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Another False Flag Terror ADMISSION: Snipers In the Ukraine “Protests”
George Washington, Nov 17 2017

Remember the protests in Ukraine which led to the old leader being replaced? If you’ll recall,  the ruthless slaughter of people by snipers was the event which turned world opinion against Pres Yanukovich and resulted in him having to flee the country. Italy’s Il Giornale reported on an admission by several of the snipers:

“Everyone started shooting two or three shots at a time. It went on for fifteen, twenty minutes. We had no choice. We were ordered to shoot both on the police and the demonstrators, without any difference. I was totally outraged.” So Georgian Alexander Revazishvilli remembers the tragic shootout of Feb 20 2014 in Kiev when a group of mysterious snipers opened fire on crowds and cops massacring over 80 people. That massacre has horrified the world and changed the destiny of Ukraine by forcing out Pres Yanukovich, who was accused of organizing the shootout. The confessions of Revazishvilli and two other Georgians, gathered by writers in the documentary “Ukraine, the hidden truths” aired tonight, reveal a massacre by the very opposition that accused Yanukovych and his Russian allies. Revazishvilli is a former member of the security services of Georgia’s ex-Pres Saakashvili, and his two companions, also met and interviewed in the documentary, are former militants of his party. Hired in Tbilisi by Mamuka Mamulashvili, Saakashvili’s military adviser, they were tasked along with other Georgian and Lithuanian volunteers with supporting ongoing demonstrations in Kiev in return for a $5k final fee. The following day, Mamulashvili and the leaders of the protest explained the situation to the volunteers, who were about to face a police assault on the Conservatory building and the Ukraine hotel. He told them: “In that case, we must shoot at the square and sow chaos.” But one of the protagonists confesses to having received another explanation, much more comprehensive: “When Mamulashvili arrived, I also asked him: “Things are getting complicated, we have to start shooting. He replied that we cannot allow presidential elections. “But who should we shoot?” I asked. He replied that who and where it did not matter, you had to shoot somewhere so much to sow chaos. “It did not matter if we fired at a tree, a barricade, or the molotov,” confirms another volunteer, “what counted was sowing confusion.”

BBC interviewed the head of the opposition security forces at the time, who confirms that snipers were killing both sides, protesters and police. And the former Ukranian government security boss said the same thing. Specifically, he said:

Former chief of Ukraine’s Security Service has confirmed allegations that snipers who killed dozens of people during the violent unrest in Kiev operated from a building controlled by the opposition on Maidan square. Shots that killed both civilians and police officers were fired from the Philharmonic Hall building in Ukraine’s capital, former head of the Security Service of Ukraine Aleksandr Yakimenko told Russia 1 channel. The building was under full control of the opposition and particularly the so-called Commandant of Maidan self-defense Andrei Parubiy who after the coup was appointed as the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Yakimenko added.

So the chief of the government security forces, the head of the opposition security forces and the snipers themselves, all admit the snipers were killing both protesters and police. Similarly:

(Health Minister) Musiy, who spent more than two months organizing medical units on Maidan, said that on Feb 20 roughly 40 civilians and protesters were brought with fatal bullet wounds to the makeshift hospital set up near the square. But he said medics also treated three police officers whose wounds were identical. Forensic evidence, in particular the similarity of the bullet wounds, led him and others to conclude that snipers were targeting both sides of the standoff at Maidan, and that the shootings were intended to generate a wave of revulsion so strong that it would topple Yanukovych, and also justify a Russian invasion.

After visiting Ukraine, the Estonian foreign minister told the EU foreign affairs minister that the Maidan opposition deployed the snipers, and fired on both the protesters and the police, to discredit the former government of Ukraine. While the MSM proclaimed that the sniper fire was definitely from government forces, some of the above-cited sources dispute that claim. BBC reported at the time:

Reporting for Newsnight, Gabriel Gatehouse said he saw what looked like a protester shooting out of a window at the BBC’s Kiev base, the Ukraine Hotel.

BBC interviewed a Maidan protester who admitted that he fired a sniper rifle at police from the Conservatory, and that he was guided by a military veteran within the Maidan resistance. There were reportedly at least 10 Maidan snipers firing from the Conservatory. Here are actual pictures a reporter took of Maidan snipers, recently published by BBC:


The Frankfurther Allgemeiner reported that Maidan commander Volodymyr Parasjuk controlled the Conservatory at the time:

Volodymyr Parasjuk, the leader in “self-defense units” of the revolution who had called the night of Yanukovich’s escape, on the stage of Maidan to storm the presidential residence one year ago. On the day of the massacre, Parasjuk was staying with his unit in the colonnaded building of the Kiev Conservatory right at the Maidan. In the days before the death toll had risen, and the fighters grew the conviction alone with limited power as before will not be able to overthrow Yanukovych. Parasjuk recalls: “There were at that time many guys who said you have to take the weapon and attack. Many.” He himself had since long ago it had firearms, often their officially registered hunting rifles.

