unrwa : ‘shameful & unacceptable’

In a statement, UNWRA spokesman Christopher Gunness said food distribution operations would end on Thursday unless Israeli authorities allowed deliveries of wheat, luncheon meat, powdered milk and cooking oil without delay. He said:

This is both a physical as well as a mental punishment of the population — of mothers and parents trying to feed their children — who are being forced to live hand to mouth. It is a further illustration of the barbarity of this inhuman blockade. It is also shameful and unacceptable that the largest humanitarian actor in Gaza is being forced into yet another cycle of crisis management.

UNRWA announced Tuesday that it will be forced to stop its distribution of food aid to over 750,000 Palestinian families in Gaza, by the end of Thursday November 13, unless it receives the necessary quantities of flour, oil, milk and meat. UNRWA explained in a press release issued Tuesday that the main reason for this decision is the closure of crossing points by the Israeli Authorities. The Agency pointed that in the Gaza strip, there is sufficient fuel for only five weeks. UNRWA considered this closure a collective punishment imposed on citizens:

It is unacceptable to force the biggest humanitarian aid agency working in Gaza into such crisis, as it provides basic livelihood, healthcare and education to the Gaza Strip Citizens.

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    We had to stop reading Y the Last Man in the first issue because it was all unambiguous Israeli propaganda. Normally we pride ourselves on being able to suffer through bad writing or deeply biased content to glean what is valuable, but the deciding flaw was that what we were left with after the Talmudic filth about bullets that aren’t so bad because they’re rubber and so forth was the very worst in comic book thinking. Y the Last Man is the bad old sort of Amazon Planet novel: women are worthless without men, Y is valuable because he is not the last human but the last penis, and so on. there are lots of other flaws but nothing unique or creative.

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