i do not personally think the EU should be giving any money to these turds at 972 magazine at all

This article says the Labour witchhunt is a good thing. These people not only need their funds stopped, they need to face the full wrath of Ayelet Shaked on a bad hair day, with added PMT. This guy is a DJ for an internet radio station in TA, his background includes Ynet and France24. None of them know fuck about Left values, they are just game players with words (something of course that I could be too, if I wasn’t more interested in finding true love among some small remaining sector of decent Jewish womanhood). They are all of them, there at the radio station and at +972 magazine, regular commercial journalists who are cynically taking advantage of the pseudo-Left EU gravy train. There is no-one in the entire “shitty little country” with a genuine left position, and no-one at +972 who would want to know about it if there was one, because obviously it wouldn’t pay european-standard civil service salaries. The whole Jewish Israeli press is entirely composed of slimy bastards. Look at this, from Haaretz which has gone slimy like the Graun but more so: “If Merkel Also Criticizes Israel, Life Is Not a Piece of Cremeschnitte.” That ethnic sarcasm is a headline from Haaretz – RB

What the Left can learn about anti-Semitism from Ken Livingstone
Gilad Halpern, +972 Magazine, May 1 2016

Ken Livingstone may not realize it, but he has done the progressive left a great service. Livingstone, a veteran UK Labour Party politician and former mayor of London, was suspended from his party on Thursday for saying in a radio interview that Hitler was a Zionist. For his party, still reeling from a series of mini-scandals involving unsavoury statements about Israel and the Jews (presumes what is to be proved – RB), it was one borderline anti-Semitic remark too many (again presumes what is to be proved – RB). Livingstone’s handling of the scandal that now bears his name is a textbook example of everything that’s wrong with the radical European Left today (yet again presumes what is to be proved – RB). Because if you look at his initial comment, it was perhaps simplistic and crass, but not entirely mistaken (so he was right, but we needn’t abandon our sardonic pose, because we are not here to be logical but to pursue the Global ZOG agenda, starting with the utter destruction of all independent human thought, worldwide, without exceptions – RB). Trying to defend fellow Labour MP Naz Shah, who had herself been suspended for writing on Facebook that Israel should be relocated to Pindostan, Livingstone said:

Let’s remember when Hitler won his election in 1932, his policy then was that Jews should be moved to Israel. He was supporting Zionism. This was before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews.

This statement is riddled with inaccuracies! (Oy fucking Vey! Tear ya clothes dude! – RB) Hitler came to power in 1933, not 1932! Israel would not be established for another 16 years! (It was then known as British-ruled Plastelina.) And most importantly, Hitler was already a murderous maniac in 1932! (So there! We know best! – RB) If he was ever sane, he went mad long before that! But there’s an element of truth in what Livingstone said. Although Hitler himself was most likely not a Zionist (sic! this addiction to meaningless guilt- and blame-driven semantics is truly monumental, a collective intellectual degeneration that will cause the Jews to become extinct as a nation, but not of course me & mine, cos we shall be sitting pretty, right here in Blighty, ha ha – RB), the anti-Semitic European right of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including the Nazi regime in its early phase, saw eye to eye with Zionism on where Europe’s Jews belonged, namely not in Europe. Edouard Drumont, the godfather of French anti-Semitism, congratulated Theodor Herzl in his 1891 book France Juive and suggested that Jews should be “sent back to Plastelina.” It became an instant best-seller! (It goes without saying that Eurp was sick with the disease so vile that only its complete destruction over and over again by torture and rape and massacre can ever even begin to atone, but then again, probably not, “anti-Semitism” is the unforgivable sin, they’re destined for hell, and we can help get them there, but all in good time, bit by bit in fact – RB)

In 1933, the German government and the Zionist Organization signed an agreement that facilitated the immigration of 50,000 German Jews to Plastelina (actually, 20,000 over 10 years – RB). And in 1934, a delegation led by SS officer Leopold Von Mildenstein visited Plastelina to assess the feasibility of resettling Germany’s Jews there. The coordinator of the visit was Kurt Tuchler, the leader of the Zionist Federation of Germany, whose grandson Arnon Goldfinger made a fascinating documentary about it. (Gosh, how nice! The Yekkes sure do do well on the TV circuit don’t they? – RB). None of the above is meant to defend Livingstone’s jibe (gutter press journalese) nor to criticize his suspension, which I view as fair and well-deserved, all the more so as he remains adamant in his refusal to apologize (Simply because he is an Israeli Jew, not because he has ever done any professional journalism training as the term is understood elsewhere in the world, that is to say in countries where 1920s German-style graphology is not used as a main guide to hiring and firing, this hack imagines he has the right to judge the entire world – RB). The reason he came under so much fire was the subtext. Assuming that (the) issue had some relevance for 2016 Britain, he was talking about the present, not the past. It was his underlying intentions that were called into question. Why on earth would one evoke Hitler’s supposed warming to Zionism in a debate about contemporary politics, if it wasn’t to draw some sort of parallel, as awkward and far-fetched as it may have been (or may not have been), between Zionism and Nazism? And why would he allow himself to be dragged into a debate about the Holocaust at a time when his party is bending over backwards to fend off accusations that it is teeming with anti-Semites? (No-one except this hysterical Israeli Jew has suggested that at all – RB). Livingstone, an astute and experienced politician, took a plunge into an empty pool (Halpern has no trouble explaining why someone about 400 times more intelligent and experienced than him just suddenly takes it into his head to do such crazy, moronic, neanderthal things where Jews are concerned. It’s because all Jews are Gods! The mortals just canna stand it, Cap’n! – RB)

While all this might have been a slip of a tongue from a politician who’s no no stranger to controversies (another piece of gutter journalese – RB), it is pitted against a dubious backdrop of his consistent effort to downplay positions within his party that could be branded, if not downright anti-Semitic, as bigoted and hateful (That was this journalist arriving at his own measured & fair judgment on the entire affair! Just like that! A bundle of meaningless, weasel-worded bullshit! Without even pausing to clear his miserable drain-gurgling hebrew throat! Never mind the fact that there is a party commission of enquiry sitting on it at the moment, and about half a dozen libel suits! Wow, Israel Jews are assholes! All of them! I have to admit they are all fucking contaminated with terminal assholeriness – RB). He has repeatedly said that throughout his 47-year affiliation with the Labour Party, he has not once heard anyone say anything anti-Semitic. He continued to say that, even as it emerged that party functionary Vicky Kirby tweeted that Jews had “big noses” and that a local councillor called Hitler “the greatest man in history.” (I thought the councillor said Hitler had a “big nose” and the Jews were the “greatest people” but really, who gives fuck except these pathetic psychotic cheap hacks from the Jewish press? – RB) He himself said, in a hair-raisingly awkward attempt to defend his comrades or perhaps himself (Halpern’s hair rose? I doubt it. He is giving himself the air of some great intuitive genius who surveys the world from on high, of course – RB) that a real anti-Semite hates Jews everywhere, not just those in Israel. Even in the off-chance that it doesn’t amount to anti-Semitism, an indiscriminate hatred for a group of people by virtue of their nationality sounds an awful lot like bigotry at its ugliest (maybe that’s because you’re fucking tone deaf – RB).

It seems that the fall from grace (in this context, this Christian theological term would originally have used ironically by some Jewish writer who thought about what they were saying and consciously added religious venom to it, but cheap writers like this present Halpern seldom know the implications of their own unconscious choice of phrases – RB) of a heavyweight of Livingstone’s calibre (horrible mixed metaphor) has convinced party leader Jeremy Corbyn that there’s more to Labour’s anti-Semitism problem than mudslinging by his Conservative rivals and centrist Labourites who have been unhappy to see their party taken over by a hardline socialist (this is pure invention, but gutter journalists don’t care – RB). Corbyn admitted that there is a problem, and as any addict would know, that’s the first step towards rehabilitation (pathologizing language throughout, another disgusting Jewish habit – RB). Yes, the vetting of old Facebook posts published by Labour representatives long before they dreamed of public office is disingenuous (there are more obvious and honest words, like sordid and disgusting – RB), let alone that only a year ago the leader of the party was the Jewish Ed Miliband (in other words, there should be plenty of filthy remarks about him to be unearthed, cos actually he was and is a revolting little specimen – RB). And as always, there’s a hefty amount of hypocrisy (how could Halpern possibly distinguish hypocrisy from anything else? – RB). On Saturday, as the scandal spiralled, Israeli Labour Party leader Isaac Herzog called on his British counterparts to visit Yad Vashem (and have a nice therapeutic wank together with him in the Grand Chamber of Fetishization and Psychotic Trance Induction – RB). Strangely enough, he didn’t urge the Conservative Party leader to do the same when they struck down a proposal tabled by a Kindertransport survivor to accept 3,000 child refugees, in case anyone needed further proof who hasn’t learned the lessons of the Holocaust (cos this hack is supposed to maintain some sort of nominal knockabout against the right parties, even though the only criterion for distinguishing left from right is precisely this phantasmatic hallucinated hyper-concern with the goddam Jews all the time – RB). But the obsession of some people on the far Left with Israel that often boils over to outlandish conspiracy theories, of which “Israel and the Jews are running the world” is just one, is under much greater scrutiny, and that’s a good thing! Sunlight, as they say, is the best disinfectant! (Then I really think you should slice your own brain open and expose it to some of those disinfecting rays, Mr Halpern! – RB).

