ray mcgovern & ann wright wildcat presser

DOJ News Conference on Threats to Assange by Sessions
paulydc, YouTube, Apr 28 2017

CIA Director Mike Pompeo recently called WikiLeaks a “hostile intelligence service.” Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated that Julian Assange’s arrest is a “priority” of the Trump administration. In response, numerous individuals with differing perspectives on WikiLeaks warn of a growing threat to press freedom.
Today at the DoJ, 2 former government officials addressed government policy toward WikiLeaks and whistleblowers:

  • Ann Wright is a retired Army Reserve colonel, and a 29-year veteran of the Army and Army Reserves. As a diplomat, Wright served in Nicaragua, Grenada, Somalia, Uzbekistan, Krygyzstan, Sierra Leone, Micronesia and Mongolia and helped re-open the embassy in Afghanistan in 2001. In Mar 2003, she resigned in protest over the invasion of Iraq. She is co-author of Dissent: Voices of Conscience.
  • Ray McGovern, a former Army officer and CIA analyst who prepared the President’s Daily Brief (under the Nixon, Ford, and Reagan administrations), is co-founder of Sam Adams Associates for Integrity (see: samadamsaward.ch), which gave Julian Assange its annual award in 2010. Sam Adams Associates strongly opposes any attempt to deny Julian Assange the protections that are his as a journalist.

Contact at ExposeFacts (a project of the Institute for Public Accuracy):
Sam Husseini, (202) 347-0020, sam [at] accuracy [dot] org.

people are strange

p c roberts

Faschingstein Plans to Nuke Russia and China
Paul Craig Roberts, ICH, Apr 28 2017

Not everyone likes to hear about the threat of nuclear war. Some find refuge in denial and say that nuclear war is impossible because it makes no sense. Unfortunately, humankind has a long record of doing things that make no sense. In previous posts in recent years I have pointed out both written documents and changes in Pindo war doctrine that indicate that Faschingstein is preparing a preemptive nuclear attack on Russia and China. More recently, I have shown that Faschingstein’s demonization of Russia and Pres Putin, the incessant lies about Russian deeds and intentions, and the refusal of Faschingstein to cooperate with Russia on any issue have convinced the Russian government that Faschingstein is preparing the Western populations for an attack on Russia. It is obvious that China has come to the same conclusion. It is extremely dangerous to all of mankind for Faschingstein to convince two nuclear powers that it is preparing a preemptive nuclear strike against them. It is impossible to imagine a more reckless and irresponsible act. Yet this is precisely what Faschingstein has done.

Lt-Gen Viktor Poznikhir, Deputy Head of Operations of the Russian General Staff, has concluded that Washington in pursuit of global hegemony is implementing an anti-ballistic missile system that Washington believes can prevent a Russian nuclear response to a Pindosi pre-emptive attack. Careful studies have convinced the Russians that Faschingstein is investing in and arranging components that have no other function than to devastate Russia and cripple the country’s retaliatory capability. In short, Faschingstein is preparing to launch a nuclear war. As I explained previously, the theory behind this insane scheme is that after Pindostan’s preemptive strike, Russia will be so devastated that Russia would not retaliate with any remaining forces out of fear that Faschingstein would launch a second major strike. Washington also plans to use agents in place to assassinate as many members as possible of the Russian government, thus leaving the government in confusion without leadership. Yes, the insane USraeli neocons are this determined to exercise hegemony over the world. Yes, Faschingstein is sufficiently criminally insane to risk the destruction of life on earth, based on the supposition that Faschingstein’s offense will work perfectly, and Russia and China’s capabilities will be so degraded that no retaliatory response will occur.

