i love them but they’re all crackers (a fairly familiar state of affairs)

The dedication of the staff OD “Novorossia”

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lnr reaction to mozgovoi death

New details about the murder of Alexei Mozgovoi from prosecutors LNR
DNR News, May 24 2015

Civilians became victims of the shelling of the car which killed Alexei Mozgovoi. This was at the briefing said the head of the investigative Department of management on supervision of observance of laws of the General Prosecutor LNR Leonid Tkachenko. The commander of the 4th battalion of territorial defense (4 BTRO) of the people’s militia LNR, Mozgovoi died on the evening of May 23 in an attack by suspected sabotage-reconnaissance groups (DRG). The investigative group of the Prosecutor General, the Ministry of internal Affairs and the Prosecutor’s office of Perevalsk district, examining the scene found that Mozgovoi’s car was moving from the city of Alchevsk in Lugansk. The old checkpoint in the area of Mikhailovka Perevalsk district of about 17.40-17.45 on May 23 was powered by an unknown explosive device. After that, the car opened fire with automatic weapons. Tkachenko said:

We found that those who died (in that car – RB) were Mozgovoi, his two guards, and his Press Secretary, a woman. Also under fire came two other vehicles, in which were civilians. They were a “VW Transporter” civil and a VAZ 2104. The driver died in Perevalsk city hospital. The passenger died at the scene. Thus, the victims of the attack were seven people, two of whom had no relation to the people’s militia or the battalion of Mozgovoi. We also found that fire from automatic weapons came from at least three people. They definitely worked as a cover band, they had two 7.62 mm machine guns.

According to an incident on May 24 criminal case under article 115, part 2, paragraph 1, “Murder of two and more persons.” The investigation was taken under the control of the Prosecutor General and the head LNR. Investigation fulfills different version of the incident, including the Kiev DRG. Previously responsibility for killing Mozgovoi taken by Ukrainian subversive group “Shadows.” Tkachenko said:

This version will be considered, of course. But with such success on such a responsibility can take the “Aidar” or “Azov”. “Shadows” as much as many assume. We will consider all versions.

Head of LNR Igor Plotnitsky described the attack on Mozgovoi as “an attack on all who defended the right of the FSC in existence.”

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you may well have seen the photos, and they’re not very nice

Summary of the deputy chief of staff 5 BTRO Alexander Matyushin (Callsign “Varyag”), May 24

A new day, and no change on the fronts. All also shelled Donetsk. The war continues, despite all the peace rallies, our “politicians”. All Gorlovka under shelling. Fired from the same direction: Dzerzhinsk, Mayorsk, Svetlodarsk. What the hell is going on in the north-western part of this town, it is difficult to describe, let alone to endure. Kuibyshev and Kiev districts of Donetsk also under fire.
Dill not taking the airport, shelling machines (cars – RB), in the territory of the remains of the airport and surrounding areas. On the southern front is still the threat of a breakthrough of the Ukrainian security forces in the area of Shirokino, but our Army continues to hold this sector of the front in spite of all difficulties.
Yesterday it was confirmed that as a result of battle on our positions near of Peske captured by Ukrainian punishers got a fighter from my battalion, Victor Korobkin. Photos showing that they cut off his index fingers, already circled the Internet. Now looking for ways to rescue him from captivity. Unfortunately, exchanges of prisoners of war is not happening, apparently this is also the part “of a breakthrough in the Minsk agreements.” Consequently, the forces trying to pull a kid.

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massive debate whether kiev or froggy plotnitsky etc

Screenshot from 2015-05-24 11:44:07

What he is responding to is this, which I think is rubbish, misdirection from Plotz & Co:

Some Vsevolod Lavenski told in social media how he had killed the commander of the brigade “Ghost,” Alexei Mozgovoi

In social media “Svidomy Patriot,” Vsevolod Lavenski with pride and gloating told about the murder of Alexei Mozgovoi and his associates. According to him, the stretch of highway where car of Mozgovoi was shot was selected in advance based on the fact that the car will slow down, given the terrain. Lavenski writes:

Today, our DRG has conducted a brilliant operation in the enemy’s rear which resulted in the death of the leader of the militants “Ghost”, Alexei Mozgovoi. As a result of work of our agents, in to the headquarters of the armed forces of Ukraine were transferred the routes of his movement. DRG has conducted breakthrough in the alleged plot movement Mozgovoi. Entrenched soldiers at the exit checkpoint, beating all the secrets and waiting for the leader, opened fire with small arms and machine guns.

Another version:

Responsibility for murder of Mozgovoi taken by Ukrainian group “the Shadows”
RT.com, May 24 2015

Oleksandr Gladkyy, leader of the Ukrainian guerrilla group that calls itself “the Shadows,” said that the murder of the commander of the battalion LC “Ghost” Alexei Mozgovoi and his companions was the work of his organization. The Ukrainian edition of “Vesti” quotes statement by Gladkyy in social networks:

Mozgovoi detonated remotely two MON 50 at around 18:48 n of Mikhaylovka at the bend of the track Perevalsk — Lugansk. Moved from Stakhanov. In the explosion immediately with Mozgovoi 3 people died, and three people were finished off from two AK 7.62.

