sky shields & co: why we left larouchepac

Here is yesterday’s instalment of Tarpley’s weekly broadcast, World Crisis Radio, Sep 22:

He has some very rude things to say about ‘Libertarians’. I agree with him. Possibly Jones will stop interviewing him, since after all Jones is ready to die for Christian capitalist ‘freedom’. Tarpley says that the main Larouche current is now pro-Romney. These folks don’t like it:
If you want to know how long this cult-type shit has been going on with the LPAC, the answer is, a very long time; for instance, Larouche has been claiming for decades that he somehow provided Reagan with the idea for SDI (as if that was clever, even). Here’s my favourite bit:

The bizarreness of the “Stanford group” stories goes back to the very peculiar teleconferences in which Sky and Lyn were supposedly speaking to Bill Clinton and his collaborators. The dialogue was always with Debbie as the sole voice on the other end of the line, with no questioners asking questions in their own voice and name. Not even crowd noises could be heard through Debbie’s mic, despite the fact that she was supposedly standing in a room packed with international representatives: the Irish, Chinese, Russians, and Clintonistas. One particularly freakish meeting, the infamous “Glass-Steagall dialogue”, began with Debbie opening the meeting, and then ordering for the signals to be established from Satellite #1, Satellite #2, Satellite #3 and Satellite #4, in a ridiculously drawn-out bit of theater. One Basement member remarked that perhaps Debbie was actually broadcasting from inside the head of a giant robot. At many moments Debbie’s performances verged on the absolutely comic, but the juicier elements were removed because the actual recordings were never released. Only redacted print versions were allowed to be distributed to members, supposedly because Vladimir Putin himself would allow nothing else, giving the impression that there was an actual dialogue with Clinton and others, while the actual scene was simply Sky and Lyn looking silly while talking to Debbie through a speaker phone.

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