personally i think this is a load of utopian fantasy, but some people believe in it

This Anastasia Mikhailovskaya is the same woman who did those rather demented Strelkov videos that Dugin wrote – RB

Battalion Commander “Kerch”, MO DND Vadim Pogodin about the fighting in Novorossia, patriotism and Russian world

Anastasia Mikhailovskaya: – Today’s guest on “Open Studio”, battalion commander “Kerch” the Ministry of defence DND Vadim Pogodin. Vadim, in your opinion, what was the beginning of the war in Ukraine? Who needs it?
Vadim Pogodin: The War on Ukraine is needed by Pindostan: first of all, for its impact on Russia. Ukraine itself they don’t need. Pindostan survives only through wars and suppression of other States. The first attempt to wage war was in 2005, Then Ukraine gave their protege Yushchenko, and as if the war never happened. But Ukraine has penetrated many Western agents of influence, and, in fact, have prepared these orange revolution. Compare with the same Syrian revolution, Libya, is all one plan, with slight variations everywhere in effect. The aim of the current revolution in Ukraine was to wage war. You remember, Yanukovych concessions any, to the extent that he was willing to limit his powers fully to take the power to the opposition. But they didn’t need this power. They needed a war. There was a coup: Donbass rebelled against it. Rallies started. I thought it would happen here in the Crimea, without war, victims, destruction. But what I saw, it was clearly disorganized bunch of people who in anger from what happened a coup d’etat, mock Pindostan, went to capture the regional administration.
A. M: You’ve done with politics, had its own organization?
VP: Up to 2004, before the orange revolution policy was not particularly interested in, I have normal business was. But the revolution I took it as a war that we captured a Pindosi agent.
A. M.: ” Whom do you mean?
VP: Well, of course, Yushchenko and the company all: this Sabbath on the square in front of my eyes was happening. I once visited, I went to see what it is, the Maidan. And then just with friends, to be honest, I flew once a week there to laugh: there were some farmers. In the crowd at first there were a lot of Kiev, they went, looked, some from curiosity, some out of conviction. But even I, a native of Donetsk, after spending 3-4 hours on the Maidan, I almost began to cry: “Yushchenko”. So acted on the psyche constant flickering flags, drumming rhythmic. Plus in the crowd constantly say the same thing, monotonously. These were educated people who knew how to behave. There clearly was prepared a coup. This tried and tested technology. All revolutions usually someone suck, grow. When the coup happened, I was outraged. His indignation on inauguration day Yushchenko our organization, “We” expressed directly on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti square in front of his podium. There’s about 300 people, around us stood in pomaranchewych ribbons, clearly prepared. Scandals tried to impose, but we tried not to get involved. Later went to Kiev, came in Mariinsky Park in garter camp. There just planted my friend for political reasons. In Kiev, I was delayed and would often come in this Mariinsky Park, supported the people who opposed Yushchenko, that was released Kolesnikov. There were clearly political repression, after 4-5 months he was released. Here came from there, I there became acquainted with the young guys. The idea arose to create a social organization that will fight against the power that Pindostan us has imposed. Well, somewhere within six months, maybe years, held the shares, there Donetsk airport – it was creative, Yushchenko even, as far as I know, for some time the visits were postponed…
A. M.: How Yushchenko postponed their visits, what did you do?
VP: – Our organization is several people, and in the press inflated nicely that we were there 5,000. Brought sandbags, barbed wire, Jerzy… that is more hype. Clearly, we would be anyone there, not stopped, but it was done…
A. M.: But Yushchenko has not arrived…
VP: In 2003, all in Donetsk was not allowed. Him through the fence had to move, then the whole crowd chanted, drove him from Donetsk. It was literally a year and a half before the event. Then we were judged, demanded to stop the action at the airport. Remember, the judge asked why urchins, sand bags, how many? Then asked why the barbed wire at the airport? And barbed wire, as Yulia Tymoshenko promised Donbass barbed wire fencing, here we are and ohgodyes.
A. M: – That is, protests you made long before the current events?
VP: Yes. The business I broke it, and well, I’m not particularly upset. After some time went to the Crimea to live. I think it’s OK going well until in Slavyansk didn’t start shooting first. I was worried, but she was sitting there doing the work, it is necessary to feed the family. When did really like something on the war, I couldn’t stand together and went…
A. M.: – the war was reasoned protests, that is, people really didn’t want to live under the Ukrainian government, under the rule of the Nazis.
VP: – You see, I treat this situation like this: at the moment the legitimate President of Ukraine is Viktor Yanukovych. Whether he is good or bad is a secondary question. This election must be solved. And all of the current Ukrainian government, as the majority of people believes, there were elections or were not, it usurpers who fascist ideology, with the help of an enemy state seized power in our country. Clearly, Donetsk will not tolerate it. Moreover, not only the Donetsk, but also Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, which now are silent, they are simply crushed and scored, the same guys Kolomoisky and all the rest. Of course, we didn’t want to put in Donetsk enemy forces… Those who agreed to serve the usurpers, actually criminals under the laws of any state. Any European court, if they consider relevant, will take the same decision. Yanukovych is President. I’m not for it or against it, there is a law that exists. We fought for the law as it actually is. And now fighting for the law.
A. M: So you are the only region in Ukraine, who fought for the true President and legitimate authority?
VP: We were fighting for the legitimate authority in the country. I personally, can at someone there was another motivation, the more people looked Crimea loose, many have experienced the hope that it will happen quickly. The majority of people thought that Russia would help. For example, I knew that would not help, it is impossible in this situation to get involved.
