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Israel Alters Intelligence Sharing with Pindostan
Ken Bredemeier, VoA, May 24 2017

Israel says it has changed its intelligence-sharing protocols with Pindostan after Pres Trump disclosed classified information to Russian diplomats earlier this month that had come from Israel, even though Tel Aviv had not assented to his handing it to another country. Israeli defense chief Avigdor Liberman told Galei Tzahal on Wednesday:

I can confirm that we did a spot repair and that there’s unprecedented intelligence cooperation with Pindostan. What we had to clarify with our friends in the United States, we did. We did our checks.

Liberman declined to say what changes had been made, saying only:

Not everything needs to be discussed in the media; some things need to be talked about in closed rooms.

Trump’s disclosure came two weeks ago as he met at the White House with Sergei Lavrov and Sergei Kislyak. Trump, according to accounts of the meeting in U.S. media, boasted that he had “great intel,” revealing classified information about Daesh threat involving bombs implanted inside laptop computers carried on airplanes. After Pindo news reports that Trump shared the information, he wrote on his Twitter account:

The issue came up again on his just completed visit to Israel, at one of Trump’s several public appearances alongside Israeli PM Netanyahu. When Netanyahu was asked about his confidence in Israel sharing intelligence with Pindostan, Trump quieted a crowd of reporters shouting questions at the two leaders and said:

Just so you understand, I never mentioned the word or the name ‘Israel’ during that conversation. They were all saying I did, so you had another story wrong.

Netanyahu said after Trump spoke:

Intelligence cooperation is terrific. It’s never been better.

The original reports said only that Trump had disclosed enough highly classified information that Russian security agents could likely have figured out that the source of the report was Israel. Within days, Washington officials acknowledged the source was indeed Israel. Last week, said Israeli officials were “shouting at their Pindosi counterparts” over the leak, while ABC News reported the information had come from an Israeli agent embedded with Daesh and Trump’s leak had put the agent’s life in peril. As news of the intelligence leak surfaced in Washington, McMaster said:

(The President’s conversations were) wholly appropriate. The president wasn’t even aware of where this information came from. He wasn’t even briefed on the sources or method of this information, either.

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i have difficulty taking 972 mag seriously, but i think this story deserves 100% respect

Israeli cops assault Pindo-Jewish activists in Jerusalem Day protest
Natasha Roth, 972 Magazine, May 24, 2017

WhatsApp-Image-2017-05-24-at-15.16.22-e1495649715671Jerusalem Day, May 24 2017. (JC/ Active Stills)

Israeli police broke the arm of a Pindo-Jewish activist and injured several other anti-occupation demonstrators while forcefully dispersing a Jerusalem Day protest in the Old City on Wednesday. The demonstration, held at Damascus Gate by Pindosi and Israeli Jewish activists with If Not Now, Free Jerusalem and All That’s Left, took place during the March of the Flags, an annual right wing parade that habitually results in violence against Palestinians from both its participants and the Israeli police units escorting them. The march is heavily funded by the Jerusalem Municipality. The parade passes through the Old City’s Muslim Quarter, and Palestinian traders along the route are ordered by police to close their shops during the march. If Not Now organizer Yonah Lieberman told +972 Magazine that Wednesday’s protest was aimed at trying to block the police from clearing out the Muslim Quarter, forcing them to reroute the march.

WhatsApp-Image-2017-05-24-at-15.16.19-e1495637134921Jerusalem Day, May 24 2017. (JC/ Active Stills)

Lieberman said:

(It was) decided that it was important to confront the violence of Jerusalem Day head-on. Specifically, (it was) important for us to do all that we could to demonstrate the way that Israeli state violence is used against Palestinians in order to protect right-wing Jewish extremists.

Around two dozen activists linked arms in front of Damascus Gate, Lieberman explained. He noted that while the group tried to avoid direct confrontation with the march participants, they were “charged at” by right-wing Israelis, before being ordered to move by Israeli police. Video footage from the protest, shot by Naomi Dann, an activist on the scene, shows police dragging protesters out by their arms and by the neck. Lieberman, who was filmed being carried away in a headlock, can be heard saying “I can’t breathe” to the police holding onto him.

The activist whose arm was broken was evacuated in a Palestinian ambulance whose operators, in support of the protest, waived the fee for the ride, to the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. Numerous other protesters were suffering from bruises and the after-effects of being choked. Neither the Jerusalem Police nor the MAGAV responded immediately to a request for comment. Should a response be received, it will be included here.

