the cia video

the video is here. It revolves entirely around three still photographs, two of the interior of the reactor and one of its exterior, supplied by Mossad to CIA, supposedly before the Israeli air attack, but these photos contain absolutely no authenticating detail to confirm where they were taken, nor does anyone have any explanation for why or by whom they were taken, or how they supposedly reached Mossad.

Here is an interesting assessment from the London Grauniad, which, if I may make a personal judgment, has become a lying sack of shit, generally speaking, but still lets the occasional sane remark through:

The video, made public last night after Congress had been briefed, is a collection of material from various sources, in addition to Israeli intelligence. There is no tape from inside the alleged reactor, only two still photographs, apparently taken by a human hand on the ground rather than a drone or satellite. This was supported by satellite pictures and graphs. The pictures taken on the ground show an apparently empty brown-grey, solid building, but nothing that seems to indicate it is being used for nuclear purposes.

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