One might hope that the Pindosi and Western populations would be outraged that Faschingstein is so power-crazed that it is subjecting all life to such risks. But there is no sign of an anti-war movement. The Western left wing has degenerated into Identity Politics, in which the only threat comes from white heterosexual males who are portrayed as misogynists, racists and homophobes. The Western left wing is no longer war-conscious. Indeed, the left wing has become diverted into such silly irrelevancies as transgender rights to toilets of their choice. The impotence of the Western left is so overwhelming that the left might as well not exist. Where then is the hope? Russia and China cannot simply sit there and await Pindostan’s preemptive nuclear strike. Possibly Faschingstein does not intend a preemptive strike, but only to convince Russia and China that its preparations give it so much predominance in a conflict that Russia and China will submit to its hegemony. But this interpretation of Faschingstein’s intention implies no less risk. Why would Russia and China wait for it to complete its preparations for war, preparations that permit it to turn Russia and China into puppet states? The Pindosi military/security complex has clearly prevailed over Trump’s intention to normalize relations between itself and Russia, and anti-Russian venom continues to pour out of NATO and Faschingstein’s European vassal states. The majority of the Pindo sheeple seem to have accepted the propaganda that Russia is the #1 threat to Pindostan. With propaganda controlling the explanation, Faschingstein’s aggressive actions are explained as defense against a threat, and not as a policy that will end life on earth.

they won’t apologize to the CIA, cos the toads & israel are united against pindostan

Daesh Apologized To Israel For Attacking IDF Soldiers
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Apr 28 2017

In a curious incident cited by the Times of Israel that is certain to provoke questions about the proximity (not to mention the flow of funds) between Israel and Daesh, former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon said that Daesh have on at least one occasion “apologized” to Israel for mistakenly attacking IDF soldiers in the occupied Golan Heights. The disclosure may also provide some insight into why, after reportedly attacking virtually every religion and ethnicity in the region, there have been virtually no documented attacks by Daesh on Israel or its citizens. Discussing the wider Israeli policy of “neutrality” in Syria, Ya’alon accidentally admitted that Israel has an open communications channel with a Daesh cell on the Golan Heights. Ya’alon said:

There was one case recently where Daesh opened fire and apologized.

Asked to expand on his controversial statement, Ya’alon’s office refused to elaborate. Under Israeli law, any communication with terrorists is considered illegal, unless of course the Israel state covertly does not consider Daesh to be terrorists. Ya’alon served as Israel’s Defense Minister from 2013 until his resignation in May 2016, and his comments were reportedly referring to the first direct incident involving clashes between Israel and Daesh. In that incident, last November, the Shuhada al-Yarmouk cell, which has pledged allegiance to Daesh, exchanged fire with Israeli forces after the Golani Brigade crossed the security fence with Syria to conduct an “ambush operation.”

Ya’alon at HUJI

While the official Israeli position is pursuing neutrality in the Syrian conflict, Tel Aviv has on several occasions engaged Syrian military targets in Syria, most recently on Wednesday, usually under the pretext of preventing the alleged transfer of weapons to Hezbollah. Last month, Tel Aviv confirmed conducting airstrikes on several targets in Syria, after Damascus activated its air defense system against the IDF jets. While Netanyahu has justified the repeated incursions, explaining that IDF planes targeted Hezbollah weapons convoys, Damascus has said that the Israeli strikes only benefit Daesh and other terrorist groups. Earlier this month, Assad once again accused Israel of helping terrorists. Ynet quotes Assad:

You can assume that these terrorists are fighting for Israel. Even though they aren’t part of the regular Israeli army, they’re fighting for Israel. Israel has common goals with the Pindosis, the French, the British, the Turks, Toads, Thanis and others. Israel is working on helping these terrorists, wherever the Syrian army is advancing. It attacks in one way or another to provide them with assistance, and to stop the momentum of the Syrian army in attacking the terrorists.

In light of Ya’alon’s comments, Assad may have been right.

that’s a hologram…

Mélenchon Won’t Vote for Le Pen, But Won’t Endorse Macron
Robert Mackey, Intercept, Apr 28 2017

A hologram of Jean-Luc Mélenchon addressing supporters in Montpellier earlier this month.

The leader of a far-left movement who won nearly 20% of the vote in the first round of France’s presidential election, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, told his seven million voters in a YouTube address on Friday that he would not tell them how to vote in the final-round run-off next weekend. As for himself, Mélenchon said that he would cast a ballot, and that it would not be for Marine Le Pen, who courted his voters in a video of her own on Friday. But Mélenchon also refused to say that he would vote for Le Pen’s centrist rival, the former banker Emmanuel Macron, to stop the far-right from gaining power.