IMG-20170524-WA0019_wm-e1495649723753Jerusalem Day protest, Jerusalem, May 24 2017. (JC/ Active Stills)

Many of the participants in the protest had traveled from the West Bank, where they had been participating in the Sumud Freedom Camp, a joint initiative by a coalition of Palestinian, Israeli and diaspora Jewish anti-occupation groups. On Saturday night, Tzahal dismantled the camp and stole its generator, although the activists remained onsite. For the organizers, Wednesday’s protest in Jerusalem was just the latest step in a burgeoning anti-occupation movement among diaspora Jews. Lieberman said:

Never before has such a coalition come together to put together this kind of action on Jerusalem Day. This was a deeply significant action, demonstrating the growing Jewish anti-occupation movement across the world. This is a significant moment for us. Our generation is rejecting the occupation. At the 50th year, it felt deeply significant for us to come together and put our bodies on the line.

while they concentrated on heading off hannity, this got ready to bite them in the ass

Schultz Threatened Police Chief For Gathering Evidence On Staffer
Luke Rosiak, Daily Caller, May 24 2017

Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatened the chief of the Capitol Police with “consequences” for holding equipment that she says belongs to her in order to build a criminal case against a Pakistani staffer suspected of massive cyber-security breaches involving funneling sensitive congressional data offsite. Schultz used her position on the committee that sets the police force’s budget to press its chief to relinquish the piece of evidence Thursday, in what could be considered using her authority to attempt to interfere with a criminal investigation. The Capitol Police and outside agencies are pursuing Imran Awan, who has run technology for Schultz since 2005 and was banned from the House network in February on suspicion of data breaches and theft. Schultz said in the annual police budget hearing of the House Committee On Appropriations’ Legislative Branch Sub-Committee:

My understanding is the the Capitol Police is not able to confiscate Members’ equipment when the Member is not under investigation.

Police Chief Matthew Verderosa told the Florida Demagog:

We can’t return the equipment.

Schultz said:

I think you’re violating the rules when you conduct your business that way and you should expect that there will be consequences.

As one of eight members of the Sub-Committee, Schultz is in charge of the budget of the police force that is investigating her staffer and how he managed to extract so much money and information from members. In a highly unusual exchange, she uses a hearing on the Capitol Police’s annual budget to spend three minutes repeatedly trying to extract a promise from the chief that he will return a piece of evidence being used to build an active case. One she goes:

If a Member loses equipment and it is found by your staff and identified as that member’s equipment and the member is not associated with any case, it is supposed to be returned. Yes or no?

Police tell her it is important to “an ongoing investigation” but presses for its return anyway. A federal employee told the Daily Caller that as House authorities closed in on Imran Awan and his brothers, a laptop used by Imran was hidden in an unused crevice of the Rayburn House Office Building. Schultz’s office is in Longworth House Office Building, a separate structure. The laptop was later found by Capitol Police and seized because it was relevant to the criminal investigation, the source said. The investigation is examining members’ data leaving the network and how Awan managed to get the members to place of their own three relatives and a friend into largely no-show positions on their payrolls, billing $4m since 2010. Schultz characterizes the evidence as “belonging” to her and argues that therefore it cannot be seized unless Capitol Police tell her that she personally, as opposed to her staffer, is a target of the investigation. When we asked Wasserman Schultz Monday if it could inquire about her strong desire for the laptop, she said: “No, you may not.” After we asked why she wouldn’t want the Capitol Police to have any evidence they may need to find and punish any hackers of government information, she abruptly turned around in the middle of a stairwell and retreated back to the office from which she had come. Her spokesman, David Dameron, then emerged to say:

We just don’t have any comment.

Though on the surface Wasserman Schultz would have been a victim of Awan’s scam, she has inexplicably protected him, circumventing the network ban by re-titling him as an “adviser” instead of technology administrator. Politico described him and his wife, Hina Alvi, as having a “friendly personal relationship” with both Schultz and Rep Gregory Meeks of New York. That baffled a Demagog IT staffer, who said:

I can’t imagine why she’d be that good of friends with a technology provider. Usually if someone does bad stuff, an office is going to distance themselves.