He posted a photo allegedly fired machine Alexei Mozgovoi, as well as the alleged comments directly participating in the operation.

Someone comments on the latter of those two stories:

This little article is from “Ukro-truth.” That the DRG squad call themselves “Shadows” seems specifically invented. In detail, Gladkyy describes how:

“…Monkey worked simultaneously, on the left side where Mozgovoi sat in the back brunt went … Behind Mozgovoi was moving machine maintenance, she is behind and around the bend. We immediately left, because nearby was a settlement, there are 100 people. Walked in the direction n of Lotikovo.

Gladkyy added that the “heads” of those who organized the death of Mozgovoi declared a cash consideration of $300k and $100k for the information on them. The Acro media sums up:

Adviser to the Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko said that Mozgovoi was eliminated by the GRU (ie Russian or Plotz GRU – RB). However, the Russian media and the ‘militants’ blamed the death of Mozgovoi on Ukrainian forces.

Our commenter now finds the full text:

This is a Facebook message from Gladkyy, Shadow special forces
Oleksandr Gladkyy
15 hrs ·

Mozgovoi detonated remotely two MON 50 at around 18:48 n of Mikhaylovka at the bend of the track Perevalsk — Lugansk. Moved from Stakhanov. In the explosion immediately with Mozgovoi 3 people died, and three people were finished off from two AK 7.62.
“…Monkey worked simultaneously, on the left side where Mozgovoi sat in the back brunt went … it immediately by the explosion, but still grunted, gave two turns, stopped grunting…”
“…jeep Toyota color khaki, tinted glass … rear, on the rear axle work … only three of us in the front got out here and we put a can in the car just more corpses turned out here and pass on what Mozgovoi 7 people minuscule, but I thought it was clearly visible, and the rear one is a mess…”
The jeep had a car Chevrolet support, she fell behind and because of the rotation did not work. We immediately left, because nearby was a settlement, there are 100 people. Walked in the direction n of Lotikovo … Left to the side of Lotikovo then gave the circle and through the NP. Declared a reward of $300k for the heads-up. Finely appreciate. And $100k for the old … This amount should be transferred to the Defense Fund of Ukraine. Said pay, Donbass is not the only driving?!)) Glory To Ukraine!

Our commenter assiduously teases out the errors:

This Gladskyy’s description of Mozgovoi’s death does not coincide with the facts. Gladskyy writes about “jeep Toyota color khaki and black car” in the video. Gladskyy writes that “the escort car behind, because not turn out,” but on THREE videos shot machine black, white and dark blue. Careful, guys! And Chevrolet was not there. Here to expose, Sharia is not necessary, I can handle it. But as is typical local hydroplanes (хитроплановцы – RB) immediately accepted the message of the stolen faith. By the way, maybe it really was Ukra in close coordination with the Kremlin partners. There’s a couple more: the time of the assassination attempt is one hour different, even considering the time on ua and Moscow – it is the same … left side of the machine, on which is written – there is a video posted – on the left side of the rear seat – was murdered Anna! (wrong. the movie is below – RB) Shadow … these shadows … it sucks…

Everyone agrees that Shadow is fake:

Screenshot from 2015-05-24 15:40:56

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where was graham phillips? well, graham was…

It turns out that Graham moved in parallel machines to Mozgovoi… and he was not allowed to the scene of the investigation…

I can’t believe I few days ago was in Rostov – peaceful town. Before I could return, as it appeared in the thick of things. I was on the site of the murder of Mozgovoi 30 minutes after the incident. Mozgovoi was the moment when he’s in front of me, close, drove on the track, but I stopped several times so as to enhance the photo and behind his car. Mozgovoi was a brave commander. He was also smart, modern man, good use of media. Alexei Mozgovoi was a great man, a true hero. Memory Eternal.

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newsfront’s uncensored mozgovoi assassination scene footage

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i would advise you not to believe a word you read on this site, but you may enjoy it (if the translation engine works for you)

The protégé of the Kremlin, the Jew Kaufman, threatened to kill Mozgovoi
VIA-Midgard.info, May 24 2015


Mozgovoi told a journalist from ANNA-News:

The so-called Minister Kaufman approached me in the hallway and said in plain words: “You are overbold, and it has not gone unnoticed. Consider the fate of Batman, Alex. You still have time.” I suggested to him that he consider the fate of Trotsky. In the eyes of the Jew I read an indescribable anger, and he hissed: “Then you leave us no choice.”

We repeatedly intercepted Orthodox Jews with suitcases full of money, en route to Igor Plotnitsky. Those Jews were also observed by us on the APU side of the front, where they took delivery of drugs. We are fighting against the New Israel. I am aware that our enemy is not the Ukrainians, but the Jewish oligarchs and their Pindosi mentors.

Another Jewish ritual murder: on the Jewish holiday of Shavuot (the day of the giving of the Torah), on the evening of May 23, was killed in an ambush the last independent commander of the militia of Donbass, Alexei Mozgovoi. Before that, “the Minister of foreign Affairs DND,” the Jew Kaufman, stated that “the Novorossiya project” ceased its activity. The method of the murder is exactly the same as that of the murder of commander Bednov.

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