Instead, Mélenchon predicted that forcing France to choose between a candidate of “the extreme right” and one of “extreme finance” would led to a political crisis, and left open the possibility that he would submit a blank ballot, a form of protest vote permitted under French electoral law. Mélenchon’s platform included provisions for voting to be made mandatory, and for blank ballots to be recognized under law. The appeal for unity, to construct a barrage, or dam, against the rising tide of the far-right, Mélenchon said, was, in fact, a disguised attempt to force voters like him, who profoundly disagree with Macron’s economic policies, to endorse his project. Amid fears that widespread abstention and protest votes for neither candidate could lower the threshold for Le Pen to win with 50% of the valid votes cast, Mélenchon’s refusal to join the sort of united front against Le Pen that led to her father’s defeat in 2002 caused anxiety to spike.

Those fears were reflected on the front page of Saturday’s Libération, the Paris daily, which tried to shock left-wing voters into casting votes for Macron by imagining a Le Pen victory with depressed turnout and a high number of blank protest votes.

They also inspired the Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Corinne Rey, who uses the pen name Coco, to predict that voters who refused to vote for Macron for any reason would be sorry if they lowered the bar for a victorious Le Pen.

Mélenchon’s YouTube address was released hours after Le Pen posted an appeal to his voters on social networks, in which she tried to turn the concept of a united front against her extreme nationalist party on its head, calling on voters of the far-left to unite with her to block Macron, a former economy minister who is liberal on social issues but neoliberal on economics.

Mélenchon spox Raquel Garrido responded:

Mélenchon spox Alexis Corbiere, icily noted Le Pen’s “despicable video” had garnered only a few thousand views all afternoon, in contrast to the message from his party leader, which surpassed 110,000 views in an hour:

At several points in the 32-minute message to his supporters, Mélenchon expressed indignation at the idea that he, or any large number of his voters, could ever support Le Pen, asking rhetorically:

Is there a single person who doubts that I will not vote National Front? My opinion is displayed on all my clothes for five years! And besides, of the 7 million people who voted for me, I am almost certain that only a small fraction part will vote National Front. I am not a guru, I am not a guide. I am a political leader who tries to shed light on the path.

During his clothes comment, he was pointing to a small red triangle pin on his jacket, a symbol of communists deported to Nazi concentration camps during the French Vichy regime Le Pen and her party apologizes for. Perhaps he wants to keep his new party intact ahead of the legislative elections that directly follow the presidential vote.

“if it flies, it will die!” … well … maybe, if it lies, it will die …

Trump threatens “major conflict” with NK
Mike Head, WSWS, Apr 28 2017

Pres Trump last night warned there was “absolutely” the chance of a “major, major conflict” with NK, while claiming that he would prefer a diplomatic outcome to his demand for NK to shut down its nuclear and missile programs. Trump told Reuters on Saturday:

We’d love to solve things diplomatically, but it’s very difficult. I believe Pres Xi is trying very hard … he certainly doesn’t want to see turmoil and death.

Trump is seeking to prepare public opinion for a potentially catastrophic military confrontation, portraying Pindostan as doing all it can to avoid war. At the same time, he is intensifying his demands on China, whose alleged failure to contain NK could provide a pretext for Pindo military action. In reality, through a combination of aggressive military exercises and crippling economic sanctions, Faschingstein is deliberately ratcheting up the pressure on the unstable NK regime. According to reports, former Pres Jimmy Carter has effectively been instructed by the White House and Pentagon not to try and open up channels of communication with NK, as he has in the past. The FT reported today:

The plea to Mr Carter signalled concern that the former president could complicate Pindo policy towards Pyongyang; he has forced previous administrations to change tack, including in 1994 when Bill Clinton had been considering launching a military strike against NK.

Contrary to corporate media claims that the threat of imminent war has receded, following this week’s unprecedented summoning of the Senate to the White House for a military-intelligence briefing on the Korean crisis, the risks created by the Trump administration’s provocative actions are mounting. Numerous Pindosi warships, joined by SK and Japanese vessels, are carrying out large-scale exercises in waters near the Korean Peninsula. Recently released images showed Pindo and SK forces conducting massive live-fire drills close to the DMZ between the North and South. Targets painted on a hillside were obliterated with fighter jets, tanks and attack helicopters. Officials in Faschingstein and Seoul insist their war games are defensive in nature, but such exercises are now based on an aggressive operational plan, OPLAN 5015, agreed to between Pindostan and SK in late 2015. OPLAN includes pre-emptive strikes on North Korea in the event of a war, as well as decapitation raids to assassinate its top leaders. Pyongyang has denounced the current exercises as rehearsals for invasion. Clearly, there is an acute possibility that the war games could spark military clashes, even by mistake or miscalculation, that could start a potential nuclear war on the doorstep of China and Russia, both of which have borders with NK.

