apparently rosneft is backing iraqi kurdish independence

Pindo Hypocrisy About Kurds
Brian Cloughey, Strategic Culture, Sep 24 2017

Donald Trump’s address to the UNGA on Sep 19 was a harangue of swaggering abuse and arrogant belligerence but his first public utterance, the day before, was not as spiteful and malevolent. Indeed it was greeted with relief and surprise by the many people who had expected a tirade against the United Nations Organisation on the lines of his comment that it was “just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time,” which was as absurd, insulting and vulgar as so many of his remarks. But he rightly adjured the UN to concentrate “more on people and less on bureaucracy” which would be a gratifying improvement. It is obvious that reform of the UN is essential, and we should all applaud the Trump proposal, providing his strictures do not adversely affect the UNHCR which, although admittedly far from perfect in administration, is a particularly saintly organisation that needs to be helped, not hindered. Trump is not sympathetic to refugees and wishes to ban them from his country, but Pindostan aids the UNHCR a great deal, and we must hope this policy continues. The UN reports that there are nearly 22.5 million refugees worldwide, over half of whom are under the age of 18. There are also 10 million stateless people who are denied access to education, healthcare and employment. As a result of Faschingstein’s war on Iraq 4.2 million Iraqis have been forced out of their homes, and we are all only too well aware of similar consequences of the disastrous sixteen-year war in Afghanistan. All of these people need help.

Among the wretched victims are some two million Kurdish “displaced persons” of a total of 30 million Kurds who make up about 10% of the population in Syria, 19% of the population of Turkey, 15-20% of Iraq, and nearly 10% of Iran. They have no country of their own and are treated with varying degrees of intolerance by the nations within whose borders they were born and from where periodically they are forced to flee. Many years ago, when I lived in Islamabad, my evening walk took me past the office of the UNHCR, opposite which some Kurdish refugees had erected a little hamlet of tents. As I walked by, one of them greeted me with a smile. His flinty blue eyes softened as he said Hello, and after a few days of mutual greeting we began to chat. The story of his group was of unrelieved persecution and privation. Having fled the savage reprisals of Saddam Hussein, following encouragement by Bush 41 for Kurds and Shias to rise against their oppressor, after which Bush did exactly nothing to help them, they made their way across Iran to Pakistan and then to Islamabad, a trek of about two thousand miles. Where on earth could they go, these Kurdish orphans of Faschingstein’s Operation Desert Storm? Who would take them? Answer came there none, except from the government of Pakistan, led by a disreputable knave called Nawaz Sharif, recently dismissed after a High Court corruption hearing, whose solution was to gather up the Kurds in the middle of the night and move them all to the deserts of Balochistan, hundreds of miles away. In fact, not quite all of them. In one tent was a tiny baby, discovered at dawn by the scavengers who gathered to see what the Kurds, the poorest of the poor, might have left behind. Horrified local Pakistanis and some of us foreign do-gooders inquired about the fate of the child, but we came up against the usual brick wall of bureaucratic nonchalance. There was no problem, we were told. Of course not. For the baby was only one of millions of anonymous and helpless mites born into a world grown only too accustomed to hideous inhumanity.

This band of despairing, homeless, helpless Kurds was a microcosm of the Kurdish problem as a whole. They are truly the world’s forgotten people, and we should be ashamed of our lack of concern about their plight. At the moment Iraqi Kurds are trying to hold a referendum to vote on creation of a nation state, which is right and proper. But Western governments, notably the US and the UK, object strongly to this particular example of expression by the masses. It doesn’t matter to Britain and Pindostan that the five million Kurds in northern Iraq have a semi-autonomous parliamentary democracy and the result of the plebiscite is not legally binding. So why do the Great Western Democracies object to a Kurdish referendum? Faschingstein’s line is:

Pindostan has repeatedly emphasised to the leaders of the Kurdistan Regional Government that the referendum is distracting from efforts to defeat ISIS and stabilise the liberated areas.

