s-300s in odessa (writing “UKRGAZ” on them doesn’t make them look any less like rockets)

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since these pro forma elections have become a bone of contention, here’s the MFA on it

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Statement of the MFA of Russia on the situation of implementation of the Minsk agreement on the settlement of the crisis in Ukraine and the conduct of elections in the South-East of the country

In connection with the ultimate requirements of Kiev and a number of Western capitals not to hold the Nov 2 elections in the territories self-proclaimed LDNR it is appropriate to recall the following. In accordance with the Minsk agreements reached in September between representatives of the President of Ukraine and of the militia of the South-East with the participation of representatives of Russia and the OSCE, the conduct of said election agreed in the period from Oct 19 to Nov 3. Links that signed on 16 October Porochenko law on the special order of the government in these areas was set as the date of the election on Dec 7, contradict the Minsk agreements. Date Dec 7 was included in the law arbitrarily, unilaterally, without any discussion with the militia. In addition, this law cannot be applied in practice, as it is not defined specific areas of his actions. This question is suspended until the adoption of other decisions of the Verkhovna Rada. In turn, such a decision cannot be made, because Kiev withdrew its signature from the document that establishes the coordinates of the line of separation between the Ukrainian security forces and militias. Doesn’t help the case and statement of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine about the denial signed by the President Pourochenko the law of Oct 16.

Minsk agreement are violated Kyiv and other issues. Bombings continue territories controlled by the militia, in violation of the truce. Not taken the promised Kiev acts on Amnesty, security guarantees negotiators from the militias. Do not run on the decentralisation of power, the continuation of the national dialogue. The Ukrainian authorities sabotage commitment to improve the humanitarian situation in the Donbass, besides putting artificial barriers to the delivery of humanitarian aid from Russia. Minsk agreement also suggest the adoption of a program of economic revival of Donbass. However, after the elections to the Verkhovna Rada, Kyiv policy began to talk about the fact that using the South-East of Ukraine will be only on those areas that will come under the control of the Ukrainian authorities, which directly contradicts the spirit and letter of the Minsk Protocol. Overall, the impression is that all the arguments of the partners against the Nov 2 elections aim to maximally delay their conduct, apparently in the expectation that with the onset of cold weather problems in the population of this region will increase, which will affect the attitudes and voter turnout. In this situation, the position of the militia on holding the elections on Nov 2 legitimate and fully complies with the agreed within the framework of the Minsk agreements temporary settings. In the South-East of Ukraine as soon as possible to create a full-fledged controls in order to begin to address the practical issues of livelihoods and the rule of law.

Efforts to resolve the situation around the South-East of Ukraine are taken in extremely complex and contradictory conditions. The main thing now is to do everything to maintain a fragile truce, economic and humanitarian recovery of the region, making sustainable political dialogue. Attempts to artificially and ultimate to isolate from the whole complex of interrelated Minsk agreements one aspect, the date of local elections to make it a kind of criterion of “conduct” of the parties can undermine the entire peace process, turning him into a hostage to geopolitical ambitions. It is possible that those who put forward such an ultimatum, would like to destroy the Minsk agreement, as it was destroyed the Agreement of Feb 21, and get an excuse to return to attempt a military solution to the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine. The Russian side urged not to allow such developments and to encourage the elections to Nov 2, step further normalization of the situation and a comprehensive settlement of the domestic crisis. We remind you that before the Minsk process leaders LDNR publicly expressed their negotiating position, in which, in particular, it is emphasized that the conduct in these territories free elections on the principles of national self-government will pave the way for collaboration in the preservation of a unified economic, cultural and political space of Ukraine. Russia will help to ensure that elected leaders of the South-East have confirmed this line. Expected concrete actions for conscientious performance of the Minsk agreement and the Ukrainian authorities and their Western partners and the OSCE. Today there is a chance to use election Nov 2, not for reckless and unjustified discharge of confrontation, and to translate the situation in a constructive direction mutually respectful dialogue, compromise, based on the balance of the legitimate interests of all Ukrainian parties like this and require signed in the framework of the Minsk process documents.