richard descends into the “ideological abyss” of the haavara agreement

“Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been, Anti-Zionist?”
Richard Silverstein, Tikun Olam (Blog), Apr 30 2016

Joe-McCarthy-in-action_1954Nice people, these Judeonazis – RB

The British Tory press and the Israel Jewish Lobby have lit a match under the Labour Party and its left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn. Rump forces within the Party who oppose his left-wing agenda have poured gasoline on the flames. They’ve collaborated in an effort to sabotage his leadership, commencing a witch-hunt that identifies progressive Labour Party activists and even elected officials as anti-Semites. In order to “get there,” they must transform comments that are anti-Zionist into outright anti-Semitism. Labour Torquemadas have been eager to make that fatal leap into the ideological abyss. More on this later in this post. Ken Livingstone, former Labour mayor of London, is the latest to fall under the ax. He was suspended from Party membership for an interview he gave in which he defended a fellow member who’d also been suspended for publishing an alleged anti-Semitic post on Facebook. The Guardian described her comments thus:

Shah said Israel should “relocate to the US” and posted an article that likened Zionism to AQ. She shared a picture of Israel’s outline superimposed on to a map of Pindostan under the headline “Solution for Isro-Plastelina Conflict: Relocate Israel into Pindostan,” with the comment “Problem solved.” The post went on to say that Pindosis would “welcome Israelis with open arms” and that the relocation would bring peace to the Middle East by ending “foreign interference.” The post suggested that Pindostan had “plenty of land” to accommodate Israel as a 51st state, allowing Plastelinans to “get their life and their land back.”

Livingstone’s infraction was this:

During his interview, Livingstone said that Hitler had supported Zionism “before he went mad and ended up killing 6 million Jews,” and claimed there was a “well-orchestrated campaign by the Israel lobby to smear anybody who criticises Israel policy as anti-Semitic.”

At least in the McCarthy era you might get a hearing before being branded a Communist. You’d have an opportunity to defend yourself or rebut the charges. In the current Labour Party, you can be suspended without a hearing and without even knowing what your infraction was. That’s true in Livingstone’s case. One of the worst aspects of this travesty is the willing collaboration of the so-called liberal press. Leading the charge against the Labour left isn’t just the Telegraph (aka Torygraph) and other usual subjects. Rather, the Graun is leading the pack of baying hounds seeking the tails of the anti-Zionist foxes. In its latest headline regarding the Livingstone controversy it calls his comments “offensive.” Excuse me, but I thought a newspaper reporting the news allowed the facts of the story to speak for themselves and didn’t intrude the reporter’s moral recriminations into the reporting. Haaretz has joined the fray, publishing a false, malevolent smear of Livingstone penned by one of the British Israel Jewish Lobby’s chief executioners, Alan Johnson. He is a BICOM enforcer. Haaretz, you remember, is the flower of Israeli liberalism. It stands for all the best values of democracy, tolerance, and humanism. Except when it comes to those who pose a threat to its own brand of liberal Zionism. Then the newspaper bares its fangs and bites deeply into the flesh of its victims. Not so humane. Not so tolerant.

In reviewing these two comments, I begin by saying both are intemperate, vituperative and even over the top. They overstate a case that can and should be made in a more sober fashion. One of my main problems with both comments is that they conflate Zionism with Israel. I understand why critics do this, and the State of Israel itself encourages people to see Israel as a stand-in for both Zionism and world Jewry, which it isn’t. Zionism, like any nationalist ideology or religion, has various strains. Some are extremist and violent. Some are liberal. And some are radical (progressive). Opponents of Zionism are correct in noting that the current iteration of Zionism as reflected in the ideology of the Israeli government is identified with the most virulent, intolerant and even murderous elements within the Zionist tradition. But it would be as much a mistake to argue that Donald Trump represents the current values of Pindostan, or is Pindostan, as it is that Zionism is one giant evil genocidal belief system. Arguments against Israel or Israeli policy should be submitted to the proper address, and that is the Israeli government. This sort of articulation of criticism is more precise and less prone to sloganeering or overheated rhetoric. On the other hand, it’s important to note that when understood in proper context, neither of these comments by Shah or Livingstone is far off the mark. Let’s begin with Shah. Is it offensive to suggest that Israel should be Pindostan’s 51st state? Even Pindostani liberal Zionists and Israelis (Israeli Jews) themselves offer this satirical reflection as mordant criticism of Israel’s over-reliance on Pindo largesse, weapons stocks, and political power.

What about likening the current policies of the Israeli government to AQ? How many of the Labour Party interrogators know that Israel has made an alliance with the AQ affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria? How many of them know of the racist laws enacted by the Israeli Knesset, which not only ratify Arabophobia and Islamophobia, but also trample democratic values underfoot? How many understand the level to which the state has become hostage to Jewish religious extremism, whether it’s espoused by rabbis or cabinet ministers? There are those who use the hashtag #JSIL to dramatize Israel’s current status as a racist, theocratic state. One might argue that the term is over-dramatic, since Israel hasn’t yet taken to cutting off the heads of Arabs and displaying them on pikes as ISIS does. But given that the social media platform is like a dramatic stage, I don’t find the terms inappropriate. Twitter isn’t a PhD treatise, nor a legal proceeding. It’s a place where people argue and use dramatic tropes and language. What else is offensive in Shah’s Facebook post? That Israel brings ‘foreign interference’ to the region? How can anyone deny the truth of this? Israel’s virtually sole ally is the strongest superpower in the world. We provide Israel with the most advanced, lethal weaponry in the world. When Israel is fighting a war and runs low on ammunition, who restocks Israel’s weapons armories?

But let’s be frank, we aren’t the only foreign power putting out noses into the region. Such interference goes back a century or more, to the European colonial powers who divvied up the spoils of the region amongst themselves. Today, Russian, Iran, Pindostan and even nations within the region (such as Turks & Toads) have intervened in various conflicts like Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, and Yemen. So let’s not ignore the intervention and damage done by others in the region. But let’s also not forget that as the most powerful nation on earth, Pindostan does far more damage here than any other power (viz Iraq & AfPak). The Labour Party Zio thought police will also not like the inference in Shah’s statement that Israeli Jews should leave the region. It smacks too much of ethnic cleansing, or even those long-ago claims of Arab strongmen that they would “drive the Zionists into the sea.” But to be true to history (which this witch-hunt entirely ignores), the Zionist leadership from Ben Gurion onward has embraced ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Plastelinan Arab inhabitants, as I wrote in a new article published at Mint Press today. The Nakba, in which nearly a million Plastelinans Arabs were expelled from their homeland, was the result of official Zionist policy. Ethnic cleansing is thus a two-way street.

2909075456Mr Harmless – RB

Now let’s turn to Livingstone’s comments. It is overstated to say that Hitler supported Zionism. He didn’t support Zionism in the sense that a Trump voter supports Donald Trump or a Labour voter supports Labour’s candidates, but Hitler saw Zionism, up until the onset of WW2, as a useful tool to realize his goal of ridding Europe of (its) Jews. Before he adopted the policy of genocide in 1942, the Nazi approach (at least through 1939) was to encourage Jews to emigrate. Though Adolf Eichmann is known as the official who implemented the Final Solution (truly a monumentally idiotic phrase, none of these people can think straight – RB), he had an entirely different approach before the War. He even visited Palastelina on a fact-finding trip in 1937. It was official Nazi policy to see Plastelina as the answer to the problem of where to send the Jews after they left Europe. Both the rightist Irgun and the Yishuv leadership which later became the Labour Party negotiated deals with the Nazis. The most notoriously well-known of these is the Haavara Agreement, by which the lives of European Jews were ransomed in return for the Nazis confiscating their property and possessions and turning them into cash to support the growing war machine of the Third Reich. It’s important to note, as Livingstone does, that the Nazi approach of voluntary emigration didn’t last after the War began. By then, the Nazis wanted a surer and faster approach to the “problem”, and they chose extermination.

