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Official stands by Iran nuke report, insists Tehran froze program
Barbara Slavin, Wash Times, Dec 10 2008

The nation’s just-retired former deputy assistant secretary of state for intelligence today defended the year-old National Intelligence Estimate on Iran, saying he stood by its conclusion that Iran suspended a nuclear-weapons program in 2003. Thomas Fingar, who stepped down Dec 1 from the post of deputy director of national intelligence and as chairman of the National Intelligence Council, said he also believed that Iran has not diverted low-enriched uranium produced at a facility at Natanz, 160 miles south of Tehran, to weapons use. “I still stand by the judgments in that estimate,” Mr. Fingar told a small group of reporters, referring to the November 2007 report. “We’ve had other teams look at this. Everyone who has, has affirmed the judgments we made.” The declassified 2007 estimate began by stating that the US intelligence community judged “with high confidence that in fall 2003, Tehran halted its nuclear-weapons program.” By program, the authors wrote in a footnote, they meant Iran’s efforts to design a nuclear warhead and to enrich uranium covertly to weapons grade. Other US intelligence officials, including Fingar’s boss, Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell, later backed away from the report. McConnell told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in February that he would have changed the description to focus on Iran’s uranium-enrichment program, which has continued. Fingar, a former deputy assistant secretary of state for intelligence, said a decision to make a bomb is a political one that he does not think the Iranian government has made. “We stick with an estimate until we change it,” he said.

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