more unhelpful news from gaza

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
in the Occupied Palestianian Territories (OCHA-oPT),
East Jerusalem

Our Gaza Situation Report, April 29 (pdf)

Update, May 1 found at Jewish Peace News

Sewage yesterday flooded the Ascoolah area of Zeitoun neighborhood near Gaza city. From 7am to noon yesterday, there was no power to operate the pumps, and sewage first flooded the station, and then burst manholes and seeped from the pumping station building into surrounding fields, reaching some houses. The sewage has mostly evaporated, leaving sludge and some puddles. The area is full of flies. According to an engineer, the pumping station can hold sewage for three hours before it floods the surrounding area. The longer the power cut, the more likely the sewage will reach nearby houses, which are 20m away. The flooding has damaged the machinery which separates solid waste from liquid waste, and it cannot be repaired until spare parts are located. So far there has been no additional flooding today. There are three other pumping stations in Gaza City which have no overflow and no fuel to power generators, but so far there has been no flooding. Sewage is also being directed into two storm water lagoons in open areas in Sheik Redwan in Gaza City and at the centre of Jabalia camp. According to WHO the main health risk is diarrhoea, which is spread by flies which proliferate near sewage. This particularly affects young children and the elderly. Water situation remains the same with 30% receiving running water once a week, 40% once every four days, and 30% once every other day. Power cuts remain at 3 to 4 hours per day.

Fuel update

The Gas Station Owners’ Association has emptied the tanks at Nahal Oz and are storing the fuel at seven locations in Gaza Strip. They say they will continue to take fuel from Nahal Oz, but will not sell it to the public until Israel guarantees an adequate supply. A committee of the association will meet over the weekend to decide what to do with the fuel they now have.

Cooking Gas

The association says they have received 290 tonnes of cooking gas (daily need 350 tonnes). The bulk has been distributed to bakeries and institutions, and the rest is now being distributed to the public, who are allowed to buy only 6kg per family. A standard canister is 12kg.

Industrial Gas

1m litres expected to be delivered today.


  1. Denman
    Posted May 2, 2008 at 7:20 pm | Permalink

    Hi – thanks for posting this. How can I link to the same information on my site – I’m new to this and don’t really understand the ins and outs yet!!!!!


    If we could share links between us then perhaps we could bring the truth to a wider audience and back into the spotlight, where it need to be :-<

  2. niqnaq
    Posted May 2, 2008 at 7:34 pm | Permalink

    sure—I should have included the place where it can be found online, and now I have added it to the bylines, but at the time I posted it I had only an email copy, so it is good you asked and thus reminded me. You will find all these updates and all sorts of other stuff (usually rather depressing) at
    They in turn would have got it by email from
    so a real perfectionist would figure out how to get onto OCHA-oPT’s mailing list, but I can’t see a sign-up there, and anyway, personally, I try to keep my subscriptions to email lists to a minimum. I recommend that you give the source links—and check them for accuracy—whenever possible, rather than just linking to the blogs where you happen to find things, unless it is the blogs you specifically want to recommend.

    By the way, I see your IP is in the— range, which belongs to Bezeq, in Israel. I did ban that block once, because of time-wasters—don’t make me do it again, OK?

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