Let’s return to the issue of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. I addressed this subject in a Pindosi context in a recent piece I wrote for Mint Press. The key issue is that they are not the same thing. Nowhere near it. Anyone who attempts to turn anti-Zionism into anti-Semitism is committing a grave injustice that exploits the trauma of the Holocaust for political purposes. Ken Livingstone, Naz Shah, and Tony Greenstein, all suspended from the Party for such infractions, oppose Israel and its policies. None of them is an anti-Semite. Greenstein has in fact been a leading campaigner against anti-Semitism on the left. None has expressed hostility to Jews or Judaism. THAT is the true definition of anti-Semitism. If you wish to turn anti-Zionism into anti-Semitism, then you are conflating Judaism with Zionism and Israel. They are not the same, nor must progressive Jews allow them to become the same. Finally, the main problem with the current Labour Party witch-hunt is that it makes a travesty of history. If you want to discipline party members, if you want to tarnish their careers and drive them out of politics forever, do so based on historical accuracy and truth. You remember Sen Joe McCarthy’s claims there were 50 or 100 or 300 Communists working in the State Dept? On what were these claims based? On real evidence? Or truthful claims? Or on fabrications? History shows that in almost all cases (with a few rare exceptions) McCarthy was a liar and a braggart. I ask the Labour Party to consider whether they want to go down this road. Do they want to do to their Party what Joe McCarthy did to Pindostan in the 1950s (yes, they do – RB)? I understand that there are right-wing Blairites who would be willing to stop at nothing to take their revenge on Corbyn. But in the process they may destroy the Party for decades to come as a viable political force for progressive values (no loss whatsoever – RB).

Graun’s P Beaumont “Piles On” To Ken Livingstone, Mangles Both Nazi & Zionist History
Richard Silverstein, Tikun Olam (Blog), May 1 2016

Yesterday (above), I noted the special relish the Graun and Haaretz, erstwhile liberal publications, are taking in savaging the British Labour Party’s Left wing in the person of one-time London mayor Ken Livingstone. Given the hundreds of thousands of words and gallons of ink spilled in the vain effort to turn the Labour Left into anti-Semites, the current atmosphere in England reminds me of the Night of the Long Knives, when the SS took its revenge on its enemies within the Nazi movement the SD and solidified its hold on the Party. Now the Graun’s Israel correspondent P Beaumont has gotten into the act. He’s written an odd article that continues the attack on Livingstone, calling his argument “dubious history.” But it does so from a strange angle. Beaumont reviews one of the major pieces of historical evidence raised by Livingstone in his fateful interview, in which the latter said that “Hitler supported Zionism.” I refer to the Haavara Agreement, by which the Yishuv negotiated the ransom of German Jews in return for the Reich confiscating their property and using it to fuel Germany’s pre-WW2 military buildup. Beaumont’s purpose seems to be to both acknowledge the validity of the argument that the Zionists collaborated with the Nazis, while at the same time undercutting it. He calls Livingstone’s invocation of it a “twisted kernel of historical truth.” In the process, he engages in petulant schoolmarm tactics like criticizing Livingstone for saying the Agreement was negotiated in 1932 when it was negotiated in 1933, and was negotiated between Nazi Germany and Israel when the Yishuv didn’t become Israel until 1948. It was the Plastelinan Mandate before then, obviously. These are facts that an expert on Zionist history or a PhD student anyone who can find Wikipedia on the web should know, but given the fact-free zone through which Parliamentary anti-Semitism Inquisitors like John Mann are floating, I think we can safely cut Livingstone a bit of slack.

Beaumont tries to downgrade the significance of Haavara by saying that it was “deeply controversial,” as if this controversy lets the Yishuv off the moral hook for negotiating it in the first place. Of course, it would be justified if Beaumont could show that the Zionist leadership renounced the Agreement, or (even that) key leaders protested against it publicly. But nothing of the sort happened. There are rumours It’s a known and obvious fact that one of the key negotiators of Haavara, Chaim Arlosoroff, was assassinated because of his role. He was murdered shortly after he returned from a negotiation session with the Nazis. But this has never been proven, and even if it had been, the murder was likely committed by LEHI, which itself sought to collaborate with the Nazis. Beaumont also obscures the historical record by saying Haavara was neogiated ”between Germany and German Zionists.” No, it was an agreement negotiated between the Yishuv and the Nazis. Since I’m not a historian of the period, it’s entirely possible German Jews were involved (of course they were – RB). But eliding Yishuv participation is distorting history in an attempt to lessen its culpability. Beaumont comes up short historically in this passage as well:

The Haavara agreement was designed to encourage the emigration of Jews from Germany in line with National Socialist policies, but it did not have in mind the foundation of a Jewish state in Plastelina, a key tenet of Zionism.

That is something like saying I eat ice cream to provide nourishment to my body, but not for the pleasure of eating it. Of course eating ice cream provides nourishment, but an important reason for doing so is the pleasure of the eating. So in the case of the Nazis, arguing that the reason they agreed to Haavara had nothing to do with Plastelina is simply wrong. Beaumont continues this false argument with the following:

Hitler wanted neither Jews in Germany nor in their own state.

The Nazis knew the German Jews who emigrated would go to Plastelina. Had they really objected to this, they could have done so as part of the negotiations. They could have forced the Yishuv to permit the Jews to emigrate to other countries in addition to Plastelina, but they didn’t. The Nazis knew where these Jews were headed, and accepted this. Thus, the Nazis did indeed provide support for the “Jewish state in Plastelina.” This certainly wasn’t their primary purpose in doing the deal, but it was a clear and known result of the deal.

nazis-jews-to-palestinePlastelina Post, 1932

This passage is from Francis Nicosia, The Third Reich and the Plastelina Question (Austin, Tex, 1985). Thanks to Shraga Elam for forwarding this historical gem. For further historical evidence on this issue, see Shraga’s terrific culling of sources here:

SS chief Reinhard Heydrich wrote this in 1935: “National Socialism has no intention of attacking the Jewish people in any way. On the contrary, the recognition of Jewry as a racial community based on blood, and not as a religious one, leads the German government to guarantee the racial separateness of this community without any limitations. The government finds itself in complete agreement with the great spiritual movement within Jewry itself, the so-called Zionism, with its recognition of the solidarity of Jewry throughout the world and the rejection of all assimilationist ideas. On this basis, Germany undertakes measures that will surely play a significant role in the future in the handling of the Jewish problem around the world.” Göring’s Jan 24 1939, note to the Interior Ministry gave Heydrich the authority to determine which parts of the world were the most suitable destinations for Jewish emigrants. The SS consistently favoured Jewish emigration to Plastelina, and would continue to do so with its enhanced authority in emigration policy.

nazis-jews-to-palestine-davarDavar says: “Jews to Plastelina! Germany is Not for Jews!”

Let’s introduce another inconvenient piece of historical evidence that rebuts Beaumont’s claims. Writing in 1932, the english-language Plastelina Post (predecessor of the JPost, the PPost was said to have been be prepared each day exactly to the specifications of the British High Commissioner – RB), published this piece from the Jewish Forward via the JTA, in which thugs clad in Nazi uniforms assaulted Jews in the Berlin Underground shouting: “Jews to Plastelina!” If the Nazis rejected the legitimacy of Plastelina, they would have shouted “Jews to Pindostan,” simply: “Jews Out!” But they associated German Jewish emigration with the Jewish homeland of Plastelina. So one wonders why it’s so important for Beaumont to argue that the Nazis didn’t recognize the legitimacy of Plastelina as a destination for German Jewry. To buttress his argument, Beaumont introduces the claim that Hitler opposed a state for the Jews:

Indeed by late 1937, an anti-Nazi German official involved in administering the agreement suggested that fear in Nazi circles that it might lead to a Jewish state, to which Hitler was implacably opposed, was leading to suggestions that “it should be terminated.”

I have no doubt that this “anti-Nazi” official existed, but Beaumont neither tells us who he was, nor does he offer a source for his claim, so it’s hard to judge anything about it.  But here is the unvarnished historical truth: the Nazis pursued a policy of partnership with the Zionist leadership almost until 1939. Eichmann himself visited Plastelina on a fact-finding mission, studying the success of the implementation of the Haavara Agreement. Furthermore, whether or not someone feared that Haavara might be terminated, it wasn’t, so the claim that Hitler opposed the creation of a Jewish state is irrelevant. If he did, he never let this opposition prevent him from agreeing to collaborate with that future state’s leadership. In short, the Yishuv’s position in agreeing to Haavara sacrificed any moral high ground to the cold hard calculation of saving Jews who would populate Plastelina and aid the leadership in their struggle with the Plastelinan Arabs to dominate the demographic landscape there. Haavara was collaboration pure and simple. Of course there are legitimate reasons the Zionists agreed to it, but in doing so, they sacrificed morality and also strengthened the Nazi war machine for its coming battles. Beaumont also omits another key piece of historical evidence of Zionist collusion with the Nazis. The far-right Irgun (known in hebrew as Etzel, which is an acronym of its full title, Irgun Tzvi Leumi – RB), the leading political opposition to the Yishuv leadership, went even farther than the Yishuv in collaborating with the Nazis. They actually drew up an official plan to fight alongside the Nazis in the War. The Irgun (this time using an english  translation and acronym, National Military Organization NMO – RB) was willing to help the Nazis win the War. It read:

The establishment of the historical Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, and bound by a treaty with the German Reich, would be in the interest of a maintained and strengthened future German position of power in the Near East. Proceeding from these considerations, the NMO in Plastelina, under the condition the above-mentioned national aspirations of the Israeli Jewish freedom movement are recognized on the side of the German Reich, offers to actively take part in the war on Germany’s side.

