suppose AQ (what’s left of it) is still working for the CIA, which resents the appearance of ISIS, which works for the covert saudi-israeli alliance, not for pindostan

‘I saw them lay his body on the road, his uniform stained with blood’
Mohammed al-Qalisi, Lebanon National, Aug 31 2015

ADEN – Three or four gunshots rang out across the busy roundabout. I looked up and saw two men speeding away on a motorbike, their heads wrapped in black scarves. A crowd gathered around the large, motionless Toyota sedan belonging to Col Abd’ul-Hakim al-Sunaidi, the director for security operations in Aden. As I tried to get closer, security guards from Yemen’s Southern Resistance movement pushed me away. Eventually his body was taken from the driving seat and laid down on a mattress on the dusty road, his dark green uniform stained with blood. He had been hit by more than one bullet, a wound in his neck proving to be fatal. In front of me lay the man who had been working to restore security to a city left devastated by an attack and occupation from Houthi rebels from the north. His seniority within Yemen’s security apparatus had failed to protect him from the suspected AQAP gunmen operating in the late morning in the packed streets of Aden’s al-Mansourah district. He was driving home alone and without ­bodyguards, just 30 m from the city’s security HQ, when he was killed. He had been attending a meeting with the city’s other security chiefs just before the attack. Mohammed Mosaed, manager of Aden’s security department, said shortly afterwards:

The gunmen escaped the area. They were militants from AQAP. We are tracking them.

This death and several other attacks in the past week underline the challenge of restoring peace, not just to Aden but the rest of the country. Saudi-supported forces drove the Houthis from the city last month. With the Houthis banished, a fresh threat emerged last week when AQAP, who have strongholds in southern Yemen, infiltrated the city’s al-Tawahi district. They were not visible on the streets when I walked around the district’s seafront on Friday, but I heard residents talking about them. Khalid Said, a 25-year-old communications engineer, said:

It was the first time I had seen AQAP fighters in my neighbourhood and I am fearful of their presence. Sometimes they set up checkpoints in the area, moreover they raise their own flag in the area, but they do not remain for a long time in their checkpoints. There is no social acceptance for AQAP members in al-Tawahi, as most of the residents reject their existence, and that is why I think it will be easy for the Southern Resistance to expel them from Aden. The Southern Resistance needs to fight the extremists and prevent them from creating a new centre in Aden. AQAP want to kill those happy of victory in Aden (over the Houthis).

So far there have not been any clashes between AQAP and the Saudi-backed militias, which are formed from young, educated, professional residents of Aden, southern tribesmen and some political conservatives,and are also fiercely opposed to AQAP. While the fighting has not yet started, there have been a number of attacks in recent days blamed on AQAP. After Sunaidi’s killing yesterday, there was an assassination attempt on the under-secretary of Aden province that killed his bodyguard. Last week, a rocket attack on the city governor’s temporary HQ killed four people, and a bombing claimed by AQAP destroyed the secret police HQ in al-Tawahi. AQAP have also fought against the Houthis. In a recent interview in Abyan city, Jalal Balidi, a top AQAP leader, said his forces were fighting on 11 fronts and would focus next on fighting and recruitment, moving from southern Yemen to the north to fight the Houthis as they retreat towards Sanaa. Several residents in al-Tawahi accuse former Pres Saleh of supporting the AQAP members in al-Tawahi. He also sided with the Houthis to overthrow his successor Hadi, who remains in exile in Saudi Arabia. Another resident, schoolteacher Mahmud Mohammed, 32, said:

There are no real AQAP members in al-Tawahi. Rather, there is a group of people that is trying to create chaos in Aden, to confuse the Southern Resistance.

Some AQAP militants had already arrived in Aden from their stronghold in Abyan province earlier in the year, to fight the Houthis. Mohammed Ali Marem, the director of Hadi’s office in Aden, said:

There are no AQAP members in the city. This is just a media campaign against Aden, to create a rumour that Aden is still unstable and not safe. However, I myself visited al-Tawahi area and the port area, and I did not see AQAP members. All the fighters in Aden fought under the umbrella of the Southern Resistance with one goal, to drive the Houthi rebels from the city.

i think this guy is calling for nuking california

West Point Prof calls on Pentagon to target legal critics of GWOT
Spencer Ackerman, Graun, Aug 31

