why, heavens above, our rulers are trying to kill us

Bill Gates Talks About Vaccines to Reduce World Population
F William Engdahl, Market Oracle, Mar 4 2010

Microsoft founder and one of the world’s wealthiest men, Bill Gates, projects an image of a benign philanthropist using his billions via his (tax exempt) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to tackle diseases, solve food shortages in Africa and alleviate poverty. In a recent conference in California, Gates reveals a less public agenda of his philanthropy: population reduction, otherwise known as eugenics. Gates made his remarks to the invitation-only Long Beach, California TED2010 Conference, in a speech titled, “Innovating to Zero!.” Along with the scientifically absurd proposition of reducing manmade CO2 emissions worldwide to zero by 2050, approximately four and a half minutes into the talk, Gates declares:

First we got population. The world today has 6.8b people. That’s headed up to about 9b. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we lower that by perhaps 10% or 15%.

In plain English, one of the most powerful men in the world states clearly that he expects vaccines to be used to reduce population growth. When Bill Gates speaks about vaccines, he speaks with authority. In Jan 2010, at the elite Davos World Economic Forum, Gates announced his foundation would give $10b over the next decade to develop and deliver new vaccines to children in the developing world. The primary focus of his multi-billion dollar Gates Foundation is vaccinations, especially in Africa and other underdeveloped countries. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a founding member of the Global Alliance for Vaccinations and Immunization, in partnership with the World Bank, WHO and the vaccine industry. The goal of GAVI is to vaccinate every newborn child in the developing world. Now that sounds like noble philanthropic work. The problem is that the vaccine industry has been repeatedly caught dumping dangerous, meaning unsafe because untested or proven harmful, vaccines onto unwitting Third World populations when they cannot get rid of the vaccines in the West. Some organizations have suggested that the true aim of the vaccinations is to make people sicker and even more susceptible to disease and premature death. In the aftermath of the most recent unnecessary Pandemic declaration of a global H1N1 swine flu emergency, industrial countries were left sitting on hundreds of millions of doses of untested vaccines. They decided to get rid of the embarrassing leftover drugs by handing them over to the WHO which in turn plans to dump them for free on select poor countries. France has given 91 million of the 94 million doses the Sarkozy government bought from the pharma giants; Britain gave 55 million of its 60 million doses. The story for Germany and Norway is similar. As Dr. Thomas Jefferson, an epidemiologist with the Cochrane Research Center in Rome noted:

Why do they give the vaccines to the developing countries at all? The pandemic has been called off in most parts of the world. The greatest threat in poor countries right now is heart and circulatory diseases while the virus figures at the bottom of the list. What is the medical reason for donating 180 million doses?

As well, flu is a minor problem in countries with abundant sunshine, and it turned out that the feared H1N1 Pandemic “new great plague” was the mildest flu on record. The pharmaceutical vaccine makers do not speak about the enormous health damage from infant vaccination including autism and numerous neuro-muscular deformities that have been traced back to the toxic adjuvants and preservatives used in most vaccines. Many vaccines, especially multi-dose vaccines that are made more cheaply for sale to the Third World, contain something called Thimerosal (Thiomersol in the EU), a compound (sodium ethylmercurithiosalicylate), containing some 50% mercury, used as a preservative. In July 1999 the US’ National Vaccine Information Center declared in a press release that, “The cumulative effects of ingesting mercury can cause brain damage.” The same month, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention alerted the public about the possible health effects associated with thimerosal-containing vaccines. They strongly recommended that thimerosal be removed from vaccines as soon as possible. Under the directive of the FDA Modernization Act of 1997, the Food and Drug Administration also determined that infants who received several thimerosal-containing vaccines may be receiving mercury exposure over and above the recommended federal guidelines.

