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The Hidden Details of the New Pindo National Military Strategy
Andrew Korybko, Sputnik, Jul 6 2015

Much has already been written about Pindostan’s National Military Strategy since it’s updated unveiling last week, but most analysts haven’t pieced together the finer details of the document that speak to its most lethal aspects. Here’s what they’re missing and why these undiscussed components are so critical in understanding the Pentagon’s forthcoming plans. Everyone’s spoken about Russia’s inclusion alongside Iran and North Korea as the main state targets of the NMS, but few have drawn parallels to Bush 43’s 2002 “Axis of Evil” proclamation. From this angle, Russia replaces Iraq, and the other two, Iran and North Korea, remain the same. Taking it even further, the purposefully ambiguous language being used in regards to China essentially qualifies it as the fourth member of the “Axis of Evil 2.0.”

The importance behind these four states’ inclusion is that each of them is located in a specific corner of Eurasia that Pindostan plans to exploit in explaining its military buildup there. The oft-repeated yet completely unproven “Russian threat” is used to justify the strengthening of NATO’s front-line border in Eastern Europe, while Iran, despite being in current negotiations with Pindostan over its nuclear program, is a convenient bogeyman for excusing the billions of dollars of arms that Pindostan regularly ships to the Arab NATO (GCC + Egypt). China’s promotion of sovereignty in the South China Sea is the perfect rallying cry for the Pivot to Asia, and North Korea’s occasional missile tests and loud reactionary rhetoric invite Pindostan to intensify its presence in Northeast Asia.

Altogether, Pindostan is using inflated ‘threat’ assessments of Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea to continue its push into the Eurasian Heartland, in accordance with the theories of Halford Mackinder and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Furthermore, it’s milking the fear that it’s mongered over Russia, Iran, North Korea to deploy ‘missile defense’ infrastructure in Eastern Europe, the Mideast, and Northeast Asia. The purpose of this global anti-missile ring is to neutralize the second-strike potential from Russia, China, and Iran (nuclear in the case of Moscow and Beijing, non-nuclear in the case of Tehran) so that Pindostan can use the threat of a scot-free first strike to blackmail each of them into unipolar submission. Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea have a legitimate reason to fear Pindostan, and it’s written right in the NMS itself. According to its authors, one of Pindostan’s “enduring national interests” that it will use military force to protect is “a rules-based international order advanced by Pindosi leadership”, or to put it another way, unipolarity. In the event of an “attack” on this or other interests:

The Pindo military will respond by inflicting damage of such magnitude as to compel the adversary to cease hostilities or render it incapable of further aggression.

What the Pentagon is saying is that disproportionate military force will be used against its ‘enemies’ (Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea) if they can be tricked by Pindostan and its ‘allies’ (vassals) into conventionally responding to any provocations. This means that Pindo-engineered proxy wars (the ‘Brzezinski specialty’, if one will) have the very real prospect of turning into direct wars against their true targets, thereby skyrocketing the uneasiness that each of the four aforementioned states must surely be feeling right now about Pindostan and its nefarious NMS. Pindostan plans to facilitate its Doctrine of Disproportionate Force through “the presence of Pindo military forces in key locations around the world,” which explains why it’s stacking up its deployments in Eastern Europe, the Mideast, Southeast Asia, and Northeast Asia. In terms of how it plans to act against its primary state targets in each of those theaters (its so-called “globally integrated operations), it’s listed a series of eight thinly veiled euphemisms that deserve to be exposed for what they truly are:

