‘pretzel-shaped thinking’ explained

A rare account of pretzel-shaped intelligence strategies can be found in “The Occult Technology of Power,” Section 9:

As massive as our intelligence community has become in itself, we still operate strictly on the finance capitalist principle of leverage. Just as a rational finance capitalist never owns more stock in a corporation than the bare minimum required for control, intelligence operatives are placed only in as many key positions as are required to control the target organizations. Our goal, after all, is agent control of all significant organizations, not intelligence community membership for the entire population. The organizational pattern of baffling “circles within circles,” characteristic of classical secret societies, is retained and refined by our intelligence community. That “one hand not know what the other is doing” is essential to the success of our operations. In most cases, we do not allow the operatives themselves to know the ultimate, and when possible, even the short-range objectives of their assignments. They operate under “covers” that disguise our goals not only from the public and target groups, but from the agents themselves.

For instance, many agents operating under “left cover” are led to believe that the agency, or at least their department, is secretly, but sincerely motivated by socialistic ideology. Thus, they assume that the intelligence agency’s ultimate goal is to guide left-wing groups in “productive” directions, even though they cannot always see how their own assignment fits into those assumed goals. Other “left-cover” agents, those with right-wing predilections, are encouraged to believe the agency is simply “monitoring” violence-prone subversive groups in order to protect the public. When such agents are asked to participate in or even lead radical activity they assume that the ultimate objective is to fully infiltrate and destroy the organization for the good of the country. This is very seldom the case. We waste little or no money protecting the “public” or defending the “nation.” Agents operating under “right-cover” are handled in symmetrical fashion. Agents with right-wing prejudices are encouraged to believe the agency is right-wing. Left-prejudiced agents are asked to operate under “right-cover” in order to “monitor” dangerous rightist organizations.

Most intelligence agents remain blithely ignorant of the big picture which is so clear to us from our spectacular vantage point. Very few have enough information or intelligence to reason out how their specific and sometimes baffling assignments promote the legislative, judicial, operational and propaganda needs of our Money Power. Most would never try. They are paid too much to think about such things. Agents with a “gangster-cover” are of two types. First, there is the sincere gangster that draws his salary from an intelligence agency. He is led to believe that the gangland “Godfathers” control the government agency for their own purposes. Actually, the situation is the opposite. The agency controls the gangster for other purposes. Second, is the sincere crime fighter who is led to believe that the agency is at tempting to infiltrate and monitor the gangsters as a preliminary step to destroying organized crime. Such “upstanding” agents commit many crimes in their zeal to rid the country of organized crime!…

How big money distorts reality by dominating both sides of every debate
Tony Cartalucci, Land Destroyer, May 5 2012

Like a tentacle of a sea monster breaking the surface of the water, a recent news story starring a “libertarian” think-tank’s billboard comparing “climate change” proponents to Theodore Kaczynski (also known as the Unabomber) represents but a small part of a much larger beast.

Image: While in reality those behind “climate change” hysteria dwarf the threat of Kaczynski, the Heartland Institute is funded by corporations backing just such people. What we are left with is a false paradigm where both sides are controlled by the same corporate-financier interests producing a strategy of tension with which to see through their agenda and prevent real issues and solutions from being realized. 

Like in any movie script, the billboard put up by the Heartland Institute is designed to play the role of the villain. Heroically riding in to fight this villain is “Think Progress,” a so-called “progressive” project maintained by the Center for American Progress. To the average, poorly informed observer, it appears as if an increasingly heated debate over man’s impact on the environment is unfolding, framed by a vitriolic “denier” camp reduced to name-calling, with a dignified progressive camp refusing to move from its foundation of “reason” and “science.” In reality we are watching two think-tanks funded, backed, and involved with the very same handful of corporations. Both the Heartland Institute and the Center for American Progress are funded by Wall Street and together they create a false paradigm with which to trap unassuming millions while sidelining real issues, problems, and their solutions.

Think Progress itself exposes the Heartland Institute as funded by major corporations including Amgen, Bayer, Comcast, GlaxoSmithKline, Eli Lilly & Company, Microsoft, PepsiCo, General Motors, Pfizer, and Time Warner Cable. It then berates these corporations for their support for the Heartland Institute in a more recent article of theirs titled, “Heartland Institute Compares Climate Science Believers And Reporters To Mass ‘Murderers And Madmen’.” The US Chamber of Commerce is also listed as a contributor to the Heartland Institute in a .pdf provided by Think Progress. What Think Progress doesn’t tell readers is that these very same corporations are recipients of their own John Podesta’s lobbying services, because indeed Think Progress and its umbrella organization, the Center for American Progress is chaired by John Podesta, co-founder of the Podesta Group, a notorious corporate lobbying firm involved with some of the most dubious characters and corporations on Earth. Amongst Podesta’s clients are the above mentioned Amgen and General Motors, as well as BAE Systems, General Dynamics, General Electric, Raytheon, British Petroleum, Lockheed Martin, and many others.

Video: Meet the founder of the United Nations Foundation, depopulation and climate change enthusiast Ted Turner, previously of Time Warner. Turner peddles Malthusian talking-points on national TV attempting to link overpopulation with global warming. And while Turner is no longer with Time Warner, its subsidiary Time Inc is still a corporate partner of the UN Foundation, while Time Warner itself is listed as a supporter of the Heartland Institute, guilty of “climate denial.” The Fortune 500 is replete with examples of corporations playing both sides of the climate debate. 