Gates’ interest in inducing population reduction among black and other minority populations is not new, unfortunately. As I document in my book, Seeds of Destruction, since the 1920’s the Rockefeller Foundation had funded the eugenics research in Germany through the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institutes in Berlin and Munich, including well into the Third Reich. They praised the forced sterilization of people by Hitler Germany, and the Nazi ideas on race “purity.” It was John D. Rockefeller III, a life-long advocate of eugenics, who used his “tax free” foundation money to initiate the population reduction neo-Malthusian movement through his private Population Council in New York beginning in the 1950’s. The idea of using vaccines to covertly reduce births in the Third World is also not new. Bill Gates’ good friend, David Rockefeller and his Rockefeller Foundation were involved as early as 1972 in a major project together with WHO and others to perfect another “new vaccine.” The results of the WHO-Rockefeller project were put into mass application on human guinea pigs in the early 1990’s. The WHO oversaw massive vaccination campaigns against tetanus in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines. Comite Pro Vida de Mexico, a Roman Catholic lay organization, became suspicious of the motives behind the WHO program and decided to test numerous vials of the vaccine and found them to contain human Chorionic Gonadotrophin. That was a curious component for a vaccine designed to protect people against lock-jaw arising from infection with rusty nail wounds or other contact with certain bacteria found in soil. The tetanus disease was indeed, also rather rare. It was also curious because hCG was a natural hormone needed to maintain a pregnancy. However, when combined with a tetanus toxoid carrier, it stimulated formation of antibodies against hCG, rendering a woman incapable of maintaining a pregnancy, a form of concealed abortion. Similar reports of vaccines laced with hCG hormones came from the Philippines and Nicaragua.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, along with David Rockefeller’s Rockefeller Foundation, the creators of the GMO biotechnology, are also financing a project called The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, headed by former UN chief Kofi Annan. Accepting the role as AGRA head in Jun 2007, Annan expressed his “gratitude to the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and all others who support our African campaign.” The AGRA board is dominated by people from both the Gates’ and Rockefeller foundations. Monsanto, DuPont, Dow, Syngenta and other major GMO agribusiness giants are reported at the heart of AGRA, using it as a back-door to spread their patented GMO seeds across Africa under the deceptive label, ‘bio-technology,’ a euphemism for genetically engineered patented seeds. The person from the Gates Foundation responsible for its work with AGRA is Dr. Robert Horsch, a 25-year Monsanto GMO veteran who was on the team that developed Monsanto’s RoundUp Ready GMO technologies. His job is reportedly to use Gates’ money to introduce GMO into Africa. To date South Africa is the only African country permitting legal planting of GMO crops. In 2003 Burkina Faso authorized GMO trials. In 2005 Kofi Annan’s Ghana drafted bio-safety legislation and key officials expressed their intentions to pursue research into GMO crops. AGRA is being used to create networks of “agro-dealers” across Africa, at first with no mention of GMO seeds or herbicides, in order to have the infrastructure in place to massively introduce GMO. GMO crops have never been proven safe for human or animal consumption. Moreover, they are inherently genetically ‘unstable’ as they are an unnatural product of introducing a foreign bacteria such as Bacillus Thuringiensis or other material into the DNA of a given seed to change its traits. Perhaps equally dangerous are the ‘paired’ chemical herbicides sold as a mandatory part of a GMO contract, such as Monsanto’s Roundup, the most widely used such herbicide in the world. It contains highly toxic glyphosate compounds that have been independently tested and proven to exist in toxic concentrations in GMO applications far above that safe for humans or animals. Tests show that tiny amounts of glyphosate compounds would do damage to a human umbilical, embryonic and placental cells in a pregnant woman drinking the ground water near a GMO field.

One long-standing project of the US Government has been to perfect a genetically-modified variety of corn, the diet staple in Mexico and many other Latin American countries. The corn has been field tested in tests financed by the US Dept of Agriculture along with a small California bio-tech company named Epicyte. Announcing his success at a 2001 press conference, the president of Epicyte, Mitch Hein, pointing to his GMO corn plants, announced:

We have a hothouse filled with corn plants that make anti-sperm antibodies.

Hein explained that they had taken antibodies from women with a rare condition known as immune infertility, isolated the genes that regulated the manufacture of those infertility antibodies, and, using genetic engineering techniques, had inserted the genes into ordinary corn seeds used to produce corn plants. In this manner, in reality they produced a concealed contraceptive embedded in corn meant for human consumption. Hein said:

Essentially, the antibodies are attracted to surface receptors on the sperm. They latch on and make each sperm so heavy it cannot move forward. It just shakes about as if it was doing the lambada.

Hein claimed it was a possible solution to world “over-population.” The moral and ethical issues of feeding it to humans in Third World poor countries without their knowing it countries he left out of his remarks. Spermicides hidden in GMO corn provided to starving Third World populations through the generosity of the Gates’ foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and Kofi Annan’s AGRA or vaccines that contain undisclosed sterilization agents are just two documented cases of using vaccines or GMO seeds to “reduce population.”