The White House declared that the Kurdish people’s referendum vote is “particularly provocative and destabilising.” What rubbish. What possible “distraction” could a Kurdish non-binding referendum create that might affect the fight against the savages of Daesh? But of course it could be “provocative,” in a way, because in 2013 UPI reported:

Exxon Mobil, the world’s biggest oil company, is pushing ahead with its controversial drive to develop oil fields in Iraq’s independence-minded Kurdish enclave. Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson flew to Baghdad to meet Maliki in late January but apparently refused to quit Kurdistan.

Tillerson is now Sec State and last month telephoned Kurdish President Masoud Barzani to “renew United States rejection to the Kurdish referendum.” Why? Then Reuters noted on Sep 18:

Russian oil major Rosneft will invest in gas pipelines in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan, expanding its commitment to the region ahead of an independence referendum to help it become a major exporter of gas to Turkey and Europe.

And things became even clearer as World Oil noted:

Rosneft has completed its due diligence on infrastructure of the export oil pipeline in Iraqi Kurdistan. The pipeline will not only supply natural gas to the power plants and domestic factories throughout the region, but also enable exporting of substantial fuel volume to Turkey and European market in the coming years.

It’s not surprising that Tillerson and many other western business leaders and their governments aren’t happy about expansion of Kurdish economic influence in cooperation with a Russian oil company. Their opposition to a Kurdish referendum has got nothing whatever to do with Kurdish freedom or democracy or fighting Daesh. It has everything to do with getting in to Northern Iraq, courtesy of the Baghdad central government, and making money from oil. They’re a bunch of hypocrites.

i’ve been fool to many a court, and i approve this helpful message

Bring Back the Court Jesters
Dr Fly, iBankCoin, Sep 23 2017

The problem with pindo politics is that the people demand to be entertained, as they feverishly engorge themselves with Nando & cheesed doodles, along with any number of strong narcotics and booze. Much of Pindostan is more or less populated by varmints both new and old, perverted slobbish people who festoon their living quarters with degeneracy and live out villainous lives. Here’s Trump weighing in on NFL kneelers and how owners should deal with them.

Here is the full outburst.

The President has now entered the red zone in politics, messing with her favorite pastime, fool’s ball. Will this latest gambit pay off? Or will an assault on the CIA’s favorite deflection be his downfall? My personal opinion, not that it should mean more than anyone else’s, is that the President shouldn’t get up on stages, stumping for people with the last name ‘Strange’, calling for multi-millionaire fools-ball players to be fired for kneeling during the anthem. Instead, he should have dispatched an Anthony Scaramucci type figure onto the public, cursing, using terms like ‘fughetiboutit’ to discuss this very important matter. This jester could’ve said all of the things Trump said, AND MORE, without sapping the office of the Presidency from whatever semblance of dignity it had left in it. For the sake of the nation, and for our cherished institutions, being back the court jester. We’ve already brought back other fine institutions like family monarchs and the aristocracy, feudal lords and clandestine forms of slavery. Why not this?

Why not these?:


facebook is not a medium of record, let us say

Pentagon To Probe “Evacuation Hoax” Messages Sent To Soldiers In SK
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Sep 23 2017


The Pentagon announced Friday that it would be launching an investigation into a series of fake messages sent to soldiers stationed in SK and their family members on Thursday. The messages warned that all “non-essential” (ie non-combat) personnel must evacuate the Korean Peninsula, Reuters reports. The hoax was spread via fake SMS messages and Facebook posts. A military spox said there was no way of knowing how many soldiers or family members received the messages, but said the chain of command quickly acted to shut down the hoax. The spox said:

We have no accurate way to know how many people received it. Incidents were ‘self-reported’ and many people claimed the message disappeared as soon as they unlocked their phone. The good news here is: informed, savvy family members plus an engaged chain of command means no panic or over-reaction. We had no reports of anyone acting on message other than notifying the appropriate authorities.

