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quick fade to black


livni’s land swap

My comment to Gideon Levy: Avanti populi Title: I like the sarcasm Name: Rowan Berkeley City: London State: England However, I have a little theory that may explain a few things. In my view, what Livni proposes to do is … Continue reading

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shaykh abdalqadir, dec 2

Empire and The Siege of Bombay Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi, Dec 2 2008 1. The Long View The first Empire with world hegemony was the British Empire. The British Empire began when Disraeli persuaded Queen Victoria to claim India as … Continue reading


quote for the day!

In business circles, it is well known that it takes as little as 15% of a company’s stock to effectively control company policy. 30% of the rich and 50% of the billionaires in the US are Jewish (and you can … Continue reading

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