you will see the occasional “israel should think twice about dislodging assad” piece in haaretz, but that’s just bullshit

Post-Bilderberg, Attendees Ramp Up
Push for Syrian Intervention

Infowars, Jun 7 2012

Fresh from Bilderberg 2012, top diplomats across the spectrum are now predictably ramping up the push for intervention in Syria. The shadowy group’s officially-leaked agenda discussed ‘the Future of Democracy, Russia, China and the Middle East,’ while the attendance of Bassma Kodmani, a top representative of the Syrian National Council and operative for the Ford Foundation and other Western institutes, make clear that the war/kinetic action in Syria is all but imminent. 2012 Bilderberg attendee Itamar Rabinovich, former Israeli ambassador the US, is the latest, now prominently “blaming” the US for allowing the Syrian massacre to continue unabated. The Times of Israel reports:

The real block, he told Army Radio, is the US government. “The Obama administration is not looking for another major Middle East crisis before November.” Asked therefore whether Sec State Clinton, despite her bitter rhetoric against Damascus, did not actually intend to take any action now, Rabinovich said, “Later, after November.”

In the false dichotomy that attempts to create the perception that the US must intervene in Syria (just as Caesar finally felt he must accept the crown after being asked three times), top Bilderberg-tapped diplomats are playing out a phony script about whether to ‘wait on diplomacy’ as the death tolls piles up, or ‘do the right thing’ and using power to stop Assad’s regime. Financial Times writer Gideon Rachman also attended Bilderberg 2012, yet wrote in favor of continued diplomacy over military action from NATO and the Western allies. Rather than advancing the cause of peace and restraint, Rachman opened himself up to attacks from TIME magazine and even his own publication arguing why the world can’t wait on Syria. Another false debate to make Syria regime change seem valiant and unavoidable, as another domino readies to fall in the on-going wave of Arab Spring color revolutions.

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