this is mainly about the kiev junta military push around the crash site, but it is adorned with propaganda irrelevancies

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Troops Move on Crash Site in Ukraine, Foiling Deal
Andrew Kramer, Andrew Higgins, Chris Buckley, Michelle Innis, NYT, Jul 27 2014

ZUHRES/KHARKOV/HONG KONG/SYDNEY — Just hours after the Malaysian government reached an agreement with Ukrainian separatists on Sunday over access to the crash site of a Malaysian airliner shot down in rebel territory, the Ukrainian military launched an operation to recapture the debris fields, again stalling international efforts to secure the site. The heavy fighting threatened to torpedo hopes of a breakthrough and cause yet more delays in collecting evidence and retrieving the remaining bodies from the crash. Ukrainian security officials said they needed control over the site to prevent the pro-Russia separatists from destroying clues to the downing of MH17. By Sunday evening, the Ukrainian advance had blocked a road leading from the provincial capital, Donetsk, to the airplane debris northeast of Shakhtyorsk, but it remained unclear whether government troops were in control of all or part of the approximately 14 square miles of debris fields. Videos posted online appeared to show Ukrainian armored vehicles near the site, and reporters who visited earlier Sunday said insurgents were nowhere to be seen. The combat spread out along the road in a fluid and chaotic scene, leaving it wholly unclear who controlled what. Fragments of rockets lay on the sunbaked macadam, and columns of black smoke rose along the horizon. One separatist commander at a checkpoint outside Shakhtyorsk, about 10 miles from the crash site, said the Ukrainians had retaken the area, and a rebel leader, Alexander Borodai, confirmed that government troops were advancing. He told reporters in Donetsk:

The attempts to clear militia from the crash site irrefutably show Kiev is trying to destroy evidence.

His claim was apparently intended to counter earlier allegations that the rebels had been tampering with evidence to hide their own role in the downing of the plane. Separatists seemed to be in a state of alarm, driving in convoys of buses and armored vehicles out of Donetsk toward the fighting. They controlled the road as far as the town of Zuhres. The Malaysian jetliner, a Boeing 777-200, was shot down over eastern Ukraine on July 17 en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, killing all 298 people aboard. Ukrainian and Usaian officials say the plane was shot down by a Russian-made surface-to-air missile fired by the rebels. Russia and the rebels have denied any involvement and blame Ukraine. Ukraine and Usaia have said repeatedly that Russia is providing military equipment to the separatists and claim to have evidence that Russia is firing artillery and rockets on Ukrainian military positions. On Sunday, the Obama administration stepped up its public pressure on Moscow, as the State Dept released intelligence images presented as evidence that Russian forces had fired across the border. The images were said to show charred ground on the Russian side of the border, described as evidence of rocket launches into Ukraine. Another showed artillery pieces of a type found only in the Russian military, pointed toward Ukraine. Other images showed crater impacts inside Ukraine. It was not possible to independently verify the images. They are from DigitalGlobe, which provides high-resolution satellite images and aerial photos; they were not from Usaian spy satellites or surveillance aircraft.

Small groups of foreign police officers and forensic experts have managed to reach the crash site, but efforts to secure it with larger contingents have repeatedly fallen through. Earlier Sunday, the prospects of a more robust foreign presence at the crash site seemed to have improved when the office of PM Najib Razak of Malaysia announced in an email that he had reached an agreement with Borodai “to allow a deployment of international police personnel” to enter. After the announcement, about 30 unarmed Dutch police officers left the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkov intending to reach the debris fields. But fighting stopped the officers after they reached Donetsk, said an OSCE spokeswoman. The Dutch police deployment on Sunday, ordered overnight by the Ministry of Security and Justice in The Hague, reversed an earlier decision by the head of a Dutch police mission in Kharkov. He had intended to delay movement toward the crash site until a vote on Thursday by the Ukrainian Parliament in Kiev that he said would provide a “legal basis” for the deployment of foreign police officers. The Netherlands, whose citizens accounted for around two-thirds of the crash victims, is leading an international effort to get to the bottom of what happened to Flight 17. The area is tactically important for the Ukrainian military, which is trying to close access to Donetsk from the east, lest separatists in the city be resupplied and reinforced from the direction of the Russian border.

Clashes flared in half a dozen towns east of Donetsk on Sunday. There was also fighting to the north, with an artillery strike in the town of Horlivka reportedly killing at least 13 civilians. The longer the crash site remains unguarded, the smaller the chances of recovering evidence. Responding to growing reports that the wreckage and passenger items had been tampered with, Australia said Sunday that it was sending unarmed police officers to the site to prevent any further meddling. Australia lost dozens of citizens on Flight 17. PM Abbott of Australia told a news conference in Canberra that he had considered allowing some of his officers to carry weapons, but that he had decided against that. He said:

Our objective is to get in, to get cracking and to get out. This is a risky mission, no doubt about that, but all the professional advice I have is that the safest way to conduct it is unarmed as part of a police-led humanitarian mission.

