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Ukraine Warns of Europe’s Worst Conflict Since WW2
Aliaksandr Kudrytski, Daryna Krasnolutska, Jake Rudnitsky, Bloomberg ‘News’, Sep 1 2014

Ukraine warned of an escalating conflict in its easternmost regions as a rebel leader said talks this week may include negotiations for a truce. The country’s military will take on Russia’s “full-scale invasion,” Defense Minister Valeriy Geletey said on Facebook today, a shift away from the government’s earlier communication that focused on an offensive against insurgents. Ukraine “must urgently build up defenses against Russia,” which is seeking “to advance to other areas in Ukraine,” Geletey said. Ukraine and its allies in Usaia & Euia are accusing Russia of dispatching troops and backing militias to open a new front in the conflict that the UN estimates has claimed 2,600 lives. The Kremlin has repeatedly denied involvement in the unrest. Talks today between representatives from Russia, Ukraine, the OSCE and the separatists will continue Sep 5. OSCE Chairman Didier Burkhalter said on Swiss state television today:

We can truly imagine some very dark scenarios now. We are in a very delicate phase. The risks of escalation are very, very numerous.

Consultations on Sep 5 will include discussions of a prisoner swap and possible talks on a future cease-fire, Andrei Purgin, deputy premier of the DPR (they don’t bother to say “self-declared” – RB), said in a statement after today’s meetings in Minsk, Belarus. Purgin said:

We are trying to find common ground, to cut back on war and victims as much as possible.

Pres Putin yesterday called for negotiations over greater autonomy for the war-torn regions. His spokesman Dmitry Peskov later told reporters that the president isn’t seeking “statehood” for the region. The ruble slid to a record against the dollar for a second day as the intensified conflict raised the likelihood that Russia will face wider Euian sanctions. It traded 0.6% weaker at 37.3325 as of 7:35 p.m. in Moscow after falling to an all-time low of 37.45. The Micex Index of equities also slipped 0.6%. Merkel said Europeans won’t accept Russia’s military incursion into Ukraine. Merkel said today at a news conference in Berlin:

Being able to change borders in Europe without consequences, and attacking other countries with troops, is in my view a far greater danger than having to accept certain disadvantages for the economy.

At least 300 civilians have been killed by explosions around Lugansk since May, according to New York-based Human Rights Watch. Many of the attacks appeared to be indiscriminate and could violate international laws of war, the group said. Regular Russian troops are replacing insurgent forces, with about 1,600 soldiers advancing into the region, according to the government in Kiev. Andrei Lysenko, a spokesman for the Ukrainian military, said at least four Russian battalions are taking part in operations in southeast Ukraine. There was no immediate response from Russia to the allegations. The Ukrainian army had moved back from fighting for control of the Lugansk airport and is holding the line after retreat near Donetsk, Lysenko said. Defense Ministry spokesman Leonid Matyukhin said the Ukrainian forces had been fighting against a Russian tank battalion. Ukrainian troops killed about 100 pro-Russian rebels in the last 24 hours, Matyukhin said in a video statement on Facebook today. Government troops were shelled three times from the Russian side of the border, according to the statement. There was no independent confirmation of the figures. While Euian leaders disagreed about possible military aid to Ukraine in a weekend meeting in Brussels, they gave the Euian Commission a week to deliver proposals for sanctions that may target Russia’s energy and finance industries. Poroshenko has called for military and technical assistance for Ukraine from Euia. Usaia & Euia have already slapped visa bans and asset freezes on Russian individuals and companies, and since July have imposed steadily tougher sanctions targeting the country’s energy, finance and defense industries. Andrei Illarionov, a former economic adviser to Putin who’s been critical of the Russian leader after quitting his post in 2005, said today in an interview in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi:

Putin’s army will be stopped where the Ukrainians, the West and the whole world decide to stop him. Sanctions don’t have any effect. Historically, there’s no evidence of sanctions achieving their intended goal, even when they were much stricter.