Tagesschau, a TV news programme produced for public service network ARD, also reported in 2014 that at least some of the sniper fire came from protesters. The snipers who admitted firing at both sides were associated with Mikhail Saakashvili and his party. Saakashvili was a huge supporter of the Maidan protesters from the very beginning. As Newsweek reports:

Saakashvili was a supporter of the Ukrainian revolution since the beginning of Euromaidan.

Indeed, the Maidan protesters who deposed Yanukovich were so pleased with Saakashvili that they appointing him leader of Odessa Oblast. Robert Parry summarizes:

The latest political move by the regime in Ukraine was to foist on the people of Odessa the autocratic Georgian ex-Pres Saakashvili, a neocon favorite and currently a fugitive from his own country, which is seeking him on charges of human rights violations and embezzlement. According to a NYT profile last September, Saakashvili was “writing a memoir, delivering ‘very well-paid’ speeches, helping start up a Faschingstein-based think tank and visiting old boosters like John McCain and Toria Nuland.” Georgian prosecutors charged Saakashvili with human rights violations for his violent crackdown on political protesters in 2007.

Random shootings are a type of false flag terror. In 1985, for example, as part of the “Gladio” false flag terror campaign, snipers attacked and shot shoppers in supermarkets randomly in Belgium, killing 28 and leaving many wounded. Shooting both sides is an especially big red flag for a false flag op. Specifically, when authoritarian regimes want to break up protests, they might shoot protesters. On the other hand, when violent protesters shoot government employees, they might be trying to overthrow the government. But when secretive snipers kill both protesters and the police, it is an indication of a “false flag” attack meant to sow chaos, anger, disgust and a lack of legitimacy. This has happened many times over the years. For example:

Talking of Cairo:

Egypt’s former security chief advising MbS’ crackdown
Reuters, Nov 17 2017

Egypt’s feared former security chief Habib el-Adly is reportedly advising MbS amid mass arrests of the KSA elite and allegations of physical abuse during their detention. The NYT quoted an Adly adviser and a former Egyptian interior minister as saying that Adly is in Riyadh, advising MbS during his alleged corruption crackdown, which includes the detention of 11 cabinet ministers and scores of the country’s leading businessmen. The NYT quoted a Pindo boxtop and a local doctor as saying 17 detained persons have required medical attention because of physical abuse. Some are reportedly being held at the Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh. David Hearst of Middle East Eye reported last week “several detainees” had suffered wounds from “torture and beatings.” Adly was Mubarak’s interior minister from 1997 until the fall of the regime in 2011. During that time he developed a notorious reputation for torture, forced disappearances, and other human rights abuses. After being convicted of embezzling more than $110m of public funds last April and sentenced to seven years in prison, he disappeared. Egypt’s interior ministry declared him a fugitive. A spox for the Toad embassy in Faschingstein told the NYT she couldn’t confirm or deny allegations of Adly’s presence in the kingdom. Farid al-Dib, Adly’s lawyer, denied that his client was in Riyadh, reported the Egypt Independent on Thursday, saying he was still in Egypt and would appeal his seven-year sentence on Jan 11 2018 at the Court of Cassation. Adly faced a string of criminal charges after the 2011 uprising that ousted Mubarak, including ordering security forces to open fire on protesters demanding the regime’s overthrow, but the Morsi government cleared him.

if this story is any good, then richard silverstein will probably write about it

Hamas: Mossad Agents Behind Tunisia Assassination
Jack Khoury, Haaretz, Nov 17 2017

Hamas said on Thursday that Mossad agents carrying Bosnian passports were behind the assassination of drone expert Mohammed Zawahri in Tunisia last year. Hamas politburo member Mohammed Nazzal told a presser in Beirut:

Following the murder, Hamas formed an investigation panel. We’ve reached clear conclusions about who was behind the assassination. Mossad agents carrying Bosnian passports were responsible for the murder. The Mossad agents were aided by other intelligence agencies. Two apartments were rented as part of the preparations. Zawahri was under close Mossad surveillance for four months.