A. M.: Do you think that Russia could be drawn into this war, to arrange the Third world war?
VP: – To be involved in the war, of course. You know, the goal of Pindostan is to involve Russia in the war. It does not aim to seize the Ukraine, why she needs Ukraine, this piece, well fertile land, no questions, I love her as part of the Russian Empire, or as part of the USSR, this as part of the Russian world, as you call it, but for Pindostan to make such large analyses for the state with Russia especially makes no sense.
A. M: So are you against a United Ukraine or for a United Ukraine?
VP: ” I, of course, for a United Ukraine. All our land, you know, in my childhood still sits song “From Moscow to the suburbs, from the southern mountains to the Northern seas.” Only that this one Ukraine in principle, this is my conviction, must be part of the Eurasian Union or the Russian Federation, or as you wish, but we have a common Russian world, which should be together. In addition, the Potsdam conference of 1946 approved boundaries of the postwar world. How could so blatantly razderbanit country?! Got three people in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, in principle, to the fact without any legal grounds, as far as I know, divided it by the decree of a foreign state. Our ancestors a thousand years together, they built a huge state, in which all peoples considered themselves equal. General culture was common customs. Sought to something one. Built world. And this world then was separated. Now Kiev is obtained say: don’t give me the land that our ancestors came together, and why we let them refuse. And join somewhere to Europe.
A. M.: The more, Europe is absolutely not necessary.
VP: It is not necessary, You see – she refuses, it explicitly in any EU us never take. They only have at our expense to deal with Russia, this is the most common option. And they wanted chaos to arrange. And arranged in the end, they have achieved this. And that’s why the people of Donbass stood up and began to defend their land. This is called the latent occupation. In 1991, we are not specifically on occupation zone just. They are easier to manage. If in 2000, Putin would not have come to power, after Chechnya, after the Khasavyurt peace and Russia would not specifically exactly the same. The goal is a small state, a raw materials appendage to the “Golden billion” who live well. It all shows, it shows and current events. Europe that rushed to help Ukraine? Helps only military forces that were at war, and so, financial, where there? No. It is only necessary, it is reasonable to look at things calmly aside from the fact that the ears are blown from all sides.
A. M: So, despite the fact that Putin has not invaded, you still for Putin?
VP: Oh, I just realize, I am sure, the majority of Russians, Putin really want to help us, but do not have the right. We would now outlawed, but fight for the truth.
A. M.: Do you think that Russia could not send troops to Ukraine, because there is an agreement, as I understand it, yes?
VP: Is the contract with Pindostan, which is guaranteed by Russia and Pindostan, when we removed nuclear weapons, for some unknown reason, that they protect our sovereignty, roughly speaking. Although at first it had violated the Pindosis, propanol in power Yushchenko.
A. M.: And what is this contract?
B. N.: The agreement that Russia and Pindostan guarantee immunity. If Russia will now introduce troops to Ukraine, then, strictly speaking, violate this agreement. Pindostan will be entitled to start a third world war, considering that it has the right to do it.
A. M: So you believe that they are now speculating that agreement? And consequently, because of this pressure on us…
VP: Well, so, yes. And in principle, how can Russia send troops? What will happen next? Then begins a guerrilla war in the Carpathians.
A. M: That is, Pindostan will disburse guerrilla movement…
VP: Of course, it initially and calculated everything was, I say, these battalions there, the Right Sector, all else, remember how many years they had studied abroad, there are also frames, they studied in order to wage war. Because they didn’t think for a second that Yanukovych will take power. You see where there are professionals in the government build the economy, or something else? They didn’t think. Thought the usual scenario to wage war. To gather a crowd of sacrificial sheep, otherwise they will not be called. Then, when they go up, shoot, it’s the same in other countries did not happen again. To shoot, then to start a guerrilla war in the West of Ukraine. And that’s all. Would like our people, we are one people, to keep afloat economy. And raise it you couldn’t, because there’s a war, sabotage, and everything else, it spread to the Crimea, and in Russia this war. It is 100%.
A. M.: The fact that Yanukovych’s so gone, you think it was correct step?
VP: I think the right move at 100%. Here it is not necessary to be seven spans in a forehead. Everything was calculated that Yanukovych will go to disperse the crowd, starts shots, hit men, and, as always, Pindostan will begin: the criminal regime of Yanukovych beats his people, supported by Russia. And it would start a war somewhere in the Carpathian mountains, the forests, it would be a hard war, unnecessary war. And everywhere, all over the world we would be criminals that terrorise his people. While sitting there, the terrorists, as they are now fighting against us, Poles, Pindosis, Blacks…
A. M: You saw them there?
VP: Yes, of course, seen. Moreover, we captured took mercenaries from Sierra Leone, now personally we took with documents. We are in the third division once it has passed, let them do. There I saw many times foreign prisoners. Saw the murdered Poles, not one. Yes the Poles, the whole airport Donetsk in the bulk of the Poles. Ukrainians show there some part of Ukrainians, while the majority of Poles there fighting. The mercenaries.
A. M: Do you think that with the resignation of Yanukovych, behold now, we have mixed cards to Pindosis?
VP: We are 100% mixed cards to Pindosis, of course.
A. M.: Now many accused Strelkov that he went to war. I understand he supported the mood of the people, who wanted what happened?
VP: Igor Ivanovich, in my opinion, is a true Russian. That means he went to war? He put in Slavyansk border against seized power geeks. All. Why attack Slavyansk? He wasn’t going to attack. As he went to war? Unleashed those who attacked him. After the referendum passed already. He kept the defense after the will of the people. Went to war, those who went to attack it. And that’s all.

