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the late great pakistan …

US attack pushes Afghanistan war into Pakistan Simon Tisdall & Saeed Shah, Guardian, Islamabad, Sept. 3 The war in Afghanistan spilled over into Pakistani territory for the first time today when heavily armed commandoes, believed to be US special forces, … Continue reading


“kill michelle malkin” hoax exposed (10m)

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we are change ny 9.11.2008 viral (7m 12s)

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fascistic mutterings at rjc from prager

Talk Show Host Invokes Auschwitz in Attack On Liberals Brett Lieberman, Forward, Sept 3 2008 MINNEAPOLIS – Likening liberals to those who appeased Nazi Germany in the run-up to World War II, conservative radio talk show host Dennis Prager told … Continue reading


interesting claims

extracted from Tom Burghardt, Global Research […]That al-Qaeda attacks Western targets and visits outrages upon innocent civilians does not mean it is not also a blunt-edged weapon selectively deployed by imperialism to stoke ethnic and religious tensions in areas deemed … Continue reading

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so much for cheney’s help

Ukraine’s pro-Western government on brink of collapse KIEV (AFP) The party of Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko decided to quit the pro-Western governing coalition on Wednesday, plunging Ukraine into a new political crisis as relations with Russia worsened. Leaders of Yushchenko’s … Continue reading

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this is all they’ve got

‘Palin told AIPAC she wants stronger Israel ties’ Haaretz, 03/09/2008 Palin told the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC on Tuesday that she would “work to expand and deepen the strategic partnership between US and Israel,” the group’s spokesman told the Wall Street … Continue reading

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