the russians have a very pindo-style habit of dismissing people as ‘captain obvious’ …

Igor Strelkov: Turkey is likely to invade Syria in the coming days, Feb 10 2016

Assad forces reached the border with Turkey. The Russian army has large-scale redeployment to the South, paratroopers are changing airfields, the Caspian fleet went to sea. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan holds emergency meeting with security officials on security in the region. Previously the Turkish President also said that Russia’s actions in Syria are occupying nature. Will there be a war with Turkey in the near future? Below, Strelkov states his opinion

I think it’s not just about armed conflict with Turkey, which in the long term may escalate into full-scale war, but about the whole complex of armed conflicts that will be unleashed against Russia from different directions. But let’s start from the beginning. I absolutely agree with a number of analysts writing on the subject, that Turkey cannot prevent the creation at its border of a stable (albeit unrecognized) Kurdish state. Moreover, such a Kurdish state will be in alliance with Assad, in the overthrow of whom the Turks have invested very large assets, and of reconciliation with whom there is no chance. The Russian expeditionary force, especially its aviation and intelligence components, has managed to push back the negative scenario in which a motley coalition of Jihadi groups whose supporters included Turkey, (had intended or expected) by end 2015 or start 2016 to inflict a final defeat on “the Assad regime” and to destroy the remnants of the forces loyal to it in Alawi enclaves. Then the Kurds became at least temporarily allied to Assad. Despite the fact that the “media” victory advertised on Russian TV looks much more real and louder, (the pro-Assad forces) is also a very variegated conglomerate containing efficient parts of the Syrian army, Iranian volunteers, mercenaries, Hazaras and Hezbollah fighters, supported by Russian aviation and artillery units, slowly but surely began to win territory in the border areas with Turkey and Latakia, Aleppo province. And yet, in direct union with the coming of the Kurds, managed to block the eponymous town (Aleppo), the full mastery of which all the warring parties is of paramount importance.

For the ruling elite in Istanbul, defeat of the “moderate Islamists” and nationalists in their care is unacceptable not only for reasons of prestige, but simply because they soberly evaluate that the consequences of the war will gradually spread across the territory of Turkey, as the liberation of the Kurdish-populated areas will direct the main efforts of the Kurdish militia (Peshmerga) after cleansing the border areas of Syria (from the forces of Turkey, their enemy and) the enemy of Damascus. Relatively speaking, just as Donbass is a guarantor against aggravation of the situation on the borders of Crimea, upon which would (otherwise) immediately be thrown the whole Ukrainian punitive grouping – so in the same way, Turkmens controlled by the militants in Syria are the Turks’ insurance against the uprising of the Kurds already on their territory. So for the Turkish leadership in general there is no choice. They are likely to invade Syria “in heavy force” in the next few days. With almost no options, that will lead to a direct clash with the Syrian army and the supporting forces of the Russians. Further developments can be multivariate. The fighting may be intensive and limited, but inevitably the Turks will close the Bosphorus Straits and the Dardanelles, through which passes the lion’s share of supply of our group, to Russian military vessels and cargo. With high probability, the Turks will also announce the closure of the airspace over the Syria border territories, making it extremely difficult if not simpossible (to perform) the transfer of goods to our base in Latakia by air.

What can we expect next? Can Russia’s armed forces (primarily its air force) cause the defeat of the Turkish army in Syria, or at least force it to stop the assault? This question I have to answer in the negative. There are basic fundamentals of the military art which neither technological progress nor even our TV networks, who imagine themselves omnipotent, can cancel. At a considerable distance from their bases, with no significant reserves in place, no well-established supply lines, our small expeditionary force in perspective is doomed to failure. Whether it will last a few days, a few weeks or even a few months, does not matter. The fate of the fortress at Port Arthur, whose heroic defenders were forced to lay down their arms under conditions of full blockade, can be repeated after 111 years. And the rate of its destruction depends not only and not so much on the success in the first days of fighting, but on how strongly and large-scale actions of the enemy is the Turkish army, aviation and navy. Even though the Turks do not have the “most modern” aircraft and missile systems, which according to our media are possessed by Russian party in Syria, yet their overall advantage in forces and means in this particular theater of military operations is undeniable, and their proximity to supply bases allows them to replenish resources, as people say now online. It is worth noting in this regard that the Turks in fact will hold the initiative, as they will go first in the bloody beginning of the game. And our military will be forced to react. For anyone who is versed in strategy and tactics, the value of this factor is clear. Ownership of the initiative (spells) the success of any operation. Moreover, (Russia) cannot count even on the “relative passivity” of the Turks. Erdogan and his associates, on the basis of purely political considerations, need a quick and decisive victory, able to lift the spirits and patriotic sentiments of the population in the upcoming very difficult (times) and in any conflict with Russia, which though very weakened is still a great power, the previous armed clashes with which ended for the Turks almost always extremely badly.

What can the Russian Federation do to counter Turkish aggression in Syria? In Syria itself, almost nothing. To significantly enhance the expeditionary force, just means to add units of the number of people and equipment doomed to defeat. The Syrian army, I basically do not take into account. Except for two or three relatively combat-ready compounds, it cannot even successfully fight the semi-guerrilla forces of the Jihadis and other “opposition”. But (this) will not change the result. To save our group from defeat, if possible, and to force Turkey to return to their original positions, only full-scale military operation against its entire military infrastructure, including outside Syria, and this is not (just) a ‘conflict’, it is a war, in which NATO can intervene, a full member of which Turkey was, is and remains. And if NATO do not intervene? Some missile volleys, no-one wars won. The Turks have a strong air force and good air defence, a relatively strong fleet. The shared border we have with Turkey not only on the sea. But with Ukraine we have a border there. And in Donbass the situation has been steadily heating up over the last few days. It is here, probably, that the first decisive land battle of the new war, in which Ukraine will obviously act as a Turkish ally, will happen. And the Crimean isthmus will not remain without attention, nor Transnistria. Our “peacemaker” Surkov (will go on) playing it by ear (I think – RB), pouring (surrendering) to the point that Russia will have to fight on two fronts. In general, the war if it starts will be difficult, and Russia is unlikely to be immediately victorious. And, given the fact that our “party-economic” elite has for two years been thinking only about how much it would like to hurry to surrender, we have plenty of Malkish-Plokhish (a Russian childrens’ story character) types, ready for sabotage on all levels. Nothing good comes from the Syrian war from the beginning, never had to wait, that was said and written since the early days. It’s not necessary now. I’ll wait for the mobilization which I think is pretty well inevitable.