Foreign access to the site has been hampered by problems from the start, with heavily armed rebels initially restricting the movements of foreign experts. In Kiev, Andriy Lysenko, a spokesman for Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, said the Ukrainian troops intended to “liberate” the crash site to secure evidence. The Ukrainian government has been loath to see foreign governments negotiate with the separatist leaders based in Donetsk. Malaysia has been particularly active in reaching out to the rebel leadership. It brokered a deal last week under which the rebels handed over the plane’s data and voice recorders, which they had seized at the crash site.

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this is not ‘nuts’, because it’s providing international diplomatic cover for an enormous kiev junta push in the crash site area

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Abbott’s mission to Ukraine branded ‘nuts’
Julieanne Strachan, Matthew Knott, Sydney Morning Herald, Jul 27 2014

Australian Defence Force personnel will be walking unprepared into a volatile situation at the MH17 crash site in Ukraine, a senior defence figure has warned. PM Abbott’s announcement of Australia’s intention to send 190 armed Australian Federal Police and an unknown number of ADF personnel to help recover bodies and evidence from the site has been met with incredulity in some parts of Europe, with one analyst branding it nuts. The senior defence figure, who did not wish to be named, said it was a poor idea for Australia. He said:

They can’t secure the site. It’s kilometres long and wide. They could escort Australian officials and provide close protection, but this is a civil task rather than a military task and it’s a terribly volatile area. We don’t have the language skills or knowledge of the area. For any military deployment, you have to look at a status of forces agreement with the government and, given the area the aircraft is in, I don’t think there is anyone to make that agreement with. What I’ve heard is the rebels don’t want more than 30 investigators there.

Abbott confirmed on Saturday that 230 Australian officials would be sent to help with the recovery. This, he said, would include a small number of defence personnel. He said:

That is our mission, to secure the remains, to assist the investigation and to obtain justice for the victims and their loved ones. It is, I stress, a humanitarian mission. Others can get involved if they wish in the politics of eastern Europe. Despite the dangers, armed personnel are needed to secure the site. The last thing we want to do is to place anyone in danger. But we do want to bring our dead home. We want to do it as quickly as possible. It’s important that we do our best to secure the site and to recover remains as quickly as possible because every day the site remains unsecured, there is more interference and the remains are subject to the ravages of the European summer. So we do want to get this done as quickly as we humanly can and that’s why we’re exploring all options in the Ukraine now.

Australian defence commentator Peter Dean, director of studies at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at the Australian National University, said the negotiation was key to the success of the operation. He said:

It really depends on the diplomacy undertaken around this. If our government can make its intentions clear and be accepted on those grounds I think this can be achieved. Australia’s status as a non-NATO member would play in its favour and its geographical distance from Europe will also help. I think we see it through a different lens than the European commentators. We are not sending the army over there to take on the Russians or separatists. It’s not a European country interfering in another European country’s business. It’s a country from the outside that has experienced a significant loss of life of Australian people and permanent residents. The Prime Minister is wanting to send people to provide security. I don’t think Australia is necessarily mad for wanting to do that.

Dutch PM Rutte told parliament in The Hague on Friday he was too concerned about possible ramifications to send troops to Ukraine. Joerg Forbrig, senior program officer for central and eastern Europe at the Berlin bureau of the German Marshall Fund of the US, said of the Australian plan:

They must be nuts. It’s a very dangerous proposal and will be seen as a provocation by the separatists and the Russians.

The Netherlands is sending a separate mission of 40 unarmed military police to the site to help complete the forensic work and gather evidence, Rutte said. Britain has sent one forensics specialist to Kiev and nine scientists are working in the Netherlands to help identify bodies and secure evidence. Malaysia, Germany and Britain are the other three nations that are expected to contribute to the security force. A British Foreign Office spokesman said:

The UK will offer logistical support and is keeping in close contact with the Australians and Dutch over how it can assist, though it won’t be putting be sending police or technicians to Ukraine. We believe a UK armed presence in eastern Ukraine would not be appropriate. The UK stands ready to provide constructive support to the mission.

The director of the European Centre for International Political Economy in Brussels, Fredrik Erixon, warned against sending armed teams into eastern Ukraine to search for victims. He said:

There’s nothing normal in east Ukraine right now. Small events can trigger very large reactions from the rebels and the Russian government.

Karl-Heinz Kamp, the director of the Federal Academy for Security Policy in Berlin, said the Australian military was experienced and would not take risks. Dmitry Gau, the spokesman for the pro-Russian rebels, would not comment on the Australian plans to carry firearms.

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can anyone confirm that either buk or the air-to-air alternative homed in on the boeing radar unit, in the nose?

