usually the FSA mortars are described as russian-made and stolen from the syrian army

NATO mortar ‘gift’ from Turkey to Syrian rebels
Russia Today, Oct 7 2012

According to Turkey’s Yurt newspaper, the mortar used to attack the Turkish town of Akcakale last Wednesday, Oct 3, is a design specific to NATO and was given to Syrian rebels by Ankara. An article by editor Merdan Yanardag states that the newspaper received information from a reliable source which claimed that Turkey itself sent the mortars to the FSA. Editor of the Pan-African Newswire, Abayomi Azikiwe, told RT:

Turkey is a longtime member of NATO, and they’re going to act in conjunction with other NATO powers, so it’s not surprising that this has happened. NATO is deeply involved in every decision that Turkey makes. Ankara isn’t taking any military actions or contemplating any type of military strategy without being in full cooperation with NATO forces.

Turkey retaliated at Syria for a sixth consecutive day on Monday, after a mortar from Syria landed in Turkey’s Hatay province. Pres Abdullah Gul said in a statement on Monday said:

The worst-case scenarios are taking place right now in Syria. Our government is in constant consultation with the Turkish military. Whatever is needed is being done immediately as you see, and it will continue to be done.

But it’s not only leaders within Turkey that are stating their opinions on the conflict. Earlier on Monday, UN Sec-Gen Ban warned of the consequences that the conflict could bring to the region. Ban said at the opening of the World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg, France:

The escalation of the conflict along the Syrian-Turkish border and the impact of the crisis on Lebanon are extremely dangerous.

The exchange of fire began last Wednesday, when Syrian mortar shells killed a woman and four children from the same family in Akcakale. Many fear the situation will lead to regional conflict, with political analyst Dan Glazebrook, saying that Ankara aims to drag NATO into a war with Syria. Glazebrook told RT:

On the one hand they are trying to give cover to the rebels to continue their fight, as they know that the rebels are getting defeated on the ground so they are bombarding Syria as a way to help the rebels not lose too many of their positions. But I think also they may be hoping that they can somehow nudge, provoke NATO into taking action as well, into prompting a kind of blitzkrieg that is actually the only thing really that would enable the rebels to win now at this state.


  1. Posted October 10, 2012 at 7:55 pm | Permalink

    If it was a NATO mortar why didn’t the “reliable source” say what type model mortar it was?

    Anybody can claim the mortar was from NATO… prove it. Was it a 81mm mortar? A 82mm mortar? A 120mm mortar? What?

  2. niqnaq
    Posted October 11, 2012 at 2:58 am | Permalink

    This is from an obscure turkish source, and RT don’t claim to have confirmed it. It actually would be unnecessarily stupid to use NATO rounds.

  3. niqnaq
    Posted October 12, 2012 at 10:28 am | Permalink

    According to Israel Shamir, though he gives no source:

    The ammunition was reportedly NATO ammunition 120 AE HE-TNT.

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