Gates’ TED2010 speech on zero emissions and population reduction is consistent with a report that appeared in New York City’s Irish.Central.com in May 2009. According to the report, a secret meeting took place on May 5 2009 at the home of Sir Paul Nurse, President of Rockefeller University, among some of the wealthiest people in the USA. Investment guru Warren Buffett, who in 2006 decided to pool his $30b Buffett Foundation into the Gates foundation to create the world’s largest private foundation with some $60b of tax-free dollars, was present. Banker David Rockefeller was the host. The exclusive letter of invitation was signed by Gates, Rockefeller and Buffett. They decided to call themselves the “Good Club.” Also present was media czar Ted Turner, billionaire founder of CNN, who stated in a 1996 interview for the Audubon nature magazine that a 95% reduction of world population to between 225-300 million would be “ideal.” In a 2008 interview at Philadelphia’s Temple University, Turner fine-tuned the number to 2 billion, a cut of more than 70% from today’s population. Even less elegantly than Gates, Turner stated:

We have too many people. That’s why we have global warming. We need less people using less stuff.

Others attending this first meeting of the Good Club reportedly were: Eli Broad, real estate billionaire, New York’s billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Wall Street billionaire and Council on Foreign Relations former head, Peter G. Peterson. Present in addition was Julian H. Robertson, Jr., a hedge-fund billionaire who worked with George Soros attacking the currencies of Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea and the Asian Tiger economies, precipitating the 1997-98 Asia Crisis. Also present at the first session of the Good Club were Patty Stonesifer, former chief executive of the Gates foundation, and John Morgridge of Cisco Systems. The group represented a combined fortune of more than $125b. According to reports apparently leaked by one of the attendees, the meeting was held in response to the global economic downturn and the numerous health and environmental crises that are plaguing the globe. But the central theme and purpose of the secret Good Club meeting of the plutocrats was the priority concern posed by Bill Gates, namely, how to advance more effectively their agenda of birth control and global population reduction. In the talks a consensus reportedly emerged that they would “back a strategy in which population growth would be tackled as a potentially disastrous environmental, social and industrial threat.”

Gates and Buffett are major funders of global population reduction programs, as is Turner, whose UN Foundation was created to funnel $1b of his tax-free stock option earnings in AOL-Time-Warner into various birth reduction programs in the developing world. The programs in Africa and elsewhere are masked as philanthropy and providing health services for poor Africans. In reality they involve involuntary population sterilization via vaccination and other medicines that make women of child-bearing age infertile. The Gates Foundation, where Buffett deposited the bulk of his wealth two years ago, is also backing introduction of GMO seeds into Africa under the cloak of the Kofi Annan-led ‘Second Green Revolution’ in Africa. The introduction of GMO patented seeds in Africa to date has met with enormous indigenous resistance. Health experts point out that were the intent of Gates really to improve the health and well-being of black Africans, the same hundreds of millions of dollars the Gates Foundation has invested in untested and unsafe vaccines could be used in providing minimal sanitary water and sewage systems. Vaccinating a child who then goes to drink feces-polluted river water is hardly healthy in any respect. But of course cleaning up the water and sewage systems of Africa would revolutionize the health conditions of the Continent. Gates’ TED2010 comments about having new vaccines to reduce global population were obviously no off-the-cuff remarks. For those who doubt, the presentation Gates made at the TED2009 annual gathering said almost exactly the same thing about reducing population to cut global warming.


  1. walter benjamin
    Posted March 5, 2010 at 11:47 am | Permalink

    maybe guenon did have a point. the conscious & unconscious counter initiation

  2. niqnaq
    Posted March 5, 2010 at 11:59 am | Permalink

    All initiations are in some sense morally antinomian; they all purport to reveal a ‘higher morality’ of some sort, even if only incidentally. But the distinction Guenon claimed to be able to draw between ‘our’ ‘good’ initiations, and ‘their’ bad’ counter-initiations is quite disingenuous, which means he knew it to be false, and ‘good’ and ‘bad’ to be completely relative to the interests of those parties doing the initiating. He was after all a professional, and it is widely held that he set up several Grand Orient lodges in Egypt (they would have had to be Grand Orient, or he wouldn’t have received the protection and respect that he did).

  3. walter benjamin
    Posted March 5, 2010 at 12:07 pm | Permalink

    yes, a’purportedly’ higher order i.e each according to their perception.
    guenon’s immense writings invested on the subject of initiation has always left me somewhat perplexed.
    in the book by robin waterfield? on guenon it is stated that guenon went to islam for an ‘efficacious’ initiation{whatever that maybe} that for him was the only one available{even though he was initiated in freemasonary} and hindooism seemed to exclude him because of the caste system{?}
    the whole subject of initiation is rather nebulous when you exclude all the flaky ones.