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this is an english-captioned version of the latest kot-ivanov map, for those who need it

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This describes itself as “created by Kot Ivanov and Anthony Hartin, supplemented using MilitaryMaps.Info (Anthony Hartin).” Whether that means it is entirely consistent with itself, I don’t know. I prefer to stick with the original Kot-Ivanov maps, myself, but then I don’t have too much trouble reading Russian placenames (I certainly can’t read Kot-Ivanov’s notes in Russian) – RB

Source – Slavyangrad, Sep 2 2014

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at any given moment, any part of the USraeli power structure may be lurching back and forth between control by CFR secular liberals and neocon hard-right religionists

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Usaia leaves FSA out of military planning
Roy Gutman, Musab Alhamadi, McClatchy, Sep 1 2014

GAZIANTEP, Turkey — North of Aleppo, the (supposedly) Usaia-backed FSA is battling ISIS over a vital supply route. In Washington, the Obama administration is groping for a strategy to deal with a force that Sec Def Hagel says is “beyond anything we have ever seen.” But in this south Turkish city, in the office of the chief of staff of the rebel force, not much is astir, and the atmosphere is funereal. This should be the hour of coordination and brainstorming between the Usaia, its allies in Europe and the Middle East and the leadership of the appointed West-backed fighters. But according to Gen Abd’ul-Ilah al Bashir, the FSA’s embittered chief of staff, they just aren’t talking. Since December, when Islamist fighters overran the arms warehouses of the ‘moderate’ rebel group, the covert Usaian program has been working directly with individual commanders, leaving the leadership here high and dry. 12 to 14 commanders receive military and ‘non-lethal’ aid this way in northern Syria and about 60 smaller groups are recipients in southern Syria, Bashir said. They report to the CIA. The veteran officer, who defected from the Syrian army two years ago and won respect for leading rebel forces in southern Syria, said:

The leadership of the FSA is Usaian. The Usaians are completely marginalizing the military staff. Not even ‘non-lethal’ aid comes through this office.

Usaian officials acknowledge the dysfunction but blame Bashir for keeping too low a profile among commanders and for not fully staffing his office. They say his title is a “business card.” Yet the failure to establish a good working relationship also reflects an ambivalence within the Usaian government that goes straight to the top. Obama received the opposition leadership in May, and renewed his commitment to the removal of Assad. But in an interview last month, he disparaged the fighters as “doctors, farmers, pharmacists, and so forth” and said it was a “fantasy” that they could overthrow Assad. The issue of who hands out the weapons and funds provided by the FSA’s international backers isn’t just a turf battle between the Syrian opposition military leadership and the CIA, which runs the supply and training program. According to Bashir, the lack of communication and the CIA’s “tactical” approach to Syria prevented a timely response when ISIS, using weapons looted from Iraqi bases, rampaged through eastern Syria in July and seized almost the entire region bordering Iraq. One commander said 2,000 rebel troops were killed, along with hundreds of civilians in the fighting. About 750 members of the Shueitat tribe were executed last month after a tribal revolt against the extremists, Bashir said. He said:

If military aid had been distributed through the Supreme Military Council, which stays in touch with all fighting fronts in the country, the situation would be different. Terrorism and Daash would not have spread as they have today. So I put the responsibility on the Usaians for the spread of terrorism now on a larger scale than before. And now the Usaians are trying to combat terrorism and forget the regime at a time the regime itself is the source of this terrorism.

A senior State Dept official responded:

Usaia will never forget about the atrocities carried out by the regime. The food, medical supplies and equipment we provide to the FSA is sustaining the fight against the regime every day.

But Bashir said:

I don’t know what the Usaian strategy is. You have to ask them. They are not contacting me. I think the Usiana aim is tactical, to counter ISIS, not the strategic goal of toppling the Assad regime, which allowed ISIS to plant its roots on Syrian soil.

In Reyhanli, 120 miles southeast of here, close to the main crossing into Syria, FSA commanders tell a different story. About a dozen FSA commanders of fighters, many in groups larger than 2,000, are receiving weapons and material aid from Usaia and other sources. They’ve sent forces into Ikhtrin, north of Aleppo, to reinforce the positions of the FSA fighters now in intense battle against ISIS. Col Jamil Radun, also a defected Syrian army officer, is based in Hama province, but has 2,400 fighters on different front lines throughout the country. Asked about Obama’s put-down of the rebel force, Radun said that his fighters are “country people,” but more than half are defected government troops and three-quarters have high school or college degrees. Among the 2,400 are 16 doctors, three pharmacists and an unknown number of farmers. They are led by 38 defected officers. Troops reporting to him have received military training outside Syria. PBS Frontline reported that the facility is in Qatar. They use Usaian TOW anti-tank missiles with a very high kill rate, Radoon said. And with help from supporting groups in more than 100 countries, he’s able to pay fighters a salary of $900 a month. Confrontation, Radun said, was the only way to deal with ISIS. Radun doesn’t report to the staff of the Syrian Supreme Military Council, but to the Usaians and other “friends of Syria” in the Military Operations Command (MOC) established in Reyhanli. He says he works with the rebel military leaders, but notes those groups never regained control of the border posts they lost in December. The arrangement doesn’t appear to lend itself to developing a clear, cohesive strategy. Capt Iyad Shamsi, a defected officer whose Asala and Tanmiah Front has 2,400 troops scattered around the country, said:

If we need any military advice or information, the MOC offer it. This enables us to be more professional. The most important thing is that they provide training.