  • “employing mission command”: Pindostan will rely more on regional command posts to direct its forthcoming campaigns, seeking to make them semi-autonomous from the Pentagon via the broad mission objectives that they’re given. This would in turn allow them to take tactical advantage of certain battlefield/theater openings without having to continually refer back for specific permission, which would have the effect of making regional forces more adaptable and agile in their aggression.
  • “seizing, retaining, and exploiting the initiative”: Seizing the initiative means making a first strike, while retaining and exploiting the consequent “initiative” is nothing more than following through on the Doctrine of Disproportionate Force.
  • “leveraging global agility”: This denotes the current hypersonic weapons race that Pindostan is engaged in and its vision of achieving a Prompt Global Strike.
  • “partnering”: There is no difference between this euphemism and the Lead From Behind template.
  • “demonstrating flexibility in establishing joint forces”: Building on the Lead From Behind idea, Pindostan is expressing its eagerness to work with any and all forces in pursuing their mutual objectives, showing that it hasn’t learned its lesson from allying with terrorists and other unsavory actors in Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, to name but a few. To the contrary, the Pentagon seems to believe that such ‘flexible joint forces’ give it a distinct battlefield advantage that should be emulated in future conflicts.
  • “improving cross-domain synergy”: For as much as Pindostan chides Russia for its alleged application of “hybrid war”, it’s basically saying that it wants to do the same thing. In fact, it already has, and it’s provably done so with maximum lethality during the War on Libya, the War on Syria, and EuroMaidan, when Pindo-supported proxy forces escalated their destabilization to a conventional Western military intervention in the first battlefield, created an uncontrollable terrorist caliphate in the second, and succeeded in their urban guerrilla campaign to violently overthrow a democratically elected government in the third. If Russia is supposedly practicing ‘hybrid warfare’, then it’s obviously lagging far behind Pindostan’s application of this dark art.
  • “using flexible, low-signature capabilities”: Relating to the previous euphemism that deals more with tactics, this one simply underlines the strategic necessity of engaging in proxy wars so as to maintain an aura of ‘plausible deniability’ per the “low-signature capabilities” being employed.
  • “being increasingly discriminate to minimize unintended consequences”: The Pentagon is feebly defending its drone assassination program as “minimizing unintended consequences” (besides over a thousand civilian deaths to the contrary), in what can be taken as a signal that it intends to double down on this practice and roll it out in increasingly more conflicts.
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Screenshot from 2015-07-06 17:01:07

“Our intelligence from many countries, members of the Alliance, as well as public sources, mass media, messages from the families of Russian soldiers, all confirm the same picture: Russia provides significant support for the separatists, and supplies heavy modern military equipment, in particular air-defense systems, artillery, tanks, controls, and conducts training. Russian forces also are on the territory of Eastern Ukraine and along the Ukrainian-Russian border. What we see is that over the past few months Russia has supplied the separatists more than a thousand pieces of heavy equipment.”
– NATO Sec-Gen Jens Stoltenberg ©
Well, no, not a bastard whether NATO? Maybe swinomish infidel, and does not blush. :-)

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this would not be legal in any sane constitutional republic

People on salary
Colonel Cassad, Jul 6 2015


The Governor of Odessa Mikhail Saakashvili met with Pindosi Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt. During the meeting, the newly minted Ukrainian politician and the citizen agreed with the Pindo diplomat that Pindostan will allocate command Saakashvili money for their activities. Pindo salaries and Saakashvili himself, writes RIA Novosti. Discussed and retraining of the Odessa police officers to improve their qualifications will come a California custody order. Saakashvili wrote on his page in Facebook:

As part of the Odessa anti-corruption onslaught of the Pindosi government agreed to give the funds to wage a new team Saakashvili. wrote that during his visit to Odessa, Geoffrey Pyatt explained why the city needs the Pindosis. He said:

Odessa is a laboratory for Pindosi support of indigenous anti-corruption reforms.

That’s a gentle Odessa turned into a laboratory, and inhabitants of Odessa in laboratory mice, which will experience advanced Pindosi reform. It is noteworthy that Saakashvili again on the monthly salary of Pindostan, as it was during his leadership Georgia, when Pindostan was constantly allocated money not only for rearming and training the Georgian army (which, incidentally, she didn’t help during the Olympic war), but also on the establishment of Georgia. So there’s just nothing new, the old creature is involved in a new place, so the funding was just renewed.

