well, after all this, if there’s no ww3, i shall go back to bed, and stay there for a week or two

The conductor and the brake
El Murid, Dec 2 2015 00:28 MSK

Today’s government decision regarding approval of the list of sanctions of goods from Turkey, despite its insignificance and inability to seriously undermine our relationship, still continues the confrontation and the conflict between Russia and Turkey that generally speaking, every day is becoming more dangerous. The conflict right now are strongly influenced by two factors: the objective and the strangely personal. Putin and Erdogan are both to a certain extent prone to personal complexes, which is reflected in many solutions, and it now plays a very important role, as much for one head as for the other. However, to begin with the objective factor, it is quite obvious: the position of Turkey who brought down our plane certainly looks much weaker than the Russian. Who and whatever the militants, the Turkomans, belonged to, it is unsystematic and subject the player, and therefore any system of the participant of war on the orders legitimate them, and thus Turkey, shot from ambush, the Russian aircraft acted outside the scope of any rules and concepts. Putin’s aggressive rhetoric in this situation is absolutely justified and peaceful Turkish for its part is absolutely clear: the Turks understand without us that they exceeded their authority. In this sense, both NATO’s position and Pindostan’s position after the frenzy of the first couple of days, became perfectly consistent and logical: Turkey is clearly not assaulted and therefore its problems with Russia do not have any connection to NATO and they must sort it out themselves.

Knowing all this, Putin is trying to squeeze the maximum from the situation. Russia, being the victim of unprovoked attacks, is entitled to significant expansion of its claims in Syria that now and becomes. It is clear that the original promise made by Putin to the limited nature of our presence in Syria in such a situation flies in the trash, but this is relationship problems between Putin and the Russian population, which right now the TV goes on the ears and inspire a patriotic roar. In international sense, Putin has the advantage right now, and the price of the aircraft in exchange for this advantage looks clearly not excessive. In particular, Putin can flaunt the dead pilot that all to white people looks quite blatant: it’s not good when bearded savages shoot civilizers bearing the light of freedom. In the West, understandably, they’re not particularly sorry for Russian pilot, but it sets a nasty precedent: what if tomorrow, the same bearded beasts will shoot the Pindosi or French pilots? In this sense, Putin’s position looks well-founded. In general, right at the moment, Russia has a right and enjoys it. And personal qualities of the two leaders here too play an important role: Erdogan fighter, and for him personally to apologize is simply unthinkable, but he makes the most of what could be interpreted as an apology. On the other hand, it is the personal factor can break the favourable position which Russia is in today. You can pinch in accusations and conflict, bringing Erdogan and his circle to the red line. For her he would have to answer it seriously. Will it be possible not to cross that line is unknown, Putin is also a master bit to eat.

If hell go and get run over, I immediately toss, which will not succeed to control the degree of conflict. The position of Turkey, if you look at it in the overall context, is very advantageous if the conflict becomes a reality. Control of the Straits is an important trump card, and Turkey has a very wide field for interpretation of their rights in relation to their locks. Suffice it to declare any aggression against her by Russia would be enough to activate the mechanism whereby Turkey initially closes the Straits, and then review by the UNSC (as the successor of the League of Nations, during which was adopted the legal regime of the Straits). Justified or not, once the Turks close the passage through the Bosporus and the Dardanelles, then to consider can be long, especially if it will volatility of stakeholders. Russia is seriously considering such a possibility, in any case, publications on this topic increased dramatically in number, plus appear cautious comments from officials. In any case, this means that the limits and red features in Russia are understood, that pleases. In addition, the deterioration of relations with Turkey right now would derail the already falling rapidly handling of the Syrian war, as the stop-cock. Here’s the train in this case will not stop, and will start to gain speed, and how to stop him is unknown.

So I hope meeting of Putin and Erdogan yesterday in Paris was certainly present. If you do not take unicellular patriots, happily discussing her absence and anticipation “so we now let’s drink!”, some good in this little. Virtual war with ISIS and even real war, with real pro-Western terrorists, going on the patterns of colonial expeditions is one thing, but a real collision with a regular opponent in a full-scale war is an event of an entirely different order. Will not find anyone. Therefore, we can say that we and the Turks are already at the limit. All that could squeeze out, squeezed out. Well, maybe a few drops left, but nothing more. And if personal ambitions of the leaders will not let them be aware of this limit, the result will be bad, for all. For Russia a full-fledged war, even in the local variant, means inevitable defeat. Our economy is in ruins, and war of this format is primarily economic competition. It will certainly be a tombstone for the current regime, which will not succeed in its current form to survive a defeat. I’m ready to welcome his downfall, but not at this price. We have been through. The collapse of the regime in a relatively peaceful time, as happened with the USSR is not the same as a result of military defeat. So “the conductor, hit the brakes” is a very accurate slogan of the moment.

obama, approx: we’re bombing each others’ allies, but we’ll come to an agreement eventually, or something like that

Obama: I Have no illusions about Putin’s actions in Syria
RT.com, Dec 1 2015

At a press conference in Paris, Obama has said he does not expect Russia to radically change policy in Syria. According to him, Moscow will continue to support the “regime” of Bashar al-Assad. At the same time, he stressed that the solution to the Syrian crisis can be found at the talks in Vienna. According to material provided by CNN International, date aired Dec 1 2015, translation by RT, he said:

I will begin with the issue of Mr Putin. I don’t expect his strategy will make a 180-degree turn within the next few weeks. For the past 4 years they have invested to keep Assad in power. Their presence is aimed at its strengthening. And so it will be some time before they change their attitude towards this issue. And as long as they will be associated with the regime, a large number of Russian resources will be directed against opposition groups which eventually will become part of the coalition government. This is the goal we support, our coalition allies struggle with the regime and at the same time, the fight against ISIS. So I think we should have illusions that somehow Russia will strike only ISIS targets. It’s not happening now, never happened and will not happen in the coming weeks. But something could happen. If the political process that Jackass Kerry so meticulously created together with Sergei Lavrov, works in Vienna, it is possible (given the existing agreement, which was approved by the negotiating parties) that we will see the cessation of hostilities, at least in some areas of Syria. Then, certain opposition groups will no longer be targets of Syrian or Russian bombing. They will be ready to discuss politics. And gradually we will be able to direct everyone’s attention in the right direction, namely a systematic fight against ISIS.

does it look to you like they’ve blocked the straits to russian ships?


Screenshot from 2015-12-01 01-08-07

Fox ‘News’: “Turkey closed the Bosphorus and Dardanelles to Russia”
Arseniev Vesti, Nov 30 2015

Fox ‘News’ Shepard Smith announced the decision of Turkey to close the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles, and for military and civilian with military cargo vessels of Russia, including non-supply to Syria. He said:

Based on the provisions of the Montreux Convention of 1936, Erdogan said that the country is under the threat of military danger from Russia and made a decision to close the Bosphorus and Dardanelles to all ships of Russia, located in the Black sea and having military implications not only for Syria but for other countries, flirting with the Russian side. The corresponding decision is directed to the UN.

Thus, the entire Russian black sea fleet trapped in the Black sea and lost the opportunity to use the Strait to support the Syrian and other regimes playing on the side of Moscow. Now, by sea deliver any military supplies to Syria or to other countries, Russia will need 3 times more time and effort if it is to continue arms supplies through Gibraltar. Smith says:

Turkey continues to escalate the conflict with Russia and seeks to involve NATO in order to protect its own rather than European interests. Do not forget that Turkey is the main transit zone of migrants from the MENA and thus in fact blackmailing Europe, forcing her to hew to the Turkish statements.

But El Murid said on Monday night Nov 30 (22:04 MSK):

The Turks, of course, have not closed the Bosphorus, but problems are already created by them: Gazeta.ru claims that the Turks are forcing our ships to wait for hours during passage through the Bosphorus.

Colonel Cassad weighs in, this (Tuesday Dec 1) morning:

The question of the Straits in this regard remains more of a potential threat, although already there are reports of restrictions of access to them. While between Russia and Turkey has no more of a direct military conflict, the Straits is likely to remain open, consider it necessary separately to explain. NATO officials, but to create difficulties, they may not close completely, and to start the mode “braking” is appropriate for the current level of development of the conflict.

Here is the story Cassad cited, which actually says the opposite:

NATO ruled out the closing of Bosporus and Dardanelles for Russian ships
Alexander Ratnikov, RBC.ru, Nov 30 2015 21:22 MSK

Turkey will not close the black sea Straits of Bosporus and Dardanelles for the passage of Russian military and civilian ships, because it is a country of gently adheres to the Convention of Montreux of 1936, which guarantees free passage through the Straits to all ships. Such an opinion during the teleconference of Nov 30, stated Pindosi permanent representative to NATO, Douglas Lute. On the question of the correspondent of RBC about the possibility of closing the Bosporus and the Dardanelles for the passage of Russian warships in the case that Turkey will announce itself under threat of military danger, Liu said he did not see any reason. He said:

While I didn’t see any signs that Turkey is in any way intended to limit the navigation through the Straits. For decades Turkey was very serious about its international obligations enshrined in the Convention in Montreux. I believe that the situation will not change.

Previously RBC wrote that if Turkey is at war or “under threat of military danger” the pass of the warships in the Straits is at the discretion of Ankara. If war is not declared officially, Turkey should skip foreign ships on condition that they were cut off from their naval base, and also to obtain the consent of supranational agencies (currently the UN) intention to close the Straits. In peacetime, military and civilian ships can pass freely through the Straits. Press Secretary of the Turkish Embassy in Russia Orhan Gatigol did not comment on the statement of the Pindosi diplomat and advised us to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara, which failed to provide to RBC online comment.

The story cited in ‘Previously, RBC wrote’ has this paragraph, which may be what Colonel Cassad is thinking of:

In early 1994, Turkey introduced the International Maritime Organization to the UN the draft of the Rules of Navigation in the Straits. Despite the accusations of violation of the Montreux Convention, expressed in the discussion document, Turkey from Jul 1 1994 entered into force unilaterally. Under new regulations, the Turkish authorities could suspend navigation in the Straits, referring to science, repair, drilling operations, police operations and other conditions. Ships of length of over 200 m can cross the Bosphorus only in the daytime and accompanied by a Turkish pilot. Local authorities can inspect cargo ships suspected of violating environmental or other regulated national regulations.