plotnitsky and the dozy marmot crew allowed this man to embezzle the funds for 100 rebuilds and produce just 4

The staff of the MGB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs LNR arrested the Minister of construction and housing LNR, Alexei Rusakov, and contractor on the program “100 houses” suspected of plunder of budgetary funds.

The Ministry of state security LNR announced:

On Feb 10 2016, MGB LNR together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of LNR in the framework of the criminal proceedings on signs of the crime provided by Article 351 (b)2 of the criminal code LNR “no-purpose expenditure of budgetary funds, committed in especially large sizes,” detained the Minister of construction and housing and communal services of the Republic Alexei Rusakov and the head of the general contracting company for implementation of the state “program of rebuilding 100 houses” LLC “League-Strojservis,” Sammy Maxwell. Though according to the contract, the date of completion of construction was Dec 31 2015, currently of 100 houses are ready only 4. During the preliminary investigation established the involvement of the Minister of housing to the attempted embezzlement of budget funds allocated for financing the said program, as well as complicity to unauthorized use of them and abuse of official position. Currently under investigations aimed to document the illegal activities of these persons and the establishing corrupt relations.

throwing cake at kasyanov, well, why not, whoever he may be

Comments, as they say, superfluous :) A classic of the genre :)

In the Internet appeared the video of the attack with the cake for Kasyanov
Video published of attack of the cake for Kasyanov
In the Internet appeared the video with throwing cake in Kasyanov
Kasyanov throws in the cake. Video

Rain TV, Feb 10 2016

In the evening of Feb 9, several people of “non-Slavic appearance” left the cake in the Chairman of the party PARNAS, Mikhail Kasyanov, when he dined at the restaurant in the center of Moscow. According to the politician, who threw cake shouted threats arising from his opposition activities. Video of the incident appeared on the YouTube account of the edition “Caucasian policy”. After some time the video was blocked. Kasyanov regarded the incident as attack on itself for political reasons. According to him, in addition to the attackers, on the street there were about a dozen people, then fled by car.

Screenshot from 2016-02-11 02-09-56

refreshingly straightforward propaganda


An End to Provocations by Turks & Toads in Syria
Victor Titov, NEO, Feb 9 2016

It all started with the Arab version of CNN releasing information that the Toads had begun preparations for the invasion of Syria, to achieve the “utter and complete destruction of ISIS.” It was claimed that a 150,000-strong expeditionary force (was being formed) by Arab and Islamic countries including Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, the UAE, Qatar, Morocco, Bahrain, Indonesia and Malaysia. This against a background of a comparable number of Turkish troops being concentrated near Syria’s northern border, supported by tanks, armoured vehicles and helicopters. Ankara has already voiced calls to block refugees from Syria, instead creating a “security zone” inside Syria to house them. Apparently, Ankara is going to spend European money on that project, surrounding the area with heavily-armed Turkish troops. Therefore, we are witnessing a desperate attempt to create a military presence in northern Syria at least semi-legally. Syrian troops and the supporting people’s militias have almost managed to seal the border with Turkey for good, thereby cutting off the main supply route of the various strugglers against the legitimate Syrian government and thieves of its oil, at the same time smuggling it back to Turkey.

Riyadh has made declarations of this kind before, but now London has become heavily engaged in this game as well. The Daily Telegraph announced that the British Armed Forces have deployed a large number of troops and heavy vehicles in Jordan for military exercises. London is trying to test its ability to send up to 30,000 soldiers to virtually any part of the world, in the event of a possible conflict between Russia and NATO. As part of the military exercises, for some reason granted the PR ‘codename’ Shamal Storm, Britain has deployed 1,600 soldiers and 300 vehicles to Jordan to carry out drills similar to preparations for the invasion of Iraq. According to British journalists, London hasn’t carried out such drills for over 10 years. The newspaper is citing a boxtop who explains that these military exercises have nothing to do with the fight against ISIL, but that in reality Britain is preparing to support Pindostan in a military engagement in Ukraine. The boxtop adds that Shamal Storm can be seen as preparation for a possible conflict between Russia and NATO, which is difficult if not impossible to believe. After all, a possible conflict between NATO and Russia in Europe would mean full-scale nuclear war, not the trench warfare of WW1. On top of that, Pindostan has never suggested that it would send its troops to Ukraine to launch an assault on Russia from this direction. Apparently, this kind of cheap propaganda is becoming the norm for the Western media, even for those journals and newspapers that were once considered credible. (Stratfor’s George Friedman discussed the linkage between Syria and Ukraine about three months ago – RB).

