Shooting reported in East Ukraine as crackdown continues, May 5 2014

Reports of gun battles are coming from eastern Ukraine again, where local militias are holding several cities against a force of Kiev loyalists. There was a shooting on the outskirts of Slavyansk as pro-junta troops raided a protester checkpoint, RIA Novosti reported on Monday. The agency said at least six people were injured and another one, a woman, was killed in the attack on the checkpoint.

RT’s Paula Slier says she witnessed a rocket fired near a TV station located in the vicinity of Slavyansk, which is currently held by Kiev’s troops.

Junta Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, who is near Slavyansk, confirmed that Kiev has relaunched its crackdown on the protesters. He said up to eight troops have been injured in the clashes so far. Intefax cites a militia member as saying that their forces pulled back into the city after fighting in the villages of Andreevka and Semyonovka near Slavyansk. The continuation of hostilities comes after a tense night, in which several people were reportedly injured as Kiev loyalists attacked anti-junta troops in the city.


  1. p2o2smw
    Posted May 5, 2014 at 10:24 am | Permalink

    Crazy Ivan says…

    I have enough.

    First skirmishes – Russia nothing, the world – the more so

    Odessa genocide – Russia nothing, pardon, 9.V Parade coming! That’s what’s count on! The world – nothing,Kiev said they burned themselves.

    Battles raging on anew with artillery or GRAD missiles – Russia nothing, the world will clasp the hands probably.

    Is Mr Putin in love with Mrs Merkel or was told (by whom?) “play with toys 9th of May and shut up”?

    Kiev see the indolence of RF and it is constantly probing Russia and the world what can do. Can we burn people? Yes. No consequences. So maybe we can use all sorts of artillery to quell the bandits in Eastern Ukraine? OK, let’s check it.

    I’m fed up with Mr Putin, Russia, and the world. I keep thumbs for the people in Ukraine who want to live without being shot in a back by Fascist gangs which evidently will be part of a New Great Ukraine.

    The Saker, the people lover, will only tell you it’s nothing, Ukies got no territorial gains. Shit, spitting…

  2. niqnaq
    Posted May 5, 2014 at 10:26 am | Permalink

    For some reason, the historical parallel that comes to my mind, is the start of the Spanish Civil War. I could list the elements of the scenario, but in fact they don’t really fit. It’s just a feeling.

  3. niqnaq
    Posted May 5, 2014 at 11:01 am | Permalink

    Rather bizarrely, I seem to have been banned from commenting on Saker blog because I corrected a mistranslation from hebrew by a rather demented religious person calling himself ‘mohammed’, who then in his peculiarly ‘inspired’ way announced I must be an agent of hasbara! Someone pointed out the same error elsewhere in the thread, but that makes no difference. I’ve attempted to post two comments since then but they haven’t appeared. It doesn’t matter, because I have nothing except hypothesis and gueswork to contribute there; only the russian-speakers are saying anything of any value.

  4. niqnaq
    Posted May 5, 2014 at 11:19 am | Permalink

    PS to that: it may not have been ‘mohammed’ who set the alarm bells ringing about me in the mind of Saker. In another thread, he said:

    I have to say that this idyllic situation will not apply to the neo-Nazis and assorted oligarch-paid thugs. Those will be killed, ruthlessly and with no mercy. Any Right Sector thug or foreign mercenary captured will get a 10min “conversation” somewhere behind an APC and then will be executed. But that will be a very small amount of cases about which we will probably never learn anyway.

    To which rather sweeping statement I responded:

    You write, if I may abbreviate: “I have to say that the neo-Nazis and assorted oligarch-paid thugs will be killed. Any Right Sector thug or foreign mercenary captured will be executed.” I have to say that this is simply untrue. I am not accusing you of lying, though. I believe you suffer from the same blindness as most other people, a blindness assiduously conditioned into you by a perpetual fear, skillfully applied. This is what you have overlooked: what you say does not apply to Israelis, whether actual Mossad employees or purported freelancers and even mercenaries. If they are Israelis, they will quietly be returned to Israel, unhurt. You know that, but your conditioning prevents you from seeing it.

