since (i assume) this person draitser is not a complete fool, he must be a professional disinformationalist (which means chossudovsky is one too)

You can see what Draitser is doing, I think. It’s reminiscent of Stalin’s Popular Front Period. There is an incessant drumbeat of warnings about anti-Semitism in the New Right forces that the US and NATO are employing in southern and eastern Europe, coming from this type of Jewish pseudo-Leftist, but in reality it is simply untrue that the US is flirting with anti-Semitism in any real sense, any more than it was during and after WW2. The US was quite capable then and is quite capable now of using forces that pay lip-service to anti-Semitism to confuse their publics, knowing perfectly well that this doesn’t imply any real intention to combat Jewish economic power anywhere, and least of all in the FSR. Failure to appreciate this leads to perpetual absurdities, as in this case, where Draitser actually has to say that the US is using anti-Semitism in order to punish regimes hostile to Israel. You can read a number of reports about Jews joining the ‘protests’ in Kiev, here and here from December, and here from just 2 days ago. All of them use phony fears of ‘anti-Semitism’ to obscure the fact that Jews are firmly ensconsed within the ‘protests’, and none confirm Draitser’s false claims of ‘Blackshirt violence’. This was in the NYT on Jan 29, and it totally contradicts the now meme that the ukrainian insurgents are anti-semitic thugs. I should say both memes are complete rubbish, this one and the opposite one, but here is an extract:

If anyone is promoting hatred it is the government. My friend Josef Zissels, chairman of the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine, and vice president of the World Jewish Congress, wrote a few days ago that the website of Berkut, the special police force (and a final line of defense for the powers that be) had been “flooded with anti-Semitic materials that allege that the Jews are to blame for organizing at Maidan,” the central square, which has become synonymous with the protests. Mr Zissels wrote: “This is completely absurd, but those who are armed with batons and shields, now facing the protesters, believe this. They are brainwashed into believing that the Maidan is a Jewish project, and thus there is no need to take pity on anyone. You can beat them all.”

– RB

Ukraine and the Rebirth of Fascism in Europe
Eric Draitser,, Jan 30 2014

The violence on the streets of Ukraine is far more than an expression of popular anger against a government. Instead, it is merely the latest example of the rise of the most insidious form of fascism that Europe has seen since the fall of the Third Reich. Recent months have seen regular protests by the Ukrainian political opposition and its supporters, ostensibly in response to Pres Yanukovich’s refusal to sign a trade agreement with the European Union that was seen by many political observers as the first step towards European integration. The protests remained largely peaceful until Jan 17, when protesters armed with clubs, helmets, and improvised bombs unleashed brutal violence on the police, storming government buildings, beating anyone suspected of pro-government sympathies (this is not what the videos actually show. They show a disciplined, Gene Sharp-style ‘soft coup’ in progress – RB), and generally wreaking havoc on the streets of Kiev. But who are these violent extremists and what is their ideology? The political formation is known as Pravy Sektor (Right Sector), which is essentially an umbrella organization for a number of ultra-nationalist (read fascist) right wing groups including supporters of the “Svoboda” (Freedom) Party, “Patriots of Ukraine”, “Ukrainian National Assembly/Ukrainian National Self Defense” (UNA-UNSO), and “Trizub”. All of these organizations share a common ideology that is vehemently anti-Russian, anti-immigrant, and anti-Jewish (OK, show me one anti-Semitic beating – RB) among other things. In addition they share a common reverence for the so called “Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists” led by Stepan Bandera, the Nazi collaborators who actively fought against the Soviet Union and engaged in some of the worst atrocities committed by any side in WW2. While Ukrainian political forces, opposition and government, continue to negotiate, a very different battle is being waged in the streets. Using intimidation and brute force more typical of Hitler’s Brownshirts or Mussolini’s Blackshirts than a contemporary political movement (what is this latter? – RB), these groups have managed to turn a conflict over economic policy and the political allegiances of the country into an existential struggle for the very survival of the nation that these so called nationalists claim to love so dearly. The images of Kiev burning (It isn’t actually burning – RB), Lviv streets filled with thugs, and other chilling examples of the chaos in the country (again, this isn’t quite what’s happening – RB), illustrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that the political negotiation with the Maidan (Kiev’s central square and center of the protests) opposition is now no longer the central issue. Rather, it is the question of Ukrainian fascism and whether it is to be supported or rejected.