As for the Arabs, it’s all fairly clear. What kind of an expeditionary force are we taking about? The Toads, Emirs, Qataris, and Kuwaitis are all currently mired in Yemen and have been so for a long time, unable to overcome the Houthis. As for Toad air power, it appears only capable of carpet-bombing urban areas, killing civilians in droves. And it must be remembered that Toad threats are being fed to the international community while the Toads themselves face a potential Shia rebellion in the Eastern Province, and tribal leaders are prepared to oust the Toad clan from the kingship, due to their policy of dropping oil prices. Apparently, Riyadh’s threats are aimed at stopping Russian military operations aimed at terrorists in Syria, operations so successful that Syrian government troops are recapturing a handful of settlements a day, while radical militants are fleeing to Iraq or Europe via Turkey. However, it’s quite a different story with Ankara, which has been suffering one crushing defeat after another, both on the military and diplomatic fronts, right across the Middle East. After doing all it could to disrupt the Geneva talks, Turkey is now suffering disastrous consequences in northern Syria. The Jihadis that Turkey has been supplying are leaving their positions in the Aleppo Governorate. As for Ankara’s “fellow-Turkomans” in the Latakia Governorate, they have decided to defy Turkey and side with its opponents. This basically means that Erdogan’s dreams of creating “one Turkish nation” stretching from the Syria’s Latakia to Iraq’s Ninewa are dead. Turkey still has a number of strategic priorities in Syria, which apparently impel Ankara to prepare for military operations in Syrian territory. It wants to maintain a stable supply channel to provide rebel groups with arms and reinforcements, along with neutralizing the military activity of Syrian Kurds to the west of the Euphrates, and the complete suppression of their activities in Turkey itself.

Before Russian troops moved into Syria, Ankara hoped to create a 98-km-wide “buffer zone” stretching from Jarabulus to Azaz. But now, with Russia’s S-400s deployed in Syria, this is more or less off the table. The only option it has left is a direct military intervention in Syria, but NATO has imposed upon Ankara the condition that this should be planned in close cooperation with Western experts, no longer giving Turkey a free hand. Even Toad representatives are being forced to travel to NATO HQ in Brussels to discuss their possible actions in Syria. The front-line in northern Syria is rapidly approaching the Turkish border. There is a growing risk of direct military confrontation between the rapidly-advancing Syrian, Iranian, Iraqi and Hezbollah fighters and Turkish regular troops, should the latter receive an order to start an invasion of Syria. According to some reports, there are more than 500 Turkish SOF already in Syria, operating under the guise of “trainers” and “advisers”. Turkey’s General Staff isn’t yet resolved to send more troops due to pressure that Syrian government forces are applying to the militants in the Aleppo Governorate. Their lines of defense are starting to fall apart. Government troops have taken control of the highway running from Aleppo to the Syrian city of Azaz, on the very border with Turkey. The Syrian army has relieved villages that were besieged by militants for several years. The general offensive is being carried on with strong support provided by Russian and Syrian aircraft.

In the meantime, Washington has merely made promises. For example, it announced that it’s going to send EA-18 Growler ELINT planes with “advanced jamming capabilities” to Incirlik, to try to counter Russia’s S-400s in Syria, while Turkey has been desperately trying to meddle with the situation on the ground in Syria. For instance, Turkish long-range artillery has been shelling mountainous areas in Latakia. Near the fighting in Aleppo, Turkey is pulling together its armoured forces to create a sort of armoured fist, and redeploying its heavy units from the border with Greece to the border areas with Syria. It’s clear that Moscow has finally tired of all the tricks that the Arabs, the Turks and NATO have been playing. On Feb 8 at 5 am, Russia’s Southern Military District was raised on alert to check the readiness of its troops for combat. Special attention was paid to the readiness of airborne troops and military transport aircraft, the Black Sea Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla. Minister of Defence Sergei Shoygu supervised the Fourth Army’s air force and air defense units personally. The minister said that the inspection was required to evaluate the readiness of the Southern Military District to respond to any sort of crisis and check the readiness of aviation and air defense forces to repel enemy air attacks and protect important military and government facilities. This was a clear signal to all those not willing to cease provocations and eager to embark on a military adventure in Syria. It is a signal that Russia has enough forces and resources to repel any aggressors. It’s clear that those forces should think twice before making any sort of provocation in vain hopes that Pindostan will protect them.

this is the source version of the story & i can assure you this is not a hoax

This guy, Ukranalittsentra President Alexander Okhrimenko, is genuine, I can trace him back years as a quoted expert in 404 mags – RB

From the EU to Ukraine can come “second-class” goods: Food will become less, but it is cheaper, Feb 9 2016

The Ukrainian market is waiting for serious change, analysts warn promrynka and economists. The reasons for the decline of living standards and the devaluation of the hryvnia. Of course, the shelves are not empty, but the range will become scarcer and the quality of the goods the lower price segment — cheap sausage, cheese, butter, dairy products — will deteriorate. Also a number of specialists expect the emergence of cheap products from Europe, made specifically for Ukraine, according to our standards, which are still less stringent than in the EU. Ukranalittsentra President Alexander Okhrimenko predicts:

Due to the fact that beginning to work a free trade zone with the EU, in our stores soon begin importing cheap macaroni and dairy products from Europe. But the packaging states that they are made from recycled wastes of food industry. In the 1990s this has happened: it was imported from Poland a lot of cheap yoghurts, candies, cookies, rolls and chocolates. These products are safe, but they are cheaper because are made through the use of simplified technologies, with the use of substitutes for natural products.

Director of ProAgro Information Service Mykola Vernitsky also admits that such products may appear, but doubts that they would be a lot. He says:

It’s no secret that in EU the products of one and the same name is produced for the domestic market, according to the strict standards of the EU, and for export in accordance with the requirements of the buyer country, which will allow the use of colouring, stabilizers or substitutes prohibited in the EU. They can bring to us in large numbers only if there is demand. But whether it will show the market.