According to reports, Zawahri was shot at close range with six bullets, three to his head, while in his car. The reports said that the assassin was highly professional and skilled, and didn’t leave a trace. Zawahri was a former Tunis Air pilot. He served as head of a south Tunisia civil aviation organization, and trained youth to fly drones. Reports in Tunisia and around the Arab World said following the assassination that Zawahri was an enthusiastic supporter of the Palestinian cause. UAE newspaper al-Khaleej said Zawahri received threats over the past few years due to his involvement with the manufacture of drones and quoted a source saying that foreign elements are responsible for the assassination, but did not single out any particular country or intelligence organization. Al-Akhbar reported that Zawahri had worked with the military wing of Hamas since the 1990s, as well as with Hezbollah. Tunisia pursued Zawahri in the early 90s and he moved to Syria, returning to Tunisia in 2011 after the end of the regime there.

pindos not only lying but actually clueless as to what is really there

Kaspersky claims at least one other entity in NSA contractor’s computer
Joe Uchill, The Hill, Nov 16 2017

Kaspersky Lab says it has identified an unrelated hacking campaign it says struck the same computer the company is accused of aiding Russians with hacking. The original allegations came from an Oct 11 article in the WSJ that claimed Israeli intelligence caught Russian operatives using Kaspersky Antivirus’s file-scanning system to search for classified files and stealing classified NSA hacking tools from a contractor’s home computer in 2015. The article appeared to provide some context for what had been until that point a largely unexplained DHS ban on Kaspersky Lab products for federal systems levied one month earlier. Kaspersky Lab wrote in its investigation report, released Thursday:

It is appalling to see that accusations against our company continue to appear without any proof or factual information being presented. Rumors, anonymous sources, and lack of hard evidence spreads only fear, uncertainty and doubt.

The new Kaspersky report fills in some gaps from a prior Kaspersky report on the issue and claims to confirm its earlier analysis. It found the classified hacking tools largely because its antivirus software was trained to protect users from some of the malware found on the system. Other suspicious files were uploaded to the company for analysis and ultimately discarded when they were discovered to be classified Pindo intelligence files. But the report provides some new details. The earlier Kaspersky report noted the NSA contractor accidentally infected his or her own system with separate malware at the time by trying to install a pirated version of Microsoft Word. The Kaspersky Antivirus would have flagged that other malware, meaning that the contractor would have had to have disabled the antivirus to install the pirated software. The new report explains that malware was the Smoke Bot backdoor, believed to have been created by a Russian criminal hacker and sold on online criminal markets since 2011. The infrastructure created to support the version of Smoke Loader in the pirated Microsoft Office files was registered to a “Zhou Lou” of the Hunan providence of China. The report contains the alleged email address used to set up the internet accounts used in that infrastructure. Third party analysis of Smoke Bot claims that the malware would also have given attackers the ability to steal files.

The report also claims the Kaspersky file scan that netted classified material took place in 2014, not 2015 as the WSJ’s sources claimed. It says the NSA only discovered the alleged breach last year, so presumably the error could have occurred during the reconstruction of events. The new Kaspersky report claims that the alleged Israeli report that Russian operatives were searching for code words from classified hacking programs to find files to steal, may be incorrect but have some grounding in truth. Antivirus software uses a variety of techniques to identify known malware. According to the report, Kaspersky protected systems against certain NSA malware by searching for telltale words used in their files, including “Equestre,” “Equation,” “Grayfish,” “Fanny,” and “DoubleFantasy.” That could conceivably have been mistaken for Russian spies searching for specific projects, but in Tuesday testimony on Capitol Hill, Lamar Smith, chair of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, implied that intelligence against Kaspersky dated back until at least 2012 and had been convincing enough for the DoD to bar use of its software around that time. While the WSJ story provided one possible instance of Russian intelligence coopting Kaspersky products, it did not claim it was the only intelligence or instance the DHS relied on for its decision.

the accompanying photo seems intended to condemn china cos its cities still have smog

China denounces Pindo call to register Chinese journalists as agents
Reuters, Nov 17 2017

BEIJING – China denounced on Thursday a Pindo congressional commission that accused its state media of involvement in spying and propaganda and called for their staff in Pindostan to be registered as foreign agents. The China Economic and Security Review Commission said in its latest annual report that while China had tightened restrictions on domestic and foreign media, its state media had rapidly expanded overseas. The commission, created by Congress in 2000 to monitor national security implications of China trade relations, said China state media expansion was part of a broader effort to exert greater control over how it is depicted globally as well as to gather information. Chinese Foreign Ministry spox Geng Shuang told a daily news briefing:

We have seen the report. This commission that released the report has always been full of prejudice on China-related issues. Much of the content in the relevant report is sheer fiction, and many of its views reflect their bias against China. We urge the commission to put an end to its wrong words and actions and really play a constructive role in promoting the development of ties between our countries.

buchanan’s erroneous prejudices are scored out, his logic is curiously unaffected by them

Is Pindostan Ready for a Second Cold War?
Patrick Buchanan, Nov 17 2017

After the 19th national congress of the Chinese Communist Party in October, one may discern Premier Xi Jinping’s vision of the emerging New World Order. By 2049, the centennial of the triumph of Communist Revolution, China shall have become the first power on earth. Her occupation and humiliation by the West and Japan in the 19th and 20th centuries will have become hated but ancient history. Pindostan will have been pushed out of Asia and the western Pacific, back beyond the second chain of islands. Taiwan will have been returned to the motherland, SK and the Philippines neutralized, Japan contained. China’s claim to all the rocks, reefs and islets in the South China Sea will have been recognized by all current claimants. Xi’s One Belt One Road strategy will have brought South and Central Asia into Beijing’s orbit. Democracy has been rejected by China in favor of one-party rule of all political, economic, cultural and social life. With Europe depopulating, riven by secessionism and fearful of a Third World migrant invasion, and with Pindostan tearing herself apart over politics and ideology, China must appear to ambitious rising powers as the model to emulate. Has not China shown the world that authoritarianism can be compatible with national growth that outstrips a democratic West? Over the last quarter-century, China, thanks to economic nationalism and $4t in trade surpluses with Pindostan, has exhibited growth unseen since 19th-century Pindostan. Whatever we may think of Xi’s methods This vision must attract vast numbers of China’s young. They see their country displace Pindostan as first power, becoming the dominant people on earth.

What is Pindostan’s vision? What is Pindostan’s cause in the 21st century? What is the mission and goal that unites, inspires and drives us on? After WW2, Pindostan’s foreign policy was imposed upon her by the terrible realities the war produced: brutalitarian Stalinist domination of Eastern and Central Europe and much of Asia. Under nine presidents, containment of the Soviet empire was our policy. In Korea and Vietnam, Pindos died in the thousands to sustain that policy, but with the collapse of the USSR in 1992, it seemed that our great work was done. Now democracy would flourish and be embraced by all advanced peoples and nations. But it did not happen. The “end of history” never came. The NWO of Bush 41 did not last. Bush 43’s democracy crusade to end tyranny in our world produced disasters from Libya to Afghanistan. Authoritarianism is now ascendant and democracy is in retreat. Is Pindostan prepared to accept a world in which China, growing at twice our rate, more united and purposeful, emerges as the dominant power? Are we willing to acquiesce in a Chinese Century? Or will we adopt a policy to ensure that Pindostan remains the world’s preeminent power? Do we have what is required in wealth, power, stamina and will to pursue a Second Cold War to contain China which, strategic weapons aside, is more powerful and has greater potential than the Soviet Union ever did?

On his Asia tour, Pres Trump spoke of the “Indo-Pacific,” shorthand for the proposition that Pindostan, Japan, Australia and India form the core of a coalition to maintain the balance of power in Asia and contain the expansion of China. But before we create some Asia-Pacific NATO to corral and contain China in this century, as we did the USSR in the 20th century, we need to ask ourselves why. Even if she rises to surpass Pindostan in manufacturing, technology and economic output, does China truly threaten us as the USSR did? Should we consider war to prevent its expansion in places like the South China Sea that are not vital to us? While China is a great power, she has great problems. She is feared and disliked by her neighbors. She has territorial quarrels with Russia, India, Vietnam, the Philippines & Japan. She has separatists in Tibet and Xinjiang. Christianity is growing while Communism, the state religion, is a dead faith. Moreover, the monopoly of power now enjoyed by the Communist Party and Xi Jinping mean that if things go wrong, there is no one else to blame. Why is the containment of China in Asia the responsibility of Pindostan, twelve time-zones away? China seeks to dominate Eurasia, but she appears to have no desire to threaten the vital interests of Pindostan. China’s Communism appears to be an ideology disbelieved by her own people, that she does not intend to impose it on Asia or the world. Are we up for a Second Cold War, and if so why?

daesh from raqqa

Pindo rescue of Daesh in Raqqa exposed
Bill Van Auken, WSWS, Nov 16 2017

An investigative report by the BBC titled “Raqqa’s dirty secret” has confirmed earlier charges by Syria, Russia and Iran that the Pentagon has colluded with Daesh in the evacuation of their fighters from cities and towns under Pindo siege. The BBC story, based on interviews with some of those who organized the evacuation along with truck drivers who were brought in to transport the fighters and others who observed it, reports:

The four-mile-long convoy included 50 trucks, 13 buses and more than 100 of Daesh’s own vehicles. Daesh fighters, their faces covered, sat defiantly on top of some of the vehicles.

