jackass 100% behind israel: all western words are entirely meaningless, full stop

I think one possible explanation for Jackass’ bizarre reasoning in the final quote, might be a subconscious wish on his part that the Ayatollahs really would want, and get, ‘the weapon’, so that they could get the pesky Jews Israelis off his back – RB

Jackass ‘100%’ behind Israel
Lucy McCalmont, Politico, Nov 14 2013

Facing growing skepticism from bought-&-paid-for Congress critturs, Jackass Kerry made reassurances Thursday that the US is firmly allied with Israel in its negotiations with Iran. Jackass said on MSNBC Morning Joe:

What’s important here is we stand with Israel firmly, 100%. There’s no distance between us about the danger of the program and the endgame for us is exactly the same.

Jackass’ comments follow a briefing with Congress critturs Wednesday about ongoing negotiations with Iran. The NYT reported that the critturs are critical of a deal that would ease sanctions, but Kerry defended this move saying 95% or so will remain. He added that removing a portion of sanctions is necessary and “will actually make Israel safer.” He said:

You have to do something to make it worthwhile for them to say, ‘Yes, we are going to lock our program where it is today, actually roll it back.’

Jackass emphasized the friendly and civil conversations he is having with Netanyahu, saying:

We all agree on the goal, we disagree on a tactic.

Jackass disagreed with Israel’s strategy of increasing sanctions, a viewed shared by many of the critturs. When asked about the disagreement with his former colleagues, Kerry said:

Every crittur is entitled to be skeptical, entitled to ask tough questions. I shall continue talking with them over the next days. But I worry that Iran may interpret the critturs’ reaction of wanting to increase sanctions as bad faith on our part and unwillingness to in fact negotiate, and it may drive the hard-liners more into the commitment that they have to have the weapon.

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