An assistant professor in the law department of the Pindosi Military Academy at West Point has argued that legal scholars critical of the GWOT represent a “treasonous” fifth column that should be attacked as enemy combatants. In a lengthy academic paper, the professor, William C Bradford, proposes to threaten “Islamic holy sites” as part of a war against undifferentiated Islamic radicalism. That war ought to be prosecuted vigorously, he wrote, “even if it means great destruction, innumerable enemy casualties, and civilian collateral damage.” Other “lawful targets” for the Pentagon in its GWOT, Bradford argues, include “law school facilities, scholars’ home offices and media outlets where they give interviews,” all civilian areas, but places where a “causal connection between the content disseminated and Islamist crimes incited” exist. Bradford wrote:

Shocking and extreme as this option might seem, scholars and the law schools that employ them are at least in theory targetable so long as attacks are proportional, distinguish noncombatants from combatants, employ nonprohibited weapons, and contribute to the defeat of Islamism.

West Point said Bradford had only begun his employment there on Aug 1. Bradford’s article, “Trahison des Professeurs: The ‘Critical Law Of Armed Conflict Academy’ (CLOACA) as an Islamist Fifth Column,” appeared in the most recent issue of the National Security Law Journal, a student-run publication at the George Mason School of Law. Bradford clarifies that his title refers to Julien Benda’s famous attack on French intellectuals in the 1920s, the Trahison des Clercs“. In the paper, Bradford identifies himself as an “associate professor of law, national security and strategy, National Defense University,” seemingly his previous job before West Point. But a representative of the National Defense University said Bradford was a contractor at the prestigious DoD-run institution, “never an NDU employee nor an NDU professor.” It appears not to be the first time Bradford has misrepresented his credentials. He resigned from Indiana University’s law school in 2005 after his military record showed he had exaggerated his service. Among his paper’s criticisms of supposedly treasonous lawyers is “intellectual dishonesty.” The National Security Law Journal’s editor-in-chief has called the article’s publication a “mistake” and an “egregious breach of professional decorum.” The editor-in-chief, Rick Myers, wrote on the journal’s website:

We cannot ‘unpublish’ it, of course, but we can and do acknowledge that the article was not presentable for publication when we published it, and that we therefore repudiate it with sincere apologies to our readers.

Bradford does not clearly name his academic opponents, instead using the neologism CLOACA, for “critical law of armed conflict academy” to describe them. The CLOACA in turn are part of a GMAC, the “government-media-academic complex,” which Bradford defines as follows:

… an aristocracy of senior government officials, elite media members and university faculty which squeezes non-members from public colloquy and shapes opinion on security, military and legal issues. This clique of about forty (persons, has) converted the Pindo legal academy into a cohort whose vituperative pronouncements on the illegality of the Pindosi resort to force and subsequent conduct in the war against Islamism (represent a) super-weapon that supports Islamist military operations (aimed at) Pindosi political will. (They are supported by) compliant journalists (marked by) defeatism, instinctive antipathy to war, and empathy for Pindo adversaries. They effectively tilt the battlefield against Pindo forces (and) contribute to timorousness and lethargy in Pindo military commanders. (They are among several) useful idiots (who) separate Islam from Islamists by attributing to the former principles in common with the West, including ‘justice and progress’ and ‘the dignity of all human beings.’

Bradford derisively quotes Obama discussing “co-existence and cooperation” with the Islamic world in his 2009 Cairo speech. The West Point faculty member urges Pindostan to wage “total war” on “Islamism”, using “conventional and nuclear force and psyops” in order to “leave them prepared to coexist with the West or be utterly eradicated.” He suggests in a footnote:

Threatening Islamic holy sites might create deterrence, discredit Islamism, and falsify the assumption that decadence renders Western restraint inevitable.

Robert Chesney of the University of Texas, a founding editor of the influential national-security law blog Lawfare, is one of the legal scholars Bradford references as pernicious, for a 2011 paper that largely defended Obama’s execution without trial of Anwar al-Awlaki. Chesney said:

It’s very hard to take this seriously, except insofar as he may actually be teaching nonsense like this to cadets at West Point.

Bradford did not respond to emails and phone messages for comment. A spokesman for the Pindo Military Academy, Army Lt-Col Christopher Kasker, told the Graun:

Dr William Bradford was hired on Aug 1 2015 at the Pindo Military Academy. His article in the National Security Law Journal titled “Trahison des Professeurs: The ‘Critical Law Of Armed Conflict Academy’ (CLOACA) as an Islamist Fifth Column” was written and accepted for publication prior to his employment at West Point. The views in the article are solely those of Dr Bradford and do not reflect those of the DoD, the Pindo Army or the Pindo Military Academy.

