i suspect this dude was in the jeep the syrians hit

Israeli soldier accidentally killed clearing Golan minefield
DEBKAfile, May 22 2013

Pvt Roi Alfi, 19, of Gan Yavne, of the IDF Engineering Corps, was killed while clearing a minefield in the southern Golan yesterday. The IDF ordered an investigation to find out why the mine which designed to target tanks exploded under a man’s weight.

Here’s the extended version. Notice the structure: reams and reams on mine-clearing, then an offhand reference to a jeep being hit, right at the end. Are we supposed to assume the jeep was just sitting there with no-one in it?

Soldier killed during land mine clearing near Syrian border
Gili Cohen, Haaretz, May 21 2013

An IDF soldier was killed Tuesday afternoon during a training course while removing a land mine in the Golan Heights. Private Roi Israel Alfi, 19, and his unit were undergoing a standard advanced training course near Moshav Yonatan when an old land mine exploded, causing his death. This was an anti-tank land mine expected to explode only as a result of a heavy vehicle, such as an APC or a tank, driving over it. It is still unclear why the land mine exploded but initial evaluations point to a technical malfunction. An official involved in the investigation said such an accident has not occurred in several years. Five people, including three children, were injured just over three years ago as a result of a land mine explosion in the Mount Avital region, near Kibbutz Merom Golan in the Golan Heights. According to data from the Survivors Corps organization, published in a document by the Knesset Research center in 2010, there are as many as 260,000 land mines in Israel. The minefields are scattered over more than 33,000 dunams (8,250 acres) of open space, farmland and near communities, but are mainly found in the Golan Heights, the Arava and near Israel’s borders. In the Golan Heights alone more than 36,000 dunams (9,000 acres) are suspected of being mined, some by the Syrian army until 1967 and some by the IDF after the 1967 War. The Defense Ministry has established an authority that is in charge of clearing land mines, but it only deals with clearing anti-personnel mines. Sources in the Defense Ministry say mine-clearing will start this year in the area of Had Nes, northest of the Kinneret and Magdal Shams on the slopes of Mount Hermon, but will be limited to anti-personnel mines that endanger human life. Syrian forces fired at Israeli forces on Monday night, the third such incident this week. At approximately 1:00 A.M., Syrian forces fired at IDF troops patrolling near Tel Fares in the central Golan Heights. No one was wounded, but an army jeep was damaged.

It crossed the ceasefire line, again:

Third exchange of fire over Golan Heights in a week
Alistair Dawber, Independent, May 21 2013

Israeli and Syrian troops exchanged fire across the Golan Heights today, the third time this week that the two sides have clashed across the disputed border. According to the IDF, troops came under fire, with at least one vehicle left damaged after the incident. IDF artillery units responded with Tammuz missiles. The Israeli military said its troops “returned precise fire” after the vehicle was hit. No injuries were reported. The Syrian army claimed responsibility for the attack, saying in a statement that it had “destroyed an Israeli vehicle with everything that it had in it.” The statement said the vehicle was shot at after it crossed the ceasefire line.

Here’s the official Syrian version:

Army Units Destroyed Israeli Vehicle Crossed Cease-Fire Line
SANA, May 21 2013

DAMASCUS – General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces said that our armed forces destroyed an Israeli vehicle entered from the occupied territories and crossed the cease-fire line towards the village of Bir Ajam. The General Command said in a statement issued Tuesday: “The village is located in the liberated area of Syrian territories where there are armed terrorist groups. Following that, the Israeli enemy fired two rockets from the occupied site of Tal al-Faras toward one of our sites in al-Zubaydiah village. No casualties were reported.” It added that the aggression aims at raising the terrorist groups’ collapsed moral due to the painful blows they received at the hands of our armed forces in more than one place, especially in al-Qusayr area. The General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces said that the blatant aggression confirms again the involvement of the Zionist entity in the ongoing events in Syria and the direct coordination with the armed terrorist gangs. The statement stressed that any breach or an attempt to violate the state sovereignty will be responded. It stressed that whoever thinks that he is able to test our strength, alert and readiness to maintain our dignity and sovereignty is mistaken.

We may hypothesize that two other soldiers were in the jeep when it was hit, as would probably be SOP for a patrol jeep:

Mine blast kills IDF soldier
Yoav Zitun, Ynet, May 22 2013

Private Roi Israel Alfi, 19, an IDF soldier from the Engineering Corps was killed at around noon Tuesday when an old anti-tank mine exploded in the southern Golan Heights. Two other soldiers sustained very mild injuries in the blast. The soldier who was killed was recruited only a few months ago. His family has been notified. The tragic incident occurred during the clearing of a minefield near Moshav Yonatan. Medical teams that were alerted to the scene pronounced the soldier’s death. The army has launched an investigation. The mine clearing operation was part of an advanced training phase of the Engineering Corps, a senior army source said. Engineering Corps soldiers routinely clear minefields in the Golan and Jordan Valley. The mine that exploded Tuesday was an anti-tank mine, more powerful than an anti-personnel mine. A senior Engineering Corps officer said:

We don’t yet know why it went off. It was not a mine that hasn’t been spotted before. It was exposed and marked today along with additional mines. It was an Israeli mine that we had information on.

The clearing of the minefield had no connection to the mounting tensions along Israel’s border with Syria. As part of the investigation, IDF Northern Command head Maj-Gen Yair Golan arrived at the scene of the blast, as did Ground Forces Commander Maj-Gen. Guy Tzur, who appointed a team of experts to probe the incident.

Soldier killed in Golan minefield accident
Asher Zeiger, Times of Israel, May 21 2013

A soldier was killed when a land mine exploded on the Golan Heights Tuesday afternoon. It was not immediately clear what caused the mine to detonate. The IDF was investigating what it said was an unprecedented accident. The soldier, in training in the Combat Engineering Corps, was clearing anti-tank mines in the southern Golan, near the small town of Yonatan. A senior source in the engineering corps said the mine was Israeli, in a field that dated from the 1990s, and had been discovered earlier in the day, uncovered and marked. The soldier did not step on the mine, which in any case was meant to require more than the weight of a person to detonate, but he was very close to it when it exploded, IDF sources said. It was of a kind designed to explode if an armored vehicle went over it. The family of the soldier was informed of his death. Two other soldiers were very lightly injured in the blast. The mine contained 10 kg of explosives, military sources said. It was supposed to have required a weight of over 140 kg to detonate.

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