yeah, and who created and maintains the fascist saudi regime?

The bombs of Najaf and Karbala killed pilgrims,
and destroyed ancient libraries and shrines

Informatron, Article 19 Videoblog, Feb 2 2010

Who could have done jobs like that, other than the Zionist occupation forces of Iraq and Afghanistan? Nobody would have thought that these crimes were Moslem crimes! Well, we were all wrong. I got answers when I heard the sermon given by that Saudi called Arifi, a few days ago. That so-called ” Wahhabi Imam” of the Grand Mosque of Riyadh. That “consultant” to the Saudi Ministry of Defence. That Saudi, and many other Saudi “preachers”, who joined in on the party to kill fellow Muslims. Those who declared that all Shia were pagans to make it cool to kill Yemeni Muslims.  To kill Zaidi Houthis, those most liberal of the liberals. Those freedom fighters who have stood up for their rights. Those whose battle cry is: “Death to America!”; “Death to Israel!” Saudi preachers who preach that Iran is more dangerous than Israel! And now, as an answer to all this slander of Muslims, I learn from this video that the Mufti of Egypt does not agree. Not that I am bound by his thinking.

The Egyptian Mufti said the same argument was used by Saudi Wahhabis at the turn of the century, to justify attacks on the Muslim Ottoman Caliphate. For the Saudis to side with the Christian British. See “Sheikh Arifi” himself preach in his gold and black robes on the side of the Zionists! Free speech is cool. No problem with Wahhabi dissident discourse. As long as it does not turn into terrorism as the (great Zaida Shia thinker) Yemeni Sheikh Al Murtadha al Muhatwari says. Someone please put out a binding Fatwa banning collaboration with violent Zionists: Israel, NATO and the US. Listen to the Grand Imam of Egypt (video in Arabic above)! Listen to Yemeni Sheikh Al Murtadha al Muhatwari, one of the greatest thinkers of our age,  talk about Zionist-Wahhabi collaboration. His desk is full of poisonous books as you can see. Books published in Yemen and distributed free.  Saudis opened no less than 18,000 “cultural/religious” Wahhabi centres in Yemen alone, to diffuse anti-Shia teachings. Iran is the devil Himself they say. Divide and conquer was the British Mandate. Take a look! I know you don’t understand Arabic, but look at the delightful man in his office. Talking about Wahhabi propaganda. About Saudi/Yemeni secret service publications, and the slander of Zaidis: Books published by the millions. Many mention Al Murtadha al Muhatwari by name, and picture him as a Masonic agent.

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