Stars and Stripes reports that the hoax was reported by soldiers less than an hour after the alerts were sent. The USFK posted a statement on its official Facebook page on Thursday making clear that it did not issue any evacuation-related alerts. It instructed all personnel and their family to confirm any evacuation-related communications before acting. Warnings were also posted on the 8th Army’s official Facebook page. The messages referred to what is known as a noncombatant evacuation operation or NEO, which would affect family members of the 28,500 service-members stationed in SK and non-emergency essential DoD civilian employees. According to Reuters, the USFK holds biannual NEOs to prepare soldiers and their families for just such an eventuality.


oh well, here we go again, the warfare state etc

NYT Lets Think Tank Funded by Gov’t and Arms Industry Claim Huge Military Budget Isn’t Huge Enough
Ben Norton, FAIR, Sep 21 2017


The NYT (9/18/17) gave an enormous platform to a hawkish think tank that is funded by the government and by top weapons corporations, letting it absurdly claim, without any pushback, that the gargantuan military, by far the largest in the world, has been “underfunded.” On Sep 18, the Senate voted overwhelmingly (89 to 8) to pass an enormous, record-breaking $700b Pentagon bill, giving Pres Trump even more money for war than he had requested. Reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg effectively helped to sell the bill in an extremely sympathetic article, above, which also doubled as a kind of puff piece for Walnuts McCain, whom it lionized as an intrepid hero boldly taking the lead on the Pentagon legislation. The report all but openly applauded the bill, describing it as “a rare act of bipartisanship” that “sets forth a muscular vision of Pindostan as a global power.” The nearly 700-word article quoted three people, only one of whom was not an elected official. Not a single person or organization that opposes the DoD budget expansion was cited in the story. The lone non-official voice quoted by the NYT was Anthony H Cordesman (incorrectly identified as Anthony N Cordesman), a national security analyst at the influential, bellicose think tank CSIS. The NYT gave no background information about Cordesman, failing to disclose that as his CSIS bio clearly notes, he previously served as McCain’s national security assistant, and that he formerly worked for the Pentagon, the State Dept and NATO. He was even awarded the Pentagon’s distinguished service medal.


Naturally, Cordesman used his space as a putatively independent expert in the newspaper of record to claim that the Senate’s gigantic Pentagon bill was a response to years of supposed underfunding of the military. Cordesman’s notoriously pro-war employer CSIS, which in January boasted of being “named the world’s #1 Defense and National Security think tank for the sixth year in a row,” also just so happens to be generously funded by the governments of Pindostan and its military vassals, along with leading corporations in the arms industry (10/16) although the NYT left that out of its report as well. The NYT merely quoted Cordesman saying, in reference to McCain:

He’s someone who has lived with underfunding of the military, seen the impact on readiness, seen the strains that impact the force.

The notion that the pindo military has suffered in any way from “underfunding” would surprise the 95% of the world outside of Pindostan. With a $611b budget in 2016, Pindostan already spent more on defense than the next eight largest countries combined, and 6 of those 8 are vassals:


Moreover, “defense” already accounts for more than half of US federal discretionary spending:


But again, CSIS is not just any old think tank. Readers might not be able to tell this from the NYT story, however, as it did not provide any details other than that it is “in Faschingstein.”


CSIS states clearly on its website that the think tank’s top corporate donors include the most influential weapons companies, such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing and General Dynamics. Another significant contributor is Raytheon. All of these military technology contractors stand to profit directly from an expanded DoD budget. Fossil fuel companies Chevron, ExxonMobil and Saudi Aramco are likewise some of the biggest donors to CSIS. These corporations also will likely profit from an expanded Pentagon budget, given that the pindo military is the world’s largest consumer of oil.