A. M: So that those who went to attack it, in fact, they — We can’t say that you are fighting against the Ukrainians against the people. You, I understand, fight against fascism?
B. N.: The Ukrainians are Ukrainians, and “ukrop” is “ukrop”. This is the fascists. Can’t even now not to condemn, I feel sorry for them. This Pindosi technology. People who a year ago thought one thing, now I think completely different, they have everything in their head upside down. I don’t know how they do it, really, but there’s also the brains upside down completely. These are our people, which now has to kill, that’s going to kill us and bombed our cities. I know, many refused. But nevertheless, began the war, arose hatred, we have started to hate them, they began to hate us. Eventually got what I got was a full-scale war within his own nation. That’s sometimes weird to many Russians incomprehensible, that “ukrop”, Ukrainians, so and so… no! Ukrainians are exactly the same as the Muscovites, or exactly the same as in Vladivostok people. Simply, if Mr Putin since 2000, he slowly began to pull the country from this Pindosi threat, we have all this time been brainwashed, especially in Western Ukraine. And, in fact, turned out to be what happened: the dislike of his people to his people. And that’s all.
A. M.: That is, again according to plan Sharpe (Gene Sharp, colour revolution theorist – RB) to embroil the Slavic people inside?
VP: of Course, they want the war was between his, embroil. Just imagine, this war happened, the blood spilt from one to the other parties. I believe that in principle we will make it up, although this requires a Herculean effort.
A. M: – What would be the output for reconciliation?
VP: When really, I think, now it’s getting colder. Freeze would be the situation at least until spring. Even if that part of the Ukraine wants to live together with Europe, let them live together with Europe for some time, will feel all the charm of European life, look, if they don’t have the example of the Greeks, Spaniards, Italians, whose awful decreased level of life, let them feel. I think, maybe then they will start in the head a little bit to realize who the real enemy. Clear, it is necessary to promote enhanced…
A. M.: Do you think if there will be hunger and cold, they will turn their guns against their own rulers?
VP: – Cold and hunger best. Even in religion, the hunger and the cold very well clean. Let попостятся a bit. No, God forbid, I’m not against it, suddenly they will start an economic boom, suddenly Europe and Pindostan send forces to Ukraine flourished? I’m also happy. Excellent: our brothers live well and happily! Okay, let live, we do not go to them.
A. M.: But they will not stop bombing your cities, to kill civilians?
VP: Yes, I agree, that’s exactly it should until their recapture. Where bombed, there need to bomb. We have a truce was, there’s Granitnoye, is a large group, there’s no war there. Sometimes shootings happen officers talk on the phone: “Are you out there shooting, truce?” There is no war, and in the district of Donetsk is because they need a victim, they need to destroy infrastructure, airport keep in the first place, because im from there you can shoot at Donetsk, destroy substation, gas station and so on. They need us to be in hunger and cold. They already understand that Ukraine has no chance of Donetsk, Lugansk. You see, they have 27,000 or 29,000 deserters according to the Ukrainian statistics.
A. M.: Why are people so he tears the roof that they do not understand: it is one and the same people that dumbasses that this is not the English, against whom they are fighting?
VP: – Hysteria so overtaken. Such technology. I don’t know why they do so. If I was there, I would have felt. I explain: when I’m on the Maidan came after 4-5 hours of standing there ready to shout their slogans.
A. M.: Is This brainwashing?
VP: Yes! Despite the fact that I know that I, for whom, where, how. I have firm beliefs. I then had to go, when adapted, looked at them, laughed. Brainwashed them to treat it. They are sick people, they are not enemies, they are sick people.
A. M: You said that you have gradually increased military power. Now all units be eliminated, commanders transferred to some other groups. Do you think this benefit is the Donetsk Republic?
VP: You know, it was, in principle, popular protest, different people came in the militia. So to put things in the army the order must, in any case. But as it happens, I am extremely against it. My opinion is that after Strelkov had gone, discipline and order in the army have fallen significantly. And to assess the current reform, I to it a few negative attitude, how she goes. But the reform I have a positive attitude. All right, should be the Ministry of defence DND, and all must obey him, should be structuring, as it should be.
A. M: And how much you have subordinates?
VP: At the end of 300 people, then another company I gave.
A. M.: And how many died from yours?
VP: That’s the defense I have 6 people were killed. Thanks to our Colonel, he skillfully painted the defensive line of trenches. I think if the other side of Donetsk окопали as well, then, perhaps, would be to Donetsk closer.
A. M.: – Do you think we need to consolidate around our President and it every support that we in Russia have not been to the orange revolution and not spilled all in this terrible war…
VP: Yes, of course, necessary! First, know that I’m in Moscow I was displeased to hear? I heard, but came and personally from the taxi driver heard: “They’re all bad!” Once we’ve had. “Deputies so get these so much, and we get so much.” People need to understand that getting all will be well, exactly when will be strong, mighty power, when it will cease to plunder the neighbouring powers. Putin is very difficult, because by the year 2000, when he came to power, there was corruption, hidden control system and so on. Virtually Russia has already been absorbed. Russia cannot capture stupidly simple, given its nuclear capabilities. Therefore, it should be captured only from the inside. By 2000, it has almost been fulfilled. Look at the war in Chechnya, the same, yes everywhere, it was understandable. All revenues from oil left in the middle of nowhere. And so forth, and the like. Putin pulls it all. Growing standards of living. People somehow gradually, you know, forget growing, well-well-well. You look like you 10 years ago lived and now live: better or worse? It is clear at once, all in chocolate does not happen gradually. I think it goes really properly, it should only help. And traitors around him too much. Recently he did a final warning fifth column, it is already clean. You need to cultivate patriotism in the country. People should love their country, for the sake of the country to work, so she was powerful, and then they will live well. And not vice versa, as I understand it. And we have many people: “Oh, Pindostan, Europe!” It somehow helped? Well, except that gay pride parades want to spend, maybe someone likes it. And I don’t see any help from them – put our economy cheap goods, credits. They are killing us, and they say, “Oh, Pindostan, Europe!” Putin’s goal is to bring the country under foreign influence, to return revenues to the state, and it is successfully obtained. And, in fact, to unite our country, which раздербанена. That is, to release. Ukraine, once again, Russia is one country. I would call it not Russia, not Ukraine and the Eurasian Union, the USSR, the Russian Empire, but this one state. And Georgia, our state, our people live. How we live together already? And Uzbekistan is the same. Our people are. I remember in my childhood I full Union with the father circled, he was a pilot. I flew everywhere, like home. There Uzbek, Tajik, what’s the difference. Actually, I have the best memories of any area of the USSR.

