air-to-ground rocket slammed through fourth-floor front window of lugansk local govt bldg, killed 5

This is the best short straightforward shot of the damage:

This is a clip from a live stream, the guy has just run to the bldg from blocks & blocks away, but when he gets there he goes right up the stairs to the 4th floor and there it is, no doubt about it, an air-to-ground rocket slammed straight in through the window of an office, you can see the impact dynamics clearly, how it blew the window in etc. So it’s worth watching through:

Kiev denies it. Not only that: they say they had no air power over Lugansk today. Well, we have multiple videos of their air power over Lugansk today, including a clip of the jet actually firing its missiles, right over the building concerned (filmed sideways, alas):

Another clip of the same event, right way up but from further away (Bot Tak in person!):

Below is a clip from a security camera from a block away. I know it looks like someone firing inwards from the park towards the building, but horizontally at ground level, so this could not explain what hit the fourth floor office. And the billows of smoke progressing from left to right across the park subsequently are far too substantial to be mere backblast from something fired at the building from the park, contrary to what the Kiev (and British) propagandists are claiming. There’s an auto-repeating gif of the event here, so you can watch it as many times as you like. I would suggest that what we are seeing is the petrol tanks of two parked cars exploding, one after another, after being hit with white-hot shrapnel from the blast.

The park is full of craters, large and small.

f76825c4d4312a938b7f336e5ca751ebDiagram of crater distribution

The story below from says that there were Kiev forces in the centre of the city, and that a cafe was terrorised by machine gun fire, but here at the municipal building prior to the blast people were behaving perfectly normally. The report is full of ambiguities, doubtless deliberate, because do not in any way support the armed resistance, and I hope people realise that:

At least five killed in admin HQ blast as fighter jets deployed to Lugansk, Jun 2 2014

At least five people are reported killed after an explosion in Lugansk administration building. The blast came as Kiev deployed fighter jets to the city in eastern Ukraine. This and heavy gunfire on the ground caused panic among civilians. The death toll was first reported by RIA Novosti; later it was confirmed by local self-defense forces, who said the blast was caused by the army’s fighter jets striking the building. The government of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic said:

Ukraine’s air force struck Lugansk downtown at 16.00 pm. Military aircraft made a targeted strike, deploying cluster bombs. The administration building is partially destroyed.

Many wounded were trapped inside the administration headquarters, which caught on fire. About six ambulance vehicles have arrived at the site. The death toll may rise. Those killed, three women and two men, are all civilians, witnesses told RT. One of them was the LPR’s health minister, Natalia Arkhipova. During the air strike, she was talking to another woman on the administration building’s steps, the DPR’s premier, Vasiliy Nikitin, said.

The following sequence is extremely graphic and shows close shots of the victims. Inna Kukurudza is still alive when first filmed, though with her lower legs blown off. She speaks twice to the camera, then dies. If you’re wondering what she says, it’s “”Excuse me please, give me a telephone.” Don’t watch these unless you don’t mind feeling sick. They aren’t from, needless to say – RB

Large bloodstains inside the HQ could be seen on live-streaming video from the area, with pieces of glass and stones also visible on the floor. The camera operator was choking with smoke. On the outside, many windows are shattered, shell fragments covering the nearby area and dark plumes of smoke are coming from the fourth floor. Unexploded shells were found in the park in front of the building, warn the self-defense forces.

84551b8aecdbd88358774007884038505ee9a1184389779Unexploded UB-32 Frag Rocket on site, with bomblets, not from – RB

Locals were urged to leave the area. A witness told RT:

The fire has engulfed the third and fourth floors of the building, and the windows have been blown out. There are shards of glass everywhere. I saw paramedics carrying people out of the entrance.

Minutes earlier, heavy machine-gun shooting was reported in the center of Lugansk, as fierce fighting between the local self-defense squads and Kiev forces renewed after a brief truce. The shooting sparked panic among visitors of a café, who rushed out searching for shelter. Meanwhile, fighting in the Lugansk region continued later on Monday, with another airstrike reported by the DPR authorities. They said that Kiev forces launched an air strike on a checkpoint in the region and there were casualties. Kiev, however, denied attacking the HQ, insisting that its forces are not firing on residential areas in the cities, and do not use air power in those areas, reports the Ukrainian news agency UNN. The Ukrainian authorities sent its air force to Lugansk to support border guard units stationed in the area, said Vladislav Seleznyov, the spokesman for the military operation against the pro-autonomy protesters in eastern Ukraine. The fighter jets eliminated two opposition mortar detachments, he told a media briefing. Seleznyoov added that according to preliminary experts’ conclusions, the explosion resulted from an attempt to launch some anti-aircraft missile. He said:

Fighter jets could become vulnerable while making turns. Perhaps, terrorists were trying to shoot them down from some air defense system, but the explosion occurred inside the building.

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  1. Posted June 2, 2014 at 9:08 pm | Permalink

    Niqnaq, I want to give you a shout out. A few weeks back you said in relation to a post on Rand Paul that he and his ilk in the Tea Party were a bunch of charlatan anti-imperialists who would commence to licking the iron heel of the Deep State war machine if they were ever able to capture the White House. On the train to work this I read this NYT quote from a story of Obama’s trip to Europe this week:

    “When America’s weak, when the American president is weak, it leaves our friends and allies vulnerable and it makes the world a lot more dangerous place,” Senator Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican who just returned from Ukraine.

    Imagine that. Ted Cruz, the Tea Party avatar, was in Kiev, rubbing shoulders no doubt with Yarosh and Parubiy. Maybe he autographed one of Right Sector’s Confederate battle flags. Anyhow, you called it. The Tea Party’s anti-war stance is as authentic as Obama’s.

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