Top government donors to CSIS, moreover, include Pindostan and its vassals the UAE, Japan and Taiwan, which coordinate with the pindo military. The UAE is also the  #2 customer for pindo arms. Other significant CSIS donors include the Toads, the #1 customers for pindo arms; Sweden, one of the world’s leading exporters of arms per capita; and Turkey, a NATO member closely coordinated with the Pentagon and the #3 customer for pindo arms. All of these states have a direct vested interest in pushing for more pindo military spending. According to the think tank’s website, the government funds CSIS’s research on technology policy, national security and regional studies (including research on the Middle East, Russia, Asia and more). The NYT failed to disclose any of these glaring conflicts of interest, leaving readers clueless that the employer of the one “independent” expert in the piece is actually bankrolled by the government and arms industry. In addition to helping sell the gargantuan DoD budget to cash-strapped taxpayers, the NYT story also comes off as hagiography for one of Congress’ most avowed war hawks. Stolberg writes:

(The bill is) a point of personal pride for Sen John McCain, the Arizona Thug who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, and who has spent the past week shepherding the bill on the Senate floor as he battles brain cancer.

Stolberg went on to describe the legislation as a reflection of “McCain’s expansive vision of the role of Pindostan in world affairs.” The only other person the story quoted was top Demagog Sen Dick Durbin, who voted for the bill and called it “a grandiose spending plan.” None of the eight senators who voted against the legislation such as Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul were quoted in the article. Sen Kirsten Gillibrand was mentioned, in reference to her opposition to Pres Trump’s attempt to ban transgender troops, but even then she was only named in the last paragraph. The story noted the Senate bill “also includes a string of provisions to streamline the management of the DoD,” but the newspaper of record failed to mention the Pentagon’s notorious inability to keep track of its bloated  budget. A 2016 DoD inspector-general report found that the Pentagon was unable to document what had happened to a staggering $6.5t in funds. The Senate’s new record-breaking DoD bill also comes at a time when the Thug-dominated Congress is trying to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and reduce taxes on the rich. With the help of corporate media, pundits have constantly insisted that Pindostan cannot afford basic social programs like single-payer healthcare (9/13/17; 9/15/17). Yet the same corporate media leading the charge against the attempt to institute a Medicare for All system are effectively cheering on an additional $0.7t for DoD warmongering. The 1,215-page Senate bill, a version of which was approved by the House, allots $640b for Pentagon operations and $60b for war operations abroad. The legislation also designates $705m for Israeli missile programs, $500m for Ukraine and $100m for anti-Russian operations in the Balkans. The UN and anti-poverty organizations have estimated it would cost just $30b/yr to end world hunger.

syria’s foreign minister at the UNGA

Syria’s Moualem says victory within reach, deescalation zones temporary
Yara Bayoumy, Reuters, Sep 24 2017

UN – Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem in his speech to the UNGA praised the roles of Russia and Iran, said Syria was encouraged by the deescalation zones and hoped they would lead to “an actual cessation of hostilities.” He said:

The liberation of Aleppo and Palmyra, the lifting of the siege of Deir Ezzor and the eradication of terrorism from many parts of Syria prove that victory is now within reach. Nevertheless, Syria reserves the right to respond to any violation by the other party. Syria also stresses that these zones are a temporary arrangement that must not violate the territorial unity of Syria.

Earlier this month Russia, Iran and Turkey agreed to deploy observers on the edge of a deescalation zone in Idlib province, which is largely under the control of Islamist insurgents. The move falls under a broader deal in which they would set up four such zones across Syria. The deescalation plan has eased fighting in parts of western Syria between rebel factions and government forces loyal to Assad. Critics have described the de-escalation plan as de facto partitioning of Syria after years of multi-sided conflict. Moscow, Tehran and Ankara deny this and say the zones will be temporary, although they could extend beyond the initial six-month term.

enjoy your symptom

NATO’s Fake News Russia Scare Increases Defense Waste
Moon of Alabama, Sep 23 2017