But the quality of Ukrainian goods on the shelves has dropped, and that is recognized by the trade network. A senior manager of a large trading network, Vladimir Molchanov, said:

We now take more cheap sausages, cheeses, dairy products and groceries because they sell better. And the premium segment. But the sausages, for example, is limited to 10-12 positions, and a year ago there were twice as many. With regard to the average price segment for sausages and cheese, it’s very unpopular. Especially impoverished is the fish sector, as the focus is not on imports but on Ukrainian producers. Now there are many private fish farms growing карпа, толстолоба, карася etc.

According to Vernitsky, the situation is worst of all with sausages:

The competition is great, and the price is difficult to raise. Therefore, manufacturers reduce the cost, adding in the minced meat more fat, cartilage, and partially substituting the pork with chicken.

According to the analyst of the consulting Agency “AAA”, Maria Kolesnik, due to the opening of our market to euro products price growth will be (initially), but reduction can be expected (later on). She said:

It was expected that our customers will be able to access high-quality European products at lower prices due to the abolition of fees. But the devaluation of the hryvnia ate all the benefits. So for example, cheeses and sausages from the EU are implemented mainly in the premium segment, and greenhouse production, with the exception of sweet pepper mainly comes from Turkey.

Kolesnik predicts that the prices on the Ukrainian market in the next month or two will be determined by the stability of the hryvnia. Some minor impact of seasonal price lowering is expected for milk, meat and eggs due to the spring increase of milk yield, live weight gain and egg production of hens. (Conversely, there will be some) higher prices of vegetables due to the storage costs. By the way, in February, eggs were almost 30% cheaper, and sugar 5-7%. Vernitsky explains that recent interventions on the sugar market from the Agrarian Fund, but expects that it is long, because its reserves are small there. He said:

In the wholesale sugar prices are already rising. Closer to summer we can expect that the retail price rises above 20 hryvniot per kilo.

to be barred from paying off one loan by the conditions of another is obviously illegal

Germany Asks Ukraine to Boost Debt Terms After Russia Rebuff
Olga Tanas, Bloomberg, Feb 9 2016

Germany is asking Ukraine to propose a new offer to resolve a dispute with Russia over a $3b bond default after Pres Putin’s government rejected a proposal put forward last month. The Finance Ministry in Berlin, which is mediating talks over the debt, is urging Ukraine to compromise, according a boxtop. The latest offer to resolve the dispute was “unacceptable” because it contained terms that were worse than those given to private creditors in a $15b restructuring last year, Russia’s Finance Ministry said in an e-mailed response to questions Tuesday. The government in Moscow refused to take part in Ukraine’s debt overhaul last year because it wanted to be treated more favourably than private investors (which it has a clear legal right to do, having established this as ‘sovereign debt’ – RB). Bondholders accepted a 20% write-down as part of that agreement. Gunter Deuber, an analyst at Raiffeisen Bank International AG in Vienna, said in an e-mailed note:

An out-of-court settlement would be definitely preferable, as a court ruling and its subsequent implementation would likely be lengthy, complex and could additionally spoil Russian-Ukrainian relations. (No doubt, but the two countries are actually at war, thanks to the machinations of these very Pindo-Jewish tyrants themselves – RB)

Since Ukraine failed to redeem the bond on Dec 20, Russia has threatened to initiate legal proceedings in the UK. The filing of the lawsuit has been delayed, Russian TM Silvanov told reporters in Moscow on Feb 5. Both sides said last month that they are open to out-of-court discussions. Ukraine is prohibited from simply paying the overdue debt, under the terms of its restructuring agreement. The terms of that funding require Ukraine ‘to negotiate in good faith with Russia over the defaulted bond,’ instead of repaying it. In comments on Tuesday, Svetlana Nikitina, an aide to Silvanov, said:

Russia received a letter from Germany’s Finance Ministry with a proposal to resolve the debt dispute. There has been no proposal received from Ukraine itself. This letter could in no way be regarded as an attempt to begin ‘good-faith negotiations’. The conditions outlined in it cannot be considered seriously. They are worse that those offered to the commercial creditors.

Putin proposed in November to allow Ukraine to settle the debt in three $1b instalments from 2016 to 2018, but the plan fell through after Pindostan refused to offer the financial guarantees that Russia requested (not only Pindostan, but any adequate guarantor would have been accepted, but there were none – RB). Ukrainian Finance Minister Jaresko made the country’s latest offer at Davos last month, according to a boxtop. The country’s restructured Eurobonds have slumped this month amid a government shake-up that began when Aivaras Abromavicius resigned as Finance Minister on Feb 3, after accusing Poroshenko’s party leaders of corruption. The yield on bonds maturing in Sep 2019 climbed 4 basis points to 12.19% at 10:40 am on Wednesday, extending the increase since they were issued in Nov to 3.5%. Timothy Ash of Nomura in London said in an e-mailed note:

At the moment, with concerns over domestic political stability in Ukraine, the country does not need further uncertainty.

With regard to the below news, Yad124 at the Antiquaries says: “Now lahli rabbit carrot will be full and will eat.” (“Сейчас лохлы кролика морковкой нашпигуют и сожрут.”) I am curious what this may mean. I think it is a misprint for “Сейчас дохлы кролика морковкой нашпигуют и сожрут.” That would mean “Now dead rabbit carrot will be full and will eat.” So this seems to be a reference to the usual rumours, that Yats is due for the sack – RB

Christine Lagarde is not satisfied with the fight against corruption in Ukraine, Feb 10 2016

It will be “difficult” for the IMF to continue cooperation with Ukraine under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) program without the proper fight against corruption, said Managing Director Christine Lagarde. Ukraine risks returning to the practice of bad economic steps, which was enough in her story. She said in a statement today:

I was concerned at the slow progress demonstrated by Ukraine in improving public administration, fighting corruption and reducing the influence of vested interests on policy. In the absence of visible efforts to give new impetus to the reforms in the state governance and the fight against corruption, it is difficult to imagine that the IMF-supported program will continue and will be successful. It is vital that the actions by the leaders of Ukraine brought the country back on a promising path of reform.