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Shrapnel Damage of Cockpit MH-17 Devastating
Oui, Booman Tribune, Jul 23 2014

The missile warhead with fragmentation shrapnel must have exploded right underneath port front of cockpit:


The reason I ask this, obviously, is that I hope to discover that only a Buk has radar homing, the air-to-air- would have had heat homing. But I may well be wrong. Wikipedia doesn’t mention radar homing at all in its article on Buk, nor does it appear to have any links to this topic, though it may have an article on it elsewhere, unlinked to the Buk article… This follows a discussion I had with lobro yesterday, in comments to another post. I shall reproduce the account I gave there, even though, as I said, Wikipedia doesn’t appear to support it:

Both the Buk and the air-to-air missile postulated by the alternative theory, operate on the same proximity fuse principle. But the air-to-air missile is heat-seeking, whereas the Buk is radar-seeking. In other words, the Buk targets not a heat source but a radar source. I believe this type of targeting is known as “semi-active”, presumably because the Buk missile itself has a tiny radar unit that locates and homes in on the radar-emitting target, which in the case of a 777 would be in the nose. So, coming up from beneath, it detonates immediately beneath the nose of the 777, sending shrapnel right through the cockpit and killing the pilot & copilot while shredding the control electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, or whatever the control systems in the cockpit are. So the plane has no pilot, no electronics, no autopilot, no steering or flap control, but structurally it is intact, just full of tiny holes. And therefore it plummets to earth more or less in one piece, though falling vertically at high speed may break it up before it reaches the ground. Essentially, the fall is fairly compact. The plane is not disintegrated by the blast of the missile. And indeed, the fall was fairly compact. The cockpit section broke off, I think, but it only fell 100 yards or so from the rest. Please correct me on all this, because my memory is often surprisingly wrong (surprisingly to me, that is).

Then I went to Wikipedia & came back:

Wikipedia confirms all that, except that it doesn’t say the target has to be a radar emitter. The target, in practice, almost always will be. But an inert mass in the sky that wasn’t emitting anything at all could still be acquired as a Buk target, first by the ground radar then by the missile’s own radar. That leaves open the question of which part of the target’s bulk it would be aiming for. My idea was that it would aim for the target’s own radar emitter. But this is not necessarily the case: “The missiles require a radar lock to initially steer the missile to the target until the missile’s on-board radar system takes over to provide final course corrections. A proximity fuse aboard the missile determines when it will detonate, creating an expanding fragmentation pattern of missile components and warhead to intercept and destroy the target. Alternatively, the command component may be able to remotely detonate the missile, or the on-board contact fuse will cause the warhead to detonate. Each missile carries a warhead which is triggered by a radar proximity fuse. In the forward compartment of the missile, a semi-active homing radar head, autopilot equipment, power source and warhead are located. The homing method chosen was proportional navigation. Proportional navigation (also known as PN or Pro-Nav) is a guidance law (analogous to proportional control) used in some form or another by most homing air target missiles. It is based on the fact that two vehicles are on a collision course when their direct Line-of-Sight does not change direction.” So there is no suggestion there that the missile is homing specifically on a radar emitter. Rather, it is homing on the surface portion of the target which gives the strongest radar return, ie the largest flat surface facing the seeker – typically, the centre of the plane’s belly.

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state dept.CIA.NSA changes the subject

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ukraine oddments

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Vadim, the bloke from ANNA News, in addition to making entrapping phone calls inviting other journos up to the airport, lied about them being tortured – look at Graham, laying down the law as usual. Obviously, they hardly touched him – RB


Graham William Phillips questioning by Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) was recorded on video and posted online. He was asked how he obtained permission to enter the country, and who among the top leadership of DPR he has mingled with. He explained that he got his paperwork from DPR administration and that, although not recognized by Ukrainian government, this is what’s necessary for a journalist to work in Donetsk. He said he met Ponomarev, the mayor, and Paul Gubarev, but has not met Strelkov. Graham stated that the war in Ukraine is a tragedy where brothers are fighting against brothers, and that from his observations, the vast majority of Donetsk Republic residents want to live in their own Republic, because they are outraged that the new Ukrainian government allows and endorses such fascist organizations as the Right Sector and Svoboda party. To that the SBU agent remarked: “That’s just your own subjective opinion.” Graham said: “Why attack Russian culture? This is a reaction to the events of Maidan and what followed.” He also explained that he is a freelancer for Russia Today, and he believes his reports and reports of his colleagues are objective, and Russia Today is providing valuable information about the true nature of the conflict on the ground. Graham said that his captors, the Ukrainian soldiers, claimed they are fighting terrorists, but it is simply not true. He also said, having killed before, they are anxious for revenge and more killing of “terrorists.” At the end of the video, Graham is notified in English that he is banned from entering Ukraine for three years, to which he replies, “I will abide by the order, however the boundaries of Ukraine are up to debate.” Does it mean Graham will be back to Donetsk? We surely hope so, just stay away from the frontlines this time, Graham, you are a true defender of truth and justice!