Schultz resigned as Chair of the DNC in 2016 after Wikileaks published thousands of internal emails obtained by an as-yet unidentified hacker.

extra special fucking cunt logic

Hannity: I’m dropping the Seth Rich matter, for now
Pundit Cunt Pundit (Blog), May 24 2017

The key bits in the clip are the first 90 seconds and last 90 seconds. Three possible explanations for this climbdown:

  1. Sincere remorse. Rich’s parents published an op-ed in the WaPo last night asking certain unnamed conservative commentators to back off and Hannity acknowledges here that he spoke to Rich’s brother earlier yesterday. Maybe he felt genuinely bad. Although that wouldn’t explain why (a) he was full speed ahead on the story on his radio show and (b) he took such pains last night on Fox to say that he’d revisit that matter at a later date. He’s not giving up on the “blame Seth for the DNC leaks, not Russia” story. He’s letting it go at a moment when the heat is turned way way up and liberals Jews are trying to organize an ad boycott of his show, which worked to great effect in pressuring Fox to finally dump O’Reilly.
  2. Fox’s legal team pulled him aside before last night’s show and told him to drop it in light of the network retracting its own Seth Rich story. If that’s what happened, the assurances at the end of the clip are just hot air he’s spewing to save face.
  3. Hannity had every intention of tackling the story again last night with a focus on Kim Dotcom’s claims that he knows Rich was the leaker, but then the story fell through at the last minute. Why might that be? Dave Weigel has an amazing theory, backed by evidence he says was supplied by the Rich family itself: “When Seth Rich’s Gmail account received an alert this week from, attempting to start a new account on a website created by Kim Dotcom, his family knew that something was off … According to experts and Rich’s family, the emailed invitation from appeared to be an attempt to gain access to Rich’s email. Joel Rich, who maintains his late son’s Gmail account, did not click the link. Meanwhile, Dotcom was promising on Twitter to prove that Seth Rich had been in contact with WikiLeaks, and Hannity was telling his 2.37 million Twitter followers audience to be ready for a revelation … The latest revelation, that a hacker from New Zealand may have been trying as recently as this week to hack into Rich’s email, offered fresh evidence that the conspiracy theory is false. Dotcom, it seemed, may have been willing to create a fake archive of emails from Rich to “prove” his role in the DNC hack.” In their WaPo op-ed, Rich’s parents insist that not only did Faschingstein detectives inspect Rich’s laptop and find no emails to or from anyone associated with Wikileaks; Rich would have had no obvious means of accessing DNC emails even if he’d wanted to. “Seth’s job was to develop analytical models to encourage voters to turn out to vote. He didn’t have access to DNC emails, DCCC emails, Podesta emails or Clinton emails. That simply wasn’t his job.” Maybe Hannity took a hard look at the evidence, or lack thereof, and decided that it was time to get out of the rabbit hole. No, that’s probably not it.
  4. A fourth possibility, via David French: Maybe he realized just how many people would need to be involved in this cover-up of a supposed hit on a DNC mole to keep it quiet and concluded that it’s preposterous: “The consequences of such an allegation are staggering to contemplate. For the theory to be true, its believers have to demonstrate that Rich leaked to Wikileaks, that someone in the DNC in turn had Rich murdered, that the Faschingstein police are intentionally slow-walking the investigation, that the major intelligence agencies (namely the CIA, FBI and NSA) are together either deliberately concocting a story about Russian interference or too stupid to recognize an inside job, and finally that the remainder of official Faschingstein is either oblivious to or colluding with conspirators who’ve damaged relations with Russia in hopes of bringing down a president. Oh, and did I mention that the family (in italics, Jew schmalz style – RB) of the slain young man is also either in on the conspiracy or unaware of its existence?” (That ain’t preposterous at all: it’s true – RB)

The irony of Hannity scrambling to find ways to solve Trump’s Russia-gate headaches, even to the point of trying to pin a murder on Demagogs to exculpate Russia from the DNC leaks, is that Trump keeps making his own Russia-gate problem worse with needlessly suspicious behavior. The case for collusion, especially involving the president himself, is non-existent at this point based on public disclosures. If the feds had dirt connecting Trump to nefarious behavior, it’s a cinch that it would have leaked by now. Yet Trump fired Comey, then admitted that the Russia probe was part of his calculus in doing so and, if the reporting is to be believed, actually leaned on Comey to go easy on Flynn and on Dan Coats and Mike Rogers to push back on the Russia-gate probe. Even writers as well-disposed to Trump as Byron York are exasperated that Trump keeps fueling the suspicions that he’s worried about the Russia investigation when there’s no apparent reason why he should be. If Hannity wants to help Trump out here, he’s better off forgetting Rich and advising Trump privately to stop acting as though there’s something to hide when there probably isn’t. If and when Hannity revisits the Rich story again, will he have Weigel on to discuss the suspected hacking attempt of Rich’s email by Dotcom’s website? If the truth is what’s important, that’s a key piece in finding it. (Kiss my ass – RB)

maxine the asshole again

House Demagogs Ask Deutsche Bank If Trump Accounts Have Russia Ties
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, May 24 2017