Usaian officials won’t say how many Syrian rebels they’ve trained, or even how many Syrian rebels they’re helping to equip. But extrapolating from the size of the units claimed by two commanders and the Usaian official’s comment that some are smaller and some larger, it appears that as many as 40,000 rebels are now receiving support from Usaia and other supportive groups. Bashir said 25,000 fighters are in both the north and south, while Nur Kholuf, the acting defense minister in the transitional government, speaks of 100,000 FSA fighters, only half of them armed. The senior State Department official said:

I understand why Bashir doesn’t like it. He doesn’t get the authority and credibility from the commanders that he would have gotten if he had food and medical supplies and equipment to distribute. We recognize that that’s not perfect from his point of view. It is perfect if what we’re trying to accomplish is to get equipment to the commanders rather than risk losing the stuff. We haven’t lost anything since we started doing business differently.

Another major risk of the current distribution system is that it tends to produce warlords, each responsible for a small part of the country, and in rivalry with each other. The Usaian official called that a “valid concern,” but said that’s why it’s important for the anti-Assad forces to develop a better command structure. Efforts have begun to give the transitional government a new high profile, steps that, if endorsed by the White House, could heal the breach and establish the nucleus of a Usaian policy for Syria. The newly-elected head of the Syrian opposition leadership, Hadi al-Bahra, has proposed moving the ministries of the transitional government into Syria. Bahra said:

We are working on the execution of our plans. We are discussing all the possibilities with our friends.

That could include restructuring the military leadership and distributing foreign-donated arms through it. Going “back to Syria,” as he calls the plan, carries major implications for Usaian policy. If air cover is not provided by Usaia and its allies, or if Usaia continues to block providing air defense to the rebel government, which its leadership pleaded for at every stop in Washington, including the meeting with the president, they will be targets for Assad’s air force. It has employed missiles, artillery and barrel-bombs to attack the towns and cities under rebel control. Bahra said:

For sure, we will not risk the life of the people, but we will be sharing the same risk as they have.

Usaian officials agree that the exile leadership cannot move to Syria without air defense. The Usaian official said:

They’re convinced they can’t. I’m not going to disagree. I never heard our side disagree.

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i absolutely have to do this, even though some people will think, “oh, it’s just that crank dugin again”

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Bulletin of Moscow State University: cleaning of the faculty of Sociology of the patriots
(abolition of geopolitics and the success of the fifth column)

Alexander Dugin, Sep 1 2014 09:50 MSK

On Sep 1, the picture of the events of June at the sociological faculty of Moscow State University (MSU) rapidly became clear. The parallel with events in Novorossia over the heavy summer of 2014 is also surprisingly clear. Let me remind you that in Jun 2014, after the University officially awarded me the post of head of the Department of Sociology of international relations and publications, the order for my appointment was swiftly cancelled by the rector of the university, Sadovnichy, and contrary to all legal norms the rector forged another order, deleting all mention of this assignment. In parallel, against all the statutory procedures of MSU and the decision of the Academic Council of the faculty, the patriot Vladimir Ivanovich Dobrenkov was removed from the post of Dean of the faculty. Just as a review of Strelkov’s demand for freedom of Novorossia (by I Yürgens and C Surkov, supported by Washington and the oligarchic Kiev junta) led to his dismissal, so the dismissal of Dobrenkov and me was demanded by the fifth column in the form of ОД, Echo Moskvi and pro-Usaian liberal groups. In July, Slavyansk fell and Strelkov was withdrawn. In parallel, the faculty of sociology was handed over to the enemy. To serve as new Dean, in another violation against all charters, a daughter of Gennady Osipov, Nadezhda G Osipov, was appointed by the family, without the slightest authority of the faculty.