Kiev junta able to make terrorist act against Maidan, today
city Kiev, failed state Ukraine

Today, supporters and participants of Maidan making regular general meeting – “Veche”. Near stage in the Maidan could be about few thousands people, main part of whom are dissatisfied by deeds of Kiev junta. Kiev junta trying to dismantle camp and barricades of Maidan, members must come to east and die by junta view. For sure members of Maidan are against it, between Kiev junta and Maidan tension began from May 25. During this week media of Kiev junta scaring people by possible terrorist acts, which would commit “Russian terrorists.” So, Kiev junta have reason and possibility to commit terrorist act in center of Kiev, at Maidan, today, with few thousand possible victims. By this act Kiev junta can to reach few goals: first is to rise hatred against Novorossia and Russia; second one is dismantle Maidan under pretext of safety for its members. Third goal is dehumanization of Novorossia and justify the use of prohibited weapons against Novorossia.


Kiev junta is state terrorist
city Lugansk, Lugansk republic

This video was took from one of streets of city Lugansk, from city which came under another shelling of Kiev junta at 26th July. Video haven’t English subtitles, but you can to see damage and bodies. One of locals told one important things, Kiev junta troops shelled street twice. Firstly Kiev junta shelled by mortars about 4 am, as result were damaged houses and was burned one car garage. But no one wasn’t wounded or killed. Locals called fire truck, firefighters began to extinguish the fire, near were people who came to help. In this time fascists repeated shelling, mine which fall near fire track kill 4 people, one of whom was firefighter. Their covered bodies you see in video and picture for publication. Other were wounded, also fascists targeted dormitory, by words of locals many were injured there. So, it was deliberate attack crowded places, fascist army Kiev junta uses terrorist methods of warfare.



72nd and 79th brigades of the armed forces of Ukraine were surrounded near the Russian-Ukrainian border. DPR army shelled positions of the junta army for a long period of time. Hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers died, and large quantities of military equipment was burnt. Soldiers from the 72nd brigade recounted that after one attack in Amvrosievka, four Kamaz trucks were filled up with the dead, and there was about sixty wounded. When a gasoline truck exploded, people were vaporized, some blew into pieces. “A column arrived at 4 o’clock, at 4:15 there was no column, and brigade is no more.” “Why go to war against people, who don’t support you … the land of Donetsk … Here the local people support Russia,” – said the soldiers. The soldiers are accusing the commanders of “Anti-terrorist Operation” of being traitors for selling information about coordinates of Ukrainian units, so that militia can destroy their clusters of equipment with artillery. Note: these videos were shot by junta troops.



On the night of Jul 23 at 22:30, ambulance was urgently called to Snezhnoye. At 00:10 ambulance crew contacted the dispatch center and reported that ambulance was under fire from the side of Ukrainian Army. Medics said that they were forced to leave the route to shelter from gunfire. After the call, which lasted about a minute the connection was lost; all the cell phones were off. About 14:00 the next day, Jul 24, Ukrainian mass media reported that the following medics and volunteers were captured: Alexsey Vasylyev, Lilia Radionova, Victor Nikitin, Simon Vergian, Lada Shaftner. There is no information about the current state of these people, there is no official commentary from Ukrainian government, photos or videos to prove the ambulance crew is still alive. This is a gross violation of international humanitarian law and rules of war. DPR Government demands instant release of captured medics and volunteers, because according to international law doctors during the war and armed conflict are immune!


Women burn call-up papers of their men and protest against the war
Novoselovsky administrative district, western Ukraine.

Women from towns and villages of Novoselovsky district are outraged having received call-up papers for the next mobilization round announced by Ukrainian’s government. Papers arrived in the evening the day before and women came to the military registration office for explanations. An officer came out to them with an explanation that did not convince anybody.

Woman: What are those? Are you taking out men away?
Officer: This is a mobilization order.
Woman: But what are those? Explain!
Officer: This… mmm… you can also read about it on the Internet. When did you receive that?
Woman: Yesterday evening.
Officer: On this stage we distribute these orders.
Women: Why?
Officer: To monitor people liable for military call-up.
Women: We don’t need that! We want no war! That’s all! We were told that Prosecution will deal with those who don’t want to sign these papers.
Officer: These are mobilization orders. Every person liable for military call-up must receive them! I am asking you, is anybody being taken away?
Women: But it’s five years of prison for those who doesn’t agree!
Officer: I am telling you once again, is anybody being taken away?
Women: Then why do we need those papers? They came at night!
Woman: We did not participate in Maidan! We did not bomb anything! We did not go on strikes!
Man: Ok, sign us a paper! That under your responsibility nobody will be taken away from our town!
Officer: But it is not me who is taking!
Women: But who?
Officer: It is the State!
Man: To hell with this State!
Women: Where is this State?
Man: What state? Sign a paper you’re not taking anybody!
Women: Government authorities are going to run away, but they want our sons to die. Let they send their own sons!

