oh dear, she doesn’t look like the kind of woman who would enjoy niqnaq

Brig-Gen Sima Vaknin-Gil

“Censorship can not rule out anything”
Uzi Baruch, Arutz Sheva, May 1 2012 (autotransl)

During the session “scissors against Facebook” online press conference held the first DIGIT 2012 Sammy Ofer School of Communications at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, the chief military censor took part in Brig-Gen Sima Vaknin-Gil. She said:

The censorship is seen as a body that tries to take over the Internet but can not. This is a mistake, we try to work within the Internet and only the elements related to us. Censorship can not rule out anything. Censorship can touch only the things that have a near certainty of harm to state security, and these cases are few. Scope information on the Internet and anonymous writers are the benefits of the greatest of his. In Israel censors working under the understanding and common interest with the press. Journalist had not published anything to hurt confidence information. In most cases when journalists say they do not reveal all the information they have because of censorship, they say this because they have no nothing to add. Also the Foreign Ministry institution or do not write their memories on the Internet, but books that go through censorship.

This week was launched by a new system monitor wisely the information visual and textual web, Facebook, Twitter, bloggers and media Traditional. Using a very clever using keywords imports censor the information, you can control on the information which was previously hard to reach. In my view, you can try to catch it all because it will make censorship lose its relevance and moreover, its morality. Chief Censor, I have no intention to enter the personal diary of no citizen is important to mention that we do not sit on Facebook of individuals. We censorship of Israel, we act according to law, and as a preventative censorship only works in that. I do not censor the IDF’s proof is that I am not going to tag.

I know that when I protect the security of the state I’m hurting freedom of speech. Censorship and democracy can not coexist, so every day we ask ourselves if we are abridging freedom of speech or right to know. ISA realized that working with censorship through breathing blackout better off. In other words, ISA transfers the story to censorship and she chooses what to release to the press and when. As a result, a significant number of ISA decreased gag orders he seeks individual year. There are not many sentences for people violating the gag order and there is almost contempt around this issue.

Retired Chief Justice Oded Alyagon addressed the issue of freedom of expression against the gag orders, saying:

All of them are reversed. Freedom of expression is a cornerstone of any democracy. Supreme Court ruled the right to freedom of expression, but no matter how enlightened regime of this right will impose certain restrictions. There is no democracy where there are no restrictions on freedom of expression. freedom of speech is a right noble people irresponsible it is used by harmful and it should be prevented, because they can cause injury to the public and perhaps even that freedom. Ability of governments to prevent these publications and others challenged severely era Facebook. Even before the ink dries on a gag order, you can read all the details online and forbidden by law enforcement was unable to help. Law enforcement has not yet found a proper solution to this problem, which is relatively new.

Israel’s military censor to monitor Facebook, Twitter, blogs
Sefi Krupsky, Haaretz, May 2 2012

Israel’s military launched a new system this week to monitor information on the Internet, the chief military censor said on Tuesday. Colonel Sima Vaknin-Gil said that the new system will monitor visual and textual information on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, on blogs and on traditional news sites. Speaking at the Digit 2012 conference at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Vaknin-Gil explained that the new system will examine information using key words labeled in advance. The system will be able to monitor information that was previously difficult to reach. She said:

I think that you can’t try to catch everything, because that will make the censor lose its relevance, and furthermore its morality. As the chief censor, I have no intention of going into people’s personal diaries, and it important for me to note that we do not ‘sit’ on private Facebook accounts. I know that when I protect the security of the State of Israel I’m damaging freedom of speech. Censorship and democracy do not go hand in hand. That’s why every day we ask ourselves whether we’re damaging freedom of speech or the public’s right to know. The censor is perceived as a body trying to control the Internet, to no avail. This is a mistake. We try to operate within the Internet only in terms of elements related to us. The censor cannot reject everything. The censor can only touch things that are likely to harm the security of the state, and these incidents are few.

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