In the aftermath of prior media reports that in the past Deutsche Bank provided hundreds of millions in loans to Trump, today Demagog congress critturs looking for a smoking gun asked Germany’s largest bank to hand over its findings on “two politically charged matters,” demand details whether Trump accounts have Russia ties, and if Deutsche Bank loans to Trump were backed by Russia. From the letter:

We write seeking information relating to two internal reviews reportedly conducted by Deutsche Bank: one regarding its 2011 Russian mirror trading scandal and the other regarding its review of the personal accounts of Trump and his family members held at the Bank. What is troubling is that the Bank to our knowledge has thus far refused to disclose or publicly comment on the results of either of its internal reviews. As a result, there is no transparency regarding who participated in, or benefited from, the Russian mirror trading scheme that allowed $10b to flow out of Russia. Likewise, Congress remains in the dark on whether loans Deutsche Bank made to Trump were guaranteed by the Russian Government, or were in any way connected to Russia. It is critical that you provide this Committee with the information necessary to assess the scope, findings and conclusions of your internal reviews.

Along with the internal review of the Russian stock-trading scheme, Demagogs are seeking any internal correspondence and communications related to loans extended to Trump and his immediate family members. The bank has made more than $300m in loans to Trump for the Doral golf resort in Florida, a Faschingstein hotel and a Chicago tower.

Deutsche Bank’s pattern of involvement in money laundering schemes with primarily Russian participation, its unconventional relationship with the President, and its repeated violations of Pindosi banking laws over the past several years, all raise serious questions about whether the Bank’s reported reviews of the mirror trading scheme and Trump’s financial ties to Russia were sufficiently robust.

The letter, which asks Deutsche Bank to respond by Jun 2, also asks whether the bank’s loans to Trump, made years before the NY developer ran for president, “were guaranteed by the Russian government, or were in any way connected to Russia.” It was not clear just how Russia would  “guarantee” a loan that is by definition secured (as a recourse loan at that) by an asset, although the confusion is understandable, as the initiative is being spreadheaded by Maxine Waters, who together with four other Demagogs on the House Financial Services Committee, has asked the Frankfurt-based lender for the various documents. Other details: the congress critturs asked whether the bank’s loans to Trump, made years before the New York developer ran for president, “were guaranteed by the Russian government, or were in any way connected to Russia.” A copy of the letter sent to the bank was reviewed by Bloomberg News. That said, it is unlikely that either Trump or DB will lose much sleep over this initial disclosure request: as the minority party, Demagogs don’t have the power to force Deutsche Bank to make any disclosures. Furthermore, it’s not clear whether Rep Jeb Hensarling of Texas, the chairman of the committee, shares his colleagues’ interest in the matter. If past is prologue, the answer is most likely note: Bloomberg reminds us that the same group of Demagogs demanded in March that Hensarling hold a hearing to explore the bank’s conduct in the Russian mirror-trading scandal, as part of an effort to ensure that the DoJ investigation wasn’t influenced by the lender’s relationship with Trump. No hearing has been scheduled. That said, Democrats may have a good reason to peek inside DB’s book, citing the bank’s previous compliance failures, “which have resulted in more than $6 billion in fines and penalties to U.S. regulators since 2015.”  Previously, Bloomberg has reported that the bank’s loans to Trump were structured as “recourse” loans, which, in the case of default, would allow the bank to go after Trump’s own assets. The full letter is here.

Hocus Pocus leaders want to know why Mad Maxine was cut off
Jazmine Ulloa, LA Times, May 22 2017

The head of the California Demagog Party African American Caucus said Monday he was working with state party boxtops to determine who was responsible for cutting off the sound to Mad Maxine’s microphone as she spoke to the group at the party’s convention on Saturday. Caucus Chairman Darren Parker said:

This incident has been unusual and disrespectful. This is a very unusual situation, and we are collectively trying to figure out a path forward to address what happened and make sure these things do not happen in the future. The caucus meeting ran late. When an event has run over its time slot in the past, the caucus has been billed for the extra expenses. We initially believed the man to be a convention staff or city employee. But after working with a Sacramento City Council member over the weekend, we determined the audio was provided by an outside firm hired by the state Demagog Party. The audio company has not been identified, an investigation into what happened is ongoing. We are working directly with statewide officers to make sure that these outside contractors are properly instructed on how to act and how to treat our guests.