Then all the call-up papers got burned by the women.



Jul 26 2014 – Overnight, Varvarovskij bridge, connecting the two banks of Southern Boog in Mykolaiv, was blocked by wives and mothers of soldiers of 79th airmobile brigade. Hundreds of cars were blocked. After leaving in the morning, families of soldiers abandoned in the zone of ATO (anti-terrorist operation), gathered again in the evening and blocked the traffic again. Also, a Molotov cocktail was thrown in the window of City Military Reqruitment office in Korabelniy district of Mykolaiv. The reason why the desperate women decided to again paralyse traffic in the center of Mykolaiv, is understandable. In the morning they were planning to travel to the war zone, specifically to the headquarters of the ATO. However, after telephone conversations with surrounded near the Ukrainian-Russian border husbands and sons, their plans have changed. Some went to Kiev to “storm” the building of the Ministry of Defence, National Security and Defense Council and Presidential Administration. Others again blocked the traffic on the Varvarovskij bridge. According to local media, an additional factor propelling women to speak out against the Government, was its attitude towards them. In the morning, when a delegation of mothers and wives of the soldiers was in Mykolaiv oblast administration building, Defense Minister Geletej passed them a message “thanking for courage and heroism” and offered to visit them next week. Relatives of military personnel were outraged. One of the protesters emotionally shouted:

We need our children alive! Who needs your heroism?! Return our children alive and healthy! We do not need medals, we need real kids!

The decision was made to stay the night on the bridge following the return of several women from Kyiv. One of the crying protesters said:

We have blocked the bridge, because we just came from Kiev. Poroshenko didn’t come out. A general came out, and lied to us. Didn’t say anything specific. No one took our guys out. They said that our guys will stay there until the end. Only 6 to 4 people remain from each brigade. No one will be left alive until the end. They promised rotation in 45 days. In 45 days there will be no one left to pick up. There are still dead bodies! There is no ammunition. Nobody hears us, nobody wants to see. We barricaded the bridge and now will ask for Poroshenko. Poroshenko doesn’t come out! We want to go there. All lies! He’s lying!

Distrust of the authorities is helping reveal facts of deception and fraud on their part. One of the women, blocking Varvarovskij bridge, told reporters that she is suing Military Commissioner of Melitopol district, Zaporizhzhya region and the top commanders of the base, which sent her husband to the war. When she demanded explanations for why her husband, which is a Junior Lieutenant, when wounded in the war zone, did not receive assistance to organize his evacuation to a hospital, she was told that her husband didn’t have to go to war, and could remain to serve at his home base, as “war is voluntary.” Judging from available information, the women of the Mykolaiv region on the Varvarovskij bridge today joined their fellow sufferers from Zaporozhye. One of them, Elena Koval, commented on this:

Mothers whose kids were from Zaporozhye enlisted in 79th brigade, where trying to contact everyone to rescue their sons – to no avail! Personally, I called the Security Service of Ukraine, and the headquarters of ATO, and the press-service of the Ministry of Defense. Response was the same – everything is fine, don’t worry, we will report accordingly to our superiors. And in one place in Kiev I was told: “Why do you raise havoc? Don’t you know who makes decisions in this situation? The President, the Commander in Chief. So, sorry.” So let him send his parquet rats-generals, and our children return home alive!




According to the head of the press service of the border Department of FSB of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION in Rostov Oblast, Vasilij Malaev:

Several dozen Ukrainian servicemen left their military units and on Saturday night crossed into Russian territory. Around 20:30 Moscow time, 41 Ukrainian soldiers left their troops and arrived at the Ukrainian border crossing point “Izvarino”. They called on the militia to assist them in going to Russia because they did not want to fight against their own people. All Ukrainian soldiers have already crossed into Russia through the Russian checkpoint “Donetsk”.




Nine mines of energy company DTEK in Lugansk region were forced to stop coal mining because of the threat of losing power supply. Three thousand coal miners were evacuated, according to the press-service of the company. The statement said:

It was necessary to stop and bring people the surface, due to the fact that the fighting damaged two high-voltage power lines, owned by the company “Ukrenergo “. The only source of electricity for the whole region from 12:30 to 17:32 was Luganskaya TPP. All the miners who worked in the second shift, were brought to the surface. The third and fourth shift will not go down in the mines. The evacuation took place without incident. Until the end of the threat of power interruption, the mines will be maintained just for ventilation and pumping water.


Report from Ukraine: Beware of mobilization!


Today I felt the difference between the third wave of mobilization, and the previous two. Everyone is calling, people are getting notices. While visiting a friends office in Kiev, who has about 50 employees, guys and girls, one pale employee brought an army summons, a second for this office, first already taken away. Next, I want to share, what I was told by my friends on the phone.