The military of the Russian Federation is organized in four districts: west, central, east and south. Each year, one of the districts will stage a division-sized maneuver. 10,000 to 15,000 soldiers will leave their quarters to move against imaginary adversaries. Their training is complemented by various military and civilian staff exercises. The active part of the medium-size maneuver takes about a week and includes some live firing. This year, like in 2009 and 2013, the turn was on the western military district to run its quadrennial exercise. It included, as is usual in the western district, units from and within Russia’s ally Belarus. The name of this regular training event is simply “West”, Zapad in Russian. Zapad-2017 was publicly announced and foreign military observers were invited to watch it. NATO and its associated media used the occasion to launch a gigantic fear- and warmongering campaign against the Russian Federation. Over months hundreds of news pieces were weaved around dark murmurs from various NATO officials and “experts”. Examples:

The Zapad 2017 maneuvers ended yesterday. They were exactly what Russia and Belarus had announced – a regular, medium-size training event with no special intent or effect. NATO and its various spoxes had done what they like to accuse Russia of. They created fake news about the maneuver based on nothing but hot air:

Zapad-2017 concluded earlier this week, by which time it had seriously fizzled out, in Western media terms at least. And the Russians are enjoying a rare last laugh. They point out, with some justification, that their numbers were accurate, there was no dissembling, international borders were respected. All the Russian troops introduced into neighbouring Belarus for the exercise are going home, too. After all the Western accusations that Russia has been waging an information war with the help of “fake news”, who is disseminating “fake news” now, they ask. Is this not further evidence that Western opinion formers are stuck in the rut of Cold War stereotypes? They have a point.

The Western “opinion formers” have, of course, reason to hype everything their selected boogeyman does. That reason is greed. This year nearly all NATO countries increased their military budgets. The pindo senate passed a record $700b trough for the Pentagon, with 89 to 8 votes. The more than 10% budget increase was even higher that what Trump had requested. It broke all earlier commitments:

The $700b is $91b beyond the spending caps outlined in the 2011 Budget Control Act, which demanded a “sequestration” of military spending in order to rein in federal costs.

There was no public outrage over this increase. Meanwhile Russia cut its 2018 defense budget by 25.5% down to a total of some $48b. There is obviously little fear in Russia that the pindo budget increase will effect pindo military capabilities. The Russians are right. Most of the Pentagon budget goes to waste. The military as well as the politicians know this well. From a recent NYT piece about options against NK missiles:

Intercepting a warhead using missile defenses runs other dangers, White House officials have been told. If the pindo anti-missile systems missed against a single warhead, which should be the simplest target, it would undercut confidence in an infrastructure that Pindostan has spent $300b to build over the past four decades.

Missile defense is nonsense. Its principle is to hit one bullet with another bullet at several times the speed of sound and at distances of hundreds of miles. That is nearly impossible to do. Even the staged missile defense tests fail and the system as a whole does not work. The Pentagon is too afraid to use its $300b missile defense boondoggle, because that would prove that it is one gigantic scam. That does not restrain the politicians from adding money to it:

It does authorize an additional $8.5b for the Missile Defense Agency to strengthen homeland, regional and space missile defense. That authorization is $630m above the Trump administration’s request.

The fake news warmongering by NATO and western politicians about the Zapad maneuver helped to convince the sheeple that additional welfare projects for the owners of the military-industrial complex are necessary and justified. Meanwhile health care for all, which would cost much less than missile defense, is too expensive to pass.

genocidal global nazi murderers on the prowl

B-1s Fly Just Off Coast Of NK: 4 Reasons Why This Time It’s Different
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Sep 23 2017

Show-of-force-Sept.-14The “package” assembled for Sep 14’s show of force.