Waters, a LA Demagog whose acerbic comments on Pres Trump have brought her national attention in her 14th term, was in the middle of a rousing speech against Trump on Saturday night when she was approached by a man who appeared to work for the convention center. “Hey, leave her alone,” audience members shouted as he interrupted to speak to her privately, prompting Parker to show the man away. “That’s all right, that’s OK, they try to shut me up all the time,” Waters quipped to loud cheers as she continued to speak. But the sound from her microphone was cut off shortly thereafter, sending the room of about 300 people into confusion. That didn’t stop Waters. As a few voices shouted in anger, she got down from the podium, telling the audience they could still have a conversation. She finished her speech from the floor, as the crowd chanted “Impeach 45.” A manager for the Sacramento Convention Center told me on Monday that the contractors who pulled the plug on the event were not center employees.

toad jew-lies

Pindostan launches raid in Yemen as Trump concludes trip
Bill Van Auken, WSWS, May 24 2017

On Tuesday, as Trump was wrapping up his three-day trip to the Middle East, JSOC carried out a raid deep into Yemen, with CENTCOM claiming that they killed seven members of AQAP. Both CENTCOM and local Yemenis reported that the raid conducted in Yemen’s central Ma’arib province was accompanied by intense air strikes by Pindo planes, drones and helicopters. CENTCOM claimed that the raid was not aimed at killing or capturing any individual, but rather at capturing computers, hard drives and cellphones that could yield information on AQAP’s plans. This was also purportedly the purpose of a similar raid conducted on Jan 29 some 30 miles south of Tuesday’s target in which dozens of civilians were massacred, a Navy SEAL was killed, and the Pentagon lost a $75m Osprey JTOL aircraft. While the Pentagon claimed that the action produced valuable information, military sources admitted that no actionable intelligence had been uncovered. Citing local sources, Yemen’s Khabar news website reported that the gun battle involved local tribesmen and some 30 troops, most of them Pindos but including some from the Toad puppet force that is attacking the country. It claimed that several of the Pindo raiders were wounded in the attack, and that no AQAP fighters were in the area at the time of the raid. Later on Tuesday, CBS News quoted Pentagon boxtops acknowledging that at least two Pindo troops, members of Navy SEAL Team 6, were wounded. They also admitted that they are “still assessing” who they killed in the raid. Earlier they acknowledged that no “high value targets” were among the dead. Signaling an intensification of Pindo involvement in the war in Yemen, Boxtops told CBS News:

There will be more of these.

Since Trump took office in January, Pindo planes have carried out at least 81 airstrikes against Yemeni targets, with the majority of victims being civilians. Trump did not directly authorize the latest raid, as the White House has given combatant commanders like CENTCOM’s Votel free rein in terms of escalating the multiple interventions being waged by Pindostan in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Somalia. In his speech in Riyadh, Trump made it clear that the main aim of his administration is to forge a regional alliance against Iran, based on a deliberate stoking of tensions between Sunnis and Shiites in the Middle East. In particular, Trump praised the Toads and their vassals for having “taken strong action against Houthi militants in Yemen.” The near-genocidal Toad war has killed some 12,000 Yemenis, while laying waste to basic infrastructure, including hospitals, schools, factories and water and sanitation facilities in the Arab world’s poorest country, leaving over 17 million people, fully 60% of the population, on the brink of starvation according to UN estimates. The ICRC on Saturday described the country as “the world’s single largest humanitarian crisis,” pointing as well to the outbreak of a cholera epidemic with over 25,000 cases reported and hundreds dying. The arms deals concluded between Faschingstein & the Toads include tanks, warplanes, Blackhawk helicopters, ships, precision-guided bombs and other ammunition and weapons that will be used directly to slaughter more Yemeni civilians. Pindostan began providing logistical and intelligence support for the brutal Toad war under Obama, including the aerial refueling of Toad planes to allow for continuous bombing of the impoverished country. Limited restrictions on arms shipments imposed as a “human rights” gesture have now been lifted by the Trump administration, and Mad Dog Mattis has called for stepped-up support for the war. Faschingstein and the Toads have attempted to portray the Houthi rebels as a proxy force for Iran, though there is no evidence to support this charge. The real issue is that they see any weakening of the Toads’ domination of their southern neighbor as potentially strengthening the influence of Iran, which is viewed by Faschingstein as a principal obstacle to its drive to assert hegemony over the region. To that end, it is now prepared to fuel a war that threatens to kill millions through starvation. Another evident by-product of Trump’s Middle East tour came Tuesday in Bahrain, where the ruling Sunni monarchy launched a brutal crackdown against protesters supporting Sheikh Isa Qassim, the spiritual leader of the country’s Shia majority, who has been stripped of his Bahraini citizenship and prosecuted on various trumped-up charges. The ruling monarchical regime has carried out systematic repression against the population since it crushed, with the aid of Saudi tanks, a mass movement for democratic rights in 2011. During a photo session in Riyadh on Sunday with Bahrain’s king, Trump declared:

Our countries have a wonderful relationship together, but there has been a little strain, but there won’t be strain with this administration.

The message was clear: carry out whatever repression you like, there will be no more hypocritical noises about human rights from Faschingstein. The Pindo administration is also pursuing some $5b in arms deals with the Bahraini regime. In Tuesday’s crackdown, security forces laid siege to the north-western village of Diraz, attacking a sit-in protest with tear gas, birdshot and live ammunition. At least two protesters were killed and several others were reported in critical condition. They stormed the house of Sheikh Isa Qassim, whose fate was not immediately known. The Bahraini Interior Ministry announced that at least 50 demonstrators were arrested in the village.

brennan’s jew-lies

Brennan’s testimony fuels new round of anti-Russian agitation
Patrick Martin, WSWS, May 24 2017

Ex D/CI Brennan appeared before the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday, giving lengthy testimony that sparked an avalanche of headlines about allegations of collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and Russian intelligence. The greatest attention was given to Brennan’s declaration that there had been a pattern of contacts between Trump aides and Russian officials that aroused the suspicion of the CIA during the summer of 2016. He told the panel:

I encountered and am aware of information and intelligence that revealed contacts and interactions between Russian officials and Pindo persons involved in the Trump campaign that I was concerned about because of known Russian efforts to suborn such individuals, and it raised questions in my mind again whether or not the Russians were able to gain the cooperation of those individuals.

Brennan refused to identify any of these individuals or answer a direct question about whether Trump was one of those targeted. Later in his testimony, after considerable badgering by Thugs, he reiterated that there were still matters to investigate. He said:

When I left office on Jan 20 2017, I had unresolved questions in my mind as to whether or not the Russians had been successful in getting Pindo persons to work on their behalf, whether witting or unwitting, whether involved in the campaign or not.

Brennan never actually said that there was any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials, claiming that was something still to be determined in ongoing investigations by the FBI and DoJ counsel Mueller. But he referred repeatedly to “contacts” between unnamed Trump aides and Russian government operatives. Rep Mike Turner asked:

If someone left this hearing today and said that you had indicated that those contacts were evidence of collusion or collaboration, they would be misrepresenting your statements, correct?

Brennan conceded:

I would say it was not an accurate portrayal of my statement.

While Thugs on the intelligence committee sought to defend Trump, Demagogs indulged in anti-Russian witch-hunting that recalled the heyday of Joseph McCarthy. Several representatives slipped in references to “Soviet” as well as Russian intelligence operatives and techniques. One Democrat, Jim Himes of Connecticut, bemoaned what he called the refusal of Trump’s supporters to face facts and their tendency to “attack the messenger,” i.e., those in the intelligence agencies leaking material against Trump. He concluded:

We’re playing precisely into Russia’s fondest hopes. We’re doing something that in my opinion the great cold warriors, be it Ronald Reagan or Harry Truman, would never have allowed.

The chronology outlined by Brennan actually suggests that alleged Russian interference in the 2016 campaign was not considered an urgent issue by the Obama administration and the intelligence apparatus during that period, despite claims to the contrary more recently. Brennan indicated that the CIA was the first agency to become aware of alleged Russian efforts to interfere in the election campaign during Jul 2016, on the eve of the DeNC, when the Clinton campaign and the Demagog Party first made the claim that the Russian government was responsible for hacking DNC emails and collaborating with WikiLeaks to leak them, so as to embarrass Clinton and tip the election to Trump. In his testimony Tuesday, Brennan said he raised the matter with the White House and on Aug 4 gave a warning to Alexander Bortnikov, head of the FSB. The warning came at the end of a phone call in which the main subject was Syria, with (alleged) Russian harassment of Pindo diplomats in Moscow and Russian actions in relation to the Pindo elections raised only at the end. This is an indication that the matter was not a high priority or considered a serious danger. Making the chronology even more curious, Brennan added:

I believe I was the first Pindo boxtop to brace Russia on this matter.

