let’s give this a cheerful name: let’s call it “russia parks overwhelming force more or less directly over the whole of ukraine”

I wouldn’t want people to miss it, after all 🙂

Russian bombers, fighter jets seen over Crimea
AFP, May 4 2014

SIMFEROPOL – Several dozen Russian planes including what appeared to be strategic bombers and fighter jets have been spotted in the sky above the Moscow-controlled peninsula of Crimea, witnesses and experts said. According to Russian media, Putin is to visit Crimea on Friday after the main military parade on Red Square when Russia celebrates its victory over Nazi Germany in WW2. A local aviation expert told AFP on Sunday that he had sighted a number of planes over the peninsula’s main city of Simferopol on Saturday, including supersonic heavy strategic bombers and heavy military transport aircraft. He said he had also seen refuelling tankers and MiG-29 jets. Another expert, Alexei Savich, who was shown footage of the aircraft, said a Sukhoi Su-34 fighter jet could be seen among the planes. He also identified the tankers and military transport planes. Many local residents have also seen the aircraft rumble over the peninsula including in Simferopol and the neighbouring town of Bakhchisarai. Local resident Arzy Khaibulaeva told AFP:

It was a bit scary. Children were frightened. They were flying low, and some were refuelling in mid-air.

Savich told AFP:

Moscow is most likely bringing in some serious military aircraft, ramping up its military presence on the peninsula.

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