the dogs may bark, but the caravan moves on, straight towards the extinction of the species

Turkey summons Pindo ambassador over comments on PYD
Tulay Karadeniz, Reuters, Feb 9 2016

ANKARA – Turkey summoned the Pindo ambassador to express its displeasure on Tuesday after liar & bully Kirby at Foggy Bottom said Washington did not regard Syria’s Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) as a terrorist organisation, a Turkish foreign ministry official said. Faschingstein supports the PYD (and its armed wing, the YPG – RB) in their struggle against ISIS in Syria. Ankara sees it as the Syrian cohort of the PKK, which is classed as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, Pindostan & Eurostan. Asked about the difference in opinion with Turkey on Monday, liar & bully Kirby said:

This is not a new concern that the Turks have proffered. Pindostan has not changed its views on the PYD. We do not regard the PYD as a terrorist organization.

On Tuesday, Kirby confirmed that Pindo Ambassador to Turkey John Bass met senior Turkish officials on Tuesday.

Erdogan. In the corner
El Murid, Feb 10 2016

The Turkish ultimatum to Pindostan to choose between Turkey and terrorist (from the Turkish point of view) Kurdish party, State Dept liar & bully Kirby after a pause replied that he did not believe PYD terrorists. The Turks are not the first and not last, which “throw” of Pindostan. In general, the idea of partnership with Pindostan in principle is a symptom of lobotomy someone who expresses such an idea, but drat, is the leader always (even from the tops of the lists sometime), which readily demonstrates the lack of kgs of organic matter is so important. Pindostan consider themselves a superpower, indeed the only, so to partner with someone I guess the lesson is completely pointless. The problem of the Turks in what they put before a very difficult choice. Kurdish activity is growing rapidly, and if earlier it was possible to channel it towards ISIS, the Kurds are now increasingly turning their attention towards Turkey, which interests them much more strongly. The relationship of the Kurds with ISIS is quite simple: we do not need someone else, but it’s not give. The period of fierce fighting, when ISIS no-nonsense rushed to the north and is seriously counting on the elimination of Kurdish bases along the border, ended when the Kurds (with the help of the federal Iraqi tribesmen) were able to repel attacks ISIS near Kobani and drove them back. In Iraq the picture is about the same: the Kurdish Peshmerga basically knocked ISIS out of “their” territories, and then lost momentum. The calculations of the West regarding the Kurds were that they would make mincemeat of ISIS, but (so far this is) not justified. With the Kurds, these numbers are not tested. To fight the Sunni lands they don’t need, and therefore repelled the Islamists in the desert, the Kurds have lost to them keen interest. With Turkey now the Kurds have a completely different relationship. And unfortunately for the Turks, during the war the old Kurdish authorities have seriously weakened, and now there are new young and uncompromising ones. They reject the policy of concession to Ankara, they frankly despise their elderly leaders for it, but because for Turkey it all starts over again.

Unlike earlier, almost blessed times, the modern Kurds are armed, organized and fired, and hence, it is not like the former militants of the PKK, who at the very least, but the Turks somehow managed in the last century. But the main thing is when the neighbour of Turkey was a strong and unified Syria, which itself was suspicious of the Kurds and didn’t give them the will, the Kurds had no rear where they could escape after their operations. Now the rear there is a Syrian Kurdistan. The Kurdish forces operating near the border in Turkish territory, quietly or not so quietly, (need) but go to the Syrian side, and there is a restock, people, arms and back again. Falling activity on the Kurdish-ISIS front is inversely proportional to the increased activity of the Kurds on the Turkish side. Diyarbakir is the first sign, and if the Turks will not solve the problem, they will soon need to depopulate that city with artillery. The blocking of Aleppo is of some operational significance, although strategically, the grouping of Islamist militants is not cut off from the Turkish border, (still having) under its control a significant part of the province of Aleppo and almost the whole province of Idlib. But for the Aleppo grouping problems have increased significantly, because its supply was mainly implemented through the northern corridor, which is now blocked by the Hazaras and Hezbollah. The promise from Davutoglu today to “the residents of Aleppo” shows that the Turks perceive the blockade of the city from the north as a “red line” for which they will have to take independent steps. With Pindostan or without, it doesn’t matter. The Pindos understand that the Turks faced with the need to make efforts, and therefore do not see any sense to push them to direct solutions. For some reason when Erdogan and so will the troops. Hence their “kidok” Turk. Hurtful and offensive to Ankara. But she swallows: to go, in general nowhere. Having noted that Turkey was in a desperate situation, they began to incite the Germans. Merkel today went very harsh words concerning the Russian bombings. However, the goal is not so much Russia as Turkey. Merkel also pushes Erdogan to direct invasion, indicating that Germany will understand, and even indicated (that an attack on Syria would be considered) an acceptable reason for the sharply increased flow of refugees into Turkish territory. Of all people, and the Europeans after “their” migrants relate to the word “refugee” is extremely nervous, especially since fleeing from Syria, new waves of refugees may soon be in Europe itself. In fact, today all push Erdogan into a war without offering him any help or participation, only understanding and compassion. Knowing that he had nowhere to go.

