detailed order of battle for ukrainian assault on crimea

Kiev is preparing full-scale invasion in Crimea
STB Captain, Mar 8 2014

27th Uragan self-propelled rocket launcher system regiment (16 launchers per truck, 220 mm caliber, warhead weight 100 kg, maximum destruction range 35 km; the distance from Chaplinka to Perekop is 30 km) is moving out from Sumy. Unfortunately my personal opinion on the probable developments around Crimea is that Kiev has decided to prepare a military strike on Crimea.

  1. As the Minister of Defense admiral Tenukh (born in Lvov region) is unable to plan large-scale on-land operations, Messrs. Turchinov, Parubiy and Yatseniuk have decided to appoint three of his deputies to plan the operation. All three generals – Oleinik, Mozharovsky and Babenko – have declined this offer, which resulted in their dismissal; this personnel breach was filled in by a retired colonel – Petr Mekhed, whose last official position was the Deputy Director of the Department for International Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.
  2. There is no confirmed information about who of the Ukrainian Generals has agreed to implement the plan, which in its core resembles the Georgian attack on Southern Ossetia. However, if we consider the fact that active protection gear is being installed on the tanks of the 1st separate tank brigade (Goncharovskoye, Chernigov region) and that 26th artillery brigade (Berdichev, Zhitomir region) and 27th self-propelled rocket launcher system regiment (Sumy) are moving out, one could assume that the 8th army corps under command of lieutenant general Petr Mikhailovich Litvin will be the core of the group.
  3. 79th separate airborne brigade has been deployed to block the Crimean passage necks. 8th army corps (Zhitomir) is moving out to the south, which contains of two mechanized and one tank brigades. They can also engage 25th separate paratroopers brigade (Dnepropetrovsk) and other units from 6th army corps (Dnepropetrovsk). The created group (depending on the results of their “cooperation” with the commanders) can be more than serious – up to two tank and four mechanized brigades with artillery support units as well as a paratrooper and airborne brigades and a special forces regiment.
  4. From the military point of view this is nothing else but an assault operation, which immediate goal is to capture the passage necks and moving out to maneuver room with the final goal being to de-block the Ukrainian military bases and facilities. From a political point of view capturing Dzhankoi and Simferopol will ensure that no referendum is held.
  5. As we have found out, “maidan self-defense activists” (who are mostly the Right-Wing Sector members) have been appointed to accompany the military units commanders, whose task is to ensure active political propaganda for the army personnel and to supervise the commanders with a right to suspend them.

I do not want and will not comment on the reasons of Kiev decision to go “all in” hoping to unleash a military conflict with Russia – let the politicians think and talk about it. I personally hope that the reason of the Ukrainian military commanders will take over the demands of their political leaders and that Petr Mikhailovich will think before giving an order to open fire. This is one of the rare cases, when I sincerely wish I was wrong. There was a time once, when everyone should have shouted about Saakashvili not dismissing his reserves after the “maneuvers”, sending tanks to Tskhinval and deploying artillery and rocket launchers. Everybody kept quiet. Nobody prevented Saakashvili from giving an order to start the war …

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