i know you’ve got your “ruthless medieval potentates duel in the desert” cards handy

No international mediation with Qatar: Saudi FM
Press TV, Mar 18 2014

355220_Saudi-FM-Prince FaisalSaudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal

Saudi Arabia has ruled out the possibility of international mediation in its dispute with Qatar, stating that the conflict will not be resolved until Doha revises its policies. Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal told Asharq al-Awsat on Tuesday:

If Qatar, which caused the crisis, readjusts its policy, there will be a breakthrough.

He further noted that Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain will not budge from their positions on Qatar in the wake of the withdrawal of their ambassadors from Doha. Last week, Saudi Arabia threatened to block Qatar by land and sea amid a simmering row between the two Arab states over Doha’s links with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and the role of al-Jazeera television station. The Saudi foreign minister said only the severance of ties with the MB, closure of al-Jazeera broadcaster and expulsion of two US think tanks, identified as Brookings (Saban – RB) Doha Center and the Rand Qatar Policy Institute, would be sufficient to prevent Qatar from “being punished.” On Mar 7, Saudi Arabia listed the MB along with several other groups as terrorist organizations. According to the new law, those who join or back the groups could face five to 30 years in jail. The UAE labeled the MB as a terrorist organization the following day. Dubai-based Arabic daily Emarat al-Youm has quoted GCC sources as saying that the foreign ministers of the member countries have decided to move any scheduled meetings of the GCC and its agencies from Doha to Riyadh. The report further noted that the GCC Coast Guard meeting slated for Monday this week in Doha was not held as a result of the measure.

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