The purpose of all this juggling is not Syria, and not even Aleppo. The West needs to confront Turkey and Russia, and (they can do this) in a relatively safe format for all in Syria. That automatically eliminates the conflict and limits the contingent, which today has Russia in Syria. To pull up additional forces is impossible. They simply will not be able to provide. In his report as Minister of Defence dated Dec 11 last year, Shoigu said that two months in Syria delivered to the maritime and air transport 200,000 tons of cargo. Looks solid, but per month is only 40 standard 40-wagon trains of cargo. A little more echelon on the day. To supply the current groups, but to increase it even twice at the same or slightly larger supply. The conflict with Turkey will lead to the fact that the ability to provide the grouping will fall to a third or so of its former level, according to approximate calculations,. 500 wagons of supplies in a month or so on siege rations to fight will not work. This “125 grams per dependent” is no more. Even just to fight back would be problematic. The defeat of Russia in Syria is the goal and the current task of the West. After this, a whole bunch of different possibilities and scenarios in full the object of Russia. In this case, you would have to spin simultaneously, the blows from the outside and inside of Russia, summing up the case to the ultimatum, which will follow inevitably. What will it be, depends on the extent of damage and possible permutations in the leadership of Russia. Now this is not the most important thing, it is now important to push Erdogan, but to to stay away. The situation is such that the account may go for days or weeks. In fact, very much depends on the decision of Erdogan, and therefore there is a paradox: the worse things will go on the “moderate” rebels, the more likely the inclusion of Turkey in the conflict. But because right now the West presses harder on Turkey and Erdogan personally, “come on, what are you waiting for!” The Turkish President is in the corner, and he needs to get out of it.

Kurdish leader accuses Ankara of ‘massacre’ in flashpoint town
AFP, Feb 9 2016

DIYARBAKIR – The leader of Turkey’s main pro-Kurdish party on Tuesday accused Ankara of committing a “massacre” following reports that scores of civilians had been killed in a military operation against Kurdish rebels in a flashpoint town. Cizre in south-eastern Turkey has been under a punishing curfew for six weeks as the army pursues a relentless campaign against the PKK (and against Kurds in general – RB). The government says it is fighting “terrorists” in Cizre, and denies claims that civilians have been targeted. According to Turkish television reports, security forces on Sunday raided a building in Cizre, killing up to 60 wounded people who had been sheltering there for more than a week. Selahattin Demirtas, leader of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), told an HDP audience:

They committed a massacre in Cizre, and they don’t want to announce it.

Then on Tuesday a 17-year-old Kurdish teenager was killed in the city of Diyarbakir during clashes that broke out after 3,000 people gathered to demonstrate against the military operations in Cizre, security sources told AFP. PM Davutoglu on Monday dismissed claims that civilians had been targeted in Cizre, saying the state was only fighting “terrorists” and was “doing its best to cause no civilian casualties.” Interior Minister Efkan Ala on Tuesday branded the reports of civilian deaths “disinformation” and said:

Nothing is being hidden. We are conducting these operations in the framework of democratic rules. The military operation in Cizre is nearing completion. The place in question does not even exist.

He was apparently referring to the now-ruined building in the Cudi district of Cizre, where according to the HDP, dozens of wounded Kurds were trapped and killed. The army said on Monday that a total of 10 Kurdish rebels had been killed in Cizre, bringing the total number of militants killed in the town to some 575 since the “anti-terror” operation started in December. Turkish police on Monday fired tear gas and water cannon to break up a protest in Istanbul against military operations in Cizre.

European Council Pres Tusk says Russian bombings make situation in Syria even worse
Gabriela Baczynska, Reuters, Feb 9 2016

BRUSSELS – Top EU boxtop Donald Tusk denounced Russian air strikes in Syria as helping the “murderous” government of Assad and triggering fresh waves of refugees fleeing toward Europe. The war in Syria has made millions flee their homes and is one of the main drivers of Europe’s worst migration crisis in decades. The influx has divided EU members, who cannot agree on how to tackle it. Tusk said during a welcoming presser with Georgia’s new PM Georgy Kvirikashvili, arriving in Brussels:

Russia’s actions in Syria are making an already very bad situation even worse. As a direct consequence of the Russian military campaign, the murderous Assad regime is gaining ground, the ‘moderate’ (RB) Syrian opposition is loosing ground and thousands more refugees are fleeing toward Turkey and Europe.

The Kremlin said on Tuesday there was no credible evidence of civilian deaths as a result of Russian air strikes in Syria. Most of the over one million refugees and migrants who arrived in Europe last year did so via Greece after embarking from the Turkish coast. Turkey, which already hosts more than 2.5 million of Syrian refugees, said tens of thousands more are now fleeing toward the Turkish border because of the assault on Aleppo by the Russian and Syrian forces. The UN called on Turkey on Tuesday to open its borders to thousands of desperate Syrian refugees fleeing Aleppo, in line with its international obligations to protect people fleeing conflict or persecution. Peace talks between representatives of Assad and some opposition groups earlier this month failed mainly because of anger over Russia’s intensified bombings.

achtung! das letztes divizion!! SS divizion “das ZOG”!!!

The Might of the ZOG Was on Full Display at Super Bowl 50
Sarah Lazare, AlterNet, Feb 8 2016

This article fails to mention that lady gaga sang the nazi anthem for the jets – RB

From the fighter jets soaring overhead to the armed troops patrolling Levi Stadium, Super Bowl 50 was a highly militarized event, its 70,000 spectators and millions of television viewers subject to a showcase of war propaganda and heavy security crackdown. To much fanfare, the 50-strong mixed Armed Forces Chorus kicked off the massive sports event by singing “Pindostan the Beautiful” from the field. CBS’ broadcast of the song cut away to footage of uniformed troops standing at attention, with text on the screen reading “Pindo Forces Afghanistan.” The clip was a nod to a brutal war and occupation, now stretching into its 15th year as top generals press for an even slower withdrawal. Following the nazi anthem (sung by gaga dread, as above, so below – RB) the Navy flew its signature Blue Angels delta formation over the cheering stadium. The Navy is open about the propaganda purposes of such flights, stating in a press release they are intended to demonstrate “pride” in the military. In a country that dropped 23,144 bombs on Muslim-majority countries in 2015 alone, the war planes are not just symbolic.