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this breedlove is a really nasty piece of work, every photo is uglier than the last

Breedlove: NATO concerned about the possibility of Russian military on the border with Ukraine
RIA Novosti, Nov 26 2014 17:13


KIEV – NATO SACEUR Gen Philip Breedlove stated that NATO was more worried about the number of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, including the Crimea, and their fighting capabilities. On Wednesday, the head of Department of information security of the Black Sea fleet, Captain 1st rank Vyacheslav Trukhachev, told RIA Novosti that today at the military airport “Belbek” in the Crimea arrive 14 fighters: ten modernized su-27SM and four su-30 (both belong to a generation 4+). UNIAN quotes Breedlove, currently in Kiev, that the possibility of Russian troops in the Crimea measured a serious impact on the situation in almost the entire region of the Black Sea. He said:

We are very concerned about the militarization of the Crimea. And this is our concern, as posted in the Crimea, cruise missiles, air defense system, and other features show that they are able to create military influence in the Black Sea.

Speaking about the Russian troops on the border with Ukraine in General, he again stressed that it is not quantity, but in their capabilities. He said:

The numbers that we use for the past few weeks, not much has changed. It’s 8,000 to 10,000 people, situated on the border, but this is not important. It is important that these are troops on the border, namely the capabilities of these forces. They have great opportunities, and the question is, will decide whether Russia to use these troops to cross the border.

According to UNIAN, the General explained that these forces are located very close to the Ukrainian border, can enable those forces that are already in the East of Ukraine to continue destabilizing actions. In addition, in his opinion, these forces create opportunities for ongoing delivery to the militia of Donbass of necessary weapons. Earlier, NATO has repeatedly accused the Russian Federation of the importation into Ukraine of military equipment and soldiers, without giving any evidence. In response Russia has repeatedly said that is not a party to domestic conflict and completely uninvolved in the events in the South-East of Ukraine, and that it has no intelligence agents or troops there. RF Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that there are no grounds for accusations of Russia in the complication of the situation in the South and South-East of Ukraine, and the Russian Defense Ministry has repeatedly said that is not supplying the militia with military equipment, ammunition and other assistance.

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here’s an extremely revealing text, which will require a lot of work to interpret

There has been a lot of kerfuffle because of a recent interview with Borodai. I personally am not interested in Borodai’s efforts to diminish the mythology of Strelkov. I don’t need Borodai to do that. I have my own critique, which I have already explained. But various people are crawling out of the woodwork with previously unexposed revelations, either because they want to defend Strelkov (as on the Secret Forum), or because they are sick of Zakharchenko (as here). The original text is here in Russian, and here in raw Yandexian – RB

In fact everything is even more complicated than it seems at first glance. Time went this trend is publicly exposed – reveal a few secrets to look, to justify them then participating (most of what was said in the summer is now confirmed). I must say, the truth do not claim. I like akin that was seen and heard in April in Donetsk, and then in Slavyansk, that told other friends and say. If anyone believes that this compilation has already been said, let them check the archive, may well repeat the already said. I myself did not know much, and revelations of former folded puzzle. Yes, another. There will be several parallel lines, you can get confused, so closely.

I will start with the information I had heard. Since the end of November last year, from the beginning of Euro-Maidan, then-Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zakharchenko (Vitaliy Yurіyovich, not our own dear Alexander Vladimirovich – RB) is included naturally in agreement with the ruling then рыгами began to create a power group (not a group of intimate & like-minded friends: this is purely Philistine group of former police officers, employees of PMC (mostly former security forces), and is controlled by the Ministry of interior semi-legal structures. As an example of the latter is the protection and employees копанок (illegal mines) or the same балки Средней (on the forum a lot of people from Zaporozhia; they know more and will say what for “field of miracles”, like the metal is mined). Why? They had intelligence information (primarily from the large Eastern neighbour) about the coup attempt under the guise of mass demonstrations for signing the Association Agreement with the EU. Somewhere managed to create, somewhere there. That’s why attempts to capture the regional administrations in the middle of Jan 2014, Хунтятами completely failed. They were repulsed, not by conscious citizens of the South-East, but by these groups. Their Кукировал was Zakharchenko. But after his resignation (as sought by the Maidan), these groups were left without guidance, though the local cops considered them their own. Yes, most importantly, they were funded of course by the local багатеями. This is important information, namely, the existence of parallel MVD power groups.

The following. Not trusting in fact, private security services Yanukovich introduced for his own protection some US advisers and even specialists. Their role in the ensuing coup is more than significant. They evacuated Yanokovich on Feb 21 from Kiev, they insulated him for almost a week. This was an important moment of isolation. Under the plan, Zakharchenko already under the guise of protest moods in the East, which were supposed to lead Rybak, then-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, should have taken under their protection of the public buildings. And after the Congress in Kharkov, they were supposed to organize a trip to Kiev, where together with loyal security forces they would have finally cleared the Maidan. Какизвестно, Rybak did not want to do anything and went into an agreement with the junta. Similarly did the majority of the deputies of the Party of Regions and the Communists, атакже governors. Vegetables actually they all are. Yanukovich wandered, and in the end reached the Crimea, and then Russia. The betrayal by the Party of Regions of the Donbass was a shock, but all believed that it was a cunning plan. Also, Donetsk really other. They have a core. Therefore, Anti-Maidan and power of the group did not disperse (as in other areas of the South-East). This process continued for several months. Was rigidly proposals from junta just sent to the Party of Regions, believing that all will bring. And finally, the Party of Regions just decided to sell the protesters for the guarantee of the inviolability of their capital, and personal safety. The junta agreed.

All the leaders in the DND/LNR were the leaders of the established power groups: Zakharchenko (Alexander), Bolotov, Plotnitsky, Beszler and many others are all there. They were sold by the Party of Regions. They and their people were supposed to vanish without a trace in the mines of Donbass, or flee to Russia. Here they refused to be just sacrificial animals. The fact that the protest mood and aversion to the junta in the Donbass was the mass that resulted in the seizure of the administration. And, paradoxically, a driving role in this was played by the real marginal groups, supporters of independent Donbass, DND. If earlier they were a small group of radicals, now their ideas, in the vacuum of the other mind, became popular. That is, Gubarev and Putilin belonged to a totally different group. It is also important to remember this. There have been numerous autonomous groups that сейчаспочти all joined with Mozgovoi. Lugansk region analogues almost was not, but the idea later picked up. I will remind you was a vacuum. The idea of a Pro-Russian Ukraine was utopian, the Party of Regions surrendered the so-called “South-East”. There were only two other possibilities: joining Russia (the Crimean script) and DND. Zakharchenko chose DND. That is also necessary to remember. The third group was the employees of “Berkut” and “Alpha”, but they were also in the position of sacrificial animals, which the Party of Regions already sold. Zakharchenko (Alexander), Khodakovsky and the other commanders were not intended to become politicians. They were supposed to be what were the security forces. They were prepared under the direction of the Party of Regions to do the stripping of Maidan. No more. And not to advertise themselves. That’s why they have long been in the shadows.

