a classic DEBKA mixture of truth, lies, and gibberish

The reason I like DEBKA so much is that it doggedly follows a system of psyops which requires it to mix bait in with the offal. The bait is the statements which are there to make the reader think, “They couldn’t possibly be lying when they say this, because it’s against their own interest to say it.” But the real disinfo is the preposterous claim that the Egyptian MBs are Iranian proxies – RB

Nasrallah: Hizballah can fight Israel without aid from Iran or Syria
DEBKAfile, Nov 4 2011

The Lebanese Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah, while inspecting his fighting units in the last two weeks, has briefed commanders on updated operational plans for firing 10,000 rockets at Tel Aviv and Israel’s air force and reserve mobilization bases in a surprise attack. He told them:

The Zionist enemy cannot stand up to a salvo on that scale. He can’t locate our secret launching bases or put a stop to a missile offensive that is sure to determine the war’s outcome.

He assured the troops that Hizballah is capable of fighting Israel without Iranian or Syrian help. In answer to questions, Nasrallah said the militia must be prepared to fight Israel without outside military assistance, saying:

We don’t know in what situation our war may find Iran. We do know Bashar Assad has been fighting a rebellion for the past ten months and is in no condition to come to our aid.

Nasrallah reported the arrival of advanced weapons, including anti-tank and anti-air missiles from Libya. They were delivered to Lebanon by sea and air freighters from the Libyan capital of Tripoli. A Hizballah purchasing mission in Tripoli and Benghazi bought the weapons from military units making up the National Transitional Council ruling Libya as an interim government. Iranian and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood agents were on hand to pay for the merchandise on the spot. While Israel’s leading politicians and mass media hammer away at the whys and wherefores of a potential strike against Iran’s nuclear sites on the strength of largely fictitious information deliberately disseminated to make a point, Israel faces a real and imminent threat of a cross-border flare-up with Hizballah and Syria. Syrian President Bashar Assad made it clear in a British press interview on Oct 30 that if he has his back to the wall as a result of foreign intervention in the uprising against him, he will “burn the Middle East.” Three weeks ago, on Oct 4, the Syrian ruler warned that if he faced foreign intervention, he would need “not more than six hours to transfer hundreds of rockets and missiles to the Golan Heights to fire them at Tel Aviv.” On Nov 3, Birgul Ayman Guler, head of the Turkish opposition Republican People’s Party, remarked after a visit to Damascus:

The West has written a plot about democracy and liberty. But this plot is nothing but the plot for an invasion.

Ayman’s party is against Erdogan’s policy of supporting the Syrian opposition to Assad. He has expanded this support by hosting rebel command posts and training facilities on Turkish soil and providing them with arms. The Turkish prime minister is seen as acting out the policy of intervention not just of his government but of NATO, of which his country is a full member.

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