For its part, the US has strongly come down on the side of the opposition, regardless of its political character. In early December, members of the US ruling establishment such as John McCain and Victoria Nuland were seen at Maidan lending their support to the protesters. However, as the character of the opposition has become apparent in recent days, the US and Western ruling class and its media machine have done little to condemn the fascist upsurge. Instead, their representatives have met with representatives of Right Sector and deemed them to be “no threat.” In other words, the US and its allies have given their tacit approval for the continuation and proliferation of the violence in the name of their ultimate goal: regime change. In an attempt to pry Ukraine out of the Russian sphere of influence, the US-EU-NATO alliance has, not for the first time, allied itself with fascists. Of course, for decades, millions in Latin America were disappeared or murdered by fascist paramilitary forces armed and supported by the US. The Mujahidin of Afghanistan, which later transmogrified into AQ, also extreme ideological reactionaries, were created and financed by the US for the purposes of destabilizing Russia. And of course, there is the painful reality of Libya and most recently Syria, where the US and its allies finance and support extremist Jihadis against a government that has refused to align with USrael (I see: these virulently anti-Semitic parties are attacking all govts that refuse to ally with Israel. Clear as mud – RB). There is a disturbing pattern here that has never been lost on keen political observers: the US always makes common cause with right wing extremists and fascists for geopolitical gain (well, you must be real keen to have spotted that much, anyway – RB). The situation in Ukraine is deeply troubling because it represents a political conflagration that could very easily tear the country apart, less than 25 years after it gained independence from the Soviet Union (this last phrase shows a curious failure to understand what the USSR was – RB). However, there is another equally disturbing aspect to the rise of fascism in that country. It is not alone. Ukraine and the rise of right-wing extremism there cannot be seen, let alone understood, in isolation. Rather, it must be examined as part of a growing trend throughout Europe (and indeed the world) which threatens the very foundations of democracy (by ‘democracy’ he presumably means Western liberal bourgeois class dictatorship – RB).

In Greece, savage austerity imposed by the troika (IMF, ECB, and European Commission) has crippled the country’s economy, leading to a depression as bad, if not worse, than the Great Depression in the US. It is against this backdrop of economic collapse that the Golden Dawn party has grown to become the third most popular political party in the country. Espousing an ideology of hate (dismal, meaningless, indiscriminating cliché attacking emotions as such – RB), the Golden Dawn, in effect a Nazi party that promotes anti-Jewish (possibly some rhetoric but certainly no action against Jewish interests of any sort – RB), anti-immigrant, anti-women (Jewish pseudo-leftist Draitser poses as arbiter of women’s rights – RB) chauvinism, is a political force that the government in Athens has understood to be a serious threat to the very fabric of society (another ghastly cliché – RB). It is this threat which led the government to arrest the party’s leadership after a Golden Dawn Nazi fatally stabbed an anti-fascist rapper. Athens has launched an investigation into the party, though the results of this investigation and trial remain somewhat unclear (proving what? fascist sympathies in the judiciary? – RB). What makes Golden Dawn such an insidious threat is the fact that, despite their central ideology of Nazism, their anti-EU, anti-austerity rhetoric appeals to many in the economically devastated Greece. As with many fascist movements in the 20th Century, Golden Dawn scapegoats immigrants, Muslim and African primarily, for many of the problems facing Greeks. In dire economic circumstances, such irrational hate (it simply is not ‘irrational’ – RB) becomes appealing; an answer to the question of how to solve society’s problems. Indeed, despite Golden Dawn’s leaders being jailed, other party members are still in parliament, still running for major offices including mayor of Athens. Though an electoral victory is unlikely, another strong showing at the polls will make the eradication (interesting word – RB) of fascism in Greece that much harder.