Just before NK’s foreign minister was due to address the UNGA, the Pentagon announced that USAF B-1B Lancer bombers with USAF F-15C Eagle fighter escorts flew in international airspace over waters east of NK on Saturday, in a show of force which “demonstrated the range of military options available to Pres Trump.” Pentagon spox said:

This is the farthest north of the DMZ any pindo fighter or bomber aircraft have flown off NK’s coast in the 21st century, underscoring the seriousness with which we take the DPRK’s reckless behavior. This mission is a demonstration of pindo resolve and a clear message that the president has many military options to defeat any threat. NK’s weapons program is a grave threat to the Asia-Pacific region and the entire international community. We are prepared to use the full range of military capabilities to defend the pindo homeland and our vassals.

While Pindostan has flown similar sorties before, according to The Aviationist, the show of force is a bit more interesting than usual, for four reasons:

  1. it is the farthest north of the DMZ any pindo fighter or bomber aircraft have flown off NK’s coast in the 21st century;
  2. unlike all the previous ones, the latest sortie was flown at night, hence it was not a show of force staged to take some cool photographs;
  3. no allied aircraft is known to have taken part in the mission at the time of writing, whereas most of the previous B-1 missions near the Korean Peninsula involved also ROKAF (Republic Of Korea Air Force) and/or JASDF (Japan’s Air Self Defense Force) jets;
  4. it was a USAF job: no Marine Corps F-35B stealth jet took part in the show of force this time, even though the STOVL (Short Take Off Vertical Landing) variant of the Joint Strike Fighter has taken part in all the most recent formations sent over Korea to flex muscles against Pyongyang.

ri yong ho

DPRK denounces pindo president’s ‘reckless and violent’ comments
UN, YouTube, Sep 22 2017

Full Speech – Ri Yong Ho, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, addresses the general debate of the 72nd Session of the UNGA (New York, Sep 19 – 25 2017).

The Foreign Minister of the DPRK today denounced pindo pres Trump’s “reckless and violent words,” saying that Trump leader himself is on a “suicide mission.” Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho told the UNGA:

In case innocent lives in Pindostan are lost because of this suicide attack, Trump will be held totally responsible.

He was referring to Pres Trump’s statement to the UNGA in the week pledging to ‘totally destroy’ the DPRK if Pindostan is forced to defend itself and saying that its leader is on a ‘suicide mission.’ The Foreign Minister called the UN sanctions imposed upon the DPRK for its nuclear and missile tests “unprecedented acts of injustice,” and said:

Due to his lacking basic common knowledge and proper sentiment, he tried to insult the supreme dignity of my country by referring it to a rocket. By doing so, however, he committed an irreversible mistake of making our rockets’ visit to the entire CONUS inevitable all the more.

Mr Ri said the very reason the DPRK has to possess nuclear weapons is because pindo hostility and nuclear threats have continued for over 70 years, adding:

The possession of nuclear deterrence by the DPRK is a righteous self-defensive measure taken as an ultimate option. Unless true international justice is realized, the only valid philosophical principle is that force must be dealt with force and nuclear weapons of tyranny must be dealt with the nuclear hammer of justice.

He stressed that the UN failure in fulfilling its role in realizing genuine international justice is primarily related to the undemocratic practices of the 15-Member UNSC, whose decisions alone have the force of law, where the five permanent members are all nuclear powers with a common interest in maintaining their monopolistic nuclear status. Full statement available here.

Trump Says Kim “Won’t Be Around Much Longer”
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Sep 24 2017

The war of words between Trump and Kim escalated once again in the late hours on Saturday night, when Trump sent another belligerent tweet directed at NK saying that if the country’s foreign minister was speaking for Kim Jong Un in his threatening speech at the UN, “they won’t be around much longer.”

