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Lawyer For The Toads Says Families Have “No Evidence” Kingdom Was Involved In 9/11
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jan 18 2018

As the long-awaited civil trial of a lawsuit brought by families of 9/1 victims against the Toads, the latters’ lawyers asked the judge presiding over the case to throw out lawsuits claiming agents of the Toad government helped AQ carry out the attacks, arguing the victims haven’t provided any evidence to back their cases. The Daily News reported Attorney Michael Kellogg said:

Lawyers for the families have submitted 4,000 pages of materials. The families seem to be taking the position that the law enabling their lawsuit provides all the cover they need to avoid it being quashed by a judge. The whole pitch seems to be JASTA itself is enough to see them over the line.

He told District Judge George Daniels at the hearing in Manhattan on Thursday:

There are no significant facts or evidence in the materials. Conclusions, speculation, hearsay are not enough.

The families of hundreds of victims who died during the attacks filed the landmark suit last March, six months after Congress passed a bill known as Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism (JASTA). Sean Carter, a lawyer for one of the plaintiffs, argued that there was extensive evidence that the Toads funded certain charities despite knowing that they funneled money to AQ. In Jul 2016, Congress released the fabled “28 pages” left out of the official 9/11 Commission report, part of the 2002 congressional investigation into 9/11 which had remained classified since the report’s completion. Demagogs hailed the release as vindication for the Toads, but some of their contents would suggest otherwise. For example, the pages revealed that a telephone number found in the phone book of Abu Zubaida, who was captured in Pakistan in Mar 2002, was for an Aspen corporation that managed the “affairs of the Colorado residence of the Ambassador Bandar,” the documents show. Osama Bassnan, who the documents identify as a financial supporter of two of the 9/11 hijackers in San Diego, received money from Bandar, and Bassnan’s wife also got money from Bandar’s wife. The documents show:

On at least one occasion, Bassnan received a check directly from Prince Bandar’s account. According to the FBI, on May 14 1998, Bassnan cashed a check from Bandar in the amount of $15k. Bassnan’s wife also received at least one check directly from Bandar.

The top two members of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes and Adam Schiff, at the time cautioned that much of the information in the newly released pages was not “vetted conclusions.” Schiff said in a statement:

I hope that the release of these pages, with appropriate redactions necessary to protect our nation’s intelligence sources and methods, will diminish speculation that they contain proof of official or unofficial involvement in the 9/11 attacks. The intelligence community and the 9/11 Commission investigated the questions they raised and was never able to find sufficient evidence to support them.  I know that the release of these pages will not end debate over the issue, but it will quiet rumors over their contents, as is often the case, the reality is less damaging than the uncertainty.

Kellogg even pointed to the report, saying it conclusively showed the Toads were not involved with 9/11:

In making his case for the suit to be scrapped, Kellogg also pointed to the findings of the 9/11 Commission report, which he said cleared the Toads of funding the attacks. The Commission “found no evidence that the Toads officially or unofficially supplied money to AQ. But it did say that unidentified wealthy Toad sympathizers as well as Toad charities helped to finance AQ. Kellogg said: “The 9/11 commission report, including its conclusions, is legitimate evidence before this court.”

However, Sean Carter, a lawyer for one of the plaintiffs, cited a CIA report naming a Saudi-backed charity as one of the principal financiers for the terrorist network.

Carter, the lawyer for one of the plaintiffs, referenced a CIA report that he said named a Toad-backed charity as a principal funder of a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan. Carter said: “In the course leading up to 9/11, it was Toad money that allowed them to maintain an organization.”

The suit filed in March says the Toads assisted the 9/11 hijackers “through a network of the kingdom’s officers” and funneled money to terrorists for years through a number of charities. The kingdom “actively supported AQ in its final preparations” for the attacks, the suit adds.

wankers of the world, unite & say “me too!”

Die Zeit and SPD back #MeToo witch-hunt
Verena Nees, WSWS, Jan 19 2018

The #MeToo campaign has reached Germany. A recent edition of Die Zeit accused the well-known television director Dieter Wedel, who is 75, of sexually harassing actresses and forcing them to engage in sexual intercourse. Die Zeit devoted no less than 20 pages of its weekly magazine to accounts by former actresses, some of them cited anonymously, who recalled sexual offences allegedly carried out by Wedel over 20 years ago. A number of statements by Die Zeit employees at the end of the report called for the expansion of the #MeToo campaign in Germany and its transformation into a “mass movement.” Until now, the #MeToo reaction in Germany had been relatively muted. Last November, the prominent German film director Volker Schlöndorff dismissed allegations against Dustin Hoffman relating to an alleged incident in 1985 as a “ridiculous accusation.” Die Zeit, which is closely linked to the SPD, is now determined to shift the agenda. It sent out a string of reporters to collect as much dirt as possible against film and theatre director Dieter Wedel. Former actresses Jana Tempel and Patricia Thielemann, as well as an anonymous “witness,” were allowed to report in lascivious detail the alleged misdeeds of Wedel. The reporters played the role of the instigators. They interviewed friends, acquaintances and casting agents from that time. One casting agent died a month before the Zeit report. The reporters also interviewed a psychotherapist who was treating Jana Tempel. They collected statements and even diary notes from the mother of Jana Tempel’s former partner about her meeting with Dieter Wedel. The newspaper clearly spent a great deal of money to conduct its research. Dieter Wedel has rejected the accusations in a legal statement, saying:

I deny the allegation that I was wearing a bathrobe during my conversation with Ms Tempel in my Hamburg hotel suite in 1991. I deny the allegation that I “pounced on her, tore her blouse and threw her onto a couch.” I was definitely never violent. I did not “grab” her, “push her against the wall” or “force her to have sexual intercourse.”

The director is known for his sexual escapades. He has made no secret of them, boasting in his autobiography of his exploits with various actresses. He has six children by six women, including the well-known actress Hannelore Elsner. For a certain period, he had simultaneous relationships with two different women at the same time. One may not approve of such conduct, but it remains his own business as long as he did not commit a crime. The former actresses interviewed by Die Zeit never reported any offences nor pressed for criminal charges. The presumption of innocence for offences allegedly committed 20 years ago is brushed aside by Die Zeit. Recalling the standards of the Middle Ages, the newspaper publicly pillories an acclaimed director who has received a host of awards for his television dramas and directed the Theatre Festival at Bad Hersfeld for many years. The campaign to win support for #MeToo in Germany has gained the backing of circles in the cultural and entertainment industry, the media, politics and among academics. The liberal commentator Heribert Prantl went so far in the Süddeutsche Zeitung as write:

I propose Mary the mother of Jesus – no humble holy housewife she! – as a role model for the courage of the women who are coming out today under #MeToo.

However, opposition to this witch-hunt is growing. Well-known actresses such as Jutta Speidel and Sonja Kirchberger have sided with Wedel. Kirchberger told Das Bild:

He is a lover of women who is also as appealing to the female sex. On the set, women have sometimes aggressively made advances to him. They’ve stood in line. Many have been well-known actresses.

