this week, sibel edmonds answers my question, at least partly

You may recall that my question was along the lines of “Did Gaddafi and Assad know that al-Qaeda was a CIA false flag network? During the rendition program, detainees were sent to both of them, supposedly to be tortured into spilling the beans on al-Qaeda. Were these rendered prisoners just patsies, who themselves didn’t know, or were they wise guys who did know? If the latter, what was to stop Gaddafi or Assad from putting them on public testimony to blow the whistle on the entire Gladio B strategy?” James Corbett asked Sibel this, around minute 52 of the audio, and she said (1) Assad in her opinion must have known all about it, and at least in the early years cooperated willingly with the grand deception, but (2) the people sent to him, such as the Canadian Maher Arar for instance, would have been patsies, not wise guys, so the possibility of double-crossing the CIA and exposing the whole scheme would not have arisen. However, she didn’t discuss Gaddafi, and this story from 12 days ago looked to me like evidence that Gaddafi did receive wise guys, namely senior LIFG people, who must have known. So the question remains, why Gaddafi, or his intelligence chief, Musa Kusa, didn’t blow the whistle when they could have done. They must have been living in a fool’s paradise. You may recall that the UK (not the US) staged détentes with both Gadaffi and Assad before double-crossing them – RB

Sibel Edmonds Answers Questions on Gladio B
Corbett Report, Mar 1 2013

After four hours of intense conversation on Gladio B, this week James and Sibel take a step back to consolidate some of the information and answer listener questions. In this interview we discuss specific characters and events as well as the broad scope of geopolitics and the great game of British imperialism and Zionist manipulations. To listen to the previous installments in this series: PART ONEPART TWO; PART THREE; PART FOUR.

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