Next, Dobrenkov and I were given assurances by Provost Kartau that our positions would be maintained and that this was all a misunderstanding. The main thing was to stop the wave of indignation among the faculty at MSU from reaching the general public. But again, as in all situations where the hand of Surkov is apparent, the chief Director of the struggle of the Russian early in the State, this was just the means that Sadovnichy and the liberals used to gain a pause and to consolidate their positions. The new, illegitimate Dean started working hard to strip the faculty. The task was the following: to eliminate all Patriotic endeavors, Dobrenkov’s laboratories, centers, projects and activities aimed at the development of Russian sociology. The fact is that Gennady Osipov and his daughter, like all liberals in science, do not believe in the possibility of a Russian sociology. So Sorokin readings, it was decided to cancel the agenda Dobrenkov on the development of domestic sociology and put foreign sociology in the spotlight. They cancelled all courses that even remotely had a Patriotic state orientation. They fired all teachers observed previously in sympathy to Russian patriotism. Now, any invitations by the faculty to the Ambassadors of Syria, Bolivia, Venezuela or Iran are out of the question, as well as lectures by priests from the Russian Orthodox Church and representatives of other traditional religions. In other words, everything that was created over 25 years in the sociology faculty by its founder Vladimir Ivanovich Dobrenkov has been destroyed at the root. The program of his opponents from ОД and competitors from the Higher School of Economics is being carried out in full.

Naturally, the Department of Sociology of International Relations has undergone even greater cleaning. Of course, an urgent procedure removed all courses on geopolitics (Geopolitics pure & simple, Geopolitics of Russia and so on), and cancelled the whole curriculum of 37 courses, designed under my supervision over 6 years. Among these disciplines were: Theory of a multipolar world, Sociology of gender, Political philosophy of Carl Schmitt, etc. It was a carefully designed program for the training of skilled patriots, Russia’s intellectual elite. The faculty dismissed all patriots, and tore from the walls the portraits of the heads of departments and the Dean. The whole picture is strikingly similar to Slavyansk and Kramatorsk when they were captured by the Nazi junta. And no wonder: the liberals and the fifth column in Russia are part of the same network that is behind the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, destroying the population of Novorossiya. They have the same owner, Usaia. By the way, the attacks on my position at Moscow State University formally started with a petition by Ukrainian nationalists led by C Datsyuk, requiring my dismissal. Now it is clear that it was a pretext, and the defeat of the faculty of Sociology was scheduled to take place anyway. But the symmetry is amazing. As in the case of parcel possessed provocateur Kurginyan (посылкой бесноватого провокатора Кургиняна) and the ultimate withdrawal of Strelkov, the whole picture with a sweep of the Sociology faculty is now, on Sep 1, clear: it was the work of Vladislav Yuryevich Surkov and the liberal wing of the Russian цезаристской system.

Is it irreversible or not? I think it is reversible, but it will be necessary to knock the traitors out of their central positions. As will be deployed our контранаступление in Novorossia, we will fight against the fifth column in the Moscow State University, which is now clearly submissive to Surkov. Sadovnichy the rector has, alas, finally moved to the side of the liberal junta. But Slavyansk will be freed, and Patriotic education will be revived in the leading Russian Universities. Currently, the faculty of sociology is lost to the patriots. In fact it is now a branch of the Higher School of Economics, with all the inevitable results. This is very sad. But as long as agents of influence in Russia are in higher positions, it is impossible to change the situation radically. In conclusion, I say goodbye to my colleagues on the faculty, among whom were many wonderful people, along with my graduate students, students and friends. Faculty of sociology, we had to pass. And again as in Novorossia: not from enemy forces, but from the hands of traitors within the Russian government. It’s a battle lost. But it is far from losing the war. We will definitely return, both in Slavyansk and at MSU. After all, in the end, this is our country. And we will defend it to the end. I sincerely thank all those who supported me, signed petitions, and organized pickets, worried. Together, we can win. And I think that the answer to all our forced retreat must be worthy.

eLtIFSxJgRAKurginyan – RB

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nice little fyodorov mini-interview from aug 22, translated

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Many thanks to New Insight for recommending Niqnaq in first place for “Daily news & analysis on Ukraine-Russia,” ahead of Saker and Crazy Ivan. I should note that each morning (English time) I do a brief run around world news, from a position generally opposed to what I call the “global ZOG”. At the same time, I am very fond of Alexander Dugin, which is a paradox, because I know perfectly well that in his own ‘Traditionalist’ way, Dugin is thoroughly in thrall to what he imagines to be an anti-Usaian stream within Zionism. This is why, in fact, the representatives of his ‘Eurasia Party’ in Israel are extreme right-wing Zionists. One at least of them will be familiar to Russian TV viewers: Avigdor Eskin. I completely oppose Dugin on this. I believe that despite his sophistication, he has fallen for an obvious Jewish dialectical ruse, and I have analysed this at length, here.