In an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Jutta Speidel said:

I think #MeToo is a difficult topic. Rape and harassment cannot be excused, but it must also be made clear to a woman that it is wrong to get a role by giving sexual favours. I think acts of revenge 20 years later, as is now the case with Dieter Wedel, are borderline.

Tagesspiegel editor Jost Müller-Neuhof asked if Wedel’s films would now be banned. He complained:

Anecdotes that fill out an ugly picture are in many cases regarded as a verdict. Character traits rather than facts are raised, a judgment need not be justified, judges are absent, and instead of a prosecutor accusing the victim, the audience carries out the sentence.

The criminologist Monika Frommel condemned the #MeToo campaign against Wedel in an article on Legal Tribune Online, titled “The Commercialization of Indignation,” writing:

Here no distinction is made between provable and invented stories. The fact that basic legal principles such as the presumption of innocence not only lose all meaning, but are actually turned into their opposite, ie a presumption of guilt, is unfortunately evident.

The professor, whose main focus is criminology from a feminist perspective, especially sexual criminal law and its reforms, declared that the victims were “genuinely badly damaged victims.” It is no accident that the German #MeToo campaign is being led by a newspaper close to the SPD, which has adopted the issue in the wake of its disastrous result in last autumn’s federal election. Already last October, former Labour Minister Andrea Nahles and Family Minister Katarina Barley (both SPD) stated that #MeToo was “immensely important.” Barley told Zeit Online on Oct 22:

In cases of assault, like a hand on a knee, we should be sharper legally.

When her comment failed to trigger the hoped-for public outrage, Barley went further. In an interview with the TAZ on Nov 28, she lamented the “more lenient mentality” in Germany and praised Sweden, where there have been a number of #MeToo demonstrations and the issue of gender equality is higher on the agenda than in Germany. Barley said:

Just look at the government there! Half of the ministries are in female hands! In business, women on supervisory boards and executive committees are a matter of course! If women had more managerial functions, they would be more sensitive to topics such as #MeToo. I think we have to make the leap beyond the voyeuristic, who did what & when. In the end it’s not just about a hand on one knee, it’s about power!

In fact, the SPD is not concerned about women’s rights or even about sexual violence. The party that introduced the Agenda 2010 and Hartz regulations has forced hundreds of thousands of women to take low-wage and part-time jobs, massively increasing poverty for women when they retire. The party is quite content to ignore the plight of women today who can no longer pay their rent and are forced to live on the street, where they face a real danger of sexual violence. Confusion surrounds the issue of the #MeToo campaign, because it presents itself as a vehicle for women’s rights, but this is just as misguided as the claim by the SPD and the Greens that the German Army is in Afghanistan to bolster human rights and help build schools for Afghan girls. The #MeToo inquisitors in Die Zeit and the SPD ignore the consequences of imperialist wars that have forced hundreds and thousands of women to flee countries where the German Army is active. Nor do they care about the disastrous consequences of Germany’s policy of deportation that has plunged many refugee families into misery. The SPD long ago degenerated into a party of state officials, union bureaucrats and executives. It is now attempting to whip up an anti-democratic hysteria among a layer of the upper-middle class and academia, using #MeToo to prepare a turn to the right in foreign and domestic policy in the face of broad popular opposition. The huge media campaign exaggerating incidents of sexual assault in Cologne on New Year’s Eve 2015 already served this goal, as well as the police violence at the G20 last summer in Hamburg. Progressive movements look very different. Progressive social movements have certain essential characteristics, of which the most significant is their broadly egalitarian and democratic content. In the modern world, they are invariably and inseparably connected with the struggle of the working class against capitalist exploitation. Opposition to real instances of sexual abuse and all forms of anti-human cruelty and exploitation is a class issue, requiring the mobilization of the working class against capitalism. The motto that animates the struggle for human progress is not ‘Me Too’ but ‘Workers of the World Unite.’

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Turkish attack on Syrian Kurds marks major escalation in Middle East
Halil Celik, WSWS, Jan 19 2018

Late Wednesday night, the Turkish army launched an intensive artillery attack on Syrian Kurds in Afrin, a multi-ethnic region in north-western Syria controlled by the Kurdish YPG/SDF. This attack, announced long ago by Erdogan with the words “we can come unexpectedly overnight,” currently takes the form of a massive artillery bombardment. However, Ankara’s threats show that they are preparing to launch an outright military occupation that could provoke war with Syria and a direct clash with Pindo forces. The initial step for a Turkish invasion of Afrin came hours after a meeting of Turkey’s National Security Council chaired by Erdogan in Ankara. A statement issued after the meeting warned:

It is regrettable that a state which is part of NATO and our ally in bilateral relations declares the terrorists as its partner and provides them with weapons, without any concern for our safety. The establishment of a terror corridor and the formation of a terrorist army across the border will not be allowed. Necessary steps would be taken immediately and resolutely to defeat any threat against Turkey from western Syria in the first stage.

After a Cabinet meeting following the NSC, Bekir Bozdag, Turkey’s deputy prime minister and government spokesman, told reporters:

Turkey has reached the limits of its patience. Nobody should expect Turkey to show more patience.

As the Turkish army launched its artillery attacks, the Syrian government warned yesterday that its air defenses stand ready to defend Syria against any “act of aggression.” According to SANA, the Assad government will consider any Turkish military operations trespassing over Syria’s borders as an attempt to attack and violate the country’s territorial integrity, meaning an act of war. Former YPG/SDF leader Saleh Moslem warned Ankara that if the Turkish army attacks Afrin, the war will rapidly spread back into Turkey itself. Earlier this week, Gen Sipan Hemo, the YPG Commander, told the Kurdish news agency ANF:

We will strongly respond to attacks and threat to Afrin, Rojava or anywhere else, whether they come from Erdogan or anyone else.

A bitter conflict is emerging, above all between Ankara and Faschingstein. The Trump administration has once again enraged Ankara with its recent threat to build a 30,000-strong border protection force drawn from YPG/SDF, the Pentagon’s main proxy on the ground. In response, Ankara has sent Chief of General Staff Hulusi Akar and MIT head Hakan Fidan to Moscow. They are now looking for support from Russia on “the use of Syria air space,” while also staying in close contact with Iran on the issue. This points to the deep internal tensions that are tearing apart NATO. Turkey is seeking support from the alliance’s main target, Russia, against the Kurdish forces long supported by Pindostan and its Euro vassals in Syria. While apparently triggered by the Pindo announcement of the creation of the border protection force, Turkish aggression been long preparing. Ankara has repeatedly demanded the withdrawal of the YPG/SDF from Afrin, and asked Putin to remove Russian troops from the area so that the Turkish army could take its “own measures to secure the borders.” The Turkish government’s attack on Afrin is a reactionary act of militarist aggression stemming from its deep hostility to the Kurdish population. It is the outcome of the Turkish bourgeoisie’s collaboration with a quarter-century of imperialist wars in the Middle East launched by Faschingstein and its Euro vassals. They have devastated whole societies in Iraq and Syria, turned tens of millions of people into refugees and left more than a million dead. The Turkish bourgeoisie support and participate in the proxy war in Syria because it shares the principal aims of the imperialist powers themselves: to prevent the spread of mass revolutionary movements in Tunisia and Egypt to the whole Middle East, and to strengthen NATO’s influence at the expense of Russia and Iran by toppling Assad. Ankara has enthusiastically participated in the imperialist proxy war in Syria, helping arm and protect Islamist militias that carried out attacks and terror bombings across Syria, which was part of the global strategy of Pindo imperialism to try to consolidate its declining world hegemony through the use of its residual military power in wars targeting Russia and China.