Conflict. A week later
El Murid, Dec 1 2015 13:26 MSK

Despite the confidence in his voice, in Russia consider the possibility if not overlapping, we create real problems for the Russian ships passing through the Bosphorus. Already reported (below) that there are certain difficulties with the passage of the Strait, including for our military transport ships (this story does not indicate any such difficulty – RB). It seems that in Moscow, they understand that some overreacted with threats, and while Putin continues in a menacing sparkle, a floor or two below all initiative slowly increasing chop and cut. Minister Manturov said that the production of the Turkish light industry to prohibit the importation will not be Turkish builders too, everything is not so bad: all contracts concluded by the end of December, will be operated by Turks, and projects of the world championship sanctions generally will not apply. In other positions, too, there is a rollback, just the little things. It seems that not just lucky Turkish tomatoes: here they laid all the sins and threatens them with terrible punishments. Tomatoes will pay for everything. I suddenly found that pesticides-herbicides, and they generally correspond to nothing. Until November, there was no question to them was not, and here suddenly time, and has appeared. In the uncountable number. Remains unclear situation with visas and tourism, but it is not the season, it is generally inactive. But by My, you see, either all the tourists will already be sitting in trenches, or everything will resolve.

In general, the formidable swing, as usual, ended with an indecent sound. In general, well, we now only Turkey is left to war for general vigor. The Turks have an argument in the dispute was more serious: the Bosphorus is not a tomato. Without the Bosphorus, the procurement groups in Syria become quite the torments of hell, though directly pack. What the Kremlin leadership now can not allow that in any way. The only question is what will come out of this situation. The immediate cause is that the Turks not so much that they were forced to go on such a dangerous step as the attack of our aircraft, was not oil, as very clumsily trying to translate the theme of Putin and the pro-Western strikes on militants, which the Turks nurture and cherish. In principle, if some stray fellow would now bombed positions of Donbass “holiday-makers,” our too broke down and dropped his plane, here the motives are so transparent that there is no point to lie so openly, as does our first person. The Turks spit on the pathetic five or ten tanks with oil, which is being driven smuggling across the border. They have earned in this war so much that can fund at least fifty thousand militants: Syria the war in Turkey took out the Syrian plant and machinery, almost for nothing took away the crops that Syrian farmers had nowhere to sell; in general, familiar in the Donbass picture. Our too not for free help sitting on the sofas to the miners. Every white KAMAZ thirty times already paid off the export of different useful pieces, which are taken on the mainland, all having involvement in the events. So the motives of the Turks for anyone, but for us clear, but the plane was shot down, so we need to loudly express their outrage.

All now associated with the unpredictability of our first person. He can rest and continue the conflict on a personal level is unclear and is the main point in the existing situation. In principle, the carve-up of Syria is actively engaged, and working moments two predators, Russia and Turkey, could be out, too, in working order, without loud shouting and smashing crockery. We are of course competitors in the Syrian war, but not enough to turn each other into a lifeless space. However, the problem is that after Crimea the chain of failures and defeats of Russia stretches continuously. No matter how hard TV, this cannot be concealed. Therefore, one has to strain to interfere, supporting brutal image, which is so liked by the housewives. However, it is interesting that the Ministry of Defence suddenly ceased to publish the winning briefs. The last one was 4 days ago, RIA Novosti also ceased to publish reports about the airstrikes. The last report on Nov 26. This means that the rhetoric of the first person for the population, but others know perfectly well what caused the conflict with Turkey, and urgently trying to rectify the situation.

And here is the first of the stories cited – at last a real report of difficulties:

Turkey will hurt the economy by closing the Bosphorus
Turkey prevents Russia ships pass through the Strait.

LifeNews.ru, Dec 1 2015

It seems that Turkey has decided to play its trump card against Russia, which, incidentally, still calls it a friendly state. Turkey began to prevent Russian ships to pass through the Bosphorus, which is a key shipping artery for the Russian Federation, Ukraine and South-Eastern Europe to deliver agricultural and industrial products. In particular, Russia is carrying not only food but also fuel. A year on the Bosphorus and adjacent Strait of the Dardanelles is about 25 million tons of oil and 37 million tons of petroleum products from our country. In addition, through the Bosphorus Russia carries the lion’s share of military supplies for the Manas airbase in Syria. There is no other way. To transport ammunition, weapons and people by air through Iran is too expensive, and through Gibraltar is too far. In general, Turkey unilaterally has no right to close the Strait. This is only possible if the country will formally join the war. The status of the Straits was installed at the Convention in Montreux in 1936. In the second article of the Convention, establishes the right of free passage of merchant ships through the Straits both in peace and war. According to the sixth article, Turkey may limit the right of free passage through the Straits, with orders to foreign courts to carry out the entrance to the Straits only in the daytime. In addition, if Turkey closes the Bosphorus, it will incur significant losses. Transportation of oil through the Straits of the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles brings a profit to the state budget. Meanwhile, NATO already said that it is against the closure of the Bosphorus.

this probably illustrates another use for pseudo-gangs, perhaps the most useful political instruments ever invented