Evidently fearing attack, NK yesterday released a propaganda video depicting simulated assaults on Pindostan, showing the White House as a target, followed by an aircraft carrier exploding into flames. The accompanying caption translates into English to read:

When the enemy takes the first step toward provocation and invasion.

This propaganda is both ludicrous and reactionary. Kim Jung-un’s regime lacks any capacity to mount such attacks. Its missiles and nuclear weapons remain primitive, and it would be annihilated by Pindo forces if it attempted to launch any kind of attack. Such videos only play into the hands of Faschingstein, giving it a pretext to conduct a supposed “preemptive” war, while dividing NK workers from their fellow workers in Pindostan and internationally. To intensify the pressure on Pyongyang, SK’s interim government yesterday said it had agreed with Faschingstein on “swift punitive measures” against NK in the event of further NK nuclear or missile tests. The measures, including a new UNSCR, would be “unbearable for NK,” said the presidential office of SK after its national security adviser, Kim Kwan-jin, held a phone call with his Pindo counterpart, Lt-Gen H R McMaster. On Friday, Rex Tillerson will chair a special UNSC meeting. Tillerson will be “very vocal” about nations enforcing new sanctions on NK, State Dept spox M Toner said. The measures will seek to starve NK of any remaining foreign income, adding to the damaging impact of the existing sanctions being enforced by Pindostan & its vassals. Among the measures being proposed are bans on NK’s trade of fishing rights and on NK workers being employed overseas.

Faschingstein has also threatened new sanctions against Chinese finance houses allegedly doing business in NK. This is despite evidence that China’s own measures against Pyongyang, including the suspension of coal purchases, NK’s previous biggest revenue earner, are already having a severe effect. NK exports to China, its main market, fell 35% month-on-month in March, down to just $114.56m, according to Chinese customs data. The Trump administration’s focus on China, accompanied by demands that Beijing take action to stop NK’s missile and nuclear programs, aims to destabilise not just NK but China itself. Faschingstein has continued to insist that China must do more, despite the Beijing leadership protesting that it has little control over Pyongyang and appealing for a partnership with Pindostan to resolve the crisis via dialogue. For all Beijing’s efforts to appease Faschingstein, the Pentagon this week installed a Terminal High-Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) anti-missile battery in SK, defying protests by both China and Russia. Far from being a defensive weapon, the THAAD facility can conduct surveillance deep into China and Russia. Its purpose is to prevent any retaliation in the event of a Pindosi first-strike nuclear attack. Facing intense public opposition in South Korea to the THAAD deployment, Pindostan brought forward the installation to preempt the outcome of the May 9 presidential election to replace the impeached Park Geun-hye.

The Pentagon’s belligerence was underscored when Adm H Harris, commander of PACOM, told a congressional hearing this week that the THAAD system would be operational within days. Harris declared the battery would destroy any missile aimed at Pindo forces. “If it flies, it will die,” Harris said. China’s Foreign Ministry expressed “grave concern.” It said the THAAD deployment broke the strategic balance in the region and ratcheted up the tension on the Korean Peninsula. China urged Pindostan and SK to withdraw the equipment, and warned that China would take necessary actions “to safeguard its own interests.” Yesterday, China announced it would conduct live-fire drills and test new weapons to counter the THAAD system. A military spox said the exercises would simulate counterattack scenarios including launching preemptive strikes to knock out the THAAD using anti-radiation, surface-to-surface or cruise missiles. In Moscow, China and Russia conducted their third joint anti-missile press conference, saying the THAAD deployment aimed to weaken their strategic capability and the two countries would take further action to safeguard their security interests. China’s Central Military Commission spokesman Cai Jun said:

Unilaterally strengthening an anti-missile system is a move to achieve absolute military advantage, which would escalate tensions, trigger regional confrontation or even spark an arms race.