As NATO’s Islamist proxies failed to topple Assad, Faschingstein turned ever more to Kurdish forces as its main proxy force in the region, and Ankara turned ever more against Pindo plans. The Pindo war for regime change targeting Assad not only destroyed Syria, but also led to a Pindo attempt at violent regime change inside Turkey itself, as Erdogan himself ended up on a hit list of Middle East heads of state targeted for murder by imperialism. As its relations with NATO and the EU rapidly deteriorated, Ankara made a major shift toward a rapprochement with Russia and China, igniting a bitter conflict with the Obama administration and its Euro vassals. In Jul 2016, a section of Turkey’s military launched an abortive putsch out of NATO’s Incirlik air base, encouraged by Faschingstein and Berlin. Having escaped assassination thanks to a mass mobilization of working people that defeated the coup, Erdogan imposed a state of emergency and succeeded in winning the Apr 2017 constitutional referendum to consolidate his power. He also ordered the Turkish army to launch its own invasion of Syria against both Daesh and the YPG/SDF. Together with Moscow and Tehran, he initiated the Astana talks for a “solution” in the Syrian civil war. The Erdogan government’s attitude to Syria has nothing to do with the real interests of the working people. Having participated in the imperialist powers’ slaughter of the workers and oppressed masses of Syria, despite broad popular opposition to the war inside Turkey, it is now launching another bloody onslaught for its own strategic interests. The Turkish military operation against Afrin will doubtless further escalate tensions within NATO, bringing Turkish troops not only into conflict with the YPG/SDF and with Syrian troops. They also risk entering into conflict with approximately 2,000 Pindo troops in the territories controlled by the YPG/PYD.

Pindostan announces indefinite deployment of military forces in Syria
James Cogan, WSWS, Jan 19 2018

Tillerson vowed yesterday that Pindo imperialism will not relent from its neo-colonial ambition to overthrow Assad. In a display of imperialist arrogance, Tillerson declared that Pindostan will maintain military forces inside Syria indefinitely and not accept any government in Damascus that does not function as a Pindo client state. Tillerson reaffirmed the determination of Pindostan to pursue regime change in Syria in a speech to the Hoover Institution at Stanford University in California. It was fitting that his address was hosted by Condoleezza Rice, an individual who should be indicted for war crimes for her role in the illegal invasion of Iraq. The fraudulent pretext that the sole motive of Pindostan in Syria was to combat Daesh has been cast aside. Tillerson repeatedly denounced Iran for supporting the Syrian government. The representative of the power that invaded Iraq and props up the dictatorships of the Toads and the Gulf states accused Tehran of seeking “dominance in the Middle East.” He declared that Pindostan was committed to “reducing and expelling malicious Iranian influence from Syria.” He demanded that Russia cease its backing for Damascus and “put new levels of pressure on the regime” to step aside and accept the installation of a Pindo-controlled puppet state. The Pindo objective, he asserted bluntly, was the “departure of Assad.” The criminality and hypocrisy of the Pindo ruling class has no limit. Amid the hysterical accusations of “Russian meddling” in the Pindo elections, Tillerson baldly asserted that Pindostan will decide the fate of Syria. Among the political forces that Pindostan is working with are the very Islamist extremists that Faschingstein exploited to justify its intervention into the seven-year civil war that has ravaged the country.

The recklessness of the policy outlined by Tillerson is immense. In pursuit of regime-change, Pindostan is seeking to effectively partition Syria, formally carving off the north into a Pindo protectorate under the control of Kurdish nationalist forces, while placing the eastern region of the country under Islamist militias. Tillerson asserted that Pindostan will channel so-called reconstruction aid into the areas held by its proxies, while seeking to enforce an economic embargo against the areas controlled by the Syrian government. The Pindo zone will be protected from Syrian forces by the 2,000 Pindo military personnel already in the country, and by USAF assets based in Iraq and the Gulf states. The day before Tillerson’s speech, a CENTCOM spox announced plans to assemble and arm a 30,000-strong anti-Assad militia. Among those whom Pindostan intends to enlist are hundreds of former Daesh fighters and members of AQ-linked Islamist militias such as Jabhat al-Nusra. A major aim of the Pindo plans is to sabotage and derail the Russian-led steps toward the convening of talks on ending the civil war in Syria. A conference is scheduled to take place in Sochi next month to which various anti-Assad factions have been invited. Now these elements have instead been provided with open-ended Pindo military and financial backing to continue fighting. It is estimated that the Syrian war has resulted in at least 500,000 deaths since 2011. More than five million people have fled the country as refugees, and at least six million more have been displaced from their homes within Syria. Entire cities and towns have been reduced to rubble by the indiscriminate bombardments carried out by all sides in the murderous conflict. Tillerson’s speech portends not only the continuation of the horrors inflicted on the Syrian masses, but a major escalation of the violence. The Pindo agenda has been rejected by the Syrian government already. The Syrian foreign ministry issued a statement that said:

The Pindo military presence on Syrian land is illegitimate and represents a blatant breach of international law and an aggression against national sovereignty.