To fully illustrate this false paradigm, it should be mentioned that one of the patrons of the Heartland Institute and their “climate denial,” Time Warner though its subsidiary Time Inc, is also a corporate partner of the United Nations Foundation, a premier promoter of climate change hysteria. Time Warner’s Ted Turner created the foundation with a 1 billion dollar donation and is an outspoken “global warming” and “overpopulation” activist. Joining Time Warner in partnering with the UN Foundation is the Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation, also prominent global climate change activists. Bill Gates, founder and a current chairman at Microsoft, is also a sponsor of “climate denial” at the Heartland Institute.

The Podesta Group openly admits that it conducts media campaigns including planting op-eds in popular newspapers including the Christian Science Monitor and the HuffPost. The Podesta Group features a “PG At Work” segment on each page of its website showcasing such articles, written either by journalists approached by the lobbying firm, or by Podesta Group members themselves, often never disclosing their affiliations. Similarly, Podesta openly admits it “arranges” for Senators to make specific floor speeches. When one wonders the “how” regarding corporate-financier interests purchasing our elected representatives and manipulating our press, the answer is lobbying firms like Podesta. Ensuring the public goes along with such a flagrant abuse of power and influence is left to the creation of false paradigms, false choices, and emotionally charged misdirecting debates. By the same corporations funding a vicious debate moderated by professional lobbyists in their employ, the corporate-financier elite ensure that the public is herded into a matrix of false choices where both real problems and their solutions are non-issues and instead an endless circular debate mired in infinite minutiae is conducted. Regardless of which public opinion prevails regarding anthropogenic global warming, the corporate-financier oligarchs have institutions and legislation in place to capitalize, be it big-oil or carbon-credit trading big-banks.

Climate change is not the only issue where both sides of the debate are dominated by the same interests for the purpose of maintaining a false paradigm and an effective strategy of tension. Just recently, another media circus was erected around a Chinese “activist,” Chen Guangcheng. Chen had been built up since at least 2008 by another PR firm of sorts, the US State Dept’s National Endowment for Democracy and its various subsidiaries including Freedom House, the International Republican Institute (IRI), and the National Democratic Institute (NDI). Like Podesta, NED not only plants op-eds across the corporate-media, but maintains a global network of clearinghouses it funds with US taxpayers’ money. One such example, Thailand’s Prachatai, is fully funded by NED, USAID, and convicted criminal George Soros‘ Open Society Institute (also a sponsor of the above mentioned Center for American Progress). On a daily basis, Prachatai regurgitates US State Dept talking points, while masquerading as an “independent” media organization. Together, these fraudulent media clearinghouses with Congressional members of NED, IRI, and NDI, turn a nameless, inconsequential “activist” or a contrived human rights issue into an international point of contention, not for the cause of human rights, but to be used as leverage for geopolitical and financial concessions. In China’s case, Chen was used as a PR stunt in the lead up to high-profile talks between Washington and Beijing. And just like with the climate change issue, indeed, the very injustice Chen Guangcheng was protesting, with US money and support, was a creation of the West itself: namely China’s draconian population control policies, funded by the UN with the US the primary donor to its “Population Fund.”

The “War on Terror” is yet another false paradigm, both created and perpetuated by the West, while it simultaneously “fights” against it. In fact, many of the most adamant proponents of the “War on Terror” are literally lobbying for the US State Dept-listed foreign terror organization (#29) Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK) of Iran, while others are calling on the US to fund, arm, and politically recognize listed terror organizations like the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) of Libya, and terrorists currently destabilizing Syria.

Image: Rudy Giuliani consorting with MEK’s political wing leader Maryam Rajavi in Paris, France. Giuliani is best known for his role playing a strong supporter for the “War on Terror” and his incessant fear mongering verses “Islamic extremists.” In real life, he coddles listed terrorist organizations in direct violation of US law and even lobbies for them.

While some may be confused as to why one would simultaneously perpetuate a war while trying to end it, the answer is quite simple: the trillions the US is spending to fight the endless “War on Terror” is not going into a black hole, rather, it is going to a myriad of defense contractors while building the foundation for other large corporate-financier interests to plunder nations previously beyond USAia’s geopolitical and financial reach, the ultimate goal being to turn the entire planet into a borderless playground for the corporate-financier oligarchs of Wall Street and London. When we are trapped within a matrix of false choices, a paradigm created by and for the corporate-financier elite, our only recourse is to escape it. We do this by creating an agenda and program of our own while recognizing, boycotting and replacing the corporate interests that have constructed this paradigm around us in the first place. Picking sides between the Heartland Institute and Think Progress is indeed an exercise in futility but one the corporate-financiers hope you commit to anyway. And no matter where one stands on the issue of “climate change,” they end up supporting the same corporate interests regardless. By deciding for ourselves what issues are truly important and entirely ignoring or exposing as a fraud the false debates put in front of us, we can begin making real progress that is in our collective best interests while undermining the elitist minority that has dominated and manipulated public discourse for so long.

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