Were this phenomenon confined to Greece and Ukraine, it would not constitute a continental trend. Sadly however, we see the rise of similar, albeit slightly less overtly fascist, political parties all over Europe. In Spain, the ruling pro-austerity People’s Party has moved to establish draconian laws restricting protest and free speech, and empowering and sanctioning repressive police tactics. In France, the National Front Party of Marine Le Pen, which vehemently scapegoats Muslim and African immigrants, won nearly 20% of the vote in the first round of presidential elections. Similarly, the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, which promotes anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant policies, has grown to be the third-largest in parliament. Throughout Scandinavia, ultra-nationalist parties which once toiled in complete irrelevance and obscurity are now significant players in elections. These trends are worrying, to say the least (I suppose they must be, if you are a neoliberal pseudo-Leftist who champions the unrestricted global movement of cheap labour – RB). It should be noted too that beyond Europe, there are a number of quasi-fascist political formations which are in one way or another supported by the US. The right-wing coups that overthrew the governments of Paraguay and Honduras were tacitly and/or overtly supported by Washington in their seemingly endless quest to suppress the Left in Latin America (maybe this Draitser is a fool after all, if he really can’t see which of these movements are supported and which opposed by the US, and why – RB). Of course, one should also remember that the protest movement in Russia was spearheaded by Alexei Navalny and his nationalist followers who espouse a virulently anti-Muslim, racist ideology that views immigrants from the Russian Caucasus and former Soviet republics as beneath “European Russians” (it will never occur to Draitser that Jewish employers are the main importers of cheap labour from the Caucasus – RB). These and other examples begin to paint a very ugly portrait of a US foreign policy that attempts to use economic hardship and political upheaval to extend US hegemony around the world. In Ukraine, the “Right Sector” has taken the fight from the negotiating table to the streets in an attempt to fulfill the dream of Stepan Bandera: a Ukraine free of Russia, Jews, and all other “undesirables” as they see it (again, it is obvious that these Ukrainian right-wingers will never try to kick Jews out of Ukraine – RB). Buoyed by the continued support from the US and Europe, these fanatics represent a more serious threat to democracy than Yanukovich and the pro-Russian government ever could. If Europe and the US don’t recognize this threat in its infancy (ah! an appeal to the bourgeois govts of the West to recognise the error of their ways! – RB), by the time they finally do, it might just be too late (on this projection, West govts will be forced to fight WW2 all over again, against their own right-wing puppets in Ukraine & Greece… You could make a cheap Hollywood alternative B-movie out of this, maybe, but I doubt it would be a hit – RB).


  1. Posted February 1, 2014 at 4:07 pm | Permalink

    The Anglo-American Empire has always loved Nazis, including Hitler, as long as they are “anti-Communist”. As long as it was thought that Hitler was going to attack the Soviet Union, they loved him. They didn’t give a damn if he killed every Jew on the planet and they still don’t care. They just use Israel as a pretext to occupy the Middle East. At the end of World War II, hundreds of Nazis from Ukraine and Belarus were brought into this country by fascist sympathizers such as Alan Dulles and Frank Wisner and Prescott Bush,, and became part of our National Security State. They were also used for Gladio operations from after the war until the 1990’s – all in the name of “anti-communism”. See “America’s Nazi Secret”, by John Loftus. Since then the Empire has used Islamic militants for the same purpose, to destabilize and overthrow non-compliant governments. This policy is inevitably leading to big-power confrontation and nuclear war. The imperial fascists running this foreign policy are as crazy as Hitler. They are risking nuclear war to force Russia and China to their knees, and they think they can win a nuclear war if one does happen.