Immediately on the horizon is the danger of large-scale military confrontations between Pindo-backed forces and the Syrian Army, along with the Iranian, Iraqi and Lebanese volunteers who are fighting alongside it in various Shiite militias. Having defeated rebel forces elsewhere in the country, the focus of Syrian government operations is shifting to retaking opposition-held territory in the north and east. In the air, these operations are still backed by Russian aircraft and helicopter gunships. The obvious question posed by Tillerson’s speech is whether Pindo forces will attack Russian aircraft, with all the ramifications such an action would carry. There is also the danger that Pindo attacks in Syria could lead to open war with Iran or ignite a new civil war inside Iraq, with Shiite militias taking up arms against the Pindo-backed government in Baghdad. Turkey is no less opposed to the Pindo plans. Last weekend, Erdogan bitterly accused the Trump administration of “creating a terror army on our border.” While Tillerson’s speech yesterday gave verbal reassurances to “address Turkey’s concern with PKK terrorists” and vowed “close cooperation,” Faschingstein is backing a formation that the Turkish ruling class views as a threat to its internal stability and territorial integrity. Erdogan has warned repeatedly that Turkey is prepared to invade northern Syria to prevent the YPG from consolidating the area into a de-facto Kurdish statelet. What would be the response of Pindistan? The new stage in Pindo imperialist intrigue in the Middle East is a further indictment of the myriad pseudo-left formations that supported the conspiracy to overthrow the Assad regime, claiming that the Pindo-backed rebels were carrying out a “revolution” for “democracy.” All those who opposed the Pindo regime-change operation, including WSWS, were accused of “knee-jerk anti-imperialism.” Seven years on, the pro-imperialist character of the Pindo proxy forces, whether it be the Kurdish nationalist formations or the AQ-aligned Islamist militias, is undeniable. As was the case from the outset, they are serving as Faschingstein’s tool to undermine Iranian and Russian influence in the Middle East and assert Pindo dominance over the oil-rich region. The outcome is the vastly heightened danger of a regional war or war between nuclear-armed powers.

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Dear #MAGA Friends: It’s Time To Push Back On The President’s Syria Policy
Caitlin Johnstone, Medium.com, Jan 18 2018

I’ve got a soft spot for Trump supporters. I disagree with them about a great many issues, they make a terrible mess out of my comments section whenever I write about feminism, and the socialists whose actual ideology I happen to align with give me hell for it, but I can’t help it. I have a special affection for the MAGA crowd and I’ll never apologize for it. I like the populist energy of their online communities and the anti-establishment streak that runs through it, I admire the way the rank-and-file community is able to shove a pet issue into mainstream conservative media attention in a way the far left simply has no ability to, and I respect the significant percentage among their ranks who sincerely oppose Pindo military interventionism in a way that can at times transcend petty partisan loyalism. It’s the latter feature that I hope to speak to here. I’ve been writing a lot lately about the steadily increasing amount of blatant neocon pivots this administration has been making, so I’m not sure how much of my MAGA following are still with me, but I hope to speak to the good, sincere people among that crowd who I know for a fact are out there. I know that a lot of the sweeping generalizations that my lefty brothers and sisters make about you are wrong, a fact I’ve consistently insisted upon despite taking a lot of heat for it, and if you’ll indulge me for a few paragraphs I’d like to sincerely ask for your help on a very important issue. Daniel McAdams has written an excellent article about Rex Tillerson’s recent comments on the Trump administration’s new policy of regime change in Syria which I encourage everyone to read. McAdams outlines:

The “new” policy is actually an old one, which is no different from that of Hillary Clinton or her former boss Pres Obama.

(Who knew? – RB) Do I have your attention yet? (No – RB) This administration is working to advance an agenda the ends of which are functionally identical not only to that of toxic Never-Trump neocons like Bill Kristol and John McCain, but to Obama and Hillary Clinton as well. There has been a lot of confusion and dispute about the term “deep state” lately, but whatever your definition, a military agenda which transcends party boundaries and remains in effect no matter who is in office surely points to an unelected power establishment calling the shots from behind the scenes. Now for me this administration’s plan of an invading military force holding a sovereign nation at gunpoint until its leader is replaced by someone the invading force finds more acceptable is already intrinsically evil, but I am aware that many conservatives don’t disagree with Pindo interventionism for the same reasons I do. I understand and respect that (fuck you – RB), so here are five other reasons Trump supporters should be loudly opposing this move:

  1. It needlessly keeps Pindo troops in harm’s way.
    Tillerson said it plans to keep 2,000 troops in Syria to keep the Assad government from recapturing the nation’s own land, as well as to compel the country into holding an election that ousts its sitting president. reports that the real number is actually 5,000 troops plus an equal number of contractors. That’s a lot of young Pindos sitting around in a region full of factions that don’t want them there, which could potentially erupt into full-scale warfare. And for what? To advance the ongoing agendas of Pindostan’s unelected power establishment. To win the geopolitical games played by a few powerful elites who do not care about Pindo troops. And you may be certain that this is all it is. The Pindo power establishment has been plotting for years to topple Syria, and it has been saturating the West in propaganda about that nation for a long, long time. This isn’t about protecting civilians from an evil dictator who spontaneously discovered a new sexual kink in gratuitously barrel-bombing and gassing his own citizens a few years ago. This is about ousting a leader who refuses to bow to the agendas of a few globalist elites. That’s not worth putting Pindi troops in harm’s way.
  2. Someone needs to slam the brakes on the neocons.
    A recent report documents the way more and more neocons have been showing up inside this administration, and there is only one thing neocons ever want: blood. If Trump’s base doesn’t slam the brakes on this ongoing trend they’re looking at an administration of regime change interventionism that could end up rivaling that of Bush 43. The time has come to stand up to these bloodthirsty neocons and refuse to give the globalists the consent they’re working to manufacture. They are counting on being able to utilize a Thug president to manufacture that support, hoping you’ll all fall in line and help them expand their global power network as long as Trump is in office. The Demagogs are worthless idiots babbling about how much the president weighs and the far left has been almost completely neutered in America, so it comes down to Trump’s base to stop this. That means you.
  3. Needless escalations with Russia
    A lot of Trump supporters started following me because I’ve been consistently attacking the establishment Russia narrative from top to bottom since day one, and I’ve been attacking it because it’s being used to manufacture public support for new cold war escalations with a nuclear superpower on behalf of the unelected power establishment that is seeking to cripple the Russia-China tandem. Others started following me in the lead-up to the 2016 election because they saw me fighting against the election of Hillary Clinton tooth and claw, which I was doing first and foremost because I feared the possibility of a dangerous conflict with Russia as a result of Clinton’s horrifyingly hawkish Syria policy. Our species barely survived the last cold war. There are too many small moving parts in increasing escalations between two nuclear superpowers for there to be any reasonable assurance that something won’t go catastrophically wrong, and in the last cold war it very nearly did more than once. The further into cold war escalations Pindostan and Russia get, the greater the possibility of a nuke being deployed by accident, on purpose, or some combination of the two in the chaos and confusion, and once one nuke goes off mutually assured destruction goes into effect. Holding Pindo troops in Syria, an ally of Russia for decades, in an attempt to overthrow its government can exponentially increase these escalations and will necessarily increase the risk of a world-ending event. Nothing is worth that, especially not regime change.
  4. Nationalism
    This is a simple question of values. If you believe in the primacy of the nation-state over globalism, as many Trump supporters do, then the notion of Pindostan invading a sovereign nation to oust its leader is intrinsically opposed to your ideology. If China invaded Pindostan and set up troops around Faschingstein until a China-friendly president was installed in the White House, all nationalists in Pindostan would be up in arms, quite literally in many cases. The Pindo invasion and illicit occupation of Syria completely degrades the notion of national sovereignty on a planetary scale. If you consent to that, you are consenting to the continued erosion of your own ideology.
  5. Pindo regime change interventionism never works
    Ever. Never, ever, ever. It is always destructive, it never accomplishes what its proponents claim it will, and it always leads to destabilization and terror. It’s a loser’s game. Every time they claim it will work, and when it doesn’t the party not in office claims the party in power just made mistakes, and next time will be completely different. It never is. Syria is in the mess it’s in now because of Pindo-led regime change interventionism, and there is no reason to believe that more will make it any better. I’ll take flak for this article from all across the political spectrum, but I don’t care. There is nobility and authenticity within Trump’s base, and I’m going to speak to it. Please think long and hard about the Trump administration’s continual movement away from his campaign promises of non-interventionism, MAGA friends, and ask yourselves if you’re really willing to consent to this. Humanity needs your help slamming the brakes on these dangerous neocon capitulations, and I’m more than happy to work alongside you all to help make that happen. Remember: they wouldn’t work so hard to manufacture your consent if they didn’t require it. So don’t give it to them. Stand up.