Turkish opposition says police bullet may have killed Kurdish lawyer
Daren Butler, Reuters, Nov 30 2015

ISTANBUL – A prominent Kurdish lawyer gunned down in southeastern Turkey appeared to have been shot by a policeman who was firing on suspects fleeing the scene of an attack on fellow officers, a deputy from Turkey’s pro-Kurdish opposition said on Monday. Diyarbakir city chief prosecutor Ramazan Solmaz said prosecutors and police forensic teams working at the site of Elci’s killing were forced to flee on Monday when militants opened fire and threw explosives at an armored police vehicle. Saturday’s killing of Tahir Elci, a lawyer and human rights activist, and Monday’s brief incident underlined tensions in the mostly Kurdish region that have grown since a ceasefire with the PKK collapsed in July. PM Davutoglu has said Elci may have been caught in the crossfire between police and the militants. Meral Danis Bestas, a deputy for the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), sent an email to the interior minister after viewing a video of the incident which took place in a narrow street during a shoot-out between police and militants. In the video, plain-clothes police standing near Elci are seen firing automatic pistols at gunmen fleeing the scene of the attack in Diyarbakir, the region’s largest city. Bestas wrote:

The footage shows a figure running in the direction of Tahir Elci and the police opening fire in the direction of that person. A plain-clothes policeman dressed in brown is shown opening fire in the direction of Tahir Elci and then he looks as if to see whether the cameras are filming him. The autopsy report and the camera footage point to Elci dying as a result of a police bullet.

Shortly before Elci’s killing, two police officers were shot dead after they stopped a “suspicious vehicle” in a nearby street in what Solmaz, the chief prosecutor, said was an attack by PKK militants. The HDP, which is represented in parliament and has called for an end to the violence, said Elci had complained of death threats. “Tahir Elci…was the target of some deep structures which are known to have carried out unsolved killings and which today give open support to the AKP government,” it said. Unsolved political killings were frequent at the height of the conflict between the state and the PKK in the 1990s. Elci was facing trial for saying the PKK was not a terrorist organization. The autopsy showed one bullet had penetrated the back of Elci’s neck. The driver of the taxi in which the suspects arrived at the scene was detained and an arrest warrant was issued for one identified suspect, the prosecutor said.

The Killing of Tahir Elci
Omur Sahin Keyif, Counterpunch, Nov 30 2015


ISTANBUL – Turkey is once more in crisis. A leading pro-Kurdish lawyer has been killed. The streets fill once more with protestors. Tahir Elci, Chairman of the Diyarbakir Bar Association and a respected human rights lawyer, was killed on Saturday in Diyarbakir, south-eastern Turkey. He said at a press conference before he was shot:

We don’t want weapons, clashes and military operations in the birthplace and home of many civilizations.

Violence in Diyarbakir had damaged many historical places in the city and in the surrounding region. The climate of war between the state and the Kurdish groups had been exacerbated since the June elections. Hundreds of people had died, including children. Many majority-Kurdish cities, such as Nusaybin, Cizre and Sur, are under curfew. Elci had called upon both sides for a ceasefire. Instead, Elci fell to the guns. His death was videotaped. Who shot Elci? It is still not clear. People in Turkey are used to seeing such images every decade. Turkey’s history is one of suppressed political murders. In 1989, Musa Anter, a Kurdish writer, poet and journalist, was killed by Abd’ul=Kadir Aygan, a surrendered PKK fighter and member of JITEM (Informal Structure of Genderma Intelligence Agency). During the 1990s, JITEM was accused of the murder of “unknown assailants” in Kurdistan. The Judiciary acquitted all JITEM suspects. Elic had been one of the lawyers in a JITEM case, which closed at the start of November. Before the JITEM trial, on Oct 15, Elci participated a discussion program on CNN-Turk and ,ade the apparently illegal statement:

The PKK is not a terrorist organization.

Five days later, on Oct 20, Elci was arrested for “terrorist propaganda.” The authorities released him the same day. Elci faced seven and a half years in prison. Elci’s statement that the PKK is not a terrorist organization earned him the wrath of the nationalists. In an interview, Elci said of the backlash:

In social media I’ve received hundreds of tweets which threatened me with death. In some tweets they describe how they would like to kill me. They give details. And also we got maybe tons of phone calls.

Tahir Elci joins a list of prominent intellectuals assassinated in Turkey since the killing of Musa Anter in 1989. In 2007, during the AKP’s first term in government, Hrant Dink was killed in Istanbul. Nationalists routinely attacked Dink, an Armenian journalist (editor-in-chief of Agos and columnist for BirGün), for his brave columns. He called for peace between the various nationalities that lived in Turkey: the Armenians, the Kurds and the Turks among others. Frequently harassed by the authorities, Dink did not back down. He was hit by a nationalist hitman related to Turkish intelligence MIT. His assassination took place in the middle of the day, in the middle of a busy street. The judiciary has not moved the case along these past eight years. What relates the Anter and Dink cases is the complicity between the state and the murderers. Every single case and the lack of justice for the victims encourages the next such case. This is also so with the major terrorist attacks in Turkey: Roboski (35 dead), Suruc (32 dead), Ankara (102 dead)… After Tahir Elci’s killing, PM Davutoğlu said:

There might have been a plan to assassinate Elci. There is a second scenario: that the police forces opened fire to protect people there after an attack by terrorists. Elci was caught in the crossfire.