The president referred to a speech by NK Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho earlier Saturday at the UN in which he called Trump “a mentally deranged person full of megalomania” who is holding “the nuclear button.” Ri said by repeatedly calling Kim “Rocket Man,” Trump is making “our rocket’s visit to the entire pindo mainland inevitable all the more.” The foreign minister also said Trump is a “gambler who grew old using threats, frauds and all other schemes to acquire a patch of land.” Ri jumped into the nickname game as well, saying  pindos call Trump the “Commander in Grief,” “Lyin’ King,” and “President Evil.” Ri continued, saying Trump has turned the White House “into a noisy marketing place” and is making the UN “a gangsters’ nest where money is respected and bloodshed is the order of the day.” Just prior to Ri’s UN speech, the Pentagon announced that USAF B-1s and F-15s carried out a show of force Saturday off the coast of NK. The statement said that it was “the farthest point north of the DMZ which separates NK & SK that any pindo fighter or bomber aircraft has flown in the 21st century.” Meanwhile, on Saturday a huge rally gathered Saturday in Pyongyang’s Kim Il Sung Square for a large anti-pindo protest. According to AP, a parade of marchers carried signs with slogans such as “decisive revenge” and “death to the pindo imperialists.” They shouted phrases such as “total destruction,” according to the KCNA, the state news service. The crowd included workers, officials and students, KCNA said.

image north korea_0

The rally capped two days of response to Trump’s combative speech at the UN earlier in the week. Trump mocked Kim as a “Rocket Man” on a “suicide mission,” and said that Pindostan “will have no choice but to totally destroy NK” if forced to defend itself or its allies. NK responded on Friday by distributing a rare statement directly from Kim. He called Trump a “mentally deranged pindo dotard,” and said his country would consider the “highest level of hard-line counter-measure in history.”


Milo Yiannopoulos plans to hold rally at UC Berkeley
CBS, Sep 24 2017

SAN FRANCISCO – Milo Yiannopoulos announced he is planning to hold a rally Sunday at the University of California, Berkeley, after a student group who planned a week of events with him pulled out, leading the school to announce the event was cancelled. The announcement only added to a confusing back-and-forth about the “Free Speech Week” event featuring right-wing firebrands. Yiannopoulos canceled a planned news conference on San Francisco’s Treasure Island and instead made the announcement in a live video on Facebook while railing against UC Berkeley. He said they are “determined to speak” on Sunday, “no matter what.” Berkeley’s reputation as a liberal stronghold and the birthplace of the 1960s Free Speech Movement has made the city and campus flashpoints for the country’s political divisions. Since February, four political demonstrations have turned violent with masked anarchists rioting on campus. The Berkeley Patriot student organization, which had organized “Free Speech Week,” told university administrators Saturday that their planned four-day event scheduled to start Sunday had been canceled, the university said. Yiannopoulos said he was blindsided and “personally irritated” by that announcement. But he vowed to hold a rally with fellow right-wing commentators at noon on Sunday on Sproul Plaza. Although the student organization pulled out, Yiannopoulos said:

We will not be deterred. We will not be turned away. We are going to be hosting an event, come hell or high water tomorrow.

University officials said they had worked around the clock and spent more than $1m to ensure there would be adequate security for the “Free Speech Week” events. UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof (lying Jew – RB) said:

Claims that this is somehow the outcome desired by the campus are without basis in fact. The University was prepared to do whatever was necessary to support the First Amendment rights of the student organization.

Over the last few days, student bulletin boards on Sproul Plaza were papered with fliers calling on counter-protesters to “Shut Down Milo Yiannopoulos,” saying his brand of inflammatory speech against Muslims, immigrants, women and transgender people was hateful and should not be allowed. The fliers advised supporters to bring bandanas to cover their faces in case police fire tear gas. Several hundred people gathered on the streets in Berkeley Saturday for an unrelated rally and march against white supremacy dubbed “No Hate in the Bay.” They chanted:

Say it loud, say it clear, Nazis are not welcome here!