  • Zaporozhye. During a soccer game, a stadium got surrounded, rounded up a required number of young guys.
  • Odessa. At a factory (name not specified) in the morning, recruiters refined their lists through the human resources department, and caught their “recruits” right at the entrance.
  • Mariupol. As a rule, they “fish” for recruits at supermarkets (such as “Obzhora”). In all cases, they are not allowed to go back home. No medical checks, no paperwork. So I advise everyone to avoid mass gatherings of people.

Journalists have shown the speaker Turchinov’s son getting a notice, the one who unleashed this war in April. I don’t know that this is a PR stunt, revenge of the political opponents, a mix-up, but in any case I’m sure there wan’t be any “majors” on the front lines. Statement from the Regional Military Commissioner from Nickolaev, A Ivanov:

In connection with the participation of 79th airmobile brigade in the Anti-Terrorist Operation, it suffered severe under-staffing of military units, so the third wave of the mobilization will be tough.

Translation: brigade is wiped out, residents are horrified, so to grab a new batch of cannon fodder is possible only by means of repressive measures and mass roundups. Even the head of regional council Kremin got a notice. What to do – everyone knows. Still at large, the choice is clear. The choices will narrow dramatically on the front lines. And lastly, in Decree #607 of Jul 21 Poroshenko made cosmetic changes in labour legislation (supposedly to save jobs of enlisted for a year), which nobody will follow. But the most important thing, Poroshenko did not want to allow conscripts help with bank loans, if they lose a job. Die, but pay your debt!


The guards in the “South boiler” complete chaos and panic


Today on Jul 26 near the building of the Mykolayiv oblast state administration once again gathered wives and mothers of 79th air cavalry brigade punishers, which at the moment are surrounded in South “boiler”. The building of Mykolaiv region state administration were about 50 women. Come to them the Governor Mykola Romanchuk and the Deputy commander of the 79th brigade, Lt-Col Ivan Savka. Women complained that despite everything, the situation remains critical and no help is still there. One of the women quoted a message from her husband, and said:

Here is a complete chaos, one of the soldiers ran away, another crazy, firing in all directions, do something urgently to solve it. Ring them all every hour, up to and including the Defense Minister, he told me in his message.

Romanchuk not found anything better than what was offered to all women to come to Kiev (it seems that they did not bother him their gatherings, and do it somewhere far away from it), but they said they did not see the point. After that, one of the women contacted by a group of relatives surrounded by guards, which is located in Kiev in the Ministry of defense and she was told that they did confer with the defense Minister, who promised each morning to report that was done in order to help Nikolaev paratroopers, which are surrounded by. Presumably, these promises to do “reports” significantly eased the situation and all in a moment had to calm down. But this is expected did not happen, in the end, when Ramanchuk required to contact the leadership of the Defense Ministry and he replied that he could not do it, the women decided again to block the Barbarovsky bridge. It seems Ukrainian wives, mothers and sisters of the participants of the so-called ATO is to become gradually clear that anyone in Kiev to spit on their relatives and they are to be cannon fodder.


Ukraine 2015 (video)

Catchy video on how to develop the civil war in Ukraine. Special video effect is the fact that the video was filmed in 2012. The authors have to say very accurately hit a few moments. It even seems strange to me before it are not met. (Colonel Cassad)


In Kiev there arrived 180 instructors Usaian Army


Kiev in strict secrecy profit 180 elite instructors of the Usaian Army, representing in particular the airmobile forces, Rangers and specialists to restore aviation. Many of them recently intensively studied Ukrainian language, reports the Russian News Agency. Place of permanent deployment of these officers and sergeants is the base of Fort Benning in the state where they are in command of special operations forces command-and-staff training and development of military doctrines of the Usaian armed forces. The majority of the arrivals have experience of training on the “back yard” of Usaia, in the countries of South and Central America, within the framework of military and military-industrial cooperation, as well as in intelligence and counter-intelligence purposes according to the geopolitical interests of Usaia.


Summary of military events in Novorossia

The night of Jul 26 was marked by massive bombing two capitals of Novorossia, Donetsk and Lugansk. In Lugansk the junta has applied heavy self-propelled mortars “Tulip” (calibre – 240 mm). In Donetsk, the shelling was conducted smoking phosphorus shells. Of victories department army DND came out on the state border of the Republic with the Russian Federation and took control of the crossing point “Marinovka”. If militia will manage to maintain its position, it will give the possibility to transfer forces to the North of defense of the Republic. Of losses militia in the area Shnezhnoye register of Strelkov was ambushed. Reported ten dead and 20 wounded. Punishers are trying to capture a strategic point, Debaltsevo. In case of success, the junta will significantly complicate the transportation between the DPR and LPR. Fighting cause significant damage to infrastructure Novorossia. Thus, the direct hit of a shell destroyed the base station in the area Branki that cut LNR from the integrated power system of Ukraine. By the end of the day the electricity supply has stabilized. Also disrupted electricity in the capital DPR. In addition, due to the undermining of the bridge on the stretch Donetsk-Avdeevka and damage ways from the shelling on the stretch Avdeevka-Yasinovataya, stopped the movement of passenger and freight trains in the direction of Krasnoarmeysk, also trains do not come to the railway station in Lugansk. During the day in different directions was observed active relocation of heavy equipment junta, in particular, Grads and Smerchs. Most likely, tightening force in the Amvrosievka and prepared to attack. Last indirectly confirmed by a message from residents of the Chernivtsi region on strengthening the mobilization punishers. After 2 am on Jul 27, there is a lull as on the fronts DPR and LPR.