Pro-AKP media have started to release fabricated reports claiming that the PKK is responsible for the murder. The government immediately said that the investigation would be conducted in secret and called for a media blackout. If the trends are normal, Elci’s case will also be blacked out. Mud has been thrown into the investigation. The finger will not point toward the real assailants. Peace between the State and the Kurds recedes from the horizon. The peace talks between 2012 and 2014 were not based on the Constitution. AKP threatened the Kurdish parties, that if they did not agree to this or that, the process would be stopped. Violence against Kurdish leaders and intellectuals continued, murdered in interrogation rooms and in the streets. JITEM is no longer active. In its place, a radical Islamic organization calling itself Esadullah has emerged in the current conflict. Their intimidation is routine. Walls are signed with their slogans “Esadullah team has arrived!” It is chilling. It follows brutal nationalist jargon: “You’ll See the Power of the Turk!” and: “If You’re a Turk, Be Proud! If Not, Then Obey!” This has been the atmosphere in the Kurdish majority regions. Elci literally means envoy. Tahir Elci had been named the Peace Envoy by the opposition media. He devoted his life to peace and to human rights. His death decreases the chance of peace. The state knows that it is untouchable. Kurds are silent. They will not remain patient. HDP’s Selahattin Demirtas, who was himself caught in a attempted assassination last week, gave a sad speech during Elci’s funeral. He said:

What killed Tahrir was not the state, but statelessness.

Demirtas, for the first time in a great long while, has mentioned the need for a Kurdish state. This mental opening between the Kurds and the Turkish state might portend a bloodier era in the near future.

hotovely’s effort to master the important jewish art of ventriloquism, fails

Google denies agreement to monitor anti-Israel videos
AFP, Nov 30 2015

Google on Monday denied a claim by the Israeli Foreign Ministry that it had reached an agreement with the Israeli government to jointly monitor YouTube videos supposedly inciting attacks. The ministry last week said that Google, which owns YouTube, had agreed on a joint mechanism to monitor online materials including (sic – RB) videos encouraging attacks on Israelis Jews, after a meeting between Google senior counsel for public policy Juniper Downs, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely. But the firm said no such agreement had been struck. A Google spokesman told AFP:

The Israeli Ministry for Foreign Affairs has corrected its original announcement, which suggested in error that there had been an agreement with Google to establish a mechanism to monitor online materials. (Our recent meeting with them) was just one of many that we have with policy-makers from different countries to explain our policies on controversial content, flagging and removals.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spox Emmanuel Nahshon confirmed that a statement on the Foreign Ministry website had been changed, and added:

We are extremely grateful for our good relations with Google. Our common objective is to remove dangerous incitement to violence on social media. We have full confidence in the Google teams dealing with this removal.

Israel has repeatedly pointed to online incitement as a cause of what they call “terror” attacks, with videos and posts lionizing the assailants (and more to the point, videos of IOF assaults on unarmed Plastelinan Arabs at demonstrations – RB) being widely shared. Netanyahu has called on Google, Facebook and Twitter to do more to monitor and remove such material. The Internet firms have defended their policies, saying they have sufficient protection against online incitement. The Googlespox said:

We rely on the YouTube Community to flag videos that they think violate our Community Guidelines. Video flagged on YouTube is reviewed 24 hours a day, and if material violates our policies it is removed quickly.

The Foreign Ministry has also announced a new office to monitor and flag inflammatory media online. The body, which will begin operation early next year, seeks to highlight provocative materials in real time. Last month, an Israeli NGO launched a lawsuit against Facebook for allegedly failing to remove pages that encouraged the killing of Jews.

no doubt, this thing if created could engage in a creative rivalry with NATO intelligence

Belgium calls for ‘European CIA’ after Paris attacks
AFP, Nov 30 2015

PARIS – Belgium called for the creation of a European intelligence agency Monday to counter the threat of Jihad in the wake of the Paris attacks. Prime Minister Charles Michel told French radio RTL:

We must quickly put in place a European intelligence agency, a European CIA, to unmask those with hostile intentions. One of the major problems facing security services is that information is being shared only on a country-to-country basis, with no similar Europe-wide protocols. If intelligence services were able to share information without fail, there might never be another attack, but no system has been put in place to regularise these exchanges.

On Friday, European Home Affairs commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos also called for a pan-European spy agency, but Michel admitted they faced an uphill battle to have the idea accepted. He said France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve was “very hesitant about the proposition.” Germany too has not hidden its scepticism about a European CIA. German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said on Friday:

We shouldn’t waste our energy on a European intelligence agency. We should concentrate on improving the exchange of information through existing institutions.

this man is doing it on purpose

Trump Blames “Ancient” Technology for Mysterious Absence of 9/11 Tailgate Videos
Gabrielle Bluestone, Gawker, Nov 30 2015

After more than a week of defending himself to 9/11 truthers, Donald Trump today clarified why there’s absolutely no evidence to corroborate the rooftop parties he “saw with his own eyes”: The ancient technology of 2001. Trump was a caller on MSNBC Morning Joe this morning when he lit upon the explanation, telling Willie Geist that the “hundreds” of his supporters who also say they saw the parties can’t be wrong. “They’ll find something. They’re going to find something,” Trump insisted, before explaining that “they” probably won’t find something because of the “ancient” technology used in 2001.