In total, the convoy, which set out on Oct 12, transported some 4,000 Daesh fighters and their families, along with tons of arms, ammunition and explosives. The Pindo military and its proxy ground force the YPG/SDF assured that reporters and cameramen were kept out of Raqqa, to prevent images of the long column of trucks, with armed Daesh fighters on top of them from being broadcast around the world. The story has been largely ignored by the US media. It flies in the face of repeated statements by leading US officials vowing to “annihilate” ISIS to the last man in Iraq and Syria and debunks the greatest “fake news” story of the 21st century—the so-called US war on terror. In the face of the evidence uncovered by the BBC, the Pentagon has been forced to acknowledge that the evacuation took place, while insisting that it was merely an innocent bystander. CENTCOM spox told the BBC:

We didn’t want anyone to leave, but this goes to the heart of our strategy, (to work) by, with and through local leaders on the ground. It comes down to Syrians. They are the ones fighting and dying. They get to make the decisions regarding operations.

This is patent nonsense. The siege of Raqqa was organized by the Pindo military and carried out by means of a merciless campaign of airstrikes and artillery bombardments conducted by Pindo forces that left thousands of civilians dead and wounded and most of the city in rubble. The YPG/SDF operates under Pindo direction, with Pindo SOF embedded in its ranks. The decision to transport armed Daesh fighters to safety elsewhere in Syria was made at the top levels of the Pindo military and intelligence apparatus and for definite strategic reasons. In terms of immediate objectives, they were eager to wind up the siege of Raqqa in order to mount a speedy offensive aimed at beating the SAA for control of the oil and gas fields in eastern Deir ez-Zor province. The SDF has since captured two of the largest oilfields, al-Tanak and al-Umar. Faschingstein has an important stake in seeing Daesh live to fight another day. Their continued existence provides a pretext for the permanent occupation of Syria and Iraq in the name of fighting terrorism. Mad Dog Mattis gave direct expression to these objectives in a Pentagon briefing Monday, declaring that the Pindo military would remain in Syria combatting Daesh “as long as they want to fight.” He went on to indicate that Pindostan intended to continue its illegal military occupation of the country until there is a political settlement ending the war that the CIA itself orchestrated to effect regime change in Syria over five years ago. He said:

We’re not just going to walk away right now before the Geneva process has traction.

Daesh emerged as a major force in the region thanks to the Pindo war for regime change, fattening off of the billions of dollars’ worth of arms and aid funneled into Syria by the CIA, the Toads and others. It continued to enjoy this support until it turned eastward into Iraq, routing Iraqi forces in Mosul and across much of Iraq in 2014. In the wake of the supposed defeat of Daesh and retaking of its “capital” of Raqqa, these forces can be rebranded as anti-Assad “rebels” and utilized in the furtherance of the continuing objective of securing regime change in Syria, thus preparing for military confrontation with Iran and Russia and asserting Pindo hegemony in the Middle East by means of armed force.

they dint wanna see stories that EU was colluding with neo-nazi death squads in ukraine

EU anti-“fake news” authority prepares mass censorship
Alex Lantier, WSWS, Nov 16 2017

The EU is launching the construction of an authority to monitor and censor so-called “fake news.” Its unelected executive the European Commission is setting up a High-Level Expert Group on the issue and soliciting criticisms of “fake news” from media professionals and the public to decide what powers to give to this EU body, which is to begin operation next spring. An examination of the EU’s announcement shows that it is preparing mass state censorship aimed not at false information, but at news reports or political views that encourage popular opposition to the European ruling class. The term “fake news” comes from the campaign conducted by the Pindo Demagog Party, MSM and CIA promoting accusations that Trump’s victory was due to Russian influence, which has developed into ever more aggressive demands for censorship of the Internet to prevent the expression of critical views and social protests. At one senate hearing on the issue, former FBI officer Clint Watts called for censorship in front of sympathetic congress critturs who denounced Russia for supposedly trying to “amplify racial and social divisions” in Pindostan. Watts said:

Civil wars don’t start with gunshots, they start with words. Pindostan’s war with itself has already begun. We all must act now on the social media battlefield to quell information rebellions that can quickly lead to violent confrontations and easily transform us into the Divided Snakes of Pindostan.

