tony c, jun 5

Relentless Neo-Con propaganda originating from “conservative” news agency
Tony Cartalucci, Land Destroyer, Jun 5 2012

Reza Kahlili is a pseudonym for a former CIA operative in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and author of the award-winning book, “A Time to Betray.” He is a senior fellow with EMPact America and teaches at the US Dept of Defense’s Joint Counter-Intelligence Training Academy.

This is the biography following a series of articles featured on World Net Daily which targets Iran with the disingenuous Neo-Conservative narrative that it is a dangerous theocratic nation seeking global hegemony.

Video: An except from the cartoonish Neo-Con war propaganda film, “Iranium.” Here we have WND contributor, and CIA agent “Reza Kahlili” inadvertently explaining to us why we should never believe a word he says.

Kahili’s articles include, “Iran: Our nukes proof of Islamic power,” and “Iran: Discovery will collapse Christianity,” all designed to instill fear across well-intentioned, but susceptible conservative readers who may be unaware that the very propagandists behind these tall tales have conspired for years against Iran, admitting in their own think-tank documents, like Brookings Institution’s “Which Path to Persia?” that Iran poses no threat to the world, but only to Western hegemonic aspirations throughout the Middle East. In fact, it is these very people who are on record, supporting listed terrorist organizations with the blood of USAians on their hands – organizations like Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK). One must wonder why WND would publish such propaganda, by a source who is so overtly compromised. It turns out that WND’s Editor-in-Chief, Chairman and CEO Joseph Farah is listed as an “International Adviser” of the Neo-Conservative “US Committee for a Free Lebanon,” alongside Ziad Abdelnour, covered here in “”Might Makes Right” Says Conspirator of Syrian-Iranian Conquest,” Morris Amitay of JINSA and AIPAC, Olivier Guitta, Clifford May, and Michael Ledeen of the warmongering Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and PNAC signatories Paula Dobriansky, Frank Gaffney, Daniel Pipes, and James Woolsey, James Phillips of the corporate-funded Heritage Foundation, and corporate-financier funded AEI “scholars” Michael Rubin and Daenielle Pletka. These represent the premier warmongers who have led the US through over a decade of disastrous, costly conflicts as part of the fraudulent “War on Terror.” Most recently, these are the same people who supported NATO intervention in Libya which has resulted in handing the country over to the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) who now are carrying out a nationwide campaign of sectarian-driven genocide, while exporting weapons, cash, and fighters as far west as Mali, and as far east as Syria. These are also the same policy makers driving toward intervention in Syria – and are in fact, the very architects of the bloodbath now unfolding there at the hands of sectarian extremists.

WND poses as a combination of alternative and conservative news but its overall editorial tone is one of Neo-Conservativism, warmongering, fear-mongering, and the perpetuation of a singular agenda driven by the very people WND Editor-in-Chief, Chairman and CEO Joseph Farah is listed amongst on the “US Committee for a Free Lebanon,” which in and of itself is nothing more than PNAC, FDD, AEI, Heritage Foundation, and Foreign Policy Initiative’s membership roster rewritten once again, with yet another agenda to sell. Readers should be aware of this overt conflict of interest at WND, the attempt, wittingly or unwittingly to perpetuate the false left-right paradigm, and of duplicitous, self-discrediting authors, like Neo-Con cartoon character “Reza Kahlili” who haunt its pages. If readers believe WND’s direction is one of well-intentioned by misguided principles, they should contact the editorial staff with their concerns.

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