  2. niqnaq
    Posted February 1, 2014 at 4:16 pm | Permalink

    Yeah, but Loftus is a disinformation artist in his own right, and although he is not Jewish, he has made an industry (and I mean that literally) out of supposedly advanced private intelligence. Have you read “The Secret War Against The Jews”, which he co-authored with Mark Aarons? Or his previous book, “The Belarus Secret”? He is one of the most unreliable surveyors of post-WW2 covert operations history that I’ve ever seen, and he has the same agenda I am criticising in all my remarks about Eric Draitser, to wit, creating fantasy fears of ‘anti-Semitism’ in order to obscure reality. My argument, and I stand by it, is that the US is perfectly capable of using Nazis and their ilk without precipitating any ‘anti-Semitism’ whatsoever. You may be in denial about this, but the fact is that Jewish ‘leaders’, as the big machers are known, have had veto power over US foreign policy, including covert operations, since the US joined WW2. Isolationism was crushed, discredited, banished from the upper echelons. As for the Nazis recruited by Wisner & Co, I happen to know a bit about this subject, having studied the doings of Baron Julius Evola in some detail, and I can tell you that after the defeat of WW2, these fellows abandoned their anti-Semitism and embraced US power, because their real enemy was Communism, and this was the real enemy of the US also, and from 1948 onwards it was the real enemy of ‘the Jews’ as well, because Jewish leftism went neatly down the oubliette of history. So we find Mossad agents working alongside Nazis on various covert ops post-WW2, and there’s no friction, because they are all ultra-Right-wing anti-Communists fighting in a shared cause. You may not like to believe this (and there are quite a few Loftuses & Draitsers & Chossudovskys & etc to obscure it), but it is true. Nobody cares about ‘anti-Semitism’ any more in the real Hard Right, because ‘the Jews’ are now on their side, to wit, the anti-Communist side, the anti-Left side, what has become the NATO side. Incidentally, the story is fairly similar with al-Qaeda. Though they talk big, they are not in the business of killing Jews. They are in the business of taking over and destroying what might otherwise be progressive, independent nationalist states, like Iraq, Libya and Syria. In fact, they are CIA proxies. Nothing is what it seems, my friend.

  3. niqnaq
    Posted February 1, 2014 at 4:47 pm | Permalink

    Look, Anthony, I’ll boil all of the above down into three (admittedly long) sentences for you. None of this is about ‘the Jews’. It never was. It’s about capitalism versus communism, or in today’s terms, about NATO versus the rest. The ‘Nazis’ know that, or at least their leaders do. The rest is camouflage, most of all the artful pretence by the New Jews that they are like the Old Jews: powerless, shivering, helpless, terrified, pathetic, innocent members an ancient and venerable race, persecuted without reason by a vast and hideous barbarism. All of that is bullshit, to deceive the gullible.

  4. walter benjamin
    Posted February 1, 2014 at 6:35 pm | Permalink

    What it comes down to is jealously.
    The first exposition in the main treatise of R. Nahman of Breslov is about the word חן, which generally means ‘grace or special endearing quality”. He says: the goy sees the Jews’ money that seems to have חן in the eyes of the goy, so the goy wants it and takes it. But the moment it is in the hand of the goy, it loses its חן, so the goy wants to take more and more, but he just doesn’t get it, because he is coming from the side of imagination and not intellect. Similar to the Greek myth on Tantalus.
    So basically this sums up all of Lobro’s syntactical gripes, because he simply will never understand, so he cannot stop trying to get that חן, and it always eludes him.
    Absolutely ‘ludicrous’!

  5. niqnaq
    Posted February 1, 2014 at 6:38 pm | Permalink

    Walter, surely this is the wrong thread. But I remember that word. I would write it “chen” but then I would have to explain that it’s actually pronounced “hen” with a rough h. Your argument that the goy is “coming from the side of the imagination and not intellect” ought to imply that the Jew uses the money in accordance with intellect, which the goy cannot do even when he steals it, so he (the goy) just wastes the money that he steals. Well, according to me, the Jews do not use the money that they have (we are talking about ‘big Jews’ now) “in accordance with intellect”, ie rationally: the Jews, beyond a certain scale of wealth, begin to gamble with their money, on the stock exchange or in inter-bank trading, using progressively more and more arbitrary terms of wager. Hence the continual derivatives meltdowns, which have to be covered by inflationary “quantitative easing”. Not to mention the ridiculous lawsuits between Jewish oligarchs in Russia, which seem to revolve around broken informal promises in most cases, and cause the oligarchs to display the utmost irrationalism.

