i don’t like to do this but: you can hear a woman inside the building screaming for help as she is raped by pravy sektor thugs, and two minutes later they hoist their flag in the window of the next room

The screaming starts at 20 secs into this clip. On the ground, someone immediately starts banging his shield, possibly to drown it out, but he doesn’t continue. This is all going on while the three exits are blocked by firebombs but the rest is untouched. Admittedly, that leaves a question: let’s assume that the Pravy Sektor thugs, or what amounts to a Pravy Sektor death squad, went in before the entrances (three, I believe) were sealed behind them with firebombs; but then, how did the Pravy Sektor thugs get out? – RB


  1. p2o2smw
    Posted May 5, 2014 at 1:15 pm | Permalink

    Crazy Ivan says…

    No comments needed.

    For dozens of times I wrote in Saker’s comments – first and foremost the Fascists thugs must be annihilated, to no avail.

    “Putin is wise not invading Ukraine” I read in return. So I replied – “but he will have to”, to no avail.

    Mr Putin lost the momentum and he knows that. The Crimea “without a shot” fooled them all in Kremlin (or decision makers). It is not the US which is cornered but Russia now. And not because Russian are being murdered 24 hours a day but because Fascist regime reorganizes its forces structures, it’s very effectively brainwashing part of Ukraine and it builds fear in common folks’ souls.

    I know Russians are heroes, they proved it many of times, but I watched the faces in films from Ukraine begging with eyes or mouths to help them. I repeat myself now – the help Putin personally and very emotionally promised them several weeks ago.

    But what was deeply said in the comments on Saker’s blog, was the tripes that “Russia shouldn’t intervene”, “it’s Western trap”, “Russia will not manage such new areas (read: feed new mouths)” and similar craps (using Saker’s language) because PEACE what is the most important.

    Never mind that waiting for the inevitable (grave necessity to enter Ukraine with Russian Army) bring more disasters, more slaughters, more victims, more dead (as Kiev thugs will be ready for the confrontation) – the invincible Russian Army will crush Ukrainian units and thugs in half day! They will achieve another righteous and magnificent victory! On unnecessary dead bodies.

    I nearly forgot – and at last Mr. Putin will get his 90% popularity score.

  2. niqnaq
    Posted May 5, 2014 at 1:18 pm | Permalink

    but, but here.

  3. p2o2smw
    Posted May 5, 2014 at 1:38 pm | Permalink

    The language barrier does not allow me to read a joke or a sarcasm from your side. But your title is OK. 😉

    I heard Right Sector is “defended” by Ukrainian police in one building in one of the towns surrounding Odessa. Tu-22M3 are strategic bombers. Using one to bomb the one building would be laughable (one was brought down in Georgian conflict) unless they were used to launch dozens of “Russian tomahawks” (one for the famous floor in the Interior Ministry in Kiev where CIA is sipping its daily dose of CocaCola).

  4. niqnaq
    Posted May 5, 2014 at 2:12 pm | Permalink

    I wasn’t being sarcastic. You’ve got an entire air wing there, from the greatest to the smallest, I don’t doubt. The west air forces use that term ‘an air wing’, to refer to an entire self-sufficient air division, so to speak, I don’t know if the Russians use the same term of not, and I’m not going to start looking it up on wikipedia unless I have to. The biggies would be there to send a message to NATO: don’t even think about escalating. That anyway is my instinctual reaction as a layman. It didn’t occur to me that they would send the biggies without the small ones. In fact, it would be pointless, wouldn’t it, because big planes need small planes to fly cover for them, and so forth. But as you can tell, I know nothing about the subject, I’m an utter layman.

  5. niqnaq
    Posted May 5, 2014 at 2:19 pm | Permalink

    Crazy Ivan, you should have warned me you had sent me some personal emails. The gmail spam catcher (which is at least as crazy as you are) put them all in its spam bin, and I would never have seen them if it had not been for the fact that it let through a message from walter benjamin, my zionist nemesis, which caused me to go and have a look at the spam bin. In it I found your messages, and 109 messages about erectile dysfunction, all from different senders and all sent in the last three days. So, there is a moral there for me, but it’s too complicated for me to figure out what it is.


  6. hp
    Posted May 5, 2014 at 3:26 pm | Permalink

    What might anyone expect from barbarians but barbarism? All around, top to bottom; shvine-hoonds.
    Throw a dart at the globe, hit a miscreant(s) and win prizes! Next!

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