The EU’s anti-“fake news” censorship body serves the same basic political ends. It aims to create conditions where unelected authorities control what people can read or say online. EU Vice-President Frans Timmermans declared:

We live in an era where the flow of information and misinformation has become almost overwhelming. Our task is to protect our citizens from fake news and to manage the information they receive.

According to an EU press release:

The High-Level Expert Group is planned to start in Jan 2018 and will work over several months (to determine) possible future actions to strengthen citizens’ access to reliable and verified information and prevent the spread of disinformation online.

Who will decide what views are “verified,” who is “reliable” and whose views are “disinformation” to be deleted from Facebook or removed from Google search results? The EU, of course. As in Pindostan, the EU anti-“fake news” campaign flows out of operations against Russia and attempts to shield from criticism the ever more unpopular EU policies. These include the ever-accelerating turn by the European bourgeoisie towards militarism and authoritarian rule. According to its press release, the EU’s new initiative began with the establishment by the EU Council in Mar 2015 of the “East Stratcom Task Force.” This was shortly after Feb 2014, when Faschingstein and Berlin successfully organized the regime change operation in Ukraine, which led to a bitter civil war in eastern Ukraine. The EU was well aware of the fascist character of its Ukrainian allies. The EU Parliament had just voted in 2012 for a resolution formally denouncing Svoboda, one of the parties it put in power in Kiev. The EU Parliament resolved:

We appeal to democratic political parties not to associate with, endorse or form coalitions with this party. Its racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic views go against the EU’s fundamental values.

After Pindo and Euro imperialism put Svoboda in power, European media denounced criticism that the EU was working with neo-fascists as “lying Russian propaganda” and as a “supreme lie.” These are the roots of the “East Stratcom Task Force” and the anti-“fake news” campaign in Europe. According to the current EU press release:

The “East Stratcom Task Force” was set up to identify, analyse, and raise awareness of Russia’s ongoing disinformation campaigns on a daily basis. Its principal purpose is to ensure effective communication and promotion of EU policies towards the Eastern Neighbourhood.

This means, to promote the EU’s aggressive policies and its links to neo-fascists in Ukraine, Eastern Europe and beyond. The situation emerging in Europe is a warning to the working class. A body set up to promote forces like Svoboda and the Right Sector is to lead a drive to censor the Internet and official public life in Europe. Police-state rule in Europe is actively being prepared. This reflects a historic collapse of democratic forms of rule across the continent that has developed over decades. The quarter-century since the end of the USSR has seen austerity at home and escalating NATO wars in the MENA and Eastern Europe. Euro capitalism is bankrupt, and nearly a decade after the 2008 Wall Street crash, economic inequality is reaching levels incompatible with democratic forms of rule. With tens of millions of unemployed and youth left with no future, social anger has reached explosive levels. The EU’s Generation What poll earlier this year found that more than half of European youth would be willing to participate in a “mass uprising” against the existing order. The response of European imperialism is to prepare repression and authoritarian rule at home, while denouncing criticism of its policies as “fake news” and Russian propaganda. A key battleground of the EU “fake news” campaign is Spain. Last month, Madrid suspended Catalonia’s elected government amid mass protests in Barcelona, after police assaulted peaceful voters in the Oct 1 Catalan independence referendum. Berlin, London and Paris all issued statements backing Madrid. Spanish General Fernando Alejandre threatened Catalonia with military intervention and hailed the Spanish army “of all epochs,” implicitly including the 1939 invasion of Catalonia by Franco during the Spanish Civil War. European media, the Spanish government and East Stratcom are launching a campaign to denounce criticism of Madrid’s policies and EU support for them as “fake news.” On Monday, the British Guardian reported:

Boxtops at the East Stratcom Task Force in Brussels say they have detected an upsurge in pro-Kremlin disinfo and false claims about the political crisis in Catalonia. They say they’ve seen an increase in disinfo linked to the Catalan referendum, in line with the explosion of media interest in the story.

To illustrate this, the Guardian cited a Facebook post by Moldovan politician Bogdan Țîrdea that stated:

EU officials supported the violence in Catalonia.

As in Ukraine, the ruling elite attacks such statements as “fake news” and Russian propaganda not because they are false, but because they threaten to provoke political opposition at home. Claims that Russia and its allies in Eastern Europe instigated the Catalan crisis or used it to smear the EU are lies refuted by Madrid’s own statements. Over a week after the Oct 1 referendum, Madrid hailed Moscow’s reactionary support for its internal repression. Spanish Ambassador to Russia Ignacio Ibanez Rubio said:

Spain endorses Russia’s official stance. From the very beginning, Russia has recognized that this is an internal affair of our country … So we are very pleased with Russia’s stand on the crisis in Catalonia.