Don’t forget, 14, 15 years ago, it wasn’t like it is today, where you press a button and you play a video. 14, 15 years ago they don’t even put it in files, they destroy half of the stuff. You know, if you look back 14, 15 years, that was like ancient times in terms of cinema and in terms of news and everything else. They don’t have the same stuff. Today you can press a button and you can see exactly what went on, you know, two years ago. But when you go back 14, 15 years, that’s like ancient technology, Joe.

Donald Trump truly has an explanation for everything.

insensitive pindo comments beneath article, about 2 to 1 she’s a terrist

Pindo Pindo-Jewish activist heading home after serving Peru sentence
Frank Bajak, AP, Nov 30 2015

Berenson at her residence in Lima, Nov 27. (Photo: Martin Mejia)

LIMA — Pindo Pindo-Jewish activist Lori Berenson is finally heading home to New York, two decades after being found guilty of aiding leftist rebels in Peru. The 46-year-old has been living quietly in Lima with her 6-year-old son since her 2010 parole because she was barred from leaving the country until her 20-year sentence lapsed. Berenson told AP that occurred on Sunday. Fearing being mobbed by reporters on departure, she would not disclose details of her travel plans. She said she obtained a bachelor’s degree in sociology online last year and plans to live in NYC with her parents until she gets established. A daughter of college professors, she dropped out of MIT and headed to Latin America to support leftist movements. She worked for El Salvador rebels before travelling to Peru in late 1994. She was convicted of “collaborating with terrorism” for assisting the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement as it prepared in 1995 to seize congress and take all the congress critturs hostage. Berenson denies knowledge of the plot, but she rented and lived in the safe house where it was being planned and was arrested with the wife of a rebel leader after visiting congress with a journalist’s visa. She was initially convicted of treason in 1996 by a court of hooded military judges and sent for nearly three years to a frigid prison at 12,700 ft altitude, where her health suffered. After Pindo pressure and a legal defense aided by Ramsey Clark, Berenson was retried in a civilian court in 2001. Berenson apologized publicly in 2010 as a condition for obtaining parole but was re-incarcerated for three months that year on a technicality. She and her son Salvador, who was born behind bars, vacationed with family in NY in Dec 2011, but Peru’s Congress subsequently passed a law barring foreigners convicted of terrorism-related crimes from travel (yet she returned, or was returned – RB). Berenson is amicably divorced from the boy’s father, a former Tupac Amaru militant she met in prison in 1997. Alberto Fujimori, who was president when Berenson was arrested, is now imprisoned in Peru on human rights and corruption convictions. The Tupac Amaru group was much smaller and less violent than the fanatical Shining Path, which battled the government from 1980 to 2000. The conflict ended with Fujimori’s flight into exile. A truth commission determined that nearly 70,000 people died in the conflict. Tupac Amaru was deemed responsible for 1.5% of the deaths.

at first glance this looks belated but that is because it contains some substantial research of its own

The real reason for Turkey’s shootdown of the Russian jet
Gareth Porter, Middle East Eye, Nov 30 2015

Pindostan and its NATO allies supposed NATO vassals offered a ritual of NATO unity after Turkish officials presented their case that the shootdown of the Russian jet occurred after two planes had penetrated Turkish airspace. The Turkish representative reportedly played a recording of a series warning the Turkish F16 pilots had issued to the Russian jets without a Russian response, and Pindo and other NATO member supposed NATO vassal states endorsed Turkey’s right to defend its airspace. Pentagon spox Col Warren supported the Turkish claim that 10 warnings had been issued over a period of five minutes. The Obama administration apparently expressed less concern about whether Russian planes had actually crossed into Turkish airspace. Warren admitted that Pindo officials have still yet to establish where the Russian aircraft was located when a Turkish missile hit the plane. Although the Obama administration is not about to admit it, the data already available supports the Russian assertion that the Turkish shootdown was, as Putin asserted, an “ambush” that had been carefully prepared in advance. The central Turkish claim that its F-16 pilots had warned the two Russian aircraft 10 times during a period of five minutes actually is the primary clue that Turkey was not telling the truth about the shootdown.

The Russian Su-24 “Fencer” jet fighter, which is comparable to the Pindo F-111, is capable of a speed of 960 mph at high altitude, but at low altitude its cruising speed is around 870 mph, or about 13 miles per minute. The navigator of the second plane confirmed after his rescue that the Su-24s were flying at cruising speed during the flight. Close analysis of both the Turkish and Russian images of the radar path of the Russian jets indicates that the earliest point at which either of the Russian planes was on a path that might have been interpreted as taking it into Turkish airspace was roughly 16 miles from the Turkish border, meaning that it was only a minute and 20 seconds away from the border. Furthermore according to both versions of the flight path, five minutes before the shootdown the Russian planes would have been flying eastward, away from the Turkish border. If the Turkish pilots actually began warning the Russian jets five minutes before the shoot-down, therefore, they were doing so long before the planes were even headed in the general direction of the small projection of the Turkish border in Northern Latakia province. In order to carry out the strike, in fact, the Turkish pilots would have had to be in the air already and prepared to strike as soon as they knew the Russian aircraft were airborne.