Now: all events should be looked at from the perspective of these three groups, the Party of Regions and Communists to revolt in the South-East and the subsequent betrayal of this population. The resulting vacuum was filled with ideas either of the DND or of reunification with Russia. On the ground for a long time it was believed that everything was going according to plan, that the absence of Yanukovich was temporary, and that he would return together with the Russian army. The Russian State Duma gave its consent to the use of Russian troops in Ukraine. This led to the situation in the same Gorlovka, Kramatorsk and the district. In Slavyansk was a pool of local leaders, government officials and influential political parties. It was they who, knowing that the head of the local power groups, Ponomarev, was clearly not a person who could provide security (lack of credibility, charisma and knowledge), invited Strelkov, as an active participant of the Crimean events. Oh, and the Cossacks. I must say that previously the city was Putilin already have as a group Zakharchenko. But ideas DND did not find Ponomarev and pool support. The fact that Zakharchenko had weight in the mining region, Slavyansk-Kramatorsk, purely industrial regions, where no mines and spit they wanted to Zakharchenko. Let me quote: “we have our own bandits.” (Popular guards with guns were not really organized in Slavyansk before the arrivak of Strelkov).

The arrival of the Strelkov group was originally considered by Shtepa (This is Nelly Shtepa; we met here before, remember? Here in Ponomarev’s account of events in Slavyansk. She must have been the local Party of Regions secretary – RB) as implementation of the plan of the Party of Regions. So she met them and said “these are our guys!”. But learning that the Party of Regions and Yanukovich have no relation to “these guys”, she not only disowned them, but attempted to turn them over to the Ukrainian security forces. And that led to her dismissal, and then arrest. At that point it became clear that the Strelkov group had nothing to do with the Party of Regions, therefore they were not met as “our boys” by official leaders (members, deputies). Let’s say that we watched the end was not openly sabotaged, but nothing happened. So, (plus many nuances). Yes, of Slavyansk pool only one now in DND. Others resigned from the junta and even have MP from them today in the Verkhovna Rada.

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looks as if the cops are finally wiping out that hong kong thing

Hong Kong police clear protest camp after clashes
Dennis Chong, AFP, Nov 26 2014

Fresh scuffles broke out Wednesday as Hong Kong authorities moved in to clear the main body of a major pro-democracy protest site, a day after more than 100 demonstrators were arrested. Police wearing helmets and brandishing batons moved in to protect city workers as crowds surged forward to stop them tearing down barricades at the largest part of the Mongkok site. Protester groups said the movement’s student leaders Joshua Wong and Lester Shum were arrested by police. Hundreds of police were involved in the operation where they quickly pushed protesters back, removed wooden and metal barricades, tents and other obstructions along a 500-metre stretch of road. Only a few dozen protesters remained at the edge of what used to be the protest site around two hours after the operation started. Tensions were running high the day after police used pepper spray on pro-democracy protesters at the camp, which has been the scene of some of the most violent clashes since the sit-ins began in on September 28. Kelvin Ng, a 21-year-old protester, told AFP:

If we lose here, we won’t lose our heart. We can go somewhere else. It doesn’t need to be here. (That’s not really true. The current site blocks and cordons off the port. Any other site would be trivial by comparison – RB)

Pro-democracy protesters have been camped out on Hong Kong’s streets for almost two months to demand fully free elections for the leadership of the southern Chinese city. Police said in a statement they had arrested 116 people, including a 14-year-old boy, after Tuesday’s clashes. Twenty police officers were injured, they added. Police had also arrested a television news crew member who was covering the clearance of the site, the Hong Kong Journalists Association said, condemning the arrest. Workers wearing “I love HK” T-shirts and red baseball caps initially removed barricades blocking the road at the adjacent larger site on Nathan Road on Wednesday, but protesters remained defiant. A court bailiff told the crowd before the clearance action:

Please obey the injunction, leave immediately.

A protester wearing a yellow helmet and a mask, who refused to give his name, responded:

I won’t leave. It’s been illegal from day one, with or without the court order.

The clearance is the third since the high court in the semi-autonomous Chinese city granted injunctions to let authorities start clearing parts of the protest sites. It comes as public support wanes for the demonstrators, who are protesting against China’s restrictions on who will be allowed to stand in the 2017 chief executive election, and as the movement’s leaders are split on the next move. The Hong Kong Federation of Students, which has led the protests, said it was considering its next step. It said on its Facebook page:

The path of communication has run its course. If the government continues to resort to collusion with the police, unscrupulously going against the tide, then we can only take the next step of action.

Demonstrators clashed with police in Mongkok last month after they tried to reclaim part of a protest camp which had been cleared out by authorities. Officers used batons and pepper spray against protesters who shielded themselves with umbrellas, but were eventually forced into a partial retreat. The student-led protests have at times drawn tens of thousands of people onto the streets over the last two months. But the crowds have dwindled as the movement has struggled to maintain momentum and commuters have grown weary of transport disruptions.

Hong Kong student leader Joshua Wong arrested in Mong Kok clearance
Andrew Stevens, Tim Hume, CNN, Nov 26 2014


HONG KONG – Hong Kong student protest leaders Joshua Wong and Lester Shum were among those arrested amid heated confrontations as authorities attempted to clear demonstration camps in the Mong Kok district for a second day. Wong, the 18-year old founder of the secondary school activist group Scholarism, and Shum, deputy secretary general of the Hong Kong Federation of Students, were arrested after police and bailiffs moved to clear barricades on Nathan Road in the bustling commercial area, a spokeswoman for the student federation told CNN. By midday Wednesday, authorities had cleared barricades and tents from the long-established protest camp. Prior to his arrest, Shum told CNN he urged protesters to remain on the streets until the “last second.” He said:

We will still conduct our civil disobedience action until the last second, until the plaintiffs or the police arrest us.