In effect, LEHI was suing for peace even before the War concluded. It did so in hope of securing Nazi support for the Yishuv and in an attempt to guarantee its survival. While it is true that LEHI was in the political opposition and not a dominant player in the Yishuv, it still maintained a critical role in Plastelinan Jewish Zionist society. Future PMs like Shamir and Begin were its senior leaders. The descendants of LEHI have been ruling Israel virtually since 1977. So it’s important not to dismiss what it did before WW2 as an anomaly or historically insignificant. Mark Elf just coined a great phrase to characterize this pseudo-debate.  He calls it “weaponizing anti-Semitism.”

it would seem that “marmots” have some association in nietzsche’s mind with cynicism

We ourselves are least likely to dress up in moralistic verbal tinsel …beautiful, glittering, jingling, festive words: honesty, love of truth, love of wisdom, sacrifice for the sake of knowledge, heroism of the truthful … But we hermits and marmots long ago became convinced that this worthy verbal pomp too belongs among the ancient false finery, lumber and gold-dust of unconscious human vanity, and that under such flattering colours and varnish too, the terrible text homo natura must again be discerned…

– Beyond Good & Evil, p 230

thank you, global judeonazism


well, you don’t want to hear any more about my non-existent love life, so here is the murid with all the grown-up stuff

This is in chronological order for about the last 36 hours. Let the old boy bring us up to speed in his own way. I reckon that anyone who can stay married to an absolute hellcat like Ani Al must be almost perfect, Wait, they aren’t married – RB

Ultimatum Nudelman
El Murid, Apr 29 2016 22:42 MSK

Kiev is beginning to fulfil the requirement put forward by it by the Pindos during the last visit of Nudelman/Nuland. In any case, the idea of the adoption of the electoral law and the holding of elections already not rejected, and admits even though unpleasant, but necessary. Russian media are pleased to indicate that Kiev carries out that sequence, which required him to Russia:

Nuland directly and in the form of an ultimatum demanded that Ukraine to implement the Minsk agreements, and this and in this sequence, as repeatedly said Russia.

The satisfaction would have been complete if not for one thing: the Minsk agreement implements the scenario of delivery of Donbass to Ukraine, with the transfer of control to Kiev of the borders as the last step. The referendum of May 11 2014, in which residents of the Donetsk and Luhansk region voted to separate from Ukraine, now can finally be thrown in the trash and on them they will wipe their feet. Russian Donbass and Novorossia historically can’t fit into the picture of the “Russian world” in the Kremlin. Russian Donbass is Russian at second grade and the second freshness, but because today is the official point of view is that they all really want back to their Homeland, where they were ordered by the parties of the Minsk collusion to consider Ukraine. And not some abstract Ukraine, and one that hates them and kills. In this sense, the scenario according to which Kiev or the Kremlin, the betrayal is committed, the difference is not too big. For obvious reasons, this subtlety is Russian propaganda carefully avoids to light, stressing a peaceful solution and end the war. The problem is that the Donbass took up arms precisely in order not to return to the liberal-fascist Ukraine, counting on Russia’s help and a direct promise of the Russian President.

The revelation of bin Jassim
El Murid, Apr 30 2016 12:06 MSK

Frank to the point of cynicism, (yet unsurprising) story from former PM & FM of Qatar, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber al-Thani, in which he talks about the role of Qatar in the outbreak of the Syrian war. To hide Qatar’s role in the events of the Arab Spring was absolutely impossible, and during 2011-2012, Qatar was the “purse” for Hillary Clinton and her group at the State Dept, which designed the Arab Spring. Hamad bin Jassim says that the intervention of the Toads has created the surprise factor and has largely mixed up the plans of Qatar. For obvious reasons, he may not cover the full picture of what happened, and therefore is limited only by the Toads, like those who prevented the implementation of plans to demolish the Syrian (and not only the Syrian) regime. So if you go into the memories, it all started a year or two or three before the Arab Spring. All events had at least three levels: global, regional and local. At the global level, Clinton’s team solved the problem of a complete reformatting of the elites of the MENA (with the run-up to the region of Middle and Central Asia). The task before Clinton was neither more nor less than the elimination of the existing balance, in which most of the elites of this super-region were to some extent focused on the GOP. It is logical that raw-material appendages of the West must focus on their direct owners, the oil and gas TNCs of Pindostan, which are at the economic and financial base of the GOP and more broadly focused on the superpower clans. The strength of these clans is huge. For instance, the late Valentin Zorin in a recent interview called Howard hunt, a Texas oil billionaire, and the king of Pindostan for 60 years, among the number of customers of the Kennedy assassination. Hunt, incidentally, gave the Bush clan their entree into big-time politics.

Liquidation-oriented Middle-Eastern elite GOPsters (henceforth Thugs – RB) allowed Clinton, who was a front for the rival globalist clans of Pindostan, to intercept her bitter opponents of the steering wheel control the two global projects of Pindostan, the Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic partnerships. Who manages and creates the rules. TTP and TTIP are the prototype of the future world empire in which there should not be such an atavism as sovereignty, and therefore the globalists objectively engage in strong contradiction with the “Imperialists” of Pindostan, who on this point disagree with their globalist counterparts, except for the fact that Pindostan’s sovereignty is inviolable. Here on this point between the two largest factions in Pindostan there is an irreconcilable contradiction and because of that, war between them was inevitable. The elimination of the near and middle Eastern elites who control a third of all energy in the world, and the creation of new elites focused on the “globalists” allowed Clinton and her group to dictate to Europe and the Pacific rim their terms of accession to the TTIP and TTP. It is obvious that having missed the first strike, the opponents of Clinton have done everything possible to remove her and if not return the starting point, then at least significantly mitigate the effects of the missed blow. In the fall of 2012, (they nearly) did it in Benghazi. Ambassador Stevens went under the category of “expendables.” He was just unlucky. In fact, now Clinton has a very serious probability to obtain a punch in the stomach which will remove her from the presidential race: namely, the likelihood of criminal prosecution in connection with the conduct of secret correspondence of the unprotected network addresses. Opponents of Clinton can go for it even under the threat of the victory of Trump, who displeases the whole Pindosi establishment in connection with his unsystematic nature.

At the end of the 2012 was the turn of the Arab Spring, when its control circuit was demolished, and Qatar, the former spearhead of Clinton in the region, was forced to curtail its activities. After Clinton’s opponents removed the Emir of Qatar, Hamad al-Thani, from the occasion to sin, and today (there rules in his stead) Hamad bin Jassim, entering into an alliance with the wife of the Emir of Qatar, Motoi and most influential clan by clan, Attya, which ruled today Qatar. Qatar’s given the green light in the direction of South-East Asia, but the route to Europe is closed to him (at least not yet). In general, a very nervous attitude in the Kremlin toward a possible Clinton victory in the elections, which is due to the fact that her return to politics inevitably resumes the drawing of maps of Qatar, and its emergence in Europe is becoming very very likely. What will this mean for “Gazprom” (discarded under the brilliant baton of Miller), we do not even have to talk. In addition, the return of Clinton implies a resumption of a fierce confrontation with Russia, which in its current situation will become a disaster. The regional contours of the Arab Spring were linked to the attempt by Qatar to (rise to) the top levels in the region. I must say that the stunning results of the first phase looked for Qatar is extremely promising. It was administering Egypt, since the key in all respects is the Suez canal, which became the basis of all gas strategy of Qatar. The shale revolution in Pindostan, came as a surprise only for Miller: already there was a war in the middle East yet he continued to say that the shale revolution was a bluff and a bubble that was about to burst. However, almost immediately it was clear that the regional order of the Arab Spring was the European gas market, the redistribution of which was in the agenda after coming to power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Qatar was investing tens of billions of dollars in the Suez Canal, expanding it for its supertankers and making possible the uninterrupted traffic of LNG to Europe.

The Asian market looks at the short- and medium-term profitabity margin above all, before the transport arm is allowed more efficient use of the advantages of transporting LNG instead of pipeline gas. The specific fact is that the cost of transportation by gas carriers falls below (that of) pumping through the pipe, at distances of more than 2,000 nautical miles. However, the European market looked at a lower attractiveness (for LNG), and continues to look (on pipelines as) more robust, as shown by the current crisis. China is beginning to reduce consumption. Europe keeps the level. In the years 2016 to 2018 in south-east Asia, Australia, Pindosia and Malaysia will come with their gas (via LNG tanker, supposedly – RB), which dramatically toughens the competition in this market. The strategy of Qatar vis a vis the European market looked reasonable, and most importantly, it fully meets the interests of the Clinton group, who can thus kill a whole flock of birds with one stone. It destroys the monopoly of Russia in the European market and drops us into a crisis, even without any sanctions and Crimea. Europe is tied to his group through Qatar. Through the Qatar investment authority group, Clinton was counting on the purchase of European assets belonging to competing factions. The frame-up of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, by the way, was an echo of the struggle over the Clinton strategy: (it was) an attempt at getting control of global financial levers under the full management of her group. Anyway, the prize of Qatar in the Arab Spring was the weight and promised great prospects in the medium- and long-term strategy. It was for that fight that Syria became part of the prize in this war: control over it allowed Qatar to take control of the so-called Syrian cross, an ancient crossroads from South to North and from West to East, passing through Syria. Aleppo, as the key intersection of this “cross” became a most fierce battle of all against all. (This is all shit, as usual. We know it was all about Hezbollah. We have known that since the word go – RB).