The evidence from the Turkish authorities themselves thus leaves little room for doubt that the decision to shoot down the Russian jet was made before the Russian jets even began their flight. The motive for the strike was directly related to the Turkish role in supporting the anti-Assad forces in the vicinity of the border. In fact, the Erdogan government made no effort to hide its aim in the days before the strike. In a meeting with the Russian ambassador on Nov 20, the Turkish foreign minister accused the Russians of “intensive bombing” of “civilian Turkmen villages” and said there might be “serious consequences” unless the Russians ended their operations immediately. Turkish PM Davutoglu was even more explicit, declaring that Turkish security forces “have been instructed to retaliate against any development that would threaten Turkey’s border security.” Davutoglu further said:

If there is an attack that would lead to an intense influx of refugees to Turkey, required measures would be taken both inside Syria and Turkey.

The Turkish threat to retaliate, not against Russian penetration of its airspace but in response to very broadly defined circumstances on the border, came amid the latest in a series of battles between the Syrian government and religious fighters. The area where the plane was shot down is populated by the Turkmen minority. They have been far less important than foreign fighters and other forces who have carried out a series of offensives in the area since mid-2013. Charles Lister, who was visiting Latakia province frequently in 2013, noted in an Aug 2013 interview:

Latakia, right up to the very northern tip (ie in the Turkmen Mountain area), has been a stronghold for foreign fighter-based groups for almost a year now.

He also observed that, after ISIS had emerged in the north, Jabhat al-Nusra and its allies in the area had “reached out” to ISIS, and that one of the groups fighting in Latakia had “become a front group” for ISIS. In Mar 2014, the religious rebels launched a major offensive with heavy Turkish logistical support to capture the Armenian town of Kessab on the coast, very close to the Turkish border. An Istanbul newspaper, Bagcilar, quoted a member of the Turkish parliament’s foreign affairs committee as reporting testimony from villagers living near the border that thousands of fighters had streamed across five different border points in cars with Syrian plates to participate in the offensive. During that offensive, moreover, a Syrian jet responding to the offensive against Kessab was shot down by the Turkish air force in a remarkable parallel to the downing of the Russian jet. Turkey claimed that the jet had violated its airspace but made no pretence about having given any prior warning. The purpose of trying to deter Syria from using its airpower in defence of the town was obvious.

Now the battle in Latakia province has shifted to the Bayirbucak area, where the Syrian air force and ground forces have been trying to cut the supply lines between villages controlled by Nusra and its allies and the Turkish border for several months. The key village in the Nusra area of control is Salma, which has been in Jihadi hands ever since 2012. The intervention of the Russian Air Force in the battle has given a new advantage to the Syrian army. The Turkish shootdown was thus in essence an effort to dissuade the Russians from continuing their operations in the area against Nusra Front and its allies, using not one but two distinct pretexts: for NATO allies, a very dubious charge of a Russian border penetration, and for the Turkish domestic audience, a charge of bombing Turkmen civilians. The Obama administration’s reluctance to address the specific issue of where the plane was shot down indicates that it is well aware of that fact. But the administration is far too committed to its policy of working with Turkey, the Toads and Qatar to force regime change to reveal the truth about the incident. Obama’s response to the shoot-down blandly blamed the problem on the Russian military being in part of Syria. He declared:

They are operating very close to a Turkish border. (If they would focus on Daesh), some of these conflicts, or potentials for mistakes or escalation, are less likely to occur.

here we have the same pollack mentioned in the next post down, evidently disguising the true role of israel: regional co-hegemon with the toads and bandar’s black-ops army, ISIS

Israel and ISIS
Norman Pollack, Counterpunch, Nov 30 2015

The tangled web of political alignments in the Middle East appears to have obscured possible connections between Israel and ISIS, so opposite in religious belief systems yet sharing a basic geopolitical framework of realpolitik in identifying their respective enemies. The adage of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, though not historically perfect, may apply here, centered on a common purpose of displacing the Assad government in Syria and to that end drawing in Pindostan, the Toads, Turkey and Qatar to sanctify the marriage of convenience. Israel has been noticeably quiet about mounting opposition to ISIS (ditto, ISIS with respect to Israel), and shares with the anti-Assad coalition clear hostility toward both Iran and Russia. If this were all, circumstantial/conjectural reasons at best, there would be no need to proceed. Yet one is suspicious when it is seen that the IAF has been engaged in bombing raids in Syria in support of the FSA and Jabhat al-Nusra against Assad, as part of the pool of opposition. Too Also, reports have surfaced of IDF personnel joining with ISIS units on the Salah’ud-Din front (he means the capture of an IDF colonel in Iraq reported by Fars News, if you believe that – RB).

