walnuts on israeli tv

If I can find a clip of this on YouTube, I shall shove it in – RB

Walnuts McCain says Israel shaken by US dallying
Stuart Winer, Times of Israel, Sep 1 2013

US Congress critturs expressed worries Sunday that a lack of US action on Syria could send a signal to Israel and Iran that Washington would not be steadfast in thwarting Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. Speaking to Israeli Channel 2 News, Walnuts McCain said Obama’s decision to put off military action until after Congressional approval had rattled Israel’s belief in the US commitment to protecting the Jewish state from the specter of a nuclear-armed Iran. Walnuts proclaimed:

It has discouraged our allies and I am most worried about the effect it will have on Israel and on Iran. The Iranians are nearly euphoric, as is Bashar Assad, and our Israeli friends are very worried about the steadfastness and commitment of the US concerning the acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran.

Walnuts dismissed threats by Syria that it would strike at Israel in revenge for a US attack, saying:

Every time the US has acted decisively there is no retaliation against the retaliations, so I am not worried about the retaliations. (? – RB)

Peter King lambasted Obama’s change of heart in an interview with Fox News, saying:

If he says this is as important as it is and sending so many mixed signals over really the last year and certainly over the last 10 days, this is a clear failure of leadership. And if you feel so strongly about it and he doesn’t want to take the action himself then he should call us back into session tomorrow. We can’t be waiting 9 or 10 days, and allowing Syria to prepare for this and sending such a mixed signal to the world and particularly to Iran. If we can’t stop Syria on a red line with chemical weapons, how can anyone expect us to stop Iran with the red line on nuclear weapons?

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