At the local level, the interests of different forces came together in this endless war that seems senseless slaughter only to the uninformed outside observer. ISIS, which was patronized by Qatar, has as its goal the return to power of the mass-party nomenklatura of Saddam Hussein. Jabhat al-Nusra, (initially – RB) being the Syrian branch of ISIS, was intercepted by the Toads after stripping by Clinton, and has become a tool of the Toads in the fight against Qatari influence (ie now it says it’s sworn to AQ – RB). Very interesting is the struggle for Egypt between 2011 to 2013. Israel’s interest is obvious: the elimination of opponents of any system around itself and the creation of a buffer zone which will subsist on a basis of archaic quasi-savagery, absolutely non-dangerous for Israel. There are some very interesting processes related to the promotion of the Turkish and Iranian strategies. It is separately possible to consider the tragedy of a disintegrating Iraq and of course Syria. In general, each level of this war merits a decent detailed descriptions, and if you approach it systematically, it will look exciting, like a real detective thriller. So the revelation of Hamad bin Jassim looks largely like an open secret, but who but he (is as) familiar with the background of what is happening the last five years’ great events? In this case, of no completion of it is not: in case of victory by Clinton, which looks very likely if it comes to the voting procedure, we may see another round of this struggle and war. Russia is assigned a place of honour in this war, so that without us she just will not do. Putin’s regime, focused on Clinton’s opponents, in this case will share the fate of all middle Eastern regimes, (ie it will find itself) under a heavy roller. Nothing surprising: Russia has long turned into a third-rate appendage of international TNCs, and because of this, is just the spoils of war between them.

Odessa. Enhanced mode
El Murid, Apr 30 2016

From today and through May 10, in Odessa on the strengthened mode and transferred the police arrived in the town the NatzGuards, made a cordon of Kulikovo field and the house Profsyuzov “to avoid provocations,” as stated by the government. Refers to whether the provocation under the common human desire to remember relatives and friends who were killed two years ago, is not specified. Nevertheless, people are going to come on May 2 to the house of trade unions. Yesterday in Petersburg we held a press conference about the events on May 2. They are almost all ready. In Moscow there will be held mourning events. Whether the authorities (will allow us) to remember what happened is difficult to say, although the abstract of news on the subject of “something” most likely a tongue-twister quickly run through. Authorities are busy preparing for the May 9 (‘Victory Day’) parade, which will brag of another’s heroism and (try) to tell me that they will not disgrace and will not fail, although frankly just cowardice and treason in the face of the wanton Nazi thugs in the Ukraine clears any parades and attempts to cling.

Everything goes according to plan
El Murid, Apr 30 2016 16:07 MSK

In Iraq, the supporters of Moqtada al-Sadr today stormed the Parliament building in the “green zone.” The country introduced a state of emergency. Iraq is being drawn towards the stage of collapse. Here there is little that can be done about it, although the final decision is painfully delayed. The three largest communities of the country have almost nothing in common. The beginning of the decay, no doubt, was the Pindosi occupation and the decisions made about “de-Baathization,” which threw the Sunni community out of the political, social and economic life of the country. They eventually became the (recruitment base) for ISIS, which became the voice for the oppressed Sunni population. A radical solution has caused a radical response, and today the country has no chance to preserve itself in its present form and the old borders. The so-called “international community” will pretend that we are talking about temporary difficulties, of course, and there will be no recognition of the fact of the collapse, the same as not recognizing the reality of the collapse of Libya.

In reality, the radical Shia insist on the formula “Enough to feed Kurdistan and Sunnistan” that inevitably captures the current state of affairs and makes any attempt to rebuild Iraq is futile. The problem is that if no section of the country can (impose a) peace by itself, so a civil war will become interstate in nature. War for resources is inevitable, and each side will have something of which another is deprived. The Sunnis have control of the fertile Mesopotamia, the Kurds have enormous oil fields of the North, the Shia South and the oil outlet to the sea. A similar situation exists, for example, in the former Sudan, where the oil is in the South, and the pipeline and marine terminals in the North. Southerners looking for a way in the construction of the pipeline in the direction of the Kenyan Lamu in the South, which inevitably will cause a new war between North and South Sudan. Not the same but somewhat similar problem in Nigeria where the northerners are deprived of access to the oil wealth of the country, and the Nigerian “Boko Haram” is waging a war, the meaning of which – a more equitable distribution of resources. Iraq in this sense is no different. The uneven distribution of vital resources which can be quite rationally decided in the framework of a single country, becomes an insurmountable contradiction after its collapse. The goal of Pindostan Israel, the fragmentation of existing states into endlessly warring fragments, (is now) run. Now, Pindostan can safely go on with the destruction of their regions, just by maintaining the intensity of the fighting and preventing any unification process. In general, we now also Nigeria and Iraq, though with missiles. Under the heat of the Maidan and the Russian screams on TV, Russia and Ukraine have become mortal enemies, and now remains not so much under the approving applause of our enemies, to complete the Minsk process, after which the Russian population of Ukraine will hate Russia much stronger than any of the Banderites do now. It would be useless to explain to them that they were betrayed by Putin, not the Russians, because people are always (justly held) responsible for the crimes of a leadership which they strongly support. The Pindosis will just support flaming hatred against the Russian people, separated by a border where they too can feel free to wipe my sweat. Everything goes according to plan.

The instrument for stability
El Murid, Apr 30 2016 17:28 MSK

Pindo Reps Eliot Engel and Adam Kiesinger introduced the instrument for stability and democracy for Ukraine (Stability and Democracy (STAND) for Ukraine Act), according to a press release published on the website of the international Affairs Committee of the lower house. The authors of the bill propose to strictly linko the powers of the president to lift sanctions against Russia with the status of Crimea, the document reads. According to the proposal, the sanctions against Moscow could be lifted (only) if the president gives Congress confirmation of the “restoration of Ukraine’s sovereignty over Crimea” or if “the status of the Peninsula will be resolved through the established procedures of international law and is recognized by the democratically elected Ukrainian government.” The reason for the bill is clear. Nudelman/Nuland was too outspoken in Kiev, although it is possible to understand, because time is of the essence, (that she failed to) follow protocol and politesse, and even gained/gave some savages satisfaction by doing so (? – да еще перед дикарями из какой-то там Рады, некогда – RB). The promise of lifting sanctions against Russia looked too straight, so it makes sense to create an additional barrier that allows in that case to shrug and say, “well, we would with all our heart, but Pindostan is a legal country, we got a law passed, don’t blame me.” In general, nothing new. Always the same requirement: to pass the Crimea, and then (maybe) POTUS will condescend to the lifting of sanctions, he will deign to grant to Congress the evidence of full and unconditional surrender of Russia, and if the Congress deems them sufficient. Russian fans of mood music (музыкальных инструментальных брендов) are suggested to solve the problem yourselves (along the lines of):

(Oh, darling!) I was wrong! I got over-excited! It happens to everyone! Come back! Forgive me! etc.

It just means that all the promises to resolve the matter peacefully after the implementation of the Minsk collusion is not worth a damn. Immediately in the course will be launched new conditions and new demands. With Nuland/Nudelman, you never know what you already promised. In November, we (they – RB) will have a new president and a new sec state, and new assistant(s). (With him you may) agree, unless of course he wants to take you. PS: It’s curious how the Pindos began to touch on the topic of the Crimea, following the time of the events around the Donbass. This means that the Pindos believed the issue of the Donbass was, if not solved, then at least going in the right direction. It is clear that the Russian media will drown in the ecstatic cries that everything happened strictly according to the ingenious plan of the Great and Terrible, written by him on the knee. In reality, if this plan (had contained) even (the tiniest) thing contrary to Pindo interests, they would hardly have agreed with it. What we should see now is the opposite reaction. But (our media) will pour into our ears about the achieved victory, and by the way, they will be absolutely right, from the point of view of the traitors: brought to its logical end, betrayal certainly looks like a victory.

another of mrs misanthropy ‘s choice selection of industrial psych-out videos, for your edification, enjoyment and hopefully, final & complete enlightenment

hmmh mmm, in view of the post below, the q arises, why does r hate lubavitch so much? ok

First of all, since I at least began my research from the political end, let me tell you about that. The Pindo (Brooklyn) Lubavitch is surely controlled by the CIA, since the old man’s death. The deniability tango danced by these “Lubavitcher werewolves” as Eduard Hodos (a Ukro Reform Jew, for those who do not know him) called them, is too complex to operate without CIA supervision. If the whole thing was controlled by Mossad, the CIA and other Pindo entities couldn’t permit it to operate on the scale it does, throughout the world, right under the CIA’s own nose, in all the most exquisitely sensitive places, necessarily suspected by the CIA of turning double on it, just like for instance the Muslim Brotherhood, but in this case by taking on Mossad ‘sayan’ (helper) roles as well. It’s not just their history as a CIA tool against Communist Russia; it’s evident that CIA penetration didn’t stop in 1991.