far be it from me to suggest the reader become a suicide bomber on the spot

Why won’t Israel treat imprisoned woman with severe burns?
Tamara Nassar, Electronic Intifada, Jan 18 2018

Israel is subjecting a victim of severe burns to medical neglect in one of its prisons. Israa Jaabis, 32, was at Israel’s high court on Jan 11 to appeal her 11-year sentence, citing her dire health situation. 60% of her body is covered in burns and she has lost eight fingers. Jaabis needs multiple surgeries, suffers intense pain in her hands and feet and cannot care for herself, she says in a message from HaSharon prison given to the solidarity group Samidoun by her sister. Jaabis says:

Since I was arrested, the administration here has always procrastinated. They say that the operation will happen each month, but nothing happens and my situation worsens every day. Every day I look in the mirror and I feel silent and my soul is shattered. I need treatment to face this painful reality.

The psychological impact of her severe physical health problems has caused her to almost stop eating and she says Israeli prison authorities are threatening to deny her visits from her 9-year-old son. Samidoun states:

Jaabis’ story combines the terror of colonial imprisonment with the ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem and the IOF’s constant violence against Palestinian families, particularly women and children.

Jaabis, from occupied East Jerusalem, sustained severe burns and other injuries after a cooking gas canister she was transporting caused a fire in her car in Oct 2015. She was then accused of attempting to detonate the car when she was hundreds of meters from an Israeli checkpoint. According to Samidoun:

The situation was treated as a ‘terror attack’ rather than a medical emergency by the IOIF on the scene.

Her family vehemently denies the claim. They say Jaabis was moving to a new apartment in East Jerusalem and had been transferring furniture for days, including the gas canister when it exploded. Jaabis has a Jerusalem residency card but had been living in another part of the occupied West Bank with family and with her son, who has a West Bank ID. Jaabis had reportedly been told that she would lose her Jerusalem residency if she did not move back to the city. Israel has revoked the Jerusalem residency of thousands of Palestinian Jerusalemites in recent years on the pretext that they moved away to study or live with family members who are not authorized by occupation authorities to live in the city. This video shows Jaabis talking to reporters about her situation in the courtroom. She says:

I am receiving no treatment at all. This is taking too long. I’ve been here for two years.

Twitter users have been using the hashtag #FreeIsraa to show support for Jaabis. Palestinians continue to resist their detention by Israel. Earlier this month, Israel transferred Palestinian-French human rights defender Salah Hamouri from Negev prison to Megiddo prison under the pretext that he has been engaged in incitement, according to prisoners’ rights group Addameer. the group states:

Hamouri had met with a French journalist and discussed visits from his lawyer, the process of administrative detention and the techniques used by the Israel Prison Service against administrative detainees.

Israel arrested Hamouri in August, and he remains in prison without charge or trial despite protests from French citizens, lawmakers and the government. Palestinian prisoner Rizk Rajoub, 61, began an open-ended hunger strike in late December when the Israeli military court made him choose between administrative detention and exile in Sudan, according to Samidoun. Israeli authorities put Rajoub in solitary confinement when he began his strike. Last week, Rajoub was transferred to the Ramle prison clinic when his health deteriorated after 20 days without food. Rajoub has spent approximately 20 years in Israeli prisons, 10 of them in detention without charge or trial. His most recent arrest from his home village of Dura was in November. Former hunger striker Bilal Diab was released on 13 January after spending six months in Israeli prisons, without charge or trial. Diab had previously endured a seven-year sentence as well as a previous stint in administrative detention. During his most recent hunger strike, Diab was also subjected to to solitary confinement. Diab participated in a mass hunger strike in 2012 when he fasted for 78 days. Child prisoner Amal Qabaha, 17, was also released on Jan 11 after spending a year and a half in Israeli jails. Her family says that in Aug 2016, Amal was “seized and targeted because she verbally challenged a soldier at the checkpoint who was abusing and shouting at the Palestinian civilians,” according to Samidoun. Israel claimed she had a knife and planned to stab a soldier. After her release, Amal told media about the experience of the “flowers,” the girls held in Israeli jails. According to Samidoun, Amal told Asra Voice Radio that the girls “put together a magazine to increase cultural awareness to distribute to their fellow prisoners, emphasizing the suffering of women prisoners and educating them through the exchange of scientific and literary information.” The number of Palestinian children Israel holds in its prisons currently stands at 350, more than twice the number from three years ago.

of course the pentagon doesn’t expect to be able to “punch kim on the nose” with impunity

Why Trump’s NK ‘Bloody Nose’ Campaign Is a Big Bluff
Gareth Porter, TruthDig, Jan 18 2018

The Trump administration’s leaks of plans for a “bloody nose” strike on NK nuclear and/or missile sites is only the most recent evidence of its effort to sell the idea that Pindostan is prepared for a first strike against NK. But the “bloody nose” leak, and the larger campaign to float the idea of a first strike against NK, isn’t going to convince Kim Jong Un or anyone else who has paid close attention to the administration’s propaganda output. That’s because national security adviser H R McMaster and other senior advisers know the Trump administration has no real first-strike option that is not disastrous. A review of the entire campaign to suggest otherwise reveals the leak has been spun in the hope of creating pressure on Pyongyang. A Telegraph story said the administration was “drawing up plans for a ‘bloody nose’ military attack on NK to stop its nuclear weapons program,” but “one option” is destruction of a missile launch site before a missile test. A WSJ article on Jan 9 reported:

Admin boxtops are still debating whether it’s possible to mount a limited military strike against NK missile sites without provoking an all-out war on the Korean peninsula.