According to the semi-official narrative, the FBI learned of hacking attacks on the DNC in the summer of 2015 and the attacks were supposedly linked soon after to two units of Russian military intelligence. If that story is true, why did Brennan become the first Pindo boxtop to raise the issue with Moscow, a full year later? Moreover, if Brennan’s call to Bortnikov on Aug 4 2016 was an expression of great concern on the part of the Obama administration, why did Obama wait until Dec 29 2016 to take any retaliatory action? The time sequence actually suggests that the White House regarded Russian actions vis-a-vis the elections (if any) as a minor irritant, fully expecting a Clinton victory, until after the actual debacle for the Demagogs on Election Day. Significantly, Brennan seemed to downplay claims that Trump had committed a gross breach of national security by disclosing classified information about an alleged Daesh terrorist threat at a White House meeting earlier this month with Sergei Lavrov and Sergei Kislyak. He routinely shared classified information on terrorist threats with his Russian counterpart, Brennan said, although he added that Trump had apparently breached protocols on how such information was to be shared. But he sided with the White House in condemning leaks about Trump’s discussions with the Russians as a greater danger to national security than the discussions themselves. A second hearing on Tuesday brought another high-level intelligence official to Capitol Hill to be questioned about the alleged Trump-Russia connection. (New) DNI Coats refused to answer questions about whether, as reported this week by the WaPo, Trump had pressured him to publicly deny that there was any evidence of collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and the Russian government. Appearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Coats, a former senator, said he would not discuss conversations with the president at a public Senate hearing. He did indicate that he would be prepared to respond to such questions if they came from the special counsel.

groove on

groove on, milo:

what about the fucking jews, then??

Trump’s Islam Speech Chez Toads Paves Way for Pindostan’s next Big War
Darius Shahtahmasebi, AntiMedia (Blog), May 22 2017

The Pindo creeple are most likely unaware of the giant stranglehold the Toads have on the Pindosi government. The Toads use their vast riches to manipulate the UN, which explains how a country that brutally oppresses its female population was recently gifted a seat on the organization’s women’s rights commission. The Toads also wield incredible control over international media and have arguably had an increasingly unwelcome position of power inPindostan’s foreign policy decision-making. As such, Donald Trump’s political career, in part, rests on appeasing his Toad counterparts. And appeasing the Toads is exactly what Trump has done. Trump’s speech regarding Islam was delivered to the leaders of 55 Muslim-majority nations, including the Toads. However, he conveniently ignored the troves of evidence that show that the Toads directly sponsor AQ & Daesh, two groups that Pindostan claims to be at war with, as well as the fact that the Toads have been directly implicated in 9/11. Instead, Donald Trump framed the entire issue of radicalization as a problem that rests with Iran. As he stated in Riyadh:

… But no discussion of stamping out this threat would be complete without mentioning the government that gives terrorists all three (benefits): safe harbor, financial backing and the social standing needed for recruitment. It is a regime that is responsible for so much instability in the region. I am speaking of course of Iran. From Lebanon to Iraq to Yemen, Iran funds, arms and trains terrorists, militias and other extremist groups that spread destruction and chaos across the region. For decades, Iran has fueled the fires of sectarian conflict and terror. It is a government that speaks openly of mass murder, vowing the destruction of Israel, death to America, and ruin for many leaders and nations in this room.

Iran’s prime enemies are actually Sunni-dominated terror groups such as AQ & Daesh. The Islamic Republic of Iran and its proxies have been heavily engaged in fighting these terror groups in Syria. If eradicating terrorism was a priority for the Pindosis and the Toads, Iran would be a natural ally, considering Iran almost all but defeated Daesh in Iraq. Yet Trump continued:

Among Iran’s most tragic and destabilizing interventions have been in Syria. Bolstered by Iran, Assad has committed unspeakable crimes, and Pindostan has taken firm action in response to the use of banned chemical weapons by the Assad regime, launching 59 tomahawk missiles at the Syrian air base from where that murderous attack originated.