Bailiffs have been engaged to clear the Mong Kok protest camps in accordance with a court order obtained by local business interests, following complaints that the protests have disrupted life in parts of the city for nearly two months. Police warned that anyone obstructing the bailiffs in their work would face charges of contempt of court or obstructing an officer. Some protesters were seen assisting authorities in dismantling shelters, as police ordered demonstrators disperse and not to interrupt the clearance. Others were tackled to the ground and detained by police during the clearance efforts. The police action followed a night of heated clashes between police and protesters, after authorities attempted to clear another road in Mong Kok, Argyle Street, Tuesday. As of 6am Wednesday morning Hong Kong time, 116 people had been arrested during the confrontation in Mong Kok, according to Alice Tam of the Police Public Relations Branch. Offenses included resisting police, illegal assembly, possession of weapons and attacking police. Twenty police officers were injured in clashes, said Tam. Lawmaker and pro-democracy activist Leung Kwok-hung, commonly known as “Long Hair,” was among those arrested, his office confirmed. Tuesday’s clearance effort began peacefully, with some protesters indicating their intention to relocate to other protest camps peacefully. But events spiraled into violence as crowd numbers swelled, with police dressed in riot gear spraying liquid referred to by local media as “tear water” toward the crowd to drive them back. Police warned protesters to retreat, displaying banners that read: “Stop charging, or we use force.” As the situation Tuesday night escalated, activists issued calls on social media for reinforcements. The Hong Kong Federation of Students’ tweeted:

More support urgently needed in Mong Kok! Bring helmets, (goggles), shields, umbrellas, towels and be careful!

As bailiffs announced their intention to clear the site Tuesday morning, protesters joined in chants calling for universal suffrage and demanding the resignation of Hong Kong’s chief executive, C Y Leung. Prior to leaving on a trip to South Korea on Tuesday, Leung said he had confidence in police to handle the situation in Mong Kok and said the government remained willing to engage in dialogue on political reform. Pro-democracy protesters have occupied camps in parts of the city for nearly two months, and maintain a main protest site outside government buildings in Admiralty on Hong Kong Island. Calling for universal suffrage, they want to be able to nominate candidates for the election of the city’s chief executive in 2017. Instead, China’s National People’s Congress has said they’ll be able to vote only for candidates from a short list approved by a pro-Beijing committee. Currently, the chief executive is elected by a specially appointed 1,200-member election committee. At the peak of the protests in early October, tens of thousands of people were on the streets at three locations. But numbers have dwindled as the protests have continued, and recent local polling suggests support has dipped. In a random survey of 513 people conducted by the University of Hong Kong, 83% said pro-democracy protesters should cease their occupation of major roads in Hong Kong, while just 13% said the protests should continue. Prior to his arrest, Shum told CNN there were no plans to give up the protests. He said, referring to the Chinese central government’s controversial decision to impose vetting restrictions on who could run as a candidate for Hong Kong’s top office:

The most urgent step is to revoke the Aug 31 NPC decision. The political reform problem starts from there. If the Chinese communist party refuses to, or the Hong Kong government does not reflect how Hong Kong people think, we urge them to deny the political reform bill in the Legislative Council and restart the whole political process again. The decision on whether to remain on the streets and face violence or arrest is each individual protester’s own to make. I believe it is a personal or individual decision, because everyone has different degrees of consequences that they have to face alone.

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aaargh, let’s do it for hillary, first president-in-waiting of the entire fucking planet

The Inevitable Hillary
Philip Giraldi,, Nov 25 2014


Pundits sometimes cite the decline and fall of the Roman Empire as a metaphor to illuminate what many see as the impending decline and fall of Pindostan. Between the third and fifth centuries of the common era, Rome did indeed evolve into a highly centralized and militarized state that was supported by an increasingly impoverished economic base which invites comparison with contemporary Washington. But a better metaphor for Pindostan’s current malaise might well be the final days of the Roman Republic. The fall of the Roman Republic in the first century BCE came about due to the rise of warring factions fuelled by the massive corruption within the political class that was itself derived from huge sums of money that were the spoils of the imperial expansion that started with the Punic Wars and which provided opportunities to loot the subject nations to fund one’s political campaign. Marius, Sulla, Pompey, Caesar and Crassus were all both enablers and products of republican decline. Julius Caesar’s famous invasion of Gaul was prompted by his need to obtain money to pay off his debts and finance his political career. The example of Rome led Pindostan’s Founding Fathers to warn about the evils of faction, the corrupting effect of money and the passionate attachment to foreign interests. Unfortunately, highly partisan politics fuelled by vast quantities of money, some of which comes from sources with openly promoted foreign interests, has become a reality in Washington and partly explains the decline of America’s own ruling class. And there is no political dynasty that exhibits the lack of any ethical anchor combined with the excesses that derive from overweening greed and ambition as much as the Clintons.

That Hillary Clinton is spoken of as a virtual president presumptive in much of the media and punditry should give one pause and make one wonder about the state of democracy in Pindostan. Clinton became a mediocre Senator from New York elected to office in a state which was so Democratic leaning that she could not lose. She then sought the Democratic presidential nomination only to be defeated by Barack Obama, who better captured the national mood of war-weariness in the wake of morally questionable and ultimately counter-productive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Clinton was given the post of Sec State to remove her from competition with the new president, where she maintained a high political profile but ultimately did very little of note, apart from a disastrous intervention in Libya which she has been trying to walk away from ever since. Hillary and Bill are every bit as hawkish as Mitt Romney and Walnuts McCain, and are just as comfortable with a neocon-driven foreign policy. Bear in mind that most neocons are actually traditional liberals on many issues apart from their readiness to go to war, which makes them a better fit for a hawkish Democrat rather than for a socially conservative Republican. This is why leading neocons like Robert Kagan and David Brooks are leaning towards Hillary. Kagan’s wife, Victoria Nuland, who has done so much to start a shooting war with Russia, was a Hillary Clinton protege at the State Dept. If Clinton does become president, it is not so farfetched to consider the possibility that Nuland or someone very much like her would be placed in charge of Pindosi diplomacy.