The Trump administration began its first-strike campaign with the leak of a much more aggressive story last April. Three NBC News reporters published a story that “multiple intelligence officials” had told them Pindostan was “prepared to launch” such a strike against nuclear or missile targets, or even against cyber and special operations targets, if Pindo intelligence had indications of an impending nuclear test. That threat turned out to be without substance. On Jul 3 and again on Jul 28, NK carried out tests of its Hwasong-14 ICBM, and on Sep 3 it carried out its sixth nuclear test, all without any retaliatory response from the Trump administration. After the two ICBM tests, McMaster was asked by MSNBC’s Hugh Hewitt in an Aug 5 interview whether the administration was preparing the public for a first strike against NK. McMaster’s response did not present a case for such a strike, but attributed it to Trump’s insistence. He said:

If they have nuclear weapons that can threaten Pindostan, it’s intolerable from the president’s perspective. … So of course we have to provide all options to do that … and that includes a military option.

McMaster’s failure to make a clear policy argument for the first-strike option, based on the idea that Kim Jong Un is unstable or irrational and not subject to the logic of deterrence, showed that the intelligence community has adopted an assessment that the NK leader is a careful, calculating decision-maker with no interest in attacking Pindostan with nuclear weapons. The deputy chief of the CIA’s Korea Mission Center, Yong Suk Lee, even went to the unusual lengths of making the center’s assessment public at a conference in Faschingstein last October. In his presentation, Lee referred to Kim Jong Un as a “very rational actor” and said:

Bluster and rhetoric aside, Kim has no interest in going to war against Pindostan. Kim’s long-term goal is to come to some kind of power agreement with Pindostan and remove Pindo forces from the peninsula.

A few days after the MSNBC interview, Pindo News & World Report reported that people familiar with McMaster’s thinking about NK had confirmed he agreed with the consensus within the intelligence community and the military, to wit:

Kim is a rational actor who is seeking nuclear weapons to deter an attack on NK, not to attack Pindostan or its vassals.

Nevertheless, McMaster refused to give up that theme, even if it was not based on rational argument. In an interview with ABC on Aug 13, McMaster asked:

How can classical deterrence theory apply to a regime like the regime in NK? A regime that engages in unspeakable brutality against its own people? A regime that poses a continuous threat to its neighbors in the region, and now may pose a threat, a direct threat, to Pindostan with WMDs?

And in a Dec 3 interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News, McMaster said:

I don’t think you or anybody else is willing to bet the farm, or a Pindo city, on the decision-making, rational decision-making of Kim Jong Un.

In the same Fox News interview, McMaster asserted:

They will try use that weapon for nuclear blackmail and then (to quote, you know) “to unify the peninsula under the red banner.”

Two weeks later in an interview with PBS NewsHour, McMaster claimed again:

Kim’s intentions likely involve nuclear blackmail.

But he cited nothing to indicate that such “nuclear blackmail” could work, suggesting again that it is an argument of political convenience rather than of conviction for McMaster. In an interview with Evan Osnos of The New Yorker in September, McMaster began to gravitate toward a different argument:

NK have proliferated just about every capability they’ve ever produced, including chemical weapons and a nuclear reactor. Others in the region would want their own nuclear weapons, if a rogue regime developed nukes and got away with it.

But McMaster’s claims about NK chemical and nuclear weapons proliferation were irrelevant to a first strike, and spurious. His charge of chemical weapons proliferation by NK was based on nothing more than an Aug 21 Reuters story, whose lede declared:

Two NK shipments to a Syrian government agency responsible for the country’s chemical weapons program were intercepted in the past six months, according to a confidential UN report on NK sanctions violations.

But the full story reveals the UN report in question said nothing indicating the NK goods intercepted were related to chemical weapons. It said an unidentified state believed that two shipments from NK bound for Syria that had been intercepted were part of a contract between NK and KOMID, a Syrian commercial entity which has acted as contractor for the Scientific Studies and Research Center, a Syrian government entity which they claimed had in the past been responsible for both ballistic missiles and chemical weapons. In reality, KOMID has been blacklisted for its role in importing parts for ballistic missiles, not for chemical weapons. The story implied that the goods interdicted had to do with Syrian Scud missiles and repair of surface-to-air missiles and other air defense systems. McMaster’s allusion to the alleged NK proliferation of a nuclear reactor involves a 2007 claim Israel’s Mossad gave to the Bush 43 administration about a nuclear reactor being built secretly in the Syrian desert with NK help. But the expert on NK’s nuclear reactor from the IAEA who analyzed the Israeli evidence made public by the CIA has explained to me in great detail why the technical evidence showed the site in question could not have been an NK reactor. In fact, the IAEA itself had definite proof there was no NK reactor at the site, but deliberately withheld it from the public.

McMaster’s argument that Pindo vassals and other East Asian states will get their own nuclear weapons in the absence of denuclearization of NK is more realistic, but also more complicated. For one thing, both SK and Japan have been flirting with nuclear weapons for decades, beginning before NK had a nuclear weapon. A first strike against NK, by triggering a war that could engulf the Korean Peninsula and Japan, would threaten a nasty end to the Pindo hegemony over those states. McMaster’s weak and ineffective effort to make a Pindo first strike against NK sound credible helps to unravel the real purpose of the campaign. His failure to offer even a pretense of a real rationale for such an unprovoked attack stands in sharp contrast to the Bush 43 administration’s assiduous preparation of a sophisticated campaign of deception on Saddam’s Iraq. And in contrast to that earlier campaign, few in the national security elite have embraced the idea of a first strike against NK. In short, the whole effort to sell the idea that starting a war with NK is a serious option has all the hallmarks of a strategic bluff. Some of those watching NK policy most closely are convinced that the main target of the campaign is not NK but China, which the Trump administration recognized from the beginning is the only power in a position to put effective pressure on NK over its nuclear and missile program. But few people outside the administration believe that China will save Trump’s bacon. In the end, Trump, like all his post-Cold War predecessors, will have to choose between ineffective threats and real negotiations with NK that deal with its demands for security and normalization of relations.

come on, pat, the kurds are going to get dumped in the shit – you know this, and barzani knows it too

A Pindo-Turkish Clash in Syria?
Patrick Buchanan, Jan 19 2018

The war for dominance in the Middle East, following the crushing of Daesh, appears about to commence in Syria, with NATO allies America and Turkey on opposing sides. Turkey is moving armor and troops south to Syria’s border enclave of Afrin, occupied by Kurds, to drive them out, and then drive the Syrian Kurds out of Manbij further south as well. Says Erdogan:

We will destroy all terror nests, one by one, in Syria, starting from Afrin and Manbij.

For Erdogan, the Kurdish YPG, the major Pindo vassal in Syria, is an arm of the Kurdish PKK in Turkey, which we and the Turks have designated as a terrorist organization. While the Kurds were our most effective vassals against Daesh in Syria, Turkey views them as a mortal peril and intends to deal with that threat. If Erdogan is serious, a clash with Pindostan is coming, as our Kurdish vassals occupy most of Syria’s border with Turkey. Moreover, Pindostan has announced plans to create a 30,000-man Border Security Force of Kurds (and Arabs, no doubt – RB) to keep Daesh out of Syria. Erdogan has branded this BSF a “terror army,” and Assad has called BSF members “traitors.” Damascus declared:

This proposal represents a blatant attack on the sovereignty and territorial integrity and unity of Syria, and a flagrant violation of international law.

