there’s a rather high price to pay for nazifying an innocent country

According to the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Zaporozhye region, the explosion occurred on Dec 17 around 16:40 at a cafe down the street Zachinyaeva in Zaporozhye. First, witnesses drew attention to the man who is sitting at the table, drinking alcohol and twisted in the hands of object resembling a grenade. A worker places ran out of the room, and at that time there was an explosion. The police officers also found that other visitors at that time the institution was not, and the building has not undergone destruction. The dead was a 48-year-old resident of Zaporozhye.

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have mercy on them, the poor atavistic oafs

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and the russians – lachrymose, ironic – how could the new york jews not have mercy on them? but no – they’re doomed to irrelevancy

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the evil ones (i hope you didn’t think i had forgotten them)

This is pretty funny, especially the sound effects of guys popping off rounds at the end, cos the actual deal now is, each side has ceremonial presence up there, but neither side is allowed any ammo – that is a classical OSCE deal. The audio is single sideband comms (SSB), which you don’t often hear nowadays – RB

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dig it, this is hamas in yandexian, more wonders from hell will never cease

What kind of stupid planet is this? Can you really believe the garbage they hand out to their respective national audiences, once you see it in the new universal language, the language of stupidity, Yandexian, language of the future moron world civilisation, if sticks & stones © can be called that? HEY, FUCK YOU, FOOLS, I DON’T BELIEVE ANY OF THIS – RB

Hamas responds to the Israeli air strike in the Gaza Strip: “dangerous escalation”
Ma’ariv in Yandexian – I like this language but maybe I’m just lazy – RB

For the first time since the end of operation cliff firm: the IDF attacked the Gaza Strip. The organization issued a statement warning Israel of recovery stupidity in Gaza City. Residents of the Gaza Strip are afraid of the renewal of the fighting והפרשנים pebbles is there a possibility of the decline of the Iberian situation. “Attack of the occupation is a dangerous escalation, in the shadow of the lull between the resistance to the Israeli occupation,” said the second spokesman for the Hamas movement in response to the attack on the air force at night. In an official statement issued warns the organization of the Israeli occupation, “the folly recovery in Gaza.” Hamas has repeatedly called for the international community “to accept responsibility for the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians.” Israeli air force attacks in the night raised again to the level of concern among the residents of the Gaza Strip. However, after the local residents were awakened for the first time since ended operation cliff firm and the sounds of explosions. Islamic Jihad announced that the organization will check together with the other factions, the “Israeli escalation, which also includes violations of the agreement prevail obtained in Cairo”. Room but not least, the senior Jihad, said that “the occupation is trying to violations repeated his turn the Palestinian blood to the price of raising the popularity of the Prime Minister and the current Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of the elections”. In a conversation with the newspaper “a-ריסאלה” in the Gaza Strip, he added kindly that “the various factions of the Palestinian שיתכנסו to discuss the escalation, also has the right response”. Two flights of Air Force targeting Hamas website from the east to the province of Khan yunis, raised anew questions about the future of the calm, especially in light of the statements מהיממה last among the leadership having to respond to deterrence, and that the renewal of the fighting is a matter of time. Both attacks came after שפצצת mortar landed in an agricultural area in the eshkol Regional Council. So far no Palestinian faction did not take responsibility, but officially, Israel turned the blame on Hamas, the predominant fact in the Gaza Strip.

Political commentator Palestinian, Hani al-horse, said to Palestinian news agency Ma’an News Agency, that “the Israeli offensive came in response to only and there is no possibility that she תדרדר the situation. Israel wanted to send a message to the various factions of the Palestinians, especially Hamas, that all action on its borders a channel in response to the rough”. He said that Israel could not enter into the struggle to a new due to the fact ahead of the elections. “The political situation and security system The current is not suitable for typically the escalation from any side, from Israel and from the Palestinian factions”. On the other hand, the commentator Akram atallah believe that the Israeli escalation was part of a “campaign of the election of Israel, which was not interested in שהפלגים the Palestinians would interfere with her in the management of the elections”. He expressed his concern that things “might deteriorate even further ahead of the elections, since Israel also fears to avoid the escalation of the situation in the Gaza Strip due to the difficult situation, which will bring the renewal of conflict in the region.” Meanwhile, a senior Hamas in Lebanon, Ali barakeh, explained why his organization had returned to the bosom of the Iranians. He said, “the visit of the Hamas delegation to Iran, after a period of cooling off in the relationship, came after most of the Arab countries did not respond to his call to stand beside the Palestinian people”. According to the Hamas representative in Lebanon, visit “brought to the support of Iran and the Palestinian resistance”. As you may recall, a Hamas delegation visited Tehran two weeks ago. During the visit, the understandings were reached that Iran will continue to provide arms and money for the Palestinian terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip. Boon said in an interview to the news agency Turkish “Anadolu”, that “opened a new page in between Iran and Hamas.” It should be noted that, last week admitted a spokesman for the military wing of Hamas, Abu ‘Obaydah, Iran, during a rally marking 27 years for the establishment of the organization in the Gaza Strip.

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OK, i am going to wipe you out, no more ceremony, crazy mixed-up postsoviet kids, your time is over

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ruritanian national anthem (for those not familiar and also a refresher for those who do know already :-)

notice waterfall flowing backwards somewhere in 4th minute – RB

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