As for evidence of Hillary’s willingness to use force internationally, note for starters the reported principal influences on her foreign policy views: her husband Bill plus “liberal interventionists” Madeleine Albright, Anne-Marie Slaughter and Sandy Berger. Albright is famous for saying that the death of 500,000 Iraqi children due to sanctions was “worth it,” while Slaughter is head of the New Pindostan Foundation and author of two liberal interventionist Bibles: “A New World Order” and “The Idea That Is Pindostan: Keeping Faith with Our Values in a Dangerous World.” Berger is best known for stealing documents from the national archives by stuffing them down his trousers. Hillary also is an admirer of Henry Kissinger and he of her, demonstrating that her interventionist foreign policy agenda is bipartisan. She notoriously voted for the Iraq War and shares Albright’s belief that Pindostan is the world’s “indispensable nation,” giving it a free pass to regulate the activities of everyone else. She is a strong supporter of Netanyahu and his policies, she de facto opposes any nuclear agreement with Iran, she criticized Obama because he did not bomb Syria or arm the rebels, and she sponsored the disastrous regime change in Libya.

Bill is on the same page, bombing Serbia, enforcing the punitive and highly destructive sanctions on Iraq, and destroying a Sudanese pharmaceutical plant to distract the Pindosi public from revelations about his dalliance with Monica Lewinsky. The Clintons just package their wars differently than the GOP, to enable them to describe intervention as morally justifiable, somewhat like Obama’s contrived distinction between “good” and “bad” wars. One might also add that the Clintons are quite probably more cynical about the entire process and willing to manipulate it in ways that would never occur to most Republicans. It is hard to imagine Romney, Bush or McCain being so ethically challenged as to attack Sudan to cover up an Oval Office affair. And then there is Marc Rich, the fugitive financier pardoned as a last official act by Bill. Rich had fled the US after being charged with income tax evasion, wire fraud, racketeering, and trading with Iran during the oil embargo. He was also an agent for the Mossad, which was known to the CIA and FBI, a fact that surely could have been learned by Clinton if he had done a proper due diligence on the pardon. But Rich and his wife Daniele were major Democratic Party supporters, including substantial gifts to Hillary’s Senate campaign and the Clinton Presidential Library. There was also considerable pressure coming from the Israelis, which together with the money was enough to convince Bill Clinton. And similar pressures will surely prove convincing for Hillary.

The Clinton justification for “liberal intervention” is shaped around the “responsibility to protect” doctrine, abbreviated R2P, which was cited in the attacks on both Serbia and Libya and the support for similar action against Syria. The essentially bellicose foreign policy is also politically calculated to take away the national security issue advantage from the GOP. And it is conveniently tied in with powerful domestic and foreign constituencies to include the military industrial complex, Wall Street, the Israel Lobby and the various nooks and crannies of corporate Pindostan that benefit from the GWOT and de facto empire. The Clintons also suffer from being snobs who like to hang around with rich people, in spite of their populist pretensions. They are the ultimate social climbers, always willing to do one more thing to obtain acceptance from the 1% that really matters and ready to reap the rewards that they know come with it. Hillary claims that she and Bill were broke and in debt when they left the White House. They are now worth over $100m. and command as much as $800k for a single speaking engagement. Hillary’s minimum paycheck to speak before a group is reported to be $200k. Does anyone actually think that either Bill Clinton’s sly smile or Hillary’s shrill monotone is worth a speaking fee in the hundreds of thousands of dollars? Or are there expectations of other quid pro quos down the road for those who are coughing up the big money, to include something like $18m from Goldman Sachs and other banksters who brought the nation to the brink of ruin in 2008?

President Hillary would be a disaster for Pindosi foreign policy, as she would operate to the right of Obama, who has certainly been bad enough. It would also come on the heels of a campaign in which Clinton’s major funder would likely be Usraeli Haim Saban, who has described himself as “a one-issue guy and that issue is Israel”, though he has also pledged to do what it takes to get Hillary elected, suggesting that at least in his mind the two agendas are linked. How would it all play out compared to the status quo? Hillary Clinton does not currently have anything that equates to a foreign policy but she has provided plenty of indications regarding where she stands on various issues. Where Obama would almost certainly like to come to an arrangement with Iran, Hillary would be unwilling to make any compromises and would leave open only the alternative of war. Obama has clearly expressed concerns about Netanyahu and his policies that Hillary does not share, and also hesitates over deeper military involvement in the Middle East, while Hillary wants regime change for Syria and would be willing to use force to achieve that end. In other areas, Hillary would repeat and even double down on the Obama mistakes, listening to Nuland and the neocons to strengthen sanctions against the Russians over Crimea and likely moving to both arm Ukraine and expand NATO. China would be increasingly seen not as a competitor but as an enemy. Given the Clintons’ lip service to “humanitarian” war and democracy promotion, there would also be a lot more meddling in a lot more places around the globe. And it would all be wrapped in “good war” rhetoric that the equally bellicose Republican candidates would have difficulty challenging. It is a bleak prospect, and Hillary is by no means past the finish post, but those who hope for a genuine change in direction for the Democratic Party will have to look elsewhere, possibly towards someone like Jim Webb who actually has seen war up close and unlike the armchair warrior Clintons has little enthusiasm for starting a new one.

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let’s spend some time doodling with gilad atzmon

Gilad Atzmon on Ed Millipede, The Labour Party, and the Jewish Lobby
Al Etejah, Youtube, Nov 21 2014

Gilad Atzmon elaborates on the dominance of the Jewish lobby in Britain and Pindostan and the weak resistance it meets in both colonies countries. The activity of the Lobby clearly undermines the notion of Western democracy (I don’t recollect having that notion, before – RB).

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for some mysterious reason, no-one wants the job of pindosi sec def

Michèle Flournoy Takes Herself Out of Running for Top Pentagon Job
John Hudson, Yochi Dreazen,, Nov 25 2014

flournoy_1What an extraordinarily nice-looking person – RB

Michèle Flournoy, widely seen as the front-runner to replace Hagel as Sec Def, abruptly took herself out of the running for the job Tuesday, complicating what will be one of the most important personnel decisions of Obama’s second term. Flournoy, the co-founder and CEO of the Center for a New Pindosi Security (CNAS), a think tank that has served as a farm league for future Obama administration officials, would have been the first female Sec Def had she risen to the position. The news of her decision to withdraw was first reported by But in a letter Tuesday to members of the CNAS board of directors, Flournoy said she would remain in her post at the think tank and asked Obama to take her out of consideration to be the next Sec Def. Flournoy told the board members that family health considerations helped drive her decision and the fact that two of her children are leaving for college in the next two years. The letter, first obtained by FP, says:

Last night I spoke with President Obama and removed myself from consideration due to family concerns. After much agonizing, we decided that now was not the right time for me to reenter government.

