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los angeles israel consulate demo


more antisemitic jews

A Russian food chain in Brooklyn stocked and sold dozens of packages of roasted sunflower seeds featuring a caricature of a greedy and sinister-looking Jew wearing a skullcap on the label, Ynet learned on Wednesday. The Cyrillic letters on the left of the label read, “Shalom, from Israel,” while the right side employs a slang phrase meaning “spit them out everywhere.”


The packages drew the ire of Brooklyn’s Jewish community, prompting the food chain’s owners, the Shnayder family, to pull the packages from the shelves in all four of Net Cost Market’s Brooklyn locations. Net Cost Market describes itself as the “Costco of the ethnic Eastern European market,” and offers a wide variety of imports from all over Eastern Europe. The roasted sunflower seeds are produced in the Former Soviet Union by Kremlin Kitchen. – Yael Branvovsky, YNet

gul talks to alex jones

Ex-ISI Chief Gul Exposes 9/11 Inside Job : Pakistani General Goes In-Depth On Details CNN Refused to Broadcast
Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet, Dec 10 2008

Former Pakistani ISI chief Hamid Gul appeared on the Alex Jones Show yesterday and shared his contention that the 9/11 attack was an inside job, laying out details that were censored during a CNN interview on the same subject last weekend. Gul served as the director general of Pakistan’s ISI during 1987-89 and worked with the CIA in the covert war against the Soviets in Afghanistan, helping to train the US-backed mujahideen.

During the CNN interview on Sunday, host Fareed Zakaria attacked Gul and claimed his opinions on 9/11 were “thoroughly discredited,” but the majority of the evidence he presented for 9/11 being a false flag attack was edited out by CNN bosses. No such censorship took place during the interview yesterday as Gul got in depth on why he considered 9/11 to be a staged event. Gul said that he first went public on who he thought was behind 9/11 UPI two weeks after the attacks, but that the report was blocked by the western news media. The UPI interview with Gul remains online, and in it he questions the delayed response to the hijackings by the USAF. Gul told the Alex Jones Show:

9/11 took place on American soil, not a single person has been caught inside America even though for doing such a job I think a huge amount of logistic support is required in the area where such an operation is carried out. It is quite amazing that for a very long period of time the air traffic control did not report this nor did the USAF act in time. The time that it took was enormous, it was 120 minutes, a very long time in which to act – was the USAF sleeping and if it was sleeping which heads were rolled? The air traffic control should have been re-hashed, it should have been turned inside out, but nothing of the sort happened. In the past within minutes the US aircraft has been on the wing of the hijacked aircraft, in this case it did not happen, the US alert system is so high and it is so sophisticated that if a missile was to take off from Moscow and was to head towards New York, the USAF and the missile system is supposed to intercept it within nine minutes.The system is in place but it did not work and nobody tried to question this.

Gul then highlighted the implausible proficiency of alleged Flight 77 lead hijacker Hani Hanjour, who according to his flight instructors could barely fly a Cessna yet supposedly pulled off maneuvers that crack military pilots would have difficulty achieving in order to hit the Pentagon:

The height was 9000 and it came within seconds to a height of 1000 and then went straight into its target, this is not possible for a person who has been trained on a light aircraft to be able to do this.

Gul said that he routinely confronts American journalists about why they do not probe into 9/11, and that they respond by telling Gul that the Patriot Act gets in the way and they are “not supposed to ask such questions”. Gul said that as a result of 9/11 “everything has gone wrong with the world” and the motive behind the events being staged were largely geopolitical, and were used to exploit a window of opportunity for the US to go into strategic areas where there was no US presence before, as well as beating China in dominating the energy tap of the world, the middle east and south Asia. Gul joins a raft of former government officials and intelligence heads in questioning 9/11, the most recent of which was former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, who last December said that the attacks were carried out by elements of the CIA and Mossad.

obviously all antisemites

Israel rejects claims of ‘crime against humanity’
AFP, Dec 10 2008

Israel adamantly rejected today accusations by the UN monitor of human rights in the Palestinian territories that the Jewish state is committing a “crime against humanity.” UN expert on human rights Richard Falk had discredited himself by the accusations, which were related to Israel’s nearly 18-month blockade of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, the foreign ministry said. “The credibility of this expert has suffered a major blow with this announcement, which consists more of anti-Israel propaganda than truth,” spokesman Yigal Palmor told AFP. “The situation in Gaza is the direct result of the violence inflicted by Hamas, not only on Israeli civilians but the Palestinian population,” Palmor said. Falk had earlier called on the United Nations to make an “urgent effort” to “protect a civilian population being collectively punished by policies that amount to a crime against humanity.” He also suggested the International Criminal Court investigate the situation and consider prosecuting Israeli civilian and military leaders. Falk said: “Such a flurry of denunciations by normally cautious UN officials has not occurred on a global level since the heyday of South African apartheid. And still Israel maintains its Gaza siege in its full fury, allowing only barely enough food and fuel to enter to stave off mass famine and disease.”