I dare say the CIA view is that the Lubavitchers are so addicted to illogical reasoning that they cannot grasp the essence of the CIA methods and have to be constantly re-coached on them by a sort of rote repetition, as with certain Afghans for example who it would be really unwise to name. There are several equally important levels or layers or overlapping zones of deniability in effect, all of which have to be tended. There is the fact that the “werewolves” Hodos was talking about are the Lubavitcher posse in Moscow who constantly harrass Putin and try to psych him out, evidently with great success. These guys under their eternal boss Berel Lazar can never adopt the sort of crazed hard-core “nuke-the-bastards-anyway” level of anti-Russianism prevalent among Lubavitch in Brooklyn. They are politically neutered inside ‘Israel proper’, but not in Yesha, where they teach & train with Kachists.

Considering the 350 hours of study required by the Beth Din in Israel: one full-time school term’s worth of work, combined with supervised residence under kosher conditions; in itself, an entirely reasonable formula and one I would have been happy to adopt had it not been enormously expensive, but personally when I saw my intended Lubavitcher supervisor in London, I freaked out, he was so obviously queer in the old-fashioned, closeted sense. Not only that, but I immediately realized the idea was to steer me towards their disgusting so-called B’nei Noach, a hideous right-wing cult for sub-Jews which does not lead and is not intended to lead to Jewish identity of any sort, ever. This is much less incendiary than the efforts of Paul of Tarsus, of course. This thing gets its heads regularly replaced if their wacko theology slips out of alignment with the violet ray of the Mekon, beaming in from space – RB

this is all shit (quite apart from the repellent sales jargon) & i’ll tell you why

Linde is the editor of the JPost: he knows this article has to be written every year or two, in more or less identical language, not because non-Jews-by-birth need easier conversions (chas v’shalom, which means heaven forbid), but because Pindo Jews brought up ‘Reform’ need the same conversion, in the eyes of the ultra-orthodox (‘haredi’) swing parties which systematically control the Knesset and have done for the entire period of the existence of the state. You have to please these repellent old creeps before you can marry or register your children for a b’rit (unless you are an intactivist, in which case I strongly advise you to either learn krav maga or stay home) – RB

Whoeverthefuck Institute warns Israel could lose Jewish majority, recommends easing conversion policy
Steve Linde, JPost, May 1 2016

Unless the State of Israel changes its policy on conversion to Judaism for immigrants from the FSU and the 404 Republic of Ukropea, this “shitty little country” itself could lose its Jewish majority in the coming decades, leaders of the Triguboff Institute have warned. Efraim Halevy, chairman of the institute and a former Mossad director, told the JPost last week:

One has to revert in one way or another (and I’m not going to say what exactly the form should be) to the approach that conversion is a national necessity for Israel, without which Israel will not have a Jewish majority in this country in the foreseeable future.

Shalom Norman (or possibly Norman Shalom), the Institute’s director, added encouragingly:

We are talking about hundreds of thousands of people. Within 20 years, if nothing is done, we will have over one million citizens in Israel who are not registered as Jews, who are not allowed to marry in Israel properly, or get buried in Israel properly. I think this is a time bomb if we don’t do anything about it (since when did the Jewish people care about time bombs? – RB).

The Triguboff Institute, established by the peerless & ineffable Australian Jewish billionaire & philanthropist Harry Triguboff (a truly top guy, let us stress – indeed, one of the last of the real mensch – RB) in Jayloomia in 2011, recently launched conversion classes for dozens of prospective immigrants in Russia and Ukraine. The project, called Maslul (path), aims to expedite the conversion of people in the process of making aliya who are not recognized by the rabbinate as Jewish under Halacha. Norman (or Shalom – RB) said:

A record number of over 15,000 olim a year have been arriving from Russia and Ukraine alone. People don’t realize that 85% of these new olim below the age of 40 are not halachically Jews.

The Maslul project is done in cooperation with the Jewish Agency, Nativ (out in Yesha shootin’ at dem pesky A-rabs as a condition of conversion: see below – RB), the Midrasha Zionit in Kiev and the Choral Synagogue headed by Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, president of the Conference of European Rabbis in Moscow. The Chabad movement and its emissaries Lubavich are for the most part supportive of the initiative (that means, minus the Moschiach Yesterday crowd in Yesha and the majority support for them unofficially in Brooklyn – RB). Norman (or Shalom) says:

The Triguboff Institute’s goal is to carry out most of the conversion process before the olim even get here. Adopting the curriculum of the IDF’s Nativ program for conversion during national service (see? – RB), they’re given the opportunity before their aliya to complete most of the 350 hours of study required by the Beit Din in Israel. We are for example opening a new course in Dnipropetrovsk (the area so conveniently seeded for us by that well-known global gangster, wanted in Russia and even theoretically in Kiev as well for grand embezzlement, Benny Kolomoisky – RB). The whole idea is to use this framework of time in between the decision to make aliya and their aliya de facto to begin the conversion track while they have high adrenalin and before they encounter the issues of making a living or housing in Israel (hahahaha, what a charmer this guy is – RB).

Halevy conceded that the number of people who had taken been converted in the IDF via Nativ or taken conversion classes abroad before their aliya was so far minuscule, and the process needed to be widely expanded to make a difference. He said:

We have to admit that despite the fact that the conversion channels have been recognized, the numbers of people taking part in the conversion process launched in recent weeks are so far not significant enough to claim that we have actually dented the rabbinate’s policy today of discouraging conversion (Don’t worry, there’s one born every minute – RB). What we have to try to bring about is that the volume of these channels (which is patently insufficient) should swell in such a way that the people who are ultimately responsible for policy will feel it incumbent upon them to change their approach to conversion.

Asked what his direct message to the powers-that-be (sic! Linde drops in this fatalistic word on purpose, to start the downcurve of the article – RB), Halevy said:

The message is that there is an effort here to try and bring about a friendly and inclusive policy of the conversion which was characteristic of the rabbinate in the days that followed the Holocaust in 1945, when the rabbinate realized that what was called for was not just a person-by-person approach but a wide policy approach, which would otherwise have wrought havoc (Learn how to write logically in english, Steve – RB). To have acted otherwise would have wrought havoc in the Jewish world, and havoc for the survivors of the Holocaust. This process should be adopted concerning large communities, like the Jews of the FSU who were divorced from contact with the Jewish world for over 70 years (That is of course his propaganda way of saying, from contact with militant Zionism – RB), in order to bring them back into the fold.

Asked if the process was becoming any easier, Norman (that is, the Shalom guy – RB) said:

We are concerned about the nature of Israeli society in the 50 years to come. It’s not become easier to convert Jews from the FSU, from a halachic point of view, but it’s become easier vis-à-vis legislation that has opened up new opportunities to create a free market (sic! – RB) in this respect. In very much the same way that Tzohar ‘opened the market’ regarding registration for marriages (see below – RB), the latest ruling of the Supreme Court has opened new horizons, allowing people to be able to choose who they are being converted by (If this means non-Orthodox, just forget it: their births, deaths & marriages will stay tref, that is to say, not kosher. Tref literally means torn, as in flesh of a living animal torn from its body by some peculiar halachic demonstration of what God said not to do – RB). In this respect, the power of the extremists in the halachic arena is getting weaker (nonsense! It never will, because the religious parties will always control the decisive swing votes in Israel's so-called democracy, just as in Britain the so-called 'Liberals' control them – RB), and that is a good sign for the future (what he means is, easier military conversions than civilian ones, just as always – RB).

Both Halevy and Norman (or Shalom) will be participating in the fifth annual JPost Propaganda Fest in New York on May 22.


After dramatic legal struggles, Tzohar succeeded in creating Israel’s only private registry that serves as a legal and halachic interface to the rabbinate, customized for secular couples. Every year thousands of Tzohar volunteer rabbis & women accompany more than 8,000 secular brides & grooms throughout their entire wedding procedure to ensure an embracing, inclusive and inspiring Jewish marriage experience.

Forgeddaboutit. Ya hatches, matches & dispatches is still all tref, whatever these lyin bastids’ll tell ya – RB

of course the pentagon has no interest in saving the lives of civilians: what did you think it was, a charity?