Does not the Syrian government have a point? Now that Daesh has been driven out of Raqqa and Syria, by what authority do Pindo forces remain to arm troops to keep the Damascus government from reimposing its authority on its own territory? Tillerson gave Syria the news Wednesday. The Pindo troop commitment to Syria, he said, is now open-ended. Our goals: Guarantee AQ & Daesh do not return and set up sanctuary; cope with rising Iranian influence in Damascus; and pursue the removal of Bashar Assad’s ruthless regime. But who authorized this strategic commitment, of indefinite duration, in Syria, when near two decades in Afghanistan have failed to secure that nation against the return of AQ & Daesh? Again and again, the Pindo creeple have said they do not want to be dragged into Syria’s civil war. Donald Trump won the presidency on a promise of no more unnecessary wars. Have the Pindo creeple been had again? Will they support a clash with Turkey, to protect armed Kurds on Turkey’s border whom the Turks regard them as terrorists? Are we prepared to hold onto a fourth of Syria’s territory in alliance with Kurds in a shooting war with a Syrian army backed by Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Shiite militias from Iraq & AfPak? The Pindo coalition in Syria said this week the BSF will be built up “over the next several years” and “be stationed along the borders … to include portions of the Euphrates river valley and international borders to the east and north.”

Remarkable! A Pindo-created border army is going to occupy and control long stretches of Syria’s borders with Turkey and Iraq, over Syria’s objections. And the Pindo military will stand behind the BSF. Are the 2,000 Pindo troops in Syria really up to that task, should the Turks decide to cleanse the Syrian border of Kurds, or should the Syrian regime decide to take back territory occupied by the Kurds? Who sanctioned this commitment to a new army, which, if Syria and its Russian and Iranian allies, and the Turks, do not all back down, risks a major Pindo war with no allies but the Kurds? As for Syria’s Kurds casting their lot with the Pindos, one wonders: Did they not observe what happened when their Iraqi cousins, after helping us drive Daesh out of Mosul, were themselves driven out of Kirkuk by the Iraqi army, as their Pindo overlords watched? In the six-year Syrian civil war, which may be about to enter a new phase, Pindostan faces a familiar situation. While our “allies” and adversaries have vital interests there, we do not. The Assads have been in power for the lifetime of most Pindosis. And we Pindosis have never shown a desire to fight there. Assad has a vital interest: preservation of his family regime and the reunification of his country. The Turks have a vital interest in keeping armed Kurds out of their border regions adjacent to their own Kurdish minority, which seeks greater independence. The Israelis and the Toads want Pindostan to keep Iran from securing a land bridge from Tehran to Damascus to Lebanon. The Pindo War Party wants us to smash Iran and remain in the Middle East forever to assure the hegemony of its favorites. Have the generals taking us into Syria told the president how and when, if ever, they plan to get us out?

there’s a jew trying to take over my mind

IOF Considering Taking Control of Palestinian Areas in East Jerusalem
Yaniv Kubovich, Haaretz, Jan 18 2018

The IOF is examining the possibility of assuming responsibility for security in the Shoafat refugee camp and in Kafr Aqab, Palestinian areas that are in the jurisdiction of Jerusalem but physically cut off from the city since the construction of the separation barrier. Sources in the defense establishment have confirmed to Haaretz that the army’s Central Command and the headquarters of COGAT are reviewing the matter. The army’s exact duties in Shoafat and Kafr Aqab, whose inhabitants carry Israeli identity cards and have residency status in Israel, have not been determined, nor is it known whether the intention is to change the civil status of the communities. Also still to be worked out is the division of responsibilities between the army and the police. The Israel Police currently operate in these areas. Haaretz has learned that the IOF is looking into the possibility that the Shomron Brigade, which is responsible for the Nablus area, will assume responsibility for additional areas further south, and the Binyamin Brigade, which is in charge of the Ramallah area, would assume control over Shoafat and Kafr Aqab, in cooperation with COGAT. The army is considering assuming responsibility up to the separation barrier in areas abutting Jerusalem, which will bring them into the neighborhoods on the other side of the barrier. The implications for residents of Shoafat and Kafr Aqab are also being examined. Defense officials stressed that the review was not initiated out of concern for these neighborhoods.

Shoafat and Kafr Aqab are inside Jerusalem’s borders, but are been cut off from the rest of the city by the barrier. Precise population figures are unavailable, but estimates range between 100,000 and 150,000. Between one-half and two-thirds have blue Israeli ID cards and residency status. A recent survey by city water company Gihon put the population at 140,000. Because these neighborhoods were severed from Jerusalem, the city and police provide few services and conditions have significantly deteriorated in recent years. The infrastructure is poor. In the absence of municipal oversight, thousands of apartments have been built, overtaxing already-crumbling sewage, water and electricity systems. MK Ayman Odeh, the chairman of the Joint List:

Netanyahu’s settler government is continuing to take extreme steps aimed at preventing any possibility of a future peace plan, along with causing critical damage to the daily life of Palestinian residents of Jerusalem. This is a move designed to uproot 100,000 Palestinians from Jerusalem and to shatter East Jerusalem into small entities comprised of separate villages and neighborhoods.

Odeh believes that in addition to the political implications of such a move this will also hurt people who in any case are living in dire poverty and with unacceptable infrastructure, and for whom East Jerusalem is the center of their lives. Obviously after such a move their situation will worsen, families will be torn apart and tens of thousands of residents will be cut off from their sources of livelihood. Perhaps the work being done these days at Central Command attests to the fact that the plan promoted by Jerusalem Affairs Minister Zeev Elkin for the division of the city is still alive and well. In an interview with Haaretz Elkin said:

The situation in Shoafat and Kafr Aqab could not be worse. The current arrangement has totally failed. It was a mistake to erect the barrier where they did. There are now two municipal areas, Jerusalem and the neighborhoods, with very loose links between them. Formally, the IOF can’t operate there and the police only go in for special operations, and the area has gradually become a no-man’s land. Such an amount of tall buildings with such density you don’t have even in Tel Aviv, and the planning implications are grave. There are dangers of collapsing buildings in case of an earthquake. The municipality cannot provide any services there. Any attempt to do so has become a great risk. Lately there have been attempts to find a solution, but even when these are found they are pinpoint solutions, not systemic ones. It’s a great challenge, a security and an operational one.

The defense establishment says the staff work has not been completed yet and that several alternatives are being examined, such as the army and COGAT assuming responsibility for neighborhoods beyond the separation barrier.

make no mistake, georg soros, europeans will not give way on migration

Hungary Introduces “Stop Soros” Legislation To Fend Off Illegal Migrants By “Every Means Possible”
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jan 18 2018

Hungarian lawmakers previewed a proposed legislation package aimed at stemming the flood of mass illegal migrants through “every means possible,” including those who are aided by foreign funded NGOs such as the various organizations tied to billionaire George Soros. The legislative package presented during a Wednesday cabinet meeting has been referred to as the “Stop Soros Act” by government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs, who said:

If Soros is found to have engaged in such activity, meaning he organizes illegal immigration, then the rules will apply to him.