Further fuelling the escalating tensions and uncertainty, the Rand Corporation this week released a report pointing to likely NK regime change operations by Pindostan. Citing senior officials who have defected, the report asserted that wealthy NK elites increasingly regarded Kim Jong-un as weak and ineffective. The report advocated steps to reach out to these elites in order to facilitate the unification of Korea along capitalist lines. Such a regime-change intervention would seek to establish a pro-Pindo state on China’s border, as Faschingstein sought to do during the 1950–53 Korean War, as part of a wider drive to assert unchallenged Pindo hegemony over the Asia-Pacific region.

it’s a nutter alert

Trump Slams “Disrespectful” NK After Unsuccessful Missile Test
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Apr 28 2017

As we detailed earlier, SK’s Yonhap News reported that NK has provoked Trump with yet another ballistic missile test launch, just hours after Pindostan pushed for for more pressure against the Kim Jong-Un regime.

However it did not fly far: the missile, fired from an area just north of Pyongyang toward the Sea of Japan, flew several minutes before breaking apart. AP reports that a US official says North Korean test was likely of a medium-range ballistic missile; it broke up minutes after launch. PACOM confirmed a launch took place at 10:30am Hawaii Time near Pukchang airfield, however the missile did not get to the Sea of Japan and never left North Korean territory, suggesting it failed shortly after launch..

This launch comes just hours after U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned on Friday that failure to curb North Korea’s nuclear and missile development could lead to ‘catastrophic consequences,’ while China and Russia cautioned Washington against threatening military force.

As Reuters reports, Faschingstein has recently lavished praise on Beijing for its efforts to rein in its ally Pyongyang, but Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi made clear to the UNSC it was not only up to China to solve the NK problem. Wang told the UNSC:

The key to solving the nuclear issue on the peninsula does not lie in the hands of the Chinese side.

The ministerial meeting of the council, chaired by Tillerson, exposed old divisions between Pindostan and China on how to deal with NK. China wants talks first and action later, while Pindostan wants NK to curtail its nuclear program before such talks start. Wang told the council:

It is necessary to put aside the debate over who should take the first step and stop arguing who is right and who is wrong. Now is the time to seriously consider resuming talks.

Tillerson responded:

We will not negotiate our way back to the negotiating table with NK, we will not reward their violations of past resolutions, we will not reward their bad behavior with talks.

NK did not take part in the meeting. It seems we just got one step closer to “a major, major conflict.”

Trump has been briefed. Japanese Cabinet Secretary Yoshida Suga notes that one missile was test-fired and seen to drop within Korean territory. South Korea strongly protests the action. PACOM confirms that the missile didn’t leave NK territory, didn’t pose a threat to North America. Furthermore, as AP adds, the launched missile was likely a medium-range KN-17 ballistic missile.

Trump has responded…

khan sheikhoun

Debunking the French Report on Syrian CW
George Washington, Zero Hedge, Apr 28 2017

The French government released a report blaming the Syrian government for this month’s CW incident. The report states:

According to the intelligence obtained by the French services, the  process of synthesizing sarin, developed  by the Scientific Studies and Research Centre (SSRC) and employed by the Syrian armed forces and security services, involves the use of hexamine as a stabilizer. The presence of the same chemical compounds in the environmental samples collected during the attacks on Khan Sheikhoun on Apr 4 2017 and on Saraqib on Apr 29 2013 has therefore been formally confirmed by France. The sarin present in the munitions used on Apr 4 was produced using the same manufacturing process as that used during the sarin attack perpetrated by the Syrian regime in Saraqib. Moreover, the presence of hexamine indicates that this manufacturing process is that developed by the Scientific Studies and Research Centre for the Syrian regime.

Sounds convincing, right? But the report falls apart upon closer scrutiny. Specifically, the head of the UN team investigating the possible use of chemical warfare in Syria (Åke Sellström) wrote an email to MIT rocket scientist Ted Postol in 2014 stating:

Hexamine … is a product simple to get hold of and in no way conclusively points to the government. In addition, hexamine found in samples may be derived from other sources for example, explosives.

I blacked out Postol’s email address to protect his privacy; as I did with personal information in the email below. This week, Washington’s Blog wrote the following email to Dr Sellström seeking confirmation:

The WaPo quotes French officials as saying that analysis of sarin from Khan Sheikhoun shows the presence of hexamine, indicating that the sarin was produced by the Syrian government. However, my understanding is that it is easy to acquire hexamine, and so the presence of the substance does not indicate state-sponsored manufacture. I also understand that hexamine is a common byproduct from explosives. Is that right?

