they just don’t seem to get it

Regarding Jews, Blacks, Communists, etc.

It’s widely believed by US right-wingers that the Communist Party in the US spent years trying to “start a race war.” This is however merely a COINTELPRO myth. In order to remain rational while discussing ‘communism’ in the US, you must accept that the official CP had next to no influence after, probably, about 1956. Marxian economics became very popular among my generation (those who went to university in the 1960s) without any of us believing that to ‘be a marxist’ was equivalent to being a jesus-hating satanist, a lover of the giant totalitarian state, and so forth. We simply felt (and I still do) that the “law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall” was an observable fact, and explained why capitalism is in perpetual crisis. It would be in perpetual crisis even if there was no fiat money at all, and all money was metallic. This is because, as each industrialist automates his production process, he gains market share temporarily by cheapening his unit output cost, but when they are all fully automated, there is no profit left to share around. Only fresh labour generates fresh profit. This is why telecoms, and other high-tech automated consumer industries, are such perennial loss-makers. Take a look at Das Kapital, Vol III.

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