the new head of ukrainian counter-intelligence works for the CIA

The new head of Security Service of Ukraine is Nalivaychenko, close ties
right sector, and is suspected of having links with foreign intelligence

Freelance Bureau, Mar 5 2014

“In recent days, the Ukraine have the view that Russia deliberately inflates attention to so odious as Dmitry Jaros or psychopath Bellamy Bily. Why? Well, of course, to discredit clean torch Maidan current legitimate authority in Ukraine and to divert attention from Russian APCs. So Does it? Recall, on Feb 22 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine appointed the new head of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) Zaporozets Valentine Nalivaychenko – one of the leaders of the “hit», #3 in the list of the party. That he intended to lead the defense of the country as from any external enemies and from banditry, corruption, and other misfortunes. Curiously however, that the new head of the SBU is the closest ties with the head of the right sector Yarosh and only a few months ago was suspected of having links with foreign intelligence. According to the statement of people’s deputies of Ukraine was registered criminal proceedings for disclosure of state secrets to them. It would seem, what does a presidential candidate Ukrainian Vitali Klitschko? … However, first things first.


This picture was taken back in 2011 Nalivaychenko speaks to radical nationalist group “Trident” and its head – Yarosh. Guess where? – Writes Varjag-2007 . – On the territory Zarvanitsa – this church complex of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC), where the annual meeting of radicals produced under the command of Trident Yarosh and the blessing of the UGCC leadership. Organization “Right sector” became known during the events on Independence, when far away from the students with flowers began to appear thugs with bats, fittings and firearms. Who created the “Right sector”? There is a suspicion that this organization – the fruit of years of work including … Security Service of Ukraine.

“Dmitry Yarosh: Dear friends, has become a tradition that we often come to our camp guests. And now we come to the man who has long worked with our organization. This social and political activist, former head of … genuine SBU head Valentyn Nalyvaychenko. He came to talk to his friends and sister. Ask friends, go to us!
VALENTIN NALYVAICHENKO: Praised be Jesus Christ!
TRIZUBOVTSY: Glory forever and ever!
NALYVAICHENKO: Dear trizubovtsy! First, I would like to express my sincere human support for that matter, that you are doing. The fact that we live in the dark watches, unbelief and the actual occupation of the Ukraine, only makes us stronger. Strong that we understand what can and should oppose the invaders. Occupants can be countered only by their own strength – the power of your mind, because of its own faith. Its public stance, but a cohesive, organized, able to act. Occupation, which lasted in the past years, and we met with you – thank you for this opportunity, now suggests that the Yanukovych regime moved abroad. Destroying the state language, continuing to plunder the state budget, the government set itself against the people, the law, the Ukrainian language, our religion and our own culture. We understand that you need to do. We understand that the government, like a monkey with a grenade, played by language law. We understand that this can be countered only organized action, action Ukrainian as patriotism for us – this action. Parliamentary hearings found our ability, especially “Trident” Nationalist Youth Congress and other nationalist ogranizatsii show both party format, non-partisan, young Ukrainian people can come together to act. I fully support these associations. I fully support such actions! So that in this election got a real Ukrainian Ukrainian front organizations. Those patriots, who can and are able to act. I urge all of you – and these fees, and more – to act. And urge you to be sure to do with what we say. And this – our! This is our land and our values. We fight for Ukraine, Ukrainian and for free for our faith. We are in our land and ourselves cleaned up my house!


According to information (“Kerіvnik” Trident “Yarosh becoming a paid agent NALYVAICHENKO” Sep 2013), a supporter of Yarosh, the current head of the SBU Nalyvaychenko, wrote a memo to the party leader “Beat” Vitali Klitschko about Yarosh, which indicated that it can bring to work during the presidential elections. For example, used to discredit the “Freedom”. Alleged leader of the “Trident” for the money ready to help their ideological guys: “For the money he is willing to send their fighters to patriotic-like and what you want-action.”

Recall that in Sep 2013, First Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Renat Kuzmin accused party member Valentine Nalyvaychenko that he works for the CIA. General Prosecutor of Ukraine checks information disclosing state secrets former chairman of the SBU, and now people’s deputies of the faction “BLOW” Valentin Nalyvaychenko, wrote edition “Segodnya.UA” .


