why does nimmo suppress the fact that clinton was fronting with peres?

Russia Denies Sending Helicopters to Syria, Says West Arming Rebels
Kurt Nimmo, Infowars, Jun 13 2012

Responding to Sec State Clinton and the establishment media on Wednesday, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said his country is not arming the al-Assad regime in Syria with attack helicopters. Clinton told a conference (i.e. a joint press conference she held with Shimon Peres at the Saban Center – RB) in Washington on Jun 12:

We are concerned by the latest information we have that there are attack helicopters on the way from Russia to Syria, which will escalate the conflict quite dramatically.

Lavrov said:

We are not delivering to Syria, or anywhere else, items that could be used against peaceful demonstrators. In this we differ from the US, which regularly delivers riot control equipment to the region, including a recent delivery to a Persian Gulf country. But for some reason the US consider this to be fine.

Speaking from Iran, Lavrov said the US is “providing arms and weapons to the Syrian opposition that can be used in fighting against the Damascus government.” He stressed that Russia has supplied Syria with anti-aircraft defense systems and the transfer “in no way violates international laws.” Lavrov said that “contrasts with what the US is doing with the opposition, which is providing arms to the Syrian opposition which are being used against the Syrian government.” His accusation was backed up by a report published by The Independent on Tuesday. The Free Syrian Army (FSA), in addition to receiving support from the CIA and MI6 and training from US and British Special Forces, receives arms from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The weapons are transported to the Syria rebels from Turkey with the assistance of the country’s National Intelligence Organization, or MIT.

Shipments of Kalashnikov assault rifles, BKC machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank weaponry from Gulf countries via Turkey began arriving three weeks ago, according to the British newspaper. According to an unnamed diplomat in Ankara, Turkish intelligence vetted the weapons and prevented them from being transferred to Islamic militants. He said, however, that the arms were delivered to the rebels in league with the Muslim Brotherhood, which controls the Syrian National Council (SNC), described as the main umbrella organization of groups opposing the Syrian government and its military. The Muslim Brotherhood is an intelligence asset for the US and Britain. It supported the al-Qaeda rebels in Libya and is now working with the NATO installed government to turn that country into another impoverished Arab vassal state indebted to the IMF and the bankers. An Arab League report issued in February revealed that the FSA and other “armed opposition groups” are currently engaged in killing civilians and police and conducting terrorist attacks targeting innocent civilians.

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