imagine an IDF officer commanding a troop of neo-nazi hooligans

IDF officer and another 300 Jewish fighters began military instructors “Maidan”

Site of the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine ( the head of which is the main PR manager “evromaydana” Joseph Zisels covering Nazis Tyagniboka (Frotmana) reared head of the European Jewish Union I Kolomoiskiy, published an interview with Michael Gold with some Israeli who is the author of the interview as “one of the main people in the complex system of self-defense and barricades on the Maidan Hrushevskoho,” without mentioning him by name. Although the Jewish media and represent his “dove of peace,” you should soberly assess the situation interception protest when the officer recognized a foreign army in direct control “Ukrainian riot.” Below are excerpts from an interview with this anonymous IDF officer translated from Ukrainian and Jewish portals israel7 news and israelinfo:

What I saw at first disappointed me. Everything was so disorganized: lack of leadership, a coherent strategy, etc. Then, quite unexpectedly, I got kind of control of the course of this confrontation, although at first I did not believe it. I have been several times on the Maidan, listened to wandering politicians, irresponsible statements of opposition leaders, realizing that people can commit follies. What happened when after seven hours of negotiations with the guarantor, the trio entered the scene and began to test the waters for a compromise. People sent them and began to move towards Hrushevskoho going to storm, absolutely nothing in the military sense. I served in the Israeli army, have a clear idea of counter-terrorist operations, I took part in them, and just realized that now shed more blood. Counting the people on the barricades and making sure that the balance of forces is absolutely unacceptable for offensive action, I offered to take a defensive position and strengthen the redoubts. Today, these barricades look like they should look. Final same confidence that I was there, where it should be, came after the storming of the Ukrainian House, where I am, the words “Pirkei Avot,” trying to be a man in a place where there are no people. 1,500 people tried to seize the building, where there were 200 soldiers of internal troops, mostly students, and reach up to these guys, they… blood be shed on the other side. We started the negotiation process, to complete the liberation of the Ukrainian House without a single shot and injured. Only in my unit four Israelis with military experience, who, like me, brought on Maidan desire to avoid useless sacrifice. I would call our whole group “blue helmets” by analogy with UN peacekeepers. The atmosphere is quite nervous at the Maidan. Many people want to avenge the blood of the victims, even more tired of the inaction of the opposition. All these hotheads full of illusions about the real battles and, accordingly, can not imagine the consequences. They also do not realize that on the other side are people too, so our actions must not defame Independence with a human face. I talk to the first days of the activists of the right sector, UNA-UNSO, with all those people that in peacetime would be unlikely to find common ground. In this position myself exclusively as a Jew, and religious. Under me dozens of resistance fighters, Georgians, Azerbaijanis, Armenians, Russians, who do not even try to speak Ukrainian, and nor have we encountered a manifestation of intolerance towards each other. All of them with pronounced respect for my religion: already know what I eat, what not to eat, etc. and it does not cause any rejection. Well-organized extremists is a myth. People that I run, much better organized than the radicals. We respond much faster and more efficiently. In my direct supervision of 30 people, and I can mobilize up to 300. Neither OUN or “Right sector” such luxuries can not afford.

The views expressed by the anonymous “Jewish defender Maidan”, almost literally reflect the views of Rabbi Pinchas Rosenfeld, who has published an interview with the same newspaper columnist Kiev “Hadashot” Michael Gold. Rabbi proves that Jews are required to support the “struggle for a just cause,” which leads the people of Ukraine:

The Jewish people returned to the stage of history not to sit on it. Not necessarily be at the top of the column, but I think it is important to support the aspiration of Ukrainians to freedom and justice, the desire to raise this nation, and with it all of humanity, to a new level.

Finally, we give the words of the same Jewish instructors from the IDF:

I believe that the presence of Jews on Independence is important. It is not just the name of the consecration of the Creator. It’s a dialogue between Jews and future power. This is what will enable tomorrow Jews live and work in this country. And a significant counterweight to those who shout about “non-Jewish business.” With God’s help when I can open my face, no one will say that the Jews holed up.


  1. Shabazz
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    That should go over well in a nation where jews helped starve millions to death in ’30/’31.

  2. lobro
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    maybe another mossad blooper.


    oops, sorry, i thought they were ashke-nazi

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