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  1. Crazy Ivan Report
    Posted May 29, 2014 at 6:48 pm | Permalink

    Crazy Ivan: From comments area of Saker’s blog

    Wednesday, May 28, 2014
    Interesting interview of Alexander Borodai, the Prime Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic

    Comment made by reader Mirror.

    Let’s give it the title “Was Putin misinformed?”
    (Crazy Ivan emphasize in bold)

    Mirror said…
    29 May, 2014 04:27

    After having read DETAILED technical data (over the last 2 days) on the level of Ukrainian-Russian Military Industries integration, I’ve concluded that Russia is going to act and potentially very hard.

    The integration between Ukraine and Russia on the Military Industrial Complex level is much deeper than a cursory analysis allows. The threat to Russian physical security is very serious if they lose access, in a sudden manner, to the the critical components, personnel, services and technologies provided by their suppliers in Eastern Ukraine. The latest analysis is that it will lead to delays of 4-5 years or more to critical systems of the Russian arsenal, not the rosy picture of 1-2 years some Kremlin officials stated earlier.

    It is an act of war to threaten any Nuclear powers nuclear deterrent; an EU-Junta backed embargo/interference/sabotage will affect key components of Russia’s Nuclear ICBM fleet, in particular, the guidance systems, propulsion and counter measure. This is a serious threat. The idiot affirmative action appointees in the US State Dept have not done any reasonable projections as to how serious a threat the are exposing themselves to and the rest of us. This threatens well over 1/3 of the most deadly and effective nuclear weapons delivery platforms in the Russian ICBM fleet, this is not a joke; the new next generation Russian ICBMs are not scheduled for mass deployment for 3-4 years. Many Russian design bureaus were already operating passed their full capacity; strapped for personnel and time, working flat out and spread thin due to strong demand for their systems.

    In additional key parts of the Russian naval fleet will be badly affected if they lose access to their turbines which are necessary for over 60 percent of Russian capital ships (excluding the nuclear ones). So too are affected electronic components, counter-measures and critical next-gen air-to-air offensive systems. We’re talking tens of thousands of components that need to audited, sorted, vetted and later substituted for: this is not a trivial task, it is massive and disruptions in these supplies or too rapid a cutover will degrade Russian military hardware for the next 4-5 years.

    The Russian plans to modernize and expand their attack helicopter fleet is also seriously jeopardized: Russia needs to supply 1000 helicopters per year for their own security needs: they currently possess the capacity to produce only 60 beta versions (unreliable) of the engines per year required to build these helicopters, where are they going to get the remaining 940 engines they need per year? Losing the supply chain from Motor-Sich (Ukraine) is a serious blow, not something trivial.

    So not only will a compromised Ukrainian military supply chain (or even one that is shutdown) threaten Russia’s military hardware and their rapid modernization and re-arming drive, but it will also threaten Russia’s $15Billion/year arms export market; many components for the finished systems Russia sells are only available from Ukraine. Threatening Russia’s ability to deliver defense systems to their strategic allies will weaken them geopolitical.

    Now I’m starting to understand why Russia acquiesced to Yanukovich leaving power after 9 months; it would have given them sufficient time to start the orderly transfer of technology, tooling and key personnel to Russia.

    Long and short of this is the following: If Putin has been informed of the real impacts to Russia from suddenly losing the Ukrainian end of his MiC I believe we may be witnessing a Crimea style calm be before the storm. What I mean by that is that he will act suddenly, quietly, and decisively just like he did in Crimea, however, I don’t believe they’ll be an overt invasion, but full scale, well-coordinated covert support for the self-defense groups of Eastern Ukraine.

    Let’s see if the Ukies and the fools in Brussels are stupid enough to threaten these industries.

    Crazy Ivan comment: It seems to me that the last inference about Putin’s reaction was one step back as if the author of the analysis tried to adhere a little to the line set by The Saker – the blog’s owner – of The Infallible Putin.

    Eventually there’s another exit from the deadlock Mr. Putin was pushed in. The unknown agreements between China and Russia in the fields of weapon development. Russians has every blueprints of their weapons, let them share it with China which has money and off they go!

    And the last idea – Mr. Putin will really sweep over the Eastern Ukraine with his tanks in a blink of an eye as soon as he has signed all the alliances, treaties, accords etc we were witness of.

    BTW. Is there anything yet left Mr. Putin has to sign personally?

  2. niqnaq
    Posted May 29, 2014 at 7:44 pm | Permalink

    I saw that article on Saker. I just think it’s nonsense. That’s why I didn’t copy it into any posts. He infers from his analysis of the needs of Russia in the area of military technology that “Putin has to act. And hard.” This is just macho posing mixed with wishful thinking. It isn’t a matter of “Putin” doing what is good for Russia, at all. The Russian elite which decides major policy, whoever they are, call them the oligarchs, the bankers, don’t “have” to do anything. They don’t “have” to do what is good for Russia. They haven’t done what is good for Russia in the past. They’ve done what is good for themselves, as oligarchs or bankers. So all this is pie in the sky. No “leader” does what is good for his country. They do what is good for their owners, their masters, the oligarchs, the bankers.

    It is not necessary to post this in two comment threads by the way. If I thought it was important I would have picked it up of my own accord.

  3. Crazy Ivan Report
    Posted May 29, 2014 at 8:51 pm | Permalink

    First of all – that’s the problem, everyone commenting or posting to other’s blog is pushing his vision of what type of information the blog should be composed of.
    I’ve selected the remarks as they were in opposition to the official claims from Kremlin circles. Having in mind two, instead of one, possible interpretation of the losses Russia will have to grapple with losing Ukraine one can more easily choose the right version in the time new data will emerge.
    The Mirror, author of this opinion, believe in “full option action”. I do not opine people – whether he’s macho or dreamer only because he said something in __one__ paragraph out from dozens I do not agree with – the more so other information provided in his texts were matching my knowledge about Ukrainian MIC in context of Russian weapons. Here we have your knowledge versus mine.
    Why do you think the right, or the Truth even, is on your side I’m not going to explore.
    At the end – your remark “No “leader” does what is good for his country.” is an issue where all discussions could be simplified to this one eternal Truth and that would end whole purpose of the blog. But your blog with your posts and our (readers) comments have the goal to shed more light on the paths which covers the timeless peculiarity of our existence as societies and the Civilization in which Man is weak and politicians are thieves or bangster lackeys or szabbos-goys.

  4. niqnaq
    Posted May 30, 2014 at 1:38 am | Permalink

    well, it’s so. it’s a basic point of marxism. there is no “leader” who actually rebels against his “owners”. Ever. Period. And please don’t keep going on and on about which comments disappeared where. No one is interested in that. So I removed it.

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