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why the religious rebellion against jewish power is always doomed to failure

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I haven’t explained this for a long time, but my real veteran readers already know my views about this. I had another blog before Niqnaq, called Naqniq, which just unaccountably disappeared one day, but it was exactly like this one. I haven’t changed. I have been saying the same things for twelve years. It’s almost impossible to find things on my blog, unless you know what you’re looking for, and use the right search terms. There is no tagging system to guide you to the relevant old posts, or even more so, to the relevant old comments, which are where a lot of the best stuff is. It can’t be helped, now. But every now and then, it seems worthwhile to explain a few of the absolute basics, all over again. In this case, it is because I want Lara to understand that my heart is really in the right place, that I am not “the enemy” as she puts it. I just have an exceptionally cynical and bitter theory as to how things really work, which takes some getting used to.

We don’t really know much about the origins of Christianity, but I think we can assume that initially it was a lot like the basic Islam which is presented in the Qur’an. That is, the story goes something like this. First of all, we have “the Jews”. Bear in mind that when I use these sort of national designations, I am actually talking about the elite, the very top statum, the rulers of “the Jews”, not about the people at large. Judaism is an exceptionally authoritarian religion: it is geared to the needs of a small and really, absolutely ruthless elite, which uses the ordinary Jews, the “little Jews” so to speak, as pawns. It is quite prepared to sacrifice them en masse, in pursuit of its elite goal of world power, and from time to time it does so. But the promise it holds out to all of them is, one day we, “the Jews”, shall rule the world, the entire world. Our God has promised us this. Providing we are all obedient to him, which means in practice, providing all you little Jews are obedient to us, the elite. No matter if we use you as pawns, and from time to time hurl you all into a process of mass destruction, etcetera. In the end, we shall win. All of us. This is the sort of ambiguous promise that all established, institutionalised religions hold out, because they are all first and foremost geared to the needs of the elite. This is how a religion survives, and institutionalises itself. It may start out as a rebellious, idealistic movement against the elite, but in order to survive it must institutionalise itself, by entering into an alliance with the elite, by adapting its teaching and practice so that first and foremost it serves the elite, which in turn will protect it, and very concretely, will fund it.

So far, for all religions. I mean, this is equally true for Zen Buddhism, or whatever. But the Jewish religion is really exceptionally subtle, in the way it develops its alliance with the Jewish elite, because the elite itself is unlike that of other nations. Throughout their entire recorded (or mythologised) history, the Jews have only survived by making themselves indispensible to the imperial rulers of the day. The Bible itself is a record of their earliest successes and failures in this respect. The (relatively brief) periods when the Jews actually had a territorial nation, with kings and princes ruling actual physical territory like the kings and princes of other nations, are really exceptional. The vast majority of the time, the Jews are not ruling an actual physical country, but a sort of invisible country, a country of the mind. And this is how they do it. Building on their experience of international trading, as a people optimally perched at the most strategic position to control the entire volume of trade between Europe and Asia (and to some extent, even between these two continents and Africa), the Jews have practiced the art of financial power. International and even more, intercontinental trade requires the development of advanced means of exchange, ultimately, promissory notes, which serve as a sort of super-currency. Once there are outposts of Jewish traders spread across the entire known world, from England to India, these traders can corner the whole process of global trade, because they are absolutely honest in their dealings with one another. When a Jewish trader in England makes out a note of indebtedness in favour of a Jewish trader in India, the latter knows that that note will be honoured: sooner or later, the Jewish trader in England will pay it off in full, with a consignment of English goods of equal value to the goods he is requesting from his Indian counterpart. So the latter will send the goods requested on credit to his English counterpart, without any hesitation. This is a fantastic moral achievement, unique in the ancient world. And of course, all this trade is conducted on behalf of the kings and princes who commission the trade, be they in England, India, Greece, Rome, Babylon, Persia or whatever. So the Jewish merchants gradually become bankers to the kings and princes, throughout the ancient world. Because they can be trusted.

Naturally, this sort of power has its downside. Not only the kings and princes, but the ‘middle classes’ as we would put it now, and the common peoples too, throughout the world, cannot quite understand or accept the justice of this invisible power. Why should our king, our prince, be “in the clutches of Jewish finance”, “the power behind the throne”, and so forth? Indebtedness is an invisible force which accumulates very rapidly, and before long, the kings and princes are absolutely enslaved within a web of debt which only the Jewish financiers themselves known how to control. The ordinary Jews are often the very first to pay the price for this. A “little Jew”, quietly running a family farm in Mesopotamia or wherever, suddenly finds himself on the receiving end of a vicious pogrom (to use the Russian term, because there isn’t a better one). There is nothing he can do about it. The “big Jews”, so to say, the financial elite, have enslaved the country that the “little Jew” lives in, in a web of global or international debt, and they have told the local ruler in Mesopotamia or wherever it is that he had better increase his taxation of his peasants, because he is heavily in debt, and if he doesn’t pay his interest charges, he will be deprived of international trade altogether. This very modern-sounding process has been going on for two or three thousand years, with “the Jews” at the centre of it, even before they received the relatively modern name “Jews”, even when they were still known as Hebrews, or Israelites.