Flournoy’s decision means that only one of the three widely-rumoured names for the post remains under consideration: Ashton Carter, the former deputy Sec Def. When Hagel was ousted Monday, speculation had immediately turned to Flournoy, Carter, and Democratic Sen Jack Reed of Rhode Island, a former Army Ranger. But Reed took himself out of the running shortly after Hagel announced his resignation (below – RB). The decisions by both Flournoy and Reed to pre-emptively turn down the job underscores the immense challenges facing the next Sec Def and raised immediate questions about whether senior officials and Congress critturs were scared off by the prospect of taking a post that would require dealing with a White House that has centralized much of the policy-making and strategic decisions in the West Wing. Both of Hagel’s predecessors, Bob Gates and Leon Panetta, complained about administration meddling and overreach in their respective memoirs. Gates wrote:

Despite everyone being ‘nice’ to me, getting anything consequential done was so damnably difficult.

Beyond the bureaucratic issues, the next Sec Def will also have to manage the war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, find a way to close the Pindosi prison facility at Gitmo, competently execute a Pindosi withdrawal from Afghanistan, and right-size the nation’s military as Congress attempts to lift the across-the-board defense cuts known as sequestration. The new Pentagon chief will also face a Congress fully controlled by Republicans devoted to battering the administration for missteps, real and perceived. That will mean having to make repeated trips to Capitol Hill to face angry questioning by incoming Senate Armed Services Committee chairman Walnuts McCain, who is salivating at the chance to push the next Sec Def to agree that stronger steps need to be taken against the ISIS and that military force should remain on the table if the Iran talks break down. Those questions could be hard for the nominee to answer, because Obama himself seems deeply conflicted about how far he wants to go in battling ISIS and countering Russian aggression in Eastern Europe (sic, normal for this rag – RB). No matter how experienced or good a Sec Def is at the job, he or she will be responsible for implementing policies forged elsewhere. If the White House is indecisive or reverses itself on key decisions, senior cabinet members can get caught in the lurch. That’s precisely what happened in the summer of 2013, when Obama ordered the military to prepare for airstrikes against Assad after the Syrian strongman gassed his own people (sic, as normal – RB) , only to reverse himself without first telling Hagel.

With Flournoy out, White House officials will now need to make the hard choice of how to replace Hagel from an array of talented but flawed candidates. Carter, while respected for his intellect and management skills, was at times acerbic and condescending, according to a pair of senior officials who have worked with him. Privately, some senior Pentagon civilians have told the two officials that they would quit if Carter became Sec Def. A former administration official said that Carter had also alienated members of Obama’s close-knit inner circle, the very people pushing for Hagel’s ouster and charged with finding his successor, by openly expressing his displeasure at being passed over when then-Sec Def Panetta announced his resignation in 2012. One of those key players is National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and Carter could quickly find himself at odds with the strong-willed Obama confidante. Carter might still get the job, but two former senior administration officials said that they expected the administration to broaden their search to also include Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James, Army Secretary John McHugh, and Navy Secretary Ray Mabus. All would come with clear pluses and minuses. James would, like Flournoy, be the first woman in the post, but she hasn’t been in her current job long and isn’t widely known in Washington or in foreign capitals. McHugh is personally close to the president and well-respected in the Pentagon, but tapping (this term, ‘tapping’ is actually Skull & Bones slang, which has somehow passed into mainstream Pindo hack usage – RB) the former GOP congressman would mean that three of Obama’s four Secs Def were Republicans.

Mabus, an avuncular former governor of Mississippi and ambassador to Saudi Arabia, campaigned for Obama in 2008 and was one of the then-senator’s senior Middle East advisors. Obama later tapped (again – RB) him to run the Gulf Coast restoration efforts after the BP oil spill. But with his tenure at the Navy focused largely on cost-cutting, Mabus would not bring the expertise in counter-terrorism and warfighting that Obama might want in the man or woman charged with heading the fight against ISIS. Flournoy and Carter were both vetted for the top Pentagon job the last time around, in Dec 2012, before Obama offered the position to Hagel. Several Pindosi officials closely involved in working with Hagel favored Flournoy and were surprised to learn that she had withdrawn herself from consideration. These officials said it was unclear if the White House had prepared and cleared a list of potential replacements before Hagel resigned, raising the possibility that if new candidates other than Carter and Flournoy had to be vetted and cleared through Congress, the process could drag on for months. That would leave Hagel in the uncomfortable position of having to manage affairs without the confidence of the president and his aides.

Senator Jack Reed not interested in Sec Def post
Brian MacQuarrie, Boston Globe, Nov 24 2014

dbf7e937314c46f496a488b3df2baaac-dbf7e937314c46f496a488b3df2baaac-0Another terrifically nice-looking person – RB

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – US Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, an Army veteran and West Point graduate, answered with an emphatic “no” when asked Monday whether he was interested in becoming Sec Def. Reed, a Democrat who won reelection this month to a fourth term in the Senate, where he serves on the Armed Services Committee, responded:

I have an extraordinary privilege of representing the sheeple of Rhode Island.

Reed, who spoke in the morning at Harvard Law School, said Hagel’s decision to resign after nearly two years in the position appeared to be one of “mutual accord” between him and Obama, and that his decision did not reflect a lack of support for the president amid foreign policy crises in the Middle East.Reed, who served with the 82d Airborne Division, has frequently been mentioned as a candidate for Sec Def. Whoever succeeds Hagel should be able to forge a good, working relationship with the president, Reed said, as well as a “strategic sense of where you want the DoD to go (other than Hell, presumably – RB).” The next Sec Def also will be faced with the financial challenges presented by another round of automatic budget cuts, known as sequestration, Reed said.

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