The Pindo military’s educational institutions have come under fire before for promoting a ‘total GWOT’ against Islam. In 2012, BCoS Dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, ordered a comprehensive scouring of anti-Islam training material after a course proposed “Hiroshima” tactics against Islamic holy sites, targeting the “civilian population wherever necessary/” The previous year, highly-regarded counter-terrorism scholars affiliated with the Pindo Army aided the FBI in eradicating similar material from its own training. Those scholars came from West Point.

isis morons

I would expect them to get onto the gold dinar and the silver dirham, and they do. It is not particularly the invention of any one ‘reformer’ of Islam, any more than the corresponding sort of Alex Jones gold & silver type thing (expecting the $ to go straight back to hell, where it came from) was invented by any one ideologue here. Presumably the followers are so hypnotized by the sunlike or moonlike glow of gold and silver, they think Allah just dropped it from the sky:

Screenshot from 2015-08-31 05:10:50

i expect you’re all thoroughly bored with my opinions by now, but i shall make one more effort to explain why i think everything has gone wrong on this unfortunate planet

In my view, what really destroyed the USSR was Lenin’s philosophical failure to move beyond the naive 19th-century materialism of Engels (Marx himself was not so simple). I believe that the communist revolution should not have taken place in Russia before it had taken place in Germany, so in that sense, the whole question of Leninism is academic. If the revolution had occurred in Germany first, then Russia and the rest of eastern Europe would have fallen as a matter of course. But no: whether he was a hired wrecker or not, Lenin certainly managed to wreck the sequence of events which Marx himself would have proposed: Germany first, then Russia. That would have been Rosa Luxemburg’s policy, but Lenin, his Russian-Jewish supporters, and the publicity pressure created by their funders, whoever they were, made a lot more noise than she did. At the same time, she was equally Jewish herself, so this is not a matter of all Jews being shitheads, merely most of them.

But to return to my actual point: given that Lenin in fact did manage to hijack the whole thing from the frail hands of Rosa Luxemburg, what I was aiming at was the inadequacy of his philosophical framework. I have encountered few books more arrogant, boring and lacking in thought content, than his “Materialism & Empirio-Criticism.” This latter thing, empirio-criticism, was the co-invention (with an otherwise unheard-of philosopher, R Avenarius) of the mathematical physicist, Ernst Mach. It so happened that Lenin’s rival, Bogdanov, was a supporter of this philosophy, which eventually developed into the form of systems theory including the observer, that we possess now. It is based on the fact that the observer cannot cancel himself out in the way required by brute materialism. The observer cannot reduce himself to the purely objective level of a machine. In fact, if he tries, he develops a number of rather serious psychological malfunctions, as no doubt Lenin did, and I mean ‘no doubt’: this is not prejudice but simple psychology.

However, Lenin dismissed all this with what he thought was materialist dialectic, but was really just circularly-reasoned dogma. And that was that, until the Soviet Union fell under the pressure of skillfully organised and funded religious pressure groups, Russian Orthodox, East European Uniates and Catholics, Jewish crypto-agents of every description, and Sunni Muslim hordes with guns, bombs, tanks and artillery, unanswerable to any government but paid for by the CIA. Therefore, the question becomes, what is the relationship between philosophy, ‘religion’ and right-wing ideology, and this we shall now examine.

The philosophical problem is entirely the product of the historical fact that modern Western philosophy began its life as the handmaid of the Christian churches, and had the greatest trouble in extricating itself, for simple financial reasons. Rulers, whether monarchic or republican, tend to support religious leaders, because a well-funded religion can be relied upon to discipline the populace. ‘Free-thinking’ philosophy must therefore be decried as ‘atheist’, as the enemy of the Church, and extirpated if at all possible, torn up by the roots and so forth. Modernity begins where this tearing-up ceases to be possible. And the hatred of the Church remains. Actually, modern Western philosophy wishes to have nothing to do with the Church whatever. But money talks louder than words. University chairs are endowed, official honours are awarded to philosophers of a certain stamp, and so forth.

Ironically, though, modern Western philosophy is not in fact ‘atheist’ either. The explicitly ‘atheist’ aspect of modern Western philosophy was the product of party funding by the early Whigs (and behind them, certain Jewish financial interests), who were trying to attack the fusion of power between the Monarchy and the Church which at that time still existed. The new philosophy was not the product of disinterested contemplation, which is in any case extremely difficult to achieve. If you seek real disinterested contemplation, then I recommend Buddhist philosophy, but with reservations.