  6. niqnaq
    Posted February 1, 2014 at 7:59 pm | Permalink

    Before I log off for my habitual four hours of sleep, I shall just add that I always enjoy your remarks, walter, even when they seem to have nothing to do with the topic at hand, and I almost always immediately disagree with them vociferously. There are certainly at least two sides, and usually at least three, to any Jewish question, which is actually fun. And I appreciate being given a pretext to display my more sympathetic side, too.

  7. Posted February 2, 2014 at 8:48 pm | Permalink

    Don’t be too hard on Draitser; he’s far from the worst. That was an entertaining dissection and exposition of the boilerplate content of this article, but I suppose he has to come out with a certain amount of that sort of stuff – the concept of redundancy? A certain amount of bland filling is necessary to stop the mind tiring from too much novelty? Plus, of course, it’s hard to think where he could get published without paying lip-service to this? Like criticising ‘the jews’, questioning whether a commitment to infinite supply of scab labour (immigration) is actually a ‘left’ position could mean so much trouble you never have time to talk about other things…

    Maybe that’s letting him off too easy, but his name has gained some brand recognition with me – I searched my bookmarks, and sure enough there were half a dozen goodies – fairly astute and fact-heavy, several published by you, like:

  8. Posted February 6, 2014 at 7:54 am | Permalink

    “While Ukrainian political forces, opposition and government, continue to negotiate, a very different battle is being waged in the streets. Using intimidation and brute force more typical of Hitler’s “Brownshirts” or Mussolini’s “Blackshirts” than a contemporary political movement, these groups have managed to turn a conflict over economic policy and the political allegiances of the country into an existential struggle for the very survival of the nation that these so called “nationalists” claim to love so dearly. – See more at:

    the quote above is DRIVEL. with any basic background and reading on the current Ukrainian revolution (not civil war mind you all), it is simple to deduce that: only the berkut, or both opposition and government have these so called “fascist” characteristics.

    and let’s not forget what each side is fighting for either: new principles versus old principles. this is a revolution for freedom from oppressive government, plain and simple. this is what is spreading throughout europe. it will spread through the world too because of the internet. it is about to come into full force, why do you think from japan to us to europe there has been massive internet power grabs for control and influence of content.

    if you want to argue about the instigation in ukraine, then i won’t go further than: and no shit there are going to be some violent crazies in any revolution.

  9. niqnaq
    Posted February 6, 2014 at 7:58 am | Permalink

    It’s a very amusing case, in its grim way, because in the intro, I have the chairman of the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine, and vice president of the World Jewish Congress, which is to say the top Jew in the Ukraine, saying exactly the same as you, viz that if there’s any anti-Semitism it’s coming from the Berkut. And when both sides are wheeling out their official Jews to accuse each other of anti-Semitism, you cannot help seeing the bullshit instrumentalism of the charge of anti-Semitism as such, ie it is just a meaningless rhetorical football kicked back and forth by Jewish propaganda hacks, QED.

  10. Posted February 7, 2014 at 4:35 am | Permalink

    this same shit is happening with sochi and homosexuality… as a gay male i am appalled because i was not born into this world to be used as a symbol for intercultural, propaganda spun, conflagration of nations.

    all of the people of the world want the same and it is obvious take away all the disinformation and lies on the internet/news.

    right now the powers that be are attempting their hardest with media machines to mutate this positive impetus of the global peoples into action against the very supporters of this humanitarian, equalizing movement.

  11. niqnaq
    Posted February 7, 2014 at 4:39 am | Permalink

    This is always the paradox of liberal imperialism. It happened to Jews then to women then to any other useful minority. Obviously, it spells extreme danger for the minority, but there are always ‘activists’ in the target countries who will front it for money.

  12. Stop Imperialism
    Posted February 23, 2014 at 3:17 am | Permalink

    This Eric Draitser guy is a confused activist. He has his facts all wrong about a lot of things. He gets invited to always talk on some news networks since he is very predictable. Got to say though that he seems to have good intentions..

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