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lieberman saga goes on and on

Lieberman Meets With Reid, Tries To Cling To Senate Chairmanship Nico Pitney, HuffPost, Nov 6 2008 Bolstered by a newly expanded majority, Harry Reid met with Joe Lieberman on Thursday to sketch out the conditions by which the Connecticut independent … Continue reading

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flight of the bumble planes, revisited

Plausibility Of 9/11 Aircraft Attacks Generated By GPS-Guided Aircraft Autopilot Systems Aidan Monaghan, Journal of 9/11 Studies (pdf with refs.) Because information collected after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 has raised questions about the alleged ability and motivation … Continue reading

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kaliningrad missiles can take out abm’s

A Low Down Attack On Anti-Missile Missiles Strategy Page, November 6, 2008 Russia is shipping some SS-26 “Iskander” ballistic missiles to Kaliningrad, as a way to threaten the new NATO anti-missile system being built in Poland. This Russian deployment is … Continue reading


nader & friends, nov 4 (30 mins approx)

Part One Part Two Part Three

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scheunemann fired for backing palin?

Sources: McCain aide fired for ‘trashing’ staff Dana Bash, CNN, Nov 5 2008 Randy Scheunemann, a senior foreign policy adviser to John McCain, was fired from the Arizona senator’s campaign last week for what one aide called “trashing” the campaign … Continue reading

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drone lebanon : apocalyptic bourgeoisie


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a special warning from NIST (3m 23s)

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