One group carried a large banner that read:

An injury to one is an injury to all.

bannon is supporting judge roy moore, the ten commandments guy

Trump Bars Breitbart From Alabama Rally As Feud With Bannon Escalates
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Sep 23 2017


Apparently, this is what Steve Bannon meant when he swore he would never turn on his old boss during a series of interviews he gave after leaving the West Wing. The simmering feud between Breitbart and Trump intensified on Friday as the Trump communications team barred a Breitbart reporter from the press pool during a Trump rally in Alabama, where the president was campaigning for Luther Strange (“The Big L”) his pick to permanently fill the Alabama senate seat vacated by AG Jeff Sessions. Trump announced his support for Strange weeks ago, eliciting howls of outrage from Bannon and Breitbart, who have accused Strange of being a swamp crittur and blasted him for his association with former Alabama Gov Robert Bentley, who resigned earlier this year following a widely publicized sex scandal. Strange served under Bentley as Alabama’s AG (Sessions’ old job) and has been working with Trump for months, after being appointed by Bentley to temporarily fill Sessions’ old seat.

But for now at least, Strange is Trump’s man, and the president showered him with praise during the rally. But while cycling through his greatest hits (everything from the second amendment, to Hillary-bashing, to his promised border wall), Trump found time to slip in a subtle dig at Bannon, joking that he had “fired” certain former staffers for disloyalty. Bannon and Breitbart have consistently supported Alabama Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore, who will face off against Strange in Tuesday’s crucial Republican run-off primary. Anyone who has closely followed the many staffing changes at the White House will remember that Bannon and the White House comms dept have offered conflicting accounts of the terms of his departure, with Bannon insisting that he left voluntarily, while the comms staff have suggested that he was fired. A similar ambiguity exists surrounding the terms of Bannon loyalist and former Breitbart employee Sebastian Gorka’s departure, who, as luck would have it, appeared on Fox Business just minutes before Trump took the stage to slam the president over his support for Strange. In a brief segment, Gorka criticized Strange for his association with Bentley and claimed that Moore was the true “MAGA” candidate. Of course, when Bannon, who is back running Breitbart, promised that he wouldn’t use the website as a cudgel against Trump, he did so with the caveat that Breitbart would hold the administration accountable should it abandon the nationalist, populist agenda that Trump promised the pindo sheeple during the campaign. To wit, Breitbart has become increasingly frustrated with Trump’s perceived abdication of his nationalist agenda by sending more troops to Afghanistan (after promising to bring troops home) and, more intolerably, his decision to allow DACA to be preserved in law by striking a deal with “Chuck and Nancy.” And now it’s decided to turn its guns on Trump, publishing now fewer than half a dozen anti-Strange or anti-Trump headlines during the Trump rally last night.

And now, Axios is reporting that Steve Bannon has been confirmed to headline a Roy Moore rally in Alabama on Sunday night, alongside Phil Robertson of the popular show “Duck Dynasty.” Axios, which noted that Strange is also the pick of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a perennial Bannon foe, explained that “for Bannon to make a rare public appearance in such close proximity to Trump shows how invested he is in the race specifically, and attacking McConnell more generally.” But in attacking McConnell, in this instance, he is also striking at Trump. In keeping with his promise to always support Trump against the establishment forces that Bannon says are trying to co-opt the Trump presidency, Axios reported that the Bannon camp is trying to spin the attacks against Strange as an indirect way of “supporting” Trump.

Steve is coming to Alabama to support President Trump against the Washington establishment and Mitch McConnell. Steve views Judge Moore as a fierce advocate of Trump and the values he campaigned on.

To be sure, Breitbart’s strategy may be working. Trump appeared to admit during the rally last night that his Strange endorsement may have been a mistake, and that he would support Moore if he wins. While the crowd at Friday’s rally cheered mightily for Trump, the cheers for his chosen candidate were less enthusiastic. As of Saturday afternoon, Moore leads Strange by nearly 9% in the RealClearPolitics polling average. Whoever wins Tuesday’s primary has a virtual lock on the senate seat. And as the race draws closer, we expect to hear more from Trump. But will Breitbart succeed in convincing him to change his endorsement? Given Trump’s distaste for “losers”, we imagine it’s not out of the question.