    What I am trying to tell him is that Israelis are too hot to handle. And it’s true. But I think it freaked him out. After all, I could have phrased it in a less chilling manner. But then, the statements I was responding to were chilling, themselves.

  5. niqnaq
    Posted May 5, 2014 at 12:20 pm | Permalink

    PPS: There’s also the fact that I pointed out in a comment on Saker’s blog, a week or more ago, that the basic Blogger platform that he uses couldn’t possibly support the readership of 20,000/day that he claims. That can’t have made him very happy.


  6. niqnaq
    Posted May 5, 2014 at 12:58 pm | Permalink

    PPPS: after all that, he’s unbanned me. But two of my comments from previous threads are still missing.


  7. Posted May 5, 2014 at 3:28 pm | Permalink

    Good on you for having a go at that blogger. His bloodthirsty pronouncements add nothing to the discourse. Summary execution…, that’s even worse than those clowns in Egypt. He has dragged himself down to the level of the thugs of the opposition. And anyway I doubt that Putin’s popularity in the west, a key part of his strategy, would be enhanced by another Chechnya.

    Now about my last unsubstantiated allegation as to the identity of the unidentified gunmen in the Ukraine, I read the mossad page, I’m not impressed, …bluff and bluster mostly. I have to say that I have had my doubts for about mossad for a while now, probably for as long as I have had doubts about Israel having nuclear weapons. It is interesting that someone saw fit to try to discredit mossad by staging that Dubai business. Was it an outsourced inside job? Who might have been the successful tenderer? Well Dubai probably had (working back from the 2012 data) 500,000 Russian visitors* in 2010. Perhaps they weren’t all shoppers 🙂 . And we were all so ready to believe that it was those mossad murderers did poor Mahmoud in.
    Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, where are you? 🙂

    As to my suspicions about the military, that is in part based on their dropping the ball in the Hizb’Allah (yeah sure..) game and ending Olmert’s chances of starting to make an honest woman (please, it’s a metaphor) out of Israel.

    No doubt we will have to agree to disagree on all this and you can take some comfort from the fact that I’ve been wrong plenty of times before and this might be another blunder to add to the list, but hey, we occupy an external frame of reference, so we have to by some means attempt to remotely view the celestial waters, so to speak. And sometimes the waters are shrouded in mist.

    *January 7, 2013
    Topic Dubai Russia Shopping
    DUBAI // The Russians are coming – in greater numbers and spending more money than ever.
    About a million visitors from Russia are expected this year, up from 600,000 in the first nine months of 2012.

  8. niqnaq
    Posted May 5, 2014 at 3:30 pm | Permalink

    yeah, but the illogic in your view lies in the fact, stated on the Kidon wiki page, that the Kidon unit is entirely composed of ex IDF special forces. Saying the army is tougher than the mossad completely misses the logical implication of that sentence.

  9. Posted May 7, 2014 at 1:46 pm | Permalink

    Here is another version of the kidon recruiting strategy from someone who is supposedly “in the know”.

    … Former squad member Mishka Ben-David told the paper at the time that only one in a thousand applicants to the Mossad receives an offer to join the agency. Of those who then manage to graduate from the Mossad’s three-year cadet course, only one in a hundred is considered suitable for the Caesarea squad. During an assassination operation in a foreign city, “only one of the five to 10 people on the ground” actually does the hit,” Ben-David said. …

    I have to say the Wikipedia version of the recruitment practices sounds more plausible. 🙂 But whatever the truth of the matter, it does cause one to wonder about how or why one or the other version affects the overall narrative.

  10. niqnaq
    Posted May 7, 2014 at 1:52 pm | Permalink

    Every time you hear this story, they invent another name for it, just as a wind-up. There they call it “caesaria”, but somewhere recently I heard it called “kommemiyut.” Although kommemiyut is a very impressive word, you can look it up and you’ll find it has nothing to do with this. It’s just a game they play, to make any mention of “Kidon” a formal breach of their official secrets act, probably. But given their incurable propensity to boast, it doesn’t matter much.

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