It should be noted this is not too surprising after the recent use information that the leader of the “hits” Vitali Klitschko receives funding directly from three US funds, is a major US protégé and “unofficial guarantor-distributor” of the money that comes from Washington to Kiev Ukrainian opposition support (see “How much Evromaydan” . As passed Tsenzor.NET , “at the request of deputies registered criminal proceedings for disclosing state secrets former chairman of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko . While we are talking about disclosure of classified information and the transfer of sensitive data, which are the property of the state “- said Kuzmin. He also clarified that there is information about the alleged provision of the former head of the SBU access to classified documents CIA employees. “In particular, verified the information provided by deputies, that Mr Nalivaychenko allocated to employees of the CIA office at Vladimir (SBU) and gave them the opportunity to get acquainted with the secret documents. However, none of the foreign specialists tolerance for such work has not been formally received. Gathering data interrogated other SBU, conducted the examination “, – said the first deputy prosecutor general. In response to a question about the possibility of clarifying Nalivaychenko leave Ukraine Kuzmin stated availability of immunity from the former head of the SBU. “He lawmaker. Bringing him to a criminal charge without the consent of Parliament impossible. Why did he leave? “- Said Kuzmin. By Ukrainian media has not passed yet another amazing event. According to the publication Tsenzor.NET , 2008 graduation ceremony at the National Academy of the SBU officers attended US Ambassador William Taylor. According to the deputy Mikhail Herasymchuk, together with the ambassador was a man who was listed as an employee of the CIA.


This – a flagrant crime, says Gerasimchuk. “In fact it means to arrange inspection of future foreign residents Ukrainian secret service before an employee of a foreign intelligence. Also, it closes for them to officially work on diplomatic posts. In such circumstances, public money spent in vain for training of specialists look not the greatest loss.”


Due to the lateness Nalivaychenko with Taylor, the ceremony was detained for 20 minutes.


In 2008 Tsenzor.NET reported: “Those present at the event, staff members, one and all, expressed doubts about the intellectual abilities of their superiors. Young officer counterintelligence department of the country congratulated the Ambassador of a foreign power …! Somehow, the Ambassador of Ukraine to issue never Academy CIA in Langley was not invited … Veterans SBU secretly spit on “American spies”, “refuel” now in the SBU.


“Taylor congratulated with the rank of officers, some of whom are on duty would be obliged to provide counterintelligence activities against US intelligence in Ukraine … All counterintelligence ambassador will know in person. This seems to be a new form of “Euro-Atlantic integration.”


Parliamentary immunity HEIRS Bandera
Now the ex-head of the SBU Vladimir Nalivaychenko investigators Prosecutor General’s Office is not available, wrote in the September edition of “World Politics” and bring him to justice is not possible as long as it is a people’s deputy of Ukraine and is protected by parliamentary immunity.Withdraw parliamentary immunity can his colleagues Parliament that is unlikely to happen. Recall SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko headed since Mar 2009 to Mar 2010, three years before that, he served as acting chairman of the SBU. At this time, the SBU actively pursued repression of Ukrainian citizens who oppose the rehabilitation of Nazi collaborators organizations OUN and UPA, and their leaders Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych, who during WW2, actively cooperated with Nazi Germany’s Abwehr intelligence. To fully understand the role of the SBU in the “Ukrainian” story, it is understood, writes in his blog, analyst Lev Vershinin that cadre of the organization from the outset formed samostiynogo of agents of influence (and just agents) still Soviet times, such as General Marchuk (and here ), actively participated in the collapse of the Union. All others either squeezed or driven into the dusty corners deaf and recruit new staff of “nationally conscious” of youth. It was always in the same cadence Yushchenko (at Turchinova and especially when Nalivaychenko ) “Bezpeka” finally turned into a local branch of the CIA, – accumulation of dirt on the center of everything that moves, and the ax against the slightest hint of opposition Bandera ideology – and in payment for the services she was allowed to “ride” the lion’s share of the secret control over customs and almost all control over drug trafficking. “

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