DPR: The night of Jul 26 in Donetsk was restless. Residents of all districts of the capital reported explosions, shooting, in particular, shots were heard in the Kirovskiy, Kuibyshev, Petrovsky, near the bypass road and the airport. After a night of shelling junta lit Donetsk state factory of chemical products. There is evidence of use by the Junta during shelling of smoking phosphorus shells. So far, fortunately, messages about the victims of these weapons has not. In the morning came the news of the capture by the soldiers DPR checkpoint Marinovka, which has allowed us to slam South boiler. Active operations were conducted in the airport area. During the attacks, junta destroyed the suburbs Donetsk the village of Peske. According to the information of one of the militias, a reconnaissance group of DPR was ambushed. Ambush is ultimately up to 10 dead and 20 wounded, perhaps more. The junta is leading the attack on Debaltsevo from the city Svetlodarsk. There comes the enemy armored vehicles, with the support of artillery fire: howitzers and mortars. Destroyed two militia checkpoint in the area Debaltsevo. The militias have losses in manpower and equipment. Restoring a damaged during the shelling of power supply networks impossible because of continuing fighting. Also, in the fighting that took place at night and on Saturday morning, stopped the movement of trains on the line Donetsk-Krasnoarmeysk due to undermining of the bridge on the stretch Donetsk-Avdeevka and damaging way by shelling on the stretch Avdeevka-Yasinovataya. According to residents of the occupied junta territory, near Karlovci the national guard under suffered devastating losses. Under Karlovci again battles, was fired on the outskirts of Donetsk, but our army gave a fitting rebuff burned 4 tanks, broken 2 mortar calculation.

LPR: For the last night the capital LNR suffered most heavily bombarded from large-caliber artillery. The junta has used, among other guns, self-propelled mortars “Tulip” (caliber 240 mm). The fire was conducted from the area of the Old cemetery, in Metalist, and the area of the station. The city continues to conduct subversive activities of the mobile group of the Punisher. The attack suffered 22 residential and administrative building in the centre of the city, and in Artemivsk, Zhovtneve, Kamennobrodskaya and Leninsky districts. As a result of firing from Jul 25-26 in Lugansk killed up to 19 civilians, about 60 were injured. The blows of the Ukrainian Grads it was almost fully destroyed the suburb of the city of Lugansk, Roskoshnoye village. Day Lugansk were de-energized. Direct hit destroyed the base station in Bryanka. Also a power outage and mobile communications are observed in Alchevsk and Perevalsk. On Jul 26, railway station Lugansk ceased to send and receive passenger trains because of damage to the Railways as a result of armed clashes in the territory of DND. Mine DTEK in LNR ceased to operate due to the possible interruption of power supply due to continuing fighting. Nine mines were forced to stop production of coal, 3 thousand miners were evacuated, according to the press-service of DTEK. Donetsk militia blocked the southern grouping of the Ukr troops, in the area of settlements Djakovo and Zelenopole. The group is left without supplies and ammunition. In Sverdlovsk, 41 enemy soldiers voluntarily surrendered to the army LNR. About 20.30 GMT they arrived at the checkpoint “Izvarino” and requested to assist them in the transition to the territory of Russia in connection with the fact that they do not wish to fight against their own people. Army LNR made a successful firing position of the enemy in the Lugansk airport. Serious damage was inflicted airmobile part of the enemy. In ukrasni was reported that the assault Pervomaisk Punisher. In the area close Stakhanov and Alchevsk. The militia against the Punisher – “Grad”, MANPADS, anti-aircraft guns, armored vehicles. A whole day goes the battle – confirmation of the militias LPR have been reported. More, omitted

Other news: Abducted by Ukrainian law-enforcers under Donetsk British journalist Graham Phillips released and deported to Poland. Lviv house of the mayor of Sadovo fired from a grenade launcher. By his house shot and killed the mayor of Kremenchug, Oleg Babayev.


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this is addressed to the people of west ukraine (junta territory) by a supposed anti-fascist committee

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Anton Guryanov, chairman of People’s Deputies (MPs) of the Kharkov People’s Republic, Coordinator of Social and Political Movement “Russian East” make warning about possible terrorist act by Kiev junta.