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plus in benny’s case, i would guess an addiction to hennessy’s VSOP cognac, or something of that sort

Kolomoisky has revealed the truth about the coup d’etat in Ukraine
Andrey Malyshev, DNR News, Jul 6 2015


That said Igor Kolomoisky in a live interview on one of the TV channels in Pindostan! Honestly, a lot of Jews were expecting, but it’s arrogance to the limit. This link should show all the ukro patriots; maybe then they will begin to understand what independence they are fighting for, and who benefits from this war.

We spent the Ukrainians experience. We took only a linguistic difference and pressed on history, where we put the main enemies of the Russian prosperity, “Independence”. After 20 years of campaigning, we got the perfect fighters against Russkih in the form of their Slavic brothers. Now any representative of Ukraine that killed the Russian, will be called a hero. I hope we severed their relationship. Now, in one hundred years, will be very easy to destroy ukraintsev themselves, tearing them from Russia, giving them money at interest to wage war, and then for debts to take them all. And those who will remain, cripples, women and the elderly, already will completely unable to resist.


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characteristic jewish incapacity to grasp moral principles

Jewish group hired Mexican laborers to protest NY gay pride parade
JTA, Jun 29 2015

NEW YORK — An Orthodox Jewish group hired Mexican laborers to protest for them at the gay pride parade in New York. A reporter for the NYT witnessed the group of Mexican men picketing for the Jewish Political Action Committee, a fringe Hasidic group based in Brooklyn, at Sunday’s parade in Manhattan. The hired protesters wore tzitzit (ritual fringes) and held up signs protesting homosexuality and same-sex marriage, which was upheld by the Pindo Supreme Court on Jun 26. Heshie Freed, a member of the Jewish Political Action Committee, told the NYT that the men were hired to fill in for “yeshiva boys” who would normally protest but were kept away because of “what they would see at the parade.” The group of Mexican men was fenced off from the main parade at Fifth Avenue and 15th Street, and parade-goers repeatedly kissed in front of them. Later in the day, a fight broke out between a parade-goer and an Orthodox man associated with the group. Freed told the NYT:

It’s been a lot of confrontation. Whenever you have emotions, you have a situation.

Jewish Group Opposes the Parade With Hired Protesters
Andy Newman, James Estrin, Colleen Wright, NYT, Jun 28 2015


Behind a barricade, a group of men wore the fringed Jewish prayer garment known as the tzitzit and held up anti-gay signs bearing the logo of a group calling itself the Jewish Political Action Committee. “Judaism prohibits homosexuality,” one sign read. But the men were not Jewish. They were Mexican laborers, protesting because they were paid to protest, said one of the men, who would not give his name. Heshie Freed, a member of the political action committee, an Orthodox Jewish group based in Brooklyn, said that the men were supplementary troops, filling in for the Jewish students who would normally be called upon to demonstrate. He said:

The rabbis said that the yeshiva boys shouldn’t come out for this because of what they would see at the parade.

The group was fenced off from the parade, at Fifth Avenue and 15th Street, by the police. Parade goers tossed open water bottles at the protesters and kissed defiantly in front of them. Freed said:

It’s been a lot of confrontation. Whenever you have emotions, you have a situation.

Late in the afternoon, a fight broke out. Bystanders said the gates separating the Jewish group opened and parade-goers swarmed in. Jasmine Brob, 19, said an Orthodox Jewish man from the committee swung at her friend, and Ms Brob punched the man in the eye. “I ducked and then I swung at him,” she said. The man, whose skin around his eye was red with a small cut, held his sign high. The group left shortly after.

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new, reformed kiev cops :-)

For the first two days of the new police patrol damaged three cars
Press Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kyiv Artem Shevchenko has denied the information that new employees of the patrol police while patrolling the capital lost two guns and four vehicles. However, all three cars were damaged. “All weapons available. Three cars during the first two days of the patrol suffered minor damage to the bumpers,
but they are not exactly lost patrol,” wrote Mr Shevchenko on Facebook.


