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Extracted from comments to Russian Strategic Change
Eduard Popov on: 24.08.2008 [06:47 ] (1630 reads)

Russia lost the advantage
by qvh on 24.08.2008 [11:47 ]

Russia should have gone for the full invasion of Georgia. It would have had the moral right, at least by current western standards anyway – the west supported Israel’s invasion of Lebanon, saying that Israel has the right to defend herself and the US’s preemptive attack on Iraq, citing “WMD” and a hostile nation coming into possession of them or already in possession of them. I can’t understand Medvedev’s actions – they seem indeterminate and weak – signingg a contract with Georgia? You don’t sign a contract with a much weaker nation than your own. You don’t need to. This must be the lawyer in Medvedev coming out ….. or it could be his crypto-Zionism showing its face – his way of seens as responding but not really not upsetting the Zionist applecart. Not sure because it’s hard to say how much he is his own man and how much Putin is pulling his strings if at all. Medvedev may be playin Putin, seeming to be the loyal junior, but in reality having his own agenda, a Zionist one. I don’t know if there is any substance to the rumors that he has jewish descendants, but if so, his lukewarm reaction to Georgia makes sense.

Israel knew it had made a big mistake invading South Ossetia (via Georgia the puppet) when it did, and the fact that they sent their man in charge of European operations, the sayanim Sarkozy, to ‘negotiate’ a truce/withdrawal of Russian forces, suggests they were doing a clean-up. Because of the failure of the Georgian invasion, the Israelis lost a packet of money, they showed their hand too soon, making Russia wary of them and on their guard and they also lost much prestige, sending a signal to other potential pawns, that Israel won’t come to their defense when the chips are down, and that no matter how many UAVs the Israelis have equipped them with, they are not much good against a superpower. And forget about the Israelis’ stooges, the Americans, coming to their aid, all the Americans could do in Georgia’s case was make fine and dandy speeches that nobody took any heed of as they knew the words were dripping with hypocrisy in view of America’s aggression in the ME. Quite laughably ludicrous, America’s condemnation of Russia was …

Anyway, nobody can take the US seriously anyway. It’s an occupied nation and not responsible for what comes out of their mouths and for their actions, all policy is dictated from Tel Aviv. And more importantly, America is finished as a superpower; its economy is terminal, there is zero chance of recovery. Everybody knows this except the Americans themselves. They will only acknowledge their economic status when Israel wants them to know, and not any earlier. Israel is pulling America’s chain a little while longer, using its media to spread propaganda. Russia has very little to fear from the USA and should have pressed her advantage by completing the takeover of Georgia.

Now Georgia remains a thorn in her side and Russia has to keep an eye on that country to see what it’s up to. Russia already has Ukraine and Poland on her back. Occupying Georgia would have created a weak point in the Zionist encirclement of Russia. Then next, Russia should have invaded Ukraine. Poland is too far gone for that though. Russia has made a big mistake by not occupying Georgia and taking over the puppet government of Saashkavili (Saashkavili I am certain only attained the presidency through Mossad assasssinating the opposition leader and by Diebold (Israeli) votin machine fraud). Saashkavili was very close to bein a goner and he knew it too, hence the eating of his tie. He was saved only because of Medvedev’s lack of leadership and his dilettantism or his crypto-zionism.

by dit on 24.08.2008 [12:14 ]

very good analysis. But occupying Georgia would have required some more bombings and further military actions. The pro=Russia Georgians were against that from what I could gather from my readings. The rest of the job of pulling Georgia away from the US?Zionist orbit is left to the people of Georgia. Hopefully Georgians have what it takes to remove the scum shaakshvili from office.

@ QVH…
by Kamau_Ajamu on 24.08.2008 [13:08 ]

…I’m of the opinion that Russia did the right thing. I feel they know that once they withdraw, Saakashvilli will follow the bidding of his masters in the West and try to reoccupy South Ossetia and Abkhazia. That’s when Russia will say enough is enough and take the whole thing, and even capture Saakashvilli. Remember, Russia knows how to play political and military chess.

What’s more likely to happen
by qvh on 24.08.2008 [13:59 ]

Georgia will get membership of NATO, and will get nuke warheads. They will point to Russia, the same as in Poland. If Russia invades Georgia at this late stage of the game, if Georgia starts a provocation, it will be a very dangerous situation, more than before when it was just Georgians and no Americans and no nukes. I think Israel egged Georgia on to invade knowing exactly how Russia would react, and with the full knowledge that Georgia couldn’t take South Ossetia. (And even if Georgia DID succeed in taking South Ossetia and keeping it, then even better.) As soon as Russia invaded, they would get the American press dogs to demonize Russia and create an ‘excuse’ for Georgia to be admitted to NATO’s membership on an accelerated basis. And in the meantime, Israel plays some sharp diplomacy, backing down (seemingly) and trying to placate Russia while at the same time, reassuring Georgia that it had its back. Of course it was planned well in advance, to coincide with the start of the Olympics so that people’s attention would not be as focused on the conflict. And as planned, now the Americans come in, under the guise of giving humanitarian aid to Georgia, when what it actually is, is establishing a US military presence in Georgia.

Russia is less likely to assert itself militarily in Georgia if it risks getting into a fight with the Americans. The Israelis know that, and they will place the Americans in such a way that if a conflict flares up, American personnel will get hurt, and before you know it, Americans and Russians will be fighting each other. However, Russians are not that stupid to not understand the implications of getting into a fight with America, and America doesn’t have much of an appetite to get into another war. So the Israelis have the Americans in place to keep the Russians ‘well-behaved’ until the missile defence/offense (nukes) in Georgia is set up and once that happens, the Israelis will have accomplished what they came to do, the encirclement of Russia with nukes. And they have the Americans on standby on Georgian soil in case they want to start something. Like maybe a false flag attack on American soldiers and blaming it on Russia, and starting either an actual conflict or creating the opportunity to paint the Russians further as the bad guys.

All they needed to do was have Sarkozy play interference for a while, and keep the Russians from fully taking over Georgia completely, and indeed that is what happened, the Zionists were successful in suspending hostilities for a while which gave an opening for the Americans to slip in. Will they go all the way? Is this a scenario for a world war with the tinderbox for the conflagaration being Georgia? Possible but I don’t think so. The US is not that involved in that region. So I don’t think the US wants to be in a war with Russia over Georgia, notwithstanding its NATO obligations to join any conflict that involves fellow members. But who knows? With nukes, it’s very volatile. Because Russia didn’t act when it had a window of opportunity, i.e., before the Americans got there (in large numbers I mean, they were already there before the flareup), it has given strategic advantages to Israel. Israel got:

1) NATO membership for Georgia – it couldn’t before because Germany didn’t want to ‘upset’ Russia; now Russia is the ‘bad guy’ so it’s easier for Germany to be pressured on this issue.
2) Americans on Georgian soil
3) In the future, a missile so-called defense shield set up in Georgia; in reality pointing nukes in a threatening manner at Russia.
4) No risk of Russia invading Georgia for the timebeing so they saved their buddy, Saakashvili, who continues on in his role of being their puppet.

I think this was the real plan. The Israelis didn’t spend all this time, years, preparing Georgia for a war it would obviously lose. The sacrificial lambs were the South Ossetian civilians, the Russian peacekeepers, and the Georgian soldiers and civilians caught up in the fighting, and the goal was to get American nukes in Georgia. It appears that’s what they got.

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