jackass definitely put his hoof in it

Jackass Kerry vilified by Egypt’s opposition
Michael Bassin, Times of Israel, Mar 4 2013

Egypt-Kerry-US_Horo2-635x357Jackass & friends, Mar 3 (Photo: Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

Jackass Kerry’s decision to reward the MB-led Egyptian government with $250m in aid for positive political and economic reforms is being met with fury and disbelief by the Egyptian opposition, the Arab press reports. Although Jackass acknowledged that “more hard work and adjustments are needed to restore unity and political stability and revive the Egyptian economy,” the London-based daily al-Hayat reports, he said his discussions with Morsi were held “in a frank and constructive manner” and that “Washington is providing assistance in light of Morsi’s assurances that he intends to comply with the IMF’s demands.” Egypt’s government is desperately trying to persuade the IMF to grant it a $4.5b loan to prevent it from running out of money. According to an article in the Saudi-owned Sharq al-Awsat titled “US Sec State gets assurances over democracy and neutrality of the army,” Jackass became “assured of the president’s commitment to walk the path of democracy.” Jackass also praised Egypt’s armed forces for protecting the country’s stability and security during the current political crisis. Jackass’s visit coincides with protests throughout Egypt against MB rule which have left several dead and hundreds wounded in clashes with security forces. Anti-government activists didn’t waste time showing Jackass what they thought about his promise of financial support to the Morsi regime. The London-based al-Quds al-Arabi reports that the al-Ahly Ultras, supporters of Cairo’s al-Ahly football team, used burning tires to block the road leading to the airport, paralyzing traffic in both directions and delaying Jackass’s flight by 2 hours. In addition, supporters of over 28 political parties launched protests in front of the US consulate in Alexandria. Jackass was also on the receiving end of a great deal of criticism from the leaders of the National Salvation Front, the leading opposition group. Mohammed ElBaradei, current leader of the Constitution Party, refused to meet with him. Gamila Ismail, a leading member of the Constitution Party’s steering committee, accused the US government of conspiring with Morsi to build an Egyptian version of the Iranian state. She told Jackass in an open letter:

You described Mubarak and his regime as democratic, legitimate and elected. That’s how you continue to describe the current regime as well, even though it kills peaceful protesters, and kidnaps and tortures youth activists. Our destiny and our children’s future are at stake here. We don’t want to live in a country governed by a fascist religious group or military.

In an op-ed published in the Cairo-based al-Masry al-Youm, Mohammed Salmawi, the president of the Egyptian Writers’ Union, wrote:

The US government always bets on the losing horse in a desperate attempt to maintain stability. They clung to Mubarak and his defense during the revolution. Only when his regime truly began to falter did Obama timidly say there must be a transition of power. Here USAia is back to its old ways. The MB practices brutality against its own people and Jackass Kerry comes to formally announce his country’s support of the regime of Mohammed Morsi. The failure of US foreign policy is ongoing and they are still betting on a losing horse by supporting repressive regimes that protect their interests.

Meanwhile, Debbie has a Theory:

Morsi preoccupied with Islamizing Egypt
DEBKAfile, Mar 4 2013

When Jackass Kerry sat one-on-one with Mohamed Morsi in Cairo on Mar 3, he talked at length about Egypt’s calamitous economic straits, relations with Israel, democratization and essential reforms. He had hoped to find the Egyptian president amenable to getting to grips with his country’s fast approaching bankruptcy. In the event, Morsi nodded politely but our sources report that he was far more preoccupied with pushing forward the three-point plan he and the MB’s supreme leader Mohammed Badie have begun implementing. The MB will not settle for a parliamentary majority in the coming general election, most likely in April or June. It is aiming for 100% of the seats. To set the stage for this campaign, the MBs have installed their loyalists in the governates of Egypt’s 19 provinces. The spreading of MB values in the national constituency is going full steam ahead across Egypt. The MB turned to this course when they saw they had no hope of exercising total control over the restive capital and the protest movements springing up regularly in Tahrir Square. So they decided to build up their support in the country at large, in the hope of making Cairo an isolated island in the generally religous country. To boost their popularity in the coming election, Morsi and Badie decided they could not afford the painful measures required by the IMF for a $4.8b loan to tide the economy over its current crisis. Instead, they dropped their credit application to the IMF altogether and so avoided mass unemployment and widespread hardship in the months leading up to the election. However, Jackass sternly called the Egyptian president’s attention to three major concerns which need to be addressed with the utmost urgency. Egyptian foreign currency reserves continue to bleed dangerously and no one knows how to stop the disastrous drain. By April, it is predicted that no more than $4b will be left to sustain a population of 80-90 million souls. Egypt’s industrial plants are working at just 50% capacity because fuel is scarce and the money to buy it even scarcer. Gas for powering electricity is running out. More and more areas no longer receive regular electricity, some none at all. The water supply is also affected. The Morsi-Badie upbeat approach maintains that Egypt can keep going for 3 or 4 months until parliamentary elections. The MB will win 100% of the house and can then safely impose the necessary harsh economic measures that would hurt every part of the population, but hope to put the economy on its feet. This pie-in-the-sky approach has Washington up in arms. They don’t believe the Egyptian economy can wait another 3 to 4 months before tough remedies are put in place. They warn that a delay that long will see the MB and Morsi crash and Egypt slump into a failed state. Whichever approach is realistic, the Egyptian people will very soon be faced with extreme hardship and a heavy price tab for their revolution.

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