Pindostan adopts lethal Israeli tactic to “protect” civilians
Rania Khalek, Electronic Intifada, Apr 29 2016

The Pentagon has adopted an Israeli procedure known as “roof-knocking” in its war (supposedly) on ISIS, adding yet another failed Israeli tactic to its counter-terrorism toolkit. Roof-knocking entails striking the roof or upper story of a home or building with a mortar shell or missile prior to bombing it with even bigger munitions, in a supposed effort to warn civilians inside that they should evacuate. Israel used this tactic to absolve itself of liability for killing civilians in Gaza. But human rights investigators found the tactic to be ineffective and at times deadly to the very civilians it was allegedly supposed to protect. Two years later, however, Pindostan is copying it. USAF Maj-Gen P Gersten, deputy commander for operations and intelligence for the anti-ISIS coalition, told reporters on Tuesday that Pindostan employed Israel’s roof-knocking tactic in the killing of an alleged ISIS financial operative in Mosul in early April. According to Gersten:

This ‘finance emir’ was the major distributor of funds to Daesh fighters. We watched him come and go from his house, we watched his supplies, we watched the security that was involved in it. And we also watched occasionally a female and her children in and out of the quarters.

That description raises questions about the lawfulness of targeting a person for death while they’re not engaged in combat. Gersten added a familiar USraeli excuse for civilian casualties:

They are using the civilian force as human shields.

According to Gersten’s retelling, Pindostan devised a strategy to avoid harming the woman and children inside. Gersten went on to confirm that Israel was the inspiration. He said:

We went as far as actually to put a Hellfire on top of the building, and air-burst it so it wouldn’t destroy the building, simply knock on the roof to ensure that she and the children were out of the building. And then we proceeded with our operations. We took the tactics and technique and procedure from (Israel). We’ve certainly watched and observed their procedure.

Gersten noted that the USAF also dropped leaflets to warn people below of the coming bombardment, another method Israel employed in Gaza, despite there being nowhere safe to flee. Just like in Gaza, these tactics failed to prevent civilian deaths. The woman whose life Gersten claims the Pindo military was trying to protect was killed in the USAF strike. Gersten acknowledged:

(The operation) ultimately ended up in a civilian casualty. So as much as we tried to do exactly what we wanted to do and minimize civilian casualties, (nevertheless) post weapons release she actually ran back into the building.

Gersten should have known by examining the actual record of the Israelis that the roof-knocking procedure is no way to protect civilians. Israel killed 2,251 Plastelinans in Gaza Gazans in the summer of 2014. According to the independent inquiry commissioned by the UNHRC, the vast majority (1,462) were civilians, including 299 women and 551 children, over two-thirds of whom (68%) were under the age of 12. Another 11,000 Plastelinans Gazans were injured, including 3,540 women and 3,436 children, nearly 10% of them suffering permanent disabilities. In Nov 2014, then-JCoS Dempsey claimed that the Pentagon had sent a “lessons-learned team” to Israel weeks after its war on Gaza, to study and emulate “the measures they took to prevent civilian casualties.” Dempsey specifically applauded Israel’s roof-knocking tactic. But in a statement to EI, the Pentagon denied that it was seeking Israel’s advice, noting that Israel did not do enough to avoid civilian casualties. Meanwhile, human rights investigations have consistently found roof-knocking to be wildly ineffective. The independent inquiry commissioned by the UNHRC concluded:

The ‘roof-knocking’ technique is not effective. The explosions often caused confusion and gave residents little time to react. Israeli airstrikes usually followed within 3 to 5 minutes of the roof knock, giving occupants little time to flee, especially small children, the elderly and disabled. (For instance) on Jul 29 2014, Israel launched a guided bomb at the Dheir family house in Rafah in southern Gaza, totally destroying it. In total, 19 family members were killed, including nine children and seven women. One of the women was pregnant. This attack followed a roof knock, but the family members did not understand that the strike was a warning until they were told by a neighbour that they had to flee. 19 out of the 22 individuals present in the house died on their way out. (In other instances) families fled buildings following an airstrike on the roof or top floor believing that the strike was a warning, only to be struck by a targeted missile once outside the house and on the street.

AI’s Philip Luther stated:

There is no way that firing a missile at a civilian home can constitute an effective ‘warning’. AI has documented cases of civilians killed or injured by such missiles in previous Israeli military operations on the Gaza Strip.

Sarah Leah Whitson of HRW (whose middle name is there specifically to remind you that she is Jewish – RB), similarly declared:

Warning families to flee fighting doesn’t make them fair targets, just because they’re unable to do so, and deliberately attacking them is a war crime.

Amnesty went further in a detailed report that accused Israel of knowingly bombing homes and buildings full of civilians without any warning at all, wiping out entire families in the process. Even Pentagon boxtops were appalled by Israel’s behaviour in Gaza. One senior Pindo boxtop commented, using Israel’s own euphemism for its routine assaults on the Gaza Strip:

It’s not ‘mowing the lawn’. It’s removing the topsoil.

Despite some acknowledgement of Israel’s atrocious conduct, Pindostan has made a habit of adopting Israeli policies as its own, with dreadful consequences. Israel’s “targeted killing” (assassination) policy, condemned by the Bush 43 administration in 2001, has been embraced as the centrepiece of Obama’s counter-terrorism strategy. What was once a highly controversial Israeli Jewish method to suppress Plastelinan Arab resistance is now used by Pindpostan to kill thousands of people in Yemen, AfPak, Somalia, Syria and (of course) Iraq. The CIA cited an Israeli court ruling to justify its worldwide network of secret torture dungeons, where it subjected prisoners to waterboarding, sleep and sensory deprivation, sexual torture, threats to kill and rape loved ones, mock executions, electrocution and medically unnecessary harmful and sadistic “rectal feeding.” In a memoir, former Pindo interrogator Eric Fair revealed that IOF trained Pindo interrogators (like him) in how to use the torture device (succinctly) known as the “Plastelinan chair.” This immobilizes its victims in an excruciating stress position and was (widely) used on Iraqis in Fallujah. It is no coincidence that the Pindo GWOT bears a striking resemblance to the Israeli Jewish occupation and colonization of Plastelina. After all, the GWOT doctrine was first pushed by Israel to justify its criminal conduct against Plastelinans and their neighbours Arabs. Pindostan applied a similar framework to its imperial project in the MENA, and the consequences have been nothing short of catastrophic. The Pindo GWOT has coincided with a nine-fold increase in terrorism-related deaths around the world since 2000 plus the worst refugee crisis since WW2. These Israeli Jewish tactics have clearly backfired, producing anger, hatred and blowback against Pindostan and making the world a less free and more dangerous place. Yet the pattern continues.

i’m sure we’re all agreed to not like suzanne nossel

This is the sort of Jewish woman I wouldn’t marry even if my cock was on fire and she had the only fire hose. She’s kinda like C Glick but trendier-seeming, with a stoned-out look of contempt she doesn’t appear to even try to hide in the photo below, this is a woman of pure entitlement culture: the gravy train proper, the soul-prostitute public-sellout train. This train ain’t bound for glory, no ma’am, not this train. You know the type. I don’t have to name no names… – RB

PEN’s double standards over Israel boycott
Charlotte Silver, Electronic Intifada, Apr 29 2016


Amidst a campaign aimed at convincing the PEN Pindostan Centre to reject Israeli government funding for its annual World Voices Festival that began this week, the literary group and its director Suzanne Nossel have displayed glaring double standards in their approach to cultural boycotts. When challenged about why the group has accepted funding from Israel, Nossel reportedly told Plastelina solidarity campaigners earlier this month that there was a strong reaction to the word “boycott” among her PEN colleagues. But PEN Pindostan Centre has publicly advocated that the tactic be used in certain situations. Just last week, the organization tweeted out a letter signed ‘PEN Pindostan Centre’, urging Enrico Iglesias to cancel his upcoming concert in Azerbaijan. The Spanish star was urged to protest against human rights abuses in Azerbaijan, including the jailing of journalists.

Similarly, PEN Pindostan Centre signed a letter to several country leaders in 2015 asking them to make their participation in the inaugural event of the European Games that were scheduled to take place in Azerbaijan contingent on the release of eight journalists and five human rights activists. While the letter stated it was not seeking a “public boycott” of the event, it did actually recommend a boycott. It asked the British and Ukrainian governments to refrain from sending a “high-level delegation” to the games if the prisoners in question were not released. Nossel has not been averse to calling for boycotts in a personal capacity, either. In 2006, for example, she warned that Iran was “about as frightening a rogue state as can be imagined.” To support that assertion, she noted that Iran was “hostile to Pindostan.” Writing on Democracy Arsenal, a website that she founded, Nossel suggested a “sports boycott that would exclude soccer-crazed Iran from the World Cup, akin to what was done for apartheid South Africa and Milosevic’s Serbia.”