So, it’s a pretty vicious process, and the peoples of the world don’t like it. But there is no doubt that the “big Jews” exercise a really overwhelming influence at the various courts of the kings and princes of the other nations, throughout the world. And there are rebellions, not infrequently. The “big Jews” have to figure out a release valve for this, so that the nations can let off steam periodically without blowing up the entire system. And thus, we get the other religions, initially “protest religions”, to coin a phrase: first Christianity, and later Islam. These religions recognise the primacy of the Jewish religion, they are built on its foundations, but they claim to supercede it. They tell the story of how “the Jews” initially had a contract with God, that they should rule the world as long as they obeyed Him; but then, they say “the Jews” started to disobey Him, and in the end, he abandoned them, so they are not “the Chosen People” any more. We are. God has transferred this commission to rule the world, from them to us. And all this they tell in completely Jewish terms, because the materials for it are right there, ready-made, in the Jewish Bible. The whole story of how “the Jews” disobey their God, and he at least threatens to withdraw His protection from them and choose another nation to replace them, is already there, told several times over, in the Jewish Bible. It’s a very clever, very honest, very sophisticated document.

“The Jews”, that is to say the big Jews, the elite, the very, very rich global traders and bankers scattered across the world who now control all the kings and princes, by granting or withholding credit at their will, can cope with this. It is a pressure release valve. It always brings the rebellious nations back under Jewish control in the end, even if it does involve the occasional nasty pogrom. Extreme wealth usually guarantees protection even from the nastiest of these pogroms. It’s the “little Jews” who suffer. And they know, these “little Jews”, that there is nothing they can do about it. The web of global debt and Jewish control isn’t going anywhere. It’s here to stay, and eventually “the Jews” shall rule the world, quite literally and out in the open, no longer hiding “behind the thrones”, exercising their occult, financial power behind the scenes. One day, “we” shall triumph, absolutely. And the kings and princes of the world shall be our servants, literally. That day seems to be fast approaching. Once the nation-state of “the Jews” is re-established, as it has been, then surely the culmination of the whole three-thousand year odyssey is at hand. It must be worth enduring the waves of global unpopularity, if this fantastic goal is finally in sight.

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quotes of the day (yandexian is a wonderfully suggestive language)

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Screenshot from 2014-10-29 16:10:41


Screenshot from 2014-10-29 18:40:50Screenshot from 2014-10-29 18:41:49

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take an 85-second trip over donetsk by quadracopter (the constant clicking noises are not the copter, but gunfire)

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here’s something i never saw before: the actual withdrawal from slavyansk, on jul 5

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Two things to note about this: (1) the convoy is huge, scores of vehicles; and (2) all the vehicles are civilian cars and trucks. If Strelkov had any armoured vehicles, he left them behind, or more accurately, they were used in the feint escape bid he organised the same night, to distract the Ukies’ attention. Everyone in the feint escape bid was destroyed, along with their armoured vehicles, which I think comprised 2 tanks and a few APCs – RB

I can give you some interesting thoughts on this, from a very unexpected source, namely one of the dreaded sect of Kurginyan. I know SEK is a disgusting old freak, but he is probably just a front man for the much misunderstood Surkov, who is trying to wriggle out of this trap, which has been set for the Putin Presidency by the FSB:

In order to understand the logic of [this game], you need to understand the logic of those who pull the strings of the current leadership of Ukraine. For them, the Ukraine, obviously, is not the goal. The goal is Russia. In order to finally crush Russia, they should, in my opinion, implement one of two options:

  • Involve Russia in a war with the West – in reality, a war with Europe, which will have to take the rap, this war damn (нафиг) not needed. Usaia needs it because at the beginning of each military conflict, there’s a flow of capital, and gold reserves of countries, from Europe to Usaia. And Usaia will make a profit on military supplies. In war you want, like vultures, when any whiff of carrion. Just as it was in WW1 and WW2. However, I think that Europe would not be yoked for Ukraine, despite strong pressure from Usaia. For Europe, the war is economic suicide. Unless there is a charismatic leader, like Hitler or Wilhelm. Well, judge for yourself: how much of a “Hitler” is Merkel? I do not consider this scenario likely.
  • Arrange in Russia a “Maidan”, with the change of leadership for Russia’s people. Independence could lead to the disintegration of the Russian Federation into a number of independent countries if, say, Siberia can be separated, not wanting to feed “white ribbon” Moscow; the Caucasus remains, etc. All as in Ukraine, in general.

What would I do, if I was an analyst in the State Dept (euphemism for CIA – RB)? I would suggest a scenario in which either one option or the other DEFINITELY is implemented. For this scenario you need to put Novorossia to the brink of death. And then, either Putin is forced to send troops to save her, and that anyway is aggression against Ukraine, because nobody will give Russia the status of peacekeepers. Or Putin will be declared guilty of killing Novorossia. Could help but didn’t. A million refugees from Donbass, everyone will say terrible things, as they had been killed and Russia has not stood up, etc. Maidan – guaranteed. I now actually hear the conversations of ordinary people – the people murmur, type, why Putin is silent, why not steps, etc.

In the scenario “Novorossia on the verge” is one complicated thing. It consists in the fact that the Ukrainian security forces are waging a campaign intended to be extremely disastrous. What would I do, as analyst of the State Dept (euphemism for CIA – RB)? I would suggest on the one hand to organize a serious military assistance to law enforcement, and on the other hand, would try to find weaknesses in the leadership of the militia. You know, $30b allocated by the State Dept, a very large sum of money. And we all remember Libya, remember the storming of Tripoli, and remember Eshkala. Who does not remember? I recall that at a key moment of the assault on Tripoli, Eshkala withdrew from combat positions because, do you want them all killed? He just happened to be a traitor. And what task would I put in front of Novorossia’s Eshkala? Gradually lose the Donbass, but always so that the responsibility lay on Russia. That is, I would ask the would-be Eshkala publicly to repeat every day like a mantra, the words: “Russia does not help”, “Russia should send in the army, or the Donbass will fall”, “If Russia will not send troops, the Kiev junta will kill us all”. In the event of the fall of Novorossia, he would say “See! I told you! I warned that if Russia will not help with military force, Novorossia will fall! And so it happened!” and scenario number two is implemented: Putin is to blame, #путинслилдонбасс, etc. Or, if Russia still invades at the last moment, then the first script is implemented: Russia is the aggressor, Russia supports terrorists, Russia does not allow Ukraine to integrate with Europe, Europe must defend Ukraine, Russia is “the evil Empire”. By the way, if anyone remembers where this term was born, certainly can draw interesting parallels with today’s events.

Further discussion followed by a lengthy Russian quote in jpg form, so I can’t translate it… then

In other words, according to Yuri Selivanov, Igor Strelkov left Slavyansk without any military necessity, and thus introduced the military-political situation in the Donbass in the condition of a possible collapse, only then to twist Putin’s arm and put before him the hard alternative: either to decide on the troops (“wet work”), or lose Novorossia, and then the Crimea, and generally suffer a heavy geopolitical defeat, one result of which may well be Russia’s internal destabilization, the collapse of the existing regime and as a result, direct military aggression of the West with the purpose of the final decision of the “Russian question”. All solitaire has converged, dots over the “e” apart, one can add almost nothing (except, perhaps a little small detail which I will add below). I guess anyone can draw further conclusions. It is quite possible that Strelkov is playing blind. Too many shady characters are hanging around him, that have influenced him. And somehow I am sure that the “writers” necessarily include the death of the Hero in the last act of option number two (“Maidan in Moscow”). Because it is one thing to see thousands of nameless victims, and quite another thing to see the death of the hero, who has sworn to defend their land to the last drop of his blood, and falls still waiting for help from Russia. This, no one will forgive Putin for. Yes, and to blame for the fate of Novorossia at that time there will be no one, except of course Putin. Igor should think about his fate in the last act of this play, and perhaps play the notes.

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hryvnia doing well

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Higher and higher, and higher, streem we are flying our birds ($)
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