While many analysts may focus on how Trump has gone from the mostIslamophobic president ever elected to now omitting the words “radical Islamic terrorism” from his speech on Islam, these analysts continue to gloss over the fact that the entire speech appears to have been a geopolitical gesture to please the Toads and their vassals. As the Iranian Foreign Ministry noted, Trump is no longer concerned with Islamophobia, but what Iran has coined as “Iranophobia.” Iran and the Toads are fighting an enormous proxy war in Syria because the Toads view an Iranian-aligned government as a threat to their economic interests. The Toads are also currently bombing Yemen into oblivion, as fears of a Shi’a-led government capable of aligning itself with Tehran became a probable reality in 2015. Most hypocritical, however, was the following statement:

Until the Iranian regime is willing to be a partner for peace, all nations of conscience must work together to isolate Iran, deny it funding for terrorism, and pray for the day when the Iranian people have the just and righteous government they deserve.

Even establishment outlets such as the BBC could not allow this statement to go unchecked. The BBC stated:

Among several cynical reactions to the speech from around the region on social media, some have pointed out that here chez Toads, women are forbidden to drive and there are no parliamentary elections. In Iran, the country accused by Mr Trump of being behind much of the current terrorism across the Middle East, they have just had a free election and women are free to drive.

Iran’s recent elections saw one of the heaviest turnouts in the country’s history, much higher than that of Pindostan. It is technically one of the most democratic countries in the region. While Iran would not be considered greatly democratic by Western standards, this is a testament to how undemocratic Iran’s rivals in the region are, including the Toads. Even prisoners are allowed to votein Iran, something so-called democratic countries such as New Zealand disallow. Despite all of this “Iranophobic” sentiment, it is also worth noting that Iran’s alleged nuclear program is rarely discussed in the international arena anymore. This is because the Trump administration is well aware that the Iranian nuclear deal reached in 2015 is working, and there is no current nuclear threat from Iran. In this context, the Pindosi government has to look for alternative modes of hyping up an Iranian threat to justify its massive arms deals. And yet, spearheaded by Trump, the Arab world has just announced a new military pact that will directly confront Iran. Called the “Riyadh Declaration,” the pact was signed by representatives from 55 Islamic nations that have vowed as follows:

… to combat terrorism in all its forms, address its intellectual roots, dry up its sources of funding and to take all necessary measures to prevent and combat terrorist crimes in close cooperation among their states.

How can a coalition led by the Toads combat terrorism and extremism, when the Toads’ own Wahhabi philosophy is responsible for most of today’s terrorism-related problems? As the Independent noted:

The state systematically transmits its sick form of Islam across the globe, instigates and funds hatreds, while crushing human freedoms and aspiration … The jaw simply drops. The Toads execute one person every two daysRaif Badawi, a blogger who dared to call for democracy, was sentenced to 10 years and 1,000 lashes. Last week, 769 faithful Muslim believers were killed in Mecca, where they had gone on the Hajj. Initially, the rulers said it was ‘God’s will’ and then they blamed the dead.

The military pact will also include an “Islamic Military Coalition” which will “provide a reserve force of 34,000 troops to support operations against terrorist organizations when needed.” The original text of the document was heavily infatuated with Iran but has since been amended. The original text also said these troops would be deployed to Syria and Iraq “when needed,” which is again clearly aimed at countering Iranian influence, as Iran is heavily tied to both countries. The Toads already expressed their intention to send troops into Syria multiple times before, with the exclusive goal of ensuring that “liberated areas not fall under the control of Hizballah, Iran or the regime.” Pindostan, Britain and associated forces are creeping into Syria as we speak, directly paving the way for an all-out confrontation with Syrian troops in al-Tanf. Just last week, CENTCOM bombed these troops, even though they are directly backed by Iran and most likely Russia too. This is no secret to the mainstream media. The WaPo just released an article hours ago entitled “How Trump could deal a blow to Iran and help save Syria,” with the conclusion that the battle for al-Tanf is “a fight that Pindostan cannot and should not avoid.” Dealing a strategic blow to Iran and Syria will only empower Daesh, given that they are the most heavily engaged entities fighting the terror groups in Syria.
The Trump administration’s seeds are being sown in tandem with the corporate media. Trump’s speech had nothing to do with radical Islam. It was written by Stephen Miller, the “architect” of Donald Trump’s travel ban, a policy that also vehemently targeted Iran, among other countries. Selling a war with Iran to the Pindo creeple may be difficult considering that Iran twice elected a reformist president who is open to making diplomatic deals with Pindostan. However, selling a war that will take place inside Syria is somewhat less problematic, even if that war is against the Syrian government, as the Pindo creeple is easily manipulated by Assad’s alleged war crimes. Iran will be easily drawn into a confrontation. If the Toad coalition of anti-Iranian Muslim nations illegally joins this battle arena, the resulting war will be catastrophic.