i could summarise this in three words: “fuck off, abe”

Response to ADL Top Ten List
Jewish Voice for Peace, Oct 21 2013

Today the ADL put out its revised list of top ten US anti-Israel groups, and JVP is included among them. Much of the material is taken from the longer report the ADL put out about JVP in August, so we are re-posting here our statement in response then. The ADL, an organization well-known for over-reaching in its zeal to defend Israeli policies at all costs, released a report in July about JVP which was apparently intended to be an expose of JVP’s mission, activities and goals. We appreciate the ADL’s recognition of our growing strength, especially among younger Jews. However, we question the right of the ADL to declare a monopoly on Jewish values. We are most proud to be a home for the growing number of Jewish USAians who subscribe to JVP’s principles, inspired by Jewish tradition, of supporting equality, human rights and freedom for all the people of Israel and Palestine. We believe that BDS campaigns are one of the effective strategies toward that goal. As such we are proud to support student and church efforts to divest from companies that profit from the occupation, and of our own role in founding the “We Divest” campaign to urge TIAA-CREF to divest from these companies as well, in addition to the wide array of other activities we engage in in pursuit of our goals. As an organization that has a history of fomenting Islamophobiaspying on leftist and human rights groupsdenying the Armenian genocide, and surveillance and infiltration against Arab USAian activists, the ADL has long proven that it is willing to stoop to all kinds of nefarious activities in its self-proclaimed defense of Israel. It is thus not a surprise, and even a badge of honor, that the ADL would attack us on the basis of our identification with anti-apartheid and civil rights struggles. The image below is the one the ADL chose to illustrate our work, which they portray as a danger to Israel. But we think that conscientious people everywhere will agree that fighting for equal rights is something to be proud of—while perhaps questioning why the ADL views it in such negative terms.


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