how did i miss this? (12 days ago)

Nation By Nation
Insurrection Daily, Aug 6 2010

The wheels have come off the ridiculous wreck called west and no baboon’s rump has been spared the road-rash but perhaps not too surprisingly considering the west neanderthal brainstem-lodged intellect, west hasn’t yet even untangled whether it’s plagued by inflation, deflation, or stagflation; whether they’re in recession or recovery; whether market is at the top or bottom; whether to attack Iran, N Korea, Russia, Lebanon, Palestine, Pakistan, or Venezuela.

Afghanistan – Recruits kill 2 USA insurgents. Update through Jul 16 tallies: 5 west occupied targets missiled, 11 vehicles, 7 tanks, 45 minions, 58 freckly insurgents. USA murders over 60 civilians incl children and their mums in two anti-civilian bombing raids. Aug 5, caNADA chopper down.

Australia – Undergoes a soft nay pink revolt. As Faulner, hours before the silly coup, claims withdrawal from Afghanistan considered, Gillard is on a sudden put on throne. Gillard’s first official act is the pledge of indefinite support and total servitude of USA’s wars.

China – Econ growth at 8%. Yank baboons actually celebrate the “cooling” of the China’s econ engine. No joke! Yes, baboon’s DNA is made of deceit, crime, and cretinism. Derates the whole west zone incl USA, UK, and Japan. Dumps $32.5b worth of USA debt plummeting USA elite bailout stocks. Reveals USA is broke and dubs USA credit ratings pure hogwash. How did this take so long?

EU – The cannibal IMF, unhappy with EUnuchs’ poverty measures, is promising total overhaul and takeover of all EUnuch wallets. West self-mutilation is beyond entertaining. Total fiscal rot doesn’t however stop the EUnuch from inking “toughest ever” sanctions on Iran yet again. Didn’t the last round of “really tough” sanctions work? Germs & Frankensteins want vote suspension of the ubermensch EUnuchs.

EU-Czech Rep – €1.6b worth of enacted poverty measures include gen’l tax hike, 10% wage cuts, child aid cuts, health care revamp, and the sundries. Consider this nation was so silly as to actually boast about not having any debts to the EUnuch central banksters. Understand that poverty measures Berlin diktat isn’t about fiscal matters but solely about the saxon EUnuch physical grip over the controlled lands. Perhaps Bohmen Und Mahren would suit Czechs better now.

EU-Franks – Cops kill 2 civilians provoking riots in Saint-Aignan and Grenoble, Jul 19. Mass deployment robocops responded with live ammo against civilians. Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité? Hmmmm, how about: Hogwashé, Hogwashé, and more Hogwashé? Prez caught in campaign finance movements. Yes, how about: Hogwashé, Hogwashé, and more Hogwashé? Air controllers mull 3 day strike.

EU-Germs – DeutscheTelecom runs from the baboon’s NYSE. While Germs punished a guy for questioning textbooks with a 5-yr prison term, they’ve now punished the rape of 3 kids by the vaticunt hitler-youth-boy monsters with a SUSPENDED 10 months. Yes, west = organised child rape, torture, and murder. Busy overhauling fiscal rulebook on EUnuchs prohibiting national bankruptcies. Hitler didn’t control this much. Raids, once again, Credit-Suisse vaults. Investor confidence prolapses to 77% of historical rate. Threatens Afghan pullout.

EU-Greece – Prolapsed governance suddenly finds €4.3b for Frankenstein’s war frigates, anti-civilian choppers and jets, and Germ’s sub. Sounds mad? Yeah, that’s the scope of it. West celebrates Athens’ raising of €1.6b in bond sale. Oddly, this won’t even pay for 25% of the latest SINGLE west bank BONUS bash, which ran some $6b. But west neanderthals can be counted on not being able to add even the simplest of numbers. 33k-strong truckers strike, which freezed the nation for a week, is over, Aug 2, after governance deployed military. Indeed, understand west poverty measures aren’t about fiscal rot of west but about the very next step: rule by gun.

EU-Hungary – IMF junta threatens to pull €20b unless Hungarians obediently accept further poverty measures, which Budapest, of course, did.

EU-Ireland – Brit occupation unrest resurfaces in 3 nights of clashes, riots, and arrests. 80 robocops injured. London promises the harshest of punishments and enacts mass arrests. USA slashes Ireland’s rating. Yes, west turns on itself.

EU-Italy – Accepts IMF poverty measures.

EU-Portugal – USA cuts Portugal’s rate. No joke!

EU-Spain – Jul 21, air traffic controllers on strike disrupt EUnuch flight routes. Subway on strike for 3 days in Madrid, Jul 14.

