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an american jew in racist marxist israel

The 1985 work of ‘Jack Bernstein’, The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel, is a fabrication. According to one opinion, (Andrew Mathis) “There was no Jack Bernstein. Len Martin of Posse Comitatus made him up.” According to another opinion:

a red-haired guy with a big nose who smoked a pipe and wore camouflage outfits and who called himself Jack Bernstein used to visit the old Spotlight office and spend a lot of time there. He was close to Len Martin and later worked with Haviv Schieber and Chuck Fischbein. And then when this guy who called himself Jack Bernstein went to the Philippines to get himself a bride, he picked up some strange illness, and later he died. And, as I recall, I helped put up some money to bury him. We ran pictures of Bernstein in the Spotlight (the same Bernstein that visited the office). But, of course, Andrew Mathis will say that I am lying! Andrew Mathis is a godamned liar. Always has been. Always will be.

See Jack Bernstein Tribute site

The irony of the above is that it is really most unlikely that either Haviv Schieber or Chuck Fischbein had anything to do with either the Spotlight or its successor the American Free Press. Nevertheless, being pranksters among other things, and enjoying a joke, the Spotlight/AFP crew claim:

Through their association with Liberty Lobby, the now-defunct populist institution on Capitol Hill in Washington, AFP’s current writers and editors worked with a number of prominent Jewish critics of Zionism seeking an outlet for their point of view that was unavailable through the major media in the United States. Some of those big names included:

  • Benjamin Freedman (now deceased), the wealthy American benefactor who was the driving force behind a number of important publishing ventures that challenged Zionist influence in America;
  • Haviv Schieber (now deceased), the Polish-born former mayor of Beersheva, Israel, who later defected to the United States and emerged as an outspoken critic of Israel;
  • Dr. Alfred M. Lilienthal, who, as far back as 1948, wrote a famous article for Reader’s Digest declaring, “Israel’s Flag Is Not Mine”;
  • Famed civil libertarian attorney Mark Lane, best known for his best-selling works on the JFK assassination, such as Rush to Judgment and Plausible Denial;
  • Former Jewish National Fund Executive Director Charles M. Fischbein, one of the highest ranking officials in the Zionist organizational community in America, who went public with inside tales of corruption and intrigue in the Israeli lobby.
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