The accelerating moves towards police-state rule in Europe and the media campaign against Russian “fake news” again underscore the significance of WSWS’ reporting, its opposition to the EU, and its struggle against Google’s attempts to censor it. It is emerging as the leading voice against the drive to legitimize authoritarian rule and far-right politics in Europe.

further on voa and rfe/rl bans in russia

Russia Names The 9 Pindo News Outlets It Will Retaliate Against
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Nov 16 2017

After hinting that retaliation was imminent, the Russian Duma has approved a law that would require nine Pindo news outlets to be labeled “foreign agents” in response to Faschingstein’s decision to require RT Pindostan to register as a foreign agent last week, a decision that Moscow has slammed as hypocritical and infringing on free speech. Reuters reports that Russia’s lower house of Parliament has approved the law, which allows Moscow to force foreign media to brand news they provide to Russians as the work of “foreign agents” and to disclose the source of their funding. The law must now pass the upper house, which is likely to happen next week. Once Pres Putin signs it, it will become law. The path to passage looks relatively straightforward, and it’s likely the bill will become a law. The Russian Justice Ministry on Thursday published a list of the news outlets that it said could be affected by the law. The outlets are VoA and RFE/RL, along with seven separate Russian or local-language news outlets run by RFE/RL. Five of these broadcast to Crimea, Siberia, North Caucasus, Tatarstan and provincial Russia respectively, one is an online TV station, and one fact-checks the statements of Russian boxtops. Pindostan has funded RFE/RL to broadcast pro-capitalist messaging to Central and Eastern Europe since the early days of the Cold War. The new legislation will allow Russian authorities to designate foreign media as “foreign agents”and subject them to the same requirements that are applied to foreign-funded NGOs under a 2012 law. They must include in any information they publish or broadcast to Russian audiences a mention of their “foreign agent” designation. They also must apply for inclusion in a government register, submit regular reports on their sources of funding, on their objectives, on how they spend their money, and who their managers are. They can be subject to spot checks by the authorities to make sure they comply with the rules, according to the 2012 law, which has forced some NGOs to close.


sam power would have been screeching at nebenzia and throwing chairs by now

Russia casts tenth veto on JIM, blocking renewal
Michelle Nichols, Reuters, Nov 16 2017

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 23.47.55Nebenzya & Haley before the UNSC meeting, Nov 16 2017 (Photo:Lucas Jackson/ Reuters)

UN – Russia on Thursday cast its tenth veto against a Pindo-drafted UNSCR on CW use in Syria since the war began in 2011. The mandate for the joint inquiry by the UN and the OPCW, which ‘found’ the Syrian government used sarin in an Apr 4 attack, expires at midnight Thursday. Russia agreed to the creation of the JIM in 2015, but it has consistently questioned its findings. vetoing 10 SCRs on Syria. It vetoed a Pindo draft SCR to renew the JIM on Oct 24, saying it wanted to wait for the release of the inquiry’s report two days later. Today’s Pindo draft received 11 votes in favour. Russia and Bolivia voted against it and China and Egypt abstained. The vote came a few hours after White House spox Sarah Sanders said Pres Trump believed he could work with Pres Putin on issues like Syria. Trump urged the SC to renew the inquiry, saying it was needed to prevent Assad from using CW. The Apr 4 sarin attack on Khan Sheikhoun that killed dozens of people prompted provided the pretext for Pindostan to launch missiles on a Syrian air base. Pindo Ambassador N Haley warned after the council vote on Thursday:

We will do it again if we must. The Assad regime should be on clear notice: Pindostan does not accept Syria’s use of CW. Russia has killed the JIM. Russia has undermined our ability to deter future attacks. In effect, Russia accepts the use of CW in Syria. How then can we trust Russia’s support for supposed peace in Syria?

