segregated buses, well obviously, a nice jewish person doesn’t ride with blacks

Ministry launches Pals Only buses
Itamar Fleishman, Ynet, Mar 2 2013

The Transportation Ministry announced that starting Sunday it will begin operating designated lines for Palestinians in the West Bank. The bus lines in question are meant, according to the ministry, to transport Palestinian workers from the West Bank to central Israel. The ministry alleges that the move is meant to ease the congestion felt on bus lines used by Jews in the same areas, but several bus drivers told Ynet that Palestinians who will choose to travel on the so-called mixed lines will be asked to leave them. While officially the new lines are considered general bus lines, Ynet learned Saturday that their existence has been made public only in Palestinian villages in the West Bank, via flyers in Arabic urging Palestinians to arrive at the Eyal crossing and use the designated lines. The Transportation Ministry defended the plan, saying it was the result of reports and complaints saying that the buses traveling in the area were overcrowded and rife with tensions between the Jewish and Arab passengers. A ministry source said that many complaints expressed concern that the Palestinian passengers may pose a security risk, while other complaints said that the overcrowded buses cause the drivers to skip stations. The ministry has also received reports of scuffles between Jews and Arab passengers, as well as between Palestinians and drivers who refused to allow them to board their buses. The ministry reportedly considered several alternatives before deciding to opt for designated lines, which will run into Israel from the Eyal crossing near Qalqilya. Legally, there is no way to stop Palestinians from boarding regular lines. Drivers with Afikim, the company that holds the routes franchise for the area, told Ynet:

We’re not allowed to refuse service and we won’t order anyone to off the buses, but from what we were told, starting next week, there will be checks at the checkpoint, and Palestinians will be asked to board their own buses. Obviously, everyone will start screaming ‘apartheid’ and ‘racism’ now. This really doesn’t feel right, and maybe they should find a different solution, but the situation right now is impossible. Driving a bus full of only Palestinians might turn out to be tricky. It could be unnerving and it might also create other problems. It could be a scary thing.

Yesha Police say they will deploy additional forces at the Eyal crossing and do their best to defend the Ministry’s decision, but that it is highly unlikely that Palestinians will be excluded from riding on existing bus lines. Afikim issued a statement saying:

This plan aims to ease travel for Palestinian passengers and offer a solution that counters pirate bus companies that charge exorbitant prices. As for any question about removing Palestinian passengers from buses, that has to be addressed by the enforcement and security bodies.

The Transportation Ministry issued the following statement:

The new lines are not separate lines for Palestinians, but rather two designated lines meant to improve the services offered to Palestinian workers who enter Israel through the Eyal Crossing. The new lines will replace irregular, pirate lines that charge very high prices from Palestinian passengers. The new lines will reduce congestion and will benefit Israelis and Palestinians alike. The Transportation Ministry is forbidden from preventing any passenger from boarding any line of public transportation, nor do we know of a directive to that effect. These lines were instituted with the knowledge and complete agreement of the Palestinians.

3Kosher Klan: Border Policeman & masked settlers, Mar 2 2013 (Photo: Guy, Ta’ayush)

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