US continues on with its illegal dirty wars as per usual

“In Argentina the law must be complied with by all”
Pagina/12, Feb 14 2011, transl. Aletho News

Argentina’s foreign ministry has issued a press release stating that it will be making a formal protest over undeclared weapons and drugs brought into the nation at Ezeiza last Thursday. A manifest provided by the US did not list war materiel and drugs which were seized by Argentine authorities. Among the confiscated materiel were communications interception equipment, encrypted communications equipment, sophisticated GPS devices, high power rifles, a machine gun and narcotics as well as a full trunk of expired pharmaceuticals including stimulants. All boxes had the stamp of the 7th Army Airborne Brigade based in North Carolina. The Argentine government estimates the value of the goods and the C17 transport expenses to exceed $2m. The unreported contents also included an odd brochure with the phrase “I am a United States soldier. Please report to my embassy I have been arrested by the country,” translated into fifteen languages. US documents described the shipment as intended for an Argentine government approved Federal police training course. Argentina reiterated that it does not wish for the internal security practices of Rio’s favelas or El Salvador’s gangs to be the model for the Argentine nation. The Argentine government will be suspending the police training program. Argentina’s ambassador to the US described the situation as “a shameful embarrassment” before returning the cargo to North Carolina. It is noted that any Argentine, civilian or military, who attempted to smuggle weapons and drugs into the US would be arrested immediately.


  1. moonkoon
    Posted February 16, 2011 at 3:35 am | Permalink

    Err, in the interests of balanced reporting and harmonious international intercourse, let me add that it appears that there has been some sort of “malentendido” or “concepto erróneo” here. 🙂

    “There could have been problems with the plane’s papers, maybe, but we’ll clear up these discrepancies because there was no intent to illegally import prohibited things into Argentina,” Rooney said in a dialogue with several media outlets in Miami.
    “It was just misunderstood. It was a training activity in the United States which was agreed in advance with the Argentine government,” he added.

    Argentine-U.S. Tensions Simmer with Verbal Jabs
    Published: 15 Feb 2011 13:20
    Argentina’s Cabinet Chief Anibal Fernandez, … explained that a list of approved material for the training course had been clarified last December, but when the shipment arrived, numerous undeclared items were found …

  2. moonkoon
    Posted February 16, 2011 at 11:32 am | Permalink

    Is Argentina Israel in disguise?
    Talking about being Israeli (we are yet to see lots of them although there are signs up in Hebrew) the similarities between Argentinians and Israelis are somewhat uncanny.
    I know that an early Zionist congress decided against mass immigration to Argentina, but a century on there are many similarities. In addition to the dark complexion, I thought that it was only Israelis who ignored plane stewardesses asking them to turn off laptops or not get up before the plane has actually ground to a halt. Stranger still was the widespread clapping as our plane touched down in Buenos Aires.
    Add to that the Kosher McDonalds and the absolutely crazy driving and I sometimes think my Aliya has started early. …

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