  4. walter benjamin
    Posted March 5, 2010 at 12:22 pm | Permalink

    “it is widely held that he set up several Grand Orient lodges in Egypt (they would have had to be Grand Orient, or he wouldn’t have received the protection and respect that he did).”

    what is your source for this?
    he was quite paranoia in egypt as it appears in his correspondence with evola.

  5. niqnaq
    Posted March 5, 2010 at 12:39 pm | Permalink

    My immediate source for it is a Muslim one, someone who is quite anti-Masonry. It’s unprovable; but rumours about Freemasonry in the Muslim world aren’t always false. What Guenon would have been trying to do is to create liaisons between one or more Sufi orders and French Freemasonry. This is normal colonial para-politics, in my view, and if you saw that quote from Gen Sir Reg Wingate I posted a few days ago, you will appreciate that the English did exactly the same thing. Although Egypt was part of the British ‘sphere of influence’, I don’t think the Brits would have objected, as long as Guenon was reporting to an official French body. The Wingate quote is at the end of this post:

  6. stevieb
    Posted March 5, 2010 at 2:55 pm | Permalink

    A purposely initiated ‘cull’ of humans would, of course, be genocide.

    Isn’t there laws against advocating this kind of thing?

  7. niqnaq
    Posted March 5, 2010 at 3:11 pm | Permalink

    It’s always hard to apply the laws to the people who make them.

  8. niqnaq
    Posted March 5, 2010 at 3:34 pm | Permalink

    walter, I want to add something about the content, as opposed to the form, of masonic activity: we’ve both been affected by people whose writings caused us to ask ourselves, “where on earth did he get that?” whether Crowley in my case or Guenon in yours. I think the answer is that they had (or their colleagues had) free access to the central archives of their respective national masonic bodies, which always contain the most fantastic collections of occult oddments not just from masonic orders but from all over the place, because this is what masons do: they’re jackdaws, they collect anything to do with esoteric dogma and secret ritual that they can get their hands on, and then proceed to recycle it, either officially or unofficially. They’re bricoleurs. Their original core rituals were parasitised from a completely unpolitical (and catholic) medieval craft society, and then they parasitised Roscrucianism (which was itself a farrago of Renaissance occult fads and fantasies), and so it just grew and grew, becoming more and more cosmopolitan and more and more universalistic in its pretensions, as the decades went by. That’s all ‘Traditionalism’ is.

  9. niqnaq
    Posted March 5, 2010 at 4:33 pm | Permalink

    I’ve hit a motherlode of cranks and desperadoes with this post, from Planet X and Nibiru to Khazars to chemtrails. Into the spam with you :mrgreen:

  10. Daniel
    Posted March 5, 2010 at 5:58 pm | Permalink

    My question is, How did these “idiots” get to be so rich?

    Gates had the opportunity to back a proven – almost INSTANT cure for malaria that would save probably MILLIONS of peoples lives in Africa and other countries across the globe.

    Instead he wants to inject them (without their knowledge) so they die sooner?

    This world has PLENTY of resources for our population. Just too many lazy people that would rather take the easy way out and just kill everyone off.

    If there is any spiritual justice in the universe – we will all surely all pay dearly for these kinds of choices if left uncontested.

  11. the_big_wedding
    Posted March 5, 2010 at 6:49 pm | Permalink

    Yes, the world is over-populated. I see two choices:

    A. you can either stop the oligarchs’ mechanized export farming, allowing the indigenous people the world over to feed themselves, allow developing countries to develop their own resources without fear of being invaded, undermined, or have their leaders assassinated to be replaced by compliant thugs that will sell their oil and other resources, thereby raising their living and education standards, perhaps forestalling forced migrations to developed countries, with attendent backlash:
    These practices could support current and event projected populations for another generation, say 7 to 9 billion, allowing enough time for sex and birth control education to take hold.

    B. we can continue the domination of the world by a handful of oligarchs and their corporations, conniving to gain control of the world’s remaining resources causing chaos, starvation, genocide and mass-murder in the wake of the state-sponsored terror tactics used to undermine and control sovereign nations. Oh, and by the way: one of their excuses, dodges, for their behaviour is that the world is “over-populated”.

    So, in a nut-shell: A. 7 to 9 billion educated and well-fed people without the billionaire oligarchs and their criminal enterprises, or B. 2 to 3 billion starving, servile serfs and a handful of billionaire oligarchs running rough-shod over everyone:

    For myself, personally, I prefer choice A.

  12. niqnaq
    Posted March 5, 2010 at 7:11 pm | Permalink

    Well, yeah: the world market was created by deliberately bankrupting the industries and agriculture of the subject nations. GM crops are just the latest twist in this.