Russia withdrew its own rival draft resolution to renew the JIM after suggesting its proposal be considered second and not first, as council rules required. After the vote on the Pindo draft, Bolivia requested a vote on the Russian draft but received only four votes in favour, seven against and four abstentions. Russian Ambassador V Nebenzia said:

I am deeply disappointed. The draft is not balanced. The Western attempt to disparage Russia has surpassed the importance of safeguarding the mechanism. We need a robust, professional mechanism that will help to prevent the proliferation of the threat of chemical terrorism in the region, and you need a puppet-like structure to manipulate public opinion. We condemn the use of CW by anyone, whatever the circumstances are. The perpetrators of such crimes must be held accountable. The other side bear the full brunt of responsibility for the cessation of operation of the JIM.

caitlin: too good to operate without a license

I’ve Been Banned From Facebook For Sharing An Article About False Flags
Caitlin Johnstone,, Nov 16 2017


My personal Facebook account, which has the maximum 5,000 friends and an additional 5,000+ followers, has been blocked from posting for three days. My page hasn’t been blocked yet, but we’ll see; I shared the article there, too. The reason given for this ban by the little pop-up boxes when I logged on just now was that a couple months ago I had shared an article about admitted false flag operations perpetrated by governments around the world. I don’t know what happened that made Facebook’s system decide to crack down on me now all of a sudden, but I do know I’ve been a bit naughtier than usual in my last couple of articles. The article I got the banhammer for sharing is titled For Those Who Don’t ‘Believe’ In ‘Conspiracies’ Here Are 58 Admitted False Flag Attacks. According to the site’s ticker it has 50,667 shares as of this writing. It’s laden with hyperlinks for further reading, and lists only instances of false flag operations that insiders are on the record as having admitted to themselves. It’s a good compilation of important information. People should be allowed to share it. The notifications say I can be permanently banned if I continue posting that sort of material. I’ve had that account since 2007. So. Who wants to see my Barbra Streisand impression?

In a corporatist system of government, corporate censorship is state censorship. When there’s no meaningful space between corporate power and government power, it doesn’t make much difference whether the guy silencing your dissent is Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Sessions. Pindostan most definitely has such a system. If they’re going to get us locked down and propagandized into their vapid brain boxes, this will be how they’ll do it: not by government censorship, but by corporate censorship. Government can’t make an overt attempt to stop a dissenting voice from speaking, but the corporations who own the venue of their speech can. In a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, plutocrat-sponsored senators spoke with top legal and security officials for Facebook, Twitter and Google in a very disturbing way about the need to silence dissenting voices. Demagog Sen Mazie Hirono of Hawaii demanded that the companies adopt a “mission statement” declaring their commitment “to prevent the fomenting of discord.” Former FBI agent Clint Watts kicked it up even further, saying:

Civil wars don’t start with gunshots, they start with words. Pindostan’s war with itself has already begun. We all must act now on the social media battlefield to quell information rebellions that can quickly lead to violent confrontations and easily transform us into the Divided Snakes of Pindostan. Stopping the false information artillery barrage landing on social media users comes only when those outlets distributing bogus stories are silenced. Silence the guns and the barrage will end.

This was on the Senate floor. Officials were speaking about the need to censor social media to prevent people from sharing dissenting ideas on the Senate floor. WSWS said of the hearing:

That such a statement could be made in a congressional hearing, entirely without objection, is an expression of the terminal decay of Pindo democracy. There is no faction of the ruling class that maintains any commitment to basic democratic rights. None of the Demagogs in the committee raised any of the constitutional issues involved in asking massive technology companies to censor political speech on the Internet. Only one Thug raised concerns over censorship, but only to allege that Google had a liberal bias.

I’ll admit right now that this really scares me. Ever the optimist, I’ve been reassuring my readers that the corporatocracy would never risk taking off the black hole sun mask of corporate cheerfulness and move into regular, overt totalitarianism. I’ve contended that they must remain covert in order to keep successfully manufacture consent. But here we are. Through a studious application of psy-ops they have their censorship and they have their consent. Remember, in the book “Fahrenheit 451” the public wasn’t unhappy about the book burnings. They cheered them on, and that’s what we have now. The herd is mindlessly clapping their approval at censorship and even volunteering to report naughty behavior like good little hall monitors for the oligarchy. I’m sure that even some of my close friends and family will silently approve of my banning and will meet my distress with the pursed lips of a church lady secretly pleased at my come-uppance. I tried joining Gab when I saw this coming, but it’s really alt-righty there and the energy there is just gross. Finding a new social media outlet might not even matter anyway, since these creeps just target any place people gather in large numbers. I don’t know. I always freak out a bit when the eye of corporate censorship focuses on me. I’ve recently been told by a number of people that they’ve been banned for sharing my articles, and now it’s hitting me. I’m babbling. This is weird. I just really, really don’t want humanity to become what these people are trying to turn it into, you know? Help me make some noise about this stuff, please. Manipulators can’t do their job when there’s a big spotlight pointed at them.