i think the word is ‘wankers’

Masterpiece: An Inside Look at Sixty Years of Israeli Intelligence, written by Barak Ben-Zur, a retired Shin Bet internal security service officer, and due out later this month, is published by the Israel Intelligence Heritage and Commemoration Centre and includes prefaces by chiefs of Israel’s military intelligence, the domestic Shin Bet and the Mossad spy service active abroad.

doubtless another antisemite

Official stands by Iran nuke report, insists Tehran froze program
Barbara Slavin, Wash Times, Dec 10 2008

The nation’s just-retired former deputy assistant secretary of state for intelligence today defended the year-old National Intelligence Estimate on Iran, saying he stood by its conclusion that Iran suspended a nuclear-weapons program in 2003. Thomas Fingar, who stepped down Dec 1 from the post of deputy director of national intelligence and as chairman of the National Intelligence Council, said he also believed that Iran has not diverted low-enriched uranium produced at a facility at Natanz, 160 miles south of Tehran, to weapons use. “I still stand by the judgments in that estimate,” Mr. Fingar told a small group of reporters, referring to the November 2007 report. “We’ve had other teams look at this. Everyone who has, has affirmed the judgments we made.” The declassified 2007 estimate began by stating that the US intelligence community judged “with high confidence that in fall 2003, Tehran halted its nuclear-weapons program.” By program, the authors wrote in a footnote, they meant Iran’s efforts to design a nuclear warhead and to enrich uranium covertly to weapons grade. Other US intelligence officials, including Fingar’s boss, Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell, later backed away from the report. McConnell told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in February that he would have changed the description to focus on Iran’s uranium-enrichment program, which has continued. Fingar, a former deputy assistant secretary of state for intelligence, said a decision to make a bomb is a political one that he does not think the Iranian government has made. “We stick with an estimate until we change it,” he said.

wonders of dual nationality

Feds Argue Return Law Makes Jews Flight Risk
Stewart Ain, Jewish Week, Dec 10 2008

A federal prosecutor has argued that Israel’s Law of Return makes American Jews a flight risk and therefore ineligible for bail. The claim, believed to be unprecedented, came in the bank fraud case of Sholom Rubashkin, the former head of the Iowa kosher slaughterhouse, Agriprocessors, Inc. And the federal judge in the case, Magistrate Jon Stuart Scoles, cited the Law of Return in his Nov 20 decision denying Rubashkin bail:

Under Israel’s Law of Return, any Jew and members of his family who have expressed their desire to settle in Israel will be granted citizenship.

The judge added that the government had claimed that at least one other Agriprocessors’ defendant had already fled to Israel. Rubashkin’s lawyers wrote in their appeal filed last Friday:

It is ironic that a law designed to provide refuge to persecuted Jews has now become the basis for detaining a Jew who might otherwise have been released pending trial.

Deborah Lauter, director of the civil rights office of the Anti-Defamation League, said the prosecution’s “referencing the Law of Return is highly unusual.” Marc Stern, acting co-executive director of the American Jewish Congress, said:

All Jews are suspect because of the Law of Return? It’s a very astounding and troubling argument. It’s different from saying he might run to Israel — whether or not there is a Law of Return. The government’s argument is probably impermissible, but it’s hard to say without being more closely involved. … I think it’s an argument that’s too aggressive and I think they need to justify it by evidence that I can’t imagine them producing.

In last Friday’s legal papers, defense attorneys for Rubashkin asked Scoles to reconsider his decision. And, in order to preserve their right to appeal, they also filed papers with federal District Court Judge Linda Reade in the event Scoles does not grant Rubashkin bail. They argued in their papers that the US has an extradition treaty with Israel and that therefore “the Law of Return should have played no role whatsoever in the analysis.” They noted that when they argued that position in court, the office of US Attorney Matt M. Dummermuth countered by insisting that the extradition process “could take years.” And the prosecutor also introduced a copy of the Law of Return. The defense attorneys said their research “has not uncovered a single instance involving a Jewish criminal defendant where the prosecution invoked the Law of Return in support of detention.” And they quoted an attorney with years of experience in the Brooklyn and Manhattan federal district courts as saying he too could “recall no instance where the prosecutor invoked the Law of Return in arguing that an American Jew is a bail risk.”