In my opinion, the Buddhist claim that there is no substantial existent of any sort, either subjective or objective, is intentionally absurd and meaningless. I think it was the device that Buddhism used to distance itself at its inception from its environment (generically and wrongly called ‘Hindu’). ‘Hindu’ philosophies ranged towards but never attained the doctrine of non-existence, because it was universally regarded by them as blasphemous. So by espousing it, Buddhism forced its followers (who were themselves motivated by rather simpler considerations, like hunger and low-caste powerlessness) to distinguish themselves permanently and dogmatically from their ‘Hindu’ surroundings.

If this sounds like an unlikely piece of ‘planning’, just compare it to circumcision in the more brutal religions of the west (including Islam, though the Jews perform the ritual most brutally of all). What is this, if not a device for separating the flock from its surroundings? And why, if we allow ourselves to think on our own behalf (something religion explicitly forbids), can we not avoid such disgusting expedients as circumcision, and distinguish ourselves in some more pertinent and constructive way? We are no longer religionists, but we are certainly not brute materialists either. Maybe the future capitals of West and East will be Jerusalem and Lhasa. Now, let’s have a pause for catcalls from the audience, right here.

one of the antiquaries cites this story from the beeb, but i don’t think he sees the point of it

The point is, I’d be quite prepared to give Box 6 credit for wanting to stop the massacres, if it wasn’t for the fact that I can actually remember this episode. By the time Forsyth appeared on the scene, the facts of the massacres were already appearing all over the less ‘Establishment’ papers, so his job was merely to make it look as if the Establishment was waking up and taking heed. All it really wanted was damage limitation, given that it had failed to keep stories of the massacres off of other front pages – RB

Famous British author of spy novels by Frederick Forsyth in his autobiography, said that he worked for more than 20 years in the service of MI6, reports the BBC. Forsyth said that it all started with requests for information. The intelligence agents approached him, asking “tell us what’s going on here” during the war for the independence of the breakaway state of Biafra in south-eastern Nigeria. They wanted to know whether it was true that a large number of children died in this war. The writer explained:

The foreign office denied that there were dying children, because they passionately defended the dictatorship in Lagos. However, oddly enough, MI6 had another point of view on this matter. In the last year of the war I was asked to produce journalistic reports for the media, and other materials for my new friends.

The writer added that he, like many others, was never paid for similar work. In 1997, Forsyth received the OBE, for literary merit of course.

a nice pen portrait of a moscow stooge

Notice in para 2 he attempts an explanation of why Slavyansk happened at all. Many bloggers have wrestled with this, and almost all have slid off the question onto a simplistic binary: either Putin intended to fight for Novorossia, or he didn’t. But here, “He really intimidated the court liberals. But his resolve melted away.” That sounds quite plausible, I suppose – RB

Aug 30: Note from Maxim Kalashnikov

“Here’s to you, grandma, “Imperial revolution”… About career builders current ARDILES (or whatever the slave states will be called by Kiev – RB). While Strelkov and a handful of militia fought in Slavyansk… Time rips the mask ruthlessly. The Russian Spring was strangled and turned by Akhmetov, Surkov, Titoshnyo (Timoshenko – RB) cesspool. Let us remember that it was last spring. And where did the current “elite” of the DPR? Let’s remember how they killed Novorossia, the hands not of Kiev…


So when the decision was made on the Crimea, it had remained unknown to the liberal wing of the government. When on the Peninsula of evolved and there already had “polite”, it was noted two calls from overseas that PM Medvedev (who was merely the formal premiere; the true premiere was the protege of the Yeltsin Family, Shuvalov). Like, what’s going on? They were not aware of the case and answered, it’s just an internal conflict in Ukraine. There’s an undeniable role here of the decision of Putin. He really intimidated the court liberals. But his resolve melted away. The establishment of the “Crimean version” on the mainland he denied, though he did not prevent the detachment of Igor Strelkov to enter the Donbass and to arrive at “Villa Maria” in Slavyansk. Maybe Putin thought he would be able to take Kiev in fright, but still Kiev was not afraid. And it started the war, at first awkwardly and reluctantly, but it started. Having been denied permission to fast accession to Russia, Donbass became doomed to death, destruction and savagery, poverty and unemployment. And the Crimea: thirst, blockade by land and economic depression. Know how the station looks today in Simferopol?