Dr Sellström responded as follows:

In other words, the lead UN investigator is saying that the presence of hexamine could prove that:

  1. The Syrian government did use sarin;
  2. The rebels got a hold of old stocks of government-produced sarin, and then used it themselves;
  3. Someone reverse-engineered the sarin formula previously used by the government and created their own new sarin;
  4. Something else altogether (eg that the hexamine came from every day explosives, was otherwise introduced from other sources, or perhaps the evidence was altogether fudged for political purposes)

The French report also claims:

France assesses that the theory of an attack by the armed groups using a neurotoxic agent on Apr 4 is not credible. France has no information confirming the possession of sarin by these groups.

That’s downright silly, given that it was long ago shown that the rebels do possess chemical weapons such as sarin.

Claims of Syrian Chemical Weapons Attacks Are Total BS
WashingtonsBlog, Apr 28 2017

A Little Background: Pindostan Has Tried to Carry Out Regime Change Since Syria Became An Independent County … The Pindosi government has been trying to replace the Syrian government with folks who will be subservient to Pindostan since 1949 … 3 years after Syria became an independent nation. The CIA succeeded in carrying out a coup in Syria 1949. In 1957, the Pindosi president and British PM agreed to launch regime change again in Syria using a false flag. (False flags are not only historically documented, but presidents, prime ministers, congressmen, generals, spooks, soldiers and police have ADMITTED to planning and carrying out false flat attacks). In 1983, 1986, 1991, 2001, 2009 and 2012, Pindosi officials again schemed about regime change in Syria.

The 2013 Syrian CW Attack Was Carried Out By …
The 2013 sarin attack in Ghouta, Syria, was blamed by Pindostan on the Syrian government. However, the UN report on the attack did NOT blame the government, and the UN human rights investigator accused the rebels rather than the Syrian government of carrying out the attack. Moreover, high-level Pindosi and Turkish officials say that Turkey supplied Sarin gas to Syrian rebels in 2013 in order to frame the Syrian government … to provide an excuse for regime change. Seymour Hersh previously reported that high-level Pindosi sources tell him that the Turkish government carried out the CW attacks blamed on the Syrian government. Hersh’s source, a former senior intelligence official with access to current intelligence told him:

We knew there were some in the Turkish government who believed they could get Assad’s nuts in a vice by dabbling with a sarin attack inside Syria, and forcing Obama to make good on his red line threat.

Indeed, it’s long been known that sarin was coming through Turkey. And a tape recording of top Turkish officials planning a false flag attack to be blamed on Syria as a justification for war was leaked … and confirmed by Turkey as being authentic.

The 2017 CW Incident … Which “Justified” Trump’s Bombing Syria with 57 Cruise Missiles
The recent CW incident was immediately blamed on the Syrian government. And the Trump administration immediately launched 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian air base based on the accusation. But many of the American intelligence officials who warned that the claims about Iraq (which led to a disastrous war) were fake say that these claims are fake as well. Indeed, former CIA officer Philip Giraldi says that Pindo intelligence community insiders are furious that the Trump administration has twisted the intelligence so as to claim that the Syrian government carried out a CW attack. And see this. Indeed, the lead UN investigator into Syrian CW attacks has debunked one of the main allegations attempting to pin the recent CW incident on the Syrian government. And a top Pindosi rocket scientist has made Swiss cheese out of the government’s claims that the Syrian government was responsible.  And see this. But when the military-industrial folks want a war, do facts even matter?

lisa promotes the CIA/MI6 version of reality

“corrupt anti-christian plutocratic elites”…

Has the Globalist Establishment Defeated the Populist-Nationalist Revolt?
J G Jatras, Strategic Culture Foundation, Apr 28 2017