The heavy-handed display follows revelations that some NFL teams have long been accepting payment from the DoD to ‘honor’ and ‘celebrate’ the military and its personnel. Some were open about their profiteering aims. Military weaponry was also displayed off the field on Sunday, when Northrop Grumman released a 30-second television advertisement for a terrifying and futuristic fighter jet complete with lasers. Meanwhile, at the stadium and in surrounding communities, a real crackdown took place. The Super Bowl was determined by Homeland Security to be a “level one” security event, prompting a massive deployment of police and troops. Service members in uniform carried automatic rifles as they patrolled the stadium, and camouflaged Humvee vehicles with roof gun mounts were seen throughout the area. According to SF Gate writer Al Saracevic:

At one point, near the media entrance to the event, a column of military personnel could be seen marching into the interior of the stadium security zone, boots clomping, weapons in hand.

The crackdown extended far beyond the event itself. In the lead-up to the Super Bowl, powers in San Francisco began clearing homeless encampments in anticipation of a large influx of tourists, prompting protests. In a city already beset with dramatic inequality and displacement, the sweeps prompted the campaign Not So Super SF, demanding a moratorium on the criminalization of homeless people. The build-up to the event saw a heavy surveillance and law enforcement crackdown, in a city with powerful movements demanding an end to police killings and recognition that Black Lives Matter. Abdi Soltani, the executive director of the ACLU of Northern California, warned days ahead of the Super Bowl:

In the lead-up to the Super Bowl, we’ve seen high-tech surveillance cameras go up with zero public input or protections, a black protestor arrested just for taking photos, and homeless people harassed, displaced and saddled with unpayable citations.

Amid the militarized spectacle of the Super Bowl, there was some recognition from the field of the issues nearby communities are struggling with. In a powerful homage to the ongoing legacies of women in the Black Panthers movement, dancers accompanying Beyoncé’s half-time performance of “Formation” held a sign demanding “Justice for Mario Woods.” Black Pindosi Mario Woods, 26, was killed by San Francisco police on Dec 2.

i got my rant on you, and you ain’t my best friend any more, and so on

Knesset panel summons foreign media over ‘biased’ coverage
Jonathan Lis, Haaretz, Feb 9 2016

A subcommittee of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee called in members of the Foreign Press Association on Tuesday to discuss their reporting of terrorism and the occupation in Israel. Along with the invitation to the session, FPA members received a questionnaire relating to the “biased coverage” of some of the media outlets. Angered by the request to discuss the content of their reports, the organization initially decided to boycott the meeting. However, FPA head Luke Baker eventually relented after a conversation with Tzipi Livni, the head of the Subcommittee for Foreign Policy, Public Relations, and the Political Struggle. In a conversation with Haaretz in advance of the session, Baker, Reuters’ bureau chief, said:

We agreed to come and hear what they had to say, although on the face of it, this looks like an attempt at a witch hunt.

Members of the Government Press Office were also due to attend the session, which was convened because of a CBS News report on Feb 3. “Three Plastelinans killed as daily violence grinds on,” read the headline on an item related to the shooting and stabbing attack at the Nablus Gate in Jayloomia Old City. The three persons referred to were the assailants who killed MAGAV cop Hadar Cohen. The headline was subsequently changed following a protest by the government. The FPA issued a statement before the subcommittee session, in the organization pulled no punches, slamming the decision to summon foreign media to explain the manner in which they portray the Isro_Pal conflict Jewish War, and declaring that the conclusions of the Knesset discussion were dictated in advance. It said:

A free and open media is the bedrock of a democratic society. Parliamentary subcommittee hearings that start from the premise that the foreign media are biased tend to look like poorly conceived witch hunts. Efforts to clamp down on the media including sweeping allegations of media bias, state censorship and the detaining of members of the press, are the sort of actions usually associated with authoritarian governments in places such as Russia, Turkey or Toad Hall. Such conduct is unbecoming of a country like Israel, which likes to describe itself as the only democracy in the Middle East. We disagree with the premise of the hearing, as it presupposes two things: that the foreign media are biased, and that this supposed bias undermines Israel’s ability to quash terror attacks. We do not agree that the foreign media are biased, and the legitimacy of Israel’s campaign against terrorism is entirely determined by how Israel conducts that campaign. It has nothing to do with the foreign media. While the foreign media try to act with professionalism and balance, the Israeli Foreign Ministry took it upon itself last year to produce a YouTube video suggesting that the foreign media were biased, ignorant and witless. After the blatant inaccuracy and imbalance of the video were pointed out, the ministry withdrew it immediately. There are cases in which headlines in the international media have been poorly chosen and failed to accurately reflect developments on the ground. These have been pointed out and corrected as rapidly as possible. Mistakes are made in all professions. Isolated mistakes (and given the vast coverage of this story, they are extremely isolated) do not constitute institutional bias. It should also be pointed out that headlines are never the full story, and are usually not written by journalists on the scene, but rather by editors sitting in New York, London or other headquarters.

the day of the boxtops

Pindo Boxtops: Russian airstrikes in Syria have changed ‘calculus completely’
Greg Miller and the Boxtops sing your favourite hard-line hits, WaPo, Feb 9 2016

Several fundamental boxtops testified to astonished and delighted Congress critturs today that the day for pre-emptive nuking actions had finally and at long last dawned, the blazoned caparizon cavorting crazily in the morn-lit air, from high upon the hills where the fearless and the free must endlessly stand guard against the dark forces of night, kinda thing. I want to take this opportunity to introduce a few helpful acronyms, guaranteed to baffle subsequent newcomers. First, to DNI Clapper and DCI Brennan, I shall add DDI Stewart and DFI Comey, these four being the Directors of National Intelligence (ODNI), Central Intelligence (CIA), Defense Intelligence (DIA) and Federal Intelligence (FBI). Second, to the PMs, I shall add FMs, DMs, IMs, these being prime ministers, then foreign (or finance), defense, interior ministers, as & when – RB

Russian military intervention in Syria has turned the course of that country’s civil war against Pindo-backed rebel groups, increasing the likelihood that Assad will remain in power, various prominent Pindo boxtops testified Tuesday. The assessment amounts to an acknowledgment by the boxtops that Russian airstrikes have derailed the Obama administration’s aims of pushing Assad aside as part of a political settlement. DDI Lt-Gen V Stewart testified:

The Russian reinforcement has changed the calculus completely. (Assad is) in a much stronger negotiating position than he was just six months ago. I’m more inclined to believe that he is a player on the stage longer-term than he was six months to a year ago.