  13. BillWade, NH
    Posted March 5, 2010 at 11:20 pm | Permalink

    The elites would rather kill us than come up with the right solutions. Scroll down a bit and see what $5000 USD’s can provide:


  14. kei and yuri
    Posted March 6, 2010 at 3:51 am | Permalink

    This is an illustration of what Xymph was bemoaning about irresponsible conspiracy theory: because of Jenny McCarthy’s child-abusing noise, serious and far less sensational concerns about vaccines sound silly.

  15. kalidas
    Posted March 6, 2010 at 5:09 am | Permalink

    Vaccines or no vaccines.
    Wars or no wars.
    Niburu, Xanadu or Kathmandu.
    Masons, freemasons, slavemasons.
    White, black, brown or blue.
    Gates, Crowley, Guenon or Lord Brahma himself.

    One thing is for sure..

    We all got it coming, kid.

  16. David
    Posted March 6, 2010 at 5:33 am | Permalink

    Overpopulation is just an excuse. All of the world’s people can fit in Australia, with space left over if each person gets 1/2 acre. I believe that the NWO wants to get rid of people to acquire their countries, lands, minerals etc. The NWO wants to get rid of all those who oppose them. But since humans live intermixed with everybody else, eliminating the good guys will take a lot of weeding out. They are making up their lists with info from many sources like microsoft, google, facebook etc etc. It may be that they will say to hell with it and just launch their cataclysms, who dies, dies!

    When I was studying Demography, they tried to convince me to accept overpopulation as true. They used something called the population/resource ratio to make it look intellectual. The truth is that the masses have so little because the elites have it all. Peoples and countries were not meant to be happy and healthy. The elites wanted the economic fortunes of people to be just what they are.

    If they plan to populate the Earth with GMO crops, what will the elites and their loyal slaves eat? Will they have specially grown food? If they launch bio-weapons, will they warn their ‘own’ to evacuate? We breathe the same air so there must be collateral damage. Why do these people reveal their secret plots to us when more is to be gained by shutting up? Is it to generate or perpetuate fear? Why have the law and order people not gone to Gates for an explanation? It is deliberate murder that he is planning!

  17. Erich Kronberger
    Posted March 6, 2010 at 6:28 am | Permalink

    We are all mad but the elites have the distinction of being psychopaths.

  18. niqnaq
    Posted March 6, 2010 at 6:32 am | Permalink

    🙂 yeah, to achieve a real florid psychopathy, I guess you need to have a few bucks behind you.

  19. niqnaq
    Posted March 6, 2010 at 7:58 am | Permalink

    1240 views of this yesterday, some kinda record for Niqnaq.

  20. Anne Krantz
    Posted March 6, 2010 at 10:59 am | Permalink

    It should be “fewer people”, not less people. I was offered the swine flu vaccine but since I have never had flu or a cold for over ten years, I decided against it, and as predicted, did not succumb to it. If they want to kill me, they will have to try harder than that. We are not all thick.

  21. gee
    Posted March 7, 2010 at 12:30 pm | Permalink

    It looks like the hand is already upon us. The all seeing Eye and the iron fist of the Orc, marching forward with the darkness behind it. Sound familiar?

    The problem here is, that people are talking about it and not particularly ‘doing’ anything about it. There are so many things we can do to remove the mechanisms in which they use against us. Some of the biggest and hardest hitting ways are: Produce your own electric power, grow as much of your own food as possible (including indoors too for more exotic foods if you have your own ‘free’ power source), Turn off your TV or get rid of it all together to avoid the brain numbing and don’t believe anything until you have properly checked it out for yourself from a non-governmental source of information, avoid chemicals such as Flouride in your toothpaste and Aspartime in your foods, filter your water… and …. don’t take credit. If you’ve got credit, get rid of it! This is one of the most paralysing mechanisms of them all.

    Sounds a lot, but all are easy to implement. Like I said, remove the controls they have on you and take back some of the freedom you deserve.

  22. Hoarsewhisperer
    Posted March 7, 2010 at 1:43 pm | Permalink

    Good post & interesting comments.

  23. Posted March 8, 2010 at 4:10 am | Permalink

    Well, I always suspected that B & M Gate were “morlocks” Now it’s confirmed!

  24. niqnaq
    Posted March 8, 2010 at 5:12 am | Permalink

    There’s a very strange video clip somewhere of Bill Gates sitting and rocking back and forth neurotically like a child, not knowing he is being filmed. It’s slightly embarrassing, like that clip of Saakashvili eating his tie.

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