Bob Teig, a spokesman for Dummermuth’s office, said the defense papers were filed last Friday and that “we have had no chance to file a response.” Asked if the defense’s characterization of the government’s argument was correct, he replied: “The judge’s order speaks for itself.” Laura Sweeney, a Justice Department spokesperson, said when asked about the prosecutor’s argument, “This is an ongoing matter and therefore the department declines comment.” In their request to deny bail after his second arrest in November — he had been arrested in October on charges alleging that he hired illegal workers for his plant — prosecutors noted that Rubashkin had $20k in his home, much of it in a travel bag that also contained his birth certificate and his children’s passports; he has 10 children. He and his wife surrendered their passports after Rubashkin’s first arrest. One of Rubashkin’s lawyers, Baruch Weiss of New York, acknowledged the cash was in the house but said that much of it was in one-dollar bills that had been collected for charity. And he said the rest was used to pay expense. He noted that a $1.7k car bill had recently been paid in cash. Rubaskin’s Iowa defense team contended in their papers that

In the prosecutors’ view, anyone subject to the Law of Return is an increased flight risk. Consequently, under that view, ‘every Jew’ is to be viewed for bail purposes as a greater risk of flight than a non-Jew. That means that 5.3m Americans would be viewed as heightened bail risks simply because they are Jews.

They pointed out that would include Attorney General Michael Mukasey, Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff and two US Supreme Court Justices, Steven Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In their papers, the defense lawyers said

The extradition treaty the US has with Israel has always been workable, and after recent amendments it is now better than workable. It applies to everyone, Jews and non-Jews. It even applies to Israelis. This treaty will ensure that Rubashkin — even if he were to become a citizen of Israel under the Law of Return — will be returned to the US, tried in the US and if convicted, that he will serve any sentence in the US. Were he to flee to Israel, he would be detained pending extradition. Because of this treaty, the Law of Return is irrelevant. Jews are a protected class for Equal Protection purposes. Thus, singling Jews out in any way when determining bail is unconstitutional … The government has failed to demonstrate a compelling government interest in a rule that implicates all Jews, and has failed to demonstrate that its interest here cannot be met with a more narrowly tailored approach … The government introduced no evidence that Jews are more likely to flee because of the Law of Return than non-Jews. Rather than locking Jews up with greater frequency, the US could rely on a general array of bail conditions, and then utilize the valid, streamlined, regularly-invoked extradition treaty with Israel in those few cases where the defendant actually flees. Certainly it is better to have the government on rare occasions be forced to resort to this streamlined extradition than to brand over 5m Americans as bail risks … Otherwise, the government slurs Americans because of a law passed by a foreign country over which these Americans have no control and which they may have no desire to invoke.

maybe it ricocheted off a bird

The policemen’s lawyer, Alexis Cougias, told reporters that a ballistics examination showed that 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos was killed by a ricochet and not a direct shot. One of the officers had claimed he had fired warning shots and did not shoot directly at the boy. That officer is charged with murder; the other is accused of acting as an accomplice. Mr. Cougias told reporters outside the courthouse

Unfortunately this tragedy is the result … of an act by the policeman to fire into the air. The bullet ricocheted, we have an entry wound from above. It proves irrefutably that it was a ricochet.

He said the ballistics report was not yet complete but said he had been informed of its contents by authorities.

the man behind the curtain

As if they weren’t in enough hot water over their handling of the Mumbai massacre, Indian security forces have added yet another blunder to the growing list of lapses before and after last month’s attacks: the arrest of Mukhtar Ahmed. Ahmed was held by the West Bengal police on Friday night (Dec 5) for procuring mobile phone cards for Lashkar e Toiba. His arrest might have counted as a coup, except for the fact that Ahmed is reported to be an undercover intelligence operative for the Jammu and Kashmir police. Having infiltrated their networks, he had been supplying militants with phone cards, and that had enabled the security forces to monitor some of the militants’ communications. The picture of ineptitude and lack of coordination among the different security forces involved was compounded by the fact that the cops who arrested Ahmed failed to check with the J&K police to see whether Ahmed’s claims to be an agent were true; instead they divulged details of his arrest and identity to the media, resulting in his cover being blown, his family being put at risk, and the Indian intelligence community losing a valuable intelligence-gathering asset …

Madhur Singh, TIME, Dec 10 2008

so british jews are anti-semitic?

Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor brands carol service anti-Semitic
Ruth Gledhill, Times, Dec 10 2008

The Israeli Ambassador to Britain has mounted an extraordinary attack on the Church of England for permitting an anti-Israel carol service that he says will provoke anti-Semitism. Ron Prosor said that the service at St James’s, Piccadilly had undermined the decades of hard work that has gone into improving relations between the Christian and Jewish faiths. He accused the Church of England authorities of failing to speak out adequately against the service, an “alternative” event of nine lessons and nine carols that took place at the end of November, and demanded that the Church start to speak out properly against terrorism instead. The fall-out from the event is already damaging interfaith relations and now threatens to spill over into a diplomatic row. At the event, organised by anti-Israel campaigners, including one liberal Jewish group, and with carols rewritten by an unnamed Jewish parody writer, the carol Once in Royal David’s City was altered to say “Once in royal David’s city stood a big apartheid wall…” The Twelve Days of Christmas was sung as:

Twelve assassinations
Eleven homes demolished
Ten wells obstructed
Nine sniper towers
Eight gunships firing
Seven checkpoints blocking
Six tanks a-rolling
Five settlement rings…
Four falling bombs
Three trench guns
Two trampled doves
And an uprooted olive tree.

The event, Bethlehem Now: Nine Alternative Lessons and Carols, was organised by the group Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods and the pro-Palestinian group Open Bethlehem. Prosor, speaking to the Times, said:

It was appalling to see a church allow one of its most endearing seasonal traditions to be hijacked by hatred. Unfortunately, the criticism from within the Church of England, that should have echoed with bold moral clarity, has instead sounded like a silent night, but far from holy. If Santa Claus turned up in Bethlehem this Christmas, he would receive a frosty reception from Hamas extremists. For 2000 years, the Jewish people suffered persecution because of the accusation of responsibility for the death of Jesus Christ. The carol service deliberately attempted to make a linkage between this notion of deicide and Israel’s relations with the Palestinians. It thus perpetuated an anti-Semitic canard that has no place in modern Britain. Hedley’s decision undermines the hard work that has taken place to improve relations between Christians, Muslims and Jews. He should understand that interfaith dialogue, tolerance and open-mindedness are the way forward to brotherly love, and not the interfaith ranting and raving of the ‘carol service’ at St James’s Piccadilly.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey of Clifton, is one of the few Christian leaders to have spoken out openly against the event. In a lecture at the London Jewish Cultural Centre yesterday, Carey said that anti-Semitism and hostility to Jews still lurked beneath the surface in Christian circles in Britain. Referring to the carol service, he said:

Such actions strengthen an anti-Israeli agenda, trivialise the political issues and nourish an anti-Semitic culture. This is not because it is wrong to criticise Israeli policy but because such campaigns single out Israel alone for particular opprobrium and censure it above regimes elsewhere in the world which are genocidal in intent and oppressive to the extreme.

Bruce Kent, a former Roman Catholic priest and the vice-president of the Catholic peace organisation Pax Christi, who was among the readers, told the Times:

The carols pointed out exactly what is going on in occupied Palestine today. I am delighted they have had the publicity that this has generated. Anyone who speaks against Zionist policies is labelled anti-Semitic.

The organiser, Deborah Fink, of Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods, said:

This was just stating what is going on in the West Bank. It is just typical that they are always seeing Israel as the victim. There are not many Israeli victims of terrorism. It is the Palestinians who are the victims. Israel has turned Gaza almost into a concentration camp.

Others who took part in the event included Dr Ang Swee Chai, author and orthopaedic surgeon; Baroness Jenny Tonge, sacked from the Liberal Democrats front bench in 2004 after saying that she would consider becoming a suicide bomber if she was Palestinian; and Joceylyn Hurndall, the mother of peace campaigner Tim Hurndall, who died after being shot by an Israeli soldier. This month Lambeth Palace described the event as

a piece of rather unpleasant publicity seeking by a collection of small groups who should not be encouraged by being given attention. It is no more reflective of the views of the Church of England than Jews for Boycotting Israel is reflective of the Jewish community.

The Rev Charles Hedley, Rector of St James’s, told the Times that he was not anti-Semitic and that he opposed boycotts of Israeli goods. He said he had been inundated with protests and would think twice before permitting the event at St James’ again. He had allowed it to go ahead in the first place because of his concerns about the effect of the security barrier on the population of Bethlehem and surrounding areas. In his address at the start of the service Hedley told the congregation of more than 200 people:

I understand the need for security for Israel. I understand the need for security. But whilst I understand some of the reasons why the barrier came to be constructed, it is not enough to be complacent about it or to draw a veil over its effects on others. Barriers, by their nature, divide and separate. For me this is not anti-Israeli, neither is it anti-Palestinian, but underlines that for there to be peace, there is a need for reconciliation. For reconciliation, there is a need to learn about how actions on both sides are experienced and received. The uncovering of reality is an important — though sometimes painful — necessity.

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