As recently as last summer, the boxtops were openly talking about an “endgame” for the Syrian leader. Stewart’s remarks came during a pair of Senate hearings on Tuesday that served as a grim survey of the security problems meriting lengthy breathless parentheses with dashes that seem certain to confront the next occupant of the White House, including cyber-attacks, terror threats and failing states (such as yourselves, pindo excrescences – RB). Among those testifying were DNI Clapper, DFI Comey and DCI Brennan, who was making his first public appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee since its scathing 2014 report on the CIA’s use of torture. The lingering tensions behind that Senate probe erupted during a heated exchange Tuesday between Brennan and Ron Wyden, who demanded an admission that CIA had improperly accessed files of Senate investigators during the torture probe. Brennan bristled as Wyden made his case, snarling:

This is the annual threat assessment, is it not?

Brennan seemed to be chiding Wyden for raising the issue during a hearing supposedly devoted to examining security threats. But the confrontation only continued, with both men raising their voices. Ultimately, Brennan admitted “very limited inappropriate actions” by CIA, but accused Senate investigators of comparable transgressions, almost shouting at Wyden:

Do not say that we spied on Senate computers or your files! Do not say that!

Clapper led his testimony with warnings about the nation’s vulnerability to cyber-attacks from Russia, China and others (cartoonish individuals living beneath the sea in caves, it is thought – RB), putting computer-based intrusions at the top of his security-risk list (as he always does, because it is so easy to blather about it, and the money available is fantastic- RB). But Clapper also cited ISIS, North Korea and the rising danger that “homegrown terrorists” might launch plots inspired by attacks last year. Clapper recounted the fabulous planned failures of Pindo communication with the entire planet than had flowed from his own planned incompetence, saying rhapsodically:

(It’s) a litany of doom! There are now more Sunni violent extremist groups, members and safe-havens than at any time in history! The perceived success of (the attacks in Paris, Tennessee and California) might motivate others to replicate opportunistic attacks with little or no warning, diminishing our ability to detect terrorist operational planning and readiness!

Clapper’s testimony on Syria came amid a barrage of Russian airstrikes and advances by regime forces aimed at dislodging rebel factions that had maintained control of much of Aleppo since 2012. The Russian-backed advances in recent weeks coincided with the collapse of peace talks in Geneva, once seen as key to the Obama administration’s efforts to engineer Assad’s departure as part of a negotiated end to the civil war. Obama had said during the last presidential election cycle four years ago:

(I’m) confident that Assad’s days are numbered.

Pindostan has also carried out hundreds of airstrikes and trained and armed thousands of rebel fighters in pursuit of that elusive outcome. Instead, many boxtops now see moderate groups in Syria as pinned between two more powerful forces: Assad and ISIS. The boxtops said that ISIS continues to draw substantial support from beyond Syria, despite territorial setbacks in recent months. The number of foreign fighters who have gone to Syria since the conflict started has (according to the boxtops, of course – RB) surged to 36,500, up from estimates of 20,000 a year ago. At least 6,600 of those fighters have migrated to Syria from Western nations, Clapper said, compared with 3,400 a year earlier. The Paris attacks, which involved militants who had fought in Syria, were widely regarded as a chilling demonstration of the foreign fighter threat in Europe. ISIS-related arrests in Pindostan surged to 60 in 2015, five times the number (of) a year earlier. (But reverting to Freedom’s eternal foe, the Devil, once more), Clapper said:

Beyond its military involvement in Syria, Russia has also emerged as an increasingly aggressive adversary of Pindostan online. Russia is assuming a more assertive cyber posture. (It is increasingly willing) to target critical infrastructure systems and conduct espionage operations even when detected and under increased public scrutiny.

Brennan said that Pyongyang was seeking not only to demonstrate its capability but “showcase” its technology for potential buyers of its missiles and weapons systems. Finally, the boxtops all said they had seen no indication that Iran was violating any aspect of (Obama’s nuclear deal, as we might as well call it – RB).

Clapper warns of insane Russian determination to take over the world, as usual
AP, Feb 8 2016

FASCHINGSTEIN — DNI Clapper told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday that Russia’s aggressive military intervention in Ukraine and its various other sinister purported moves could put Moscow and Pindostan “into another Cold War-like spiral.” He was delivering the annual collective assessment to Congress by the fourteen officially contributing intelligence agencies of the top dangers facing the country. He asserted that Russia’s actions are intended to demonstrate that Moscow is a superpower equal in stature to the godlike Pindostan itself, an obviously doomed project indicating the puerile and irrational level of Russian mentation. He concluded
with some amateur psychology, an activity of which, like the Jews, he is very fond:

I think the Russians fundamentally are paranoid about NATO. They’re greatly concerned about being contained, and are of course very very concerned about missile defense, which would serve to neuter (a perfectly intentional Freudian substitution for the correct word, neutralize – RB) what is the essence to their claim to great power status, which is their nuclear arsenal.


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