I am not by any means a ‘Traditionalist’. I know all about Guenon and Evola; in fact I had a hand in translating some of Evola’s early work into English, which you can read here. Like Dugin, I have some affection for a certain type of Jewish subculture, even within Israel, but unlike him, the type I like is anti-zionist and anti-religious, it is the underground, punk subculture there, which generally calls itself anarchist, and like all anarchism is as much right-wing as left. I myself am a Marxist in politics and economics, but not in philosophy. I know too much about the spiritual realm to dismiss it as a dogmatic Marxist would, but I don’t believe in ‘God’. To me, the spiritual realm is anarchic, and unlike the human realm, it can afford to be so, because it is not a regime of scarcity. Spirits need no food and drink, no housing to protect them from the elements, no defense against predators and rivals – they just are, incorporeal and free, some friendly, some not, but thoroughly disorganised whatever they are. I hope to become one of them when I die – RB

MH17 false flag failed: Evgeny Fyodorov
New Insight, Aug 31 2014, from Russian, Aug 31 2014

The MH17 Malaysia Airlines incident in Donbass was a false flag intended to increase Washington’s control over Ukraine and Russia, claims Evgeny Fedorov, a Deputy in the Russian parliament, who compares the incident to Colin Powell’s presentation at the UN ahead of the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

US Sec State Colin Powell’s 2003 UN presentation alleging Iraqi anthrax:

BBC: “the wreckage have been changed and cut into”:

BBC: “scattering the parts of other aircraft among the wreckage of the downed Malaysia Airlines plane”

Yury Mukhin blog (in Russian):

Daily news & analysis on Ukraine-Russia:


Q: The Dutch Safety Board will not publish all the data from the flight recorders of the downed Boeing. The final report will only contain information relating to the specific causes of the disaster, they announced. The international expert group is already in possession of the data from the flight recorders since about three weeks ago. Since a month ago. Basically the radar stations have all the data. The data is being compared to determine whether the various sources are consistent or diverging. This process implies great responsibility and will take a long time, said the expert group. The final report is to be published in a year. I.e. they will spend a year thinking and comparing the data. I would think an international expert group should be able to compare the data in 1-2 weeks.
A: Add to that the fact that Kiev has forbidden the release of the air-traffic control recordings. And the Usaians have forbidden the release of satellite data. All of this means only one thing: The false flag by the Usaians with this aircraft was a failure. That is, they were unable to use it as a pretext for an invasion of the Russian Federation. Well, to some extent it was a success, but not on the scale which they… Once they saw that the facts had emerged about their decision to destroy that plane, obviously they had to close down all investigations and forget about that story. Next began the Ebola virus. The Boeing is forgotten about. Now it’s Ebola. It didn’t work, they closed the subject. Bye-bye.
Q: It disappeared from the media very abruptly. There’s even a supposition by Yury Mukhin, with some pretty good evidence, that there wasn’t a plane at all, that the wreckage was simply dropped like trash out of a Usaian transport aircraft. There is really evidence of this, for example: the engine blades don’t match the type of engines on that plane, parts of the doors were odd, the corpses weren’t ‘fresh’, some of the components had been sawed.
A: None of that is proven. But the geo-political point is this: The Usaians orchestrated a sabotage involving an aircraft for the purpose of invading Russia and Ukraine, to reinforce the armed element of their invasion. It was purely a false flag, which they were attempting to exploit, like that guy did back in the day, shaking a tube of talcum powder, calling it some chemical substance, for which they went on to kill a million people, among other things, from that lie. Yes, in Iraq. The US Sec State. It’s exactly the same with this Boeing, which they orchestrated: lies and false flag. However, unlike the previous situation, they didn’t manage to exploit it to seize power in Moscow. They were planning by this emotional instrument not only to solve their problem in Ukraine, but to strengthen the fifth column in Moscow for the overthrow of Putin. It didn’t work out for them. That can happen. Now they’re dropping the subject, and that’s the end of it. There will be another false flag. This time not a plane: they’ll do something different.

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all sorts of short items for evening of monday sep 1

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Screenshot from 2014-09-01 19:53:31

22-35, After long tank battles, the Ukrainian army started retreating from the city of Lutugino, located 20 km from Lugansk. “We are retreating. Airport, Lutugino is not ours. By us are long columns of tanks, APCs, trucks, full of tired, exhausted soldiers. Black from soot and dust face. Congealed blood on the armor… the guys barely survived the battle. When you waste them continuously shelled by artillery. Many wounded.”


