i have been saying this for 2 years now

Money talks
Comment by qvh to http://www.iraq-war.ru/article/176855

When the US goes bankrupt, it will not have money to pay for Pax Americana. The nations around the globe are reassessing the relationship with America. States like South Korea are shifting their alliances so that they are not clients of a failed pauperized nation like the US. The Gulf States are also starting to see their continuing alliance with the US as an albatross. They don’t want to be dragged down with the US as its economy collapses. In fact, these states are acting far too late. They should have dissociated from the US a long time ago as it was evident as long as a decade ago that the US’s economic situation was not a viable one. Malaysia was one of the nations that recognized that an early break with the US was beneficial. Under Mahathir, they made their move just before the Asian financial crisis of the 90s started to break out. As a result, the Malaysians were insulated from the worst part of it although they did not entirely escape the suffering.

Nevertheless, it’s better to act now then never and these states are now making the effort to break away and establish new relationships with up and coming superpowers. They see the future in places like Russia, China and India. Unfortunately, so do the Zionists. For the last couple of decades, the Zionists have been laying the groundwork in Russia and the former SU nations for their relocation from the US to Russia. Little is the world aware of it, but the catchcry in Zionist circles has been “Divorce America, marry Russia.” This is what all this nonsense promoted recently in the media about the rediscovery of Khazaria, the ancient homeland of the Jews, is about. It is about facilitating the move of the American Jews from America to Russia, via Israel. Israeli Jews can travel very easily from Israel to Russia. Visa restrictions have been lifted and travel is virtually visa-free. So the Jews are shifting from the rotting carcass of America to newly prosperous Russia.

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