The evidence is scattered, although an ominous picture now emerges. One sees assorted rebel forces, backed by Pindostan and others, which have created a Salafi Principality in eastern Syria, ISIS territory today, that poses a direct threat to Assad. Additionally, Hezbollah is fighting on the side of the Syrian Army against ISIS, reason enough for Israel to oppose Iran and Assad. UNDOF, stationed on the Golan Heights between Israel and Syria, has reported seeing that Israel has worked closely with Nusra. Also suspicious is the Pindosi position, which has been to insist on Assad’s removal before the fight with ISIS, an embarrassing position because Russia’s involvement with pushing back and destroying ISIS has made Pindostan turn reluctantly to cooperate with Russia and temporarily deemphasize regime change. Through all of this, we still do not know why Pindostan is so opposed to Assad, except that in fact Syria is seen by Pindo policy-makers as a pawn in the larger game, renewal of the Cold War, directed first against Russia, but with China perhaps the primary target once Russia is isolated, weakened, and compelled to accept an international order founded on Pindo-defined and –controlled financial-industrial-commercial organization, with China being the next stop, to the same end, viz, Pindostan’s unilateral status as undisputed global leader.

(In other words, Israel’s determination to destroy Hezbollah is not the cause of all. Now, like last week, Pollack launches into an extraordinary and willed display of illiteracy, possibly aided by alcohol – RB).

The stakes are high, as they always are when a militarily powerful nation chooses to operate on the falling-domino theory of push on or go under, granted, an opportunistic psychology, but one that justifies each intervention, each covert action, each regime change (all of which is sincerely believed in the exotic ideological cocktail of fusing ethnocentrism and hegemony inscribed in the mental-set of advanced capitalism) as vital to expansion of the developmental process, an underwriting of military supremacy, and full realization of exceptionalism as befits the national destiny. If not Syria, then someplace else, wherever the planets are in alignment for forcing the confrontation, in this case, ideal for the employment of global force, the EU and NATO arrayed solidly at the Russian border, and the longer-term maneuver to encircle and isolate China as Pindostan does for Asia what it has already succeeded in doing for Europe, possess the right to unrestrained market-and-investment penetration backed by the military pivot and multiparty trade agreement. TPP carried on the wings of the aircraft carrier battle groups, just as similar arrangements have been activated and enlivened by NATO: the militarization of capitalism as Pindostan’s solution to the falling (political-economic) domino theory.

(I think that after seeing this garbage two weeks running, we may conclude it serves a tactical purpose. We are supposed to believe that the old Trotskyite is overcome by righteous fury, grief and compassion for humanity at large, and that is why his prose deteriorates at these points – RB)

But where do Israel and ISIS come into the picture? Israel is Pindostan’s talisman; it acts like a charm in bringing Pindostan into the center of global rivalries, its defense the gold standard for legitimating intervention, not only in the Middle East but preparing the world for Pindostan’s role as the supreme architect of counter-revolution. Israel, our lucky charm, confirms by our defense of its existence, Pindo omnipotence in world politics, magnified by the fact if any nation does not deserve protection, in light of its record of ethnic cleansing, subjugation of an occupied people and land, and support of regimes having poor human rights records, makes it an international tough sell thus adding to Pindostan’s prestige as a force to be reckoned with. If Israel did not exist, Pindostan would have had to invent it (paraphrase of Sartre ripoff of Voltaire – RB), so well does it reproduce in microcosm Pindostan’s own character traits of arrogance, cynicism, hardness.

What then of ISIS? It as well is a blessing to Pindosi foreign policy, which is why Pindostan has been half-hearted in its eradication. The more repulsive, as in beheadings, the more salutary from the standpoint of massive surveillance at home, the engineering of a crisis atmosphere (to the sacrifice of civil liberties), the internalization of fear, which shifts the political spectrum still further rightward, as in heightened patriotism, anti-immigrant feelings, a trivialization of politics because so much of public policy is placed off limits. An inane marching in lockstep to consumerism and paralysis on issues that matter, from war to the environment to public health to democratization of the political economy. ISIS is welcome news for habituating the populace to social control. Foreign policy, however, is the chef d’oeuvre, in the eyes of Pindo policy-makers, in regards to usefulness. For the entire enterprise of counter-terrorism, from which all things repressive is possible, requires just such a terrifying social menace (not that I underestimate its power, viciousness, and imperative need to be combated) to be effective, and what we find, rather than a straightforward effort at ISIS’s riddance, is instead the selective elimination of whomever we declare to be enemies, under the rubric of counter-terrorism (eg Assad), keeping pure and undiluted the hegemonic paradigm of greatness. The Pindosi creation of ISIS may not have been deliberate (ie, it wasn’t – RB), but the invasion of Iraq and the Pindosi presence in the Middle East (just as earlier, in Afghanistan, with respect to the Taliban), certainly was a major contributing factor. Once ISIS is finally dislodged, probably through forces other than USrael, there will be others of like character, because the breeding ground of international exploitation will not have ceased. Fanaticism feeds on oppression, something the oppressor is ever loathe to admit.

His prose is pretty awful all the time, isn’t it? This must be the bastard with the shekels. Otherwise why would the young’uns put up with it? It’s a disgrace to the brand name of CP, and a shande fur de goyim – RB


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