Ukrainian security forces left the airport Lugansk
DNR News, Sep 1 2014 15:10

Ukrainian military left Lugansk airport. This was stated by national security Council spokesman Andrei Lysenko. He said:

The Ukrainian military has been ordered and organized away from the village of Georgievka, located on highway Lugansk – Krasny Luch – Snizhne, and from the airport of Lugansk.

Lysenko also said that in the last day in the ATO seven soldiers have been killed and another 25 injured. Earlier in the day, the headquarters of the militia of the DND expressed the view that the security forces will leave the airport of Donetsk, “to release forces required to close the hole in the front to the South of the city.”


20-45, Boats “Vulture” and “Kalkan” of the Mariupol detachment of the Coast Guard were destroyed by militia artillery on Aug 31. This is stated in the report of the state border service of Ukraine. One Coast Guard vessel was destroyed by militia artillery the day before (that being the one I said looked as if it had been bombed by planes – RB)


18-51, Relatives of the Ukrainian military has begun to understand that the authorities were deceiving them. Many Ukrainians receive messages from militias with a request to pick up the bodies of those killed in the so-called “ATO” zone. Kiev propaganda urges people not to believe the reports about the death of relatives, but over time people begin to see the light. Many of them have not found the bodies of relatives still. According to official data of Kiev, “ATO” killed not more than 800 troops. However, independent experts say that in the southern vauldron alone, the AFU has lost more than 3,500 troops.


18-15, Trophies of the army DND in the battles of Amvrosievka


17-25, Lugansk airport

The strength of the so-called “ATO” on the order left the Lugansk airport. This was reported by the representative of the information centre of the national security and defense Council Andrei Lysenko. He said:

At the Lugansk direction of the Ukrainian military has been ordered and withdrew from the Lugansk airport. From the accuracy of the shelling of the airport, we can conclude that the firing of artillery systems are professional soldiers.



16-31, Ilovaysk. One of the epicenters of battles under the control of the army of Novorossia


15-12, In Mariupol locked “five or six officers of NATO.” This was reported today by DNR militia.


14-35, Ukrainian military : “we came to free the people of Donbass, we were told they are persecuted, that they call for help from junta, AFU, Punisher … We require demobilization.”


13-35, At the headquarters of the militia reported about the release of a number of settlements: “Army of Novorossia released Novoamvrosievska, Blafodatnoye, Semenovskoye, Artemovka, Mnogopolye, Metalist, Trityake, Kovsarye, Selenoye, Sherokoye, Pavlogradskoye and Grabskoye.”


11-55, Last night the militia forces continued the sweep of Novoivanovka, Starobeshevo and other settlements DNR. In these settlements were destroyed five systems “Grad”, one APC and two calculation mortars. According to preliminary data, during the night fighting killed about 20 AFU. About a hundred AFU were captured near the village of Svetlova.


11-15, last night, the militia seized under Ilovaisk mortar calculation of the Ukrainian army. The captured Ukrainian military were shown the results of their fire – broken buildings, burned, torn fragments of normal civilians. The military say they did not know anything about it, and fired blindly according to target designation provided by their immediate commanders, and they sat in the foliage and never even saw closely those they were fighting.


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yankee global fascists continue to pretend not to provide ‘lethal aid’

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Usaia sent military aid to the Ukrainian insurgents (sic – RB)
VooDoo, Voice of Sevastopol, Sep 1 2014


According to “Voice of America”, nacharbeit ready to take the helmets, radios, body armor, personal first aid kits, as well as robotic systems for explosive ordnance disposal. It is reported that for the first time the military will also support the State border service of Ukraine: clothing, tents, generators, low-power, manual fuel pumps, engineering equipment, communications equipment, vehicles, individual non-lethal tactical equipment and monitoring tools. Earlier it was reported that the Usaian Depts of Defense & State are willing to spend $19m from their ‘Global Security Reserve Fund’ for training and equipping Ukraine’s National Guard. Recall that the main forces of the number of soldiers Nat Guard and volunteer units now are concentrated on the border with Mariupol. Reinforcements for them arrived from Dnepropetrovsk. As previously reported, the Governor Kolomoisky has decided to participate in the defense of Mariupol, to stop the militia army from getting into Zaporozhya and Dnepropetrovsk. On August 27, LifeNews reported that the army DND reached the coast of the Azov sea. Force DND control all three checkpoints on the Russian border: Marinovka, Uspenka and Novoazovsk. On Aug 29 the DND forces locked the boiler at the city Volnovahya and surrounded Mariupol.

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