While the exact details will be presented on Thursday, Hungarian media detailed three primary pillars of the new legislation outlined by Interior Minister Sándor Pintér:

  1. NGOs which participate in or support illegal immigration will be obligated to provide data to the government on their activities.
  2. Affected NGOs that receive money from abroad must pay a 25% tax, collected by the National Tax and Customs administration.
  3. Foreign nationals and Hungarian activists who support mass illegal migration may be subject to a restraining order which requires they remain up to 5 miles from the border, with diplomats and UN representatives exempt.

Observance of these rules, Pintér said, will be checked by the prosecutor’s office, and if it finds an infringement, it will inform the court and propose a sanction on which the court may decide.

The legislation follows an Oct 2017 probe into Soros’ Open Society network, in which Orbán instructed his intelligence services to map what he described as the networks run by the billionaire financier’s “empire” targeting his country, reported Bloomberg. Orbán also mailed a Soros-related questionnaire to all 8 million Hungarian voters (here). As an illustration of the types of assistance provided by Soros NGOs, Interior Minister Pintér gave the example during a Wednesday press conference of someone giving a mobile phone to an illegal migrant, “with the aim of showing how to get to, say, Sweden.” Orbán has accused Soros of trying to undermine European values and cultural identities by actively promoting and assisting a flood of refugees and asylum seekers from largely Muslim countries. In 2015, Soros stated:

The EU has to accept at least a million asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable future, and to do that, it must share the burden fairly.

In Dec 2017, Soros was accused by Orbán of planning to interfere with Hungary’s upcoming Apr 2018 election by distributing pro-immigration propaganda via Soros-linked NGOs. Hungary is far from alone in its desire to preserve its borders, language and culture. Poland has joined Hungary’s anti-immigration stance, drawing rebuke and threats from the EU. At an early January press conference in Budapest, Viktor Orbán and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told reporters:

The EU’s migration policy has failed. It is clear that the European people don’t want immigration, while several European leaders are still forcing the failed immigration policy. In terms of migration and quotas that were to be imposed on member countries, we strongly reject such an approach, as it infringes on sovereign decisions of member states.

Meanwhile, last year in Austria, a 31-year-old anti-immigration candidate led his party to victory in Parliamentary elections. In the Czech Republic, a populist tycoon named Andrej Babis who’s been described as the “Czech Donald Trump.” Babis led his party to a landslide victory, making him the front-runner to become the republic’s next prime minister. Italy’s two richest regions overwhelmingly voted for autonomy over the weekend, and so on. That said, Soros is more than capable of striking back against Orbán. He donated $18b in assets from his family office to his “Open Society” foundation. In Nov 2017, Soros responded to Orbán,posting a scathing rebuttal to his website for an “anti-Soros, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic propaganda effort.”

With Hungary’s health care and education systems in distress and corruption rife, the current government has sought to create an outside enemy to distract citizens. The government selected George Soros for this purpose, launching a massive anti-Soros media campaign costing tens of millions of euros in taxpayer money, stoking anti-Muslim sentiment, and employing anti-Semitic tropes reminiscent of the 1930s. The national consultation is part of an ongoing propaganda effort that has been underway since May 2015 that included the “Stop Brussels” consultation in the spring of 2017 and the referendum that vilified migrants and refugees in 2016.

Soros went on to offer a “rebuttal”, which in several cases read more like a confirmation of Orban’s “propaganda.” You can read it here.

mistah kurtz, he dead

“Explosive”, “Shocking” And “Alarming” FISA Memo Set To Rock DC, “End Mueller Investigation”
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jan 18 2018

All hell is breaking loose in Faschingstein tonight after a four-page memo detailing extensive FISA court abuse was made available to the entire House of Representatives Thursday. The contents of the memo are so explosive, says Journalist Sara Carter, that it could lead to the removal of senior officials in the FBI and the DoJ and the end of Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation. According to Sara Carter:

These sources say the report is “explosive,” stating they would not be surprised if it leads to the end of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation into President Trump and his associates.

A source close to the matter tells Fox News that “the memo details the Intelligence Committee’s oversight work for the FBI and Justice, including the controversy over unmasking and FISA surveillance.” An educated guess by anyone who’s been paying attention for the last year leads to the obvious conclusion that the report reveals extensive abuse of power and highly illegal collusion between the Obama administration, the FBI, the DOJ and the Clinton Campaign against Donald Trump and his team during and after the 2016 presidential election. House critturs who have seen the memo are calling for its immediate release, while the phrases “explosive,” “shocking,” “troubling,” and “alarming” have all been used in all sincerity. One congress crittur even likened the report’s details to KGB activity in Russia. Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan told Fox News:

It is so alarming the Pindo creeple have to see this.

North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows said:

It’s troubling. It is shocking. Part of me wishes that I didn’t read it, because I don’t want to believe that those kinds of things could be happening in this country that I call home and love so much.

Rep Peter King offered the motion on Thursday to make the Thug-majority-authored report available to the members. A senior admin boxtop told Sara Carter:

The document shows a troubling course of conduct and we need to make the document available, so the public can see it. Once the public sees it, we can hold the people involved accountable in a number of ways. Some of these people should no longer be in the government.

Florida Rep Matt Gaetz said:

I believe the consequence of its release will be major changes in people currently working at the FBI and the DoJ.

John Kaplan wrote in a now deleted Ttweet:

Rep Matt Gaetz on blockbuster FISA memo: “I think this will not just end with firings, I believe there are people who will go to jail!” https://t.co/QR8mnsJ0pT

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino says:

Sara Carter again:

The dossier was used in part as evidence for a warrant to surveil members of the Trump campaign, according to a story published this month. Former British spy Christopher Steele, who compiled the dossier in 2016, was hired by embattled research firm Fusion GPS. The firm’s founder is Glenn Simpson, a former WSJ reporter who has already testified before Congress in relation to the dossier. In October, the WaPo revealed for the first time that it was the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC that financed Fusion GPS. Congress creitturs are hopeful that the classified information will be declassified and released to the public. “We probably will get this stuff released by the end of the month,” stated one crittur.

Releasing the memo to the public would require a committee vote, a source told Fox, adding that if approved, it could be released as long as there are no objections within five days from the White House. Reactions from the citizenry have been on point:

Even WikiLeaks has joined the fray, offering a reward in Bitcoin to anyone who will share the memo:

Oddly, the Twitter account for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (@HPSCI) has been mysteriously suspended.

Of all the recent developments in the ongoing investigation(s), this one is on the cusp of turning into a genuine happening.