south front medley (updated 2000 hrs utc)

Evening News
South Front, Jun 13 2014

People’s self-defense shelling airport of Lugansk (Ukranian army positions). Three soldiers of Ukrainian army were killed and 26 were wounded as a result of their attacks near the village Stepanivka Donetsk region. At least one Ukrainian armored vehicle crossed the Russian border with Ukraine Friday overnight and stopped in the Rostov Region, according to Russia’s Security Service. The military abandoned the vehicle and returned to Ukraine. Commander in Chief of DPR Armed Forces Igor Strelkov said that on Jun 12 the militia fighters attacked a Ukrainian military column, which was transporting URAGAN (“Hurricane”) rocket launchers. Two rocket launchers were incapacitated during a fight near Krasny Liman. Strelkov said:

Our scouts successfully attacked a column which was transporting URAGAN (“Hurricane”) units. At least two units were completely incapacitated. There were powerful explosions. We do not know anything about the rest of the rocket launching units, but I think the whole division has been incapacitated.

He also confirmed that some of the national guards units refuse to obey their commanders, however most of them still follow their orders. This is evidenced by the recent bombardment of DPR towns. Strelkov said:

There is information that more than 50 soldiers deserted from Krasny Liman. They said that they had been cheated, and that they did not agree to fight a war in such conditions.

As a result of attack of Mariupol by the Ukrainian army 5 people were wounded and 1 killed. The Kiev regime warriors were in great numerical superiority. They occupied the building of Pryazovskyi State Technical University where the DPR HQ was located. The clashes in the city continue. Fighting continues in Lugansk between Kiev junta gunmen and the self-defense forces. The Ukrainian army remain besieged within the local airport of Lugansk. Clouds of smoke are belching from the airport now. Earlier in the day day the self-defense forces shot down a cargo aircraft belonging to the Kiev junta. Kolomoyskiy proposed to fence off Russia. Deputy Head of Dnepropetrovsk regional state administration Gennadiy Korban sent to the Executive Office of the President of Ukraine engineering project and feasibility study of the building of strengthened wall along the border with Russia. The length of the wall will be 1920 km. It will cost €100m. Ukraine has been stripped of the right to host the continental championship of Europe in 2015 amid political and economic turmoil. This information was set on the official website of the Europe’s basketball federation (FIBA).



Photos of the Grad launcher destroyed by rebel forces Jun 12



Self-defense forces in Lugansk shot down a Ukrainian military transport aircraft with small arms fire near the eastern village of Lutugino. Following this, smoke was seen coming from the aircraft as it headed to Lugansk Airport, he said. Currently, thick smoke can be seen coming from the airport, he claimed. “Apparently the aircraft managed to land and is burning.”



Kolomoyskiy proposed to fence off Russia


Deputy Head of Dnepropetrovsk regional state administration Gennadiy Korban sent to the Executive Office of the President of Ukraine engineering project and feasibility study of the building of strengthened wall along the border with Russia. The length of the wall will be 1920 km. It will cost €100m. Deputy Head of Dnepropetrovsk regional state administration Svyatoslav Olejnik said:

This project was proposed by the Head of the Dnepropetrovsk regional state administration Igor Kolomoyskiy. The aim of the project is to stop physically the infiltration from the territory of the state which carries on the aggressive actions towards our country. We can put through the project in 6 months.

According to his words the 1920 km length wall on the border with Russia will be metal with barbed wire. The wall will be under voltage. The fence will be made on the territory of Donetsk, Kharkov and Lugansk regions. According to the project the approaches will be blocked with the wide and deep ditches with barbed wire from both Russian and Ukrainian sides. It will prevent the gateway to the object for civilians, animals and the mechanical transport and armoured vehicles. The space between two ditches will be mined with signal and anti-personnel mines. The moto-manoeuvring forces of Ukrainian army, border patrol and National Guard will be placed along all the wall. Olejnik said:

Charity funds will pay for the building of the wall. All the necessary for the building is producing in Ukraine. It will be a good infrastructural project which grounds on Ukrainian industry.

He thinks that some plants in Dnepropetrovsk region can take part in realization of the project. According to Olejnik’s words the cost of the realization of the building project will be €50m. Total amount of the engineering works of building the 1920 km length wall on the border of Russia and Ukraine will be less than €100m. He also leaves open the possibility of financial support from the state side.


Ukranian army shelling in Dobropol, Donetsk Oblast



Morning news
South Front, Jun 13 2014

“Last night Ukrainian forces shelled Slavyansk with phosphorus shells once again,” representatives of the people’s self-defense say. According to them the fragments found at the site of fire were shining, which is typical of ammunition with white phosphorus. The use of such ammunition was banned by the Geneva Convention, 1983. Before that the Ukrainian media tried to pass off videos of falling phosphorus shells at Semenovka as those of the assault on Fallujah, Iraq ten years ago. However, a huge difference in video frames is easily noticeable. The quality of the image, the light from the flaring shells and the intensity of bombardment have nothing to do with video of night bombing of the Slavyansk suburbs. This morning a battle sprang up between the Ukraine national guards and the self-defense in Mariupol. According to eye-witnesses there is heavy fire from rifles and machine guns, grenade explosions can be heard. In Donetsk an attempt of assassination of the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin was made. His car was blown up. Two security guards, a driver and a personal assistant of the DPR head were seriously injured. Moreover three passers-by got injuries. Denis Pushilin suffered no harm. The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called illegal saving the orphan children, living in the Donetsk region, where now there is an armed conflict between the Ukrainian army and supporters of federalization. Kiev claims that children are trafficked from the conflict zone to Russia without registration of the necessary permits.



This is an Ukrainian “patriot”. It is a fighter’s photo of “Ukrainian Army” with the wrong Ukrainian flag. Ukrainian flag on the photo upside down (correctly – blue stripe on top, yellow bottom). But “a true patriot” will not stop neither this nor his fight against the civilian population of the Donbass.



Yesterday the cars with children were shot near Slavyansk. As reported the second commander of self-defense of the town at least three people were wounded. He said that the cars were with white flags. One car flipped over. The children were taken back to Slavyansk.


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