Comrades! Friends! Brothers and sisters! I, Anton Guryanov, am going to make an official appeal on behave of the Resistance forces which I am honoured to represent. Its text is in front of me and, in order not to make a mistake even in the details, I will peek into it from time to time. The Resistance received the information that in the next few days neo-Nazis are planning a terrorist act (one or several) in large cities of Ukraine. Mr Avakov and his deputy Shkiryakov during last days already provide informational cover-up for those actions. The minimal goal being imposing a total dictatorship over Ukraine, pretending it was Russia implementing their terrorist acts. The optimal goal adds invasion of Ukraine by Polish, Lithuanian and maybe other NATO members’ troops. The operation, codenamed “Flash in the Dark”, would be supervised by an SBU major calling himself Alexei Nikonov, who is close to Mr Nalivaichenko. This information was provided by high rank officials in Kiev who are concerned about their future after putchists in Kiev would inevitably fall. So neo-Nazis of Ukraine are following the footsteps of their WW2 Nazi precursors. They are about to implement a clone of the Reichstag Fire. They are following the suite of their role models. But what can common people hearing this address do about it? In the coming days, avoid public places and crowds. Mass transit services to be avoided if possible or their use to be minimized, especially subway services. Keep an eye on your children. Supervise cellars and porches in your appartment buildings. There should be no unknown persons unloading unknown luggage into those places. Spread this announcement among your relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues, anyone you can. And may the Lord help us through.

False flag killing of mayors in the western part of Ukr?

Mayor of central Ukrainian city shot dead
Elizabeth Piper, John Stonestreet, Reuters, Jul 26 2014

KIEV – The mayor of the central Ukrainian town of Kremenchuk was shot dead on Saturday and the house of another mayor in Lvov to the west was hit by fire from a grenade launcher, the Interior Ministry said. Anton Gerashchenko, an aide to the country’s Interior Minister, said the mayor of Kremenchuk, Oleh Babayev, was killed when a car pulled up to his own, and an unidentified person fired three shots from a gun with a silencer. Gerashchenko said on his Facebook page:

It is well known that Oleh Babayev was supported by a significant number of people in Kremenchuk. During Maidan, he supported activists, who local police and the prosecutor wanted to imprison. A grenade launcher was fired overnight at the house of Lviv’s mayor, Andriy Sadoviy, who was not home at the time. Most probably these crimes are not connected.

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ha ha ha, have i got a bogus leaked phone conversation for you today

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Sensation or intelligence operation? (Extract), Jul 25 2014

Last night one of the employees of government communications of Ukraine sold for $1m to the correspondent of one of the Intelligence Agency of Germany a recording of the telephone conversation of the presidents of Usaia and Ukraine, held on Jul 22 between 18:53 and 19:12 European time. The record was transferred to Berlin, the contents of it immediately informed Merkel. She ordered “under no conditions the content of this conversation in the media not to disclose.” However, the officer of one of the German secret service (presumably working on Poland) has managed to transfer the transcript to Warsaw, where it through Agency channels and became known to Russian intelligence service. Transcript very long, so I cite only one of the pieces:

Poroshenko: Barack, I am surprised and upset by the inconsistencies in your messages about the reasons for the destruction of the Boeing… First you accuse the separatists, then Moscow, then you suddenly announce that there is no evidence of their involvement… We agreed from the outset to adhere to the same position… But if you will continue to make such statements, it will be hard for us to resist Moscow…
Obama: Calm down, Petro. You probably misunderstood the meaning of our statements… We say “not yet”… But many are working on it… But it needs more work, to, to, to make it seem plausible… You made a huge mistake by sending up that combat aircraft. The Russians spotted it… And now both it will be very difficult for you and we both to hoodwink the world… Why…?
Poroshenko: We had no confidence that the ground-to-air missile would succeed… I had to check… And to make sure…
Obama: I understand, I understand… But it was not at all in our understanding of the scheme of events… And now the Russians have another trump card…
Poroshenko: It just turned out that way…
Obama: Petro, you must agree, it turned out badly … It… I mean, this plane of yours that flew after them… This gives us a lot of trouble…
Poroshenko: We denied all and will deny… the point is that you can’t make up for that with your strange statements about the Russians not being involved… We should not diverge in this… Otherwise it will be difficult…
Obama: We will be around to support you… We’re in the same boat… No doubt… Although you have frustrated our plan with the delay… This should have happened a little earlier…
Poroshenko: But you know all about the level of training of our specialists…
Obama: I am concerned that some of these specialists do not let it out… The Russians probably already hunt for them… Try to keep these people …. If they will open their mouths…
Poroshenko: I understand… We can make it so that they will never open their mouths again…
Obama: You need to strictly control all participants and witnesses… It can spoil our party…
Poroshenko: What’s going on with the black boxes?… I sent specialists to England… who have worked in contact with the English… But the Russians also need access to these tape recorders or whatever… This is very dangerous for us, for you… the Russians aren’t supposed to be… Otherwise…
Obama: I already spoke on this subject with Cameron… Everything will be okay… His people will do what is necessary…

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