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dick morris : ‘i want bases out of that’

from ThinkProgress, Jun 13, 2008 During an interview last night on Fox News’s Hannity and Colmes, conservative pundit Dick Morris said that after all the American sacrifices in Iraq, he wants “bases out of that,” essentially arguing that the more … Continue reading

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more mccain nonsense

from Matt, ThinkProgress, Jun 13, 2008 During his town hall event in New Hampshire yesterday, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) got into a verbal back and forth with a voter over his support for Social Security privatization. McCain told the man, … Continue reading

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how bush never missed an opportunity

Bush’s Bluffing Has Made Mideast Peace a Bad Bet Michael Shtender-Auerbach, Forward, Jun 12, 2008 From Taba to Tony, from the Rose Garden to Riyadh, from Geneva to Gaza—in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, no American president has been … Continue reading

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like ms. huffington, ipf hypes ‘iran threat’

but here is an interesting bit from Israel Policy Forum, Jun 11, 2008 The current consensus is that the end of Olmert’s term as prime minister is only a matter of time. It could be a few weeks or a … Continue reading

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usaf video clip of pakistan strike

via al Jazeera from Brian Cloughley, America the Detested, CounterPunch, Jun 13, 2008: Further, it was announced by the Pentagon that the attack that killed soldiers in blatant violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty was “a legitimate strike in self-defence.” One can … Continue reading

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mccain opposes supremes on habeas corpus

from Amanda, ThinkProgress, Jun 12, 2008 Today, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) criticized to the Supreme Court’s ruling granting Guantanamo Bay detainees the right to challenge their detention in civilian courts: It obviously concerns me. These are unlawful combatants. They are … Continue reading

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army news sheet : obama = surrender

Army Shows Its Colors Phillip Carter, WaPo Intel Dump Blog, June 12, 2008 The Army’s public affairs office publishes a daily roundup of Army-related news called “Stand To“–named for the set of procedures combat units do just prior to dawn, … Continue reading

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