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it seems eccentric, to publish such an enthusiastic manifesto, and then resign

Our NO is a Majestic, big YES to a Democratic, Rational Europe!
Yanis Varoufakis, finance minister of Greece, Jul 6 2015

On Jan 25, dignity was restored to the people of Greece. In the five months that intervened since then, we became the first government that dared raise its voice, speaking on behalf of the people, saying NO to the damaging irrationality of our extend-and-pretend ‘Bailout Program’. We

  • spread the word that the Greek ‘bailouts’ were exercises whose purpose was intentionally to transfer private losses onto the shoulders of the weakest Greeks, before being transferred to other European taxpayers;
  • articulated, for the first time in the Eurogroup, an economic argument to which there was no credible response;
  • put forward moderate, technically feasible proposals that would remove the need for further ‘bailouts’;
  • confined the troika to its Brussels’ lair;
  • internationalised Greece’s humanitarian crisis and its roots in intentionally recessionary policies; and
  • spread hope beyond Greece’s borders that democracy can breathe within a monetary union hitherto dominated by fear.

Ending interminable, self-defeating austerity and restructuring Greece’s public debt were our two targets. But these two were also our creditors’ targets. From the moment our election seemed likely, last December, the powers-that-be started a bank run and planned eventually to shut Greece’s banks down. Their purpose? To humiliate our government by forcing us to succumb to stringent austerity, and to drag us into an agreement that offers no firm commitment to a sensible, well-defined debt restructure. The ultimatum of Jun 25 was the means by which these aims would be achieved. The people of Greece today returned this ultimatum to its senders, despite the fearmongering that the domestic oligarchic media transmitted night and day into their homes. Today’s referendum delivered a resounding call for a mutually beneficial agreement between Greece and our European partners. We shall respond to the Greek voters’ call with a positive approach to

  • The IMF, which only recently released a helpful report confirming that Greek public debt was unsustainable;
  • The ECB, the Governing Council of which, over the past week, refused to countenance some of the more aggressive voices within;
  • The European Commission, whose leadership kept throwing bridges over the chasm separating Greece from some of our partners.

Our NO is a majestic, big YES to a democratic Europe. It is a NO to the dystopic vision of a Eurozone that functions like an iron cage for its peoples. It is a loud YES to the vision of a Eurozone offering the prospect of social justice with shared prosperity for all Europeans.

Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis resigns
Anadolu, Jul 6 2015 09:08

ANKARA – Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has announced his resignation with a note on his website and a tweet: “Minister No More!” In an online statement, Varoufakis wrote:

Soon after the announcement of the referendum results, I was made aware of a certain preference by some Eurogroup participants and assorted partners for my absence from their meetings, an idea that the PM judged to be potentially helpful to him in reaching an agreement. For this reason I am leaving the Ministry of Finance today.

The unexpected resignation of the Greek minister has sent shockwaves in Athens and beyond, which comes just a day after the Greeks voted “No” in the bailout referendum. About Sunday’s referendum, he said:

The referendum of Jul 5 will stay in history as a unique moment when a small European nation rose up against debt-bondage. Like all struggles for democratic rights, so too this historic rejection of the Eurogroup’s Jun 25 ultimatum comes with a large price tag attached. It is, therefore, essential that the great capital bestowed upon our government by the splendid NO vote be invested immediately in a proper YES resolution, an agreement that involves debt restructuring, less austerity, redistribution in favour of the needy and real reforms.

Varoufakis also hinted that his support for PM Tsipras would not end with his resignation. He said:

I consider it my duty to help Alexis Tsipras exploit the capital that the Greek people granted us through yesterday’s referendum as he sees fit. And I shall wear the creditors’ loathing with pride. We of the Left know how to act collectively, with no care for the privileges of office. I shall fully support PM Tsipras, the new Minister of Finance and our government. The superhuman effort to honour the brave people of Greece and the famous OXI that they granted to democrats the world over, is just beginning.

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