EU-UK – So hopelessly broke that they’re reviving “quantitative easing” or massive prints of cash by WankOfEngland. But this doesn’t stop them from blaming Greeks. Enacts national-service for teens to give their young ones “sense of purpose”. Queen Youth, would it be? Ex diplo comes clean on WMD lies. He waited for 7 yrs to tell the truth? Yes, west is made of deceit and cretinism. Public sector £1,300b deeper in debt than previously “disclosed”. It should be clear than no amount of poverty measures, no matter how merciless, can even begin to hope to slow down even a single laceration. And this is why the west disease is following the last option it has left: war on everyone. Despite the promises to stop wars spewed by the latest governance charade, UK’s planning up now a Pakistan invasion with their baboon cousin. So laughingly broke they’re now rationing hip replacements and cataract treatments. West fiscal prolapse now means going blind. 170k miles of electrical grid covering Loondon picked up on the humiliating west-wide garage sale by a Chinese billionaire for below £6b. Incidentally, the guy already owns UK’s NorthGasNetwork. That’s some trending. PMI shrivels to 53%, 1-yr low. For fun, they predicted a rise to 54.5%. Yes, they’re liars and cretins. Teachers exposed for not being able to write, read, or do simple arithmetic. Big shock there! Puts 2500 BP’s gas stations on the west-wide garage sale for €2b. Russia’s Rosneft seen checking the west prolapsed rubbish. Times loses 66% of traffic after they tried charging for their deceit barfs online.

Iran – Bomb at mosque in Zahedan kills 100. Ahmadinejad challenges comrade Obama to a televised match of wits. Comrade Obama runs. No, surprise there. D Duke, Rense, Engdahl, Chossudovsky have too rejected my challenges for mp3 debate about the laughable rubbish they’re all spewing in their own individual funny way. Gets S300’s via Belarus. How can west even begin to deal with such underhanded, complicated, tangled, ever-morphing web of unfair deceit? Non-oil export of over 3k goods to 160 nations rises 30%/Mar-Jun to $7.7b. Anyone say west sanctions? Indeed, west sanctions are precisely that: sanctions against west.

Israel – Calls UK anti-Israel. Just for fun, tracking west failed war venture finger-pointing. Israel molested Lebanon’s border provoking a battle, Aug 3. BBCNN whores call this the “worst” skirmish since 2006, conveniently forgetting west failure of an all-out attack on Lebanon in 2008.

Japan – Told by USA to slap sanctions on Iran and so it did just that. After which and after Kan had pledged full and unconditional servitude to their USA masters, USA suddenly finds “new” data that says it was the driver’s fault after all in the threatened mass Toyota’s recall before Kan’s enthronement. One couldn’t think up the cretinously transparent comedy that west has for reality.

Pakistan – NATO supplies attacked, Jul 16. Comrade Obama murders 10 more with his drone attacks, Jul 15. USA, à la Haiti, uses flood disaster to invade Pakistan with choppers, military, and boats under the pretext of sending aid.

Palestine – Building razed by Israel in E Jerusalem. West OKs it beside funding it, of course. Israel attacks Arakib & razes 45 buildings.

Russia – Reminds the dillydallying west that Iran may soon have the N thingy. Oil deal with Vietnam’s Petrovietnam for 120,000 barrels/day (that’s incidentally BTW roughly about what the baboon’s pumping into the Gulf of Mexico). USA deports a Russian for violating immigration laws. Bias? Probably not. After all, only 40m in USA are doing exactly the same thing with no similar consequences. 50 dead and over 170 hectares destroyed in fires sweeping the nation. Over 500 are still burning.

South Korea – Obediently plays war games with USA trying to provoke some disaster on Chinese, Russian, or at least N Korean border but fails. So S Korea relaunches war game provocations, Aug 4.

Thailand – Reds protest in Bangkok.

UN – 20% of the secret gold stash (some 380 tonnes) dumped through BIS but no one knows who did it. No joke! All things west are 100% diseased rubbish. Oddly, adding what Portugal, Spain, and Greece had stashed among them turns out to be 382 tonnes of gold. Looks like the saxonic EUnuch diktat has forced the PIIGS to give up their gold reserves. Just consider the silly fact that no one knows who sold it and how. It’s a bit like 911’s put options, isn’t it?, or another typical west crime.