Last year, when the people of the UK voted in favor of leaving the EU, the Establishment in Europe and Pindostan was stunned. All the polls had predicted a win for the Remain camp. Everyone who counted, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, made it clear that staying within the increasingly dysfunctional EU was the only acceptable option. The friendly advice of global elites, from all the smart, beautiful and rich people on both sides of the Pond, was rejected by the people of Britain, or by the people of England and Wales anyway. What was considered unlikely or even impossible had nonetheless happened. Britain, it seemed, was not dead yet. Next came Pindostan. All the experts said Hillary Clinton’s victory was a foregone conclusion. The only serious questions were how large her win would be, whether other Rethugs running for Congress and state offices could escape the vortex of Donald Trump’s debacle of historical proportions, whom would she select for her Cabinet, and when would WW3 start. Indeed, some seriously suggested that Trump had run solely to help ensure Hillary’s path to the White House, as the only Rethug who could manage to lose to such a flawed Demagog standard-bearer. But working-class voters in Pindostan’s Rust Belt, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, flipped the Establishment a rude gesture and elected Trump. Pindostan, it seemed, was not dead yet. On both sides of the Atlantic the revolt had been unleashed! Ordinary citizens demanding to claw back power from the Davos class were on the march! What began in 2016 would surely continue in 2017. Except it didn’t.

Actually, the counter-attack of the Establishment began already in 2016. In Austria, Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ), who earlier in the year had initially squeaked out a narrow win, which was then reversed by questionable absentee ballots, only then to be nullified by a court challenge, lost to an establishment candidate in a December re-run. The loss came after a predictable campaign of vilification of the FPÖ and Hofer as (choose your favorite) racist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, fascist, Nazi and so forth. The first test of what some have called the «Trump effect» had failed. Next came the Netherlands. The Mar 15 vote saw the defeat of the Party for Freedom of Geert Wilders, who promised to hold a Brexit-style referendum to take the Netherlands out of the EU or, so to say, «Nexit». Focused heavily on to the harmful impact of Islamic immigration and Muslims’ refusal to integrate into Dutch society and accept Dutch social standards, Wilders made an even more attractive target than Hofer for those whose concept of Europe includes abolishing its traditional identity. Even though polls showed most Dutch voters favoring a referendum, the result was another defeat for the «far-Right». Why is there never a «far-Left»? (There is always a «far-Left»! – RB) Now we come to France. Three-quarters of French citizens cast their ballots in the first round for candidates who to one extent or another wanted to renegotiate or end France’s relationship with the EU («Frexit») and maybe NATO too, and to restore ties with Russia. The only top contender who did not make such an offer, Emmanuel Macron, an Establishment candidate fraudulently branded an «outsider» by the servile media, is heavily favored to win over (you guessed it) «racist» «far-Right» «fascist» «Islamophobic» «xenophobic» Marine Le Pen of the National Front. Some media are already warning in grim terms about Russian intrigues to secure her victory, preemptively discrediting her if she does somehow manage to win, or at least sowing «doubt/discord/confusion».

Which brings us back Pindostan again. Trump won, but he is far from fully in control of the apparatus of the Pindosi government. Congressional inquiries into Russian influence in the election and on his team now suggest that Mike Flynn could face criminal charges. Federal judges brazenly disregard the laws and the Constitution to strike down Trump’s efforts to police Pindostan’s borders and deport illegal aliens. Taking what may seem now to him the path of least resistance, Trump and his appointees have instituted a national security policy that hardly differs from Obama’s, or from what Hillary’s would have been if she had won:

  • Vilify Russia, maintain sanctions, and keep expanding NATO (welcome Montenegro!), which turns out not to be «obsolete» after all;
  • Bomb Syria and demand «regime change» in Damascus;
  • Expand military operations in Afghanistan, including dropping the «Mother Of All Bombs»;
  • Threaten North Korea and Iran with military action; and
  • Press China on Korea and the South China Sea, while offering concessions on trade, in a complete reversal of what should have been Trump’s deal.

Part of this reflects bad personnel selections. Part of it may be a calculation born of necessity: one step forward, two steps back. After all, Steve Bannon has called himself a Leninist! The pinprick strike on Syria indicates it may have been mainly for show. But most of all we see how weak Trump’s position is, election or no election. The Establishment may not have been able to stop him at the ballot box, partly because of how horrible (sic – RB) the competing candidate and her campaign were. But they still may get the last laugh. If indeed Le Pen is defeated, it may show that the corrupt, plutocratic, anti-Christian, anti-national pseudo-elites have found the formula to ensure their perpetuation in power, for a while anyway. That, however, will do nothing to address the political, economic, demographic and above all spiritual crises that characterize their misrule. It means only that they have beat back orderly and peaceful attempts by decent citizens to change course before it’s too late. If that turns out to be the case, it will only mean that the collapse will be all the more terrible, when it comes.