several photos of children from a Syrian refugee camp.

Screenshot from 2014-08-21 07:38:15

On Wednesday, Obama said he was “heartbroken” by the beheading of Foley but vowed to press on with Usaian military operations to cut the “cancer” of ISIL out of the Middle East. Obama did not mention Sotloff by name. He said from Martha’s Vineyard, where he is on vacation:

Jim was taken from us in an act of violence that shocks the conscience of the entire world. Usaia will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. We will be vigilant and we will be relentless. When people harm Usaians anywhere, we do what’s necessary to see that justice is done.

Staged Provocations Ahead Possible Usaia-Syrian War
Tony Cartalucci, New Eastern Outlook, Aug 20 2014

With the alleged brutal murder of American journalist James Wright Foley, a wave of anger and aggression across Western audiences has been generated. Upon that wave rides two objectives. One is to create plausible deniability for the West which created ISIS, the other is to create a further pretext to justify a resurgence of direct US military intervention across the region. While the focus has been on ISIS in Iraq, there is still another war linked directly to Iraq’s current conflict being waged across the border in Syria. Syrian forces have continued making gains across the country, routing NATO-backed terrorist forces and restoring order in cities and towns that have been ravaged by war for years. ISIS strongholds in the eastern Syrian city of Raqqa, have until now long escaped the focus of Syrian forces occupied by more urgent campaigns around Hama, Homs, Damascus, Daraa, Idlib, and Aleppo. Now, the Syrian Army is shifting forces east. While the West feigns an adversarial position regarding ISIS, it was the West itself that created it, specifically to confront the Iranian arc of influence stretching from Tehran through Baghdad, Damascus and along the Mediterranean in Lebanon. The elimination of ISIS and other terrorist organizations fighting under or alongside its banner without first achieving regime change in Damascus would effectively mean defeat for Usaia and its collaborators in the Middle East. To intervene before the deathblow is delivered to NATO-backed terrorists in Syria and before the tide is turned against them in Iraq, the West may attempt to provoke, stage, or otherwise create a pretext to militarily intervene in Syria, and expand its operations in Iraq.

The alleged death of James Wright Foley has created significant outrage amongst public opinion. It has created the illusion of confrontation between ISIS and Usaia, and has served to further vilify ISIS itself. The Western media is still struggling to maintain the illusion that ISIS stands apart from other terrorists operating in Syria, and with that narrative, the West is simultaneously bolstering ISIS in Syria under the guise of arming and aiding “moderates,” while it conducts token airstrikes on ISIS in Iraq. At the end of the video production featuring Foley’s death, it was revealed that ISIS was also holding missing Time Magazine’s reporter Steven Sotloff. He was last seen in Aleppo and is believed to have been held in the now besieged Syrian city of Raqqa. The Epoch Times reported:

According to The Wire, he went missing near Aleppo, Syria, on Aug 4, and his family said they were aware of the situation but did not want to publicize the information. He was being held in Raqqa.

Another dead Usaian reporter could perhaps tip the scales in terms of public support for a possible Usaian military intervention in Syria at a critical juncture in the near future. Within the same report, an AP update indicated:

Warnings from an international research group and the Federal Aviation Administration underscore the rising threat to commercial aircraft posed by hundreds of anti-aircraft weapons that are now in the arsenals of armed groups in Syria and could easily be diverted to extremist factions. Armed groups opposing the Assad regime in Syria have already amassed an estimated several hundred portable anti-aircraft missiles that are highly mobile, difficult to track and accurate enough to destroy low-flying passenger planes, according to a new report by Small Arms Survey, a respected Switzerland-based research organization that analyzes the global flow of weapons.