Along with running PEN Pindostan, Nossel is what certain media describe as a “volunteer adviser” on human rights to Hillary Clinton’s presidential election campaign. Nossel was also a senior figure in the State Dept when Clinton was Sec State. After leaving the State Dept, she headed Amnesty International’s Pindostan branch. Under Nossel’s leadership, Amnesty ran an ad campaign portraying the Pindo-led invasion of Afghanistan as beneficial to that country’s women. More than 200 prominent literary figures and 16,500 other individuals have signed a letter criticizing PEN Pindostan Centre for accepting Israeli sponsorship. The Asian/Pacific/America Institute at NYU recently canceled its event at the World Voices Festival, scheduled for Friday. The panel, titled “The Language of War,” was to have featured the poets Solmaz Sharif, Jennifer Tamayo and Jennifer Hayashida. All declared their support for boycotting the festival because it had accepted funding from the Israeli government. The pressure on PEN Pindostan Centre appears to have been effective. Jennifer Clement (her name suggests she is also Jewish – RB), president of its parent organization PEN International, recently promised to address criticisms raised by Adalah-NY, a New York-based group advocating a boycott of Israel. Clement stated:

PEN International shares your concern. At present we are formalizing our recommended guidelines for the world’s PEN centres regarding funding from countries with a poor record on freedom of expression.

PEN Pindostan Centre has also broken its silence over recent human rights abuses by Israel. On Thursday, it issued a statement asking the Israeli government to explain why it has jailed the Plastelinan Arab journalist Omar Nazzal. He was placed in administrative detention, without charge or trial, after Israel arrested him in the past week at the Israeli-controlled crossing between Jordan and the occupied West Bank. Nazzal was travelling to a meeting of the European Federation of Journalists in Bosnia. The PEN statement also expressed concern about the detention and prosecution of Plastelinan Arab writer Darin Tatur, who was arrested and charged with “incitement to violence” for a poem that she wrote calling for resistance to Israeli brutality. Ru Freeman (yet another Jewess – RB), a novelist who has been campaigning for PEN to cease accepting Israeli sponsorship, told EI:

(This week’s statement was made) under enormous pressure. But two questions remain. First, will PEN now speak also for the many other journalists and writers whom Israel has detained. We can provide them with a list?! Second, how can a statement about a government’s denial of the freedom of speech for writers and journalists be reconciled with taking money from that same government for a festival that is supposed to celebrate free speech?

At least 19 Plastelinan Arab journalists are currently being held in Israeli custody and more than 40 Plastelinan Arab journalists have been detained since Oct 2015. Israel has, for instance, held 25-year-old Plastelinan Arab journalist Samah Dweik since Apr 10, charging her with “media incitement” based on what she has posted on Facebook.

This week, the Pindo-funded think tank propaganda mill Freedom House changed its ranking of Israel from “free” to “partly free.” The reason given for the demotion was the increasing influence of Sheldon Adelson’s Israel ha-Yom freesheet, which features a growing portion of government-paid content not clearly identified as such to readers. Freedom House notably excludes from its criteria for its rankings Israel’s treatment of Plastelinans Arabs in the OPT, despite the fact that Israel exercises the authority to arrest, imprison and kill Plastelinan Arab journalists. In contrast, Reporters Without Borders does consider Israel’s treatment of those journalists, and consistently ranks Israel in the bottom tier of its world press freedom index.

All the filth that fits, I swear it:

PEN urges boycott of Azerbaijan, blocks boycott of Israel
Phil Weiss, Mondoweiss, Apr 30 2016

NosselImage from SN’s Twitter feed

Here’s an important story about the liberal establishment’s hypocrisy on Israeli human rights abuses. This past week, the writers’ organization PEN held its World Voices Festival in New York and one of its sponsors (or as it calls them) ”champions” was the Israeli government. More than 200 writers had urged PEN to give back that money, among them Marilyn Hacker, Junot Diaz, Alice Walker and Richard Ford, citing Israel’s “decades-long denial of basic rights to the Plastelinan people, including the frequent targeting of Plastelinan writers and journalists. But PEN’s director Suzanne Nossel dug in. She told activists that, while (she recognized) there are “legitimate concerns” about Israel’s record, she wouldn’t give back the money. She also “asserted that there is a strong reaction against the word boycott.” Well, EI’s Charlotte Silver reports that Nossel supported a boycott of Iran in 2006 (as above – RB). And here’s another more recent example: last week, PEN tweeted that Enrico Iglesias should boycott Azerbaijan, because of all the political prisoners in its jails. At the same time a PEN official signed a letter to Iglesias urging him not to play Azerbaijan because of its human rights record. Andrew Kadi nails it:

Recall that Nossel helped quash the Goldstone Report when she was an official at the State Dept, and bear in mind the bigger picture, the importance of pro-Israel Jewish money to an organization like PEN, the same donors who support liberal and arts organizations also fund congressional trips to Israel for AIPAC. Here’s that letter:

Dear Mr Iglesias, We are writing to you as members of the Sport for Rights campaign, which has been working to raise human rights violations in Azerbaijan in the run-up to the Formula One European Grand Prix. We are deeply disappointed by your decision to perform in Baku on Jun 18 in connection with the European Grand Prix, given the dire human rights situation in the country. We urge you to take a stand for human rights in Azerbaijan and cancel your Baku performance. We have observed your support for charitable causes, including Save the Children, which advocates the promotion and protection of human rights. Unfortunately, the human rights of the people of Azerbaijan have not been respected or protected. Although 16 political prisoners were recently released, dozens still languish in Azerbaijani jails, including journalists, bloggers, youth activists, politicians, and religious followers guilty of nothing more than disagreeing with the government. Despite the fact that they never should have spent a single day in jail, the released prisoners have not been rehabilitated, still under legal restrictions that impede their work and their lives, with some facing travel bans preventing them from accessing urgently needed medical attention. More broadly, civil society is attempting to work in nearly impossible conditions, and a number of NGOs face politically motivated criminal investigations. Journalists operate in a climate of fear, in a media environment dominated by the state, where violent attacks, even murders, against critical voices are committed with impunity. Among Azerbaijan’s political prisoners is Khadija Ismayilova, a courageous investigative journalist targeted for exposing corruption of the ruling elite through stories that are continuing to unravel through the Panama Papers leak. Another journalist, Seymur Hezi, is jailed on trumped-up hooliganism charges, following years of pressure against him, such as being abducted and tortured, and warned to stop criticising Pres Aliyev.

Opposition leader Ilgar Mammadov, who attempted to challenge Aliyev’s presidency in 2013, has been imprisoned for over three years, and has reported being repeatedly tortured. Youth activist Ilkin Rustemzade has also been jailed for more than three years, initially arrested in connection with a “Harlem Shake” video filmed in Baku (sic – RB). As with previous prestige events, the Azerbaijani authorities are using the European Grand Prix in an attempt to whitewash their image, to distract international attention from the human rights abuses taking place in the country. Whether or not it is your intention, your performance would be used as part of that cover-up, as propaganda for an increasingly authoritarian government. A performance in Azerbaijan would serve to further the suffering of the country’s political prisoners, and the many others whose rights have been violated by the very government that will profit from the European Grand Prix. But you still have the chance to make this right. We urge you to cancel your Baku performance, and to speak out publicly, condemning the human rights crackdown in Azerbaijan, and calling for the immediate and unconditional release of political prisoners. We call your attention to comments made by U2 lead singer Bono on stage in Montreal last June, on the night of the opening ceremony of the European Games in Baku. Bono specifically named six Azerbaijani political prisoners, displayed their photos in the arena, and conveyed a message to Pres Aliyev: “If anything happens to one of our friends, we will hold you responsible!” Five of the prisoners he named have since been released. We believe that you taking a strong stand for human rights could also have a significant impact. Please, have some compassion for these courageous people, imprisoned for speaking the truth and trying to change the situation in Azerbaijan for the better. Show the world that you care, and that your silence cannot be bought.

Here we go with all the astroturf one-man or one-woman letterhead outfits, which you can create in an afternoon for about $100 a pop – RB

Sincerely yours: Rebecca Vincent, Coordinator, Sport for Rights campaign; Mike Harris, Director, 89up; Thomas Hughes, Executive Director, ARTICLE 19; Alice Klein, President, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression; Nina Ognianova, Europe and Central Asia Program Coordinator, Committee to Protect Journalists; Maran Turner, Executive Director, Freedom Now; Danuta Przywara, President of the Board, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights; Florian Irminger, Head of Advocacy, Human Rights House Foundation; Melody Patry, Senior Advocacy Officer, Index on Censorship; Emin Huseynov, Director, Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety; Karim Lahidji, President, International Federation for Human Rights; Brigitte Dufour, Director, International Partnership for Human Rights; James Marriott, Co-Director, Platform; Petra Havlikova, Project Coordinator of the Women’s Rights Are Human Rights Program; Berit Lindeman, Senior Advisor, Norwegian Helsinki Committee; Karin Karlekar, Director, Free Expression Programs, PEN Pindostan; Ivana Skalova, Head of the East European Program, People in Need; Aleksandra Antonowicz-Cyglicka, Head of Programme, Action for the Global South, Polish Green Network; Gerald Staberock, Secretary General, World Organisation Against Torture; Łukasz Biernacki, Managing Director, You Aid Foundation.


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