You know what happened? The Russian Spring scared first of all the Kremlin. This is when people will begin to take away the property of the oligarchs, and at least a neighboring “state”? Well this is what a bad example. And any way, then they will come and will do the same? Because Igor Strelkov from the beginning was doomed to isolation, and people’s Governor Pavel Gubarev, throwing out a new “elite”. The Kremlin in stride appointed Prime Minister DND Borodai. The one with the go stated? That revolution, they say, it’s not social, but imperial. Because, see, the oligarch-in-chief of the Donbass, Akhmetov, seizures don’t need to expose. But who needs an “imperial revolution”, if you continue to live under the yoke of a not very smart and greedy oligarch? Why the hell then the people of this “Empire”? But in the Kremlin decided that way: “Empire” while maintaining the old masters. So commanded appointed curator of process Surkov-Dudaev. Raven crow does not eat dog. Really to what agreed Akhmetov and Surkov, I don’t know, there’s interrogations needed. But it’s easy to guess. Prime Minister Borodai saluted. From the outset it was decided to remove the “wild” idealists type Strelkov, Gubarev and Mozgovoi, replacing them with aunts maid Akhmetov since domadenik times.


What “Empire” could the political strategists bring? We know, as one sent from Moscow chiefs DNR first began trading in stolen and taken away luxury cars. Spent several thousand genbacev on an alligator briefcase. Type, it is necessary to observe the status. Every evening he brought a prostitute, every night he’d blow out a bottle of whiskey. In the suite he shook the ashes on the floor and collapsed on the bed with his boots still on. In general, behaved like a boorish ex-convict from the beginning of the 1990s. And some of the money that were so necessary is removable in the battle of Slavyansk garrison, remained in the disposal of the new authorities. As did the weapons that was supposed to go to Slavyansk. Appointees from the beginning bet on aunts Akhmetov. They pumped arms.

And while in Slavyansk the Strelkovtsy were forced to fight against anti-tank guns with a broken gun “Nona”, with RPGs, only one of three of which worked, and with a few ATGMs, the new authorities in Donetsk have created tiuseco rear army guarding Akhmetov’s property – property stolen in the 1990s. Here’s a great example. On May 25 2014, the residence of the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov was taken under protection by fighters “Stronghold”, as stated by the Prime Minister DND Alexander Boroday. This is the time of the hottest battles in Slavyansk, where each dozen of fresh troops would be a huge help. But in Donetsk, the chiefs chose to “fight” for Akhmetov’s property. When, after the Sunday rally, people marched to the residence of Akhmetov, they were met by soldiers of the “Stronghold”, covered in camouflage and with guns at the ready, who tried to stop the procession, warning of armed people Akhmetov, that will let a dissatisfied with the meat. The crowd didn’t listen and continued their “the fly”, which ended at the entrance to the residence of the businessman. Here the protesters met again fighters “Stronghold”, which flatly refused to miss anyone inside.


You know why I despise the current “elite”? Because it is fully programmable by the West. Even in small things. You remember the “uniform” of racketeers and gangsters of the 1990s? Sweat pants, denim jackets and thick “gold” on the neck. Is this appearance crooks in Pindosi films of the 1980s and early 1990s. Russian “mobsters” just staring into videos and monkeying around. In their minds they have in principle, slavishly imitated the West and more “cultural” liberal “reformers” and officials. Their brains, they can only repeat what comes from the West. Hollywood and their programs. I remember one movie from Hollywood. The early 1990s. don’t remember the names. So, a possible world in which criminals terrorize surviving communities. But not just this: they claim they are building an Empire. Damn, did Hollywood program “imperialism” in the Donbass? Down to the last detail.

They killed the Russian Spring, alas. And now heading towards becoming the shadow of Novorossia, first in amateurish “Republic”, and then in ARDILES (acronym for the proposed slave states – RB). Separate districts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions with special status… as part of Ukraine. Sickly, however, the “Imperial revolution” was released. Catherine II must be sobbing (in heaven or wherever, not “sobbing in her grave,” please – RB). And for that gave their lives, thousands of brave men and civilians? They, it turns out, in the name of Akhmetov and Kremlin spin doctors were killed? But who is cheating? Only zombie admirers. We see that St George ribbons have become a cover for outright criminal cynicism. As the memory of the heroes of the great Patriotic war in Moscow itself now serves as the cover of mafia-criminal systems and nasledstvennoi and the neo-feudal elite. We are all totally immersed in their shit! Stay consistent, Russian imperialists! Our Empire is a futuristic, industrial one. And this is no disgrace.

i don’t know if zakharchenko has been hitting the old bong recently, but his statements sound even more detached from reality than usual

Our region is unique in that no enemies will ever be able to break it and force it to its knees. I am happy and proud to be born and raised in the Donbass.

There are hundreds of these stupid and insulting remarks, only possible because the bastard is surrounded by thugs with machine guns. I shall add some more – RB