Of course, while AP attempts to continue differentiating between armed groups and “extremist factions,” the fact that “extremist faction” ISIS had captured Sotloff in Aleppo where these alleged “armed groups” are supposedly operating, indicates that it has been “extremists” fighting Damascus all along, and that it is “extremists” who now possess a large number of anti-aircraft weapons, thanks to Usaia, Europe, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Warnings that these weapons might be “diverted to extremist factions,” when they have been in their hands for years, portend a possible gambit involving the downing of yet another civilian airliner to serve as a pretext to further advance the West’s agenda. The tragic MH17 disaster in Ukraine has long been buried and forgotten by the Western media after baseless accusations against Russia allowed the West to push forward further sanctions against Moscow and further military aid for the regime in Kiev. The potential downing of a civilian aircraft in the Middle East, or anywhere in the world, attributed to “extremists” operating in Syria and Iraq would give the West a pretext to possibly intervene with direct military force in either country. The West has proven that it will stop at nothing to advance its agenda in even the most incremental ways. The loss of human life is of no more of consequence to them and their hegemonic designs than the loss of a pawn is in a chess game. That their staged provocations still manipulate large segments of the population and still effectively manipulate public perception is precisely why these tragedies continue on in earnest. Exposing them and disarming global hegemons of this weapon is essential in preventing more tragedies like MH17 and the senseless death of Foley, and thousands of Syrians and Iraqis who have died like him, in the near future.

Steven Sotloff: Missing TIME Journalist Steven Joel Sotloff Threatened by ISIS in Beheading Video, Report Says
Jack Phillips, Epoch Times, Aug 19 2014 (caution: this guy’s illiterate – RB)

Steven Sotloff was apparently threatened by ISIS, who said Obama’s next steps are critical. Zaid Benjamin, the Washington correspondent for Radio Sawa (Usaian informational warfare station – RB), tweeted that Sotloff’s life is at stake.

It came after James Foley, a Usaian photojournalist, was reportedly beheaded by ISIS, which was captured on video. Sotloff has worked for TIME, the National Interest, and Media Line, according to The Wire. He apparently went missing in mid-2013. According to The Wire, he went missing near Aleppo, Syria, on Aug 4, and his family said they were aware of the situation but did not want to publicize the information. He was being held in Raqqa. A photo purporting to be of Sotloff, with a shaved head and wearing an orange shirt, accompanied Benjamin’s tweet.

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yank think-tankers continue to lose their cool

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Screenshot from 2014-08-21 07:10:07Screenshot from 2014-08-21 07:10:38Screenshot from 2014-08-21 07:11:04

Think Tank Apologizes For Intern’s ‘Suck It’ Tweet To Amnesty International
Brendan James, Talking Points Memo, Aug 19 2014

A think tank whose official Twitter account told Amnesty International to “suck it” early Tuesday has blamed the lewd tweet on an intern. A spokesman for the Center for Strategic and International Studies told TPM on Tuesday by email that he was “embarrassed about this unfortunate situation” and was working to reach out to Amnesty International with a more thorough apology.The Twitter account for CSIS, a bipartisan Washington-based think tank, sent the offending tweet to Amnesty International early Tuesday after the human rights organization accused Usaia of hypocrisy amid the police response to unrest in Ferguson, Mo.The original tweet was deleted shortly after it was sent, and the CSIS account tweeted out an apology a little over an hour later, flagged by Mashable.In an email to TPM, Andrew Schwartz, senior vice president for external relations at CSIS, said an intern made the error. Here’s Schwartz’s email:

I am embarrassed about this unfortunate situation and the tweet doesn’t reflect anyone’s views at CSIS or the institution as a whole. My colleagues are equally distressed about this. I have reached out via email to Amnesty and will follow up with a phone call as well to apologize to Amnesty and their colleagues. Here’s what happened: Early this morning, an unconscionable tweet was directed to Amnesty from CSIS’s Twitter account (@CSIS). The tweet in no way reflects CSIS’s views. It was sent by a CSIS intern who had access to our account for monitoring purposes. Apparently he meant to send something reflecting his personal views from his personal Twitter account. I find his views and the way he expressed them to be abhorrent and will take appropriate action at CSIS to address the matter internally. Again, the tweet in no way reflects CSIS’s views or any views of the scholars at CSIS. I personally apologize to Amnesty and am taking action internally at CSIS to address this incident.

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