meir dagan may be gloomy about politics but he seems to possess a certain optimism too

Former Mossad chief panning for gold
Ran Rimon, Ynet, Apr 17 2012

The Negev is not enough for Meir Dagan: Gulliver Energy, a company chaired by the former Mossad chief, together with Australian company Northwood Exploration says it wants to search for gold in the mountains surrounding the southern city of Eilat. Gulliver Spokesman Dror Sharvit said a subsidiary for the company has requested a license to perform exploratory drilling and aerial surveys of 43 sq km near the southern city. Israel’s Ministry of Energy and Water Resources said Monday it is considering the request. In April, the ministry approved a permit for Gulliver to search for uranium (below). Israel has few natural resources, although it has discovered large natural gas deposits in recent years. Meir Dagan directed the Mossad from 2002 to 2010. In 2011 he became chairman of Gulliver Energy, an oil, gas and minerals exploration firm based near Tel Aviv.

Ex-Mossad chief to explore uranium
Maayan Manela, Calcalist, Dec 23 2011

The Ministry of Energy and Water (formerly Israel’s Ministry of National Infrastructures) is to grant Gulliver Energy, headed by former Mossad Director Meir Dagan, the permission to explore for uranium in Israel’s Negev region. This is the first time an Israeli company obtains a government permit to prospect uranium in the country. The ministry’s natural resource and mine supervision administration informed the company on Wednesday that the ministry would grant the uranium prospecting license once it pays the government fee. On Thursday the company announced that it had paid the fee and expects to receive the permit within the next few days. Gulliver plans to hire foreign experts and to import special equipment for the explorations. The Maya field in the Negev, which was licensed to the Zerah partnership, exhibited signs of a highly radioactive metal at a shallow depth. Gulliver plans to expand the drilling pit and test soil to identify the type and quantity of the radioactive metal. Gulliver signed an agreement with the Zerah partnership in which the latter gave Gulliver the permission to make use of all the information it had collected for its prospecting, mining and production of radioactive metals including uranium. In return, Zerah will receive 12.5% of the proceeds from the radioactive metals mined and used by Gulliver.

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