USA -103rd bank laid to rest on Jul 23. That’s a bank funeral every 47 hours now and that’s 24% better rate than in 2009. Posts another all-time Ms Universe super record of $1,500b/yr deficit, and that’s wishful thinking for the year ain’t over just yet. How is USA still there? The pretense has cost the baboon over $24,000b in not even 2 yrs. Consider this for a bit and enjoy! That’s $24,000,000,000,000 pumped into the lacerated USA pretense since Oct 2008. Yes, the ULTIMATE PONZI prize goes to Mr Busch II and comrade Obama for this means that the current USA’s burn rate is some $500k each and every SECOND with no time off! Consider the ridiculous pretense, which some might say is pretty shoddy to begin with, is requiring near $2b every hour of every day, family gob-stuffing weekends on USA Corexit-enhanced beaches included, just to keep plodding on. And that’s not all! The exact same case holds for the poor EUnuchs. Just the Fred/Fanny governance mortgage “bailout” heist has cost the baboon near $4,000b. How will USA find the cash to pay all this? It won’t. Fanny needs $1.5b more to keep plodding. Central banksters confirm as much by recanting their “recovery cheers”. No kidding, unemployment rises to 28% from coast to coast. That’s some 42m unemployed, but comrade Obama statistic charlatans only track 10%. They actually took 3m off their unemployment list simply cause they were unemployed for too long. Sounds mad? Well, that’s the scope of it. Home purchases shrivel further 10%/Jun, after 30% toppling in May, and are at 50-yr low. Just for fun, the west econ charlatans predicted a rise. Some 3m homes stand empty. And this is what the west media BBCNN whores call “deflation”. Yes, west is the definition of deceit mixed with a healthy dose of idiocy. Home construction also shrivels another 5%/Jun. 1m baboon hovels repo’d in foreclosures. This is 10,000% of the typical historical rate. Corporate layoffs grow 6%/Jul with 42k zappings. Small wonder then that near 41m baboons are on food stamps. Small wonder then that the consumer sentiment plunges to a 52-wk low. Small wonder then that baboon bankruptcies rise 9%/month to 137k/Jul. Small wonder then that a shooting spree in disConnecticut kills 6. Small wonder then that the rolling unemployment benefits rise near 20k/Jul to the routine 479k. For fun, USA econ charlatans predicted a 5k fall. Baboons are facing ~$250b laceration THIS year as commercial realty loans mature. This will be followed by ~$300b/2011, and a beautiful ~$350b/2012. No, there shall be no reprieve from the west teeth gnashing.

Comrade Obama toughens sanctions against west. He’s booted additional 21 Iranian firms from Germia, Italy, Japan, and Luxembourg. Evaporation of 40% of USA commercial realty value. What took the baboons 7 yrs to build was handsomely leveled in 3. Post office posts $3.5b loss/Q3. Pentagon unable to account for near all of $9b in the latest Iraq war injection. All things west are either Ponzi, mark-to-market or deceit, or the mix thereof. But so what? Pentagon is broke again and threatens not honouring salaries unless it quickly gets another $40b for the child-murdering wars. Pentagon boasts a record suicide rate among its anti-civilian troops, or some 1/day in June. Pennsillyvania health care zaps 1500. University of Pitsburger links mercury-laden vaccine to autism. Will they now prosecute the univ cadre to hush up their vaccine genocide like they destroyed the UK doctor? GM shuts doors and lights in Ontario, caNADA. Detrot sees 48k foreclosures/2010H1. That’s a 35% improvement/half yr. The fun thing is that USA governance is unwilling to reset the property tax base, which used to be derived from sales price. Somehow USA governance is suddenly refusing to play the capitalist avowed market demand game, which they built their entire capitalist pigsty on. To NBN readers, that should be no surprise, for all things west are 100% disease. Raised voices are heard at last in Californlornia when they announce $800k/yr salary of some governance operative. NASA says upper atmo gone. Don’t the Apollo clowns know about HAARP? 72m baboons, near half of the entire nation, are obese. Watch obesity tax go into effect shortly. Reports of open warfare on Mexican/Arizona border surface with a bomb attack, Aug 5, and $1m bounty on some USA cop. Comrade Obama charlatans say the oil has magically vanished now, while just the surface slick covers over 3m hectares, roughly an area the size of Belgium. Over 570 fall ill from exposure to USA beaches. Chief butcher of Gulf of Mexico is rewarded $18m+ and a job in Russia, in west’s wetdream to eco-cide Russia as well. Second “Top kill” also fails ripping the sea floor causing other six oil and methane leaks. While the hapless saxons were mucking around with it, the oil spew went 10x. BP claims the floor leaks aren’t *their* fault. Not a joke! A few weeks ago, the tally stood at 840m gal, or 20m barrels, or some 60-80 Valdezes pumped into the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic. 88 square miles of coast closed. Oil rain reported in Iowa, Looseriana, Fluorida, and Kentyucky. Even BBCNN media whores catch BP photoshopping their evidence. 20 miles of Taxes shore pronounced “dead zone”.

Venezuela – Severs links with Colombia. Mil put on alert along Colombian border. Oil venture with Belarus. Oil shipping venture with Iran. Where does this leave west? Yank baboons salivate over Orinoco reserves, which they peg to be 2x of their Saudi’s. Looks like the west beast has at last submitted to the world community a sound evidence for an invasion. H Chavez to the baboon: Keep provoking with Colombia and get no oil.

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